he has a purpose now!


Reaper is without doubt a patient tactician but boring war council sometimes needs fast decision.

Aka the mandatory Doomfist fanart I needed to do.

“I met him five years ago. He answered an advertisement that I posted for cleaning services. His place was a mess. He was living like a hermit. He was a hypochondriac. His wife passed away in 2007, so he was just sitting around on the computer and waiting to die. Now we are like family. I visit him every day. We have over 5,000 pictures together. We go shopping. We go on walks. He even cooks now. He has given me a purpose. All of his accomplishments make me proud. Sometimes I feel like I’ve created a monster! He’s become a completely different person.“

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Almost everyone that knows Niklaus wonder how a vengeful monster like him can deeply love and care for another, like you. In these 1000+ years of living, he’s never met someone like you. Aside from Rebekah and Elijah, you were the only person who can look past his flaws and accept him for who he is. Because of you, he feels that his existence now has a purpose. He is now dedicated only to you and his child. 

Klaus was elsewhere taking care of ‘business’ while you stayed at the Mikaelson compound and watched TV in the bedroom that you and Klaus share, laying on the comfy California king bed. 

Of course, Klaus always felt the need to have some sort of bodyguard with you at all times, so Elijah offered to stay and keep watch. Whenever you got hungry, you didn’t mind making yourself food, but you know how the Mikaelson brothers are with you, they treat you as if you’re a delicate little flower carrying Klaus’ child. So, Elijah had food delivered to the compound.

You were enjoying your food in bed until your phone rang, it was your boyfriend, Klaus.

“Hello sweetheart.” Klaus greeted through the phone.

“Hi. Checking up on me again?” You said to Klaus. Although you appreciate his concern, he literally has been calling every 30 minutes since he left.

“Of course, love. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t?”

“I know I know. But Elijah’s here.” Elijah, sitting on the bed next to you, looked at you after hearing his name, then you looked at him and smiled. ”I’m perfectly safe and so is our baby.” Now being 4 months pregnant, you looked down at your small belly, rubbing it. Your cheeks blushed red at the thought of how utterly happy you are carrying the hybrid’s baby.

“Perfect. I’ll see you soon, love.” Klaus hangs up the phone with a smile on his face. Oh, how he cannot wait to come home to you.

And Some by Virtue Fall

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Summary: When unfortunate circumstances force you to seek help from one of the dancers in a stripping club, your life gives a sudden turn for the unexpected.

Warnings: swearing. Strupper! Bucky which is a warning in itself… anyways this is dirty yo! 18+ Only

Word count: 4757

A/N: This is my submission for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge! My prompt was “lap dance” and while this isn’t specifically a lap dance it certainly gets very, very close… *ahem*

I’m so exited a bout this and how it turned out… hope you enjoy!

A thousand thanks to my sweet yogurt wife Kumi @rotisserierogers for betaing this for me… I love you.

He is breathtaking. The stage lights shine bright above his head, drawing all the attention in the room to him in his black pants and shirt, hair tousled and falling over his eyes in soft curls. He looks almost angelic, standing in the middle of the crowded place.

It’s only too bad that he’s anything but.

The room comes alive the moment the lights turn on, the slight smell of sweat floating through the air, carrying a mixture of scents that you know all too well; excitement, drunkenness, lust. It’s a full house tonight; an important night. You see it in the glasses, filled almost to the brim with sweet liquor, in the delicate lace barely covering the girls’ bodies and the hooded eyes of the men who beckon them with their fingers; it’s in the soft moans and grunts that fill the room and in the hooded gazes thrown around like confetti. It’s in the very air of the place, sticking to your skin like perspiration and making your body tingle; hyper aware of every nerve in your body as you’re overwhelmed with the atmosphere of the club.

You don’t like it.

 Every single cell in your body is practically screaming at you to leave, unease bubbling in your stomach with every passing second and your heart beating faster every time the waitresses as much as graze a hair on your body. Even through your multiple layers of clothes, you still feel naked under the people’s gazes. But the second the lights dim and the reflectors come to life over the round stage, it’s as if time was pulling to a sudden stop.

