he has an amazing bone structure

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For completely aesthetic and non sexual purposes, i spent all noon thinking how when i arch my back it's not even a pathetic 1 cm but looking at Phil's upper back and rounded butt he must look like an amazing work of art with his back arched on a flat surface and i wanna hit him up for a photo-shoot. would he mind?(asking Carly for opinions and advice and whether i'm being a creep or not)

i’ve strained my brain wondering why phil hasn’t done a professional fashion photoshoot like ??? he has that unique look, he’s got the bone structure of a greek god, uhh legs???? freckles?????? @ god what’s the deal buddy

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Chris will never understand why everyone decided that he, out of the six of them, was going to be ‘the handsome one’.

Why he out of what was probably the best-looking crew NASA has ever put together, has to be the one getting the embarrassing ‘Dr McDreamy’ line every time they do an interview.

Why not Commander Lewis with her perfect bone structure? Or Johanssen with her nerdy charm? Martinez has a lovely smile and clearly knows how to use it, and Vogel’s eyes are the bluest and most beautiful Chris has ever seen. And what about Watney’s broad shoulders, why aren’t they talking about those?

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TRB in Chicago: My Experience

Hello! I had mentioned the other day that I would be documenting my experience at the BTS concert if anyone wanted to know about it! So here is my experience seeing the concert and also meeting our boys!

Ok….I wanna start off by saying that that has to be the best night of my life. BTS are such showmen and I can’t imagine a better performance from them. Not only was I in the pit, but I also participated in the hi-touch which I’ll get into later.

I just need to saw that the ARMYs at this concert were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. My best friend and I met a really nice girl who sat next to us in the pit and everyone around us was so nice. Every time we managed to bump into each other, everyone was so kind and apologized right away. There was no pushing or anything and I’m so proud to be apart of this fandom.

Now I’m gonna get into the individual members and my experience with them during the show:

Jungkook: Oh my. I have to start with him first because as soon as the lights turned on and I could see him, I lost it. He is soooooo much more handsome in person. Pictures do not do him justice. He loves to make faces and make lots of eye contact with the fans. He would wave and laugh and ugh he was such a breath of fresh air. His English was some of the cutest stuff I have ever heard. He kept telling us he loved us. He also was one of the members that lost in rock, paper, scissors so he had to do aegyo which was basically a lot of cute butt shaking. There were also many VKook moments so that is always appreciated.

Jin:….I don’t think there are enough things I could say about Jin. Being my bias, I was awestruck when I saw him. He may not be the best dancer in BTS but wow he can really perform. He did lots of aegyo and really shined during Just One Day. During that song, he brought out a rose and continued to play with it during the next song. He was shaking the rose to the beat of our light sticks and the rose stem broke in half! He was so cute and confused just staring at it xD He just ripped off the stem and continued his motions….that is until it slipped out of his hands and fell behind him. He is so precious OML. Also, during one of their talks, he mentioned how much he loves Chicago’s pizza. He said it was really delicious and thick…that boy has a way with words xD I could just talk about him forever no lie. I also swear he looked and pointed at me (probably because I was taller than everyone around me) but I could have been mistaken.

J-Hope: He was probably the most impressive live in terms of stage presence. He always hovered on our side of the stage so I always a pretty good view of him and he always looked smiling and happy to be there which really warmed my heart. J-Hope is my best friend’s bias and like I said I THINK Jin looked at me but I KNOW J-Hope looked at her. We both noticed and about died. Also, during Cypher Pt 3 and one other song I can’t really remember which, he sprayed his water all over everyone in the pit. We got hit both times and I really needed it considering how hot it was xD The second time he threw his bottle, I didn’t realize it landed on my seat until the girl in front of me turned around and reached behind me to get it. I was pretty sad but I still got sprayed so I am content. J-Hope and Jimin are like the Kings of fanservice too. Many many butt smacks and cuteness. They were super adorable together. The cypher had to be the most pumped up thing I’ve ever experienced because J-Hope really knew how to get the crowd going. I also about died because they started into cypher pt 2 which is my favorite BTS song of all time but they led it into another song. Such teases. Anyway, he was just an all around amazing person. He even managed to change my mom’s bias from V to him xD

