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🌸 March fics 🌸

» All The Love (I Cannot Give You) by julietlovestory

A story in which Lance loves Keith. Keith loves Lance. But their lives are not easy and their destinies hold way too much responsibility to just give into fleeting things like—like feelings. 

» and i’ll keep you a daydream away by maradyer

“He’s killing me,” Lance groans, head in his hands.

» Blue Halo by MyDearOuroboros

Keith goes to a company-funded party in a strip club, gets gratuitously drunk, and kinda sorta falls in love.

» Blue Is The Loneliest Color by jokeywrites

soul mate
ˈsōl ˌmāt/
noun: soulmate
a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

» Brave New World by Juiliet

The ultimate Klangst post wormhole story in which both boys pine together

» Change Hurts by PotatoBender

Any change that happened fast, without warning, was always the worst, most unbearable thing for Keith.

» curing space blues by tusslee

The weightlessness of zero gravity doesn’t apply to feelings, Lance learns.

» E O Mai by A. E. Stover

He’s homeless and poor and gay and illegally sells fish to get by, and that’s how he comes upon a dead man in his net. Only, it’s not a dead man, because this ‘man’ has the legs of a fish.

» Every Reality by celestia

In every possible reality the two paladins are destined to find each other and take comfort in one another.

» Flirting With Death by drippingpen

Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.

More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.

» free throw by breadpoetsociety

“He introduced me to the greatest love of my life. And, actually, that’s not basketball. But his brother, Keith Kogane.”

» Fuck Me Up by Azure_Wavelet

Okay but consider: Keith pretending to be lance’s boyfriend to ruin lance’s attempts to flirt with aliens

» honey, i’m no superman by redburn

Lance is a reporter. Keith is the masked vigilante who saves him.

» I Found Love by SeaBreezy and thesearchingastronaut

Keith is just trying to live his life as a freelance illustrator with his cat, keeping up with bills by having two part-time jobs.

» It Grows Stronger by tylerproposey

5 times Keith helped Lance out of a situation and the 1 time Lance tried to pay back the saves.

» i’m right here by memesofbees

That was it.

This thunderstorm, this natural disaster consuming his stomach, up his spine. Multiplying into his bones.

» I’m With You by spacegaykogane

Lance pinned the whole mission down to four huge missteps:
The first was in sending Keith with him.

» Lilac Sky by rinthegreat

Shiro’s missing, Keith has anxiety, and Lance’s soulmate doesn’t talk to him. What else is new?

» Meet Me on the Battlefield by TheSpace_Dragon

On the battlefield, anything can happen. Never turn a blind eye to the possibilities.

» Predestination by elfenphoenix

Ten thousand years ago the Blue Paladin was Altean, and the Red Paladin was Galra.
Ten thousand years ago, in peacetime, the Red and Blue Paladins fell in love.
Ten thousand years ago, war broke out, and love that was once encouraged became heresy.
Ten thousand years ago, the Red and Blue paladins made a promise they couldn’t keep.

» red down a dead end by anihanki

Keith and Lance holding hands underneath library tables, kissing in corridors, with the south and a cross hanging over them.

» Talk It Out by KaSaPe

Lance doesn’t want to talk about it. At all. Not with Keith, not with anyone else. But somehow, one way or another, Keith gets him to open up. And Lance’s reward? A new boyfriend.

» tell me that you love me too by ciuucalata

Five times Lance tells Keith he’s in love with him and the one time he doesn’t.

» tethering by fairyuphoria

Okay, so, maybe pressing weird Altean buttons on the side of your head gear wasn’t the best idea, but Lance sure as hell didn’t expect this to happen.

» the courage of stars by judlane

“Congratulations. Consider yourself a life-long prisoner of the Galra Empire. You should be honored,” Commander Keith hissed as he leaned close, breath hot on Lance’s skin.

» the kind of hope that keeps people going; by abendtrot

Recipe for Lance: two cups of smiles, three tablespoons of flirtation, two cups of insecurity and a teaspoon of cockiness to cover up that insecurity’s sting.

Recipe for Keith: three cups of anger, two cups of “it’s not a phase!”, a dash of occasional smiles, and a giant helping of the hots for Lance.

Recipe for an explosion: put the two together.

» time out of mind by aknightley

Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

» Torrent by spookyknight

Paladins red and blue find calm in the storm on a treacherous uninhabited planet.

» What Are You Waiting For? by Basingtei

Spending the day dancing and sharing a wall at night is a recipe for a lovely disaster. 

» with quiet words i’ll lead you in by strikinglight

“Take it slow.” Keith’s voice is steady, but as Lance’s eyes struggle to focus his face is a blur. The image goes shaky and then comes clear, shaky then clear, like looking into water. “Pretend it’s low tide. Tell me about the ocean again.”

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Things Ryan Hawley has ruined for me:

  • Giraffes
  • the word “taboo”
  • the word “sentimental”
  • elbow patches (ruined because I hated them but now I’m like *eyes*)
  • leather jackets
  • ill-fitting jeans
  • tbh any piece of clothing he has worn
  • cooking
  • lamp posts
  • fairytales (he is an Actual Disney Prince)
  • my life, lbr
  • dreams (see next)
  • boats 
  • floral shirts
  • pineapples
  • owls
  • lambs
  • large bodies of water (hello Robert swimming)

anonymous asked:

Yes! It was so clear to me that the bond is not apparent to Cassian yet since he left Nesta looking like boo boo the fool the second Mor came into their tent. He's such a turd. I have more to say about this but I forgot. :( PS: what if Cassian has to be the one to offer Nesta food? I'm dying.

If I am being honest that scene in the tent where he literally SNATCHES HIS HANDS AWAY from Nesta the moment Mor walks in made by heart crack. I hope Nesta asks Cassian in the future what is going on between him and Mor. That girl needs clarification and Cassian needs to be firm that he has a friendship of a relationship with Mor. Nothing else. (Though I wonder if somehow Nesta will find out about Cassian being Mor’s first. Kind of curious how that would make Nesta react after seeing how Cassian and Mor were so close in ACOWAR.)

It would be sweet if Cassian cooked food! In ACOMAF it was revealed that Cassian can actually cook and has made meals before for the Inner Circle. So I wouldn’t put it pass Maas to include this little detail further down the storyline!

I swear if he offers her a blueberry-lemon muffin (you know the one when Nesta was obviously oggling at him the whole time while he was eating AND THEN LICKING THE CRUMBS OFF HIS FINGERS???) my life will be complete.

lolololl hiiiiiii MM Meetup 🌟

My name’s Hayley and I’m a 22-year old INFP, straight outta 707 (heh.. area code joke. It’s in California!). This is a side/art blog of my main blog, @ijaeli. MM has ruined my life since… September? omg. I’ve dragged all my friends into hell with me. My favorite character is Yoosung (he was actually my least favorite for a long while whoops) and I ship Yooran! I just really want them to be friends at least ok a y. Everyone in this fandom has been so rad, and it’s helped me step up my art game too!