 He’s the reason you’re here—the man walking up to the stage—and judging by the way the room grows silent at the sight of him, you can guess you’re not the only one particularly interested in seeing him. Even if your motives are entirely different than everyone else’s.

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DA:2 companions react to Hawke and Fenris' baby

I… I love you for this anon. I am baby trash and I am Fenris trash. I am trash.

Aveline: She isn’t quite sure, at first, that they’ll be good parents, but she quickly changes her mind when she sees how careful and loving both parents are with their new baby. She knows that this kid is going to end up being as fierce as a dragon and their parents will love them more than anything. She’ll be around for when they run into trouble.

Merrill: She oohs and ahhs and makes funny faces to make the kid laugh. All she had to do was take one look at the happy, proud, sleep-deprived parents to know that this was going to be the best thing for them all. She frequently babysits and tells Dalish stories to get the kid to sleep.

Sebastian: The baby is a gift from the Maker, but the way Hawke and Fenris both look at the child is a miracle. Like Aveline, he wasn’t quite sure at first. Both of them have dealt with such loss and pain. Fenris especially has a tendency to be a bit antagonistic. Yet he could never question that they will be wonderful parents.

Varric: This is going to make for a crazy addition to his book! There’s no denying that this kid is probably simultaneously very safe and very in danger. Most of the city of Kirkwall would rise up in defense of their Champion’s kid, but there were also a lot of factions that might try to hurt Hawke and Fenris using their beloved baby. He starts paying off the Carta to keep an ear out for anyone who might hurt the kid.

Isabela: The sight of Hawke and Fenris with their new baby is the cutest thing she’s ever seen. She’s going to teach that kid how to hold their liquor and all the dirty limericks she’s ever known. And Auntie Isabela will always be around to help make mischief.

Anders: If the baby is biologically Hawke’s and Fenris’, he insists on being the one to deliver it. Even though he and Fenris don’t really get along, Hawke is his friend and he wants to do this. But even if the child is adopted, he’s always there to help. He’ll heal scraped knees and bruised elbows. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen Hawke so happy, and even Fenris smiles, so he’s going to do everything he can to make sure they all stay safe.

Bethany: She’s going the be the best aunt ever. Whenever she can find the time to visit her sibling, she’s there, holding the child and playing with them. She knows her sibling and Fenris both have issues, but who doesn’t? She knows from personal experience that this child will be loved and treasured forever.

Carver: He finds the concept of his sibling being a parent kind of strange. Somehow, he’d never really thought it would happen, maybe because of all the years when they had to essentially parent him. He feels kind of bad for that and he makes up for it by helping out with baby care in whatever way he can. If he’s a Templar, he spends most of his down time with the baby. If he’s a Warden, he sends back unique toys or interesting baby clothes from wherever he’s stationed. And he protects both his sibling and their kid from any threat.

Fenris: The first time he holds his baby, he’s terrified. What if he drops them? What if his lyrium can hurt them? What if he’s a terrible dad? But the moment the child is settled in his embrace, all thought flee except that he will protect this child with his life if he has to. He has a purpose now, and responsibility. He knows he’d do anything for his child. He grins at Hawke, wanting to share this feeling. He knows it’s going to be a bumpy road, but he also knows that they’ll make it. It’s going to be wonderful.


Blue Hawke: They are going to nurture their child if it kills them. This baby is everything. They lean against Fenris, their baby snug in their arms, and they know everything is perfect.

Purple Hawke: They have a feeling that this baby is going to be a handful and probably take after them a little too much. If Fenris thinks one Hawke in the house is hard to deal with? Oh, just wait! It’s going to be amazing and overwhelming and crazy and perfect.

Red Hawke: If anyone so much as sneezes too close to their child, there will be hell to pay. No one will ever threaten their family, no matter what. They’ve lost too much. Never again. This baby is beautiful and they know Fenris will be there through it all, just as fiercely protective. This family will be perfect.

I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly...

… to be fearful of the night. 

set in 6x21/22. featuring a ring, an arrow and a crib. for @audreysl0ve, @teresa-ortiz, @cruellasdarling and @thisisamadhouse

He follows her.

To the moon and back, there was this old saying in her world, and it seems he’s doing just that – to go with her, no matter what. Her son threatens to kill her every time their paths cross in some way, and it’s… too much. She can’t stay here – in this realm of wishes where the fake Henry is the only family she has left, and he hates her.

