he has a really nice back

b/c I said something unnecessarily asshole like about Nesta this morning and now I want to atone: 

I just want to say that I’m supremely happy that Sarah has given us a female character that essentially fits the cold, unavailable, but will do nice things for you behind your back, Mr. Darcy archetype. This is a type we see repeated in male characters in like every romance novel. And readers often go ape shit for these men. I for one, love Mr. Darcy, but find that the archetype gets boring the more it is repeated. That’s why i love rhys so much- he is very up front about how much he cares. And he cries. It’s great. 

So it’s been really interesting to see how the fandom reacts to Nesta. I have written a bunch of posts on how I think the conversation around her character is normally flawed because people either defend her because they love her or shit on her because they think she’s horrible. Nesta is neither perfect nor horrible. She’s just a normal person who has some issues (like anyone else in the book). So while I think that she has a lot of things she needs to work on, my critiques of her come from a genuine place of loving her. I dont love everything about her, or all her qualities, but I love how interesting and layered she is. I love that she makes for such great discourse. But I dont love that people cant seem to have pleasant discourse where they aren’t insulting…

Anyways, Nesta Archeron is great, but Nesta is still a character who can be critiqued, and this makes her an infinitely more interesting and better designed character than some others. but let me say it for the thousandth time: critiquing a character is just literary studies it doesnt mean i hate them or think they are horrible. It means I think they are interesting. 

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McCree, Pharah, and Tracer have a s/o that has a !!Nice!! Bossom! How would they react to someone making a not so innocent comment about it behind the s/o's back but within earshot of McCree/Pharah/Tracer?


I think any “not so innocent comment” that someone makes about his s/o’s bust has probably already been thought by him. I mean, they’re breasts are perfect, he’s thought all that he can about them! But he’s never voice those thoughts and nobody really ever should say stuff like that out loud, especially in the disrespectful manner that the stranger just did. 

McCree totally gets that his partner is drop dead amazing, but he doesn’t enjoy people saying it in such a crude way. He’ll probably shoot them a glare, then wrap his arm around his s/o’s shoulders, resting his hand right on one of their lovely shaped boobs to show that they’re his. If he’s drunk, then he’d be up for a bar fight with anyone who made that kind of comment.


Fareeha really isn’t the kind of person to look for conflict, and I think she’d more likely remove herself from a toxic situation than confront it simply because she’s above such pettiness. When she overhears someone make a crude comment about her partner’s chest, she’d shoot them a menacing glare, then escort her s/o out of wherever they were. 

Pharah wouldn’t give her s/o a reason for why they left (wouldn’t want them troubled with the thought of perverts), but would make sure to give her a flowery, respectful complement on how they look. She wants them to know that she appreciates their body just as much as those losers, but in a far better way.


This little spitfire would be bold enough to confront said strangers and defend her partner’s honor!

She’d zip right over to the strangers and exclaim, “Oi! Watch whatcha say! [Name]’s more than just a piece of meat, so don’t talk about them like they are one! Maybe if you took the time to get to know them, you’d realize that! But I guess you’re too shallow to ever talk to a girl/boy that pretty and actually learn about them!”

Then Lena would take her s/o away from the pervs so they wouldn’t be bothered again. Like Pharah, she’d let her s/o know in a more polite way that she appreciates them.

Santa’s hat rematerializes after lucky charm fixes everything. Picking it up, Ladybug recognizes it at once and runs up to Santa to ask how he got this hat. Santa explains that a really nice boy named Adrien gave it to him when his own hat froze, and that Adrien showed him so much kindness when he was having a bad night. Ladybug is overwhelmed with affection and expresses out loud what a great guy Adrien is. Chat Noir is standing off to the side, silently crying tears of joy.

Then Santa mentions he should give it back to Adrien. Ladybug seizes the opportunity and offers to hand it back for him. Suddenly, Chat Noir realizes what’s going on and has to run back home to beat her to his room. Cue Ladrien balcony scene.

Soooooo I can explain….I kinda fell in the fandom for those two. (….the fandom has some really awesome things omg. orz)

Those are a few doodle of a Creek au I drew this weekend.:D (they are not really supposed to be read all together as one page.) 

