he has a cool voice

BTS CHAT: Wrong Member (TaehyungxReader Fluff)
  • Taehyung is sitting outside BIGHIT ENT, on a break.
  • Taehyung: I just love nice, wonderful days where the days are nice and wonderful.
  • Y/N walks by. She back pedals, noticing Taehyung.
  • Y/N: Excuse me, do I know you?
  • Taehyung: Umm, maybe.
  • Y/N: Well are you famous?
  • Taehyung: Who do you consider to be famous?
  • Y/N: You have to actually do something other than make a sex tape and date basketball players.
  • Taehyung: I'm guessing you hate the Kardashians. Anyways, by those standards, I'm famous and I hope you are too.
  • Y/N: Oh now I know where I've seen you! You're Jungkook from BTS!!
  • Taehyung: ...That's exactly who I am, yes.
  • Y/N: Wow! This is so cool.
  • Taehyung: Am I your favorite member?
  • Y/N: Yeah you are.
  • Taehyung: Really? Cuz you know who is sooo much better than me? V.
  • Y/N: Really? That guy with the weird creepy deep voice in that one song?
  • Taehyung: It's not weirdly deep, it purposeful and an artistic choice for the song!
  • Y/N: Ok... But I heard that he has a rectangular smile. How can I like someone who would show me a box every time I made him laugh
  • Taehyung: That is so far from the truth?! Where are you getting your information from?!
  • Y/N: Tumblr.
  • Taehyung: I have got to make a Tumblr. Anyways, V is really cool. He has a sexy deep voice, an entrancing smile that in no way resembles a quadrilateral and he would very much like to take you out on a date to replace all this fake news with alternative facts.
  • Y/N: ... Wait, you want V to take me out on a date and convince me to like him?
  • Taehyung: No, I want to take you out on a date because I like you already and my name is Taehyung.
  • Y/N: ..... OH! Okay, but first, is it true you have 4D?
  • Taehyung: That's it! I need to see this blog RIGHT NOW!
  • ~Armygirl, dedicated to Girl in Luv
Your fave is problematic: Dan Smith

In honor of Dan turning 30, here’s some reasons why he’s problematic

• Shy
• Every pic he posts kills me
• “Soon”
• Plays song live then changes lyrics
• Asks interviewers questions
• Can’t dance for shit
May Dan™
• Won’t give a straightforward answer about Wild World
• Once stepped on broken glass during a show and kept going
• “Tell us a lie about the band:” “That we are good”
• Eyes too pretty for this world
• Is actually a deer
• Wrote a song about a tv show he loves
• Always looks great no matter what
• Makes mixtapes
• Throws his head forward when he laughs
• Has the voice of a god
• Looks cool but is actually a massive nerd
• Wears black clothes and skinny jeans no matter the weather 
• Has a new favorite album each week
• The mustache 
• Doesn’t talk about his music, but won’t shut about other people’s
• Points at random shit in photos
• Goes from cute to hot in .5 seconds
• Falls asleep in the recording studio
• Once wore a tiger onesie at glastonbury
• Accidentally looked like Mr.Bean in a suit
• “everybody get down!…. not in a kinky way”
• “If you don’t know the words just pretend to sing along like:*incoherent mumbling*”
• Too humble for this world
• Defensive of his fans

•once tried to invent the H-Chord

i just dont see why marc thought it was ok to make laurel jump through hoops in order to be the black canary, but this new person shows up and does nothing to have to prove herself and laurels dad of all people decided it was time to call her the black canary.

like why does he hate laurel so much?? 

anonymous asked:

may i ask why you like phil so much??

ok let me just take a deep breath….. alright here we go

the first time i saw phil in 2011 my thoughts were something along the lines of “he has such a unique look, he’s so cool, i love his voice.”
you’d think i’d remember my first phil video, but alas, my memory fails me. all i can remember is a flash of dark hair, icy eyes, and a feeling of wonder.
i started as a casual fan like most of us do, but with each video i got more and more invested in his content and i wanted to keep up with whatever he was doing. i wasn’t even sure why i had such an intense infatuation with him, he just.. made me feel. good.
fast forward a couple of years, phil became my safe space. the warm atmosphere that surrounds him always helped to relax me. his kind nature was sweet and refreshing, his intelligence motivated me, his creativity inspired me, his sense of humor lifted my mood, his laugh made my heart soar, virtually everything about him made me feel lighter.
and now here i am. owner of a phan blog, completely invested in phil and his endeavors. he continues to put me at ease when i need a reason to calm down and i continue to love him with every fiber of my being. i am forever grateful for him.