Suga: Going into this concert, I’ll admit that Suga was one of my least favorite members, but after seeing him in person my whole outlook has changed. He is so much prettier in person! I was shocked by how different he looked in person rather than online. His bone structure is seriously no joke. Plus, him being blonde just added to his beauty. He completely slayed the cypher and I was surprised by how great his rapping sounded live. He was the other member besides Jungkook who lost in rock, paper, scissors and had to do aegyo. He was incredibly adorable oml. His English was also suuuper cute. At the end of the concert, when they all were talking, he said he loved us and not to forget him. It made me wanna cry ;-; I was really impressed with his whole performance, but I have more to say about Suga during the hi-touch which I’ll get to in a bit.

Jimin: I just wanna say, I don’t know what people are talking about when they say his abs are gone. They were very much there I assure you. They may not have been as defined as before, but I died all the same. I’m also super happy I got to see what was left of his red hair. He was just so pretty ugh. He is the biggest tease ever as well. He came over to our corner and started to lift his shirt but then stopped and smirked. What a butthead I can’t deal. Regardless, that boy was phenomenal. He can freaking dance. Him and J-Hope both were insanely good dancers. I was blown away. Also, those people that say Sehun has the best booty has clearly never seen Jimin in person. I mean…good lord that boy needs to stop wearing tight pants. It’s not good for my health. He was another member that made a lot of eye contact and smiled a lot. There was girl in front of me with a Jimin sign that had his face on it and he saw it and smiled real big. It was precious. Him trying to pronounce Chicago just made me really happy too. Even though they aren’t perfect with English, all of their English was on point. You could tell they really practiced to impress us.

V: This goofball was cracking me up. He kept awkwardly crab walking (I guess that is what I would call it) around the stage. He was just really fun. He tied his bandana around his head and under his chin to look all cute and omfg he was such a cutie. I’m sorry but he really was. He also was over on our side a lot so I got a good view of him and he is also really handsome in person. They were all incredibly handsome but he was one who really showed off his good looks. During Tomorrow, he was the only one I would watch. He absolutely slayed that choreography and anyone who has seen a fancam of it would agree with me. I was not ready for that at all. He also may smirk a lot in mvs but that’s nothing compared to him in person. That boy is a smirking fool. He just loves to tease everyone and he definitely accomplished that.

Rap Mon: He was so nice! Oh gosh he was so sweet to all of us. Considering he knows the most English, he spoke the most to us and talked about how much he loves Chicago. He talked about how he loved Chicago ever since he was little because of Michael Jordan and all of the other basketball players he looked up to. Suga agreed with him and did a little basketball pose which was adorable. Rap Mon was also another member that wasn’t my favorite before but I love and appreciate him so much more now ;-; He really does a great job performing. You can really tell he puts his all into dancing. Just watching his face will show you how passionate he is. It made me really happy. I also wanna mention that his dimples absolutely destroyed me. At the end of the concert, he laughed a lot because we were so loud and oh my gosh those dimples. Ugh. He is just so fabulous and he’s such an amazing leader. He proved that to us tonight.


After the show, we exited the pit and waited for everyone else in the theater to leave. We then sat in a group in the empty seats and waited as they sent in the group snapshot winners. After they were done, they sent us in in groups and we walked through in a single file line.

I just wanna say that all of the boys were super friendly and happy even after performing a whole concert. I have to applaud them for making it such an enjoyable experience for everyone. Now for the individual members. While the whole hi-touch was very short, I do have some things to note about the members.