Other fandoms I’m into: Evangelion, Code Geass, Haikyuu, Ajin, FFXV, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Monogatari, Zankyou no Terror, DOGS: Bullets and Carnage

Outside of MM, I’m a game animator. I’ve worked on both indie and triple A games! I also do tons of cosplay (haydere_ on IG); currently working on making Voltron paladin suits for a con in May send help

HMU if you wanna talk MM or about anything in general! Just don’t complain when we become friends and I send you shitty memes at 2am.

The clothes make the man

Birthday gift for the lovely @bxdcubes, who deserves it all. I hope you enjoy this, Mar! Happy birthday!

Also, people, NC-17 this one, although I suppose you can skip the sex scene. Apart from that, dorky Stiles a galore, humour and fluff.

The trick to sneaking into a building where you shouldn’t be is to make it seem to all eyes like you should. Stiles has been doing this since he was a little older than toddler and he wanted to get back his Batman action figure from the evidence room in his dad’s Police Station.

(Of course, he got caught that time. He was a kid, what was to be expected? But to all intents and purposes he’s not talking about the after part, but the before. And he got into that evidence room just fine and got his Batman back, so that’s what counts.)

For starters, one has to look the part. And that means clothing and attitude wise, of course. It doesn’t matter if they don a suit if they don’t own it and make it theirs, because they will look like a kid playing with their dad’s clothes and get caught. Apart from that, one has to be able to lie like a pirate while looking innocent like a choir boy if they do get caught. Once one dominates those two aspects, they’re set for success.

Stiles has a three piece suit on, a strut created by the gods and a general I’m-da-boss disposition with a facial expression to match. He also has a very nifty fake identification that he flashes at the guard along with a vaguely superior squint of the eyes (nothing more than that because some security personnel take that as a challenge) that says I dare you to stop me.

He breezes through security.

(Which is good, because he may not be wearing a coat over just lingerie like some girls in the profession, but he’s not wearing any underwear and with the way these trousers fit, Stiles is more than sure that it’s pretty noticeable… which would be a little hard to explain.)

He gets on the elevator and makes sure to keep a calm and unquestionable countenance as the doors close up. There’s a security camera up in the corner and he wishes he could put a hat on, that fedoras where still a thing nowadays… partly because he would totally rock one, partly because that would cover his face nicely. As it is, he has to content himself with using the “paperwork” to cover his features but if things go south and he has to make a hasty retreat, he can always shave off his beard and he’ll be unrecognizable.

(His partner sure will be happy if that happens, because he prefers it when his face is bare and has just been bearing with the change. Stiles needed the beard for this, though, so it couldn’t be helped.)

(Darrows and braiding jokes aside, Stiles doesn’t like having a beard either, to be honest. It’s way to much work to maintain it looking nice and to not let it go over the fence into scruffy lumberack territory. Which, for the record, looks horrible on him because more than a man with a beard it looks like a beard with a man attached. That’s how much the look owns him rather than the other way around.)

The elevator chimes when it reaches the executive floor and Stiles’ eyes dart around quickly, trying to locate any guards and finding none. Mr. Christopher Argent’s office is at the far end of the hall and there’s at least one office in the middle with its lights on, which worries Stiles but not overly much, because despite appearances he’s a pro at being silent when it counts.

And the reward he will get for his services tonight counts a lot. Stiles got really lucky with this one. He’s more than easy on the eyes (fit and handsome) and despite initial appearances he’s not an asshole whose way of getting off is having a capable and attractive looking young man humiliated and licking at his polished and very expensive shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if both parties enjoy it, mind you, it’s just not Stiles’ thing and he hasn’t been always lucky in that department.

He pushes himself forward and advances through the spacious and airy hallway, trying to look inconspicuous as he passes one of the lighted offices. There are plants tastefully placed on both sides and a very wide window on the left that extends from Stiles’ elevator’s exit to another one at the far end (locked after office hours) and he has to admit it’s an impressive view. The smell of pine permeates the air but it’s soft enough to not be bothersome. Stiles supposes it comes from strategically placed air fresheners rather than from the actual wooden floors. Overall, the general sensation it provokes is tranquillity and calm, which Stiles finds slightly ironic since this is a high-end lawyer firm.

The overall effect is ruined, though, when a voice comes right from behind him taking with it some years of his life.

“What are you doing here?”

Stiles turns around abruptly, hoping that his expression is more a mild oh-my-you-startled-me rather than a full on holy-crap-you-scared-the-bejeezus-out-of-me or a fuck-I-got-caught-what-crap-should-I-spew-right-now when he recognizes the big boss among bosses, Peter Hale.

Peter “The Wolf” Hale they call him and he sounded pretty pissed off too. Stiles may have just popped a fear boner just now even if the man looks more surprised than anything else at the moment.

“Ah, good night, sir,” he answers amicably. “Sorry if I startled you. Mr. Argent said that he concentrates better when the office is empty and asked if I could accommodate him today. Frankly, I work better at night myself, so I didn’t mind working the kinks over at this late hour.” He feigns looking and then frowning at his paperwork. “As it is, it will probably take us quite a few intense sessions to hash out everything,” he sighs as if put upon, “so I should probably get going. Sorry again for bothering you.”

He’s a little shit, he knows. Stiles has always gotten his kicks out of playing with dogs bigger than he is. More specifically, from looking harmless like a toy poodle and then turning into a wolf when they least expect it or not letting them realize what has happened until it’s over. Either of those two options is just fine, the reactions are always priceless. He knows this bad habit of his will come back to bite him in the ass someday, but what can he say? He’s a man of many vices.

But, oh, one Peter Hale is the top dog among top dogs and Stiles can feel himself pumped up for the confrontation, the battle of wits, the clash of wills… Ok, but he’s getting carried away, back on track, Stiles. But, really? Peter “The Wolf” Hale. If this isn’t a call for him to… Back on track, Stiles! These pants are tailored to fit him to the millimetre, he can’t afford to pop a full boner. And sadly, as it is, he’s already half mast so he needs to take a grip of himself.


(Wrong analogy.)

(Abort, abort, abort.)

(You’re a high class prostitute, Stiles, he reminds himself firmly, be more chill!)

Stiles forces himself to nod casually at the man and to turn around to go towards Argent’s office. There’s a pointed silence at his back that feels like the calm before the storm, but he doesn’t let himself react to it and just continues on.

“And when exactly did he make this appointment?” Peter asks nonchalantly before he can take a single step. Stiles turns back around with wide innocent eyes that would probably work better without the beard but whatever.

“About a week ago?” Stiles hums thoughtfully. “On Tuesday afternoon if I recall well. Why? Is there a problem, sir?”

“Ah, you must be the consultant for the Whittemore case then.” Stiles doesn’t confirm or deny, giddy with the knowledge that this may work out in the end even if it isn’t exactly what he planned in the beginning. “I’m afraid that Mr. Argent has taken some days off due to extenuating circumstances and he failed to inform you. I apologize for that, it was very unprofessional.”

“Oh, no harm done, they were extenuating circumstances, after all.” Stiles waves it off. “We can reschedule for when he comes back then.”

