he has gained a ton of weight since then

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Omg can u pls pls pls do a continuation of the omegaverse?? Like in the future, where they r ready to start a family!! What will the child luk like, the name etcetc!! ^^


- Years after Yuuri and Viktor lost their kid, their fame and spotlight began to wind down and they decided to try for a baby
- They also got married I cri
- The night of their wedding is when Yuuri gets pregnant with twins!
- Viktor believes that one of them is the reincarnation of their unborn child (sorry this one is based off a personal experience)
- Yuuri gains a lot of weight really quickly and can barely do jumps before the end of his first trimester
- Viktor finds he’s drawn even closer to Yuuri since he discovered he was pregnant, he cuddles closer to him at night and is always inhaling his scent
- He’s squishy too
- Yuuri still gets emotional a lot
- He has a shit ton of mood swings
- Viktor is flustered but patient with his husband in these times
- When Yuuri goes into labour it’s an absolute clusterfuck
- Bet you he was chilling on the ice rink bleachers and his water fuckin breaks
- He’s gotta stand in the grimy showers until he’s not leaking and it’s just not very fun
- When the babies are born though there are lots of tears and hugs
- The twins are two girls and If I could give them names that aren’t necessarily sentimental then I’d go with Yukiko and Yulia
- And btw as a mixed Japanese-white person who knows a lot of halffies, the whole “black hair, blue eyes” thing is bs
- Both the girls have dark hair and brown eyes and gorgeous pale skin
- I dunno if the four of them would live in Russia or Japan but they would have a big place together to thrive as a family
- Viktor and Yuuri take the girls skating as soon as they’ve mastered walking
- It’s not like they want them to be prodigies or anything they just want their daughters to experience what their dads love to do
- They also got a poodle for the girls on their fifth birthday

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