Suga: Ok, I wanna mention Suga first because he was first in line and an absolute SWEETHEART. Normally, you think of Suga and you think of the laid back cool one that doesn’t care about much, but on the contrary, he was probably the one who cared the most. In my eyes atleast. He was very delicate with his handshake and he was so thankful for everyone there. I said thankyou to him and he grabbed my hand not like a normal handshake but like….how do I describe it….like you see in Disney movies when the prince grabs the princess’s hand? Ok that sounds really dumb but it was like that. A very delicate handshake but he had a heartwarming smile that just made me so happy. His hands are also super soft like wth do you use boy I need some of that. He also struck me as someone who really respects his elders because my mom went with us through the line and thanked them and she was in front of me so I saw her interaction with him. He held her hand for a long time and was really sweet thanking her a lot for coming. He just seemed really polite with her and it warmed my heart. He was the member that made the biggest impression on me in that hi-touch.

Jimin: Rather than giving a delicate handshake, he gave everyone a very friendly high five. Almost like one you would do with a buddy that you haven’t seen in awhile. It wasn’t just a boring highfive, it had some grab to it. He was very cute and smiled big. Unfortunately, our interaction didn’t last a long time so I couldn’t say more than a thankyou to him ;-;

Rap Mon: I knew he was tall but I didn’t expect that tall. I know they stood on an elevated platform but he was still very tall. He had a very nice handshake as well. We also smiled and the dimples happened and it was intense. He was very nice and sincere.

Jin: Aaaaah this boy will be the death of me. He also pulled a Jimin and did a high five. His was rather clumsy though because I almost missed his hand completely xD But he was still extremely cute saying little yeahs and thankyous to everyone. And, I know he may not be fond of his hands, but I thought they were so cute ;-; His flaws make him perfect.

Jungkook: He was another member that made a big impression on me. He was so bright and happy thanking everyone. He was probably the most vocal with his thankyou. He was very high pitched and peppy. He made me smile a lot. I also could barely look him in the eye because he was so attractive like….ugh.

J-Hope: Awwww this kid ;-; When they say he is sunshine, I mean he is literally sunshine. He smiles so bright and it brings light into your life. Not to mention he is a total sweetheart. My best friend was behind me in line and since her bias is J-Hope, needless to say she was nervous. But when we got to him, he shook her hand and called her an angel. IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST THING. He just never fails to brighten up my day.

V: And once again with this kid and smirking. I can’t handle him at all. Not even a little bit. He slapped my hand and smiled while kind of scrunching his face in a playful way. Thank goodness he was last because I don’t think I could have handled much more after that. He was such a nice cutie.

All in all, the concert was such an amazing experience. Like I said, it was the best night of my life. I will never forget it. I’m sorry this is so long! I really wanted to share everything I experienced with all of you. I’m also sorry if there are any typos! I am typing this and it’s currently 2 am so I’m quite tired. I just wanted to type it while it was fresh in my mind. Please forgive me. But regardless, I hope you all enjoyed this and I’m so happy the boys had a good time in Chicago! I’m so proud of them!

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Ok, but Realtalk© here. Why do you think our dear DK, DoKyum, Lee SeokMin is so slept on? I literally had all the same thoughts you did when I first saw him. I thought he would be one of the oldest because of his mature facial structure (turns out he's only a 97 liner?) and I could've sworn he was a model or actor. Then he sings like a professional and is a perfect variety star. He keeps up in dancing as well and his smile and personality light up a room. It just doesn't make sense??



1. His attractiveness

Originally posted by jiminteresante

Great place to start though, right? I mean… Just look at this idiot. Look at his smile and his hair and his eyes and how expressive he is. His bone structure is fabulous and his eyebrows are amazing for his face shape and his nose is just the right length and positioning and even his teeth are good, okay? His ears are super cute and his fingers are amazing. Look at his shoulders. Look at his neck. Just… Look how flippin attractive he is. Also, A+ because he can pull off long coats with those ridiculous legs of his. 

2. His voice

Seokmin has a legitimately good voice. If you think about the very first time we hear him at all in Adore U, it’s for this amazing “ooh” that’s both raw and smooth at the same time. I’m not even kidding, I’ve heard someone say that note alone is the reason they started listening to Seventeen.

