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The of the things the batclan hates, is when they have to work a mission during the day -- in the sunlight. Because when they finally take off their masks, there is a defined tan or sunburn. Bruce and Duke (sometimes Tim, depends on which suit) only have to worrying about the area around their mouth. Jason and Cass have eliminated the probably by having fully covering masks/helmet. But Dick, Damian, Steph, and Barb...? They have more to worry about. Including laughter from Cass and Jay.


The only plus side of living in Gotham is that it’s not the sunniest place in the world… which most people would not consider to be a positive, but the batclan definitely does. But sometimes… when they’re very unlucky… they have to venture out into the hot, blinding heat and light of the summer sun. 

(Prime example: that one summer the Joker thought it would be funny to flood the whole of Gotham with his laughing gas-spiked sewer water, in what he called “Joker’s Pool Party Extravaganza.” And of course this just so happened to occur on a day when Gotham experienced record highs in temperature). 

  • You’re absolutely right, Cass and Jay’s costumes mean they are well protected… but the downside is that they are also very hot and grumpy and sweaty on these days. Alfred makes sure to stress to everyone the importance of staying hydrated on these rare days after Cass forgets to drink enough water (claims it was a bother) and ends up fainting from heat stroke. But only after she’d kicked everyone’s ass, as Steph pointed out in her defence.  
  • Damian is safe from sunburns for the most part. He grew up in the desert for part of his childhood and his DNA means that he tans naturally. But the tan lines are…. very defined. Especially since he often denies the need for protection against “this sad excuse of a sun” when Alfred offers him sun tan lotion. He regrets it later. Scowling at the mask-shaped tan-lines around his eyes in the mirror.
  • As Batgirl, Barbara religiously BATHED in suntan lotion because she’s so fair. Sunburns can be really dangerous for people with her complexion, and her father taught her to always wear sun lotion after that one summer day when she was six and went to preschool without it. He’s never forgiven himself for forgetting. But it’s a special memory for both of them, those few nights the sunburn hurt too much for her to sleep, and they sat together on Daddy’s bed as he gently rubbed cool aloe vera onto her face. Oracle is more than happy to stay inside all day and listen to the other complain about the heat. (But she absolutely will sternly remind everyone to wear lotion. And has threatened to dump Dick if he didn’t put it on before going out… more than once.)
  • Everyone hates Dick because, like Damian, he usually tans more than he burns. He grew up wintering in Florida and running around outside, taking care of animals and doing chores while travelling with circus. But he can still burn and if he does, risks the wrath of his fair-skinned girlfriend giving him another long lecture about the danger of UV rays and cancer. 
  • Duke is generally safe too, and usually just forgoes the lotion (“my beautiful melanin will protect me”, “black don’t crack”, “as the infamous and controversial bard Kanye West has been quoted as saying: ‘I’m way too black to burn from sunrays’”). But after Babs sends him a series of articles about how the risk of skin cancer is still high for black people, he caves and starts wearing a light layering of SPF 15.
  • Steph is pretty at risk, but it’s actually one of the areas she is surprisingly responsible? On sunny days, sometimes she’ll go back to her old Spoiler costume to protect her skin, even if it’s hotter. Once, she and Jason both decided to use the day as an opportunity to “get that nice, tanned bikini bod” and went on patrol wearing a swimsuit and trunks with flip flops. When Bruce got mad, they pointed out they were still protecting their secret identities by still wearing their mask and helmet… but he didn’t seem convinced. 
  • According to Stephanie…………… Bruce and Tim “get burnt, not turnt.” 
  • There are many reasons why Batman operates at night… and one of the lesser known reasons is that Bruce Wayne burns veeeeeeeery easily. He learned this lesson the hard way training in the Himalayas without sun protection. Because white, rich-boy, smarty-pants, 22 year-old Brucie Wayne assumed that sun + snow ≠ increased probability of getting burnt, and thought that skiers and snowboarders wore their goggles just to keep snow out of their eyes and as a fashion statement. And yet he knew chemical formulae of common plutonium compounds by heart….
  • Tim Drake has it the worst though. By far. Something that is most definitely not helped by the fact that Tim usually lives by the philosophy of: Hack GCPD Databases While Snacking On Cheetos All Night, Sleep All Day. The boy is a vampire. Pale as a ghost. And somehow it seems, no matter how many layers he’s wearing, Tim still manages to get sunburnt???? Through layers of kevlar??? The boy is a living, breathing, walking, sunburnt enigma. 

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Where do you think does Mitch's insecurity stems from? Which part of his body is he conscious of and why? I keep wondering about this myself because, I think Mitch has a pretty hot bod. Very hot bod. He has a nice chest and has a flat stomach that looks like abs or at least a hard stomach underneath the shirt. Sure, he's a bit stringy/lanky, but it's obvious he's strong and lean-muscled. I find his torso attractive and if his posture's better, he'd have a pretty nice silhouette, too.

Hmm.. I mean, I don’t think I can vouch too much for what is actually canon but this is all… Opinion and headcanons SO HMM,… SCRATCHES CHIN.. 