Its an AU where Craig is an astronaut on a space station all alone after his teammates had to go back to earth. (thankfully the station is easily manageable for one person until the other are back .) Still one day he starts to see the ghost of a young man floating in space who can only speak to him trough the station speakers (or computer speakers or any other things of the likes) and who has no memories beside his name and a few tiny details.


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(Disclaimer: I gathered all the small things he said over the years and I am in no way claiming this is 100% accurate. It’s just a general idea of what he might like. I’m not Jeon Jungkook, therefore I don’t know what he 100% likes)


  • good at singing 
  • smart 
  • good at cooking 
  • someone who excercise everyday
  • good wife
  • someone who matches his personality
  • cute but sexy 
  • delicate girls
  • caring
  • protective of him
  • mature
  • genuine and plays along with him when he jokes around
  • little laid back
  • not afraid to voice her point of view
  • likes him for who he really is
  • nice and kind
  • fights for what she wants
  • charming and sexy
  • girl who can teach him a lot of things
  • supportive
  • hardworking and passionate
  • wife material  
  • charismatic


  • proportionate body
  • at least 168 cm 
  • natural look
  • can pull off both straight and wavy hair
  • healthy
  • someone that has long hair
  • healthy beauty whatever that means
  • smaller than him
  • has pretty, long legs 
  • Celebrity ideal type: Emma Watson, IU

☑️ Long Hair VS Short Hair

☑️ Double Eyelids VS Monolids

☑️ Tall VS Short

Younger VS ☑️ Older

☑️ Skirts VS Pants

Straight Hair VS Wavy Hair ☑️ Both

Aegyo VS ☑️ Charisma


  • boxy white shirts 
  • laid back style 
  • black and grey tones
  • style similar to his
  • oversized clothing 

IMPORTANT: If you’ve ever seen “bts ideal weight, height and age” ITS FAKE so please don’t spread it around because it did affect their image.
If you’ve ever posted it please delete it.

Helmut Lang

“With more and more Tokyo-style (or was that Osaka?) bistro-cafés popping up in Kyoto, the one-time sanctum of quaint old coffee shops, the “sushi café” opened just a year ago in a student area nearby Kyoto University and Kyoto University of Art and Design. The owner-chef is the son of a famous Kyoto sushi master, who did his times apprenticing at the family sushi bar before going independent. His new little space has an eatery on the ground floor; a small gallery above that and a penthouse on top where he lives – home and work all nice and cozy together. He may be new as a café proprietor, but he’s been on Helmut Lang for ten years now. Back in his Tokyo college days, his life was changed by a visit to the Via Bus Stop boutique in Shibuya Parco. Oh, he tried other designer brands, but Lang was the only one that really did it for him. “Now I don’t even went to buy anything but Lang, and even thought of making Lang the shop uniform! At present there’s nowhere in Kyoto that sells Lang, so he sometimes goes on shopping trips to Nagoya or orders on-line from New York. How many outfits does he have? He himself has lost track, he’s got so many. "And just look at this…” He flips out his mobile phone and there on the screen – the Lang logo. Such a passionate young man.!“


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.

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16 and sterek maybe?? :D

16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

The dates are perfect. Nights spent curled up on the couch watching their favorite movies. Afternoons out discovering restaurants neither had been to before for lunch. Entire weekends sharing each other with the rest of the pack and growing ever closer and closer and closer…

Stiles has no complaints. He’s never before thought he could enjoy spending so much time with Derek. Yet here he is, constantly moving his schedule around to fit Derek in at every available opportunity. He doesn’t even really mind that they haven’t made whatever is going on between them official. It’s nice to just take it easy for once.

But still he has that voice in the back of his head. The one that wonders why Derek never seems to want to initiate contact. That worries when Derek purposely angles his face to avoid a kiss. Stiles can’t help but doubt that Derek even really likes him at all.

“You know that’s not true, Stiles,” Derek argues, looking more hurt than angry at Stiles’ comment.

“Then why haven’t you kissed me yet? Why won’t you hold my hand or even hug me? We are dating right?” Stiles says.

“Because every time I kiss someone they seem to end up dead!” The air around them rings in silence for a long moment. “Or they try to kill me. Most of the time it’s both.”