Seokmin is a very talented singer who gets lost in the mass of talent that is Seventeen. Please, please please if you ever doubt this, just listen to him. Listen to any of his parts in Adore U and don’t listen to the rest of the song, just his voice. Listen to his high notes in Mansae. Listen to his opening of Bindatteok Gentlemen. Listen to his solo performances. In fact, let’s just all take a moment and appreciate DK’s voice

3. His sense of humor and general dorkiness

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Although it’s more commonly associated with Seungkwan and Hoshi, Seokmin has a great sense of humor too and is a huge nerd. See: horse puns. But it only adds to his lovable nature, especially when he laughs at his own jokes and his laugh shakes his whole body and is accompanied by his sunshine smile. Fun fact: DK is actually short for Dork. But a lovable dork. 

So far, all of these things are surface things though. Things people see about Seokmin and know already, things that are obvious. So what are some things to love that make our precious main vocal a multilayered human being and not just a flat, one dimensional pretty boy?

4. His hard-working nature

Seokmin is a very hard worker. The joke of him being a horse isn’t entirely untrue, as he pulls so much weight in the group as a main vocalist and is still very hard working and loyal. He always wants to improve himself, but not necessarily only for the sake of improving himself. Also for the sake of the team, for the sake of being the best he can for the overall value of the team, not wanting anyone to be burdened or dragged down by him. He’ll go out of his way, as well, not to put anyone else out of their way for him, working hard to make sure he doesn’t cause any problems or cause anyone to see him as a issue to be fixed. 

5. “Happy Virus”

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The horse comparison continues, because Seokmin is a naturally gentle person. He seems easily made nervous or spooked by some things, and he’s very emotionally connected to the group. His heart is very open and that makes the emotions and the atmosphere of the group more obvious to him. This connects to him not wanting to burden anyone and his sense of humor, because he wants the atmosphere to be good and light so he does all he can to be the “happy virus” of the group.

A good example of his caring nature at work can be seen at the MAMAs performance they did this year (I swear I had a post about this somewhere but I can’t find it for my life, so I’m assuming it was one of those conversations with a friend where I turned it into a rant like I would make answering an ask OTL so I’m just going to summarize it again). At MAMAs, everyone saw, S.Coups tripped over Vernon by accident during his rap. He ended up saving it and it all turned out okay, but just after he finished his rap, as he was walking back to his stage position, DK gave him a high five. That might not seem like much, but that could make a crazy amount of difference. On the hectic mess of the stage while you’re performing, it can seem like fifty years and also thirty seconds have passed. A single mistake like S.Coups can cause such internal panic that it could be all he remembered from that stage, messing up the biggest performance they’ve done to this point. But DK instead chose to capitalize on the good, high-fiving him for his save. Because of that one little tiny action, now when S.Coups looks back, he can remember the reaction his group mate had noticing the good save he made and the memory can be positive, of how he managed to keep from falling into the audience and how he finished his rap nicely under a hard circumstance. Just one little high five changed so much, and I think DK knew that when he did it.

6.  His good heart.

This is probably the single most important aspect of DK, and it connects heavily back to all of the points I’ve made, but DK genuinely, truly has a good, kind heart for others.

To illustrate this point, I’d like to refer to Seventeen Project ep. 3, which you can find here. I’m starting at 38:57, where Seventeen’s vocal team has just gone through an evaluation where Seungkwan was praised for his nice voice but nothing was said about DK. I’d like to make a few points about this happening, about DK’s reaction, and about his character in general. 

Firstly, I’d like to point out that he doesn’t bring it up at all. DK doesn’t bring up how hurt he feels, how he feels like he’s a burden, or even Seungkwan’s name. It takes prompting from the PD for him to say anything at all about it, about his feelings and about how he reacts. 

