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My little handmade Luna MouseMoth!
He has embroidered wings and antennae, a sewn body with beans inside for weight, a needle felted head, glass eyes and real cat whiskers! 
*EDIT: The whiskers are from my cat, Minnow, and are naturally shed! (I always save the whiskers I find on my carpet for purposes like making this doll!) <3 *

Humans are weird / Humans are Space Orc’s

So I’ve been reading a lot of the Humans-Are-Space-Orcs posts and one I didn’t see on there, but I thought was funny was about Humans interacting with infants. Specifically, the way we talk to entertain them.

This is my first post about HASO / HAW so please excuse the terrible alien names, I’m making this up as I go.

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burmashaving  asked:

What's Flick's pegasus dad's mark of? Can't see it in the sketch, unlike his unicorn dad's skull one. Also does Pegasus Dad cast magic by waving his wings around dramatically, based on how TSU pegasi conduct magic through their wings?

Pegasus dad has lightning, unicorn dad has a pony skull.

Also yeah! Pegasus dad doesn’t have the same kind of detailed magical abilities that unicorns do, but he has much more control of his wings as like… a magical antenna than your average pegasus. Most pegasi have to fly/move around a lot to magically manipulate weather, pegasus dad has it down to a few wing movements while standing. He can even do some non-weather related environmental and elemental spells!

In their tag team duo, unicorn dad does the fiddly bits like curses and necromancy, and pegasus dad BRINGS THE PAIN

So on the lines of Sparkpulse discussing headcanons, because I have a lot of them, over a lot of things, I feel tonight like talking about Shockwave. More specifically, about Shockwave’s emotions.

I think he has them. That’s my headcanon. There’s just a lot more to it than that, as is usual with me.

Shockwave was first introduced in Transformers: Prime in a flashback episode, and didn’t make his full, proper appearance until the third season. In that initial flashback he was stoic, static, and just a bit scary. His return in season three was an unexpected boon to the Decepticons. Megatron, especially, was happy to see him… him, and his newest experiment, a massive robotic dragon identified as a Predacon, who would later identify himself as Predaking.

Predaking is really important to some of my ideas, so yeah.

Now, historically, Shockwave is supposed to be a character who runs on logic. In G1 he could be a bit comical, but also in charge of some serious stuff and it was his job to run it all efficiently. In TFA he was more lighthearted, even openly pointing and laughing at Lugnut in one memorable episode, but it’s hard to say how much of that could be attributed to habits picked up masquerading as an Autobot for so long. IDW goes full-stop emotionless with him, making him an intense, driven character with no sense of remorse until it’s too late. This is something that was done to him, by force. It’s very sad and sometimes I think about it way too much. Anyway, this is the range Shockwave’s character usually falls into. TFP Shockwave is much closer to the IDW version than the other two. What little comic relief he provides is unintentional because he’s just so deadpan about everything. It is essentially accepted that he is emotionless with the possible exception of anger, which happens twice.

I don’t think so.

To me, one of the things that is most telling about Shockwave are his antennae… things. They move a lot towards the end of the series, just like in the gif above. The faux-wings on his back do the same thing. They twitch. They flutter. They emote. And I think the expressions they show amount to a lot more than rage. The two occasions where Shockwave becomes visibly angry are when the Wreckers send the Predaking through a groundbridge and out of his sight, and Shockwave goes down and personally kicks their afts for it. The second instance is when Starscream almost destroys all of his research data… he nearly blinds the Seeker for it. Both of these are clearly angry moments, which lends to the idea that Shockwave is unfeeling until something snaps. This idea actually ties in nicely with his IDW Spotlight… he’s unfeeling until he needs to feel rage to survive. But the movement of the antennae above isn’t angry. It’s a bit more startled, a clear reaction to something. He’s daunted. Sometimes, at other times, the movements seem almost inquisitive, like his scientific mind is curious and he perks up like a puppy. They respond to conversations like any other sort of body language.