VIXX When You’re Sick

anon asked: vixx taking care of you when you’re sick please? 

N – Hakyeon takes very good care of those he loves. He may grumble teasingly about it, but he doesn’t have it in him to watch someone he loves be miserable and not do something. So he’d look after you in a very smart and efficient way. He’d wear a mask and if you mentioned wanting a kiss he’d give you ‘the look’ because really, you should know better. No smooches until you are fever and phlegm free. In the meantime he’s going to make sure you have everything you need. But if you don’t follow his instructions you’ll get an earful about him using his precious free time to look after a non-compliant patient.

Leo – I imagine him to be rather doting on his partner, especially if they’re sick. He wouldn’t be careless enough to potentially get himself infected because he has to protect his voice. But there would be cool wash rags on your forehead, healing soup made from scratch, and massages for your sore muscles. He’d feel frustrated because he couldn’t do more and hates to see you suffering. If your symptoms persisted without improvement he’d very sternly insist you go to the doctor. Usually he’s weak against saying no to anything you ask for, but he’d put his foot down when it came to your health.  

Ken – Would try to cure you with aegyo and depending on how sick you were you may want to punch him. If it’s just the sniffles he’s going to make sure you have the covers tucked up to your chin and some cute plushy next to you, which would be sweet. He’d talk in a sing song voice and, heaven help you, may even make airplane noises when giving you meds. If you were really sick though, the kind where every muscle ached, he’d drop the aegyo pretty quickly and actually be helpful. In between running around for you he’d keep you company, trying to distract you from how crappy you were feeling until you fell asleep.

Ravi – He’d be worried but utterly clueless what to do for you. Expect multiple bags of medicine from the drug store because he’d have no idea what you need. He’d also be one to push for you going to the doctor, in fact he’d do so as soon as you got sick. Wonsik knows full well he doesn’t have a clue about illnesses so he’d want to get you to someone who did. If you refused though he wouldn’t push any further and leave it up to your discretion. For the most part he’d hand over the meds and some water then hide in his studio instructing you to text if you needed anything. He’d be so relieved when you felt better cause he doesn’t handle those things well.

Hongbin – Does have a nurturing side so he would look after you quite well. Bean would bring you anything you needed, and help you get around if you were weak. However the tense set of his shoulders combined with plastic gloves and face mask would clue you in that he wasn’t thrilled about it. With his job he can’t afford to get sick nor does he really want to. And certainly, allowing himself to get a viral infection does not prove how much he loves you, he’s too pragmatic for that. Regardless, he does want you to get well quickly. He’d even warn you to hold your breath before he sprayed the disinfectant.

Hyuk – Despite not listening to his hyungs as often as they’d like, he has a considerate personality. If he was available he’d be a pretty reliable nursemaid. Hyuk has good sense so he wouldn’t be at too much of a loss how to care for you. Anything he didn’t know he’d look up online but quickly get off before the medical websites convinced him you were dying. So he’d look after you well, but he’s not going to sit by your sick bed. You need rest and he’d be bored as hell. Expect to be calling him away from a video game when you need something. He wouldn’t mind though, that’s what he’s there for. ​


He’s a new wonderchild of Estonian hip-hop and after seeing him perform at our national music awards on TV, my friends and I decided to go see him at our local hipsterclub here in Tartu, which sometimes hosts cool gigs. We figured that the night could turn out in two ways: 1) he is cool and everything is great, 2) he is so odd, that it’s funny and everything is still great. Both ways, it would be 3 euros well spent. (Yes, 3 euros for a gig.)

