he has gained a ton of weight since then

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  • shocked
  • haven’t seen a person eat that much in his life
  • and not even getting fat
  • like you look like one of this models from tv or magazines
  • but you eat like those persons in discovery h&h show’s
  • “wow MC this is amazing”


  • jealous
  • like so jealous
  • he does tons of workout to get in perfect shape
  • and you sit there eating and looking like you were in the gym a minute ago
  • but loves you anyways
  • “how can I be like you MC?”


  • “MC is that normal?”
  • like first time eating together you eat a LOT
  • and it was maybe that you were hungry
  • but second and third …
  • “You eats that much all the time?”
  • “you look like you only eat salad”
  • “I will love to have your metabolism”


  • a bit concerned about you
  • “you may not gain weight but still not a healthy choice”
  • takes you to a nutritionist
  • and plans a diet where you can eat as much as you want
  • but healthy
  • kind of likes to see you eat that much


  • WOW
  • he has a great metabolism too
  • since he only eats honey Buddha chips and Dr Pepper
  • “I bet I can eat more chips than you”
  • now your house is full of junk food to share with him
  • you two always go to see Yoosung to eat in front of him
  • to better him about having tons of honey buddha

An update on Scotch:

Due to the injury he incurred before getting to me, his pastern is infected. We are anxiously waiting with our breath held over the next few days to see if he’s going to need surgery.

The bright side is, he has gained a ton of weight since he got off the trailer about a month ago. He has perked up and completely attached himself to me.

This horse has all the odds stacked against him but I still have that same gut feeling I got when I saw the video of him running loose on Facebook, he’s something special. So, as long as he keeps fighting, so will I.

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Omg can u pls pls pls do a continuation of the omegaverse?? Like in the future, where they r ready to start a family!! What will the child luk like, the name etcetc!! ^^


- Years after Yuuri and Viktor lost their kid, their fame and spotlight began to wind down and they decided to try for a baby
- They also got married I cri
- The night of their wedding is when Yuuri gets pregnant with twins!
- Viktor believes that one of them is the reincarnation of their unborn child (sorry this one is based off a personal experience)
- Yuuri gains a lot of weight really quickly and can barely do jumps before the end of his first trimester
- Viktor finds he’s drawn even closer to Yuuri since he discovered he was pregnant, he cuddles closer to him at night and is always inhaling his scent
- He’s squishy too
- Yuuri still gets emotional a lot
- He has a shit ton of mood swings
- Viktor is flustered but patient with his husband in these times
- When Yuuri goes into labour it’s an absolute clusterfuck
- Bet you he was chilling on the ice rink bleachers and his water fuckin breaks
- He’s gotta stand in the grimy showers until he’s not leaking and it’s just not very fun
- When the babies are born though there are lots of tears and hugs
- The twins are two girls and If I could give them names that aren’t necessarily sentimental then I’d go with Yukiko and Yulia
- And btw as a mixed Japanese-white person who knows a lot of halffies, the whole “black hair, blue eyes” thing is bs
- Both the girls have dark hair and brown eyes and gorgeous pale skin
- I dunno if the four of them would live in Russia or Japan but they would have a big place together to thrive as a family
- Viktor and Yuuri take the girls skating as soon as they’ve mastered walking
- It’s not like they want them to be prodigies or anything they just want their daughters to experience what their dads love to do
- They also got a poodle for the girls on their fifth birthday

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