“No need, no need! I’m taking on some of his cases until then, and as it happens, the Whittemore’ is one of them. I can pencil you in right now so I hope this at least makes up for the oversight.”

(Crap, Stiles doesn’t trust that congenial smile one bit.)

Stiles plasters a bland smile on his face as he motions to Peter to lead the way and then, discarding the option of making a hasty retreat and the fun that would entail, he follows behind the man towards the one of the lighted offices. As he enters, he takes stock of the room quickly now that the man’s back is to him.

Peter Hale is clearly a fan of the minimalist trend because it’s a very spacious office with relatively few pieces of furniture and trichromatic (black, white and with silver here and there) in its composition. To the left and over a very tasteful but simple black rug, there’s a sitting area with two black leather couches, a big rectangular glass table in the middle of those and a library with law texts covering the entire wall beside the whole set. To the right, and again over a black but different rug, a slightly classic looking wooden desk (oak maybe?) with one of those ergonomic adjustable leather chairs behind and two other simpler but comfortable seeming chairs at the front. At the moment, there are stacks upon stacks of folders and paper on top of the desk, but seeing that even with that seer number of things on it it’s not in disarray, Stiles can bet that normally the man keeps it scrupulously organized. To finish, there are exactly four plants in the office, one on each corner, and little else in the way of decoration. But then again, the view from the massive window right in front of Stiles is more than enough decoration in and of itself.

“I’ll admit that I’m a little… perplexed by your presence here,” Peter states, voice mild as milk, as he takes a seat behind the desk. He makes an inviting gesture towards the chairs in front of it.

“How so?” he inquires just as silkily as he copies the man and accommodates on his seat. He then plasters a genial smile that is in equal parts amicable and challenging and Peter pauses for a nanosecond before he copies the gesture.

“Don’t take offense but the case is an open-and-shut one.” The man carries on, raising up to the challenge and issuing one of his own, and Stiles has a hard time containing a delighted grin. “Besides trying to get a lighter punishment, there’s not much else we can do when the boy got himself caught on tape doing the deed, so I don’t see what it is that you can… assist us with.”

“Well, and that’s exactly why you need my help,” he points out brightly, taking a pen from a holder on the desk and twirling it between his fingers skillfully. Peter’s smile acquires a dangerous edge and Stiles fights to not squirm on his seat at the wave of heat that it provokes on him. “No disrespect meant, of course, outside perspective and all that, you know.”

Stiles may not know the intricacies of what happened with Jackson Whittemore three weeks ago, but he still does know quite a bit because he buys the newspaper, thank you very much, and the society section is always filled with some incident or another of the upper crust of the city. Whittemore is an insufferable rich kid that is always in an on and off relationship with Lydia Martin because of how much of an asshole he is. However, while Stiles may not be able to stand him because of that shitty attitude, he has to concede that he’s also a generally good best friend to Danny Mahealani, who was frequently targeted because of his sexuality until Jackson started to forcefully shut mouths and not care about if it all ended up plastered on the newspapers or not. All of which leads him to believe that the incident of tree weeks ago outside a gay club (which Stiles has been to before, by the way) is less of a hate crime like the newspapers are selling and more of a Jackson stepping up to defend his friend and having the bad luck of just having had the tail end of it caught by the security cameras. So, all in all, he has enough knowledge of the case and of the inner workings of that club to spend at least a good fifteen minutes talking about it without giving the game away.

“Of course,” Peter answers blandly and Stiles shivers again at the tone before he forces himself to snap out of it. “You’re right. Mr. Argent and I may have missed something these three weeks we’ve been combing through all the evidence. A fresh pair of eyes could be all we need to make a breakthrough.”

Ok, Stiles has the self-preservation instincts of a newborn baby and a self-restraint to match, because he wants to climb Peter Hale like a tree right now. That sarcasm was beautiful.

“Exactly! That’s exactly the spirit,” he replies instead tracing his lips with the cap of the pen. Peter’s eyes follow the movement subconsciously and Stiles fights a smirk.

“And you come highly recommended too, so I’m sure your insight will be… priceless.”

“Well, why lie?” Stiles smiles and bites his lip as if he’s being bashful about how sure he is of himself. “I only leave satisfied customers behind so I’d say I’m well worth my fees.”

“That’s a very bold statement to make,” Peter points out as he leans on his chair with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m sure you understand that there’s a time to be bold and a time to be meek.” Stiles explains as he opens his legs a little further and leans on the armrest slightly. “I can be both, of course, because one has to be versatile in my line of work, but I tend to be more brazen when let to choose.”

“Ah,” Peter smirks and Stiles tenses in anticipation. “I can see that. Being forced to take a meek approach must be difficult for you, then.”

“Well, it’s always hard, of course, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. I’ve been through harder situations than just having to control my natural urges-” he lifts his hand to tangle with the locks of hair at his nape at the same time that he mouths at the cap, as if in remembrance of something “-for the sake of the completion of a job.”

“That’s very professional, I’ll give you that, but with all due respect I still fail to see how your versatility can be of any use for me.”

“Well, that may be because you also fail to see that I’m not only versatile. I’m flexible, skillful and I have a lot of stamina, so it’s next to impossible to wear me down once I have my sight set on the goal. But then again, I don’t understand why am I here trying to sell my services to you when Mr. Argent already bought them.”

Peter remains silent, his eyes boring into Stiles’ with an intensity that leaves him nearly breathless. Then he rises up from the chair slowly and like a predator stalking his prey, he goes around the desk to stop in front of Stiles, who has to look up to maintain his defiant look.

“So,” he says insolently and nearly grins at the way Peter’s eyes darken dangerously. “How long are we going to draw this out, Mr. Hale? I’ve already told to you that my services are excellent and that you need them, but if you still have doubts I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. I assure you I have people lining up for my services.”

“You have quite the skillful tongue, I’ll give you that,” he replies silkily, as he advances the last couple of steps until Stiles has to lean back to look at his face.

“You have no idea,” Stiles answers cockily as he rises from his seat with as much grace as he can with Peter so close to him. The action leaves their faces at less than an inch from each other. “And that’s something that won’t change since now I’m the one reconsidering this whole agreement.”

And with that, Stiles turns to leave. Before he can take more than two steps, he’s grabbed and turned around. After a few disorienting seconds, he finds himself restrained against the desk with a hand pressing his neck firmly against the wood.

“And what the hell do you think you’re doing, Mr. Hale?” he snaps at the man.

“Well, as you said, your services have already been paid for-”

“By Mr. Argent.”

“Ah, but that’s the crux, isn’t it? Because if he bought your services for the company and this company is mine… I’m sure you can do the math, sweetheart.” Stiles glares at him and Peter chuckles, pulling him up and turning him around so he can press himself against Stiles’ front. Stiles who is still hard as a rock, gasps at the sensation and Peter smiles like a shark. “Besides, I never said I refused your services, I just said I failed to see their usefulness. But at this point, if it’s already been paid for, any use is better than none, right? In any case,” he smirks as he reaches to tangle a hand on Stiles’ hair, exactly at the spot where he had just done the same moments before to provoke Peter, “paid for or not, I have standards.”