Derek is staring at the ground with his jaw clenched and hands drawn into fists at his sides. Stiles watches him long enough to see his shoulders lift higher and higher with tension until he can’t take it anymore and he steps up to Derek. He reaches slowly toward Derek’s hands, running his fingers softly along the white knuckles. There’s blood smeared across his palms and the tips of his fingers when Stiles pulls apart Derek’s fists, but he ignores it.

“Okay,” he says finally, voice just louder than a whisper.

Derek’s heavy brow furrows in confusion but relaxes when he sees Stiles’ face. 

“We can wait. Or we don’t ever have to,” Stiles says, swallowing the thickness built up in his throat. “You choose the pace.”

He goes to slip his hands out of Derek’s, but Derek grabs them before he can, squeezing them between his warm fingers. Stiles smiles at that, letting his arms hang loose in front of him. With soft gazes and joined hands, they come to a silent agreement.

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RFA + Saeran + V with a MC who has an 'emo-like' fashion ?? Facial piercings and black wardrobe vibes. tHaNkS a bUnCh

A/N: Y'all haven’t seen how I dress but this me a lot of the time ^^;; (Though when I went through this emo-phase back in high school I had blue hair and raccoon eyes but omG I MISS MY BLUE HAIR I WANT TO DYE IT BACK) I kind of went based off of things I would wear during this phase sooo;;; ~Admin 404


           -You were nicely dressed at the party so he really had no idea what your casual sense of style would be, but no matter what it was, he was sure it was gonna be cute!!

           -10/10 did not expect you to be wearing so much black and spikey… things

           -???? Is this the same MC??

           -Has nothing against it at all but? WOW not what he expected

           -You’re still the same MC!! Just…. in darker clothes and makeup than expected!!! Still loves you!!

           -“MC! Share some of your bracelets with mmmeeee!”


           -He also loves the splash of colour it gives your outfit!!!!

           -If you dye your hair he’s 500% for it because now you two can dye each other’s hair!!


           - you steal his leather jacket very often

           -But he loves it!!!

           -It’s very expressive! Completely accepts it!!

           -If you have a tongue or lip piercing he is fuCKING WEAK

           - THE BEAST, MC, THE BEAST!!!!!!

           -Ripped skinny jeans!!! Yes!!! Put them on!!! Y E S

           -Secretly loves the short vests you put on over loose tank tops

           -If he sees any black piece of jewelry, or a piece of clothing with a skull on it, he’s buying it for you


           -He knows you like black, but??? It’s so cute when the only splash of colour you put on is in your hair!




           -She’s really happy you express yourself but!!!

           -This is so not business professional MC that’s…the point, jaehee

           -Respects how well you can do your smokey eye makeup! skills, MC, skills

           -Paints your nails for you if you paint hers!

           - refuses to admit she checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -She does like your large sweaters and plaid over-shirts though!!!

           -Takes them to wear around the house and plays dumb when you ask her about them

           -“?? These aren’t yours. I’ve had them for years? Are you sure? I think you’re wrong. See, this plaid shirt is red, you wear all black. It can’t be yours!”


           - Listen here mr. bodyguard, I’m not a threat, I’m not a delinquent, I’m MC and I’m hERE TO SEE JUMIN HAN, JUMIN, LET ME IN!!!!!!

           -C H O K E R S

           -Surprised when you showed up at his penthouse in a corset-like dress???

           -Aren’t corsets meant to be more….lingerie-like???

           - what are you trying to say here mc

           -He actually really likes it, so long as you…. don’t wear so many spikes and chains and… black…. and take out the jewelry in your face when attending fancy parties

           -He tries so hard not to laugh when Elizabeth tries to play with your dangling chains hanging from your belts

           -10/10 Will buy you beanies with cat ears on them

           -Okay lets be real, he’ll buy you anything black that has anything related to a cat on it pls wear this for him MC

           -Likes when you wear high-heels with spikes all over them, they’re just so badass and he can’t help it?? But remember to be proper when needed, otherwise it’s all good MC




           -Can and will do your makeup for you

           -If you wear skinny jeans with rips in them, he’ll make sure his fingers are cold and poke your leg through them


           -Tries to see how many crosses he can put on your outfit until you tell him to stop

           -Loves giving you his hoodie because it’s so big and long and hey, it’s mostly black anyway!!