We were all getting wound up on a few ciders/beers and the indietronic beats in the room that when Tommy took the stage, it was already a party. Hot and a bit sweaty, everybody getting into a “gangster for a day” vibe. 

I put all of my crowdpushing skills to work and ended up right in the middle, surrounded by people seemingly crazy about that odd-looking rapper on stage. The last time I went to Genklubi for a gig, it was Mimicry, and then the crowd was slightly exited. This time it was like somebody was throwing cash from the stage (yes, pun deifnitely intended) to the hungry-looking people below. Everybody was so eager for.. something. And he was giving it to them. 

There’s something about him, which I can’t really put my finger on. It’s like everything about him is so weird, that it’s ultimately cool. He has the voice of a bad russian wannabe viral video star. He looks like he’s been shopping at the ugliest underground thrift stores with his Grimes-fringed girlfriend for as long as he can remember. He speaks English, despite being Estonian. It has so much potential to be awkward, but he makes it cool. Everything is so wrong, it’s right. 

Come on, I like his music and it is WAY out of my comfort-playlist-zone. I’ve been listening to his songs on repeat the whole day and I don’t know what’s gone into me. I’ve never been (and hopefully never will be) the “bitches-money-yoloswag” kind of girl, but damn, he’s so cool!

If you’re interested in more, then

Guez whoz bak?

Why you should Subscribe to pyrocynical

- Leafy sucks
- Luna sucks
- Shorbie looks like an actual fucking murderer and he’s scary
- LtCorbis sucks
- NFKRZ…isnt that bad but he’s also in pyro’s videos and vice versa so you’re basically getting him anyways
- His girlfriend is cool and draws like a god
- He has an amazing voice
- idk he is underapprecitated and he’s amazing mmkay bye

Here’s a fanart of my most favourite voice actor here in Tumblr CrashBoomBanger!! :3c he has a reaaaally cool voice and can make a lot of interpretations!! 

Here are some of my fave audios from him: x  x  x  x  x   x

anonymous asked:

Idk if you're looking for any new YouTube to watch, but I'd look into Peter Draws. I normally listen to his content free podcasts or reading of literature when I meditate try to do astral stuff. (I'm not Peter btw, he just has an amazing voice)

Cool, I’ll keep this in mind!

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brendon urie,, i don't hate him but i wanna kno

i don’t dislike him at all, i’m not really an avid fan and i only know a bit of his music but he seems like a Cool Guy and he has an awesome voice from what i’ve heard….i mean ptad is one of those bands where some of the fans are really dedicated and emotional 14 year olds and they’re part of the whole fandom culture and even tho i used to be a part of it, it makes me kinda uncomfortable now…but yeah, he’s cool from what i know. hope you’re havin a good day :)

Bleach Concept Covers as Karaoke: The Sequel

As requested by anon. :) And also 4theluvofichimaru. ;)

Back in March, I pretended that the various Concept Covers were being sung by the actual Bleach characters at a karaoke night. But I did not do *all* of the Concept Covers, so now it is time to finish the project! So here are the rest of the Concept Covers, imagined as karaoke performances!

1. Shinji sings “Tane wo Maku Hibi”

Lisa: …I expected it to be more jazzy, somehow.

Hiyori: Yeah, the baldy sings like he’s bored and too cool for the song!

Hinamori: I think he has a nice voice!

Hinamori: Um…why is he staring so intently me as he sings, anyway?

Lisa: Don’t mind him. He does that.

2. Lisa, Hiyori, and Mashiro sing “Tabidatsu Kimi e”




Shinji: They sound sweet. Not a trace of violence!

Kensei: Mashiro isn’t annoying me at all.

Rose: Lisa sounds sincere!

Shinji: Basically, our minds our blown!

3. Ichigo sings “Asterisk”

Ishida: …yes of course he can rap too.

Orihime: Man, this song makes me want to spray paint something!