I think he has no idea that they do this, honestly. I think that if you asked TFP Shockwave, himself, if he was emotionless, he probably thinks he is. He probably has no idea that his antennae and his winglets respond to anything anyone says. That’s where my personal headcanon comes into it. In one scene at the beginning of Season 3 that I remember quite fondly, Shockwave is actually standing next to his big dragon petting him… with the volume up, it sounds like Predaking could actually be purring. This moment, combined with his absolute rage at thinking that the Wreckers had somehow beaten his creation, indicate that he might just feel actual affection for the Predacon. But I don’t think he knows this. I don’t think he’s aware, at all, that he emotes, and that if you told him so, he probably wouldn’t believe you. Because he runs on logic. Emotions aren’t needed, so why would he be bothering with them?

I think if he was ever well and truly flustered somehow, those things would waggle back and forth like crazy, and if you told him they were doing it, he would deny it. Not because it’s embarrassing or anything, but because he honestly believes he has full control over all parts of his frame and he would never waste energy on emoting.

I think that if he became depressed somehow, they would droop. So would the faux-wings on his back. And he would be confused as to why anyone would ask what was wrong, because nothing is wrong, he does not let setbacks distress him.

I think if he got really, really happy they would stick up a bit more than usual and of course he just has no idea that he’s got a lovely mood ring right on top of his head. He really hasn’t got a clue. That is what I believe.

It makes me happy to think this, anyway, and I need happy, because sometimes I remember IDW and that just makes my spark hurt…

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May I ask how did the trailer got things wrong?

Ohhhhhh so many ways, Nonny, that I don’t know how to not sound like a complete bitch were I to list them all. Tbh though what’s bothering me the most are the really little things, like how Riza’s hair is parted to the right instead of the left, Winry being a brunette, etc. 

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Are you a predictor or a witch? Your drawings always come true. Last time it was Seokjin. Now you changed your Nam's design a little bit and boom! he has his hair sticking up in vlive (also he called it his antenna, he so precious, i'm crying).

Maybe who knows👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

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Poor Simon. Graybles 1000+ shows that Betty will never succeeded in freeing him from the crown. I guess Death was right in "Betty" when he said this was Simons only hope to quit being the Ice King.

*cracks neck* Okay. Let’s talk about this.

Last night I was going nuts trying to figure out who was wearing the crown for this to happen, because if I was sure of anything, it’s that the [as the storyboards are calling it] Ice Thing is NOT Simon Petrikov.

Think about it. What does the crown do?

It turns you into Evergreen! Dino boy Gunther was the crown’s first wearer, and his wish was to BE the ice elemental speaking right here. So whoever wears the crown starts to turn into this guy. That *gestures wildly at the Ice Thing* is NOT a step towards Evergreen on the Ice King-to-Evergreen scale. Sure, the crown is corrupting Simon, but it has a strictly defined effect [defects aside, but we’ll get to that].

This might not be a story worth telling, but I was racking my brain trying to figure out who the heck we know about who could become this crazy new villain 1000+ years in the future [since I think Adventure Time’s plot is going to move us INTO this time period, but more on that in a different post]. 

My first thoughts were that its wings flapping are DEAD ringers to the owls on this show, so could it be the Cosmic Owl?? The owl from Up a Tree??? Then I realized that the mouth and nose take up SUCH a large portion of its total body that it’s gotta be just a head? Party God???? The difference between Simon Petrikov as Evergreen and THIS thing as Evergreen are those crazy antennae. So who has antennae?????

I guess I forgot that Evergreen is the owl in this situation. And HE has the antennae-y things. The Ice Thing’s antennae are like lightning bolts though [similar to Ice King’s ice bolts], not wings. Eh. Anyway, the reason why this story might not have been worth telling iiiiiiis that the storyboards did a LOT in reshaping the way I thought about this.

If you can’t read the scribbled notes here, they are: ICE BLADE [note: not nose], MISSING GEM, ALL WHITE, and INSIDE OF THE MOUTH: ROYAL BLUE. The MISSING GEM is a big red flag to me, since I mentioned defects before. You just never know with powerful magical artifacts that can have minds of their own and might try to protect themselves if someone tries to deface them. So all bets are off as to what happened there, but the storyboards also betray a crucially huge piece of info? I feel like it’s basically spoilers

Ice…. crown-dom…. so…. the Ice Thing that’s living in the Ice Kingdom, 1000+ years from now, is the Ice Crown, but alive, without one of its gems. Betty stole it to use its ultra-strong power to save Simon? And the Ice Thing was birthed as a result of the crown fighting back? Spitballing here. Just a possibility. 

