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Thoughts on Finnian?

Finny is a sweet, sweet person. His heart is genuine despite the fact he has had a rough life. It seems he didn’t have a childhood. From the flashbacks, it seems like he was treated as nothing more than lab specimen. He had no name. No identity.

With that past, it would be normal to see someone become cold, bitter, and cynical, but Finny is none of these things. He has hope, he loves deeply, and he takes pleasure in the small things in life.

And Finny’s brave, even if he doesn’t think that he is. When Ciel was scared of Sebastian during the Green Witch arc, Finny stood up to Sebastian - someone he not only respects but has a certain amount of fear of disobeying. He overcame this fear because he wanted to protect Ciel.

Like many of the characters, Finny is not innocent, but he has a sweet, pure heart.


Live Free, Chapter 9: A Tale from the Past: Mike’s Story!! (3)

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: The third and final chapter of flashbacks catches us up completely with Mike’s side of the story; he meets Miss Julie (whom he’s never seen before in his life, ever), then has a rough couple of days.  It’s hard, being around the Burners.  They’re the enemy, and Mike belongs in Deluxe, and it hurts.

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat


Preference: His Favorite Outfit on you-Daredevil Edition!

1. Matt doesn’t care what you wear. The dude is blind, hello! He thinks you’re beautiful in everything, but his absolute favorite is when you’re just lounging around his apartment with no make up on just having a lazy day with him.

2. James’s work is dull and tedious. He has to deal with a bunch of idiots everyday, but seeing you and your bright, somewhat eclectic style always manages to pick him back up again after a hard day of work.

3. Vladimir has lived a rough, difficult life, but now that he’s started over in America he’s finally gotten back the good life he had before he was sent to prison(well, at least the money and the power part, I’m not so sure about the whole killing people thing). Whenever he goes out on a date with you, he always makes sure to buy you the most beautiful dress and jewelry he can find.

This is my first Daredevil preference, and to be honest I just picked my favorite characters to write for but if you want me to add any please feel free to just ask :)

Depressed Orphan Wombat Soothed By Cuddly Teddy Bear

Kids aren’t the only ones who feel a little better with their teddy bear by their side. This wombat does too.

Tonka, 7, lives in Billabong Sanctuary in North Queensland, Australia, and has had a rough life. He was orphaned as a baby when his mother was hit by car. Then in 2011, a portion of the sanctuary where he lives was damaged by a cyclone. During that time Tonka lost 20 percent of his body fat and was diagnosed with clinical depression. But now, the wombat has found some comfort, in the form of his snuggly teddy bear. (Source)

snapback boy
  • what the writers probably intended for the fandom: yes AH a curious BOY who sounds a BIT IGNORANT ah yES CONFLICT HHAHAHA
  • what actually happened in the fandom: snapback kid is okay ya know? he wasnt tryin to be mean or nasty, he was just curious, it was in a rude way, but he wasn't going to be a bully or spew out hate towards connor or jude. i hope they become friends. guys calm down, he probably has had a rough life, i mean he wears snapbacks on beaches, you know? i mean he looks like its so "cooL" to be gay for each other when he said i mean can we just not atTACK someone please let us NOT judge unless we arE TO BE JUDGED.
I Dragged You Into This (Swim-club-boys)

In high school, everyone was starting to get their hormones of their Alpha, Omega, or beta. Nagisa was an omega, everyone around him was scared for him, One day he might disappear without a trace,  he might be roughly taken by an Alpha. Nagisa’s parents try their hardest to keep Nagisa safe, they always want him home by a certain time, and if he wasn't home after the curfew he’d be in huge trouble! 

Nagisa understood why everyone looked at him with sorrow, he has a rough life up ahead. A few decades ago the alphas demanded more power and they had won that power, now Omegas were rare to find after most of them were killed off either by the alpha or suicide. 

Omegas were used. Woman Omegas were used for breeding, a stronger Omega was put into fights, Some male Omegas are used as sex slaves that can be owned, and depending how small the omega is they’ll be used by the government as science experiments. 

Nagisa didn't think anyone in Iwatobi would try kidnapping and selling him off somewhere so he didn't mind not having an escort to school, well, Rei kinda was his escort when Nagisa would get to his home, but for the first 10 minutes, he was alone. 

As he walked everything was normal, Everything was just the same, which he didn't mind, when he sees Rei everything becomes interesting! The streets were empty because he was near homes, and not in town yet, when he gets to town the streets are crowded and everyone somehow doesn't run into each other. 

The omega was just in his own little world. until a hand was over his mouth and he was grabbed. his hands and legs were duck taped together before he was thrown into a trunk, that’s the last thing he remembers before freedom was stripped away from him


Later at Night at the Ryugazaki home phone was ringing. Rei’s mother picked up “Hello!” she greeted “Um… Nagisa isn’t here……… No I mean he hasn't been here at all…….. Rei hasn't seen him at all today…….. Wait, wait, wait! Hold on we can’t assume he was kidnapped yet! Maybe He ran away again?……..” Now Reis mother was starting to panic 

After a month of trying to find him, they called off the search and had a funeral. Haru was freaking out trying to reason with Nagisa’s parents “He’s still out there, we can’t just give up on him!” 

