he has a weird light on his face

DeanCas Coda to 12.06: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox. Special thanks to @dudewheresmypie​ for that line.

There’s a buzzing against his thigh, and Dean barely has to do acrobatics to fish the damn thing from his pocket.  One look at the Caller ID makes him light up from the inside out. “Uh, sorry, I gotta—”

Jody smirks at him as he all but trips out of his Tim Horton’s chair, cursing the Canadians and their weird obsession with this dumbass Dunkin’ Donuts wannabe. What’s wrong with swivel chairs and goddamn diner booths? Making a huge show of clearing his throat in an attempt to cover his beet red face, Dean nods awkwardly at his mom and Sammy before stumbling towards the door.

“Cas?” Even to his ears, he sounds breathless and excited, but he barely has time to be embarrassed because Cas is murmuring his hello Dean, and Dean is a total goner.

“Hey,” the hunter smiles. He makes his way across the parking lot and leans against his Baby’s side. “What’s up, Sunshine?”

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bakushima coffee shop au where bakugou works in this dingy little coffee shop called ‘the hideout’ with midoriya and iida and uraraka and he is Banned from making customers drinks because for some reason all his drinks taste awful but one day when kirishima comes in, bakugou is the only one out front so he makes one for him but it is literally the worst thing kirishima has ever tasted in his life but the weird cashier with the mean eyes and snarl is looking at him so hopefully so kirishima pretends he likes it and bakugou’s face lights up and kirishima is just “oh….oh” and ‘the hideout’ quickly becomes kirishima’s favourite place to hang out after lectures because it’s really small and cozy and the staff are lovely and, ok, the drinks are terrible and he’s not sure how bakugou manages to mess something as simple as a cappucino up, but he does, but maybe it’s worth it because every time he takes a sip he gets to see more and more of bakugou’s smile and, eventually, he starts to get used to the god awful drinks bakugou makes to the point where when he actually has decently made coffee he finds himself craving the impossibly bitter taste of bakugou’s drinks and that’s when he realises he maybe kind of likes this guy a lot and yeah and one day he’s there when it’s late and they’re hanging out together and bakugou is like “shit im thirsty” and reaches for kirishima’s cup before he can stop him and for the first time ever bakugou tastes him own coffee and he is Disgusted, he’s all “what the fuck?? how the fuck are u drinking this what the fuck i can literally feel it burning away my insides whAT THE FUCK????” and kirishima just shrugs because he actually genuinely likes it now and bakugou is looking at him like he’s just sprouted another head and kirishima just laughs and says smnth like “i guess it just tastes different to me” and bakugou is all “well now i wna know what it tastes like to you cause this right here???tastes like dog shit” and kirishima shrugs and says “alright then” and bakugou’s like “what?” and then kirishima is leaning in halfway for a kiss and ahhh bakugou finally catches in on and leans in the rest of the way and they have their first kiss and bakugou can still taste his awful, fucking awful, drink in kirishima’s mouth but…for some reason…it doesnt taste as bad like this

(iida and uraraka are watching from the back because somehow these 2 idiots have forgotten they’re not alone in the shop)


Jon x Sansa - All Souls Procession AU for the @jonxsansafanfiction October Challenge

Sansa first sees him at the start of the procession, before the sun sets and the night slides into place with drumbeat and candlelight and streetlight-lit puppetry and the finale fire show. And even though she always feels a little weird walking the procession while it’s still light out, she supposes she has daylight to thank, when her gaze lands on him.

He is standing with a couple of friends, a heavyset man and a brown haired woman with a baby on her hip wearing a skeleton onesie, and he’s dressed in a thrift store suit and wearing as much face paint as she and Arya are. But while the two of them have signs celebrating grandpa Tully’s life, this grey eyed man simply has his hands in his pockets. 

“He’s cute,” Arya says as she catches the train of Sansa’s eye and gives him a brief albeit loaded glance of appraisal. “You should make sure to invite him to the wash party after Flam Chen’s finale.”

His eyebrows raise when Sansa finally works up the courage and rapid fire says “Hey, so we’re having an after party in the wash behind our house, you guys should come.” 

She’s grateful the face paint is covering her blush and is already anticipating the No, but then he glances to his friends, shrugs and nods at the same time, and then looks back at her. “Yeah, thanks. We’ll be there.”

It’s still a surprise to see him when they get there a few hours later. He’s wiped off most of his makeup like she has, save for some leftover black paint smudged around his eyes.

“You made it,” Sansa says a little breathlessly, and she smiles as she hands him a plastic cup of sangria. “I’m Sansa, by the way.”

“I’d be an idiot to turn down a party invitation from a beautiful woman, Sansa,” he says, smiling as he takes the cup with a brush of his fingers against hers. “I’m Jon.”

Sansa shivers, and it has nothing to do with the chilly autumn evening.