           -GALAXY CLOTHING!


           -Unnatural hair colours is an A+++++ for him!! Loves it!!!!


           -Oh my is that a nose piercing? How cute!!!

           -He’s okay with it but wow, it’s very expressive of you

           -Black, lacey dresses make him WEAK


           -Every time he sees you in any type of band merch, he asks you about them

           - secretly has a list written down somewhere about the bands you seem to like the most

           -Loves taking pictures of you because each picture shows different pieces of your personality because your outfit is always expressive

           -Unnatural hair colours are soooo pretty in different lights!!!! LET HIM TAKE PICTURES

           -You always seem to carry a backpack that’s 5 times too big for your body every time the two of you go out for photoshoots but you’re literally the cutest thing in the world

           -Seriously does not mind how you dress? It’s just a part of you, please be yourself, that’s all he asks of you


           -This little hoe likes to bite on your lip piercing and it’s like??? DON’T at least not in public okay

           -“MC, that’s my choker. No, it’s mine! I LITERALLY BOUGHT IT LAST WEEK, THAT ISN’T YOURS, YOURS IS ON THE DRESSER”

           -If you wear dark red shades or black lipstick, he dies and goes to heaven

           -He dyes his hair, so he wouldn’t mind if you did as well

           -Just to mess with you, he’ll pull your beanie down over your face

           - listen, asshole;;;;;; you’re ruining my makeup

           -Doesn’t even try to hide the fact he checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -You try to take his jacket but he ALWAYS catches you and takes it back

           -“Get your own! I’m wearing it!” “But I like it!” “THEN GET YOUR OWN I JUST SAID THAT”

           -Spike-Squad; no one gets close to you in fear of being poked by them lets be honest people avoid you all together because??? so much black tends to scare others

Sex Work Is Just So Degrading and Terrible

 I have this long term client (I’ve been seeing him for about six years), who has never in all that time done an outcall, and who has decided that we finally know one another well enough that he can invite me back to his place for a session.  I get an email from him this morning:

I’m so excited to have you over next week, I just want to let you know about one little thing.  I really hope it’s not a dealbreaker, but I completely understand if it is.  I want to make sure you have enough time to back out if you need to, and I want you to know that it won’t change our relationship if you decide not to come over. 

I have three cats, one of whom is a very young kitten, and they are very friendly, and like to investigate anyone who comes to the house, so they will definitely want to say hi and hang out.  I hope that’s okay?

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have you ever written any secret relationship mckirk aus where the relationship isn't actually meant to be a secret but no one knows/everyone thinks they're just pining for each other and if not would you be able to because they're literally my weakness and you write the best things I swear

