he has a nice mouth


baby knight

i hate everybody in this bar but specifically everybody talking about the Yuri Sugardaddy AU

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Anyway, Victor knows what it means when someone from the ISU tells him to be nice to the son of the Katsuki Hospitality Empire. The first time he was told to be nice to someone he was sixteen years old, and Yakov stood behind him and stared at the ISU official until they backed down: Victor hadn’t realized what was happening until Yakov told him, point blank, to make an excuse and come find him at once if it happened again.

He doesn’t mind so much now. He’s a grown man, and god forbid little Yuri, or Mila, be told to be nice to someone. It’s better that it’s him.

“I don’t even know what he looks like,” says Victor, smiling big, looking happy. “Perhaps an introduction?”

“He’s right there, in the black suit,” says the official, looking relieved. “He’s a big fan of yours, I understand.”

Victor follows the line of the official’s vision. He sees a young man, Japanese, wearing an expensive suit that doesn’t quite fit. He’s just a little chubby, but in a nice way. Soft. Victor lets his eyes drift down and then back up again. The Katsuki heir has nice hands and stands well. He has the most beautiful mouth Victor has ever seen. Victor could spend a night being nice to that beautiful mouth and not mind one little bit.

Victor flicks his hair out of his face and smooths down his suit jacket. He leaves the ISU official with a nod and walks up to the Katsuki heir. The Katsuki heir looks at him, wide-eyed. He’s kind cute, now that Victor looks at him up close. He’s got big brown eyes, like a tame deer, and he hasn’t put on three gallons of cologne.

“Hello,” he says. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before. I’m Victor.”

An other hello from Ginger. :-)) Have a lovely Sunday.

Hello, the rascals are right now running around, lol. Mina is such a cutie, she always puts her toys under the sofa but in the media room not in the living room, so for me it’s more work to go pick them up, lol, anyway few days ago all her mice were missing again, I took the fly swatter to go grab the mice.

So anytime I take the fly swatter, Mina knows already, she follows me, she sits next too me and wait that I pull her mice out of the sofa, but first she goes nuts and look under the sofa and then she looks at me, lol. After I took all the mice, I put them back in an other room. But few days ago, she didn’t wait long for playing, after I took all the mice, she grabbed one and put back under the sofa, lol. Few minutes later, she came running with a mouse in the media room, she looked at me, I thought she wants to drop the mouse so I can throw it but no, she simply looked at me and ran away with the mouse, lol. After that, she came back, dropped the mouse and when I stood up to pick up the mouse, she grabbed it and ran away again with the mouse, lol, few minutes later she came back and dropped the mouse next to my foot, she is a funny girl. :-))

Ahaha, did I just say she is a funny girl, she just jumped on my desk with the mouse, lol. And Ginger is meowing loudly, he is calling her for playing. 

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Thank you: @bigwildspider, yes he has a nice mouth, all this teeth :-)) but he is only 21 months old, I will try once to clean his teeth myself but with Mina I have to do that at the vet. 

Teach me how to kiss

@kawereen I’m nooooot sure you’d expect this! But I hope you like it nevertheless, and thank you very, very much for your request! This was a little guilty pleasure to write.
Don’t worry guys, slowly I’ll reply to all of your prompts!

Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan

“Teach me how to kiss…” 
A snorted laugh interrupted her and Demetra deliberately ignored it, clearing her throat “Teach me how to kiss your velvety lips. My burning passion can’t be restrained anymore, but I’ve never known the delights of sensual love before… ok, that’s enough!” she snapped, when Cullen cracked up, practically howling. The Commander collapsed on her desk, almost making a pile of paper falling down, guffawing without shame. Demetra closed the book, marching towards him “This is the last time I read for you! I knew you were going to laugh! I knew it!”
He tried to reply something, but she huffed annoyed “Why did I even propose to read for you?!”
“Love… I appreciated the thought, truly!”
“Ah, I can see it!” she retorted, pushing back a lock from her long braid.
“But… the delights of love?” he cackled, barely restrain himself from bursting in another series of laughs. She crossed her arms, ready to defend the last addition to her books collection “Well, the main character is a virgin, raised by the Chantry for all her life! He’s the first man she… interacted with! I suppose it’s a perfectly reasonable request!”
“The delights of sensual love?”
“She… she was trying to be poetic!”
“Velvety lips?”
“What she was supposed to say?” she replied “With your chapped lips which probably hadn’t seen any cleanliness in years?”. Cullen laughed again hearing that. She held back the impulse to stick her tongue out. From the cover of her book, the very slender, very blonde protagonist seemed to agree with her, while a shirtless, strapping man with board shoulders was busy to look at the blonde woman’s cleverage. Her not so modest cleverage, Demetra thought. She knew that was bad litterature. Maker, the title itself was a guarantee of that - Vows of Passion, by an anonymous author. It was a cheesy romance, with clichè handsome protagonists badly written, acrobatic and unrealistic smutty scenes, and a predictable happy ending - Demetra was sure the woman was goin to find out she was the lost daughter of the Arle, only heir of a giant fortune. Even Cassandra hadn’t seemed particularly eager to read it. Actually, she wisely suggested to Demetra to hide the volume from the other companions during their journey. Still, the Inquisitor liked that story. It was a ridiculous, harmless break in her usual reading. A little guilty pleasure, in place of her giant volumes of history and ancient languages, and pile of military reports. Sure, Demetra had already other types of books for when she wanted something lighter, but the smutty literature was a recent discovery in her life, and she was still thrilled about it.
“Oh, so warriors’ mouths are chapped and dirty?” Cullen’s voice asked.
Even without looking at him, she knew he was grinning. That little, a bit salacious, a lot sly grin which made her blood sang in her veins. And… in other places.
“Well, I don’t think a knight errant, as this sir Randolph is, had a lot of time to spent in his beauty routine.” she said, still a bit huffy, the book firmly pressed against her chest. Cullen walked slowly near her, but before he could do or say something, she snapped “Alright, it’s an awful book, it’s silly and a waste of money, but I just enjoy it! And now you can mock me!”
“Oh, my love.” he smiled kissing the top of her head, embracing her firmly “I didn’t want to upset you. You surely have the right to like whatever you want. Just…”
“This book is beyond ridiculous. I know.” she completed grumply, enjoying more than she was ready to admit that he wasn’t wearing his armor. He sat on the edge of her desk, his work forgotten for a while, making her laying against his chest. She held back the instinct to kiss his neck, rubbing her lips against his stubble “Anyway, not all knights have bad mouths, you know?”
“Oh?” he arched an eyebrow, leaning a little towards her. She nodded, freeing a hand for running her fingers through his hair “For example, I think Blackwall takes great care of his mouth.”
“Truly?” he grinned back, his hand lazily resting really close to her backside. She nodded again, with a solemn air “And Bull too doesn’t have a bad mouth, I think.”
“Do you? What about your Commander?”
“Oh,” she sighed dramatically “I think I remember he has quite a nice mouth, but it has been hours since he kissed me proper… umpfh!”. A laugh bubbled from her chest, when Cullen pushed his lips against hers, before she could finish her teasing sentence. Demetra pressed back more firmly against him, the sharp edges of the book bothering her a little. Oh, her Commander had really a great mouth, she thought with a smile, while his tongue was cheasing hers. Sir Randolph wouldn’t have a chance against Cullen. Actually, she knew that for her nobody would have a chance to be better than Cullen. She smirked, nipping his lower lip, making him growling faintly, pleased and relaxed. Standing on her toes, she placed a kiss - or maybe two - on the scar that bisected his upper lip, making him smile.
“A very nice mouth.” she said firmly, in her best Inquisitor voice “Very nice and very skilled. I approve it.”
“Glad to hear it, Your Worship.” he replied, before proving her once again he had, indeed, a very skilled pair of lips.

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is it just me or does like. do the lyrics to Trouble sound like the Robbers music video? there's the whole question of "would you bleed for me." and "you look so cool when you're reading me" like she literally says "you look so cool" i-- and his silhouette is all over that video and she's singing "can you see his silhouette" like this has been taking over my brain help mE?????