“Wha-” Stiles splutters as Peter starts pushing him backwards.

“I like my twinks barefaced, sweetheart, so that scruff has to go if we’re going to make this experience at the very least tolerable.”

The next thing Stiles knows is that he’s sitting on the restroom’s countertop without his jacket and vest and that Peter is right between his legs tutting a subtle insult about his incompetence. He also has his face lathered up and a barber’s knife is touching his neck, brandished by said man. Ah, and the fear boner is definitely there in full swing. Peter may be possibly smirking too. Stiles would entertain the thought of an adequate answer if, well, he wasn’t too busy paying attention to the very sharp knife currently making its way tortuously slow towards his jaw.

“Well, so far I don’t see where the benefit is in here for me,” the man says loftily as he cleans the lather off the blade and Stiles closes his long legs to press him in as hard as he can in his position.

“I’d say you’re enjoying yourself so far, Mr. Hale,” he quips as he rolls his hips.

“It’s been more trouble than it’s worth so far, the way I see it,” the man smirks pressing harder, earning a shuddering jerk from Stiles. Then he retreats to turn Stiles’ face the way he wants it to make another pass and finish shaving him. When he has his face clean, Peter’s finger presses inside his mouth as he muses softly, “skillful tongue, hmm,” before grabbing his necktie and pulling him off the counter so he can turn him around and press against his back. “But I’m sure you will change that. Right, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Mr. Hale,” Stiles grunts with thick sarcasm as he grounds his hips back, trying to get the reins back and failing.

Peter retreats suddenly and since he still has a firm grip on Stiles’ necktie, he has to follow him with as much grace as he can. He finds himself in the sitting area near the library and has to bend awkwardly when the man lets himself fall to sit on the couch without having a care about how he pulls Stiles with him when he does so. His intentions are clear though, when he pulls again and Stiles has to fall to his knees to relieve some of the pressure and this time it’s him between the other man’s legs.

“I suggest you’re thorough, sweetheart, because this is all the help you’re going to get,” Peter states cockily, softening his grip on the tie just enough to give him some space to maneuver.

“Ah, Mr. Hale, but we’ve already established that I’m a professional,” he smirks against his bulge, looking upwards to Peter’s eyes the way he knows every man likes, “so of course I came prepared.”

There’s just a couple of seconds in which Peter stills and his eyes seem to burn with intensity before he’s being pulled up and into the man’s lap. Before he knows it his trousers are down, revealing nothing underneath, which prompts a growl out of Peter. Then he’s being maneuvered into straddling him and fighting to not laugh because this tastes like victory already.

Stiles locks his eyes into Peter’s before he smirks and reaches behind himself to grab him, enjoying Peter’s sharp intake of breath at the action. Then he lowers himself tortuously slow, making sure to pause and squeeze every couple of seconds before resuming his way. By the time Peter is fully sheathed he’s clearly fighting for control if the way his fingers are digging into Stiles’ hips is any indication.

Stiles hums with satisfaction and bites his lip before he smiles challengingly. Then he starts grounding his hips in slow circles, wondering when the man’s control will snap. Peter’s eyes promise a gruesome retribution but Stiles just laughs in his face and makes no move to hasten his pace.

Stiles should have known better.

Suddenly, Peter lets go of his hips to grab at Stiles’ hair and pull his head back with one hand and to slip the other between his butt cheeks. Stiles jerks at the sensation and groans when teeth find his nipple through his shirt.

“You dirty cheater,” he groans biting his lip to prevent a louder noise from escaping him.

“All is fair in love and war,” Peter replies a little out of breath but way more in control that he should have any right to. In response, Stiles tries to go the other route to regain the upper hand and quickens his pace. “Ah, ah, ah,” Peter tutts. “And you where doing so well… Slow it down, sweetheart, there’s no rush.”

Stiles arches and whines softly when Peter presses him tighter to himself, adding another friction to his already overloading senses. He tries to go harder again but Peter’s hold doesn’t let him. He glares at the man and he gets a smirk in response. And no, this is not happening. Stiles is not going to suffer through this indignity alone. Either they both win or they both lose.

With that in mind, he twists his hips sharply, making sure to squeeze as hard as he can. Peter curses, tightening his grip, and Stiles laughs breathlessly.

“Peter,” he whines softly in his ear as he squeezes once again.

Peter curses lowly again, becomes taut as a coiled spring, and jabs a vicious finger in revenge that has Stiles shuddering as much as he is. Then they both collapse gasping for breath.

Several minutes later, Peter huffs a laugh and presses a kiss into Stiles’ sweaty shoulder. “Don’t tell me this is why you were growing that beard.”

“It was completely necessary,” Stiles replies into his neck pouting as he swats at his arm weakly.

“Well, I’ll admit that I enjoyed shaving it immensely,” Peter laughs and Stiles waves a there-you-have-it gesture at him, still too spent to move. “But you’re still a dork, sweetheart.”

“Happy birthday, love,” Stiles murmurs turning to look at him with a loving smile. “I’m sure you’ll love my other present.”

“I will, hmm?” Peter hums before kissing his husband softly. “And what could possibly top this?”

“Well, that’s impossible,” Stiles jokes and Peter snorts, “but I’m sure it comes as close as it could possibly be because I know you’ve been really pissed off about that missing recording.”

Peter freezes.

“As in- How in the hell- You can’t mean Jackson’s-”

“Yeah, that recording,” Stiles says smugly before exploding into guffaws right afterwards at the man’s gobsmacked expression.

(Spolier alert: Peter silences his laughter easily enough.)

If you’ve liked this, I invite you to read it once more now that you know that Stiles was role playing to fully appreciate the extent of his dorkiness XD.

Also, kudos to anyone that got that tiny Stiles dressed as a cop to get his batman figure back and that the only reason he got inside was because everyone was too busy laughing/being surprised/trying to find a camera to record it.

LUCIEN IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. (except for the Suriel) He’s basically an outcast in his family (fake fam), he found a home in Tamlin only to be ordered around and diminished by him, his closest friend (but let’s not get on to Tamlin’s personal issues right now). Then he found shelter again in the night court, only to be basically IGNORED by HIS MATE! Imagine the amount of pain that causes my baby fox. I wish Sarah would give him Elain ya know. I ship Elucian for the sake of Lucien’s happiness. And I know he can really fix Elain despite his sass, I think Elain also has lowkey sass and might be brought back to life with that. I DONT romantically ship Elriel gods have mercy, but platonically they’re great. Okay so back to Lucien HE IS THE ONE AND SOLE HEIR OF THE DAY COURT, I SCREEEEAM!!! My baby fox who hasn’t a home to call HIS own is actually the unspoken heir of Helion! I’M JUST SO HAPPY. IM SO HAPPYYYY. There’s just so much to his character, and I’m looking forward to more of his story on the next books.

On Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship in the ACOTAR series

“My note to Tamlin was short. It conveyed everything I needed to say.

Thank you.

I hope you find happiness, too.