That ICE BLADE/not nose comment makes sense now. I mean, it ALL makes sense. The ‘nose’… the beard… the hair… the blue skin… the razor teeth… those are all the physical qualities that the crown changed on Simon Petrikov, and now I guess it’s done it to itself. Cool. Plus! This thing isn’t even wearing the crown!!!!!! ITS EYES ARE THE JEWELS

I mean, I’m ALL FOR the Ice Crown as an actual villain we can fight. Are you kidding? The thing that [saved, but then] ruined Simon Petrikov’s life??? And we can see the gang beat it up? Yeah. I’m TOTALLY cool with it. And I honestly think that’s the case, so long as Wolfhard wasn’t messing with us in this storyboard panel. Whaddaya think?

EDIT: Alright, after You Forgot Your Floaties aired last night, telling us a little bit more about how magic works, we revisited something that we learned from Farmworld that seems like a pretty decent indicator of what the crown is capable of on its own.

Simon died in Farmworld stopping the Mushroom bomb, and then the crown straight-up froze the entire world.

There is absolutely precedent for the crown wrecking stuff in a major way of its own devices.

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Alien Anon here and I agree with all of this. Branch has flexible shrinking antennae that vibrate when he's angry. If he's super pissed they can generate small charges. And if he's super happy, he purrs, and his antennae vibrate gently. He changes colour. He has pointy lil sonar ears. He has a small tail (poppy strokes it when she's petting him one time and Branch leaps up from the couch squealing. Of all the places to be ticklish). He has pointed canines. He's literally Stitch. I love this.

I will cry this is the cutest fucking thing, HE is the cutest fucking thing. Just end me

Warden! He is very tired but always has time for hot coco.

He has very long antenna according to my charts. He only flaunts then in front of Al. That peacock strutting and stuff.

Currently, Al and Irwin have a very strained relationship so Warden has been letting Al stay with him more. If that will amount to anything, well, idk myself yet ouo

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can we talk about a saiki and mob psycho crossover

Huh-YES we can!

So I have no clue where Spice City sits in relation to the rest of Japan, and I wasn’t paying enough attention to get where Saiki lives, either. Whoops. But lets assume that the two live relatively close, but not so close that Mob’s antenna would pick up Saiki. 

One of Saiki’s most completely OP abilities is to convince every single person on Earth that something is true if he so desires it, and then change reality to match his desires and imagination. However, as we’ve seen in MP100, strong enough ESPers are essentially impervious to outside influence that is a certain level below their’s. In this case, this wouldn’t matter much as Saiki is demi-god level psychic, however, I figure that Mob’s strong auto-aura plus his natural hyper-denseness make him largely immune to these changes. This natural immunity has a slight field of effect so that Spice City has a lower incidence of the changes that Saiki made (aka weird hair colors and senses of style, a slightly slower healing effect, buildings take longer to repair, clothes can be torn away from crotches re:Teru).

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June 30

Reep Daggle is from the planet Durla, whose inhabitants are shapeshifters to adapt to an environment destroyed by a thermonuclear war. He has orange skin, pointed ears and antennae, and has no hair in his usual humanoid form. He applied for membership in the Legion, to set an example to humans that Durlans are OK. Thanks in part to his exceptional deductive skills he is named the permanent head of the Legion’s Espionage Squad. Chameleon Boy first appeared in Action Comics #267 (June 30, 1960). Chameleon Boy has the same shape-shifting ability that is innate among all his people. They can take the form of any object or organism their body can ‘scan’ with their antennae and morph into it within seconds. Reep is able to shift into forms both larger and smaller than he is, creating or disregarding mass at whim. He can also elongate parts of his body with this excess mass creation, as well as rearrange his internal organs and tissue such as his eyes, nose, heart, etc. He is a skilled voice imitator to go along with his disguises. Because of these feats he is considered one of the most powerful and versatile Durlan shape-shifters.