So they purchase a bean – in some obscure way, he takes care of it – and they land in her castle, and she’s still holding his hand as they fall to the ground in the courtyard.
He’s… different. Different from the old Robin, that is for sure. Less soft, rougher, he lacks that shades of fatherhood and that quiet wisdom he had. This Robin is more impulsive, darker, and… they fit.

Surprisingly, they fit. 

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“Does it hurt?”

Again, that long, slow blink; as though it’s weighing him as he is now, hands and knees in the dirt. It’s a stupid question, and he knows it - dying always hurts. Palamon taught him that much. 

It answers anyway.

“I imagine it does.”

For a moment, he feels like running.

“He’s dead, then. For the last time.”

“All light casts a shadow,” says the Ghost. Jaren’s Ghost. His Ghost, now. He doesn’t know if he’s meant to laugh.

He wonders if this is how Jaren always felt, if one day he’ll learn to live with the sword that now hangs over him, heavy not just with doom and danger but with the weight of responsibility.

“Will you help me find him?”

Again, that horrible silhouette, the fire and the screams. The bark of Jaren’s cannon. The hiss of something rotten.

The Ghost turns and tilts, whirrs on its axes, stares into the noonday sun.

“I do not think it will be hard.”

He nods, as though he thinks the same, as though he knows that even were he to run, he could never outrun this. When he looks up at the Ghost, the world settles, and everything he’s brought with him - the ash that clouds his nightmares, the hot coal of fury he took from the ruins of his hometown, the Ghost of a dead man floating before him - coalesces. Weight. The moment has weight. He recognizes the sensation from his childhood, as though he’s outside of himself looking in; the feel of The Last Word, Loken’s dead eyes, a shadow in the night - he can see them laid out in a line, bringing him to this moment, to this choice.

To a spark offering a bargain. He wonders if he should be thankful. He wonders if he is a puppet.

The old anger kindles inside him again, and that faded coal begins to glow. He holds it back, just for now, because he has a purpose once more and he needs to see it, whole, without the shimmer of anger to distort it. But he lets it build, somewhere beyond his knowing, because long ago he learned the truth he once felt in the weight of Jaren’s cannon: there will always be monsters in the shadows. 

He’ll just have to shine that much brighter.

He exhales, and some of the panic fades. From the ground where a boy knelt, a Gunslinger rises.

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I've seen your texts on Anders meta tags and found then to be heart endearing, which is great. In one you wrote on how people say he isn't romantic. I think it comes from the feeling of being used as an asset for the Chantry kaboom, like, if you break up with him before the final battle there's little/no hint of it upsetting him, or if you reject his first approach or step back when he asks to move in. That would contribute to say he used Hawke.I would love to see more of your thoughts about him

Hi, thanks for the ask!!

I have two answers for this, the first is the Boring Answer and the second is the Less Boring Answer.

The Boring Answer is that it’s a video game and due to programming and time restraints, you aren’t really going to get a real reaction to something huge (like say, a breakup).  In DAO, for example, if you break up with someone you get a couple of lines and maybe an approval change and then it’s back to normal.  So I don’t think we’re seeing the full picture.

Which leads us to the Less Boring Answer:

The Chantry Boom happens regardless of Hawke’s involvement.  You can refuse to help him and he will still find another way and go forward with his plan.  He does ask for your help because he trusts you, and it will make things easier for him, but if you won’t give it, then he’ll search elsewhere (or go it alone).  Because Hawke’s help isn’t necessary for his plan, (and because he was in love with Hawke long before his plan was even a thing), I think we can scratch the idea that he is only with Hawke because he needs them for this one thing.

Now we’re going to move on to the bit about breaking up with him.  This is actually a complex topic so I’m going to break it down into smaller pieces.