Ishida: …what?

4. Kon sings “My Pace”

Ichigo: Um…how many people are singing?

Ichigo: Are ALL those voices Kon?

Ichgo: H-how?!


5. Starrk and Lilinette sing “Orange”

Ukitake: What a great stage presence Lilinette has! I couldn’t be more proud!

Kyoraku: Starrk is surprisingly good at rapping!

Nanao: Um…I think it’s creepy that Lilinette is in gun form for this.

Rukia: The dance is well-coordinated, though.

6. Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun sing “Hitohira no Hanabira”

Halibel: Hm. It appears that singing is the one thing that will cause my fracciones to get along.

Matsumoto: That and tearing off their arms to create a monster!

Halibel: Why do you think I’m so pleased about the singing?

7. Komamura sings “Hikari no Rock”

Iba: Observe, Ikkaku! No matter what my captain does, he projects strength and manliness!

Aizen: My voice is deeper…

Tosen: Why does he keep directing the “Baby I love you” line at me?

8. Kurotsuchi and Nemu sing “Life is Like a Boat”







Kurotsuchi: Nothing like new Quincy torture!

Fallout week: Day 3 - Favourite character

There are a lot of cool characters across four Fallout games, but my absolute favourite has to be…

Raul Alfonso Tejada, aka Old Miguel, former gunslinger, sole survivor of Hidalgo Ranch, and ghost of Mexico City

My reasons? Great story, tragic as hell, but the fact that he never gave up completely tells a lot, cool personal quest, fascinating personality, sense of humour that uses layers upon layers of sarcasm, contrary to popular belief not only to offend courier 24/7, but also as a defence mechanism, actually his relation with courier is pretty great, especially if you play as older character. All that packed with fabulous voice acting (I mean come on, he has Danny Trejo’s voice! how cool is that??) as an over 200 years old Mexican ghoul/gunslingin vaquero/talented repairman.

Seriously, people who don’t like Raul are missing out.

Journey to FUN!

It’s here! It’s been over 6 years since any Bionicle animation longer than 3 minutes has come out, and there’s clearly been a significant budget increase to this G2 reboot’s episode-style format. We’ve got 3D animated toa and villagers alike, along with a lively crew of creatures and a villain who manages to simultaneously be Starscream and Megatron (sorry, I had to, but the link is a StamperTV comedy sketch that is as relevant as it is not safe for work).

If you’ve played or seen screenshots from the Mask of Control mobile game, you know basically where the overarching story is headed. The two and a half episodes we have are the full tread of the winter wave, and end on a “cliffhanger” for summer that’s of course entirely blown out of the water by leaks. As usual though, it’s the moments in between that really shine and liven things up. Journey to One is definitely many things at once, but above all it succeeds at being fun!

Just don’t let the ramblings of this over-devoted fanboy be your first experiences with this show; it’s got tons of charm that can only be expressed by a visual medium! Spoilers and such abound below, so Netflix binge excessively and then come back, won’t you?

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So, don’t hate me for this now please :>

This one is a special little gift for the seed of the fandom! When I browsed around I was surprised to see how many felt similar like I did - that Abelas should get more role in the game. He has a cool armor, a super voice actor and also someone who finally could clear up many lost and misunderstood thing about the past. So much this detail make people think.

How it was? What was it alike.. what were the old elvhen gods… so this 10 minutes character gained a fandom who would love to continue his story. I seen from tags in reblogs that it is an often considered person fantasy to romance him. It is an interesting scenario among writers and fans so.. I am here to bring this vision of yours a bit closer visually. Bioware may never will pull this one out again - maybe they will but no matter what we all have our own fantasy, ideas and inspiration.

So this is for you all - and the image is free to use for icon/avatar/thumbnail for everyone (credit appreciated tho) - no need to ask. It is a gift if I can call that way, enjoy!

And especially dedicating this one to Artemorte who been proven loyal fan of his ;D

(I know its not the best, I am no vector artist I tried to recreate in photoshop entirely so forgive for mistakes or so!)