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garrison headcanons

because you know this bunch was the absolute worst at school

  • random student: “oh man, keith is so mysterious and dreamy. i wonder what he’s thinking about…”
    • keith internally: ‘if i drink the contents of this beaker will i be able to breathe fire’
  • lance in tears: “pidge i’m gonna fail, i don’t know what to study for this test”
    • pidge: “well i do. goodbye” 
  • lance: “hunk you beautiful rule-breaking moth”
    • lance: “hunk you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish”
    • lance: “hunk, you’re a genius! your brain is almost as perfect as your face”
  • keith gets mad at a student so he just bites into their eraser and spits it across the room
  • teacher!shiro emailing his students: ‘sorry guys class is cancelled today i couldn’t find a parking space so i cried in the lot for 8 minutes’ 
  • pidge: “haha iverson left his facebook logged in let’s post a message saying ‘i’m a dick hurr durr’” lance: “hahah”
    • hunk: “haha or we could send a 2000 word message to his wife explaining how he’s been having multiple affairs and he doesn’t love her anymore and their marriage has always been a sham”
    • pidge: “…..dude….”
    • hunk: “hahah just a suggestion ( :” 
  • keith naruto-runs through the hallways 
  • shiro: “hey guys today we’re gonna watch a video so i can sleep under my desk” 
  • lance pointing at some birds on campus: “are those your relatives?” pidge: -__- 
  • lance: “yuck there goes keith kogane…with the beautiful hair and the soulful eyes….he’s so disgusting i hate him” 
    • keith: “sorry man can i pass through-” 
    • lance: “can you pass-?! can you pass through??? can you- you burnt piece of celery…do you wanna go?!?! i don’t care, i’ll go right now, i’ll kiss you in the middle of the hallway!! i don’t give a shit i’ll do it!!!” keith: “what” 
  • lance: “hunk i don’t feel so great, i messed up the flight simulator today” hunk: “:( i’m sorry buddy”
    • hunk: “this is a quote that keeps me going when i feel down. ‘if we never flew, we would never fall. the life we live isn’t so simplistic, you just don’t get what you want. so we take what comes, and we keep on going’”
    • lance: “woah hunk….who said that? obama?” 
    • hunk: ”…..big time rush"
  • shiro pointing at a board with the words ‘a lie’: “class, there is only one thing worse than a lie” 
    • shiro ripping off a paper to reveal ‘living a lie’: “boom”
    • keith gasping: “living”
    • shiro: “no-” 
Through Their Eyes - One Shot

Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely readers with a Happy Birthday one shot to him that is almost exactly two weeks late! Inspiration and time are funny that way – always against you, you know? ;) Enjoy, loves. xx

Anybody would have to be blind not to see it, and his mother thinks he is and you are, too.

 Her beautiful boy has always been a bit oblivious. He’s incredibly smart, she’s proud to say, and very astute, but sometimes – only sometimes – he can’t see past the end of his own nose.

 He’s in love with you. She’s suspected it for awhile, but tonight it’s painfully plain to see. Her son, her youngest, her baby, loves you.

It’s more than a passing fancy, because he would have stopped lighting up in the same way when you walked into any room if it was as simple as that. And it’s more than the love that comes with strong friendship, because if it stopped there he wouldn’t look at you the way those thousands of adoring fans look at him – like he just wants one chance, just the one, to show you how good he’d be for you and to you.

 None of his friends see it – they’re all too far gone into the alcohol and guffawing as they have go after go at him in the name of good fun, and he just laughs along with them with crinkle-eyed, dimply humor.

 You don’t see it either. You don’t see it when he looks up at you with adoration that shines, unbridled, thanks to the liquor in his veins.

 You don’t even see it when he leans his head against the gentle curve of your hip while you stand next to him, one eye drooping just a little more than the other as he listens to whatever story is being told before giving in and letting them fall shut as you rake your fingers through his thick curls and massage his scalp. He does love a good pet, but he doesn’t reward all the people who comply by turning his head inwards and giving a little kiss to the hip that’s been his pillow.

And her boy – her birthday boy – he doesn’t see it at all.

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JR Explaining How NU’EST (W) Are The Group Who Took The Longest To Get Their 1st Win 

(+ his mental breakdown due to feelz)

It’s one thing know NU’EST W are indeed the group who took the longest to get their 1st win on a major music show as a fact, but to have JR actually say/admit this out load just gives it a whole other layer of meaning. He knows better than us how long him and his members have been waited for that moment …Six whole years since debut is a very long time.

Kim Jonghyun joined Pledis at 13, his dream was never fulfilled until now, no matter how hard the small fanbase tried. Nine whole Years of blood, sweat and tears; always being selfless, blaming himself for everything and putting his members first. I have seen with my own eyes how much intense pain this boy has been through since such a young age. This Year was the hardest so far as NU’EST almost disbanded, but the members refused to give up. He is a beautiful person inside and out, and honestly one of the best Leader’s K-pop will EVER know, and after Nine Years his dream finally came true. 

I prayed for this for a long time, dreamed how happy a 1st Win would make Jonghyun; he was in complete shock when they won, his legs gave way.

In the future loves will work even harder and give them many more Wins and awards, including another 1st win as ‘NU’EST’ in 2019 when their Mommy returns.

Thank You JR for fighting this long, this time you are the one who is going to be protected and rewarded❤️

“We endured it all because we had each other”- JR’s Letter to NU’EST, 2014

(Trans- c)

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Prompt: “Zero fucks given. Next please.” + Harry/Ginny
Requested by @veronicasummersfelton

Harry blinks lazily at the clock high above the couch. It’s nearly 5 PM and he and Ginny must meet with Ron and Hermione at exactly 5 o’clock for an evening Hermione planned several months ago. A simple double-date now that the four of them have some free time.

“10 minutes, Gin!” Harry calls out. “You know how particular Hermione is about these things.”

“Oh yes,” Ginny calls back, laughter clear in her voice. “How can I forget about our first double-date~ Ron made us late by 15 minutes because he couldn’t find his tie.”

He chuckles. Watching Ron run around looking for that blasted tie had been amusing and often brought up during playful conversations.

“Well then,” he hears, “how do I look?”

When he looks up, Harry feels his throat dry up. Ginny has always been beautiful whether she was covered in sweat and dirt from being out of the Quidditch pitch all day or in a dress like she is now.

There’s a faint scar under her left eye that she never bothers to cover up. There’s one along the left side of her neck, more noticeable, that she doesn’t bother to hide either.

(“I refuse to cover my battle scars,” she told him a while back when she caught him staring.

“Are you just going to stand there?” Ginny crossed her arms over her chest and raises a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

“Gorgeous,” Harry manages.

Ginny laughs and moves towards him while bringing her arms up to gently take hold of his neck. His hands easily settle just above her hips.

“Thank you,” and she kisses him. It’s sweet, like many of their kisses, and it never seems to last long enough. “We’re going to a public place I wonder how the public will react when they see me hanging off your arm. I can see Skeeter’s articles now~”

“‘STILL IN IT FOR THE MONEY: How Expensive Is Her Dress?!’” Harry laughs.

“Potter’s Girlfriend Not Seen In Public for Days: Are the Pregnancy Rumors True?!” 

Coming down from his high, Harry briefly tightens his hands on her waist. “Does it bother you?”

Ginny presses another kiss against his lips and pulls away. There’s a sort of sparkle in her eyes. “Zero fucks given. Next please.” As always, her blunt statements and the way she speaks sends electricity throughout his body. He loves her so damn much.

“Allow me to get your coat, m’lady.” He pulls away.

“Such a gentleman,” Ginny replies.

He helps her put it on and leads her to the front door of their flat. Harry opens it and they step outside. A cool gust of wind passes by.

“Shall we?” He holds out his arm.

Ginny takes it with a smile. “We shall.”



A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[11] Call To Arms – Hearts Still Beating, 7x08

In a non-ZA AU, Michonne could earn a living as a motivational speaker; her pep talk game is strong. Here, she helps Rick rediscover his mojo with a stirring speech that’ll help you power through a box of Kleenex in a flash. This scene is what pretty much the entire first half of the season has been building up to, which essentially implies that however far Negan knocks my boo down, Michonne will always be able to lift him right back up. He is the zombie apocalypse Chumbawamba.

This beautiful, quiet scene is filled with tight close-ups that don’t let you miss tears catching the light or trembling lips. Michonne’s voice is soft and strong and pleading, but the way she holds eye contact with him is the most persuasive element of all. The person he trusts the most in the world is saying, “We can do this,” and he knows he has to muster the fight. Despite their conflicting emotions about the Saviors situation, neither of their positions is devalued or undermined by their reconciliation. It’s a lovely meeting in the middle.

Ultimately, they both realize that if they’re going to live, it can’t be this way. As Rick says, “I know that now,” and Michonne tearfully tilts her head, relief washes over her expression. They’re united again. They’re strong. They’re going to win together.

  • Danai: We still are who we are. And I think finally the language comes to her of the fact that they have to go forth. That’s the call to arms.
  • Andy: Michonne gives that incredibly inspiring speech to bring Rick back after he witnesses two more murders in front of his eyes. That was such a welcome relief to be able to start to find Rick again and for him to be able to return. […] It was this love scene, but it was also a rallying. And everybody was just like, “Let’s go to war!” It’s just like, “Let’s go.” […] He’d rather die standing up on his feet than kneel for the rest of his life – and their lives. That’s pretty much what Michonne says to him. […] He’s been beaten down so many times and he keeps pulling himself up – generally for other people. This is the first time he hasn’t done that and he’s needed a helping hand, and she is the absolute key in his return.
  • Greg Nicotero: The whole first half of the season, Rick and Michonne were not really on the same page. Michonne wanted to fight. Rick was afraid to fight, he was too afraid to lose. And that’s something that will play a considerable part of the second half of [Season 7], and especially reconnecting Rick and Michonne and putting them on the same page. That’s what she says. When she says, “We are the ones who live”, she’s saying that it’s worth fighting. And, “If one of us has to die, it’s for the greater good.”
Steal My Girl

Song Series!
> Please give me some feedback on this, been debating posting it for like two days. Let me know if you liked it. 

He met Y/n when they were young kids. He knew from the instant that he met her that she was gonna be the most special person in his life. The way her smile could make his day go from shit to kind of okay. She gets to him in ways no one else can. 

She been my queen, Since we were sixteen, We want the same things, We dream the same dreams

“You ready?” She asks walking out of their shared bedroom. 

She’s in a black rock tee shirt, dark blue flare jeans, hair teased and curled, make up done. 

He locks eyes with her for a second and smiles, her returning the favor. 

“Yeah, you look amazing babe.” He places a small kiss on her forehead. 

“Thanks, you look great too.” She says, unbuttoning that top button on his shirt. He tenses at her touch. Goosebumps rising on his skin as if he’s cold, but it’s 80 degrees out. 

They were headed out to a Nick Jonas concert, meeting a few of his buddies there. He got tickets from the label, and they get to go back stage to see him after the show. 

Nick and Shawn are friends, have been since they met through the label. It’s a unspoken agreement to support the others on the label. They’ve worked together for a brief time, when they happened to be in the same place at the same time. 

She’s never gotten to meet Nick, she met Demi a few months back at an award show, but she didn’t get to meet Nick. She’s screaming on the inside, she’s a huge Nick fan. Has been since she was a kid and watched his shows on The Disney Channel. 

She’s trembling with excitement when they are walking to their seats, meeting up with Shawn’s friends and their girlfriends.

“Y/n looks like she is about to pass out.” Mike jokes as the lights start to dim.

“Shut up, I’m the biggest Nick fan.” She says over the bass that starts blaring though the old speakers. The floor starts to shake and the screaming gets louder. The lights are flashing making their senses act up. 

Shawn watches her, watches as she sings along to the songs, dances to the beat, laughs with his friends. She fits into his world, and does everything she can to have his world fit into hers. She’s the most perfect person for him, and he couldn’t be more happy that he has her. 

He knows that he has her support no matter what. She was his before he got famous and she’s still his now that he is. He knows that he has a safe place with him always, as she would always be by his side. 

But he can’t help but feel a twinge of jealously as he watches her smile at the stage. She’s swaying along to the song. He needs her to look at him to remind him that she’s his. Like she reads his mind, turns and looks at him from over her shoulder. 

“Gonna hold me Mendes?” She says, winking. 

He doesn’t need to be told twice, he steps forward and wraps his arms around her from behind. He nuzzles his nose into her hair and inhales deeply. She smells like home, he can’t quite describe her scent other than that it reminds him of the candles his mom used to light when he lived at home. 

She’s leaning back and resting her hands on top of his, his resting on her stomach. She’s still singing along, but now she’s smiling because the words remind her of Shawn. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me

Their backstage now, in a room with a group of people. Mostly people from the record company, and a few other up and coming artists. 

He can’t help but notice how most of the men, dateless or not, watch his girlfriend. How she holds herself, how she smiles, how she laughs, how she wins playing beer pong with a few others.

He’s watching her from across the room as one of the guys from the beer pong game starts to inch his way closer to her. She’s backing up just as much as he’s coming closer, and when he bends down to whisper in her ear she shakes her head no and says clearly,

“I have a boyfriend.” 

Shawn smiles and knows that he doesn’t have to step in because she can hold her own, but for the hell of it he leaves the conversation he was having to go tell this guy to fuck off. 

“Hey.” He says tucking his left arm around Y/n’s waist, extending his right hand out to shake the other guys hand. “I’m Shawn.” He says grinning evilly.

“Zac.” The other guys says, cowering. He shakes Shawn’s hand and tries to hold back his wince when Shawn squeezes to hard. Crushing the bones in Zac’s hand.

“Zac, this is Shawn, my boyfriend.” Y/n says with a small smile on her face. 

“Yeah I got that.” He grumbles rubbing his hand. 

“Maybe you should go find another girl to hit on, this one’s taken.” Shawn says passive aggressively, that way if anyone was watching them it would be seen as a normal conversation. 

Zac nods his head and rushes away from them, shaking out his hand. 

“A bit much don’t you think?” She giggles up at her boyfriend. 

“Think I broke his hand.” Shawn says watching Zac try to open and close his hand repeatedly.

All she does is laugh and hide herself into Shawn’s side. He laughs too and kisses the top of her head. She smiles and then leans up to connect their lips.

Kisses like cream, Her walk is so mean, And every jaw drop, When she’s in those jeans

They pull away and she looks over at the ping pong table.

“Geoff and Mike wanted me to tell you to join us for a game of beer pong.” She says noticing how Mike and Geoff were waiting.

“Okay.” Shawn says smiling. “How about I get you a drink, and meet you there. And try not to get hit on by some random guy on your way over.” He teases. 

“Not my fault.”

“True, you can’t help how beautiful you are.”