“I’m sorry Nanase, but Nagisa…. is gone… We won’t ever find him, if we do, he won’t be the same, he won’t be the Nagisa we know…” she said tearing up and Haru hugged her tight. 


Six years passed.

Nagisa was running through the forest as Alphas were chasing after him, He jumped over broken tree branches and looked back to see them gaining on him. up ahead was a giant rock off to the right, if he takes it then he’ll loose them for a while, he timed it just right and took the sharp turn, losing the alphas, for now. He continued running finding himself out of the woods, but he kept running and ended up on top of someone, he scrambled to sit up but when he looked down he was amazed to see who it was. The red glasses, blue hair, violet eyes…. but he can’t stay here, His master’s hench men were after him. He was about to run when he was held back, He looked at Rei with a panic look “I need to go.” He said trying to get away again, but Rei didn’t let go so Nagisa glared at him 



Dominic Sherwood is freaking amazing. Jace is more then the sarcastic boy that everyone sees him as. He’s a guy who has had a rough life and his past is something that colors every choice he makes. Dom has done an amazing job of showing Jace’s inner turmoil with little to no dialogue. Jace is my favorite and always has been but he has brought so much depth to Jace and his journey. You can literally feel his pain and angst jumping off the screen. So Bravo Dominic Sherwood for bringing this guy to life and making me fall in love with him all over again.

ngl, i gasped
  • Boy Meets World 1x17, 'The Fugitive'
  • Alan: Cor, I know you really like Shawn. I mean, he's been your best bud since he taught you how to pick the lock on your playpen but there's something I think you should know about him.
  • Cory: You think he's a criminal.
  • Alan: I think he has rough edges. I think he's at a point in his life where he can go one of two ways.
  • Cory: Back on my side of the line or gone forever into cherry bomb land.
  • Amy: Cory, Shawn has always reminded your dad of someone he knew when he was a kid.
  • Cory: You had a best friend like Shawn?
  • Alan: Uh-uh. *I* was like Shawn. I had a best friend like you.
  • Cory: You did?
  • Alan: Mm-hmm. And when I was about twelve years old I got into trouble once, and I considered my options. I could hop a train to California. I could start my life at thirteen get a job at fourteen, be married at fifteen have kids at sixteen. I thought it was a great idea.
  • Cory: Sounds like a dumb idea to me.
  • Alan: Oh, you think so, huh?
  • Cory: Yeah. Just because you make one little mistake you don't have to throw your whole life away.
  • Alan: You see, guys like you and my best friend Richie, that's the way you think.
  • Guys like me and Shawn, we don't think like that.
  • Cory: Did you ever go to California?
  • Alan: No.
  • Cory: Well, what happened?
  • Alan: I don't know. Somehow I ended up here in a room with you.
in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer...

“Not that,” I said. I flung a hand out toward the dark, taking in the armies, and Charles, and the starved man in the wood, and the slaughter to come. “Not that. What I did to you.”

He smiled then, with great tenderness, and smoothed his palm across my cheek, warm on my spring-chilled skin.

“Aye? And what have I done to you, Sassenach? Taken ye from your own place, led ye into poverty and outlawry, taken ye through battlefields and risked your life. D'ye hold it against me?”

“You know I don’t.”

He smiled. “Aye, well; neither do I, my Sassenach.”

–Dragonfly in Amber

Jamie is technically right - he has brought Claire into a rough life, with no solid footing - married to an outlaw husband, and at this point in the story, on the run.

Just as Claire’s knowledge led him to this life. How being married to her - loving her - led him to make the choices he did at Wentworth. Choices for which they both must contend with the consequences for months - years - decades.

Come to think of it, for most of their married lives, Jamie and Claire have no wealth, no solid home, are separated from home and family (both the family they were born into, and later the family that they made).

But they don’t mind one bit. Because they have each other. And that is more than enough. Has always been enough - will always be enough.

For, as we see some 20 years later in Drums of Autumn:

“Do ye not understand?” he said, in near desperation. “I would lay the world at your feet, Claire—and I have nothing to give ye!”

He honestly thought it mattered.

Humane Society - Foster: Chomp (11/11/2015) - 2 of 3.

This is the second in a series that I am so fortunate to have been invited to shoot.  Chomp has a great recovery story!!!

This is from a post nearly 2 months ago when Chomp first arrived in his foster home: (9/14/2015) - “Meet Keiko, aka Chomp, our newest and smallest foster we’ve ever had. Poor little guy has had a rough life. He was found in a dumpster last week with his little sister. Unfortunately his sister didn’t make it. Please send us lots of good vibes while we try to get him up to a healthy weight and make sure he doesn’t have any long term damage from starvation and dehydration.”