  • Getting together was never exactly planned. It’s over 5 years of close friendship and then a drunken night or two - or six, and by then Jim was already spending so much more additional time with Bones, they might as well be dating. Though Jim has very little experience with relationships, he finds it’s actually nice to have someone to wake up next to. To have just one person to fall back to. One person to kiss, and Leonard is such a great kisser too. Jim’s never been in love before, but he’s fairly sure that’s what he’s feeling nowadays. It’s weird and pleasant at the same time.
  • The best thing about them being together too is that nothing ever really feels different. They don’t behave differently in each other’s presence, or so Jim thinks anyway. But Uhura sits down next to Jim in the rec room, huddled on the couch to watch a 20th century movie. Uhura’s not giving him the satisfaction of actually watching it, because she’s sitting next to him with a small smile. “So, how about McCoy?” she asks, and Jim turns to look in her direction. “McCoy’s a pain in my ass,” Jim says, though with a small grin. “You two seem closer than usual,” Uhura points out. Jim briefly hesitates, because should he tell her? But then, he has no idea how Bones thinks about telling other people. So he just shrugs it off. “Not really,” Jim says, “I mean, no more than usual?” There’s mostly a lot more sex now, but he’s not about to tell her that. “Well,” Uhura says eventually, “Spock and I are hosting a movie night tomorrow. You should come.” “Sure,” Jim says, “sounds fun.”
  • “Where is Spock?” Jim asks when he gets there a day later. “Oh, he’s taking over Sulu’s shift,” Uhura explains. Jim shrugs that off, but he’s noticing candles, wine instead of beer, blankets on the couch, and there’s a bouquet of fresh roses on the table - though upon closer inspection, they’re really just a hologram. The whole setting seems oddly romantic. When Bones walks in, he sits down next to Jim. With a safe, friendly distance between the two of them, though, and Uhura is eyeing them curiously. “Oh, I gotta go,” Uhura says eventually, “Spock needs my help with something.” Jim frowns at that. “You wanna reschedule?” “Nah,” Uhura says, “you two enjoy the movie. I’ll be back later.” Jim watches her leave, and then turns to look at Bones instead. “What’s that all about?” “I dunno,” Bones says, “but it means more popcorn for us.”
  • Jim watches most of the movie slouched back in the couch, his head resting on Bones’ lap. Bones just runs his hand through Jim’s hair absentmindedly. They don’t really touch the wine at all because gross. But they do eat popcorn, and then a heated discussion about the dumb movie ending. Enough so that Jim sits up straight so he can talk to Bones properly. And then, when Bones is losing his argument, they mostly end up making out for a while. Bones presses him into the couch and Jim happily wraps his arms around Bones’ shoulder to keep him close. By the time Uhura returns, though, they’re just sitting next to each other again. Just quietly talking, though a little closer to each other than before. “So sorry I missed the movie - was it a good one?” she asks, and Bones shrugs. “t Was alright,” he says. The two of them leave together shortly after. 
  • It happens a few more times over the next few weeks. They agree to hang out with friends; and then Sulu suddenly has to leave and the two of them are left alone. Chekov’s called back to the Bridge and somehow refuses to let Jim join him. Uhura cancels a hangout before she even arrives so it’s just the two of them again. Always the two of them. And Jim doesn’t mind, he loves Bones’ company even if he disagrees with him a lot, but it is definitely strange how the others are constantly canceling their plans. 
  • “Spock, what is all this about?” Jim asks when he catches Spock in the turbolift. "To what are you referring?“ Spock asks, "if this is about the reorganized archives, I figured it was about time someone sorted out your logs.” “You sorted out my– no, that’s not what this is about,” Jim says, “I’m talking about all of you abandoning us on nights out.” Spock raises an eyebrow at him, and then he turns his gaze back toward the lift doors. “Uhura seems to think you and doctor McCoy should be closer,” Spock finally says, and now it’s Jim’s time to raise his eyebrows. “Closer?” “Yes,” Spock says, “you can’t exactly deny the lingering looks, smiles, and… touching,” Spock says. Jim snorts, a little confused because surely Bones and himself hadn’t been that obvious about it.
  • But then Bones steps into the lift, too, and rather than actually speaking his mind to Spock, Jim reaches out to grab on to Bones’ uniform. He pulls him in closer, pressing his lips against Bones’ for a kiss. Bones let’s out a noise of protest, but he’s not actually pulling away. Rather, Jim feels those steady hands settle on his  hips, and Bones is definitely kissing him back. “What was that for?” Bones asks when Jim pulls away, throwing Spock a small smirk. “Is that close enough?” He asks, and Spock clears his throat. “I- yes, I suppose so.”
Ask Nicely - Christmas Prompt - Peter Hale

-gif source unknown-

Christmas Prompt: # 2. Character A is desperate to find a particular item (book/toy/etc.) as a present for someone, but it’s been sold out everywhere. Character B has one. – Requested by Anon

Warnings/Labels: Peter being a smartass

Approx. Word Count: 600

A/N: I really wanted to expand this but… Gah! Time! I need more of it!

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What Not To Do In High School [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: evil!barry high school au, where he was the bad boy/bully and reader was kinda nerdy and he always messed with her little group of friends but with her was always flirty cause he thought she was cute and had a crush on her

a/n: i sneezed about 20 times while writing this, i knew i was allergic to school…….

The day started out like any other day for the notorious Barry Allen. He stole some stuff from a rich boy on his way in school, not like the boy knew, and arrived just in time for third period to begin. This is really the only class he likes. Why, you might ask? Easy, you are in it. You, the girl he teases constantly, because, well, he has a crush on you.

