he has a boo boo because of you

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: listen I have so much to say about shaolin fantastic like when he is first introduced he is this absolutely idealised streed-god and the kids think he’s a great fighter and extremely rich and everyone aspires to be like him and he combines the profound art that dizzee loves with the superhero mystique and kick-ass that boo-boo wants and then we meet him and he is this lonely, dirt-poor orphan boy. he doesn’t live in warlord territory because he’s brave, he does it because he has no other place to go, he loses absolutely every material thing he owns in the fire just when he thinks things will get better for him, the only person that has ever been a parent to him is grandmaster flash and he loses faith in shao!!! and don’t get me started how he continuously has to humiliate and prostitute himself for annie and when you pay attention you can see him do all these kung fu moves and spins even when he is all alone and he calls himself the ladykilling romantic seconds after saying that he thinks love is a terrible thing and i think it all just goes to show that shao has absolutely nothing to hold onto in life and that’s why he takes the myth that was created around him and lives in it because it gives him security like jfc nobody even knows his real name, the only identity this kid has is the one constructed by his comic- and kung fu-infused brain and marvelling strangers, please somebody help shaolin fantastic
Get Down had me crying like a bish!

I can’t describe how much I love this series. How much respect for it I have. It’s so much of our culture with this important subtexts and messages.

I mean take the finale episode for example - the big get together throw down scene! Even though I’m black and I have interest in just about all the eras when it comes to music it’s still easy to forget how much music - our music - has transformed. It’s easy to forget that we invented a lot of shit even though that’s often been stolen and watered down for others. Music for blacks has always been this element that’s just reigned supreme - no matter what part of our history you look at music has been founding. Music has also transformed our way of dance of course - one thing I love about the get down is its highlight of disco dance in our culture. Because yes be-boying is something that’s populated from that time and while disco music is often brought up on movies that highlight that era (about blacks)…the dance form is often left to the wayside or night shined on. And the fact that the disco king (who refers to himself as such) is someone that always has his finger on the trigger, is my favorite thing. I was so jazzed when there was a battle between hip-hop and disco - because that’s real. One washed the other out before something else came along and affected that thing too (rap). Plus that scene was fucking epic.

Can I also say I’m here for them bringing girls to the mic and having them do hip hop and not just singing disco! I was sooo amped. And baby was referenced as Queen and I dug that too with all the kingdom talks of kings. Ra-Ra is so precious. I love that every member has their role - there own superpower and everytime he creates a plan he’s just like a genius Cinnabon who can do no wrong.

I cried so many times for fucking Shaolin in part 2. I def liked him more this time around. He was more human, more real. You guys know I love my broken baes. My heart broke for him a million times over. Zeke made him believe they were ride or die, that they were family that he could lean on him and the Kiplings and then he turned his back and walked away. He spent his childhood and adulthood being raped by Annie, running drugs for her, surviving alone. He says in one episode - “You’ve never seen me out with a girl, on dates and holding hands, I don’t know nothin bout that shit.” - this part shows is just how Annie has affected him. When he goes to find Dizzee at Thor’s and he’s sees into D’s world/his sexuality we get subtext that maybe Shao’s sexuality ain’t the lady killer as he makes it - he also refers to Dizz as his brother (his alien brother) and we see him refer to the members as his brothers a few times (showing his opening up). When he lets Boo start to run drugs for him, it’s not out of greed or malice it’s because Boo was gonna be in that life regardless of what anyone said and Shao felt like he was better under his care than someone else’s. Its also because Boo hit him with that relatable - they’re gonna leave us one day and I ain’t got no college to go to - line. Zeke often has one foot in and one foot out where Shao is concerned. He had many people in his ear warning him about how bad Shao was. So hearing him out was never on the table. Mentally I couldn’t help but say it’s because you love him when Shao asked zeke what’s stopping him from fucking zeke up right then since they aren’t family, because that’s what it really was. He had stood in front of Zeke and once again stripped himself bare by revealing a part of himself he never showed anyone else (his real name) and Zeke used that against him - telling him things that deep down he believed himself. And then to see him go back to Annie! Gah! I cried and cried and then that bitch shot the kitten! Man….they had me fucked up with this season/part.