To begin with, Anders is mentally ill, according to Word of God (i.e. the Bioware writers).  When you are mentally ill, you convince yourself of weird things.  Anders, especially, has reason to be paranoid.  He has lived the past two decades of his life being told that mages are bad and that he is bad and that mages cannot ever fall in love because bad things will happen.  He saw first hand what happened to Karl.  Not to mention there’s that whole Justice thing (”I thought with Justice, this part of me was over.”)  He has convinced himself that he is unloveable and that Hawke deserves better.  And when you convince yourself of that, you go through your whole life low-key waiting for everything to fall apart, because of course it will.  You’re prepared for the worst because you’re convinced that the worst is eventually going to happen.  (Source: my own super fun and exciting mentally ill experience!  Whee!)

The way Anders sees it, a breakup is inevitable.  This is all temporary, and he’s enjoying it while it lasts.  This does not mean he’s not in love.  Oh on the contrary, that’s the tragedy of the whole thing.  He puts off getting into the relationship for years because he’s convinced it’s all going to end in flames anyway and he doesn’t want to put Hawke through that.  Finally, when he does realize he can’t ward his own feelings off any longer, he warns Hawke that “This will be a disaster.”  He does not see this ending anyway but badly, because he has thoroughly convinced himself that that is the case.

No wonder he’s not going to be surprised if you break up with him.  As far as he was concerned, that was going to happen anyway.  It was just a matter of when.  The fact that he eventually caves and throws himself into the relationship anyway, when he is convinced it’s going to end in tears, is ultimately proof of his romanticism, not proof against it.  He needs Hawke, even if it’s only going to be for a little while.

Now moving past the mentally ill stuff.

If you break up with him before the final battle, he says something about how he wishes that he had nothing else in his life except for you.  (I’m paraphrasing because I have of course never done this and I only ever saw it in a YouTube video once, so I don’t remember the exact line.)  This is a callback to something he says earlier; “You are the most important thing in my life… but there are some things more important than my life.”  And therein lies the key to understanding Anders’ thought process on this.

When Anders merged with Justice, the idea of the Anders with simple goals in life (”a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools”) ceased to be.  He has a higher purpose now, one that he recognizes as being more important than anything that deals with himself on a personal level.  A Hawke, entering a relationship with him, knows this.  Whether or not Hawke chooses to accept this is and love him anyway is of course up to the player– “I know I’ll never be the most important thing in your life”, Hawke says to Anders at endgame if they’re breaking up with him.

Ultimately, that’s where the rub comes in.  I have seen some people who really dislike Anders say that their reasoning is that he straight up tells you that his cause is more important than you.  That’s not what love is about, they say.  And you know, if that’s your view on it, then that’s your view on it, and I’m not here to tell you how to define love.

But really, are Anders’ thoughts on this that far off from what most of us already believe?

My parents were Trekkies and I was raised on a steady diet of Star Trek.  One of the first movies I watched as a kid was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  In the final climactic scene, Spock sacrifices himself to save the crew of the Enterprise.  “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one,” he says to Kirk.  Spock’s sacrifice was made out of love.  So, too, is Anders’– he is giving his life to the cause because yes, it’s more important, and he loves Hawke, oh he loves Hawke fiercely, but Hawke is a part of the world he’s trying to save.

The best gift he can give you is a just world.  The world that everyone deserves– and that you deserve.

And is that not, really, so much more romantic than a bouquet of roses?

TLDR: No, Anders is not visibly distraught if you break up with him at endgame after all you’ve shared.  It’s because he’s been preparing himself for this breakup, both in an unhealthy sense (he’s mentally ill and was convinced this was going to happen the whole time) and in a, well, healthier sense (he knows not everyone is going to view the world the way he does).

And this is why I am a sucker for Handers.  Because here, at this point in the game, Anders, this sensitive man who believes he has given you every reason to turn away, asks if you’ll stay with him.  He is asking you everything here; he knows that he’s now one of the most hated men in Thedas.  He knows that he’s going to be on the run for possibly the rest of his life.  He knows that the road ahead is not easy.  He knows this and he asks you anyway, telling himself the whole time you’ll say no, of course you’re going to say no.  Of course no one would agree to this, of course no one would ever stay with him now–

–and then you say yes, and his whole world lights up.

He’s not alone.

And finally, finally, he accepts that.

Reggie Mantle made out with Josie McCoy once – ONCEEEE – and his life has been forever changed.