hi i love you thank you for ruining me with this concept??? TALK TO ME MORE ABOUT THIS YOU DONT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THEY FUCK ME UP

the signs as bluesey moments
  • aries: “I am not a prostitute.”
  • taurus: “What was Poland like?” “Prettier than you’re thinking. So pretty.”
  • gemini: “I’ve learned a lot. I’m glad you misdialed.” “Well. Easy mistake to make. Might do it again.”
  • cancer: “Is that all?” “That’s all there is.”
  • leo: It had a grounding effect - the shocking slime of the blueberries, the sugar hitting his stomach, empty from school, the knowledge that her mouth had been the last thing to touch the spoon.
  • virgo: Richard C. Gansey III has a nice mouth. Now I know he has nice eyes when he laughs, too. This still isn’t love.
  • libra: “I wish you could be kissed, Jane. Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this. And then we’d never say anything about it again.”
  • scorpio: Okay. I’m ready - Gansey’s voice caught, just a little. Blue, kiss me.
  • sagittarius: “I just want to pretend. I want to pretend that I could.”
  • capricorn: Just the sound of her voice, the Henrietta lull to it, made him feel uneven and shattered.
  • aquarius: “You’re still not Congress, I see.”
  • pisces: His heart hummed. Blue touched his fingertips. Just this - He pinched her fingers lightly, just for a moment, and then he withdrew his hand and put it back on the wheel. His chest felt warm. This was not allowed.

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Do you stan Exo? If you do, who's your bias?

I am a SHINee fan, but I listen to a lot of EXO’s music as well, though I haven’t followed their activities since Growl I think - but I’ve watched EXO’s Showtime several times. :D

Anyway, when it comes to groups with so many members, I always think it’s fair to have several favourites, hahahahah~ //hit One is Suho. He is nice, polite, handsome, rich and awkward. Chen is also nice and has a nice voice and he is super funny, and his cheekbones mouth corners are pretty. ;D And Lay is cuuute~ And his nose is pretty. Actually, he is pretty overall. (;

OK, I sound super vain, but if I picked based on looks alone I would have some other members in mind as well. XD 

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Cairo by G-X

The inspiration for Cairo started with a young man that I totally fell in crush with! The real guy is dark brown with 4 thick braids, has nice high cheekbones and a beautiful mouth. He reminds me of a panther! Cairo does not look quite like the guy, but I did think about him as I was creating Cairo (smile). Cairo is a full repaint. He has a handmade permanent cornrow wig that took me over a month to design and make!!! Cairo is wearing a handmade outfit & jewelry.

Dueling Desires

Being friends with benefits is never as simple as it seems. Warning: a teeny bit NSFW. The next chapters are here: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


He knew he was making a huge mistake. Professor Possibelf recently started an optional dueling class and had suggested Baz come by. Baz didn’t need help with dueling, his mother had started his training since he was three, but he knew a certain curly-haired blonde was going to be there, so he agreed to stop in.
Baz walked in five minutes late so as not to appear too interested in coming. Quietly he walked to the back of the room and watched Possibelf struggle not to laugh as Gareth thrusted at a third year opponent in the middle of the room. Snow was standing off to the side observing and nodding his head in approval. Baz had no idea how Snow could possibly benefit from this class; he had only two efficient fighting methods: slice with his sword or go off.
Professor Possibelf spotted Baz in the corner and looked relieved. She threw her hands up to stop Gareth’s ridiculous spectacle of a duel.
“That’s enough, thank you Gareth and Ellen. Basilton? Would you mind volunteering for the rest of the class?”
Gareth’s face was flushed as he went back to settle with the rest of the students. Baz glanced at Snow sideways and smirked at the look of irritation on his face.
He strode to the center of the room and looked at his nails carelessly as he waited for Possibelf to pick his opponent.
“And maybe…Simon?”
Snow looked agitated as he stepped to face Baz in the center of the room. Baz walked over and shook his hand firmly; ignoring the tingling sensation it started in his arm.
“Can’t use your sword this time Snow, good luck,” Baz murmured.
“Don’t need it,” Snow growled.
They both settled into offensive positions and waited for Possilbelf’s signal. She nodded and Baz immediately stepped forward.
“Break a leg!”
The spell hit Snow right on target. He grimaced and clutched his leg but didn’t drop to the floor. The spell didn’t actually break someone’s leg, but it did cause quite a bit of pain for the recipient’s legs.
Snow reared his own wand back. Baz could block it if he wanted, but he was curious to see if Snow could make his spell work.
“Pain in the neck!”
Baz felt the spell crackle wildly and hit. It wasn’t as focused as Baz’s but it still reached its target. Baz groaned as his neck felt like a thousand tiny needles were stabbing it. Even though Snow’s magic was iffy with accuracy it was definitely powerful.
“Take a bow!” Baz spat out.
It was an immature move. Snow knelt to the ground helplessly, glaring furiously at Baz. The spell wasn’t exactly forbidden but it was frowned upon. It forced others to bow, a spell often used by parents trying to teach young Mage’s manners. But it was an unspoken agreement between mages not to use it against one another in arguments or fights.
“Basilton!” Professor Possibelf looked shocked.
Snow fought off the spell and rushed over to Baz. Instead of punching him as Baz had expected him to do Simon pushed his wand right under Baz’s chin, his other hand gripping Baz’s tie. The entire room went silent.
“That…was uncalled for,” Snow sputtered.
Baz shrugged.
“All’s fair in love and war.”
Snow shook his head in disgust.
“You’re so fucked up.”
Baz laughed, “Don’t I know it?”
Snow was too close to him, it was affecting him in ways he hadn’t anticipated when agreeing to the duel. He felt heat and lightning coursing through his veins. Snow pulled him closer, his thighs touching Baz’s, as if he were about to follow up on his threat but paused. Snow looked down at their pressing bodies. His expression was a mixture of surprise and utter confusion. Baz felt embarrassment and anger course through him. Snow raised an eyebrow at him.
Baz smacked his hand away and turned on his heel to leave the room. Several people were looking at him questioningly and he heard quite a few people mumbling what just happened? Baz stormed out of the classroom and into the hallway.
He heard the squeak of someone running behind him.
“Was that your wand or were you just excited to see me?”
Baz worked his jaw and turned to face an amused looking Snow. He was grinning cockily at Baz; his face told Baz that Snow had definitely felt his bodily reaction in the classroom.
“Your point?” Baz countered.
Snow’s smile flickered.
“Well…I mean it’s just a surprise.”
Baz smirked meanly.
“You had your whole body pressed up against me. And you don’t look half bad either.”
Snow frowned. “What are you saying?”
Baz walked up to him, “I’m saying…I’m an eighteen year old guy. I can’t help it if the person I hate has a nice looking,” He paused playfully, “mouth. But don’t get so worked up about it. It doesn’t mean anything.”
With that Baz walked away towards their room, pretending to look unaffected by the exchange. In reality, his heart was pounding uncontrollably fast. Snow had felt the culmination of his uncontrollable feelings and hormones. Sure, he could swear up and down that it wasn’t a big deal but it was a lie. And he wasn’t sure how convincing he could really be.