Strolling in late, he ignores the teacher’s glares and takes a seat. Right behind you. Just so he can have a nice view of the back of your head. As expected, the middle aged man drones on and on and Barry’s surprised no one is sleeping. He’s on the verge of passing out, honest to god. Rolling his seaweed colored eyes, he leans his elbows on the tan desk.

A smirk blossoms on his lips as he watches your arm move, scribbling notes on a sheet of old paper. Sticking his hand in his pocket, he pulls out the only pencil he owns. Better put it to good use, right? Holding the tip, he watches the teacher turn his back to the class, and goes for it, tapping the flamingo pink eraser on the top of your head. He knows this annoys you, it would annoy anyone.

You turn back, glaring at him; he smiles innocently, pencil in the dip of the desk. Okay, this is not happening again! “Stop it!” you whisper-scream, eyes widening at him. He just smirks, gray flannel falling off his shoulder, revealing some of his black Nirvana shirt. Huffing, you adjust yourself to focus on the teacher, pulling your blue-gray hoodie over your white tank top. Notes, Y/N, notes.

Except, Barry takes this as a challenge. How mad can he make you in a span of fifteen minutes? He’ll find out soon. Raising one of his worn out peasant boots, his leg stretches enough so his foot is underneath his plastic blue chair. Nonchalantly, he kicks his foot up, hitting the bottom of your seat and making a quiet sound. No one seems to notice.

Obviously, you do, because you slam your pencil on the desk, careful not to cause anyone to turn around. Angrily, you peer over your shoulder, squinting at the teenage boy. He has his arms crossed, pretending to be listening to the lecture. You and him both know he’s not. Sighing, you let it go, picking the orange pencil up once again.

Barry pouts, running his fingers through his messy bed head while leaning forward. The edge of the desk imprints against his chest. “Psst, Y/N…” he whispers, quiet enough so only you hear; you choose to ignore him. “You know what I wanna do to you, babygirl? I wanna bend you over the desk and fuck your brains out. I wanna fuck you so hard that you’ll forget how to walk.” he purs in the shell of your ear.

“Oh my god, will you just shut up?!” you sneer, blushing from the tips of your ears to your cheeks. He smirks as the annoying bell rings, notifying everyone, that, yes, it’s lunch time. You clean up your stuff, clutching your books to your chest and speed walking out of the classroom. Barry follows suit, stopping when you come to your locker.

You furiously spin the old dial, pulling the small handle. “Why do you possess the need to pester me in class? Why?” you fume over the rattle of the locker door. Barry catches it before he gets a face full of metal.

Barry makes a pucker noise with his lips, bending down to your level. Um, because you’re cute? Because he has a major crush on you? “Duh, because it’s fun seeing you annoyed. You get this cute little crease riiiiiiiight here.” he explains, pointer finger rubbing in between your eyebrows. You smack his hand away, dumping your books in your locker. “You’re adorable when you’re mad.” he admits in a soft tone.

For a moment you stare at him; he just called you cute…. No, no, no. You shake your head, shutting the door with a loud slam and pushing him into the lockers. “I have to go to lunch.” you brush him off, heading towards your group of friends. Barry just smirks to himself. Oh yeah, you so want him.

Hey I was the one who submitted the SemiKageShira HC’s a bit back and I’ve been thinking about more Kageyama OT3s and was stuck on Kageyama and setter ships so I fell into two other rarepair hells OiKageSuga and AkaKageKen 

Because Kageyama is a precious and pure blueberry birb and just wants to be loved by his peers and/or senpais. Also literally all these pretty setters compounding their prettiness by dating has me WEAK.  