And then, his reaction to this. His first reaction isn’t to jump on what the PD said at all, aimed at Seungkwan. To be honest, DK and Seungkwan could have a very different relationship. Seungkwan gets praised often, for his variety skill and also for his voice and his caring nature. DK has all of those things as well, but gets overlooked. DK could very easily get angry at Seungkwan. Seungkwan is younger than DK, and DK could easily be upset that he gets more of the attention. They hold the same position as main vocalists, but Seungkwan still gets more recognition. But what is DK’s first reaction, his first sentence after the PD’s prompting? It’s an acknowledgement of his own lacking, to say it’s his own fault that he wasn’t praised. DK doesn’t go after Seungkwan at all. He’s not angry or upset, and he never mentions being bitter at all that Seungkwan gets more praises than him. Instead, he immediately takes it as his own fault, his own problem that he isn’t recognized.

DK and Seungkwan have a good relationship. They’re very close, and they like laughing together and playing together. And a lot of that is possible because DK has such a good heart. Because he refuses to let it be a competition. He refuses to be bitter over the attention Seungkwan gets that he doesn’t. It would be very easy for them to be rivals, to be competing for the attention and the lines. But DK refuses to let it be that. He refuses to let his professional ambition, his personal feelings, or his pride turn their relationship into a bad one, so he takes the responsibility, the burden, and the criticism on himself with a good heart and with kindness and gentleness instead of placing the blame on Seungkwan and being bitter over something neither of them can change. He determines to work harder instead of being angry, and that proves DK is a kind, good hearted person if nothing else does.

All in all, Seokmin is talented and kind and gentle and deserves so much more love than the fandom recognizes, and I hope he starts to grow in the eyes of the fans and people start to recognize him and appreciate him more and more. Please don’t overlook our sunshine. He works so hard, he’s so talented, and he has such a good heart for all the fans and all his members. Please appreciate DK.

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I AM GLAD I HAVE FOUND ANOTHER PERSON WHO APPRECIATES KANER WITH SHORT HAIR. I liked it better even before this thinning, gelled mess he has now.

Y E S. Poor Kaner has many amazing attributes, but his hairline isn’t one of them, and it’s super unfortunate that he has seemed largely in denial of this, lol. (Although, his apparent haircut makes me think that maybe he’s finally accepted it??? We can only hope.)

JUST LOOK AT HIM WHEN HE DOESN’T SLICK IT BACK/SHOW OFF THAT TERRIBLE WIDOW’S PEAK (I know he’s a tiny babe in most of these but still, you get the idea.)

(x, x, x, x)

At least we can take heart in the fact that boy’s got bone structure that means he could shave his whole head and still look like this in hats:


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Seb was very Italian haute couture at the GGs, all the way down to his sockless tuxedo slippers. I know some question it, but if you aren't going bespoke Tom Ford, why not have some fun? And the hair may not be fluffy, but the slicked-back look certainly shows that he still has good bone structure in his face even when his shoulders rival Chris's. I'm babbling, but he's just delicious.

Simply put, Seb looked amazing at the GGs (or at least at the party where we actually got pictures). But then again I think he’d have to put some serious effort into looking anything less than stunning. 

The lack of socks didn’t bother me at all. I think it’s probably just most noticeable because we’re so used to seeing him with his rather lively sock choices. 

And yes, the slicked back hair definitely highlights the amazing bone structure in his face. This man was just made to be in front of a camera. I would gleefully offer up my photography services at any point in time. 

That being said, I have an absolute weakness for Seb with this hair like it was at NYFF53. Something about him with loose hair that looks absolutely kitten soft just does me in every time.

Of course, in reality I will adore Seb regardless of hair style, wardrobe choices, or any other physical trait he opts to change simply because he’s an amazing actor and as best we can tell a pretty amazing person as well. 

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Whenever people say that Ian is ugly I'm just like ' bitch what the fuck are you looking at??? Like where the fuck is he ugly??? Do you see that face? Do you see that amazing bone structure like are you blind ???'