Can I give a honorary mention for the fact that it was this shared reality that made homie give up trying to get Shao to come back and sign that paper. That scene was so important.

Last but not least - my baby Dizzee and in part his baby Thor! My boo was somber this season/part. We also didn’t get a lot of him because jaden’s time allot was different/his contract. But I still love this shit! Paint nails, crazy philosophy, considered weird and still a rebel at heart. Diz had to settle more into his own sexuality this season/part. Thors locked up and Diz is taking a stone cold break from his street art and even his old friends. For some reason his father feels like he’s the bad one (ha). It just seems like he’s a little disconnected and trying to keep his head down while making comic sketches for his jailbird boyfriend. That all of course changes when Thor gets out. It’s clear he doesn’t want his family to know about his sexuality or his relationship with Thor. And they’re so stupid they’re still calling Thor his friend even though he took that step towards him before he passed out, repeatedly draws him, spends all his time with him, and draws him hearts with spray pain in the air…he just doesn’t wanna lose those close to him. He doesn’t think they’ll accept him. You could see the fear dropping off of him when Shao walked into Thor’s place and saw everything - from the way he glanced from his Rumi paintings to a sleeping Thor. Rumi is a metaphor for his own sexuality but it was easy to read between the lines in that room. Diz’s art is a very important part of him. It’s how he communicates, how he tells his stories. Like music and dance art (def street art) is a big part of the culture and The Get Down used all 3 to triangle eachother in a nice way. Music, dance, art, they were all a rebellion and art was Diz’s preferred form. It was what originally bonded him and Thor (and can I say how cute it is that Thor supports him and amazed by his performance both with a mic in his hand or an art tool!). I’m gonna have to talk about Dizzee again cause they had me all the way fucked up with that ending. Dizzee is my fav and I’m just not…it’s not where I’m at - at all. It’s frustrating to love this shit so much and know it prob won’t be renewed. Like…ugh. Five fucking episodes - it wasn’t enough! And don’t even get me started on the domesticated house scene of pure freedom and elation as Dizzee and Thor painted each other.

Everything had me crying like a baby and that finale had me wtfing all over the place.

I’m sorry, but I have to rant. Why do people hate Roman so much? I mean, sure he has his flaws– he needs to work on his mic skills, he does need to work on some new moves– but doesn’t everyone? There’s no need to boo him or yell ‘Roman sucks’ in the middle of a match. It’s all fun and games until it happens every single time he comes out. I feel so bad for him, he’s doing what he loves and isn’t that all that matters? He deserves to be loved and appreciated. He’s an amazing father, amazing person, such a bean, miraculously gorgeous, and can wrestle. I don’t know if it affects him or he doesn’t let it bother him (unbothered king), but it still must suck being booed every time you come out like that.

Yes, I know people have their right to boo wrestlers that’s all apart of the fun. But it must hurt his family, and himself obviously. He came to entertain his viewers, to do what he loves, and he’s being hated on for it. Just relax yourselves, and stop being such jerks to Roman. HE’S A DAMN GORGEOUS BEAN LEAVE HIM ALONE HE’S TOO PRECIOUS.

Okay bye. Might be edited because I might’ve left some stuff out, so stay tuned.

little things to love about seungkwan
  • everyone’s favorite member c’mon dont lie
  • seventeen’s cute moodmaker!
  • such an energentic bub!
  • who else would give tangerines to reporters at 6AM in the morning? only seungkwan
  • if your alarm clock isn’t waking you up, boo seungkwan will
  • woke up the members for school during 17TV ;;
  • he remembers all the members’ b-days
  • at such a young age, he has such amazing talent
  • MC!BOO
  • he loves his mom so much omg
  • he would use every moment he can to talk about his mom im :’( 
  • “do you think seducing me with food will get me to fall for it? yes” 
  • seventeen’s #1 gag man
  • sassy boo
  • he once always though he could never become a singer, because he was from jeju
  • but look at him now, a talent singer in a talented group
  • such an expressive child
  • rap god boo seungkwan 
  • is vernon’s bff
  • a lover of rain
  • always trying his best and honestly it’s the best thing
  • knows he’s handsome which is the best
  • “your butt has the same class as beyonce sunbaenim!!!!” -sk to dk
  • he responds to memes during menpas LMAO
  • “I will now perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on this kimchi” 
  • “oH MY GOSH WHAT ARE U DOING NOW?!????????”
  • “kIMBAP kIDDING?????”
  • this precious video 
  • also this video ft. dk LMFAOOO
  • all the lil moles he has on his face!! they’re like small constellations <3
  • fun fact: he can’t cross his legs bc he said his pelvic bones are so stiff poor bby 
  • when he smiles his cheeks get all round n’ soft and im!!!!!
  • super caring towards others
  • super respectful towards his seniors 
  • when there is an interview question that he knows would make his member’s uncomfortable, he would try to change the subject
  • like when there was a question mentioned about woozi’s height, he avoided it and talked about something else so woozi wouldn’t be uncomfortable 
  • likes to break in to song and dance with every opportunity he can get
  • he is such a lovely person with a lovely heart
  • #stan talent stan boo seungkwan
Dating Harry Would include - 31