“Cheesy.” She laughs pushing his shoulder towards the bar. 

She walks away, hips swaying. He can’t help but just stare at her, well him and every guy she walks by. The others just gawk at her ass, while Shawn smirks knowing that that ass they were looking at was his. Chuckling at the fact that he bought her those jeans because he knew they would make her ass look great. 

He goes up to the bartender and orders drinks for his group, returning to them cheering as he hands the drinks over. 

They play a few games of beer pong and Shawn just watches as she beats his ass. She’s on the other team and with the rate that their playing, he’ll be drunk before the game is even over. 

But the lights dim. and her smile glows. The sun is setting behind her and her eyes have this sparkle that twinkle when she looks over at him telling him to 

“Drink bitch.” 

He laughs and does as told. Winking at her blushing face over the rim of the Solo cup.

I don’t exist, If I don’t have her, The sun doesn’t shine, The world doesn’t turn

Her hair framing her face, the way her face lights up when she smiles. He swears he could write a thousand songs about her. About her eyes, about her smile, about her lips. Those sweet lips that are colliding with his.

The soft moan that escapes her mouth as he pulls her a little closer.

“Ready to go home?” She whispers.

“You didn’t even really meet Nick.” Shawn says looking around.

“Why do I need a Nick Jonas when I have a Shawn Mendes to take me home?” She quirks an eyebrow. Shawn smirks and kisses her again. Harder this time.

It’s him moaning softly when she pulls away. He let’s his hand slide down to the globe of her ass, squeezing lightly.

“Gonna take me home Mendes, or do I need to find Zac.” She teases starting to move from his hold. 

“Come here.” He says pulling her back, making her collide into his chest. 

She’s laughing, trying to contain her giggles, but the alcohol in her system is making her feel light and happy. 

Shawn takes her hand, leading her out of the room, towards the car they ordered. He would love to take her out for a midnight drive, but they’ve been drinking and she just wants to go home. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one 'cause she belongs to me

Her make up is gone. Her hair is in a messy bun, her glasses are sliding down her nose, and her lips are sealed to her coffee mug. She’s wearing his ‘Take Me Home’ shirt with her PINK booty shorts. Her bare feet are cold as they stand on the freezing hardwood. The tattoo on her ankle on full display. 

She’s humming a Nick song, one that had been stuck in her head from the concert they saw earlier. Her hips are swaying a bit as Shawn watches her from the living room. 

She shows no trace of sitting in the VIP section at a Nick Jonas concert. No trace of meeting Nick Jonas. No trace of partying with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

She’s just Y/n. 

She’s just Shawn’s Y/n.

He loves that he gets this part of her. No one get’s to see when she’s tipsy and trying to sober up a bit so she won’t have a hangover in the morning. No one gets to see her purple glasses, or her face free from any trace of make up. 

She’s just his girl. Relaxed and free. 

He can’t help to think that over the billion people in the world, he wouldn’t rather have anyone else sleep next to him every night, have anyone else to wake up next to. He just wants her. 

I was thinking of immortality, and reincarnation… and viktuuri

Continuation here


Viktor gracefully weaves through the crowd, his sole focus the crop of black hair that pauses just ahead. He skids to a stop, very nearly slamming right into him as he turns to blink in his confusion. 

“Uh…” Yuuri glances around the crowd surrounding them. He lifts a hand, turning a pointed finger toward his chest. “Yes? Was it… were you shouting to me?" 

"Of course!” Viktor claps Yuuri on the shoulder, pointedly ignoring the way it makes him jump and lean away. “I’ve finally found you!" 

"Found me?” Yuuri wipes his hands on his pants, his eyes darting every which way. “I’m really thinking you might have the wrong person. How do you know my name? We… I don’t think we’ve met." 

"Oh, we have,” Viktor assures him with a smile. He expects this, ignores the painful way his heart clenches as he sticks out a hand. “And if you’ve forgotten, well… I’ll reintroduce myself. Viktor Nikiforov." When Yuuri hesitantly extends his hand, Viktor snatches it and brings it to his lips. "Yuuri Katsuki, it’s a pleasure to remake your acquaintance." 

As he drops Yuuri’s hand, his own instinctively rises, extending toward Yuuri’s cheek. The desire to brush his fingers over the smooth, flushed skin is so overwhelming that Viktor nearly gives in. Until he remembers his place and his hand falls back to his side. 

"Viktor Niki…” Yuuri stares at him, rubbing a hand across his chin in thought. “That name… isn’t that the name of a famous figure skater from a long time ago?" 

Viktor’s lips twitch, his heart racing at the thought that maybe, just maybe he’ll figure it out. 

"Your parents must’ve been big fans." 

"Ah,” Viktor chuckles, smiling past the pain he won’t allow himself to acknowledge. “Yes, very big fans. Yuuri?" 

Yuuri blinks. "I’m… it’s strange when you call my name. I’m still pretty sure you’re looking for someone else." 

"I’m only ever looking for you,” Viktor replies softly, taking Yuuri’s hand and guiding him away from the crowd. He hears Yuuri spluttering his confusion behind him and whips around to ask, “Do you skate?" 

"Do I–?” Yuuri’s eyes widen. “Ice skate, you mean? Oh no,” He shakes his head, rubbing his nape with a shaky laugh. “If only I could. I’m not nearly coordinated enough. I mean, I can’t even step on the ice without falling on my– well, you get what I mean. I just–”

Viktor tightens his grip on Yuuri’s hand. “What do you do, Yuuri?” He leans closer. “What is your passion?" 

"My passion? My…” Yuuri turns his face away from the intensity of Viktor’s stare, watching the people pass by. “I want to be a composer. I’ve been trying to find the right theme for my music. Something that will astonish everyone, make everyone feel something." 

Viktor feels his heart skip a beat. Music… of course. Yuuri has always had an innate ability to create music, one way or another. He watches as Yuuri’s eyes sparkle with the same determination Viktor was familiar with in another lifetime. 

"You’re still so beautiful, it’s disarming,” Viktor breathes aloud, the reality of it all hitting him at once. Yuuri stands in front of him. The same Yuuri. His Yuuri. He may not know it yet, not know what he means to Viktor, but he will. 

Yuuri’s face turns a bright red and he immediately tries to pull his hand away, stammering unintelligible words in a manner that’s more endearing to Viktor than it had ever been before. 

Because he’s missed it. 

“Love,” Viktor finally cuts through Yuuri’s rambling. “Your theme should be love." 

Yuuri falls silent, finally lifting his head to meet Viktor’s intense gaze head on. The recognition sparks in his eyes, if only for a moment, and Yuuri draws in a sharp, soft breath of realization. 

"Love…” he repeats. Viktor feels Yuuri’s grip tighten. “Thank you so much, Viktor” A brilliant smile breaks across his face. “Love is… that’s it. That’s what I’m looking for." 

Viktor smiles back. Me too.

He has someone else

Hi guys! As promised, this is the One Shot of Harry cheating. Hope you’ll like it!

Plot: Harry’s girlfriend is confronted with the knowledge that he’s cheating on her and has no choice but to deal with the consequences. 

Warnings: There’s hints on smut as well as a smut scene, but it’s not too dirty. 

The pic isn’t mine, but oh so beautiful. 

It was Wednesday when the life I loved ended.

The day had started and been nothing but completely ordinary, until now. Because at this moment, both of my hands were numb, shaking and sweaty. My lips were bitten and I couldn’t recall when my eyes last had to fight so hard to keep the wave of tears at bay.
Nick had meant well, as he always did, being one of the nicest people I knew. He was staring at me, unsure what to say and I could read by his expression that he was doubting both, my sanity and whether or not he had made the right decision to tell me. His words kept replaying in my mind, becoming louder and louder by the minute until they resounded inside my head as a yell.

“Harry has been sleeping with a girl he met in LA for a while now. About 3 months, I’d say, but… maybe a little more than that.”

At first I hadn’t believed him. Because how could it be true? Harry and I loved each other and neither of us could ever betray the other like this, right? Understanding my doubts, Nick had grimaced and pulled out his phone, pressed a few buttons before turning the screen so I had a perfect view onto the numerous texts he had received from Harry. They had proven everything and told the story how he had met her and how, though he’d felt bad, had slipped into a relationship with her. My vision had blurred once I got to the part of him describing what had gone through his head while sleeping with her for the first time, and I had felt sick.
The reality of it all had yet to kick in as my mind tried and failed to make sense of it at all. It was most certainly not what I had expected to hear when Nick had called me this morning and asked if I could meet him for coffee. I’d expected it to be about Harry’s upcoming birthday. Sure, a little early, but hadn’t we started to plan his birthday party early last year as well? We had been so in love back then and, at least as I thought, still were. All the butterflies in the world erupted in our tummies when the other smiled. Our hearts beat in the same rhythm. We had the kind of connection every couple desired to have themselves and therefor stirred jealousy in them.
The smile left my lips as all blood drained form my face. Nothing would be the same from now on, I realized. The life I’d led for the past two years was about to end and turn into an unpredictable and unwanted replacement.

“Y/N?” Nick’s voice was soft and low.

One of his hands which had both been clasping his coffee mug reached out for me and took a gentle hold of my wrist. His kitchen in which we sat, suddenly seemed awfully small and a restlessness settled into my bones.

“You are welcome to stay here. I have two spare rooms so… you’d have your space. It’d be easy.”

Nothing about any of this was or would ever be easy.
Harry had held a girl who wasn’t me. His lips had kissed someone, other than me. He had sex with a girl. And she was not me. What made the tears fall from my eyes and spill onto my cheeks, what caused my heart to shatter into pieces was, how just because he had her, he hadn’t stopped holding me at night. Harry and I had still kissed, often, and with so much love we lost our breaths and believed to be in a different world. He had still come to bed with me and touched me, and looking back I could not recall feeling any less loved. But I must have been lacking his love for a long time, because otherwise, I would have surely been enough, right?
The skin of both cheeks was wet and no will was left in me to somehow stop the tears from spilling freely from my eyes. Nick’s expression of sadness and regret increased with each cry and yelp slipping from my lips.

“Y/N,” he spoke in a pleading tone, though I believed neither of us knew what he was pleading me for.

“I appreciate it, Nick,” I whimpered, sounding utterly ironic, “for telling me. I know that I-”

A sob wrecked through my body, interrupting my sentence and I briefly shut my eyes and attempted to catch a breath.

“You love H-Harry and he… what I mean to say is thank you so much, Nick…”

“Of course, Y/N,” he answered gently, a hesitant, yet warm smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

I tried to give him a smile back and raised my own mug to my lips, taking a small sip from the lukewarm camomile tea. Nick’s eyes followed my movements.

“What do you think you’re going to do next?” he asked quietly.

My shoulders lifted and lowered in a shrug and my aching lungs filled with air when I took a deep breath.

“I think I’ll go home.”


The sound of my home front door falling shut behind me had a shiver rush over my skin. The noise echoed almost in a mocking way and I hurried to drop the keys in the small bowl we kept by the wooden hall-stand next to the entrance. My feet made their way to the kitchen where I began the ordinary task of making tea in hopes a warm liquid to drink would calm my distraught emotions. To my great luck the tears had ceased to fall during the quiet car ride. Nick had insisted to drive which allowed me to settle down in my seat and try to collect my thoughts. Though I had not quite figured out how, I knew what I needed to set as a goal from this day forward. Ending what had been Harry’s and mine relationship for the past two years. There would be a lot to decide, plan and organize, finding a new home was at the top of that list, and no matter how much this all pained me, it was the only thing I could do.

Harry had taken someone new to be his partner, and though it may ‘only’ have been in the physical sense so far, it might as well have become an emotional connection by this point. It wouldn’t have mattered much concerning my decision. This wasn’t something I could possibly tolerate. The only thing knowing he was only in it for the physical act brought me, was a strange sense of relief. One that I couldn’t explain.  
Harry and I had stopped being the happy couple we had been for a long time, exactly 3 months and 2 weeks ago. That was, I assumed, not a coincidence and marked the day he had started to seek comfort in someone else. 14 weeks ago. 14 weeks, in which every sign, act and word of love had meant absolutely nothing.

I flinched when the front door opened loudly and slammed shut, indicating Harry’s return home. He didn’t call out to actually announce he was back, just like he hadn’t done in a long time. My fingers hastily rubbed my cheeks, drying them off and with both eyes squeezed shut I willed myself not to scream. I didn’t turn around when I heard his steps coming closer until he stopped to stand in the doorway.

“Hi,” he spoke, nothing but plain indifference in his voice.

Taking a deep breath I looked over my shoulder, wearing a fake smile like a mask while my hands brushed over the wrinkled shirt I wore.
His appearance robbed me of my last breath. Everything about Harry was so familiar to me, I probably could have described him in detail without having seen him in a month. And still, now that I was looking at his body, his effortless beauty felt overwhelming. The soft and slightly curled brown hair was styled up, freeing his forehead and making room for his green eyes to sparkle without any disobedient strands covering them. He stood tall, adorning the typical black and tight jeans combined with an almost see through white shirt, complimenting his physic by showing off every muscle. He looked like and angel. Perhaps that was why I had stayed a fool for so long. My gaze left his again and I turned to look back at my hands.

“Hi,” I breathed, pretending to be busy reorganizing our tea supplies. “I didn’t expect you to be home already.”

“It’s 7 PM. When else was I supposed to be back?”

Any other time you please, I thought. His words and the faint tone of mockery in them stung, as Harry hadn’t come home by the time he’d promised he would in a while. But I let it go.

“Right,” I mumbled, “How silly of me.”

“What’s for dinner?” he demanded, unfazed by my reply, just as if he hadn’t heard it at all.

Before I had gone to meet Nick, I had prepared a lasagna for Harry and I, thinking a nice dinner might give as a chance to talk a bit. Now it seemed like a joke when I stared at the food in the oven, watching how its crust slowly began to melt.

“It should be warm in about ten minutes,” I quietly informed the man standing impatiently by the counter, his phone in his hand, clearly not granting me any of his attention, “I’m not feeling too well, so… I’ll be upstairs.”

From the moment I exited the kitchen, I felt as if I was separated from my body. It couldn’t be my feet which moved up the stairs, fleeing from the man I loved. It wasn’t me who’s palms pressed the door to Harry’s and my bedroom shut and it certainly couldn’t be me who’s fingers turned the key in its lock with so little hesitation, locking him out. I refused to believe that the girl kneeling in the middle of the room, with her shoulders shaking as sobs and cries wrecked through her entire body, was me. But it was. And no matter how hard I tried not to, there was no resisting against the despair I was feeling. All of a sudden every last bit of strength left me alone with my excruciating pain and I felt utterly defeated.
The walls of our house were thin. So thin actually, Harry had often even claimed he could hear my every move upstairs over the TV playing in the living room. Back then this had made me laugh, now it gave me the knowledge that Harry could hear every painful noise coming from me. And the fact that there was no knock on the door made clear that he really didn’t care. He was punishing me with total indifference.
My trembling fingers reached for my phone and opened Nick’s chat, typing one simple message.