And I did. Not just for what he’d done for Rhys, but…Even for an immortal, there was not enough time in life to waste it on hatred. On feeling it and putting it into the world.

So I wished him well–I truly did, and hoped that one day…One day, perhaps he would face those insidious fears, that destructive rage rotting away inside him.”

This is actually one of my favorite parts of A Court of Wings and Ruin. 

Regardless of everyone’s opinions of Tamlin (including my own) I think this passage from Feyre is so important when it comes to her own story, but also to anyone who has had a close friend or a lover and lost them the way that Tamlin lost Feyre (and vice versa). I love the moral that comes from it–to forgive and forget because life’s too short to hold grudges. It’s okay to never see that person again based on what they did to you, but it’s instrumental in healing yourself and regaining happiness by wishing it for that other person in their life as well.

I am enormously proud of Feyre and the character development she’s gone through, but this passage really proved to me that she’s matured, even in this book alone. In book one she fell for Tamlin, book two she fell out of love, went through the stages of denial, and developed a burning hatred and need for vengeance against him. But in this book, Feyre learned to move on, truly move on. Both she and Tamlin did terrible things to each other, both believing they were in the right. And both realized they were wrong, got even, and moved on.

This book series not only has shown us how people fall in and out of love, but also how to value and stand up for yourself, that it’s okay if your first love isn’t your true love, that it’s okay to remove yourself from an abusive or neglectful relationship, it’s possible to heal, revenge never was happiness, and finally, to learn from your experiences and move on with no grudges weighing you down. It has painted a realistic picture of people in an unrealistic setting, which is truly impressive. Despite them being Fae, Sarah Maas taught so many important lessons when it comes to self-worth, true love, and forgiveness, which I think is the best reason why this is my favorite book series.

So I’m not 100% sure of this or if someone has point this out but consider this..This is the visual novel before the game branches either to 707 or Jumin’s route. With the whole theory and such going around that Seven is aware of the whole reset stuff… What if this visual novel is actually him.. I know Rika said some similar stuff but i just get a feeling that this is not her.. They leave the name as (???)
So what if it’s Seven hinting the multiple times MC may play the game.. Especially on deep route. Meaning that he wants to experience all the good times with MC all over again… And before the game branches.. To promise him to meet him again.. To promise him you’ll take his route again.. To promise him that you’ll love him again..

Like I said.. I’m just putting this out there with the whole reset theories I’ve seen lately.. But geez… My heart aches just thinking of the possibilities.

I am legit hurt and this isn’t even real life!!! Mystic Messenger has emotionally ruined me! :(

(707 SPOILERS) Edit: HOLY SHIT I have analyzed this a little bit more and ok listen. You know how Seven and MC talked about marrying in the space station and on this visual novel it says “back on Earth” !!!1! Meaning that after he asked you to marry him (in after ending) even though it wasn’t in actual space station… Marrying there was a 707 & MC thing and he is most likely referring after the marriage up there, to meet again back on earth to pick his route & love him again and such!! Argh!! I’m so emotional!! (I know I didn’t word this correctly but I hope you understood what I meant. I need sleep. Too much feels)

You know that scene (here’s a link) where little Gaara and Yashamaru are having dinner together and Gaara asks “Why do we get hungry?” and Yashamaru answers “In order for us to eat good food” 

Like… that whole scene is symbolizing the theme that there will be times when we must feel pain in order to feel and appreciate love, like taking in the bad in turn for the good in life. Rather than talking about food, Gaara is asking, in the deeper sense, why do people hurt? Why do people feel pain? And Yashamaru’s response tells him that the reason is because then we will be able to accept love fully.  

And then Gaara responds “You’re right! The meals you make taste good, Yashamaru!” and I think little Gaara is actually saying, in the deeper sense, that the love he receives from Yashamaru makes going through the pain he feels easier to bear and accept.    

And then he has that love betrayed through the assassination, and Gaara goes on living the exact opposite way, rejecting to feel anything but hatred, because he does not believe love is a possibility anymore. 

… I need to go lay down… forever :)

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could you do a newt x reader drabble based on the song "When He Sees Me" from the musical Waitress? i think its cute, tho it might be too long to be a drabble. but i would be delighted to see you work your magic into this :D

“You could just ask him on a date. It might be less creepy than staring from behind the blenders.”

You yelp in surprise and drop from the tips of your toes, scowling at your manager’s raised eyebrows. “I don’t want to ask anyone anything.”

“You sure?” He reaches for the cream beside you. “If you don’t, your behavior is even creepier and I may have to consider sending you into the back to work lest you disturb our customers.”

You stick your tongue out at him for a second before glancing back to the seating area. “Newt doesn’t – I mean,” your face heats up in a flash, “the customer-“

Jeremiah doesn’t let you finish as he stirs a drink as he breaks out in a laugh. “You know his name? Heaven help you,” He glances at the jingling bells over the door, “And me. Ms. Rooker is here. Ready the cups.”

You stutter some joke about her at his back, trying to defuse the embarrassment tinging your cheeks and knowing the entire time he’s already tuned you out, so you look back to the reason you’re a stuttering, stumbling, clumsy wreck at work now.

You used to be the star employee. Not that that’s necessarily saying much given the effort some of the other workers put in, but it was still a point of pride for you. Then that stupid boy (he actually makes quite witty jokes) with those stupid green eyes (that remind you of that one family trip) and that stupid accent (that really you can’t get over because oh my gosh who speaks so elegantly) walked in and ruined your life. He has shown up every day for the past two weeks and spent them glancing at you and, sometimes, if you’re lucky, he stands at the counter, making jokes as you work. His laugh always crinkles the skin next to his eyes and the freckles spattered across his face scrunch together if he laughs hard enough. Occasionally, he even snorts when you make your own shy joke.

You set six cups on the counter in front of you as you watch him read. His chin is in his hand, two fingers tapping slowly against his lips as he reads some book propped open in front of him. His auburn hair curls around his ears, an apparent nuisance that he keeps trying to brush back with his free hand. You fidget with the receipt you shoved in your apron’s pocket as he focuses on the pages in front of him. Oh, he’s just so cute, you can’t help yourself. And when he talks, he’s always sweet, always a gentleman. He once commented on how the drab color of the apron did nothing to take away the beautiful color of your eyes. You swear you almost died right then and there when he said that.

Jeremiah sidles up next to you again, pouring plain, decaf coffee into one of the cups. He follows your gaze to Newt. “Why don’t you just say something? He obviously fancies you.”

You heart soars at the words, but you just reach down and grab a plate to place a scone on. “You think so?”

Jeremiah scoffs. “Please, if I’ve ever seen two smitten people, it’s you two. Why don’t you say something?”

As if he hears you, Newt looks up, meeting your eyes and smiling as he flips the page in his book. You smile back and raise a hand in a small wave.

“What if he thinks I’m just a friend?”

Jeremiah rolls his eyes as he starts on the third drink. “Please don’t be so ridiculous.”

You frown and place a muffin on a second plate. “It’s possible.”

He just shakes his head. “Next excuse.”