His little touches of love:

- Stopping by your favorite bakery to buy you a piece a cake that you love
- Putting random alarms on your phone with cute and funny messages to make you smile when he’s not with you
- Letting you  lay your legs over him to have the best and comfortable place on couch to watch TV
- Telling you how precious  you are to him when he feels you low about yourself
- Making sure to bring you your favorite food while your periods
- Always letting you have some free time alone when you’re in a bad mood
- But, always being ready to welcome you with open arms when you come ask him for a hug
- Distracting you when you’re worried in caressing softly the frown on your forehead
- Playing with your hair while reading his book when you rest your back on his chest
- Looking at you when you sleep even if you told him multiple times before to not do it
- Losing on purpose when you  play scrabble because he knows how much you don’t like to lose
- Looking at you when you’re on your phone, giving you a tender smile when you finally notice it
- Begging you to stop sulking him because he misses you, whispering in your neck while hugging you from behind
- Cooking your breakfast before he leaves the house when he has to wake up before you
- Pulling back the duvet over your body many times through the night to keep you warm
- Kissing your boo-boos even the most tiny because he likes feeling useful for you
- Buying you random little gifts each time he travels somewhere without you
- Taking you in his arms when you don’t expect it and refusing to let you go until you hug him back
- Always finding new cute but embarrassing  names for you
- Giving you PDA to let you know that he’s proud to be seen with you
- Interlacing your fingers when you walk on the street to always have you close to him
- Fighting his need to sleep to be able to look at you falling asleep on his torso
- Kissing you with no specific reasons, just to feel the warmth of your skin on his lips
- Preparing you a cup of tea when you work on your computer without you asked for it
- Kissing your puffy eyelids  after you cried
- Surprising you by baking you a cake when you sent him a grumpy text about your bad day
- Trying to wake up before you to wake you up with his soft kisses
- Biting on your cheek and chin when you try to escape his tickling
- Telling you what he thinks to be his best jokes to make you laugh and fall in love with you a bit more each time he sees you smile at him

Which one of his little touches of love did you prefer?

Friendly reminder that Percy and Annabeth made out in Blood of Olympus and after the kiss Annabeth ended up speechless.

The Great Hunt

So apparently it’s a Thing in Mando culture that when Mandalore needs somebody competent to get shit done, they hold a sort of mando olympics/spy games called the Great Hunt.  It’s kind of a galaxy-wide game of Murder.  You get a target, you’re someone else’s target, and y’all keep killing/capturing each other until someone comes out on top.

No my Irish ass read the title “Great Hunt” and immediately thought of the OTHER one…

…So what if Jango, acting as Mandalore, decides to hold a Great Hunt for Reasons, and due to location constraints, (he can’t broadcast from Kamino, it’d give the existence of the super-secret army away), he hold the announcement/opening ceremony on some historically conquered planet, nevermind the local that keeps yelling about “stay away from them rocks ye daft bastard!”.  Jango’s mandolorian is perfect, of course, but the way the speech is written:  Calling on all of the galaxy’s great warriors, prove your worth, blah, blah, GREAT HUNT, blah-

…And suddenly a covey or entirely-too-pretty beings come riding out of the middle of the stone circle on fucking elk, and Jango realizes he may have made  boo-boo.  He’s got just enough knowledge of the Old Ways to know you don’t go around UN-inviting people, so now the Great Hunt has a party of Fair Folk participating.