Before, he had little purpose besides kicking balls on a field, acquiring jingle jangle and other narcotics for fellow students, and smirking his way down the hallways of Riverdale High (and making sure his mother never finds out about his bad behaviour because Melinda Mantle would kill him dead if she ever found out about this shit)


He has a new purpose in life:

Irritating the shit out of Josie Mccoy until she either slaps him or kisses him again.

Preferably both.

I love it so much.


Words: 2594
No warnings
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this is a commission for @thorduna, thank you so much! i hope you like it :)

The market is Thor’s favorite part of town. It stands timeless, unchanging, even as the relentless march of industry sweeps up the little village he spent is summers in as a boy. At the dockyard, large fishing boats bellow and belch black smoke, slumbering like beasts, content after devouring the small, wooden dinghies they had replaced. Even the rumble of automobiles had reached this slice of Thor’s boyhood, but the town’s roads were yet too narrow for the autos to reach the market.

And so the market sits, lovely, unchanging.

Merchants call out their wares, Fresh fish! Salmon! Shellfish! and Cheese, milk, churned butter!. There is a yeasty smell to the market, a tantalizing whiff of baking bread and life. So many people push around Thor, women jostling to find the best deals, children laughing and chasing their dogs’ tails while the men chase tails of a different kind.

There is a charm, to be sure.

But while Thor might have lazed away the long days of summer here as a youth, he has a far different purpose now. And the crush of people serves him well—no one can easily track one man in a crowd. The noise keeps words from falling into unwelcome ears.

Thor winds his way to a certain stall, wary of making a beeline. Instead, he buys some spices from one vendor and fruit from another. A lovely pair of gloves. Pays a coin to have his shoes shined. Only well long after he first came to the market does Thor stop at Loki’s stall.

Fishhooks and short, sharp knives are scattered across the display. A tangle of net is in his hands, and those long fingers carefully pick away knots and weave the fabric into place. If he had been born in the city, like Thor, Loki might have made a wonderful pianist.

“Laufeyson,” Thor says, tipping his head. He lifts a fishhook and examines the needled point.

Loki grunts, setting aside his web of net. “You haven’t seen Hilde, have you?”

“Hilde?” Thor glances out at the crowd, recalling a cheerful and plump girl. “No. Why? Is she missing?”

“Unfortunately,” Loki replies, gloomy, “no.”

“Ah. Is her belly swollen with a little black haired bastard, then?”

Loki sniffs. The town has a fair few of the scamps around, and there’s more, no doubt, birthed to fine ladies who chanced a visit and lost their wits to a handsome smile and well-spun story.

Thor cannot honestly say he has not fallen victim, either.

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How about this: after Mob reaches a certain age (say, around 25), he stops aging, because ???% won't let him die in ANY way. Nobody notices anything until one family meeting, where his mom goes like "ah Ritsu you're graying a bit already. Haha, though Shigeo looks the same as always!" and then it hits him. He's, for all intents and purposes, an immortal. And now he has to watch everyone he love die, while he stays unchanging.


in that case I would want to kill ???% … or rather make it leave Mob’s body because that would be too cruel even if ???% has good intentions. nnggh

14x06 - FYI I LOVED THIS EPISODE (soz this is so long)


  1. “Two sober drunks make a meeting, and I need a meeting!” Shepherd to Webber
  2. “Oh, nice picture cover girl, your eyes really pop!” - “Oh, for God’s sakes… thank you!” Koracik and Grey


Ok so let’s just start with the two big awww moment of the episode: AMELIA SAID HER AFFECTION FOR OWEN IS STILL THERE! AND THAT SHE WISHED THEY HADN’T MADE THE RIGHT DECISION BY SPLITTING UP! I know that by the end of the episode her and Owen both hooked up with other people but I am still excited to see what comes next. This is back to the Private Practice Amelia I love who is vulnerable, honest, funny, flirty, insecure, and all i all a bundle of joy. 

Owen and Carina won’t last longer than a mento and Koracik is now gone. I think this episode, in Omelia’s case, was about finding their footing again. Amelia said it herself she made Owen’s life hell for a year and she had a tumour so now let them live a little. It may take a while but their good and love was too strong for them not to drift back together at some point. I honestly think that this will mimic the Owen, Cristina, Emma triangle again. In the promo for next week Amelia walks in on Owen and Carina, and I hope that sparks some jealousy inside of her and we get to see Amelia fight for Owen this time. 

