he has a purpose now!

“I met him five years ago. He answered an advertisement that I posted for cleaning services. His place was a mess. He was living like a hermit. He was a hypochondriac. His wife passed away in 2007, so he was just sitting around on the computer and waiting to die. Now we are like family. I visit him every day. We have over 5,000 pictures together. We go shopping. We go on walks. He even cooks now. He has given me a purpose. All of his accomplishments make me proud. Sometimes I feel like I’ve created a monster! He’s become a completely different person.“

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I’m not sure why I edited this… then again the scene was exactly like this but the panels were changed so, is really not that different, lol.


neal cassidy/baelfire appreciation week
day 5: favorite relationship
neal + henry

               “That’s the single biggest motivating factor for him – his son, more than anything. When he found out he had a son, that was the first time he had purpose in this world. Now he has the opportunity to be the dad he always wanted for himself.” – Michael Raymond-James (x)

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Moss agate and amethyst!

moss agate: if my muse has a high or low opinion of themself

Jack used to have a high opinion in himself, he thought that he was a strong skilled warrior that contained a truthful heart and a the choice of justice. But as years passed Jack’s opinion on himself has lowered. He feels as if his skills and knowledge has not grown and he has learned nothing but the sorrow that Aku has brought to him and others. He has abandoned his purpose and his family. He now does not care about his health or actions. This is why he does not tend himself or keep himself clean. He fights with no reason and only uses his skill when he chooses to rather than what it right

amethyst: what my muse would most like to be able to shape-shift into

Jack has never really thought himself as anything else than himself but there are times ,when he is at his lowest moment, where he wishes for himself to just,,,disappear from existence. Where he does not have to hold his own burden or pain on himself. Where he doesn’t have to see his hallucinations and guilt every day. He is honestly just so tired.

Slow track

Jim cursed as he leaned against the wall. He missed it so much. What possessed him to leave Star Fleet after defeating the Narada? Oh wait. He decided to not give Star Fleet and chance to remove him from the command track. But now he has no purpose, trying his best to make a life.

With alcohol, trips to the bars, and working odd jobs here and there.

But what hurt most was that no one cared to even know he had originally joined Star Fleet, even if he left it in the end. They all thought he was the same man he was three years ago…and the new woman living here didn’t help matters. She seemed to have it out for him and she was nasty. Jim was sure her daughter, which he had seen in passing, was miserable.

He shook his head, trying not to think of the present or the past. He had no reason to hold onto those. He moved away from the wall and then stepped into the bar, heading for the main bar. The bartender nodded at him and went for Jim’s choice of drink. Jim slid into a stool, only glancing at the girl there. Of course it’s that horrid woman’s daughter. He tipped his drink to her before getting a drink. She looked miserable.


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We see your love for Ali, Daivari, Jack and Aries, what is your opinion on others like Neville, THE Brian Kendrick, Tozawa, etc etc.

Hahah none will love Neville as much as the very talented @pigeoness does so I won’t say I’m an ur-fan of him, but holy shit did the Cruiserweight title give him the boost he needed to propel him back to the legitimacy he held when he was NXT champion. Also his characterization is perfect. For me, his outrage can be a little cartoonishly overblown sometimes, I much prefer the subtle snideness of his NXT incarnation but this is way better that the face with a cape who was lacking purpose and a drive, both which he has in spades now. 

I think I’ve spoken briefly about Tozawa a short while back. I love his intensity and the energy he brings to the match, and there’s actually a lot of humor to be derived from it. He’s one of the straightlaced athlete archetypes ie. no particular deference to being a face or a heel as long as he can go out there and pummel people so characterization I think is not huge forte here but he’s amazing to watch in the ring. I also want him to be less confused and rigid about ring decorum and just fucking destroy anyone who looks at him wrong and mocks his limited English before he implodes on himself. Like:

