he has an amazing bone structure

For some reason I was tagged  to do a writing challenge thing. Thanks for your confidence @steves-winter-boobear!  

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Loosely inspired by this amazing ask

Chris will never understand why everyone decided that he, out of the six of them, was going to be ‘the handsome one’.

Why he out of what was probably the best-looking crew NASA has ever put together, has to be the one getting the embarrassing ‘Dr McDreamy’ line every time they do an interview.

Why not Commander Lewis with her perfect bone structure? Or Johanssen with her nerdy charm? Martinez has a lovely smile and clearly knows how to use it, and Vogel’s eyes are the bluest and most beautiful Chris has ever seen. And what about Watney’s broad shoulders, why aren’t they talking about those?

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anonymous asked:

hi so all my friends think that namjoon is ugly and i'm wondering if i just don't see it? am i blinded ? they all say he's ugly but i honestly can't see it...he's so charming and handsome like how could anyone think he was ugly???

ugh.. i’m.. anyways, i don’t find him ugly at all- i think he’s handsome. like if they can’t see it- i guess that’s their loss?? dkskjz he has a pretty face, his bone structure’s amazing nd i like his eyes nd lips. i guess he isn’t “traditionally beautiful” or whatever- but ugly?? ion see it