  • Suga being really kind and gentle to Kags, and Kags just can’t cause he’s never had such a nice supportive senpai before?
  • Suga basically loves Kags from the start he’s so pure and cute and so easy to tease 
  • Oikawa sees Suga being a little friendly towards Kags and he’s so Jealous?
  • But like is he jealous of Suga for being the one now getting Kags attention and puppy dog eyes or is he jealous of Kags for getting the attention of this gorgeous setter? 
  • So it’s actually Suga who talks to Oikawa first and mentions how he finds Oikawa cute and Kags still obviously has a major crush, but so help Oikawa if he acts like he did back in middle school, there will be Hell to pay.
  • There’s a lot awkward and angsty times in the beginning between Oikawa and Kageyama, but Suga acts as a nice buffer and always makes sure both his bf’s feelings are validated and is there to provide hugs
  • Really Suga is always available for hugs when either need them and he’s a cuddler in general 
  • Oikawa and Suga try their hardest to spoil Kags, but bonus SecretlyRich! HC that Kags has old money and just buys ridiculously nice gifts for both like its nothing.
  • Both Suga and Kags wearing Oikawa’s Boyfriend shirts and he is WEAK
  • Kags being the first to kiss both of them, because they don’t want to rush him and he surprises them one day and suddenly kisses every where 
  • Trash senpai Oikawa and Suga pretty much leading Kags down the path of being a petty sass master like those two meme queens


  • Matchmakers Kuroo and Bokuto ruining Akashi and Kenma’s love life like whoa
  • Seriously they try to set those two up with everyone and they have yet to figure out that Akashi and Kenma are kinda of already seeing each other 
  • But here comes Karasuno and this setter is kinda really checking a lot of boxes for both of them so cue Bokuto and Kuroo pushing them together with the help of a small ball of sunshine encouraging Kags
  • I saw a HC where Kags calls both of them senpai during the training camp and you know Kenma is SO flustered and Akashi is as close to gushing over this polite crow baby as he can be.
  • Late night group texts and Skype calls and sometimes Kags falls asleep while Skypeing and Akashi and Kenma have so many screen shots of a sleeping drooling Kags
  • Once a month meet ups where Kags comes to Tokyo or Akashi and Kenma come to Miyagi and it always ends up with a big sleep over and Kenma sleeps curled up between Akashi and Kageyama
  • not overly affectionate all the time, but they don’t really need to be, Kenma likes relaxing on either one of his BFs playing video games maybe while Kags watches a volleyball match and Akashi reads, and sometimes Akashi and Kags hold hands during these cuddle session and these boys are so precious.
  • Pretty Setter Squad? more like GORGEOUS SETTERS seriously Kenma and Kags have never looked better with Akashi supervising their wardrobe 
  • Seriously Akashi sometimes just spends hours playing dress up with his cute boyfriends and actually has a slight cosplay fetish.
  • Kenma wearing cute dresses for his boyfriends on very special occasions

Kageyama ships are pretty much ruining my life giving me life right now and I hope to share my silly little HCs with others who need their lives “enriched.“ 

Um, no it is not too early for Christmas headcanons what.

But can you imagine Lily and Remus’ face when they walk down to the kitchens together for some more tea and a study break and find James and Sirius already down there, brewing hot chocolate and singing Baby It’s Cold Outside at each other.

It starts out nice and soft like maybe James just kind of starts mumbling it to himself as he stirs the melting chocolate, “I really can’t stay…. I’ve got to go way… This evening has been-”

And then Sirius just kind of mumbles back a, “Been hoping that you’d drop in..”

And James doesn’t miss a beat, “So very nice,”

Sirius has his head in the cupboard, looking for marshmallows, and his voice is all echoey for the next line, “I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice.”

And Lily and Remus walk in just as Sirius is singing, “I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell.”

James licks the spoon he was stirring with and then hands the mostly empty bowl to Sirius to have, “I ought to say no, no, no sir.”

And Sirius is trying to scrape the last bits of chocolate from the bowl and sings a little absentmindedly, “Mind if I move in closer?”

And Remus and Lily are just standing there open mouthed behind them like how have we not witnessed this before?

“I really can’t stay,”

“Baby don’t hold out,”

And then finally, when they sing together, not exactly on key, Remus and Lily just look at each other, rolling their eyes but each of them knows what the other’s thinking,

I’m in love with an idiot. 

“Baby it’s cooold oooutsiiide.”

Done with this one at last. Weirdness Falls twins for the Gravity Falls AU @fearmyboxers​ and I were working on. This is mostly experimenting with the new tablet and man, it’s really nice. I’ll put a review for that up once I’m back at home. I’ll also put this up on my redbubble when I have a chance.