Brian Kendrick. He plays the sneering veteran who thinks the world owes him a living to a T and I lovehate it. He’s brilliant at what he does, and I like how his character evolved through the CWC because on one hand you know exactly why he’s the way he is and you can even sympathize with it but on the other hand, you can’t agree with his attitude/tactics for ensuring that his final run here is worth a damn.  Asides me wanting Tozawa to punch his mush in releatedly, he’s pretty great eueb.

just jihoon moments..

remember during seventeen tv when jihoon sang to justin bieber’s boyfriend or when he got kissed by seungcheol or when he was attacking mingyu with his guitar and mingyu was holding into that door for dear life or when he was shaking wonwoo vigorously like a dummy or when he would look into the camera and do aegyos or when he hit those CRAZY FRE AKING HIGH NOTES LIKE WTH MAN and when he had that intense dance battle with soonyoung or when he was trying to each wonwoo how to pronounce “girl” aND LOTS MORE OF OTHER MOMENTS BUT I JUST WANNA SAY THAT THIS BOY IS INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS


For amtrak12, “because I’m emotional about Ralph choosing to dress up like Walter.”

Fun Facts about Age of Ultron released by Disney

1. Hulk got a welcomed upgrade to his wardrobe with the addition of stretchy pants, which he wears underneath his clothes. No more will he be caught in the embarrassing situation of being half-naked in shredded clothing when he Hulks-out—the pants, made of high-tech, microfiber fabric, stretch with him.

2. Thanks to Tony Stark’s engineering skills, Hawkeye received an upgrade to his weaponry. He now has many new arrow tips that serve different purposes. Some of these are explained in the movie and others the audience will just get the joy of seeing deployed on screen. Hawkeye’s quiver has also changed—it is more automated and faster loading, and is capable of holding nine arrows.

3. Hawkeye’s bow also received a makeover, with the classic black color being changed to maroon. Added features to the bow include an infrared-sighting device and a sonic-sighting device.

4. An exciting change was also made to Captain America’s shield. It now has the ability to be called back, much like the Iron Man suits. Instead of having two handles in the back, the shield now has a magnetic element that clips onto Cap’s gauntlet.

5. Courtesy of Tony Stark, Black Widow gets to flaunt new fighting batons, which are based on Escrima Sticks. But Black Widow’s two sticks are charged exactly the same as her stingers, so when she jabs, she is not only striking her opponent, but delivering a massive jolt of power as well.

6. On this film, production designer Charles Wood and his team built an enormous, new Avengers Tower set that is the largest set ever built for a Marvel film. Much of the movie takes place there on its many different levels. A large expanse of glass opens the view to New York City and one can also see a hangar for the Quinjet. The multiple environments are all connected, with the ability to move from downstairs to upstairs and vice versa.

7. The Avengers Tower set is designed to serve the story in multiple ways. In the movie, the Tower, designed and built by Tony Stark, is a gathering place for The Avengers—a place to plan, do business, relax or study. There is a lounge area, three laboratory areas plus a machine room, a gym, a relaxation area and a locker room. The Tower was also designed to provide everything Tony Stark needs for his work and research.

8. New characters entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the comic book world are Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), who have powers that have not yet been seen on screen. Pietro is lightning fast and Wanda possesses the power of telekinesis, and she is able to fire neurons in people’s brains remotely using her powers and as a result can manipulate their minds.

9. Another new character on The Avengers team is Vision, played by Paul Bettany, who previously had voiced Jarvis in the Iron Man films. He’s an artificial life form whose look is truly unique. Vision’s powers are spectacular and he represents a new power base for The Avengers team.

10. The Hulkbuster is an iconic piece of Iron Man tech—a prebuilt super-suit designed to take on the Hulk. The Hulkbuster Armor was developed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, after they studied the Hulk’s physical actions and strength levels in an effort to find a way to contain him and minimize the damage caused by his rages. A satellite in low orbit is always around Banner and at a moment’s notice, Tony Stark can deploy the Hulkbuster armor, get into it and stop the Hulk in his tracks—theoretically.