They spend the rest of the night talking. He tells her about his deceased mother he thinks of each year as he walks the parade, and she tells him about her grandfather and the dog she had to put down earlier that year. They talk music and books and their favorite restaurants in town, they talk sports and politics and for one brief wild moment thanks to Arya, sex. They talk in the kitchen with their hips resting against the counter, on a bale of hay out by the bonfire as they roast marshmallows, out on the front porch steps once the party’s over and the guests are gone and Arya is passed out cold on the living room couch. 

“I have to admit, I don’t want to go,” Jon says.

Sansa has always felt something like magic during and after the procession, the life and love and memory and energy of those they’ve all come to remember and honor on the parade through downtown Tucson. She feels that magic now, though it could just as easily be the sangria and the bonfire heat she can still feel on her cheek when she brushes a lock of hair behind her ear. Magic and fire and booze and energy, and she has them all to thank or all to blame when she bites her lip, looks down in her cup before looking up at Jon.

“So don’t.”

Merman AU Teaser

Little teaser for something else I’ve got in my folders LOL There’s a lot more to this one, but here are some snippets for you to get a little insight! 

“Tosshi, there’s something I need to show you.”

Hijikata yawns and follows Kondo inside the warehouse only to sober up the moment they’re through the door. Kondo is locking the door behind him and he has this weird look on his face that Hijikata can’t quite place and he’s not sure he trusts it. Silently, Kondo leads the way and Hijikata’s eyes go wide when he’s shown into a large room with only a tankard in it. It’s a very large tankard that’s filled with crystal clear water, and swimming in that water is a merman.

An actual merman.

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We were waiting to cross at the lights yesterday on our way to the park. Next to us was a small boy with his dad. The boy looked at Harry thoughtfully, then looked at his dad and said in a matter of fact tone, “I like that one… He has a weird face.”

That’s right kid, he does have a weird face.

Yes Pete Wentz’ hair is pink. Yes, that isn’t emo. That is the point. Pete directly said that he’s dying his hair light colors because he isn’t sad anymore. Stop calling Pete Wentz emo. Stop saying that it’s weird that “the face of emo” has pink hair. Stop saying that it isn’t emo enough. He isn’t trying to be emo anymore. He doesn’t want to be emo anymore. Please just be happy that Pete is happy.

Bones is minding his own business when a mystery box appears at his door.

His first instinct is, as always, that it’s a bomb but then he realizes it’s not ticking or beeping or anything.

So he opens it.

It’s a suit, black with a blue shirt and blue and black tie. There’s a note on top of it that says “wear this tonight. Delucas, 8:00.”

He makes a weird face. It’s 5:45. He has no clue who did this or why, but he’s curious. So he showers, shaves, and puts on the suit.

He heads to the restaurant, not sure what to do. The host lights up, immediately showing him to a quiet table in the back.

Sitting at the table in gray and silver is Jim.

Jim has his face cradled in his hand, and when he sees Bones, his eyes light up. “Oh-” he begins. “You-I thought—if you orchestrated this then…”

Bones sits. “No,” he says. “Apparently we’re in the same boat.”

Jim’s eyes become a bit dull. “Oh.”

A bottle of champagne is chilling on the table-vintage Krug. Bones opens it with a satisfying pop, pouring them full flutes. His mouth goes a bit dry as he holds one up. Jim raises his as well with a curious look.

Bones plans to say something else entirely but what comes out is “I want this.”

Jim’s cheeks flush, his teeth catching his bottom lip. “Samesies.”

Their glasses clink together.

After a wonderful meal prepared specifically for them, Bones and Jim share a cab back to Bones’ apartment. They kiss at the door to the point where Bones almost can’t get it open.

And Bones never sleeps alone again.

The following week, Nyota sees them together, and while her credit card is maxed out, she knows it’s worth it.


Thranduil’s eyes in the films.  How many different shades of contacts do you see?

If there is ever an Elf scene that felt ‘disquieting’ in The Hobbit and you were not sure why, check out the Elves’ eyes. 

My bet is they were wearing a poor shade choice of contacts for the scene’s lighting, and they looked washed out and lifeless.  Legolas had more face time than other elves so he really got the brunt of the 'creepy elf eyes’

Lee Pace has beautiful blue/green-hazel eyes which would have been 100% canon for a Teleri elf.  The shifting shades of his natural eyes, with his dramatic facial features, and the proper scene lighting, oh my … how it could have been. 

(Like this)

External image

Am I the only one who thought the Elf contacts were weird and maybe the wrong shade for certain scenes?


@tianxia-wei-gong Teleri include Sindar elves.  Sindar are from the Teleri clan of elves. Thranduil’s house, via Oropher, mixed with the Silvan elves, in the Woodland Realm, who are also of the Teleri clan. 

Also, I’m so glad it wasn’t just me! :D  Thank you for answering! <3