Don’t tell him I know.


Today it marked 17 days since I had learned of Harry’s betrayal and until two days ago I hadn’t done anything to work towards settling everything to leave him.

Harry had taken no notice of my despair. He hadn’t commented on my swollen and red eyes when I’d faced him after that awful first night and neither had he mentioned the fact that he’d had to sleep in our guest room, given that I had fallen asleep without unlocking the bedroom door for him. He hadn’t spoken one word about it, but instead stopped coming home most nights. And when he did, then he either behaved horrible to me or stayed silent all together. Simply put: we had become even less of a couple than what we had been anyway.
Noises like his rough voice announcing his departure or sights like him swallowing down his food without chewing so he could run off again, had me longingly miss the times where we hadn’t been able to get enough of each other.
I’d picked up on my plan only two days ago, after spending the night before with one of my best friends, Kate, who was quick to put me into my place. 

* one night earlier *

The heavy taste of alcohol on my tongue left my head feeling dizzy and my body in an almost tingling state. It needed more concentration on my part not to fall off the bar stool than it had in the beginning of the night, but I didn’t mind at all. This was exactly what I needed to relieve me from my ache. Next to me sat my friend Kate, very tipsy herself but in a much better shape than I was. She rested a gentle hand on my wrist and lectured me on my life choices.

“I know you love him still,” she said.

I shrugged and lifted my shot glass, tossing it back and swallowing the burning liquid. Though some days had passed, I hadn’t learned how to live with the newly gained knowledge of Harry’s unfaithfulness and until now I’d simply tried to push it to the little corner far away at the back of my head.

“I cannot comprehend what went wrong, Kate. What it was that I did to send him away.”

“You didn’t do anything, babe,” she spoke kindly.

Her blue eyes fixated on me and though I could tell that she didn’t approve of me drinking another shot, she didn’t comment it. It was my fourth tequila of the night and by this point, even my fingers began to tingle.

“I do love him. That’s why I haven’t kicked him out yet,” I admitted, my focus set on the tiny drops left at the bottom of my glass, “Well, that and the fact that the house is his.”

My sticky hands brushed over the skin of my cheeks as I hid my face behind them, shaking my head repeatedly. The liquor I had consumed kept the feelings at bay as I was, once again, overcome with the pure emotion of betrayal. My tears were kept from forming in my eyes and after taking one last deep breath I removed my palms, facing my friend.

“I love him, Kate, love him so, so much.”

I swallowed noisily as my heart fell to the pit of my stomach. Over the past few days I had been overcome with thoughts and memories of Harry and I whenever someone mentioned his name. The image of him lazily smiling at me as we lay in bed together after a stressful day was one that came back often. There had been a time in which it was part of our night routine, right after showering together, drying each other’s skin off and shortly before we began to make out tiredly. My stomach turned at the thought of what had become of that lovely ritual.

“Harry, he’s… everything. I mean…” I trailed off completely, my mind slow as it tried to find the right words to explain the situation I was in, “At least he has been so far and now that’s just supposed to change? I can’t make sense of it at all.”

“You didn’t choose any of this,” Kate spoke softly, taking a sip from her own drink, “Of course you don’t now how to make sense of it.”

“You know what’s the worst about all of this?” I asked.

The loud music around us seemed to quieten, as if anticipating what I had to say next. The air of the room felt so tense as if I could touch it.

“He still had sex with me.”

Tears shot to my eyes at the confession but I forced myself to ignore them, hoping they’d go away again. Kate’s brows furrowed as she, though understanding the pain I was in, didn’t know what I was getting at yet. My swollen eyes briefly focused on her face before moving to fixate on the empty glass I held between two fingers.
My next word voiced what had been frightening my for the past week, something I could only admit to someone as close to me as Kate without feeling embarrassed.


Her forehead set into a frown as she failed to follow my trail of thoughts. Then it seemed to dawn on her and for the first time since I’d told her of the dilemma I was in, Kate truly looked like she didn’t know what to do to help me.

“Are you… Y/N, did he knock you up?”

I let my head fall back before shaking it vigorously. “No. I’m not pregnant.”

“Then what is it you’re trying to tell me?”

“Harry fucked me bare because he likes it better that way. How do I know he didn’t do that with her as well, Kate? That he didn’t have his way with the both of us, without using a condom?”

“Sweetie,” Kate began slowly, still unsure of what it was I was trying to say, “what is it?”

“What if she’s ill?” I asked, staring at my friend with desperation.

“No,” Kate shook hear head as her eyes filled with sadness, realizing how frightened I was, “We’re not even going down that road, Y/N. Stop troubling your mind.”

“You can’t tell me it’s not a possibility,” I argued.

Cold fear ran down my back and settled into every cell of my body. The thought that Harry’s infidelity may have caused me to have a sexually transmitted disease like HIV, had begun to burden me that very same night I had learned of his lover.
Kate, who’s hand still rested on my shoulder, smiled and squeezed me gently. Her eyes still held a softness, but their usual confidence had returned.

“You are fine,” she decided and with a final short increase of pressure to my shoulder, she released me and snapped her fingers to get the bartender’s attention.

Kate’s obvious beauty had caught his eyes easily and the young male was quick to follow her request of bringing us two more shots. Once we received them, Kate clinked her glass to mine, her prefect eyebrows raised and a certain smile pulling at her lips.

“You’ll go home and get to packing your things. You can stay at my place until you’ve found something else, that’s not an issue.”

My mind rushed back to the moment Nick had offered the same thing and though my heart still ached, I was overcome with a warmth as I once more learned how good hearted my friends were.

“Thank you.”

Kate shook her head and held up one finger. “I’m not done yet. You need to get out of that house and away from him. That’s your part. Get all your things sorted out and plan a good way to dump him. Make it brutal!”

I opened my mouth to protest, but she went on talking before I had a chance.

“In the meantime, I will get us both a doctor’s appointment. I won’t let you run around with that stupid worry in your head.”

She downed her shot and squeezed her eyes shut as the liquid burned her throat.

“Thank you,” I repeated, meaning it with all of my heart.

Her arm nudged mine. “What are best friends for, huh? Besides, I could use a check-up as well. It’s been a while since I’ve gone in and made sure my most precious region is alright.”

The laugh that escaped me at that comment was probably the most honest one I’d let out since losing Harry and I made a metal note to from now on keep in mind, that you might just get by with a little help from your friends.


It was now day five since Kate had ordered me to get everything arranged and so far it was save to say that I was doing fine. I had received several replies from landlords who were willing to rent their apartment to me, one rather eager woman had even been friendly enough to send out a handwritten welcoming letter. I’d gone through my options, but before I would actually go and look at them, I had decided to take up Kate’s offer and stay at her place.
We hadn’t decided on a date for me to move in yet, but she kept it easy and had simply said I could come over whenever I’ve had enough of my cheating boyfriend. The day would come soon, I knew that, but I strangely didn’t dread it so much anymore. It was a strange thing to describe, but the whole planning process gave me an almost thrilling feeling and though I still wasn’t happy about having to leave my home and the man belonging to it, it wasn’t as bad as it had been in the beginning. I could somehow see where my future would be going and that certainty gave me strength.
Kate had kept her word and so we had both been to the doctor’s and though the HIV test needed a couple more weeks until the results were ready, I was clean from any other STDs. This knowledge relieved me from a great burden that had weighted on my shoulders and even lifted my spirit a little. 
That spirit darkened however the moment I was left alone with Harry for too long. Though I hadn’t seen much of Harry in the past days. I didn’t know where he went as he didn’t bother to tell me and I didn’t want to ask either. Never would he actually own up to where he was, but even if he did, I couldn’t bear the thought of hearing her name falling from his lips, along with some useless explanation.

Speaking of the devil, I heard the front door fall shut and a pair of feet walking noisily down the hall. I quietly shut the bedroom door and hurried to hide the few bags I had already packed by pushing them under the bed. I hadn’t stuffed them with anything he would have noticed gone. They were mostly filled with female products, a couple of shirts and some books, little things I could carry myself and didn’t need the moving company for.
Just as I was rising to my feet again, the bedroom door opened and Harry stepped inside. My heart beat so hard and fast I believed he must hear it, too and I clenched my hands, hoping he wouldn’t notice the letters addressed to me laying on our bed. Though I had somehow come to terms with my situation, seeing him was difficult. He still looked so much like my Harry. The one I had loved and cherished for two years, the person I’d given anything to and whom I believed I would spend all of my life with. His angel like face still looked the same, aside from the softness it had lost over the past months. The green of his eyes still shone with warmth despite their cold color and I had to remind myself to not look at them for too long, or else I might imagine finding love in them.

“What are you doing?”

His voice was rough and came to me as a surprise. After not having him heard say more than one word for several days, it almost felt foreign to hear him speak.

“I was just tiding up a bit,” I lied.

He gave a slow nod as reply and I bit my lip, unsure of what to do or say next. My eyes met his and for a moment I believed to see the same uncertainty in them as I knew mine held. When had we become such strangers?

There had been a time in which Harry and I had been inseparable. No matter where we’d gone, he would have always been touching me somehow. We’d walked with interlocked hands, stood with our arms wrapped around each other, his around my shoulders and mine around his waist and we sat with either his hand on my knee if we were in public or my feet in his lap when we were at home. When things got heated between us, which they had often, I would somehow end up sitting in his lap, grinding my hips to his whilst kissing down his neck and afterwards, when we’d lay in bed, he’d have his head on my chest and our legs tangled together.
If someone would have asked me back then if I believed we’d ever end up where we were now, my answer would have been a strong and certain no. Not ever. Us falling out of  love seemed as unlikely as snow in August.

“Alright,” he mumbled and then leaned down to have a closer look at the letters on our sheets.

My heart stopped when he picked up the envelopes.

“What’s this?” he asked, a frown appearing on his forehead.

I went cold when I recognized the envelope as the one holding the handwritten letter inviting me to look at an apartment east from here.

“Nothing,” I spoke quickly, but calm enough not to alarm him, “just an invitation.”

For a moment I believed to have my Harry back, because suddenly I could see something in his head clicking, as if he, in that moment, knew that I was hiding something from him. A flash of realization crossed his face and my mind rushed to make up a story, but before I could even begin to explain myself, the spark in his eyes was gone. His indifference towards anything considering me was back and he let the letter fall onto the mattress with a court nod.

“Okay, well,” he began and cleared his throat, “I’ll be out.”


The house was quiet when Harry entered it, finding the hallway deserted. Though a lot had changed for him in the past months, coming home meant looking for me. Even now, considering everything, the habit had stayed and so he timidly turned to enter the living room. There I was, laying on the couch, feigning to be asleep so I could avoid him. I briefly wondered when I had begun to follow the noise of his feet wherever he went. When had this become the only way for me to know where he was or what he was doing?
My act was broken when his fingers stroking my left cheek ripped me from my thoughts. He stared at me with surprise when my eyes shot open and for a moment we both seemed to be holding our breaths.

“I’m sorry,” he spoke hastily.

For what, I wondered, waking me from my pretended sleep or for ruining everything we’d had for someone else?

His forehead was pulled into a frown. “I didn’t intend to wake you up.”

“It’s alright, Harry.”

He gave a short nod. With him crouched by my side I could clearly see every detail of his beautiful and kind face, the evident jaw and the clear sparkle in his deep green eyes. All of a sudden the urge became too much and I reached out my hand, trailing the tips of my fingers along the skin of his soft cheek. My heart stopped beating when I felt the faint movement of him leaning into my touch. All breath left my lungs when his own hands lifted, one settling on the curve of my waist as the other clasped my wrist, keeping my hand on his face.
I stared at him with wide eyes. He seemed just as surprised at the affection we were showing each other, but he didn’t pull away. Instead, his face slowly leaned in, coming closer and closer until the tip of his nose gently nudged mine. I held my breath. A mixture of fear, excitement and sadness settled at the pit of my stomach. My heart picked up on speed and beat so fast as if it was trying to flatter away.
Though I hadn’t felt the touch of his lips in a very long time, there was nothing unfamiliar to his kiss. When he leaned in further and began to really move his lips, I wasn’t at all surprised that my own knew exactly how to fit to them. Warm hands wandered to my jaw, trailed down to my breasts where they stroked the skin for a moment before lowering further to my hips. Crawling into a sitting position without breaking the contact wasn’t easy, but I somehow managed and before I knew it my knees where on either side of his narrow waist and we were kissing while he hoisted me up and swiftly carried me to where our bedroom was.
We hadn’t laid on this bed together in a long time, I realized when he lowered me onto the mattress, but I pushed the thought away once his body came back into view. Harry’s eyes found mine and I could see uncertainty in them. Suddenly his touches didn’t feel as sure anymore and he hesitated before climbing to kneel over me. Though there was still lust evident in his orbs, I could also recognize a hint of sorrow and regret in them. He was breathing hard and the light hold he still had on my hips tightened, as if he worried I would disappear. Still wanting to ease his pain whenever he felt it, I reached out and gently brought his face down to mine, where I leaned up to press little kisses to his forehead, his temple and lastly his right cheek.

I knew it wasn’t right. Him and I shouldn’t be looking at each other like this anymore. We shouldn’t be touching each other’s skin like we loved one another and wanted to care for the other’s wellbeing. Harry’s mouth wasn’t supposed to settle onto my neck while his fingers freed me from all my clothing as my own hands did the same to him and the little moan escaping me when he pressed his naked frame to mine should not have left my mouth. And still it happened, with no no awkwardness between us. It wasn’t difficult to open my legs for him like I had done so many times before. Holding onto him felt like finding the home I had lost and feeling the warmth of his breath fan over my face as we kissed, somehow settled my nerves.

“Y/N,” he mumbled, his voice sounding rough and quiet next to my ear.

I could hear the question in his tone, asking for permission to continue.

“Condom,” I replied, my thoughts rushing back to the discussion I had had with Kate.

There was still a risk if we’d have unprotected sex now, a risk I didn’t want to take. A frown formed on Harry’s lovely face as he raised his head so he could look at me. I knew it felt better with no condom on, for the both of us. But I wouldn’t give in.

“I forgot to take my pill,” I lied.

He didn’t look as if he believed it and once again I swore to see a flash of realization cross his features. But he didn’t say anything, and instead silently moved to reach his black jeans. I didn’t ask when I saw him pull out a condom form the back pocket and instead tried really hard not to think about the woman he had bought the condom for, as he hadn’t used any with me for a year.
His tattooed chest moved rapidly and I noticed his fingers shake a little as I watched him put the latex on. His green eyes found mine before he slowly began to lean back down and over me again. The green of his eyes locked with mine as he came impossibly close. Our mouths met in a heavy kiss which said so much more than any of the words we had exchanged in the past few weeks. A kiss I broke off when a gasp fell from my mouth, a reaction to Harry bringing his hips forward and connection us in the most intimate way.