“What if he doesn’t like dogs? There’s a nosey one in the apartment next to me. He’d never be able to come over.”

“You go to his place. Next.”

You wrack your mind quickly and blurt out whatever comes to your mind first. “He’s from another country. What if he’s a swindler?”

Jeremiah actually stops making the fifth drink as he laughs, actually smacking the counter. “That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard you say.” He straightens, shaking his head. “And I have heard you say some dumb things.”

You frown at the counter, ignoring Newt’s questioning eyes when he looks up at Jeremiah’s ruckus.

Jeremiah notices your red cheeks and hunched shoulders. “Oh, come on, I didn’t mean anything by that. I’m serious, I just wish you would be too.”

“I am.” You grumble through clenched teeth, setting a turnover on a plate.

Jeremiah starts on the last drink. “What’s wrong? Why won’t you just ask him out?”

Your eyes wander back up to the man sitting at the metal table, shoulders curved as he continues reading his book. His thumbnail hangs in between his teeth as he focuses, gaze not leaving the page anymore. His head is tilted the slightest, and the cup of coffee you made him sits half full in front of him, napkin you wrapped around it shredded into tiny pieces.

He seems to feel your gaze. He looks up and smiles again, eyes darting to Jeremiah for a half second.

You smile back as your stomach flutters. He’s perfect and you, while you’re…

“I’m not as great.” You whisper to Jeremiah.

He stops his work, scoffing at your words, but you don’t see any malice in his face. “As me? Sure. But for a coffee shop worker, I guess you’re okay.”

You say nothing, just watch Newt.

Jeremiah sweeps up the tray of drinks. “Don’t let him get away because you’re scared, okay?”

You nod, and when Newt comes up half an hour later, you start to try to ask him out, but he stops you with a raised hand.

“I don’t mean to be so upfront,” his eyes dart to Jeremiah again, “but I was wondering if when you finish, I could perhaps take you to a pastry shop I know?”

He raises his eyebrows and leans forward, forearms against the counter, confidence rolling off him in waves you never expected to come from him.

You stutter out a yes, wishing you could say something better.

Newt just chuckles and bites his lip, pushing away from the counter and nodding his head. “I’ll be back at eight to pick you up?”

You nod, fingers pinching your arm through your sleeve. Oh goodness, this isn’t a dream.

Newt pauses, hand in his hair. “I can’t wait.”

You smile, heart flying at his adorably crooked grin. “I’ll try not to make you.”

Jeremiah was right. Heaven help you because you won’t be able to make it through this without help.

When Newt leaves with a final wave, you drop your head against the wall, ignoring Jeremiah’s finally. Oh Merlin, what have you gotten yourself into?

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Why didn't Arima tell Fura and Ui about his plans , I feel that Ui probably wouldn't be suffering this much had Arima told him that he intended to die at Kaneki's hand. This makes me so mad , Arima had so many people who were completely devoted to him and probably loved him much more than Kaneki ever did but Arima still chose him over everyone else. Kaneki lied about so many things to Arima , he also has people whom he clearly loves much more than Arima(Anteiku people).(1/2)

(2/2)). Why did Arima feel so much affection for someone who certainly didn’t feel the same way towards him? I understand that Kaneki was an integral part of Arima and Eto’s plan but I get this feeling that ever since Kaneki came in Arima’s life , he started to neglect people whom he had known way longer than Kaneki and this is so wrong.


Okay, first, Fura credits Arima for saving both him and his wife, Aki, from Lantern when they were teenagers. It was because of him that he decided to become an investigator in the first place, but only so he could protect his future family.

If Arima dragged him into this OEK mess, he would undoubtedly destroy one of the few good things he caused in his lifetime. I’m actually completely sure that the reason Arima distanced himself from Fura after that one summer was to keep him safe.

After all, Arima chose Hirako as his right-hand man because they had the “same emptiness”. Fura had his family and his whole life ahead of him, and Arima wasn’t about to ruin that for his first human friend.

As for Ui, I have a feeling that Arima had a plan for him, too. You can read my theory more in depth here [x], but in a nutshell I believe that Ui still has his role as “the hope of the Arima Squad” to fulfill. He was too biased against ghouls to join in on Kaneki’s escape from Cochlea at first, but as a tenacious person who declares the Reaper as his God, I think he’ll be playing a major role in protecting the undead from the likes of Furuta.

It’s also important to remember that, as much as I love Arima and as hard as his life was, he was definitely no delicate flower. His terrifying strength and severe teaching methods are still important parts of who he is, no matter how sad his past really was. He was purposefully harsh, especially with Haise, because his whole intention was to make Kaneki want to kill him.

Unfortunately, Kaneki loved him despite his efforts, and in the end had to take his own life.

Still, Arima and Haise cared about each other very deeply, and saying otherwise dilutes their entire history. Haise was the first person to treat him as anything other than a monster, and he grew very attached despite his plan to die by his hand. 

They communicated through the books they shared, and more of their relationship can be discovered if you look into the titles that the two of them have been shown reading.

There’s also an intense importance to their connection through Hakushu, but I’m already writing you an essay here so I’ll cut it short lol. 

It’s unfair to pit Kaneki, Ui, Fura, and the others up against each other in regards to Arima’s love, because he cared about all of them in different ways. You also have to take into account that Arima– bless him– has the emotional capacity of a damp rock. He’s always been distant and unable to express himself for a plethora of reasons, so it’s kinda pointless to trod on him for caring about Kaneki when in reality he had a hard time showing it in the first place. 

That’s why both Kaneki and Arima had that revelation at the end of their fight in Cochlea. Both of them were a suicidal mess, and where so caught up in their single-minded plans that neither of them realized one cared about the other until it was too late. 

But that’s just the way it had to go…

You don’t understand. I — I made a grave mistake in marrying Tonks. I did it against my better judgment and I have regretted it very much ever since. Don’t you understand what I’ve done to my wife and my unborn child? I should never have married her, I’ve made her an outcast! You have only ever seen me amongst the Order, or under Dumbledore’s protection at Hogwarts! You don’t know how most of the Wizarding world sees creatures like me! When they know of my affliction, they can barely talk to me! Don’t you see what I’ve done? Even her own family is disgusted by our marriage, what parents want their only daughter to marry a werewolf? And the child — the child — my kind don’t usually breed! It will be like me! I am convinced of it — how can I forgive myself, when I knowingly risked passing on my own condition to an innocent child? And if, by some miracle, it is not like me, then it will be better off, a hundred times so, without a father of whom it must always be ashamed!

Remus Lupin, Deathly Hallows

I honestly think that this is one of the single best pieces of dialogue that Remus has ever given us. This is so insightful, and it’s a really nice window into the real Remus that nobody ever gets to see. He’s not the teacher Harry is accustomed to anymore: he’s been stripped down into something smaller than all of his disguises, to bare his raw feelings on his sleeve such that it becomes clear that Remus is breaking down.

“I did it against my better judgment and I have regretted it very much ever since.”

