he has a double lightsaber

delco115  asked:

After Bespin will Anakin get his old lightsaber back or will he continue to use his current one?

That’s Luke’s lightsaber now, and Luke is going to keep it. Anakin wants him to, but there’s also the fact that, for a while after Bespin, Anakin will still be undercover, so of course he’ll have to stick with his Sith lightsaber.

After the fall of the Empire, though…he could just replace the crystal in his Sith lightsaber, I suppose, but I honestly think he’ll want to get rid of it, so he’ll probably build a new one from scratch. (So then all three Skywalkers will have an Anakin Skywalker original, since Anakin builds Leia a lightsaber using Obi-Wan’s crystal post-ANH.)

xenadd‘s concept art for Kanan’s Inquisitor uniform in On the Edge of the Devil’s Backbone.

Kanan’s uniform has the signature Jedi tabards and belt (the Inquisition doesn’t want him to forget where he came from or what he gave up), with Caleb and Depa’s arm wrappings from Kanan - The Last Padawan and Kanan’s boots  from the show, but in heavier Imperial fabrics, with a Vader-y silhouette and armor that mimics both Anakin and Obi-Wan’s from TCW S1-2 and the Inquisitor’s in Rebels S1.  In color it would be black, with maybe a very dark red underlayer.  Both pauldrons have the Imperial cog painted on.

Kanan’s doesn’t have the round-pommeled double-bladed lightsaber of the show Inquisitors; he has a single-bladed red lightsaber with a black hilt whose final design I haven’t done yet.