Simon stood dumbfounded in the hallway. When he had been pressed against Baz in the dueling class he’d felt…Baz. It was surprising, but what had been more surprising was his own reaction. His stomach had gone jumpy, like he was excited.
Then he’d chased after him to, well, he didn’t really know what he’d been planning on doing. But Baz had told him it meant nothing before he could say anything. Did this mean Baz was gay? And if so, why did it matter to Simon?
His body answered for him: because you want him. Simon gritted his teeth. It didn’t make any sense, he hated Baz. He’d spent the last couple of years proving that to everyone. But his body couldn’t lie to him.
Simon bit his lip. He could go back to the dueling class or he could go after Baz in the room. After a few seconds of consideration he rushed up the stairs to their room. When he came into the room he found Baz reading at his desk. He looked up at Simon in surprise. He obviously hadn’t expected him to follow him to the room.
Simon walked over and sat on Baz’s bed.
“Get off my bed.”
Simon smiled.
Baz looked at his mouth and away.
“Isn’t it obvious?”
Simon scooted closer to Baz.
“What was obvious was what you felt in the dueling classroom.”
Baz jerked back, almost tipping his desk chair over.
“I- Snow I already told you that it didn’t mean anything.”
Simon shrugged. “I know. Doesn’t mean anything for me either. We still hate each other.”
Baz glared at him, “Go on.”
“Just because we hate each other doesn’t mean we aren’t attracted to each other.”
Baz’s eyes widened in surprise.
“You’re attracted to me?”
Snow nodded, his face heating.
“Look, I’m not asking you to marry me or something,” Simon explained, “I’m just saying maybe we could…mess around.”
Baz rolled his eyes skeptically.
“Mess around? That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of.”
Simon decided to be bold. He moved forward and put his hands on Baz’s thighs, balancing half on the bed and half on Baz’s lap.
“Is it?”
Baz’s cheeks went pink. He looked down at Simon’s hands and then back to his face, eyes focused on his mouth.
“No strings attached?” He breathed.
Simon grinned, “No strings attached. Just hooking up.”
Baz swallowed largely, “We’re going to have to kill each other.”
Simon shrugged, “Eventually. But not yet.”
Baz closed his eyes for a few seconds. Then out of nowhere he grabbed Simon’s waist and pulled him the rest of the way on his lap. Simon’s breathing spiked as Baz leaned forward and kissed him. Baz’s hands wound their way into Simon’s hair and pulled carelessly. Simon grinned against his mouth and pulled at Baz’s tie, egging him on.
“This,” Baz gasped, “Is…so…stupid.”
Simon nodded.
“Yeah. It is.”
Then he kissed Baz with everything he had.