My heart burst and my tummy tingled. Harry’s hands touched me with such a gentle care it made me cry. He didn’t notice the silent tears running down my cheeks, too caught up in his own pleasure, though I could tell he was different than normally.
Sex with him had always been a big deal and meant a lot to the both of us. Sure, we’d had our fair share of short and rushed fucks in situations where we just couldn’t wait, but most of the time, it was about experiencing the open vulnerability and the other’s trust.
But tonight, it appeared to hold even more meaning to him. His movements, though firm and deliberate, weren’t harsh. He didn’t want to force me to an orgasm, but rather tried to gently coax it out of me. My lips were swollen from the kisses he left on them every now and again and I gently pressed them to the skin of his neck, sucking on it, leaving a final mark.

It felt good, even when it wasn’t supposed to. And when I came I cried even more, knowing that this would be the last time I’d feel Harry this close to me. Never would we be as connected to each other again. His moan followed suit and his body tensed above mine as he released. Our breathing continued to puff out rapidly and I whimpered when Harry pulled out, only quieting down when he came back to wrap himself around me.
That was it what broke my heart. His head still fit so perfectly into the crook of my neck and our legs tangled together so naturally. The soft snores leaving his mouth calmed my breathing and though I still cried, in that moment I was happy. Tonight, he allowed me to relive some of the hours we had spent together, hours I cherished and missed so badly. He’d allow us those few moments of loving each other goodbye.

I kissed his sleeping face and pulled up the sheets around us, before I secured my arms around his naked torso.

“I love you so much,” I told him in a whisper, “And I’m sorry you had to do this to me.”

A sob wrecked through my chest and I wound a hand into his soft hair, hoping he wouldn’t wake up. I needed him to let me absorb him some more, so I would have this moment as a clear memory.

“I wish you hadn’t found someone better, Harry. Someone else to take my place,” I cried and cursed silently when I was hit by another wave of tears.

“And above all I wish I wouldn’t have to leave you, my love,” I whispered.

My blurry vision settled onto his sleeping face and my heart ached at the knowledge that I would miss him so much more than I was ready for.

“But I do.”

I kissed his head one last time before closing my eyes. Harry hadn’t heard one word and though we both knew the end was coming, we spent that last night together in each other’s arms. Me crying softly as I caressed his hair, oblivious to him being tormented by nightmares.

Hope you enjoyed it and that it didn’t upset you too much. I’m super against forgiving a cheater so that’s why I chose this ending. 
It’s a subject I’m interested in so I’ll probably write something similar in the future. 
Request and feedback are both welcome! Also, please let me know what you think about me making the one shot’s a little longer. 

Part 2 is called “He’s with Me” , Part 3 is called “How could I be sure” and both can be found on my blog! :) 

anonymous asked:

Your style of writing is so lovely and addicting to read! It would be amazing if we could see more of selkie!Viktor (upbeat and chatty Viktor with a tragic past is my one weakness)

aww thank you! i don’t really have the energy to write something extensive at the moment but this is what i’ve got (this would be an au where viktor is the selkie and yuuri is the human haha)

It has been a month since he found Viktor on the beach. Well, ‘found’ isn’t quite the right word for it, as Viktor had come up to him completely naked and started asking him questions about whether or not he could show him around. Yuuri had assumed the man was lost, but he had ended up taking him around the beachfront portions of Hasetsu. And getting him a towel to avoid getting arrested for public indecency. 

It has been a month and it feels like Viktor has always been here, clad in a green yukata that barely clings to his shoulders sometimes and scarfing down bowl after bowl of katsudon and helping out around Yu-Topia wherever he could. Yuuri is more than painfully aware of the repercussions of getting too attached, since for all intents and purposes this man is a stranger, and Yuuri has no business wishing he’d stay forever when clearly this must be a temporary visit from this extraordinary person. Because there’s simply nothing ordinary in the way Viktor walks like he’s floating, in the beautifully foreign cadence of his voice, in the brightness of his eyes and hair. Yuuri had been enchanted from the start – he wouldn’t have invited anyone wandering lost around his hometown to stay with him at his family’s inn, after all. 

Yuuri knows their time must be limited. This mysterious man – Viktor – is surely too good to be true. Every day Yuuri strains to hear the sounds of him in the empty banquet room next to his own, hoping to ascertain that the man had not vanished in the night. Every day he finds those worries proven false, though it doesn’t stop him from thinking it, either. Viktor must surely be getting bored of this dying little town and its little ninja castle, of the tiny shops that only run in a language that stumbles around in his mouth and close too early. He’ll leave, and Yuuri will have to return to reality, to the very difficult decisions about his skating career. But while Viktor is here, Yuuri can pretend that caring for his guest is the first priority.

“I have never seen you skate,” says Viktor this morning, just after breakfast. His eyes are bright and there’s a smudge of natto in the corner of his mouth. Yuuri wants to taste it more than his own food. “Will you show me?”

Yuuri shrugs, his gaze dropping to his own breakfast. “I’m not that good,” he says.

“There are pictures of you skating everywhere, and trophies. Someone must think you are good,” Viktor points out. Yuuri feels his ears burning. 

“I came in sixth at the Grand Prix Final,” he says.

Viktor rests his chin on his hands, surveys Yuuri with that scrutinising blue gaze. “Minako-san says that makes you the sixth best skater in the world,” he points out. 

Yuuri sighs. “Later,” he promises, and begins to drink his tea to stave off further conversation. Viktor’s smile is bright, heart-shaped. Yuuri paints it into his memory and frames it in gold. 

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Before It’s Too Late (part 4)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluff and stuff

A/N: I hope ya guys like this fic so far :\\ ik it’s pretty boring.

You and Bucky were the last of your friends to leave. Staying true to your words, you came around 3 to get Bucky. The two of you went down to your car and packed up before hitting the road. The drive to your parents house was 41-45 minutes long but once you got there, you couldn’t help but smile.

“Come on.” you nod your head over to the front door.

You make sure Bucky’s behind you and when he is, you ring the doorbell repeatedly. The door is pulled open and you see your mother with a scowl on her face.

“I hate when you do that you little asshole.” she huffed and you laugh.

“Hey momma.” you let go of your suitcases and pull her into a hug.

“Hey baby, it’s so good to have you home.” she squeezes you before letting go. As she does so, her eyes trail up to Bucky who smiles.

“Hey Y/M/N.”

“Hi Bucky.” she smiled.

“Bucky’s gonna spend Christmas with us mom, there’s some family complications on his end and he had nowhere to go for the holiday.” you briefly explain, leaving out the part where his mom told him to not come home because you knew that if you told your mom she’d get on the phone real quick with Bucky’s mom.

“That’s fine.” your mother beamed. “Come on in, it’s cold outside.”

The two of you enter the house and you smile before turning to your mother. “Where’s dad?”

“Taking a shower. He was working on the car and got all dirty.”

“He’s always working on a car.” You chuckle, shaking your head.

Your mother smiles and nods upstairs. “Go and get unpacked.”

Nodding, you turn away and make it upstairs to your room.

“Here it is in all its glory!” you exclaim with a wide smile as you turn around to face Bucky.

He smiles. “Aww it’s exactly how I remembered it.” He strolls in, stopping in the middle of the room before turning to you. “Fucking ugly.”

You playfully glare at him before entering the room yourself and shutting the door. “The only ugly thing in here is you.”

“You need to get your eyes checked, doll because I’m the most beautiful human being out there.” Bucky boasted.

You scoff. “You might be the most beautiful human being out there but I’m the most gorgeous human being out there and gorgeous beats beautiful any day.”

Bucky smiles as he watched you throw your suitcase on your old bed. “I can’t argue with that now can I?”

After getting unpacked you and Bucky stood at your door, examining your childhood room.

“So,” he started. “How’s the sleeping arrangement gonna go? I was thinking you take the floor and I get the bed seeing as I am your guest for the next four weeks.”

You playfully roll your eyes. “Get off your high horse, Buck. It’s gonna be like it always has been; I get my bed and you sleep on the air up mattress. Just like when we were kids.”

“You gonna let me sleep in your bed with you, just like when we were kids?” he smirked over at you.

“I only let you sleep in my bed because you had nightmares.”

“Well what if I have nightmares again?”

“I’ll hold your hand.”


You look at your friend and smile. “I promise.”

Before you could look away though, Bucky starts speaking again. “Nuh uh, we gotta seal our promise.”


Bucky wiggles his pinky at you and you groan. “Oh my god no Bucky. Just take my word for it.”

“Gimme your pinky.”

“We stopped pinky promising in high school.”

“Give. Me. Your. Pinky.”

You let out a sigh before extending your pinky out to Bucky. You see him smile and he grabs your pinky with his. The both of you lean in and kiss your pinkies thus sealing your promise.

“There now let’s go downstairs, I’m hungry.”

“Hey,” he spoke up as the two of you left your room. “What are our plans?”


“While we’re here. What’re we gonna do? We’re gonna be here for four weeks.”

“Oh!” you exclaim. “Well the gang is gonna go to Wanda’s moms place for Christmas so that’s where we’ll be after we open presents here of course.”

“Oh yeah, I need to go Christmas shopping. So far all I got is socks for Steve and some book about planets for Bruce.”

You snort. “Nice present for the man you’ve been friends with for your entire life.”

“Steve won’t mind. He loves socks.”

After eating dinner you helped your mom clean up while Bucky talked with your dad in the living room.

“So.. are you two…” your mother trailed off and you groan.

“Oh my god does everyone know about my feelings towards that man?”

Your mother chuckles. “Hey, a mother knows her daughter.”

You roll your eyes. “Well, if you must know, no we aren’t… together. Bucky has a girlfriend and-“

Your mother gasps. “He what?! Are you serious?”


There was a pause before: “Is she ugly?”


“What! I just wanna know.”

“Oh my god.” You chuckle. “She’s very nice and very pretty which sucks. I can’t find a single reason to hate her.”

“Here’s a reason; she’s with Bucky.”

You let out a laugh at her response. “That’s what Pepper told me.”

“Who’s Pepper?”

“This girl that Tony is madly in love with. She’s great, you have to meet her sometime.”

The two of you finish and your mother turns to you. “Hey… Bucky’s missing out on one hell of a girl.”

You smile and shake your head before pulling your mother into a hug. You stay in her embrace for a bit before pulling away and sighing.

“Alright well I’m gonna go to sleep. Got a lot of Christmas shopping to do for my friends.”

“What about me?”

“Is my love and affection not enough?” you question, making your way to the kitchen door.


“Oh my god mom, you ask for too much.” You playfully groan.

“I didn’t say that when I had to feed you and change your nasty ass diapers and take you to the emergency room when you fractured your arm and-“

“Okay, okay,okay! Present. Got it.”

Your mother smiles. “Thank you! I love you!”

You leave the kitchen and shake your head. Upon entering the living room, Bucky looks over at you and you smile.

“I’m gonna head to bed now. I’ve got Christmas shopping to do for like twelve people.” You say and Bucky nods, standing up.

“I should go to sleep too.” He announced before turning to your dad. “Tomorrow. You. Me. I’ll show you how to play darts like a real badass.”

Your dad laughs and shakes his head. “You’re on.”

After saying goodnight the two of you head up to your room and quickly air up the mattress beside your bed. You hand him a pillow and some blankets before settling down in your own bed. The two of you lay facing the ceiling before you shift so that your laying on your side now facing Bucky.


Bucky turns on his side. “Hey.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything.”

Bucky’s face is illuminated by the light of the moon shining through your window and you can’t help but mentally acknowledge how utterly beautiful he looks.

“Why didn’t you go home with Kristen? I thought she was the one?” you throw in the last part to ease the tension.

Bucky chuckled. “I say that about every girl I meet.”

“No kidding.”

Bucky slaps your arm.

“No but uh, I dunno why. I didn’t think to ask, really. After the conversation with my mom I was a bit down. I was gonna just stay at the apartment.” He says and you nod, staying quiet. “Plus, I don’t know if she’s the one.”

This peaks your interest and your eyes widen. “What?”

“I just… I dunno. Isn’t it a bit too early to decide if she’s the one? I mean I like her and all but isn’t it too early?”

You chuckle lightly. “You’re asking the wrong person, buddy.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you suck.”

You nod. “Suck and swallow.”

Bucky makes a face and laughs.

“That’s sacred information, my dear friend. Keep it to yourself.” You add.

“Well it’s a good thing I like women who suck and swallow.” his fingers trailed up and down your arm and you swat them away.


Bucky laughs as you turn and face your back to him. He gets comfortable himself and lets out a sigh. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

You smile. “Goodnight, Bucky.”

A/N: the readers mom is based off my momma. She’s pretty cool… don’t tell her I said that. Anyways as always it is late so I shall edit this when I wake up. I hope ya enjoyed this part and tell me what ya think!


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anonymous asked:

"We should do this again sometime."

since you didn’t specify a pairing i just… wrote more kuron/lance because i’ve lost control of my life. (shrug emoji) i hope you like it! ♥


Kissing is an oddity of human nature Kuron does not give much thought to. He knows about it, as all of his donor’s memories were imprinted onto him, but recalling an impression is not the same as experiencing them. He found out that first time he split his knuckles open and raw—

The first time he ate food that wasn’t a vitamin-packed supplement—

The first time he over-exerted himself —

The first time he thought, Fuck it, and pressed his mouth against Lance’s.

There is dissonance. Truthfully, there is always dissonance whenever Kuron does anything physical for his first time; he is a copy, after all. A double. A replication down to the arrangement of his cells and the alignment of his molecules. Everything that made his donor has made him, and as with everything, Kuron’s experiences are simultaneously old and new.

Like this kiss.

It is not his donor’s first kiss, or his second, or his third. His donor has kissed enough to have lost count; to have gained a level of certainty that Kuron draws upon; and to let Kuron know where to put his hands and how to angle his head. His donor’s knowledge, however, does not prepare Kuron for the give of Lance’s mouth. The warmth of his skin. The smell of him. The noise he makes in the back of his throat and the way he freezes beneath Kuron’s touch before jerking away.

Lance’s eyes are wide with shock. Kuron loosens his hold on Lance’s body but does not take a step back.

“Sorry,” Kuron murmurs. He thought that his donor was being overly polite when he asked every partner for explicit permission, but maybe this was another thing Kuron did not quite understand. “I didn’t mean to—”

“To what?” Lance rasps, the surprise on his face edging into anger. “Kiss me? Seriously, if you’re going to say that you didn’t mean to—”

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” Kuron interrupts, effectively cutting Lance off. Lance’s jaw clicks shut. “No. I didn’t mean to startle you, or make you uncomfortable. But kiss you?” Kuron holds out his mismatched hands, palms up, and shrugs. “That I meant.”