11. The redesigned Quinjet has a more militaristic look this time around and the pilots are now able to have a good look at the environment around them while flying. The design of the canopy was based on a helicopter cockpit with glass in front and below, which will give audiences a tremendous sense of speed when the Quinjet is flying through city airspace. The interior has been stripped down to a more utilitarian, sleek space as well, with many of the luxurious finishes and padding removed for an edgier look.

12. A unique asset to the production in Seoul was the use drones and remote control cars to put the camera in places that could never be achieved by camera operators or helicopters. The production enlisted the expertise of brothers Menstru Pa, who is the Korean National Champion in drone flying, and Pak Min Keu, who is the Korean National Champion in remote car racing.

13. Dressing the Super Heroes for a pivotal party scene was a task that fell to veteran costume designer Alexandra Byrne. Since it is the first time that Thor has ever been seen in party clothes, Byrne worked with Chris Hemsworth to find the right combination of jeans, jacket and shirt that would dress his shape and not look themed or fancy. Dressing Tony Stark was easier, especially since Robert Downey Jr. wanted a very sophisticated look. Subsequently it was off to London’s famous Savile Row for tailoring. After five fittings, Tony Stark emerged looking quite elegant.


I found a few new bisexual titles from this queer media masterpost:

  • One For Sorrow by Christopher Barzak
    Adam McCormick had just turned fifteen when the body was found in the woods. It is the beginning of an autumn that will change his life forever. Jamie Marks was a boy a lot like Adam, a boy no one paid much attention to—a boy almost no one would truly miss. And for the first time, Adam feels he has a purpose. Now, more than ever, Jamie needs a friend. (TW for murder, death)
  • The Boudica Series by Manda Scott
    It is 33 AD and eleven-year-old Breaca (later named Boudica), the red-haired daughter of one of the leaders of the Eceni tribe, is on the cusp between girl and womanhood. She longs to be a Dreamer, a mystical leader who can foretell the future, but having killed the man who has attacked and killed her mother, she has proven herself a warrior. (by ivyelevast )

pokemon go humanstuck au: karkat’s dad is a preacher and the church is a gym. dave initially claimed it w a weedle named buttplug but terezi took over & has a charizard named Gay jesus. hangouts at the pokestop bring your own incense

Something just occurred to me that makes Dean’s story even more tragic.

Prior to season 4, Dean’s self-confidence and self-worth was practically nonexistent. But then an angel rescues him from Hell and tells him that he’s wrong to believe he doesn’t deserve to be saved. Dean is told that God himself has commanded it, that there’s work for Dean.

Dean is of course suspicious, but we can see that he’s really trying to believe this, trying to believe that he has a purpose now, that there’s something he can do to help. Even as he’s realizing that the angels are mostly dicks and that they’re playing a dirty game, he still has that “we need you”, “you can defeat Lilith and stop Lucifer” thing to hold on to. There are people (okay, angels) telling him that he, Dean Winchester, is important, that he can do something good for the world.

Which, considering how low he’s feeling in season 4 (depression and self-loathing because of torturing souls and breaking the first seal, fear for Sam and sometimes fear of Sam, uncertainty and confusion etc.), must be one of the few things helping him stay afloat, so to say. Because he matters. His life means something.

And then he learns that it’s not really him – his personality, his expertise, his skills and abilities – that the angels are after. That his big, heroic task lies in losing himself, giving his body over to someone else who will do all the saving. It has nothing to do with who he is, it doesn’t matter if he’s a good person, if he’s worth saving or not. He simply had to be saved from Hell because he’s in the right bloodline to become Michael’s vessel. So he, as an individual, doesn’t really mean anything after all.

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Title: More than a song
Word count: 660
Summary:  After the funeral, Bilbo puts on the ring, slips away from the others, and goes to see Thorin one last time.

On Ao3.

Bilbo slips off the ring and comes to stand before the stone bier on which Thorin Oakenshield is laid. It ought to be easier seeing it now for having seen it before, but still his face twists in a grimace, and something knots painfully in his belly.

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