How could anybody possibly find THIS unattractive? I mean there’s at least one quality of his looks that has to be appealing to people. He’s either sexy, he’s cute, he’s beautiful (dat bone structure), he’s hot af, he’s adorable….(or all of the above imo) you name it.

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I'm not asking for a particular fic just because I want one - I'm sorta doing it because your writing is sorta hypnotic and shit, I dig it. I kinda feel like talking to a celebrity rn, that's how much I like your stuff. Anyway, how about Clarke being really inept about Bellamy, having seen him only a couple of times and not knowing his name but she really wants to draw him and/or fuck him. (get drunk and go for it is how i did it but i forgot the dude's name so yeah, i'm pathetic) peace bro xxx

Clarke has been told, multiple times, that she should rebound.

“It’s not really my thing,” she tells Raven. Raven doesn’t look convinced in the slightest, and Clarke shrugs. “I’m not really into casual sex.”

“It’s not casual sex. It’s, like–when you go to a fancy restaurant and they give you the ice cream between courses. Palate cleanser. But, you know. For your vagina.”

Clarke chokes on her beer. “Holy shit, never say that again.”

“I’m just saying, it helps. You know how I got over Finn?”

“We drank a lot and watched Netflix and photoshopped pictures of him from Facebook so he looked like he had horns and boils.”

“Also, I fucked a hot guy, and it was awesome.”

“It still took you a while after that,” Clarke points out, gentle, and Raven finally scowls.

“Okay, I might have fucked him too soon. But how long has it been since you and Lexa broke up?”

“Six months,” Clarke admits.

“Yeah, that’s a while. I’m just saying, a rebound is like–no-pressure, getting you back on the horse. I know it sucked the way you guys broke up, but you shouldn’t be making yourself miserable.”

“I’m not. I’m just not dating.”

“Find a cute girl or a hot guy or a hot girl or a cute guy and fuck them,” Raven advises. “And you’ll feel way better about the world.”

“As always, I didn’t ask for or want your advice, but thanks, sort of.”

Raven grins. “What are friends for?”

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This is only *my* opinion, anyway there’s something about this season of Bones that I’m absolutely loving. I’m kinda scared to say this already because it’s only been 4 episodes, but anyway last season I already had one ep I hated within the first four.

I don’t know yet what’s going on that it’s working. But it’s fresh, it’s well balanced, the actors are pumped. Emily was pregnant last year though. So I can see why she might have been more tired than usual. I’m not saying she did that on purpuse, but Brennan is on point this year. And so is everyone else. Also, I’m liking B&B. They don’t have MANY scenes but they are enough for me, because they are relevant ones. I love them giving space to Hodgins. And Angela. And Cam. And even the interns.

See this week’s episode:

The agent Andy b-plot was amazing. They were definitely winking at the audience. “When you start killing characters it’s because things are starting to get boring.” I don’t think they were admitting that to themselves, my interpretation was more that they HAD to kill of Sweets because of John and same with Jared. So they were like “stop asking us to bringing him back!” I laughed.

Loving the continuity with Booth’s gambling arc. It’s not heavy. But it makes the show way more organic. Plus. David is great in this arc/role so I’m happy they’re not letting it go just yet. Also? LOVED the line about Booth admitting to Brennan he won’t lie again. And also about the pros/cons of gambling in his life. Booth, whatcha say? I think getting kicked out was much of a con. Lmao.

BETTY WHITE. She was adorable. I knew her. But I had never seen her in anything though because I’m pretty young and I don’t have much of a tv baggage. The oldest tv show I’ve watched is the xfiles from 1993. Anyway, loved that they never made jokes about Meyer/Betty’s age. They praised her as  WOMAN, a smart woman and a person. (”She has excellent bone structure” and “now I have another beautiful and smart woman to deal with” Or wathever he said.)

Emily was too adorable in this ep. It was so evident she wasn’t confortable being arrogant with someone like Betty White, not even in character. Anyone else catched her like genuinely smiling during their scenes? And also in their final scene together, when Brennan says “it’s been an honor working with you” I’m 100% confident that wasn’t Brennan but Emily and the whole Bones cast. They’re so down to earh is amazing. And they’ve been on tv for 11 years now. They could be cocky if they wanted.