Lance narrows his eyes. Looks at Kuron’s supplication, then back. Says, careful and slow, “Why?”

Kuron cannot help the prickle of arousal that zings down his spine, nor can he help the warm curl of a smile on his lips. Lance has always been good at seeing things from a distance, and Kuron can tell Lance knows, deep down, that something is not right.

“Because I wanted to,” Kuron answers truthfully. “Because you’re strong. Intelligent. Beautiful.”

Still Lance hesitates, his reluctance born of unignorable and ineffable instinct. He doesn’t want my reasons, Kuron thinks sharply. He wants my donor’s.

Kuron’s donor has wanted Lance since he woke up in a desert cabin and stared at the horizon until the dawning sun turned it pink. Since he landed in a pool of shallow cave water and noticed the blunt edges of Lance’s knuckles. Since he watched Lance swing his narrow hips and run towards trouble with the lean length of his legs.

“I wanted you since the beginning,” Kuron says, voicing the quiet secrets his donor has kept hidden. It is not hard. “Maybe it was just physical in the beginning, but it’s more, now.” A shade of fondness darkens Kuron’s words. “It’s more because you’re brave, so brave, because you’re resourceful, because you care. Because you do your best even when you don’t think your best is good enough. And I—I’m tired of telling myself that I can’t have you. For what?” Kuron scoffs. “For the good of the team?”

“Our team,” Lance corrects.

“Keith’s team,” Kuron clarifies.

This was his donor’s excuse. Leadership is a sacrifice for balance. It is harmony in exchange for restraint. It is fairness tempered by extra time in the shower, jerking it to hollow daydreams and empty hopes. But Kuron, for all his similarities, is not his donor. He is not the pilot of the Black Lion; he is not the leader of Voltron; and he is certainly not the selfless moron who deliberately ignored what he wants for the sake of synergy.

“I’ve always wanted you,” Kuron murmurs, a truth for himself and for his donor. “But now—after all that has changed—now I can tell you.”

And when Kuron offers such honesty, Lance—brilliant, burning Lance—does nothing. It makes Kuron want him more. Lance cannot know that Kuron is a copy—Kuron is too close to the original to be suspected—but he can wonder why Kuron grabbed his thin wrist, pulled him into a darkened corner, and kissed him without warning.

“So,” Kuron asks, reaching up with his prosthetic hand and curling it against the side of Lance’s slender neck. “May I?”

The reluctance Lance has shown since the beginning does not fade. Instead, it pales as Lance submits to Kuron’s wants, as he closes his eyes and leans into Kuron’s touch, as he parts his damp mouth and pleads, “Shiro.”

And with a grin, Kuron takes.


Frost (Chapter Nineteen)

So this chapter is adorable. Like… the most adorable. I definitely want to hear what your guys favorite part is!


Enjoy :)

Tony kissed Thor goodbye, then Loki as he left the breakfast table in Thor’s study and headed out to whatever it was he did in the workshop all day.

Loki stood next, tossing his napkin into his plate and glancing around the empty room before clearing his throat.


“Yes?” Thor put his water down and raised his eyebrows. “What is–oh.” He smiled when Loki slid onto his lap, and eagerly wrapped an arm around the trim waist. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Loki still sounded unsure and Thor was careful not to hold him too tightly just in case he was feeling like running. “You are… busy today?”

“I am not.” Thor shook his head. “The tournament is day after tomorrow so we are not practicing today.”

“And Kings do not have to do manual labor?” Loki asked teasingly and Thor pinched him lightly.

“Of course not. I might ruin my royal cape.”

“Ah yes, of course.” Loki’s lips curled in a slight smile. “Whatever was I thinking?”

“Hm.” Thor agreed, studying Loki curiously. “Would you like to spend the day together? If our Anthony is going to lock himself away working all day, perhaps you and I could–”

“It has been many years since you and I spent more than a few hours in each other’s presence.” Loki pointed out. “Perhaps we are no longer as comfortable together as we used to be. It could be awkward.”

“We spend every night in the same bed, and do not think twice about it.” Thor argued good naturedly. “Anthony lying between us doesn’t change the fact that we are close enough to feel each other breathe. And there is nothing awkward about that, is there? Unless you feel so and just have not said?”

“I suppose not.” Loki said dubiously and Thor cocked his head to study the brunette.

“I would enjoy the time with you, the chance to be together with no distractions, and–”

“Our Anthony is not a distraction.” Loki’s eyes sparked in warning, and Thor hushed him with a finger to his lips.

“I never would suggest that in a negative sense. But we both know when our love is here, neither of us can focus on anything else. It wasn’t until I was away for a few days that you and he could find your way together. There is no shame in needing to be alone to clear our minds.”

“I would like to spend some time together.” Loki admitted, looking down at his hands. “I am not altogether sure what this is between us exactly, and thought we could talk about it.”

“Of course.” Thor cupped Loki’s jaw, unable to help his gaze from dropping to his lips. “Let us spend the day together.”

“Very well, then.”

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the air was warm and almost crackling with a kind of hazy electricity as alec sat with magnus on the balcony, his arm around the warlock’s shoulders and his chest slightly pressed against his back. his fingers grasped the cool wine glass lazily and the taste of wine on his tongue was a kind of comfort in and of itself, a relaxing and almost quiet detail. alec looked up at the stars winking almost mischievously above him, twinkling unusually bright tonight in contrast to the city below them. his father had once told him when he was a child of four, a chubby thing with rosy cheeks and contagious laughter that was so rare nowadays, to wish on a star. alec could almost feel robert’s arms around him now, holding him up as a tinier version of himself held onto one of his lapels, gazing up at the night sky. “look! a shooting star!” robert had commented in that bright, cheery tone parents use with their children. “make a wish!” and alec had looked up at the sky, brows furrowed and lips puckered as if he had just eaten something extremely sour. “what did you wish for, my boy?” robert asked and alec shook his head. “a secret, daddy.” alec replied and put his finger to his lips and shushed him and robert and laughed and tickled alec, causing the boy to squeal and giggle just as jovially as his father.

 robert had been and has always been the more affectionate of the two parents. that’s not saying much, but alec smiled a little fondly at the memory. he wasn’t one to wish or believe in miracles. wishing on stars or on birthday candles seemed tedious; alec now let max and jace and izzy blow out his birthday candles because he found the act so pointless. 

he could not deny, however, the the man curled up at his side, swirling the wine glass in his hand around and watching the red liquid spin, his head against his shoulder and his hair tickling alec’s skin, is a miracle, possibly the miracle of miracles.

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Be my autumnal muse  ||  Steve Rogers x Reader one shot

Words: 1388

Warnings: none at all, just pure fluff :)

SUMMARY: Reader and Steve Rogers are on a walk, observing the color palette of nature. At the end, Steve confesses, that he’s into Reader and asks her to be his muse.

Author: Rouge

A/N: This story has been written for the writing challenge created by @fanlove-fandomlife

You stared at the leaves falling from the trees. It was quite breathtaking, at the most. Utterly beautiful. First a green leaf, then shortly afterwards a yellow leaf stained with bits of orange and green. They hit the ground lightly, making no sound effects. You could stay there all day, observing the utmost gorgeous pattern of the leaves dying off of the trees.

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Reunion (Tom Holland)

Warnings: none

Word count: 1600+

Ship: Tom Holland x Reader

Tom and his family sat around the dinner table, they were going to throw a party this weekend. A reunion of sorts because Tom had just come back from filming and touring the world to do press for Spider-Man. He was exhausted but he was really looking forward to this weekend. Seeing old friends and family. Catching up with people he hadn’t seen in years.

Harrison also seemed to be over as well, because what is one without the other.

“So, who else is coming?” Harrison asked looking at the list of people who said they could come.

“Uhm…” Tom began to list people off from high school, to old friends, people of Billy Elliot. “(Y/F/N).” Harrison stopped him.


“Yeah. Why?”

“Wasn’t she the chick who you had a major crush on doing school?”

“Uhm no.” Tom lied.

“Yes it was!” Harry added. “Tom used to speak about her all the time.”

“Yeah. One time he came home crying because she already had a date for prom.” Nikki said embarrassing her son.

“Dude. I took her to prom.” Harrison spoke.

“I know.” Tom groaned pushing his peas and potatoes around the plate with his fork.

“I’ve always liked her. She’s liked my baking.”

“Mom, your baking is shit.” Sam said.

“I’ve been practising.”

“It was shit then.”

“But she used to take it home to her parents.”

“Yeah, because we told her to so we didn’t have to eat any more of it.” Sam clapped back. Tom looked down at your name on the list. You hadn’t seen or spoken to him since he left for filming which was a good seven or so months ago.

The next morning, everyone was getting ready. Some of Toms family had come a bit earlier to help set up. They even hired a pool because it was going to be a warm afternoon. Dominic and Sam were in charge of cooking outside on the barbecue and spit. By 11 o'clock most of the guests had arrived. It was like Christmas with all the food. The “how have you been I haven’t seen you in ages” to the “we need to catch up again” to the “remember when…”. Tom ran around his house, being stopped by every single person. They all wanted to talk to him. He was becoming famous. The boy from south west London had finally made it to the big screen.

At around 12:30 food was being plated up, whilst the younger kids hung around in the pool to keep cool under this heat. London never gets warm, but when it does it’s like a heatwave. Tom scooped up some salad and grabbed some chops his dad had cooked. He sat outside with Harrison and his cousins.

“Do you think you will ever win an Oscar?”

“Could you introduce us to Dwayne Johnston?”

“What about Zendaya?”

Was it bad to say that Tom was sick of all the questions? Probably. They just didn’t stop. No one had asked him how he was. Harrison could keep him grounded, but still.

You were running late. You had worked a late shift at work and had to get changed at work to arrive at Toms party. You put on a denim skirt, a nice top and some canvas shoes to look casual and comfortable. You had made a cake the night before, and carried it inside with you.

You walk into the house and Nikki greets you.

“Oh it’s so good to see you again!” Nikki hugs you.

“Thanks Nikki.”

“Please, get some food.” She smiled grabbing you a plate. You didn’t really know anyone at this party. You had recognised some people from high school and some kids Tom had spoken about from Billy Elliot but that’s about it.

“So Nikki. How are you? Busy I presume?”

“Always dear. I’m always busy.” She smiled. “What about you?”

“Yeah. Work is a little stressful at the moment.” You were a nurse at a local hospital. Because of this massive heat wave, you had to work over time looking after kids who were dehydrated and had been fainting because of the heat.

“Would you like a drink dear?”

“Water is fine.” You smile walking into the kitchen as she grabs a bottle from the fridge.

Meanwhile Harrison slapped his hand on Tom’s chest. “Dude, she’s here.”

“Shit. Do I look okay? Is my hair alright?” He whispered.

“I don’t see why you’re stressing out.”

“Because-” Tom still had a major crush on you.

“Dude. She probably has a boyfriend.” Harrison said and Tom rolled his eyes.

“Yo-you’re probably right. I mean, just look at her. She’s beautiful. And her personality, she was always so kind and gentle with everyone.” Tom sighed. “Maybe I shouldn’t.” He shook his head.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ll just stay out here.” Tom slouched and turned to talk to his cousins about his fame again. Harrison announced that he was going to get another drink. He walked by the kitchen and bumped into you.

“Oh I’m so sorry. (Y/N)? I can’t believe you’re here.”

“Yeah. Sorry I had work this morning.” You smile and hugging him. Harrison hugs you tightly. He was going to try and get Tom jealous so he would come over here and pucker up from courage to talk to you. “So how had everything been with you?” You ask sipping on your drink.

“Really well. I’m really just chilling with Tom most days.”

“I’ve seen that you’ve been writing. That’s so cool. Are you writing a script or something?”

“Yeah. It’s only a draft though.”

“I would love to read it when you finish it.” You smile at him encouragingly.

“Oh yeah. I’ll send it to you, totally.” He pauses. “What about you?”

“Oh mostly work.” You tell him smiling. You could see Tom walk over behind Harrison’s shoulder. Sam joined us.

“(Y-Y/N)? So glad you could make it.” He gleamed hugging you.

“Yeah. Thanks for inviting me.” You hug him back. Although you could smell the chlorine from the pool on him, he strangely smelt like he did in high school. Mint toothpaste and citrus. You pulled away blushing.

“Y-yeah totally. Uhh, what were you guys talking about?“ 

"I was just asking (Y/N) about her work.”

“Oh yeah, you’re a nurse yeah?”

“Yeah. I’m working at the hospital now.” You smile.

“With kids? If you never need me to dress up as Spider-Man, I’ll do it.” This wasn’t like the Tom you knew, he was showing off.

“Oh uhm. I suppose I’ll think about it.” You mutter rubbing your arm awkwardly. “Uhh, how are you?” She asked Tom. That was the question he had been wanting to be asked all day.

“G-good. Yeah.” He didn’t really know how to respond.

“He’s great now that you’re here!” Sam pipped up.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“U-uhh nothing.” Tom glared at his brother. “Sam.” He sternly spoke, raising an eyebrow.

“So, are you seeing anyone at the moment?” Sam blurted out.

“Uhm.” You weren’t really expecting a question like this. You look at Tom. You noticed how his brown eyes had turn chestnut. And how his arms had grown, and it defiantly wasn’t from carrying your books around school when you were in high school. Harrison had left slip that Tom had a crush on you during a high school party, but that was years okay. “Seeing? You mean dating? No. I’m too busy these days-”

“You hear that Tom. She’s not seeing anyone.” Sam laughed and Tom grabbed Sam’s ear and pinched it. “Ouch! What the fuck was that for?”

“Uhm, maybe I should go.” You say awkwardly.

“No no. Please stay.” Tom reaches for you.

“It’s okay. I should uh, I should go.” You say stepping backwards. Tom’s eyes are full of sorrow. “Umm, it was good seeing you again.” You gesture. Sam knew he had done something bad so he left the room. Well, Harrison dragged him away and Tom was left standing there.

“At least let me walk you out.” He offered and you smiled.

“I’d like that.” You nod. Tom leads the way. “Where did you park your car?”

“Up the road.”

“Okay.” He said and started to walk with you. That was a lie. Your car was actually parked outside the Holland’s house, but you just wanted to talk to Tom. Walking side by side, just like you used to in high school. Well, the days Tom came to school.

“So uhm-”

“You uhm-”


“No I’m sorry. I was just going to say that you look really beautiful. Not that you weren’t always beautiful, but more beautiful than you ever have.” You giggled at Tom’s rambling. Yeah, he has never changed.

“No no. It’s fine.” You smile. “You haven’t changed one bit. I hope you know that. You’ve stayed your grounded self, and I’m really proud of you for doing that.” You tell him genuinely. “I really am.”

