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Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


demon or angel?? just playing around with some designs! it’s not something i do much, so i tried a cuter style for it. some thoughts on them under the cut!

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I don’t think I’ve ever uploaded this. I’ve had it for ages, the art is old now, but it’s still relevant. Here’s my canon warden, Lenaios Surana. He’s an easy-going, elfroot-smoking spirit healer who can’t lie to save his life. Ferelden’s very own hippie elf doctor dude.


When your crush finds out about your embarrassing niche blog 

Based on this but like, with sansby lmao idek

the video title is ‘Glitter bomb! FTA’ because Sans and Frisk have a youtube channel called “For The Aesthetic” where Sans eats garbage by request. And then Frisk gets an ambulance.


“Axel chose Roxas over Xion” I guess that was why he stopped her from killing herself peacefully without needing to fight Roxas, certainly.

Axel chose the same thing he has ever chosen. Himself. Without giving a damn about either Roxas or Xion in any way that didn’t involve him getting what he wanted.

That’s why Roxas and Axel’s friendship fell apart. Because Roxas realized Axel would do anything to keep Roxas in good terms with him so he’d “feel like he had a heart”. He realized Axel had never been truthful with him, about anything, and he broke off an unhealthy friendship.

Which Axel proceeded to ignore throughout KH2 because he wanted Roxas back, and his wants were the only thing that mattered. Not the fact that Roxas felt so betrayed by Axel in the first place and didn’t wanna be around him that he actually said he didn’t think Axel would care if he died.


★ we finished season two! ★ here are some small doodles i did while watching (including some pokemon au ideas lol)

the life of a leader
  • junmyeon: kyungsoo stabbed chanyeol. again. someone pls remind me why i agreed to take care of eight children
  • rapmon: omg ikr
  • seungcheol: y'all should try having 12 kids. IT'S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS. AND I HAVE SEUNGKWAN TO DEAL WITH
  • seungcheol: fight me
  • taeyong: calm the fuck down. I HAVEN'T EVEN MET ALL MY KIDS YET. you don't see me complaining
Thrawn Meets An Artist (my new OC)
  • Governor Pryce: Lady Marina, may I present Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • Marina: *as Thrawn kisses her hand* Oh, how absolutely thrilling to meet the man who makes all those daring ascents in starships!
  • Thrawn: My dear, it is a rare pleasure to meet so great an artist.
  • Marina: *blushes and giggles*
  • Thrawn: Whose paintings are so delicately rendered, so harmonious...
  • Governor Pryce: *facepalms*
  • Thrawn: True landmarks in the history of art...
  • Captain Slavin: *cringes*
  • Thrawn: I am most deeply honoured. *kisses her hand again*
  • Everyone in the room: *utterly speechless*

I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 

“I know you’re busy but…can we just stay here a little while longer? I need you all to myself…”


He just wanted his 25 minutes. Why doesn’t he ever get his 25 minutes. Kana don’t worry, they’re just hugging, I promise.