The humor was on point. Tj can do anything, really. A+++ scenes both with Oliver than in the lab. I WANT THE BLOOPERS SO BADLY. I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. (”I only took 7 steps today.”)

Loved Aubrey (what’s new!)

Loved BB bickering. Again, they winked at the audience and they said they’re going back to the start. Sort of. Yes, it’s working for me.

I don’t mind Aubrey doing interrogations if that means having Brennan/Booth scenes outside work. I know David AND Emily can’t work 16 hours anymore. That’s fair, but this is a nice way to make it work for them. I honestly smiled when they went together to the diner and Booth told the suspect “this is my partner Temperance Brennan.” and the guy said “Oh FBI?” “Yes, and a forensic anthropologist.”

When I want to talk so much about Bones it means I’m liking it a lot. Bravo.

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Newmann au steam punk beauty and the beast?

Newt hesitates, then holds out his hand to brush the veil from his husband’s face; Hermann jerks back, but too late, and Newt has finally- finally- seen the face of his mysterious husband,

After so long together, the strange silence of their home, Hermann a flitting black shadow; sinister if not for the beauty of his mechanical creations, the gorgeous library they now shared, the strange gentleness of his hands- never forcing, never demanding that they consumate their strange wedding;

And now, they finally saw each other, face to face.

Hermann covers his face with his gloved hand- the clicking, half-metal structure of his face; the lens of his eye, his mouth a mobile structure of brass and copper-

“Wait-” Hermann tries to run, but the odd, ungainly motion can’t keep ahead of Newt’s faster legs, and he catches his arm-

His hands close on metal and wood- he can feel the joints and cogs of the limb; Hermann stumbles, and Newt steadies him, brushing the veil from his face, fumbling for his hands to tug off the gloves.

Hermann gives a soft, broken sound- a human sound, from a human throat, but with the strange echo from the metal, his hands are metal too- one with a few remaningin structures of flesh remaning, the other stripped down to the bone- the muscles and skin replaced with steel and brass,

Newt looks up at those strange lenses- one still has a human eye behind it, looking wildly around in panic, but the other is dark, one lens after another shadowing deep into his skull;

“What are you?” His voice is husky, Newt isn’t sure if he should be frightened, all he can seem to master is amazement- the perfection of the engineering, the art and beauty of the mechanical parts leave him breathless,

Hermann turns away, looking at the wall- out of the winow- anywhere but at Newt, “I’m alive,” he spits out finally,

Newt frowns- “What do you-“

“I was dying!” Hermann snarls, brittle and frightened and god- he thinks Newt is going to leave- now, when everything is so amazing Newt can barely breathe for amazement- “My body way- breaking down and I- I didn’t want to die-“

He’s acting as though he’s ashamed of it instead of- god, if Newt could build like that-

“So I- replaced them, the parts that failed with those that wouldn’t-” his eyes drop to the ground, Newt tightens his grip on those brass-and-flesh hands;

Hermann glances up and behind those lenses, the flexing of metal cogs- some hope flickers, “I-“

Newt doesn’t want to hear any more excuses for Hermann’s- god- survival- “I think you’re amazing,” he tugs those gorgeous hands- fuck, he’s a work of art- “You should be walking around the Great Exhibition- no one in the world can build like you- everyone’ll be beating down the doors to get you to build for them- everyone-“

Hermann is staring at him, as though he cannot believe what he is hearing, “You- you won’t leave?” his voice is so small, so frail, that it’s hard to believe it could come from such a glorious, delicate structure,

“Are you joking?” Newt closes the last of the space between them, looking up in those mismatched eyes, “You couldn’t kick me out,”

And finally, finally after so many month of wondering and wanting and aching sore in heart, he bridges the last of the gap and presses his lips against the sharp tang of that brass mouth.