“Thank you.” He smiled. “That means a lot coming from you.”

“Hey Tom. If you uhm, if you want, we can catch up again.”

“Cool. Harrison and I were actually-”

“I meant alone. Like the two of us.” You tell him.

“Oh. Yeah. I’d like that.” He smiles. You eventually made it around the block and back to his house.

“D-did we pass your car?” He asks and you nodded and pointed to it.

“I’ll see you later Tom. It was good seeing you again.” You tell him placing a kiss on his cheek and hop in your car. You take one last look at his blushing face. God. He has not change one bit.

The Princess and The Pauper

Summary: You’re a princess who travels into the city, you ee your people struggling and you also meet Harry, a tailor who you feel a strong connection with.

Warnings: None(?)

Requested: Yes!

You pull the hood of your cloak further over your head when notice one of the cart owners staring a little too hard at your face. 

“What’s a rich woman like you doing out here?” A man sneers as he walks past looking you up and down. “Why you slummin’ it down here in your fancy dress?” 

You look up at his face, he has shocking blue eyes which are only made more prominent because of the dirt on his face. You notice how thin he is, his clothes worn loose with holes in them. 

“I-” You struggle to find the words as you look around at your people. This isn’t the city you were raised to believe you lived only a few miles from. You were always told your city was beautiful and the people loved it.

But this? This wasn’t that. These people were struggling, and you could only watch. 

“You?” The man asks, snapping you out of your thoughts. He takes a step closer to you, “You nobles all got your fancy houses and clothes. Never had to lift a finger in your life, I bet.” You back away, but he only follows. “Then you come down here and gawk at us like we’re animals in a zoo.” 

You feel your back press into a wall, “I’m sorry, sir.” You whisper as you look down at your shoes. You notice even his shoes has some holes in them. 

“Oh you’re sorry! They’re always sorry,” He turns to address the few people who have surrounded the two of you. “But they never do anything to help.” His hand grips at your waist.

“Please don’t touch me.” You push his hand away, but that does nothing to deter him. He grips your waist again, “What? Don’t want my pauper hands on you?” 

“She doesn’t want your creep hands on her, Alex.” The man, Alex’s, hand falls of your waist as someone pulls him away. Your savior takes a protective stance in front of you, “Just because she’s got money doesn’t mean you can touch her, have some respect for the lady.” 

Alex only scoffs before walking away, the crowd dispersing with him. The man turns to you, and your eyes widen. 

He’s gorgeous. Bright green eyes staring at you, a kind smile on his face as he offers you his hand. You take it and he gently pulls you towards a tailor shop. 

“Thank you, Mr….”

“Styles.” He smiles as you let go of his hand and look around the shop. “but you can call me Harry.” 

“Harry.” You turn back to him with a grateful smile. “Thank you for helping me, you have every right to be as angry as him, yet you saved me.” 

Harry shrugs, “I believe everybody deserves the same amount of respect, Ms..”

“Y/N.” You answer before thinking, 

“Like the princess?” He asks with a small laugh. 

“Yes.” You nod, “I was born only a few months after her and my parents wished to honor the family. Is this your shop?” You ask the question trying to steer the conversation away from your name.

“My parents shop.” He shrugs, “They left it to me when they passed.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You frown, “I didn’t-”

“No need to apologize, Y/N.” He smiles, “I’ve kept up with it since. Business is tough sometimes, especially with our struggles now, but the nobles who stop in sometimes help.” Harry shrugs.

You look around the shop. There are beautiful dresses displayed and some stunning suits. All printed with gorgeous patterns and colors. 

“Are these dresses for sale?” You ask while running your hand over one of them. 

Harry comes beside you as is hand traces one of the other dresses, “No. They were my mother’s. I have them displayed in her honor. I would only sell them if I absolutely had to.”

“Then I guess I must commission you to make one for me.” You turn to him with a smile. 

Harry laughs, “Ma’am if you feel like you need to repay me, don’t worry. I can make do without-”

“I think your dresses here are beautiful, and if you’ve got even half the talent your mother had I will have a stunning dress.” You cut Harry off as you walk around his shop. 

There’s fabrics hung on the wall and thread kits spread across two desks, “Does another person work here?” You ask sitting on one of the stools behind the desk. 

“My sister. Although, she married a few months ago so she only works a few days a month.” Harry frowns looking down at his table. 

“Oh, that must make the work so much harder for you.” You frown as you notice a list of names on his desk.

“It makes the wait time a little longer, but not many people are buying dresses or suits these days so I don’t worry too much.” 

“How long has the city been struggling like this?” You ask wondering if people like Harry been struggling for long and why your mother hadn’t told you anything about this.

Harry gives you a strange look, “Have you never visited before? The city has been like this since I was a child.” 

“A child?” You yell, your hand goes to your chest. Your people had been struggling so long, and you had done nothing about it. A wave of guilt washed over you. “My mother had me live a very sheltered life after my father died. I’ve never left our estate.” 

“And she let you visit now?” Harry asks with a raised eyebrow.

You shake your head shyly, “No. I snuck out, she’s not a clue that I’m here.” 

Harry laughs as he takes a seat on the stool beside you, “What made you want to come out today?” 

“I’ve always wondered what the city was like, if it was truly as beautiful as stories have described.” Harry’s watching you with curious eyes, like he’d never seen somebody so naive before. You frown, “I can’t believe my mother never told me what was happening. I feel so helpless.” 

“It’s not your fault.” Harry begins to fiddle with the ring on his hand, “Our country has been losing money for years now. Ever since we lost the king. It’s rumored we’re going to be bankrupt if the queen doesn’t marry off her daughter.” 

You sigh, your mother had mentioned suitors visiting within the week to speak of taking your hand. You had never wanted to marry for your royal duties, you had always wished to marry for love. But after seeing your city, you might just need to give up on that dream. 

Maybe you would learn to love whoever you married.

“Yes, I’ve rumors of wealthy suitors for the princess coming soon.” You whisper to Harry, who nods solemnly. 

“Why the sad face? If she marries the kingdom may be saved.” You place your hand on top of Harry’s sending him a soft smile when he looks up. 

“She will marry for money, not love.” Harry stands up. He dusts himself off and offers you a hand. You give him a confused look but take it, letting him pull you up. “I was always taught to marry for love, my parents loved each other and they didn’t care if they had no money.” 

You hear music playing from outside the shop, a violin playing a class harmony. You laugh when you realize Harry has pulled you up to dance with him. 

“Well, it must be different when the fate of your kingdom lies on your shoulders.” You say softly as Harry twirls you around the empty shop.

He shrugs and he pulls you closer, “Everybody deserves love.”

“The people would hate her.” You sigh, thinking of the man who hated you just because of the noble clothes. You couldn’t imagine how angry they would be if you married somebody who couldn’t help the kingdom. 

Harry gives you an odd look, “I wouldn’t.” 

“Well you’re only one person.” You snap, pulling yourself from his grasp. “You’re too kind. You can’t speak for how an entire city on the verge of bankruptcy would feel.” 

Harry places a hand on your cheek, “You’re not just a noblewoman, are you?” You close your eyes, imaging how it would feel to do this everyday. Wake up to somebody who makes you feel the way Harry has today. 

You shake your head and his eyes go soft, “I have to go.” You pull away. “The guards will realize I’m gone soon.”

“Y/N.” Harry murmurs, following after you. You turn to look at him and he grabs your hand, “Will I see you again?” 

You shake your head, “I don’t know.”

You wander out to the garden after you meeting with King Julian and his advisers. It had been decided the two of you would be married within the month. 

King Julian was kind and handsome, everything a princess could wish for in a suitor, but you couldn’t help and want more. 

You wanted a spark. You wanted the feel what you had felt with Harry earlier dancing around his shop. You wanted Harry. 

You run your hands over bush you were walking next to. 

“Darling, you know I hate when you wander.” You jump at the sound of your mother’s voice behind you. “The garden strays so far from the palace, it’s unsafe.” 

“I know, mother.” You sigh as she comes to a stop next to you. “It has a nice view of this city though.”

She shakes her head, pulling you back towards the palace. “King Julian was lovely, wasn’t he?” 

“I don’t wish to marry him, mother.” You say quietly, deciding it was best to tell her now before any wedding plans were set in stone. “I don’t love him, I don’t feel anything with him. No spark or connection.” 

You mother stops walking and turns to you, “All my life I have only wished for your happiness, but you can’t refuse this marriage.” She places a gentle hand on your cheek, “We must think of our people, not ourselves.” 

You feel tears gather in your eyes, but push them away. “I know you’re right.”

She smiles sadly, “I grew very fond of your father once we were married even though I had previously thought I wouldn’t like him.” You knew she was trying to make you feel better, but growing fond of your husband sounded so sad. 

“Can I call for a certain tailor from the city? I saw one of his dresses on a guest of ours a few weeks ago and adored his work.” 

“Of course, what’s his name? I’ll send for him tomorrow morning.” 

You smile, feeling a little excited. 

“Harry Styles.” 

You toy with the fabric on your dress as you wait for Harry to step through your door. One of the maids had informed you he had just arrived and was going through proper security checks.

“Your Highness.” You look up at the deep voice and smile. Harry was standing in your doorway, he held a bag of supplies in his hand and papers in the other. 

“Leave us, please.” You turn to the maid who was organizing paper on your desk. She looks up shocked, “Madam, I am not-”

“Please?” You plead and her eyes soften, looking between you and Harry, before she nods and scurries out of the room. 

As soon as Harry puts his stuff on the ground you give him a hug, he holds you close for a moment before pulling away. He looks at you with gentle eyes, “It’s good to see you again.”

You step onto the podium in the center of your room as Harry pulls out measuring tape, “I only wish I was not measuring you for your wedding to another.” 

“If my people were not suffering the way they were, you would not have to.” You run your hands over the skirt of your dress as Harry measures from your hip to your ankle.

“Have you met him?” You nod as he moves onto measuring your arms, “Is he kind?” 

“And handsome.” You sigh, “He’s the perfect suitor. I’m lucky he’s not double my age and creepy.” 

Harry watches you for a moment before coming to stand in front of you, “But?” 

“But… I don’t have a connection with him. I don’t wish to dance around a dress shop with him.” You let out a small laugh, “My mother told me she grew fond of my father, but I don’t want to grow fond of my husband.”

“You want to love him.” Harry offers you his hand, helping you step down podium. 

You nod as he pulls you closer to him, “There’s no music.” You point out as he begins to sway. Harry only hums a melody in response as he begins to twirl you around the room. 

The two of you come to a stop in the center of your room, “Your bedroom is bigger than my entire shop.” He murmurs looking down at you.

“Hmm.” You stare at him for a moment, taking in his features. 

“I wish I could-” You cut him off, pressing your lips against his. He stands stiff for a moment before responding to your kiss. His hands travel down your back as one of yours rests on his cheek. 

He pulls away after a few moments, “That was lovely.”

“Lovely?” You laugh as he pulls you closer, your chests pressing against each other’s. 

He presses a kiss to your forehead, “Lovely, but not allowed.” 

“Oh, I’ve been following rules my whole life. If I wish to kiss you, I will.” You shake your head as he pulls away. “As long as you want the same?”

“I want nothing more.” Harry laughs as he takes your face in his hands, “But you were right, it would not be fair to the people.”

“I know.” You step back from him, “Maybe if we met in a different time.” Harry nods as you step back on the podium. He pulls out an ivory colored fabric and holds it up to you neck, “Beautiful.” 

The dress Harry makes is beautiful. You smile as your run your hands over the soft, ivory fabric. It fits you perfectly and compliments your body shape in the best way.

“You look absolutely stunning.” You mother wraps her arms around you from behind and rests her chin on your shoulder. 

You smile a little tearfully, “Thank you.” 

Your mother presses a kiss to your cheek before stepping back and turning you around to face her, “Don’t cry, Lady Mary worked so hard on your makeup.” 

You shake your head, trying to stop the tears so you’re not left with tear streaks in your foundation. The wedding had come up on you so fast, with almost no time to see Harry. 

After the initial meeting he had only come by to do the fitting and the two of you were supervised by your mother the entire time. He still managed to slip you a little love note that was now tucked away in one of your desk drawers. 


“I know.” Your mother whispers, placing her hands on both of your cheeks. She gives you a sympathetic look, “How long have you known the tailor?” 

You stand still in shock at her question before glancing away, “Only a few weeks.” 

“You met him when you snuck into the city?”

“How did you know?” You look at her shyly as she laughs softly. 

“Darling, you think you got away with sneaking out on your first try?” She shakes her head, “You’ve always wanted to travel, I thought you deserved to see the city once before royal duties truly fall upon you.” 

“Or you knew if I saw the city I wouldn’t refuse a marriage to save it.” You pull away from her. You turn and look at yourself in the mirror again, “Harry is kind and I felt a connection with him that I haven’t felt with any suitors.” 

She shakes her head, “Yes. I knew if you saw our state you would feel more inclined to help.” She looks at you guiltily, “I didn’t think you’d meet somebody you would care for like this.”

“Mother, isn’t there another way?” You plead grabbing her hand, “Must I get married?” 

She nods, “Things are different when you’re royal. We have people to take care of, so we don’t always get to choose happiness.” 

You knew that was the answer you would get. Your mother had married your father for an alliance, this wasn’t too far off.  A part of you had hoped she would never want you to have to do the same she did. 

She always said she had grown fond of your father, maybe you would grow fond of Julian. Maybe that would be enough. 

“I know.” You whisper as somebody knocks on the door. “Your Highness, it’s time to get into position.” You and your mother nod as a few hand maidens come scurrying in. They lift the train of your dress to keep it from dragging as you walk from your room to the gardens. 

“I’ll meet you down there.” Your mother travels ahead of you to presumably speak to the royal adviser about any plans still up in air. You don’t respond, only stare straight ahead as you think. 

“Madam.” One of the women, Jane, comes up to you with a note in her hand. She offers it to you shyly, “This was in the box with your gown.” 

You smile thankfully before looking down at the envelope. Your name is written in script on the front and the back has a stamp of Harry’s initials to seal the envelope shut. 

You open it as you walk, crumbling the envelope in your hand before reading the letter enclosed. 


I bet you look absolutely stunning in the gown. I knew that style would make you look even more beautiful. 

I can only hope it remains on you for the entire day, but I know that couldn’t be. We know the rules of wedding nights. I only wish that you remember my hands on you and your lips against mine. 

I can only hope that you remember me and how much I care for you. 

I’m writing this as some handlers pack up your dress, so I don’t have much time. I just want you to know I’m so glad you snuck into the city, even if seeing it persuaded you into this marriage, it brought you to me. I will cherish the memory of you as long as I have it.

Yours, Harry.