Meanwhile across the galaxy, every single Jedi expiriences an overwhelming sensation of NOPE.  Mace Windu, in an uncharacteristic fit of good judgement, pulls the entire order out to the most iron-rich planet they have a temple on to weather this out, because they are NOT getting mixed up in Fey  bullshittery. (it doesn’t work, esp when half the order has fey ancestry of some kind)

Furby Review: Furby His Royal Majesty the King Special Limited Edition NIB

Hi everyone! Tonight we’re going to be reviewing a very special classic Furby. Please, let’s have a very royal welcome to the next Furby.

Mod May Boo: All Hail Our Royal King Furby. I love this guy.

Mod Loo Bay: He’s very handsome.

Mod May Boo: You know, he really is handsome. He’s just. Remember how the people felt about JFK when he was around? Well throw JFK out the window because this Furby is the greatest, most handsome leader we could ever dream of.

Mod Loo Bay: A quote that was very much not attributed to JFK, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down the distance between me and my King Furby.”

Mod May Boo: Yeah, I think that was President Peanut (Jimmy Carter). Anyways, I love his royal purple coat and his fancy king hat. Also, he has beautiful, friendly eyes.

Mod Loo Bay: I love his…. cape thing? (I think it’s a cape.) Either way, it’s very fashionable, very cute.

Mod May Boo: It’s true, he has all the makings of a great, regal King. A leader we can all admire and aspire to be like. Now for the price.

Mod Loo Bay: That’s nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

Mod May Boo: Indeed. Considering that modern Furbies start at about 60 dollars, this is a reasonable price. Clearly the King Furby is a humble king.

Mod Loo Bay: I love him.

Mod May Boo: I do too. Now for the fear rating and final grade.

Fear Rating:

Mod May Boo: 2/100 Baby Ducklings

Mod Loo Bay: 0/10 Regicides

Overall Grade- A✓+

Price Rating: A good, humble price for royalty such as our Our Royal Majesty the King

supernovacoffee  asked:

Your cat's name is Boo Boo?!?!?!?! 😍😍😍

Yup! She came from the shelter with her friend Yogi Bear after our family cat died. (Yogi is so named because he has a little stump of a tail that makes him look like a fluffy teddy bear.) Yogi is the friendliest fluffball you could meet, but Boo-Boo is a fraidy cat who decided that I would be a good protector so she just sort of adopted me.

ep. 18

i love jae bok x gong boo so much i think i might cry????¿¿¿ this was also the best ep for my ship (THAT SCENE AT THE LODGE???? HIM PRACTICALLY PROFESSING HIS LOVE¿¿¿ b*tch i’m wEAK). i think gong boo made his intentions pretty clear esPECIALLY when he told jae bok “i’m letting you go (to him) just for today” AND EVEN THO JAE BOK HAS BEEN A LITTLE AMBIGUOUS SO FAR when she replied “i’ll go just for today” I LITERALLY YELLED SO HARD. don’t play w my heart like dis jae bok!!! get ya mans!!!!1

they best wrap this whole eun hee crap the second last ep because i want the last ep to be nothing but jae bok x gong boo fluff and jae bok just being happy tbh.

anonymous asked:

Mc gets into a car accident and suffers from severe brain damage and mentally reverts back to a child like state how would the RFA+Saeran react and how to they try and take care of her

(Pre-reaction info) At the hospital, the doctors tell them that you may have suffered from severe brain damage from the impact on your head, but there’s no telling how it will affect you.And at the hospital, you were being really quiet and not talking, so there was no way to know what had happened to you yet. They agree to take you home and watch over you as you recover from the accident.