This is a lie, but not exactly without truth. Remus loves Tonks. He loves her so much that it actually scares him, because he’s never let himself love someone else before. But he’s also scared because he feels that he’s ruined her life by becoming her husband, and he loves her–which means that even though he does care for her, he has hurt her simply by loving her back. Remus is afraid of himself and his affliction, and even though he does everything in his power and then some to make sure Tonks is not directly affected by it in any way (aside from helping care for Remus) he is convinced that just through power of association that he has ruined Tonks’ life. He feels that he is toxic to others by sheer presence alone. He doesn’t regret marrying Tonks because he doesn’t love her, he regrets marrying Tonks because he thinks that in doing so he has permanently scarred her, hurt her. His arguments for not being in a relationship with her are not personality based. They aren’t even about her. They’re about him, about what he offers Tonks as a man.

“I am too old for you, too poor….too dangerous….”

That little pause between the words is actually a huge giveaway. Yes, sure, he’s much older than Tonks, he hasn’t got a lot of money to provide for her, but he is also very dangerous and the fact that that was the last thing he said (particularly after hesitating) means that it is the most important thing on his mind.

“You have only ever seen me amongst the Order, or under Dumbledore’s protection at Hogwarts! You don’t know how most of the Wizarding world sees creatures like me!”

This is–sad. Actually, legitimately sad. “Creatures like me.” Remus doesn’t even consider himself human. He believes that he is second class or lower, unworthy. He believes that he is tainted, and that even though his body is human and his mind is human that because he suffers from this disease that he is no longer a human, no longer a person. Remus sees himself as a creature–something subhuman, and indeed something wild and dangerous. He believes that the Order treats him with respect because he is under protection from Dumbledore, but is clearly suspicious that they would not feel the same without the Order binding them all together through necessity. He suspects that they harbor misgivings about him because he’s a werewolf–and why not, when that is exactly the sort of thing that made even his own best friend turn on him in the First War? He’s suggesting that even Harry might think of him differently if he had been raised like the rest of the Wizarding world, and that people like him and James are a fluke of nature who go against everything the rest of the world believes about werewolves, and he’s probably right. (Arguably Harry would change his mind, just as Ron did, but if he had been raised by, say, the Weasleys or another wizarding family he would share the commonly held beliefs in wizard society just like Ron did.)

“Even her own family is disgusted by our marriage, what parents want their only daughter to marry a werewolf?”

I wish we knew more about whether this was true, because Andromeda Tonks was no typical witch. She married out of the Black family and rejected their pureblood mania before having Tonks with the Muggle-born Ted Tonks. She was burned off the Black family tree. I think if anyone could support an unusual marriage in the name of love, it would be Andromeda. And Ted? Remus’ child is named after him. I don’t think a poor relationship fosters such an act. Truthfully, I think this is Remus digging deep into his own fears and loosing track of what’s real. His anxiety is so out of control that he’s essentially lied to himself about what is actually happening. In his mind, how can they not hate him? They must hate him. They have to hate him. He can’t fathom it. Any dislike Tonks’ parents may have of him is automatically, to Remus, the result of him being a werewolf. And this compounds his anxiety immensely.

And the child — the child — my kind don’t usually breed!

Again, more of Remus dehumanizing himself. Remus doesn’t say “my people,” or “werewolves don’t usually”, he says “my kind.” His species. And he uses the term “breed”, which sounds primal. Humans don’t “breed,” they give birth. They procreate. Animals breed.

“-how can I forgive myself, when I knowingly risked passing on my own condition to an innocent child?”

Remus is going back to his own childhood, to his own ingrained feelings about Fenrir Greyback. He’s comparing himself having a baby with his wife to the savage act of purposely infecting a 4-year-old child over a put down. He’s essentially saying that once he agreed to consummate his marriage, to make love with his wife, that he became no better than Greyback because he knew he could infect an innocent person and chose to go ahead anyway. Remember, up until Teddy Lupin was born, nobody knew whether lycanthropy could be transmitted through childbirth because Teddy Lupin is actually unprecedented. So Remus is heading into completely new territory with his condition as well as facing his internal guilt at what he thinks must automatically be the outcome.

And if, by some miracle, it is not like me, then it will be better off, a hundred times so, without a father of whom it must always be ashamed!

“If, by some miracle, my child is spared being a werewolf, he’s going to be much better off without me in his life because I am nothing but a source of shame who will ruin his entire life from the very start just by being his father.” Remus is really laying on the self-loathing thick here. This isn’t about his worries anymore, this is him slamming on himself and digging the knife further into his chest because he thinks he deserves it. Remus can’t hide the fact that he loathes what he is in private conversation–it just comes out with his tone. But this is him outright proclaiming to be the monster everyone has always told him he is, because no matter the kind of person Remus may be he is still a werewolf and still as unworthy to raise a child as the monsters he knows all too well. Remus would rather not be in the life of his child at all because he thinks that, just like Tonks, the only thing he can offer it is pain and hurt, and he loves it–and Tonks– too much to burden them with what he is.

And so he goes to Harry, seeking to join him on what is effectively a likely suicide mission to deal with the Horcruxes. He wants to disappear, and if he dies in battle at least he will have died heroically and perhaps that will minimize Tonks’ hurt at having lost him: her husband was a hero, at least he was that.

Remus is ultimately thankful that Harry yells at him, because it gave him the shock enough to be able to take a step back and realize how far he was deluding himself and how wrong he was. He saw that rather than being the brave man and suffering for his family, he was abandoning them. And Remus proved his Gryffindor nature by plucking the courage to go back to a very pregnant Tonks and demand the forgiveness of an incredibly powerful auror. And more than that, he found the courage to be a father and raise his family even knowing the risks. Even if it turned out to be groundless, the act of facing his fears is remarkable. And this little piece of the Deathly Hallows is perhaps my favorite for that reason.

sohn hyunwoo- a guy that can take your breath away with his buddha-like smile. a guy that looks manly and is manly, but is soft too when it comes to his family, his members and also monbebes. a guy that owns a voice that is so soothing and beautiful. a guy that dances with all of his heart and soul; the way his body moves with the beat mesmerize anyone who’s looking at him. a true father material. all of the members look up to him the most. a guy who proclaim he’s not a great leader but all of his members rely on him the most. wise and patient, confident yet subtle. a guy that is so underrated that some people only know him for his great body. a guy who is like a robot, but is actually so soft and delicate. a husband to kihyun (and is verified by kihyun himself) and takes care of the members well. his charm is his shyness and awkwardness. sohn hyunwoo; look closely, you can see that he has so much more than just his great body. so, much more.

DE is seriously hella contrived [TVD 1x11 Review]

Sorry guys, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been a little busy lately, which reminds me, for the month of May I will be doing a writing residency by the Rockies. I don’t know what my schedule will be like since I get it when I’m there so I may not be able to check into to tumblr much next month or maybe everything will stay the same, who knows. But let’s get down to business. As per usual, here are the guidelines: Considering that I haven’t sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I will start with my usual disclaimer: I write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena senitments and I feel the need to say there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism and anti-blackness. OK. Ready? Let’s go.