You feel tears gather in your eyes as you read the note. You bring it to your chest, pressing the paper against your heart as you stop walking. 

“Madam?” Jane taps you on the shoulder and regards you with soft eyes. You shake your head, stuffing the note into your undergarment before continuing on towards the gardens. 

Nobody says anything as you make your way towards the there. Your mother offers you her arm when you meet her. Music starts playing softly and you take a deep breath. 

This was it. 

You look up when you reach the beginning of the isle. Julian is standing in place with a kind smile on his face, but you can tell it wasn’t a look of love. He was doing this simply because he would need a wife to produce an heir and your family needed help.

You look down at the ground, the isle is a white carpet with white rose petals spread across it. Just as you’re about to reach Julian the music stops. 

“Wait.” There’s panting, like whoever the voice belonged to had been running. You see Julian’s eyes widen before you and your mother spin around. 

Harry is standing at the end of the isle, there’s an odd rock in his hand and his hair is messy from running, but you can’t help the smile that spreads across your face when you see him. 

“You don’t have to do this.” He begins walking towards your mother and you. “I know-”

“You don’t know anything.” Your mother’s adviser snaps, coming to step in front of the two of you. “Guards-”

“Let him speak.” Your mother puts her hand up to silence him before turning back to Harry. “What else do you propose?” 

Harry looks at you before turning back to your mother, “The mines. They’ve been running out of resources since I was a child. They’re close to closing down, but my sister’s husband brought me this earlier today.” He offers the rock to your mother, who takes it with a slightly unimpressed look. 

“A rock?”

“Look inside.” Harry smiles widely, “It’s jewels. The mines are filled with these. This could bring prosperity back to our kingdom, not marrying off the princess.” Your mother looks inside the cracked rock, and sure enough, it’s all a shining jewel. 

“Oh my god.” You whisper as her adviser comes over to look at the rock in her hands. You look at Harry, who’s staring at you with excited eyes then you turn back to Julian. He nods his head, like he understands why you’re staring. 

You smile in thanks before turning and walking towards Harry. The walk turns in a jog as you lift your dress up and meet him halfway down the isle. He pulls you into a hug when you reach each other, leaning down to whisper in your ear. 

“If we weren’t surrounded by people I would kiss you right now.” 

I started this then I remembered Barbie’s Princess and the Pauper and it strayed into being similar to the ending of that. I used to love that movie so much when I was younger. 

Anyways, here is something that’s not Little Lion because I got this request and loved it.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you all have a good day!!

The Zipper Of Good Fortune

“What do you mean we have to close up shop? We’ve never even worked a night-shift before, this is the first time!” Jungkook said to his manager, who was very done with Jungkook’s shit at the moment.

“Can you just stop complaining? You either work the night shift, or you go. Why cant you be like Jimin and just do as I say?” The manager looks at Jimin who was currently standing to next to Jungkook.

“Woah woah woah WOAH, leave me out of this” Jimin says to the manager.

“Get to work, both of you. Theres no one else working tonight because of Valentines Day, they all have dates and you two are the only ones here who are lonely and single, so don’t even try me. Now if you excuse me, I have a date with my boyfriend Namjoon.”

“Have fun Jin hyung” said Jimin with a cheerful smile. That beautiful smile thats so welcoming to others. Jungkook sees his hyung’s smile, and even though he’s in a bad mood he decides to smile anyways.

“Yea, bye” Jungkook said rolling his eyes. The younger of the two goes towards a tie rack and started to organize the ties that have been thrown all over the place from the long day in the store. Jungkook has always wanted to work in a fancy store for some reason, he felt that it would suit his personality. He looked at a black tie with pink stripes, and it reminded him of the first day he ever came to work. He walked in, and the first person he saw was a young man with pink hair, wearing a black Burberry tux, and he had a pink tie on. He found it the most weirdest thing, seeing a man with pink hair. But damn was he cute. Fetus Jungkook was very nervous of his first day at work at his dream job, so he went up to the man seeking guidance.

“u-um hello, i-im Jeon Jungkook, your new co-worker” he hesitantly bowed at a 90 degree angle and looked at the pink haired man.

“Theres no need to be so formal, my name is Jimin, nice to meet you Jungkook” He smiled and bowed. His smile. His smile omg. Jungkook’s heart started to race at how beautiful Jimin’s smile was, and how angelic his voice sounded. Jimin looked like he was glowing inside the already bright store.

“Is that what you came to work in?” Jimin said, pointing to the younger who was wearing a white shirt and ripped jeans with tims.


“Well then, lets go get a tux for you!” Jimin smiled and grabbed Jungkook’s hand, dragging him towards the fitting rooms.

Jungkook smiles at the sudden memory that popped up in his head, his hyung has always been sweet and patient with him. Jimin was the friend Jungkook could go to when he needed to rant, or when he needed advice with something.

“When he says that we have to close up, does that also mean we have to do the cleaning to?” Jungkook said while hanging up the ties on the stand.

“Yea, I guess so, we are the only ones here.” Jungkook looked around the store and noticed that him and Jimin where actually the only ones there. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head.



“I have an idea”

“…What is it?”

“Its very stupid”

“Your very stupid”

“Oh shut up” Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and they went to the backroom

“Jungkook, what the hel-”

“Shhhhhh, just wait” Jungkook walked further into the room and let go of Jimin’s hand unwillingly. His hands are just so soft and small, they are literally perfect to hold. He grabs a tux from the box that had just been shipped in today.

“Jimin. I HAVE to try this on”

“Jungkook you are an idiot”

“Yes. I am aware”

“Pass me the other one”

The younger smirked and reached into the box getting a tux that was Jimins size, and hands it over to him. They both left the dim backroom and went into the fitting rooms to try on the very, very expensive tux’s.

Jimin gets dressed faster then the younger and exits the fitting room and looks in a mirror. The silver button down shirt thats tucked into his slacks make his butt pop out, and it compliments his hips very nicely.

“Kookie can you see how this looks?”

“Yea sure hold on, i’m having a little bit of trouble with the zipper, it wont go up” he says struggling with the zipper.

“Do you need help?”

“W-what?” The younger started blushing at the thought of Jimin being so close to his dick…

“Do you need help?” Jimin said in a more powerful voice.

“NO I-im good”

After another minute or so struggling with the zipper, he finally gets it up.

“I GOT IT! HELL YEA” Jungkook exits the fitting room to a beautiful human being right in front of him. Oh wait he’s looking at a mirror. But then he looks to the side, OMG HES GORGEOUS!!!! Woop thats another mirror. He looks to the other side to see his hyung on his phone. Jungkook’s mouth drops at the side in front of him. Now, he’s just staring at Jimin without saying a word. The elder finally catches on and says-

“WOW Jungkook you look AMAZING” A little bit of blush creeps on his face noticing how sharp Jungkook looks. Sure, they were tux everyday, but the younger looks like he just came out of Prince Charming’s ball. His facial features suddenly look a lot sharper too, and its making the older feel some type of way.

“J-jimin you l-look really nice t-too” Jungkook stutters because the beauty in front of him is just so overwhelming.

“Can we take a picture together? I told my friend Yoongi that i’m going on a date with you tonight, and as you know, i’m not” Jimin laughs nervously as he scratches his head, hoping that Jungkook would be okay with what he suggested, and hoping he wouldn’t question why he decided to tell his friend that they went on a date.

“Yea sure, why not” Well, that went better then Jimin expected. He couldn’t help but notice the blush both of them had on in the selca. *Damn we look good together..*

“Damn we look good, can you send me that?” Jungkook said smiling with his cute bunny smile.

“Sure” Jimin sent the picture to his friend Yoongi and to Jungkook. The younger took out his phone when it rang, and Jimin looked at the notification. It was a text under the contact name of-

“Big Booty Jimin? PFFFFT”




“But seriously Jimin, damn that ass!”

“Bro your thighs look like they were sculpted by gods”

“Why, thank you” Great, now Jungkook was thinking about his Hyung’s ass. But its just so peachy and-

“Imma go get out of this tux, i’m scared i might rip it or something, we don’t want that happening”

“Yea we really don’t need that happening” They both went into the fitting rooms and started to get undressed. As Jungkook took off his shirt he couldn’t help but think about how Jimin told his friend that he went on a date with Jungkook. When Yoongi brought up a boyfriend, was the younger the first person Jimin thought of? The elder wouldn’t mind going out with him? The sudden though got him blushing and his cheeks felt hot. He went to take of his pants when he notices the zipper wouldn’t budge.

“Fuck” He kept trying with all his force to pull down the zipper but it just wasnt budging.

“Shit, shit shit” He started panicking, what the hell was gonna happen if he didnt get these pants off? He’s currently shirtless, stuck in pants that are part of a very expensive tux suit, he’s getting sweaty, and he’s at WORK. What a Valentines Day.

“Um, Jungkook are you okay?”

“No. Not really. Not at all”

“What happened?” Jungkook swung open the door and saw a startled Jimin outside of the fitting room stall. Jimin was currently looking at a sexy beast. He younger was shirtless, his nice abs exposed, and there was sweat dripping down his forehead and a little on his collarbone. He pointed to the zipper and said,

“This is the problem”


“OMG sorry i was pointing to my dick i meant the zipper”

“You scared me”

“I dont know what to do its stuck”

“Wait let me try” Jimin approaches Jungkook who’s currently in the fitting room fidgeting. The elder kneels down and his head is right above the younger’s dick and he suddenly feels awkward. He starts to blush and clears his throat. Jungkook is blushing hard as well, he’s basically a tomato at this point. The younger looks up at the ceiling and tries not to think too much of it.

“Well, uhm, im just gonna go for it” Jimin suddenly put his hand on the zipper and tries to pull it down. He tries again but this time his hand accidentally brushes a little too hard against the younger’s dick and Jungkook groans but when he realized what just happened he jumps back in shock.

“IM SORRY OMG” They are now both feriously blushing, and jimin can no longer look jungkook in the eye.

“JUST, JUST HURRY, i cant take them off by myself”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes just go ahead”

“O-okay” Jimin tried his best to not touch Jungkook’s dick, however, that didn’t turn out so well. Not just that, but the younger cant help but to look down and imagine Jimin’s pretty plump lips around his dick, sucking away. He bites his lip at the thought, he’s got to get these dirty thoughts to go away, he’s already getting a boner and he doesn’t need to make it worse. The elder is trying his best to not touch Jungkook again but when he does, the younger moans, and honestly, Jimin wants to hear him moan even more. He wants to hear the younger moan his name while he’s grinding on him and-

“mhmmm” Jungkook, just, he, MOANED? Jimin’s dirty thoughts distracted him and he accidentally let go of the zipper with force, and he put pressure on the younger’s dick. An idea popped into Jimin;s head. It really isn’t his fault, all those dirty thoughts. Jungkook got him all hot a flustered, being shirtless, moaning in all his glory. Jimin suddenly smirked and groped the younger, adding pressure and feeling the younger’s dick in his hand. Jungkook moaned, and took a step back in surprise, and shock.

“J-Jimin?” Jungkook looked into Jimin’s eyes and saw something he’s never seen before. His pupils have gone large, and he has a smirk on his plump lips. He’s no longer the cute angelic Jimin he first met, now he looks intimidating and sexy as hell. Jimin gropes the younger’s hardening dick again and the he groans at the friction. He feels to sensitive under his hyung’s intimidating touch, and he wants a lot more.

“J-jimin, do-do it again” Jimin’s smirk becomes even wider when he hears those words, he does the same action again however adding more pressure. The younger cant take it anymore, he starts grinding his hips against Jimin’s hand and lets out a lewd groan. The pink haired man looks up at Jungkook in shock, but he is just even more turned on now. He stands up and grabs the back of Jungkook’s neck and kisses him passionately. He starts grinding on him and the friction of their dicks rubbing against one another makes him go insane. He loves the way Jungkook’s body feels against his own, and he loved how the younger blushes innocently under his touch.

“Fuck Jungkook, you are so incredibly hot” He says while kissing the raven haired boy. The younger moans and grinds against the elders dick. All those fantasies he’s had in his head are now becoming reality. He lets his hands travel against the others chest, feeling every crease and playing close attention to his abs. He never knew Jungkook had an amazing body like this, just seeing the other shirtless is getting him turned on and making him lustful. Jungkook reaches down and grabs Jimin’s dick and adds the right amount of pressure to make Jimin groan and thrust his hips forward. Jimin pushes Jungkook against the wall and bites his shoulder,  he sucks and nibbles some more to leaving a love mark to claim him. Jungkook throws his head back in pleasure. He couldn’t believe that this was happening either, he’s currently having a heated make-out session with his hot co-worker. The older starts sucking and leaves love bites all over the younger’s collarbones .

“These pants are a problem, they’ve got to go” The older says in a husky voice that sends a shiver down the others spine. That husky voice made the younger lose his shyness. He was ready to fuck Jimin until he couldn’t walk.

“I’ve got an idea. Sit down” Jungkook sits down on the chair in the fitting room, following the others directions. Jimin straddles him, and starts riding the younger. The younger’s head falls back in pleasure and he lets out a moan. He grabs Jimin’s hips and starts adding more pressure to add more friction on their aching dicks.

“I cant take it anymore. Fuck it ” Jungkook reaches for the zipper and pulls it down with all the force he has. Jimin looks at the younger in shock,

“You-you broke it! Damn you want me to suck you off that badly, huh?”

“Its better broken then me cumming all over the pants, now isn’t it? Now suck my dick” He stands up and swiftly takes off the pants, leaving him in only underwear.

“My turn” Jungkook says with a grin. He slides off Jimin’s shirt and immediately attacks the new smooth skin. He nibbles on the older’s earlobe and gets a slight moan as a reward. He thrusts his hips onto Jimin’s, earning a very lewd moan from the elder. Jimin pulls the younger away from his body, eying him up and down. Jimin gives the younger a smirk, and he starts kissing and nibbling at the younger’s chest, soon lowering to his abdomen, leaving love bites. He swiftly takes off the others underwear, freeing Jungkook’s hard dick from the article of clothing. *Fuck hes big*. The elder continues what he was doing, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses as he gets closer and closer to the younger’s dick, the younger waiting in anticipation. Jimin kisses and sucks everywhere besides where the younger wants him to kiss and suck making the younger get needy.

“Stop teasing me”

“But your thighs are just too beautiful” Jungkook grabs a handful of Jimin’s hair and forces him to face the younger’s dick.

“Im about to fuck your mouth so I suggest your open those pretty plump lips of yours” Jimin obediently opens his mouth, accepting the switch of things and lets Jungkook force his dick inside his mouth. The younger moans at the feeling of him being swallowed, he loves the feeling of the older’s warm mouth around him, sucking away. Jungkook grabs the pink hair tighter and thrusts his hips into Jimin’s mouth, throwing his head back at the amazing feeling. Tears start forming on the elders eyes when Jungkook’s thrusts become harsh, and the hair pulling is intense, however he loves being mouth fucked.