things i love about gerard way:

  • His voice, i die it’s so fucking beautiful
  • his hugs, i have never hugged him but i bet he’s a gr8 hugger
  • his hands, he has such nice hands
  • his eyes, they’re so pretty omg!  
  • his mouth, just….guh
  • his hands
  • his vampire clothes and his colourful suits
  • His hair, colourful or not (altho im in favour of the colour)
  • his hands (have i mentioned that yet?)
  • the fact that his nickname is gee
  • when he moans on stage LIKE WTF 
  • When he laughs and he looks all blushy and cute
  • how sweet and kind and accepting he is
  • his relationship with lynz
  • When he dances
  • his love of coffee
  • have i mentioned his hands yet? 
  • The fact that he’s a nerd who likes dungeons and dragons and slept on star wars sheets
  • everything he posts on twitter
  • his nose! omg his nose is so fucking cute!
  • his smile, especially when you can see how crooked his lip is
  • his sass gives me fucking life
  • everything???????????
  • there isn’t a single thing i don’t love about gerard way

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Q for Geno , is error and fresh your brothers ? Q for Death , why do you love Geno ? Q for Goth , do you love your family ?

geno: yes

reaper: cause he has a nice as-

geno: *covers reapers mouth* shut up! not in front of goth!

goth: of course I love my family! and what mommy?

geno: nothing hun!

Can't Feel My Face

aka the one where Justin and Y/N have an odd night in, and then out, and then in again.

The title is from The Weeknd’s new single and I’ve been waiting to use it as a title for so long, this is a sign. I know the song’s about drugs, but let’s pretend it’s about being around the one person that makes you smile so much your cheeks are sore for days later. I appreciate it.

Also, I’ve taken a few of the conversation topics from the cute little mini show, “I Love Lucy and Bekka.” Every episode’s only two minutes and it’s on youtube, and it’s the cutest little show about friendship, and the two women are POC, so it’s everything any of us could’ve wanted. You think they would be paying me for this promotion, but they’re really not, such a shame.

Also, because I know you guys wanted a part two to AsiG, this could definitely be considered a sequel. It has the same dynamic, so.

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Teacher’s Assistant.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Teacher’s Assistant!Ashton, language, sexual situations

Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

“He’s looking at you…again.”

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character eye colors hell yeah lets hear it plus hair color bc what the fuck adams hair is the color of ashy dirt whatever??

h e l l  y e a h actually i got carried away and this became a general physical appearance masterpost thing bc i’ve been meaning to make one so yeah.

