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So i love all the various things you've written with Gavin as Geoff’s fake son/young gav etc would you be interested in the idea of Gavin who’s not even in the crew really, is just the young son of the boss of the criminal empire, so always around the crew and totally spoiled by them all (think like the daughters in mob movies)?

Hahah oh my god yes – except unlike the pampered ignorance of those typically helpless characters Gavin is absolutely neck deep in Geoff’s world no matter how hard they try to keep him out (just until he’s older of course, there’s not one member of the FAHC who doesn’t know Gavin’s got a spot waiting for him when he’s grown up.)

Gavin wasn’t exactly innocent when Geoff found him, sneaky little street brat already dabbling in the darker corners of the city, but petty crime has nothing on the atrocities committed by and for the city’s ruling gang and Geoff’s tried his best to keep Gavin somewhat separate. It’s not just to keep the kid safe, though that is of course a major concern, but also to keep his options open, to maintain the possibility, no matter how far-fetched, that Gavin could choose a normal life if he wanted.

Not that Gavin ever wanted, oh he doesn’t want that at all, has grown from a child accidentally wandering into situations he shouldn’t be in to a meddlesome teenager always poking his nose where is doesn’t belong, constantly underfoot despite everyone’s best efforts. Geoff’s rules keep Gavin sheltered from the brunt of the crew’s dealings, safely tucked away from anything too dangerous or unpredictable, never left around contract hires or lower tier members of the empire, never outside the supervision of Geoff or one of his trusted inner crew. Which is honestly something of a problem in and of itself these days.

Ramsey’s inner circle have become altogether too fond of the boss’ kid and as Gavin gets older, growing smarter and sneakier by the day, it becomes harder and harder to wrangle him. Jack’s just as firm on the rules as Geoff, and Ryan takes some serious wheedling before he’ll capitulate to Gavin’s whims, but the kid has the younger members of the crew more or less wrapped around his little finger when it comes to finding ways to entertain himself.

Of the Lads Ray has the easiest time laughing off the teenager but Michael and Jeremy can’t help but get pulled in time and time again. They do put their foot down occasionally though, especially after that one time Geoff caught the Lads stupidly letting Gavin tag along to some arms deal gone bad; Jeremy was legitimately sure Geoff was going to shoot all three of them that night, old friends or not the man was furious, big bad Ramsey reading them the riot act while Jack escorted a pale, blood-spattered Gavin back to the penthouse. It’s a tense week, full of reminders that Gavin’s still just a kid, a kid whose dumb idea blew up in his face and frightened the life out of him, whose dad is so angry, was so scared, whose idiot friends should have known better, should have remembered he’s not on their level yet no matter what he says.

It is there though, the bare bones of what Gavin will grow into, the terrible magnificent monster he will be, currently expressed and explored through the medium of being an utter brat. He really is, especially with anyone outside the inner circle, completely abusing his position to get his way no matter how petty he has to be - up to and including flat-out name dropping and perfectly timed blubbering crocodile tears.

Gavin has developed the most most horrifying ability to look someone dead in the eye, calm and calculating and so deceptively clever, and just flick on the waterworks, play small and hurt like he isn’t something wicked, like he’s not disturbingly amused by their frantic scramble to appease him. And it is frantic, lord knows there’s no pleasant outcome for anyone caught upsetting Gavin; Ramsey’s boy is never alone, not really, and any who draw his ire are quickly faced with either one of the most loyal Fake’s, always bloodthirsty and furiously protective or, worse, the big man himself. Ramsey’s always been a kill first, sigh in exasperation later sort of man when it comes to Gavin’s welfare, a fact no one knows better than Gavin himself.

One thing Gavin does share with those fictional mob daughters is the fact that he is utterly spoiled, showered in everything he could ever ask for and rarely reprimanded for anything outside of risking his own safety. It was rough, in the beginning, having come from nothing Gavin struggled to trust the world of opulence the Fake’s were desperate to give him but over the years he has well and truly come to terms with it. Now there’s nothing stopping Gavin from swanning through a closed-door meeting to relieve Geoff of a wad of cash, or asking for a car, or whining about a problem he wants taken care of. It’s no less common to see him trying to wheedle something out of Jack, chasing after Ray, dragging Michael and Jeremy out the door or clambering all over the Vagabond, all without consequence or anger, with little more than fond exasperation. The ferocious FAHC, vicious rulers of the most wicked city, each member with innumerable unspeakable atrocities to their name, all utterly beholden to the passing whims of an errant child.

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I'm a little bit confused, does Victor have long hair or not in "present" story time while meeting Yuuri or does he cut it? In some pictures he has it and in some he doesn't so I'm just wondering ^^ I especially love how you draw his long hair! I'm really happy to see you post art, it's easy to recognize your style, there is this softness in the faces that is so pleasant to look at! *sends you encouragement* :D

ahH in the present story time of yuri on ice, he has short hair and probably has for at least a couple of years since he seemed to first meet yuri plisetsky while he was still a lil junior with. a bowl cut gjdfgfhdfj;; if you’re talking about reverse au viktor since i draw him so often, i did draw him with short hair once upon a time but i deleted it since i think it’d be nice to keep a 23/24 year old viktor (his age in the reverse au) with long hair. so short in canon and long in the reverse au, whichever one u were referring to !! :D 

p.s. thank you so so much, the kindness means so much to me, and i hope u have an awesome 2017!! :D <3

High School Bucket List

au by me and kanginfucker
pairing: markson 
rating: pg-13 for swearing
word count:14000
warnings: uhhh none i dont think!
summary: Jackson has always wanted to know what it’s like to be an average high school student, and Mark has been an average high school student for four years, so they’re kind of a perfect match.


“Are all high school boys this beautiful?” Mark startles, looking over at the boy who’s staring at him with wide eyes from two feet away. While Mark would normally appreciate and thank the awkward compliment, he is standing in front of a urinal with his dick literally in hand, looking at an awed boy he’s somehow never seen before despite spending almost four years in the small school. Mark gives him a long once over, trying desperately to find something familiar about him. It’s hard to really tell, the boy’s face mostly covered by the snapback pulled down over his eyes and the thick rimmed glasses that are making his barely visible eyes bug out a little. The bottom half of his face is partially covered, not necessarily on purpose, the large hood of his over sized sweatshirt bunched up around his cheeks. He has on nice, expensive shoes and jeans that Mark vaguely recognizes as designer, something even more unusual in his school than being semi-approached in the boys’ bathroom.

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