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Please Please Please

I’m never really thrilled with most fics I write, but I quite like this one. It’s probably going to be a two-part fic, with the second part as a Christmas fic. I can’t be held to that though, as I’m quite busy after today, but I do hope to do it.

I also haven’t read this through yet, it pretty much just poured out of me onto my computer, so it really might suck, and if it does I’ll be forced to delete it and rework it, but whatever. I’ll read it later.

Future AU (MMFD), Finn and Rae are in their mid-twenties, and both suffering from a “broken heart.” 

Smut will ensue, so you’re forewarned if you’re not into that sort of thing. Also, it’s adult content, so don’t read this shit if you’re not an adult, OK? :)

Prompt came from here! 

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That’s Not The Camera 2

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Handjobs, swearing, slight dirty talk

Word count: 1311 words

Description: way back in the day i wrote a drabble and it was requested that i do an awkward second part of the aftermath, so here it is!

Part 1


“That’s not the camera!”

Dan just stared at Phil, realization slowly spreading through his body. He was definitely not holding the cold metal of a camera. He felt hot skin. It was definitely skin.

He just stared at Phil, both of them unblinking. Dan’s heart pounded in his ears and his brain screamed pull your hand out of Phil’s pants, you’re holding onto his dick, but he just stood there, frozen with a firm grip on Phil’s penis. Oh.

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Luke is soo bOY? like hes so tall and has a really deep voice and really big hands and is a total dork and has really broad shoulders and nice arms and long legs and a prodominant adams apple and hes just. so. boy.

The Founders as Cell Phones

Came of with these a month ago, forgot to upload them. Some I will describe, other’s require no additional info.

Hamilton-Gold Iphone bitch. He cant afford this phone but you bet your ass he bought it anyway and he’ll buy the next one when it comes out

Jefferson- because if hamilton is apple’s bitch, jefferson is definitely all about that android (its in such an asshole color too)

Madison-too much of a nerd for android, too much of a nerd for apple. of course he bought the fuckiing windows phone

Aaron Burr got this phone from his work. He refuses to get a new one just to piss of hamilton. He claims he likes buttons.

John Adams- not even a nice colour

George Washington (my choir director has this phone)

Ben Franklin (i just looked up weird Japanese phone case every option worked)

Feel free to weigh in if youve got your own opinions


Wedding Singer!AU
Zayn is on stage with the band singing “lets stay together” making it his own.. It’s the end of the night, audience dancing to the sweet melody and his warm voice. Liam is clearing the tables with others.
“Let me be the one you come running to.. I’ll spend my whole life lovin’ you.. A Lot of people break up turn around and make up, that’s not for me.. Let me be the one you come running to, you make me feel so brand new… Babe…”
A drunken guy interrupts and the band stops playing
“Hey! let’s hear something livelier huh man?the song is bumming me out big time”
“I’m sorry this song is bringing you down. But there are other ways to celebrate than getting drunk and shaking your ass although I’ve been known to do both of those things. In case you’ve forgotten we are here at a wedding. Celebrating a union and possibility and joy. And I don’t know anybody that does it better than Al Green. Instead of dulling our senses or moving faster than we really feel like moving, isn’t it nice to slow to a gentle pace where you can appreciate gazing into another persons eyes who loves you like you love yourself. ‘Lets stay together’ feels like a song written in the moonlight. It’s a blessing, a prayer that the best we feel when we’re side by side with the one we love will last throughout our lives”
Liam is listening spellbound.
Zayn continues “So if you don’t mind, I’m going to finish this song celebrating the promise made here today. After which I will be singing ‘Play That Funky Music White Boy’ which is probably a little bit more to your liking” the drunk guy is looking at him weirded out. Zayn continues to sing putting hi heart in every word “Let’s..Let’s stay together.. Lovin’ you whenever.. Times are good or bad or happy or sad..baby..”
There are tears in Liam’s eyes. He heads to the kitchen to place the empty glasses and plates to the dishwasher. He hears James taking over starting to sing.
Zayn comes to the kitchen because he’s hungry as hell “Harry can I have some chicken and potatoes?” Liam sees him and approaches “hey”.
Zayn smiles “hey”
“You were great up there. I mean, that was really, really beautiful” Zayn huffs out a laugh “well, yeah thanks. Drunks tend to make me pretentious” Liam was quick to say “that wasn’t pretentious, it was poetic”
“You think? I just can’t stand anyone trashing Al Green. I mean he pours his heart out for us, right?” Liam smiles softly at him “it’s a beautiful song. And after that I definitely want you to sing that at my wedding”
Zayn’s demeanor changes “um look, I’d love to but I’m kind of phasing out if the wedding business” Liam’s face drops “really? No… You can’t, you’re so… So good. I mean you almost had me crying in there” Zayn looks away “that wasn’t me. That was Al Green. I just sang it, I mean I’d love to write a song like that. One that people hear and say ‘hey, I’ve felt what that guy has felt’ I used to think I could do that, but now I’m not sure.”
Liam puts his hand on Zayn’s on the counter “sure you could. Did you see how you just entranced them out there. i mean if you can do that, you can do anything” Zayn’s eyes were on Liam’s hand on his he looks up to meet his eyes Zayn moves his hand away his Adam apple bobs words coming out a bit hard “that’s really nice thing to say, but I disagree” Zayn says. Liam goes to speak again but Zayn says “good night Li” and leaves Liam behind tears filling his eyes.

FIC: Be Positive, Part Twelve

Title: Be Positive

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine past relationship, Kurt/OCs, Kurt/Adam (main)

Warning: HIV plot. Hints of depression. 

Summary: As Kurt slowly tries to piece himself back together after the break-up, he and Adam circle around one another in New York without truly meeting. When Kurt comes home for Christmas, a prank and poor bookkeeping result in Kurt getting the shock of his life. Reeling from the news and still trying to be strong for those around him, Kurt returns to New York with baggage of a diagnosis he never expected weighing heavily on his shoulders that will complicate his life more than he thought possible. Then, he runs into Adam at NYADA.

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten - Part Eleven

AN: Defying Gravity if you somehow haven’t heard it.

And here we go. Truth Time for Kurt and Adam!

Part Twelve

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