I still think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Elena left her necklace with Stefan, like it has a function.

I’m salty that “Cosmic Love” was given to DE, I mean technically it’s given to Isobel and Alaric but it’s playing when Elena wakes up in Damon’s car.

Also it’s not cute that Damon kidnaps Elena and brings her to another fucking State, like that’s legit terrible.

And he took her phone.

I get that Elena is upset about the photo of Katherine but not talking to Stefan is stupid because you are with a man who has killed, like, half your town Elena.

And her deciding to go with him just doesn’t make sense. Just because he says you can trust him doesn’t mean you actually can, he has done nothing to prove that she can trust him, he’s terrorized everyone she knows! Seriously, this ship is so manufactured.

Lol BD fans used to like to talk about how Kai traumatized Bonnie but so did Damon, she can’t do magic because she’s traumatized by him ripping open her neck.

I’m still upset that Gina Torres was killed on this show. Queen Gina Torres. Ugh.

“Cheers to the man that broke my heart, crushed my soul, destroyed my life and ruined any and all chances of happiness.” What’s funny about this toast to Damon is that it’s exactly what Damon does to everyone around him except in a non-romanticized way.

I find it really funny that from Day One people keep telling Elena what she feels for Damon. Like Bree is all “how did he rope you in?” “I’m not roped I’m actually dating–” “Honey, if you’re not roped, you’re whipped.” Or not? Like. This is the longest interaction she and Damon has ever had and he KIDNAPPED HER.

I didn’t have levels in my high school library.

Is that sad?

So Bonnie can just take off school like that?

Ugh, Bonnie’s wardrobe.

Seriously, Elena suddenly letting her guard down around Damon because he likes pickles is absurd.

LOL Anna and Jeremy’s debate about whether or not vampires are real sounds like Steve went to a Wikipedia page.

Legit, Elena and Damon don’t even spend much time together in this episode.

Elena being defensive over Damon, “WHAT DID HE DO?” and that look of surprise when he says, “he killed my girlfriend” is ridiculous. Elena, you have seen Damon try and kill Bonnie, abuse Caroline, be responsible for Vicki’s death, you know he killed Tanner so why the fuck are you surprised that he killed someone’s girlfriend?

And her rushing to Damon because he’s hurt? WHY? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. And they didn’t know each other long enough or well enough for a bond to even be made. Completely contrived relationship.

Sure, Sheila can run an anti-war demonstration in 1969 but we won’t talk about civil rights within the South. Mmkay.

If Bree is a witch then why can’t she give him an aneurysm like Bonnie could? Like she let’s herself get killed.

And Elena bantering with Damon in the car after is fundamentally ridiculous.

Paul does earnestness so well. Stefan’s explanation of him saving Elena’s life, those shining eyes and furrowed eyebrows. Legit, in the YA I’m writing, I model one of the male protagonist’s expressions after Paul’s because it’s just so intense.

OK now, I’m fine with how quickly Elena forgave Stefan about the Katherine thing but it just makes her seem legit dramatic. Like she does the most this episode when all it took for her to calm down was Stefan’s explanation? THEN SHE SHOULD’VE LET HIM PICK HER UP.

Oh look a shot of Damon feeding from Isobel, Alaric’s wife and Elena’s mother, but this dude isn’t a fuckboy to tumblr users and Stefan is. OK.

This episode is kind of ridiculous.

Forever crying about:

  • Beth Childs
  • Felix’s love for his sister
  • Team Hendrix twerking
  • Cosima’s sweetness to Gracie
  • Delphine missing Cosima
  • Pupok’s demise
  • Paul saving Sarah
  • Paul admitting he loved Sarah
  • Paul’s demise
  • Helena coming back for Sarah
  • every single thing that happened in Orphan Black 3x06
sasusaku | “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU

It’s cute that Ino thinks damage control is possible. But Sakura knows that this is the actual, real life end of the world and that there will be no recovering from this life-ruining disaster. In the spirit of this, she has collapsed into a melodramatic heap onto the purple shag rug and stares at the ceiling in existential crisis.

“What am I gonna dooo?” she moans.

Occupied by a mirror, Ino rolls her eyes. She’s halfway through applying her new Silver Shimmer eyeshadow and has no time for Sakura’s histrionics. “Girl, please. Sasuke gets nudes all the time, probably even deletes them without looking. Lord knows he never reads texts anyway.”

“He reads my texts!” Sakura wails, inconsolable.

The blonde whirls around, silver glitter flying everywhere as she assumes the hands-on-hips position of exasperated best friend. For someone so devastatingly smart and clever, Sakura can be awfully obtuse.

“That, Forehead Girl, is exactly my point.” A smug smile curls the corners of her lips. “You’re probably the one girl he wants to get nudes from. This is like early Christmas for him. And why would you take those pictures anyway if you weren’t planning on sending them, hmmm?”

Sakura’s mouth opens and closes, reminiscent of a fish out of water as her face turns a spectacular shade of red. “I didn’t–that’s not…none of your business, pig!”

But Ino just laughs, turning back to the mirror. “Better get it together, girlfriend, our study group meets in an hour and you look like a hot mess.”

Queasiness flashes across Sakura’s face. She’ll have to see Sasuke face-to-face, if he even shows up after the trauma of seeing her naked. What is she even supposed to say to him? ‘Hi yes, we study together four days a week but can you please forget that you saw me bent over in this new thong that I swear Ino made me buy and I don’t actually–’

Her frenzied imagination is interrupted by a loud buzz. Thoroughly disgruntled, Sakura hastily grabs her phone, ready to unleash the wrath of an anxiety-ridden co-ed on whoever dares interrupt her mental doomsday prepping. The text icon blinks on her screen, and she’s about to swipe it open when she freezes in terror.

It’s from Sasuke.

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 ways Chris has ruined your life

i legit say chris has ruined my life all the time, because he’s inactive, because i’ll never be able to meet him, because he’s a lil shit who just posts pictures of his motorcycle when all we want is a selfie

but in all honestly chris has actually made my life a lot better, (i don’t particularly love my life if im honest) and becoming a fan of chris has genuinely made me happy, i am so proud to be a fan of this man, he’s literally just a great fucking guy, not to mention how talented he is!! and yes of course i find him attractive (imo if you don’t you need to go to specsavers) but even if he wasn’t as good looking as he is, even if i didn’t think he looked like a fucking god, i would still love him just as much as i do now because he is such an amazing man and hdjsjdndk now im getting emotional

also being on here has allowed me to make loads of friends who i genuinely love speaking to and can have such a laugh with and be myself with so im thankful for that aswell

the only thing that has sort of ruined my life (sooo dramatic) is the fact that i feel like I have to defend chris on a daily basis for no reason whatsoever because he has never, ever stepped a foot out of line, but i have to defend him from people who make up lies about him and mock him 24/7 (and yes i do feel like he needs defending because he has never done anything to merit the hate he gets and that needs to be said over and over)

so yeah that got really deep lmao and im sorry and i bet y'all thought i was gonna go down the jokey and sarcastic route but nahhh just me being emotional over chris again