For Amelia this entire episode was about finding her footing again, she is an incredible surgeon and an extraordinary person, and we all know that but she needed to be reminded of it. Which is why her whole speech and conversation with Richard was so heartwarming. He is her person at the moment as they know more about each-other than anyone - he is her father figure, and I really wanted her to turn to him for advice if the whole Owen&Carina mess makes her jealous. Her and Koracik sleeping together was almost cleansing as she has, literally, now put to bed (see what I did there?!) the tumour story. That chapter is now closed. 

Originally posted by omeliasource

Owen on the other hand has spent the last year (on top of the past decade) carrying around so much pain and grief, and now he needs to learn how to stand tall without the weight. He needs fun. Him and Amelia both need fun. They both deserve it. I still think they will sleep together and he will get her pregnant and that is what will bring them back together but only time will tell. 

They’ve both now had a taste of some sexual sorbet to cleanse their pallets of any bad tastes: and now they are ready to prepare themselves for the delicious main course that will otherwise be know as the OMELIA REVIVAL! Anyway moving on…


1) A few weeks ago I wrote something about Carina being bi and people answered telling me to not overthink it. (Cause when DeLuca said she sleeps with all my friends in italian he said amici and not amiche (one being inclusive of male and female the later just female) and Grey’s focuses on the details…) BUT I WAS RIGHT! I think this will be interesting to see how this progresses as it kind of put Arizona back in the Callie/Mark position as she was never fully ok with Callie being bi. I want to see Arizona clear the air with Carina as I like them together and they fit so much better than Owen and Carina. 

2) When I re-posted the promo for this episode I commented saying the girl was going to have put something weird up her vagina. I WAS RIGHT AGAIN! But fyi I never thought it would be a gun…

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I wasn’t too keen on the boys day out at first as I think it would have been funnier for April to say “Jackson bought a boat and as Harriet’s mother I have the right to commander it because I need the day off - girls who is with me?” and have all the girls bonding on the boat instead. (I’ll write the fic if people want) But it was light hearted and it the guys being guys - I do think they used this outing for just 3 reasons which they needed to find a way to introduce: 1) Ben going to Firefighters Academy, 2) Jackson to realise he could have something with Maggie cause everyone knows he likes her now and 3) have Jackson find a purpose - he’s alway been lost but now he has al of this money as he’s finally found an incredible cause for it. (yay Jackson!)


I will be the first to admit that I have never been Meredith’s biggest fan but… I fucking love her this season. She is stepping up for her sisters, Alex, Jo, Megan, Riggs… she isn’t forcing herself into the spotlight. She is keeping her head down focusing on her work, which she is killing it (inappropriate joke cause her patient died?! Yes?! I’ll filter),  and helping those around her when needed. She is back to being the Meredith I liked when Izzie had cancer and Cristina was coping after being chocked or when Lexie was heartbroken over Mark. My highlight of the season 14 Mer is still when she looked up at the sky as though she were talking to Derek. 

Meredith is proving that a woman can have it all without a man! I LOVE KV FOR WRITING THAT STORY! Yes Meredith has help but she is the captain of her own ship. SHE IS THE SUN!


Originally posted by houseofgreysanatomy


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I like them as an option. I think Maggie is chatty and cute and insecure whereas Jackson has always been cool and calm so I think it would be really cute to see the two of them try and date and be awkward and flirty. (JAPRIL SHIPPERS: I love Japril but it doesn’t look like they are happening any time soon and I honestly want as many of the characters to be happy as possible)

Though they are taking a while with this story - I get the whole let the attraction ferment crap - but COME ON!


They are addressing the domestic violence story and I think Jo is finally coming into her own. She reminds me a lot of Private Practice Amelia (when she was with James). She has the talent but is insecure - when Amelia first cut again, she has the horrible past she has overcome - don’t need to get into Amelia’s past, she loves with all her heart - see where I’m going with this, she wants to fight against her past because she wants to have a life with Alex - it’s too obvious now…

Camilla will do a great job with this storyline as she can play between the strong and vulnerable really well. Also just like many stories addressed on Grey’s domestic violence cases are still far too in the dark and need to discussed more and people need to be more aware of them so this is very important. Just like Charlotte’s rape, Mer’s attack, Amelia’s addiction and Owen’s PTSD - Shonda (I think) will make something really special out of this.