“Mmm you dirty slut, you love the taste of my dick don’t you?” Jungkook says in a low breathy moan. Jimin hums in response causing a vibration that makes the younger whimper. Jungkook starts wildly thrusting into jimin’s mouth, pulling the older’s hair so he can swallow more of him. The younger throws his head back in pleasure when he feels he’s about to cum. Jimin however, grabs the younger’s hips firmly stopping the younger’s intense hip thrusting. He removes his lips from the younger’s painfully hard dick, making the younger moan in disappointment.

“J-jimin what the fuck?”

“I cant have you cum just yet, i want your dick inside of me” Jungkook’s eyes widened in shock and Jimin was honestly a little surprised with his own words, however he was just too horny to even give a shit. All he knew at the moment was that he wanted the younger’s dick inside of him. The truth is, neither of them has ever done it with a guy. This is the first time Jungkook has ever fucked a guy, and this is the first time Jimin has ever had a dick inside of him.

“What” The youngers eyes widened in shock.

“Fuck me” The younger’s shock just changed into pure lust when he saw the way Jimin looked into his eyes and how low his voice sounded. The younger groaned and pushed Jimin against the wall again biting at his neck. The elder moved his head to the side offering the younger more space to bite and suck. Jimin moaned at the feeling of the younger’s body surrounding his own. Jungkook went up and bit his hyungs earlobe, earning a satisfied groan. He felt two hands rub his sides and then they grabbed his ass earning a yelp.

“Fuck your ass is so peachy, we need to get those pants off” Jungkook smirked and unbuttoned the elders jeans, lowering them, allowing Jimin to slide them off. The younger gave Jimin one last kiss, tongues fighting for dominance as Jungkook rubs his hand against Jimin’s hard-on. He younger breaks the kiss and brings his fingers up to Jimin’s pretty plump lips.

“Suck” The older gladly accepts the younger’s demand and puts the fingers in his mouth. He sucks, his tongue swirling around the fingers and the younger swears he could cum by just looking at the sight. He brings his other hand down to Jimin’s hard dick and rubs through the clothing.

“Mmm baby your so hard for me” Jimin thrusts his dick into the younger’s hands wanting more friction. Jungkook watches as Jimin sucks desperately on his fingers wishing that it was his dick again. Jimin lets the younger slip his fingers outside of his mouth, and pulls him into a kiss. Jungkook uses his free hand to rub Jimin’s hard on through the fabric again and the elder moans against Jungkook’s mouth. He pulls away from the kiss and thrusts his hips onto Jungkooks hands again, letting him get the friction that he desperately wants.

“Fuck just, FUCK ME ALREADY” Jimin slides off his underwear in a blink of an eye and basically tackled Jungkook. He pins the younger against the wall, kissing his swollen cherry lips. Jungkook takes his lubricated finger and gets closer to Jimin’s pink hole, while sucking on those heavenly lips. As Jungkook’s hand brushes against the older’s hole, the older lets out a little squeak. He’s never felt a finger so close to his hole before and its a new feeling. He suddenly regrets what he said and he breaks the kiss, and bites his lip. Jungkook looks into the younger’s eyes, he could see a little bit of fright.

“Are you sure you want me to do this”

“Y-yes, but how painful will it be?

"Just a finger or my cock” Jimin blushes hard at these words,

“J-just a finger”

“You’ve never fingered yourself before?”

“YOU HaVe?”

“Of course!” Jungkook takes this opportunity while Jimin is distracted and put his two fingers through the muscle.

“AH, it burns!” Jimin yells out squinting his eyes. He has to admit, he really doesn’t like this feeling, but the younger’s hand slowly rapping around his cock is making up for it. Jungkook slides his finger in, and kisses Jimin trying to distract him from the pain.

“Babe, are you sure you are okay with this” Jungkook looked at Jimin’s watery eyes and saw pain. Jimin was about to answer no when-

“OH, fuck me!” Jimin’s eyes closed shut as he gasped for air. Jungkook found the older’s prostate and grinned, knowing that if he had waited any longer to find it he wouldn’t have been able to fuck Jimin.

“W-what was that!?” Jungkook rubbed against his prostate again and Jimin threw his head back welcoming the wonderful knew feeling. He closed his eyes so tight that he could see white when he opened them again. The younger added a knew finger and the elder whimpered in pain as the new finger was pushed into the tight muscle. But then again, the younger brushed against the bundle of nerves causing Jimin to arch his back and push his ass against Jungkook’s finger.

“FUCK! DO IT AGAIN” Jungkook thrusts his fingers into the elder at a fast pace, basically finger fucking the elder, each time aiming and hitting the elders prostate. Jimin couldn’t help but let his tongue fall out as he panted and threw his hips back everytime the younger’s fingers entered him. Jungkook’s pace got faster and faster until he noticed Jimin’s breathing and how his hole clenched against his fingers. The younger suddenly pulled out, getting a groan from the elder. He didn’t want him to cum just yet, and he felt that the elder was prepped enough for his dick. Jungkook turned around so now his hyung was against the wall and the younger was hovering over him.

“Jump” The elder jumped and the younger caught him, bringing his legs around his hips. Jungkook’s dick teased the elders whole, gaining a shiver from him.

“This may hurt a bit..” Jungkook entered Jimin’s entrance, stretching out the tense muscles slowly. Tears started forming on the elders eyes, he knew it would hurt, but this burns and it feels like something is ripping him open.

“Ah-hh, it-t hurts” Jungkook leans in and kisses the elder, trying to distract him from the pain.

“Its gonna be okay, I promise it’ll feel good in a little bit” He leans in for another kiss as he pushes deeper into the elder. They stay in that position for a little bit, Jungkook not wanting to cause Jimin more pain.

“You… You can go now” Jimin bites his lip as he sees Jungkook thrust into him from the dressing room mirror. He looks at the younger’s perfect body figure, the way he muscles flex, his nice broad back. He lets his eyes fall as Jungkook thrusts into him again. He didn’t think it would be so painful but it honestly feels like something is tearing him apart. He opens his mouth to let out a pained groan when Jungkook captures his lips in a deep kiss. Their tongues intertwine as they fight for dominance, the younger quickly winning as Jimin melts into the kiss. Jungkook’s thrusting is slowly speeding up, he just cant control it anymore. He’s secretly wanted to fuck his hyung and make him moan his name from the first day he met him.

“J-jimin your so tight” The younger says as he thrusts even harder into the elder.

“F-fuck” The elder is starting to get used to the thrusting and the pain is being replaced by pleasure. The elder starts moving his hips in sync with Jungkook’s thrusts, he felt like something was missing and he wanted to find it. The way his hole felt around Jungkook’s dick felt overwhelming to the younger. This is better than any girl he ever did. The younger moaned when Jimin started sucking on his neck, leaving another love bite. The elder started nibbling on the younger’s ear piercing which was one of his sensitive spots.

“J-jimin” the younger moaned. He thrusts really hard at an angle and Jimin swears he could see a white light-

“DADDY! F U C K ME” Well he found what he was looking for.

“What did you just call me?” The younger says with a wide smirk.


“Say it again”


“Fine ill just have to make you say it” The younger thrusts into the elder at the same angle making Jimin see stars.

“F-FUCK” Jungkook thrusts again, he’s quickening his pace but the elder wants more

“J-jungkook, h-harder!” The younger throws his hips against Jimin’s and the elder is hanging on to the younger’s shoulders for dear life. However, he knew Jungkook was holding back and he wanted more, he didn’t care what he has to do, he wants to be fucked harder

“Daddy harder!” The younger groans at the name, making him even more turned on. He thrusts harder and the elder is losing his grip on the younger’s shoulders. Jungkook is now thrusting in full pace with all his might, and Jimin could feel the ball of heat build up in his stomach. His prostate is being abused and he doesn’t know how much more he can take.

“F-uck i-im go-ing to c-cum” Jimin breathes out in moans.

“Hmm me too” Jimin’s entrance started to squeeze around the younger’s dick, making Jungkook moan at the tight feeling. Its just urging him to go more. He removes his dick from Jimins entrance, and slams back in with full force hitting the elders prostate completely.

“D-daddy!” Jimin pants out. He swears that he saw the gates of heaven for a good few seconds as he cums all over his and the younger’s stomach. He’s panting non-stop, and he feels amazing. The younger thrusts again into Jimin, going for his own release. He cums inside of the elder after a few more thrusts, moaning at how good it felt to finally release. They stay in that position for a little bit, trying to get their breathes back. He sits down on the chair and puts Jimin to sit on his lap.

“That was amazing”

“Yea i know but you couldve at least taken me on a date first”

“UM excuse me, you were the one who kept touching my dick! Its not my fault that you just looked so incredible during everything” Jimin laughed at the younger’s words.

“What are we gonna do about the pants?” Jimin says

“Oh shit I forgot about it. And that we are still at work!”

“Crap we have to close up!” Jimin suddenly gets up reaching for his clothes but then-

“OH FUCK” He falls back on Jungkooks lap as he feels a sudden pain on his lower back.

“My back hurts so much” Jungkook smiles and shrugs. He pulls the elder in for a kiss. It was deep and passionate and they both are enjoying it. Jungkook is the first to pull away as he says,

“Ill get us our clothes” He stands up and rests Jimin on the chair. He reaches for his clothing and once he has his underwear on, he gives Jimin his underwear and the rest of his clothing. They both struggle to get dressed, especially the elder who cant even stand.

“I have an idea about the pants” the younger said as he put on his shoes.

“What is it?”

“Why don’t we just put the pants back exactly how we found it, and then pretend like we don’t know anything if they ask us why the zipper is fucked? They don’t have to ever find out.” The younger grinned at Jimin, thinking this is an amazing plan.

“We are so getting fired”

“I know, but lets just try to stay until our next paycheck” They both smiled and started to close up shop. It was mostly Jungkook doing the work because the elder was having difficulty standing. They shut off all the lights and Jungkook helped Jimin walk outside. The younger locked the door and looked at the pink haired man.

“So, i was thinking, how about we go on a date? I mean if thats, if its okay with you, im not gonna force to do anything…” the younger babbles. He started to blush and looked at the floor smiling awkwardly.

“You know, for a guy I just called daddy, that was not smooth at all” They both started laughing and Jimin looked at the younger with kindness in his eyes.

“Yes i’ll go on a date with you” He pulled Jungkook closer from the collar on his shirt and they shared a deep, romantic kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is my first fan fiction and first smut, so I hope you guys like it! And also can we talk about how awesome BTS’s comeback is like damn. Chong! Jojun! Balsa! 

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@redpensandgreenarrows said: Well, there is my headcanon prompt to you! After Beauty and the Beast Reprise is sung, Adam dances Belle out onto the balcony for some privacy…

Thank you, dear! This is a lovely headcanon idea. So I may have written way more than I originally intended to. Like 2k words more. Oops. Enjoy :) Spoilers for the new movie obviously!

Also on AO3.


As Madame Garderobe finishes her third aria of the celebration extravaganza, it seems her dancing partner’s feet are finally giving out. Finally. Belle almost huffs her surprise and relief out loud, when he takes her by the hand once more, but instead of leading her back to the middle of the dance floor, he expertly weaves them through the crowd standing along the fringe of the ballroom.

Though, if that brief, teasing eyebrow raise is anything to go by, she’s not masking her relief as well as she hopes.

Of course he’s completely unwinded, secret dancing master that he is. All afternoon, she’s had the good fortune to discover that during their first dance in this very room just a few weeks ago, he had, in fact, been holding out on her. Whether it’s years of cotillion bred into him or that he naturally carries himself with a zealous grace that’s been concealed for so long, her fiancé, the returned prodigal prince, is a very adept dancer indeed.

She might be jealous at his ability to move with such carefree ease, if she could only bring herself not to be utterly thrilled as his dancing partner, to feel cherished in the security of his arms, to spin around a room surrounded by the people they both love. She hasn’t danced like this in…well, perhaps ever. She also cannot recall having this much fun in a single day. Not even throwing that treacherous snowball at him, not even her books compare to this splendid adventure. And seeing the man she loves so deeply like this…so jovial, so full of life, so…content. He positively shines in his radiant blue suit, the color just the perfect shade to highlight those captivating, alluring eyes she could absolutely drown in.

All her life she’s been called beautiful from a distance, but up close…he is something else entirely. He is truly stunning.

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EXO Soulmate!AU Reaction to their favorite color being your eye color

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“I always knew there was some reason behind to why I like this color that much… and now that I found you I know it… I guess destiny did want us to be together Y/N”


*He just can stop staring into your eyes* “Say…. how did you get that eye color… because honestly… it feels like I’m staring at the most beautiful eyes in the whole galaxy…”


“So… I have a theory guys… tell me what you think. So it has been my favorite color since I have memory… and then I meet this girl… with that exact same color in her eyes… I’ve never seen it in someone’s eyes before… So I’m thinking… we are soulmates!I know right? Mind blowing! I’m a genius..”


*Won’t stop telling you how much he loves your eyes* “I know I say it a lot but… I really do love your eyes… and you… it’s like.. the universe has responded to my wish… and now you are here… with me”


“I’m not going to lie… the first time I saw you was quite shocked! My favorite color…. in someone’s eyes… it did scare me a bit. But I knew then that you were special… and were going to be very special to me too”


*The whole world would stop for him the moment his eyes find yours in the crowd. Everyone would stop existing but you and him* “Are my eyes… playing a trick on me.. is she real… is the girl of my dreams… really here? The one who made me love… that color so much”


*He’d be a little shy at the beginning but eventually will reveal why he can’t stop staring at you* “You must hear this a lot but.. your eyes… it’s just… I feel like we are connected in some way and when I see them… I feel the connection stronger…”


“Do you believe in soulmates? I do… well you made me believe in them… I kept seeing these eyes in my sleep… and every time I woke up I would remember only the color… it happened so often that I grew to love them. And now you are here… and it feels like all this time… I’ve been loving you”


*Sometimes it would be a little awkward because he stares into your eyes all the time. But he won’t be able to stop, it’s like they have enchanted them, like there’s nothing in the world that he loves more, and honestly, it’s true*


*He’d try to act normal, try to not lose it. But it’s impossible to hide it, hide how he feels inside. Hide how he feel in love with you at first sight.* “I’ve been dreaming with those eyes… my whole life… and now she’s here….” 


“Call it fate or just coincidence, I don’t care. But I know you are the girl that will make me happy for the rest of my life. When I look at you… my heart beats differently… I feel like a complete new person….and honestly… I love staring into your eyes”


*It’s that moment, that moment when he first sees you, when he knows you are the one. You are the girl he has been looking for all this time* “I only had to look at you in the eye to know… to know we are meant to be”

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