I feel like… A lot of us see Mitch as really attractive but then again we are very thirsty fans that fell in love with these characters. Even if… A person, Mitch in this case, has a… “Nice body” doesn’t mean it’s healthy or even if it is, doesn’t mean that Mitch likes it. Insecurity y’know.

So… I’m guessing it stemmed from his dad, that’s what I think at least. This is 100% a theory bc.. We know nearly Nothing about his dad so I’m just gonna try my best.

We know that his stepdad was very abusive, and they probably never had enough money to even eat, which made him very lanky and thin… And, again this is a guess, but all of that abuse and trauma really takes a toll on a person. There can be Mitch’s own conflict of… Hating how he wasn’t strong enough to fight back or protect himself/his mom, that he was always so weak and small.

And there’s just… Insecurity man. A lot of self hate builds up for your face, your body, your personality, which leads to this idea of believing you should be punished or even, the idea of eating and treating yourself right is, kind of sickening.

I think Mitch deals with a lot of things like… Thinking himself as disgusting and “not good enough.” And Especially thinking himself to be like his stepdad, he doesn’t want to equate to that image, he wants to be better than that at least. So yeah, I believe a lot of the insecurity and hate is stemmed from his dad!

acotar american uni au

dedicated to @squaddreamcourt. also lots of fic to come on this ppl. lots of trashy, trashy fic. 

-Rhys belongs to the stoner frat. He gets A+ grades without trying and hardly attends class. All the girls want him but he’s just like…waiting to find someone he loves because on the inside he’s a sap. Az and Cass are of course, his frat brothers.

-Cassian is on the football team, and was supposed to be in the football bro frat house but for some reason they didn’t want him. It might have something to do with that fact that he crashed his landrover into the side of their frat house his first weekend at school. He was pissed about it but now he’s happily in the stoner frat. Cassian is like, the campus Golden Boy™. He’s a jock, and is known for making crude jokes, but he’s just so friendly and kind towards everyone that you can’t help but like him. Able to hang with his stoner bros and play world of warcraft but is also the star quarterback. Nice to the weird quiet kids in his computer programming class and the bitchy girls who mostly want him for his bod. Basically perfect. 

-Azriel is on the archery team. He plays a lot of video games in between classes. Cassian is a casual gamer, by Az is a Gamer™. Way too into mmo rpgs. Az always goes to class. He won’t share his homework with Rhys or Cass unless they pay him for it. This has resulted in Az being able to afford the nicest, most tricked out room in the frat house. He has a king sized bed and an enormous flat screen. Az is also the one who determines what kind hazing the new pledges will have to go through each year. In fact, Az, Cass, and Rhys all bonded during hazing when they were pledges. 

-Lucien is not in the stoner frat. Lucien does not believe in frats. Lucien is the writer type, and just a tad bit pretentious about it. He’s happily an english major and wants to go on to become an english teacher. He only knows Rhys and Cass and Az through his friend since freshman year, Feyre. He lowkey pines away for the campus weird girl, Elain, but won’t tell anyone about it. Pining is beneath him. 

-Tamlin is literally only part of this AU so that the other characters can fuck with him and make his life horrible.

-Feyre is the typical artsy hipster. She’s an art major, carries around a canvas tote splattered with paint, and wears all black and birkenstocks. She’s a vegetarian and hikes a lot. She listens to bon iver, the tallest man on earth, sufjan stevens, and stevie nicks. 

-Mor is a party girl. But not very into frat parties. She’s more into the club scene off campus and goes to a lot of music festivals with her platoon of Female Friends™. She wears a lot of crop tops and has been known to sport a flower crown or two, definitely does hallucinogenic drugs on the weekend but also gets straight As during the week. Probably the most popular and loved individual on campus.

-Nesta didn’t think she wanted to join a sorority but once she realized how much power it could give her over other, lesser beings, she happily pledged. But even as a pledge, she bossed the other girls around, refused to be hazed, and was accepted into the sorority on sheer will power alone. Within a week, she was president and has since shaped her sorority into the most cutthroat group of Bad BItches™ to ever walk campus. She does NOT let her girls associate with such rabble as the stoner frat. 

-Elain is the campus’s resident environmental activist and weird girl. Very into auras and birth charts and myers briggs type. Asks every guy she dates for his sign. Adopted one of the campus squirrels as a pet. 

-Amren is a Riding Team Bitch™. Her family spend thousands to have her prized jumped shipped up to college, and housed in a state of the art stable. Amren definitely prefers horses to people. She is dead on the outside and inside she is a barely melted block of ice. Everyone wants to know her, and everyone wants to be her. So far, she really only likes Feyre, Nesta, and Mor. And her horse, Monarch Butterfly. 

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Hey man I'm a big fan of your page and recently you have inspired me to get back in good shape. I was wondering what kind of workout would you recommend to get muscles like saitama has? To me he looks like he has a good all around physique and id love to have a my body look like that but maybe with a bit more hair. lol

Im not even joking when I say this. if you want a bod like Saitama

His training routine ALBEIT NOT AS EXCESSIVE

Of Pushups, Situps, Squats, and Running would help tone your body up nicely with a good diet

and then 3 years down the line you can be punching muhfuggas like this 

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Just stay consistent, eat right and train hard and you can get a pretty good bod……

and possibly become an OP badass too