Both twins are of age in this AU, and everyone from the zodiac has inherited various fragments of bill’s weirdness. Dipper has control over pretty much all plant life, hence the grapes, but the greenery and foliage around him tends to grow out of control even if he doesn’t ask it to. At this point the shack is overrun with vines and if you leave a piece of fruit lying around, it will probably be a tree by morning.

Mabel is a human monkey’s paw. She grants any and all wishes spoken within earshot, with a few provisions to make life incredibly frustrating. In my interpretation, the wishes flat out don’t work for members of the zodiac, but if some random passerby wishes everyone was dead, it would probably happen, so they have to be really careful.

Not a fuck anyone story, just kinda funny.
I’ve submitted here a couple times a while back, seasonal holiday/summer worker when off college, the Goods at Home store.

So yesterday, 12/20, I’m working on trying to clear off a tank of home accents with one of my supervisors, a really nice lady, when the music goes off and I hear one of my managers get paged to call the loss prevention guy. A couple minutes later, he walks by and tells my supervisor that he’ll be off the floor for a bit, so if they need anything upfront she has to take care of it, and then keeps walking back to the lp office. I’m slightly curious at this point, because I’ve gotten called in to LP once to help try and stop a shoplifter, but I didn’t think too much into it. About five minutes later, the Music Stops again and I hear myself to call LP. I walk over to the phone in bath, pick it up, ask what they need. My manager asked me to come back to the lp office, which is about 10 steps away so it’s a short walk and I don’t have time to worry too much about what they could want. I get back there and the first thing he asks is

“Are you good with smartphones?”

Two grown men with nine years of college and probably fifteen years of retail experience between them could not figure out how to take a video someone had sent one of them and send it to another person by text (on a pretty ancient phone, like…I don’t even know, at least 12 years old or something). Apparently it was the most amazing thing in the world when I showed them the menu that would pop up up when you press and held on something. I found out later they called me in because I’m a current college student and therefore supposedly up with technology, though I wouldn’t call myself a tech-head by any means. I even got a couple of STAR cards, which can be entered into our gift card drawings. Just an interesting little anecdote about youth- I didn’t know what was going on, I just knew how to figure it out!

Clever Boy

So, some background. Our guinea pig, Bo, is an Abyssinian–a breed known for being high-energy and mischievous. I have jokingly called them the border collies of guinea pigs. 

Being a large, high-energy, intelligent animal he gets bored to tears if he’s in his cage all day (the cage is really way too small for him–me and my dad are planning right now to build a two-level expansion for him, but until I can get home that’s not gonna happen), so he has a “piggy prison” playpen in the back room. This is a safe, enclosed indoor area, and he gets to run around a bit and play with some toys. He has water and food and a litter box, it’s a nice setup.

Unfortunately my dad doesn’t quite get the basic point of providing enrichment, which is that it needs to be interesting, providing him with things to do and figure out and explore. This means nothing in his playpen has been changed to provide new stimuli in, like, a month and a half.

Bo was bored.

Bo decided the playpen was boring, and began systematically testing the hinges in an attempt to find somewhere more interesting. Bo has now discovered the part of the pen that he can lift off the hinge with his teeth in order to open it. They have learned to open doors. Nowhere is safe.

Girls Night-Part 9

Title: Girls Night-Part 9

Pairing: MoC!Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff, mention of sex (no details this time)

Word Count:1928

A/N: Just a heads up, this has not been beta’d and I’m finishing it at like 1:10 am-I’ll go back through tomorrow and fix any errors. Outside of that, I’ve got a nice little surprise(?) in here! Did you have a feeling? Send me your feedback!!!

*edit created by @strictlyncisconfessions*

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Has it really been that long? Sheesh. This was our first coffee without the director-artist title. We were already friends since 2012. He was no longer in shorts and tshirts. He wore a nice shirt that day and some cologne, and bracelets that his niece Soraya made for his birthday.

Ofcourse there were times after that we went missing in each others lives, only to come back laughing at ourselves. Look at us! Trying to get rid of each other and failing. Sorry for being such a dumbass! I love you!