  • ronan has dark hair, technically, even if he’s only got a few millimeters of it, blue eyes, and pale skin. he’s the tallest member of the group and has a built, muscular frame. his nose and cheekbones are sharp, and his mouth is thin. he’s capable of growing facial hair easily, but doesn’t. he has good teeth.
  • gansey has brown hair (it’s described with words like tousled and chestnut bc gansey cannot let me live for even a single second) and hazel eyes (see again my point about him not letting me live). he’s average height and has a straight anglo-saxon nose. blue thinks he has a nice mouth. witness his adorably baby-faced portrait.
  • adam has light brown hair, the color of dust or dry dirt, blue eyes that blue says are “pretty enough for a girl” (oh blue. hon), and tanned skin. his hair and skin are close in color. his haircut is uneven, probably because he cuts his own hair. his lips are thin and fine, and he has a worry line between his eyebrows. he is unconventional-looking, described as looking simultaneously elegant and feral/raw. most characters take note of his cheekbones. adam believes it’s “up to the viewer” to decide if he’s attractive or not. he’s tall, but not as tall as ronan.
  • noah has fair hair that he combs back, and unknown eye color. his nose is very crooked, and his smudge is on his left cheek. he wears a rumpled aglionby uniform and boat shoes, but he is capable of putting on other clothes on top of that such as gansey’s yellow sweater, at least when blue’s around. maggie has said he looks kind of like a young dj qualls.
  • blue has dark hair in a bob cut and unknown eye color, though maggie draws her with light brown eyes. she has nice legs. she is short (5′0″) and not pretty “in the way that aglionby boys seem to like”. she doesn’t care about being attractive, only about looking on the outside the way she looks on the inside. she wears a lot of homemade or diy modified clothes, since she shops at goodwill; her most common outfits are layering shredded shirts or tank tops with shorts or capris, or dresses with lace tights/leggings.
  • artemus has a long face and crow’s feet, but he shares blue’s eyes and mouth. he is taller than blue.
  • maura has brown hair and unknown eye color. she is taller than blue and fairly young, apparently in her mid- to late thirties. she wears a lot of jeans and is often barefoot.
  • persephone has curly, fluffy white-blond hair that reaches to her mid-thighs, and black eyes. she is short and delicate-looking. she wears clothing like sweaters and lacy frocks and lace-up thigh-high boots with three-inch heels.
  • calla’s hair is black when she, maura, and persephone are trying to break into the gray man’s phone, but by the fourth of july, her hair is three shades of purple (speaking as someone whose hair is two shades of purple, i approve). her eye color is unknown, and she has dark brown skin. she is a head shorter than ronan, but she’s muscular. she has a tattoo of three tiny coyotes running along her spine. she frequently wears colorful lipstick.
  • orla has long brown hair, unknown eye color, and brown skin. she is very tall and slim and has a massive nose, but for the most part is extremely beautiful, with heavy-lidded eyes and good cheekbones. she does a lot of nail art and basically dresses like the 70s never ended–bell bottoms, platform shoes, headbands, the works.
  • jimi is described as being as tall as orla and several times wider. also she’s lowkey a stoner, which has nothing to do with her physical appearance but i just wanted to remind you all of that.
  • neeve has curly brown hair and pretty hands with good nails. she has an extremely unnerving stare.
  • gwenllian is very tall, with tangled black hair, pale skin, dark eyebrows, long limbs, “sloping cheeks and forehead”, and a large, shapely nose. she is young, apparently in her twenties.
  • jesse dittley is fucking enormous, but has a mild face.
  • the gray man has gray eyes, ash-blond hair, and stubble. he is tall, muscular, and very handsome.
  • piper greenmantle has lots of blond hair and unknown eye color. she is very beautiful, but few exact details are given as to her appearance. she wears a lot of pink.
  • colin greenmantle has dark hair, bright aquamarine eyes, and good teeth. adam thinks he’s incredibly handsome and looks like a model, while blue isn’t convinced he’s actually attractive.
  • barrington whelk has brown hair and very large facial features that make him look even younger than he is, which is already super young.
  • robert parrish is described as large and colorless, with small, dark eyes. however, he shares several features with adam, including his hair, mouth, and the wrinkle between his eyebrows.
  • joseph kavinsky has dark hair, a skinny frame with a concave chest, and an unusual face. his mother is blonde and has had extensive plastic surgery.
  • prokopenko has prominent ears and uneven shoulders.
  • henry cheng has sharp cheekbones and “gloriously spiked” black hair. he is half korean and half chinese, and he’s a model.
  • helen has dark brown hair, unknown eye color, and long legs. she is very well-groomed and keeps a very simple appearance, favoring sensible heels; the pink nail polish she wears in her first appearance is described as “the only fanciful thing about her”.
  • ashley has short blond hair and dark eyebrows. she dresses fashionably.
  • declan looks a lot like ronan, but with a longer haircut and a friendlier face. his eye color is not mentioned, but it’s most likely blue.
  • matthew is described as “square and solid, a bear of a boy”. he is seemingly shorter than his brothers (probably because of the age difference) and has curly blond hair, but otherwise looks similar to them. however, unlike ronan and declan (who pretty exclusively take after niall in appearance), he looks a little bit like aurora, too.
  • aurora has blond hair, a pale face, flushed cheeks, and red lips. she looks like a “queen from an old epic”; there is little to no resemblance to the rest of the family.
  • niall looked like an asshole. and like his sons. which is the same thing.

i left off the characters who had no description of note, like the gansey seniors (they look like their kids!) or mrs parrish (she looks middle-aged!), as well as information that was extremely obvious or well-known in the fandom (the gray man wears gray v-necks! ronan has a tattoo and wears black tank tops! gansey is a fashion disaster!). lemme know if there’s any information you want me to add.

this was a really great way to spend my evening instead of, you know, studying for that biology midterm that i have in the morning.