  1. The boys are welcoming DeLuca into their pack - it’s cute!
  2. I want to see April dating - I want her to have fun and be flirty!
  3. Webber being the wise man he is was just a bundle of awwws
  4. I like the boys turning up drunk- and Alex introducing himself to the new interns
  5. Arizona stepped up as a mom and she will be incredible - I really want to see her and April parent together
  6. Amelia running to stop Koracik was so cute! I like this fresh side of her!


  1. DeLuca seeming interested when he was told about Omelia splitting - don’t go there my man… just no.
  2. Owen and DeLuca living together - do they even know each other? Have they ever spoken before apart from today?!
  3. The DeLuca and Sam past??? 




kirigakure hotaru x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: so i had 2 anons request prompt 60 - “you are my sunshine,” and one of them wanted it to be a fluffy, slight jealousy fic. i did my best to deliver <3 @jemchew i’m ready for the bone-picking, and @demon-princess-anastasia more sweet hotaru

He wonders if it’s wrong, to want her all to himself.

It isn’t fair, in his mind, that he gets so little time with her. It’s nobody’s fault — most certainly not hers — but he still feels bothered by it. He wants to be around her all the time; he wants her attention on him and him only. She makes him feel special, and not just because he has a gift very few ninja possess. She’s the first person who’s ever seen him for him, and it’s marvelous, like seeing the stars for the first time; he feels so light he could drift away on the breeze when he’s around her.

He almost wishes he could do just that — take her in his arms and just fly away, no distractions and no responsibilities.

He’s not familiar with jealousy, but he’s seen the drafts of his brother’s book from time to time. He knows what it is, on an academic level, but it’s entirely different to feel it; the ache in his chest, the oppressive air he’s sure surrounds him no matter where he goes, the loneliness.

And the strange sense of hostility, too — he’s lost count of how many times he’s glared at Lord Yukimura now, just because he keeps glancing over at Misaki and smiling. He has a feeling Misaki would be disappointed in him if she found out, so he forces himself to keep his gaze on her rather than all the people who look at her.

Which is quite a few, really. Everyone in the Takeda Clan seems to adore her; she lights up the room with her smile and she always knows exactly what everyone needs before they even realize they need it.

Hotaru likes that she’s open and genuine. He just wishes that she could sense exactly what he wants, too.

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We don’t have to have all of our lives’ greatest plans figured out before we start living our lives for the Lord. If we had it all figured out, we would have no reason to rely on Him, the very One who provides us with the promising future our hearts are longing for. So don’t worry if you haven’t gotten it all figured out yet. You can be diligent in your work without being so hard on yourself. Look to the Lord for grace, strength, instruction, direction, purpose and everything else. He has all you need from now until then and into Eternity.

God has given you a light to shine and it’s not contingent on where you work, how long you’ve been working there, who has recognized your work, or what good things have happened because of your work, but because the light of God is shining through you and it is the work you do for Him that has an impact. Hold onto the words of Jesus, the One who makes all of this possible:

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. - Matthew 5:16

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We may become murderers in their eyes…

{ barriers to trans-dimensional travels: fantasy AU – dragon!sam }

he’s beauty, power, fury. he’s everything one could ever want but would never have, because he belongs to no one but himself. he’s rare. unique. the last of his kind. he knows the whispers. he doesn’t care about it– if his brothers and sisters are all but gone, it’s their fault. they were weak. he is not. he’ll never be tamed. he’ll never bow to the inferior races – no matter how much they shower him in golden, shiny gifts and human blood, year after year.

even so, he still allows them to live under his mountains, somewhere deep in the forest, and even if the humans are terrified of his presence, they still hope he’ll be the one watching over their homes. sometimes he does, because his real purpose has been lost a long time ago and now… he knows he should feel lost–empty somehow.

he’s never felt more free.

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I’m not sure why I edited this… then again the scene was exactly like this but the panels were changed so, is really not that different, lol.