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What happened with ed on Twitter? I'm seeing people saying he deactivated because people attacked him but his account is still there

Well. So many things happened the past two days.

At first they activated tweetdelete (a website that deletes all the tweets on your account)

So we all thought he was hacked, but Stu denied that.

Then his twitter got deleted a bit after (deactivated)..

The next day his twitter came back but it started deleting every single tweet on it. So it was just an empty account for a bit.

Until Ed changed his bio on twitter to this

So basically he still has his twitter, but he isn’t using it anymore. He will only post on instagram :) And this is the explanation he gave us, fans, in a comment on my instagram

His old tweets are back now. But he’s still not using his twitter

And Ed posted this on his instagram as well :)

So that’s what you missed. But seriously. Be happy that you missed the actual drama when all of this happened. I don’t wanna go through this again.


The Babadook is 2017’s biggest LGBT icon

  • ‘If it’s in a word or it’s in a look, he has got us “babashook.”
  • A conversation simmering for months on Twitter and Tumblr erupted this week, resulting in the Babadook, the op-hat-wearing star of 2014 horror film The Babadook, being crowned as 2017’s favorite queer icon.
  • The horror film, which centers on a widow raising her troubled son, landed on Netflix in 2015, where new exposure grew its fandom. 
  • One of the earliest links between the Babadook and queerness appeared October 30 on Tumblr, when user ianstagram wrote, “Whenever someone says the Babadook isn’t openly gay it’s like?? Did you even watch the movie??" The post received over 88,000 notes on Tumblr. Read more (6/8/17)

this is me BNHA OC Kazuki AKA Eclipse - he’s shy when trying to make friends, but gives everything his all n always wants to help teammates :D


Eren can’t eat because he has no front teeth.

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PERFECT COPY  ε= ε= ε= (◞ ò∀ó*)◞

hunk and lance are basically sokka’s personality split amongst two people and i love it