  • Yoosung wasn’t quite prepared for what it would entail, although he really hoped he would be
  • You were the kind of kid who would take the pots and pans and make them into drums, so Yoosung finds out
  • “What are you doing??” He says, hopelessly confused
  • “Playing!” You squeal, pounding the spoons on the pots. It makes a horrible clatter
  • What in the world is he supposed to do??
  • He calls Seven for backup “Seven, she’s acting like a kid, I don’t know what to do, what do grown up kids do??”
  • “Yoosung, you’re a grown up kid”
  • He’s not wrong
  • “Hey MC, what’cha up to?”
  • You were playing house. You had a pot on the stove with water in it
  • “You wanna play a different game?” Yoosung points you over to his games reluctantly “those are big kid games”
  • “You only get to play them if you’re good though” which means cleaning up
  • You pout, but you really wanna play the “big kid games”
  • So you do
  • Yoosung manages to keep you entertained this way till you’re better and come back to your memory
  • Good thing he can cook or you guys would be screwed


  • Jaehee was honestly prepared for anything
  • It’s not that she expected you to act like a kid
  • But she surprisingly has toys. She says they’re from the kid who lives nearby, who she used to watch before she got super busy. thanks Jumin
  • You play with the dolls she has, while she makes you chicken noodle soup
  • Chicken noodle soup becomes your main diet
  • Apparently you were a very picky child
  • Chicken noodle soup is your only diet
  • Jaehee makes sure you eat some veggies too or else she threatens to send you to your room
  • She also gets a lot of hot chocolate for you, and kool-aid
  • You are so psyched about the kool-aid
  • You must’ve worshiped it as a kid
  • It’s like your lifeline (that and chicken noodle soup)
  • Not that Jaehee’s making a fuss
  • It’s easier for her to take care of you that way
  • She gets her neighbors to watch over you when she’s busy, giving them the simple instructions to keep you away from crayons and to feed you chicken noodle soup and kool-aid. They’re surprisingly good at watching over you she knows who she’ll go to when she needs a baby sitter one day


  • Zen is super loving and comforting to you. And you think he’s your dad
  • “Dad, why’re you kissing me so much??”
  • He’s so confused??
  • “Dad?” Uhhmmm “What do you mean MC?”
  • “I wanna play a game” and you run off into the bedroom
  • He follows you in and finds a board game out on the bed. Where did that come from??
  • “Let’s play!”
  • He gets the picture that you’re kid-like, and then he starts taking care of you like you really are a kid. He plays board games with you and takes you to the park to swing on the swings, and he makes PB&J for you like how you remember it everyone thinks you’re just doing really cute couple stuff
  • He won’t let you eat cereal with chocolate syrup and whipped cream though
  • No MC
  • It’s not good for you
  • He kissed your boo-boos though (that big cut on your head wasn’t because you tripped on the sidewalk MC, it was from the accident but he wouldn’t tell you that, he doesn’t wanna confuse poor little kid you)
  • When you get better he keeps bragging to you that he was such a good dad to you
  • You gotta agree he’d make a good dad though


  • Jumin is sure he can take care of you this boy has no idea how to take care of you
  • It couldn’t be that hard, right? omg Jumin stop lying to yourself
  • He thought so until you got home, when you bounded into the house and started coloring on the walls
  • And chasing Elizabeth the III around
  • And just overall making a complete mess
  • You gotta give him credit
  • He tried cried
  • Jaehee came to the rescue and became your personal babysitter
  • She calmed you down and got you some toys
  • And said you can’t play with the cat unless you’re nice and gentle with her. Which means no brushing her fur backwards or Jumin might flip out more
  • She left it to Jumin then to take care of you 
  • He awkwardly joined you playing with the dolls Jaehee brought
  • When you gave him a hug, and said thank you, he kind of melted
  • You said it in such a little girl voice
  • And it made him really want a little girl one day


  • Seven is actually psyched when he finds out you’re all kid like
  • He enlists you into the “super-secret-special-club-of-not-pranking-but-pulling-“nice”-tricks-on-people-who-deserve-it”
  • You are agent 606
  • Your first mission is to pet the pretty cat’s fur backwards (he says it looks better that way)
  • Your second mission is to hide the game remotes he gives you (he says you’re gonna play hide and seek with Yoosung)
  • He says you’re really good at completing your missions, and he’s really proud!
  • Candy is your reward!
  • You are a little kid in a candy shop
  • Seven this isn’t a good idea you’re gonna make the poor girl sick
  • You do get sick that wasn’t your best idea Seven
  • He keeps you in bed and feeds you chicken noodle soup and pop until you get better
  • He finds out keeping you inside and letting you play a DS all day is actually really good and you don’t get sick. He challenges you to pokemon matches all the time and purposely loses
  • When you get better, you help Yoosung find his remotes again
  • And you kiss Seven ‘cause he wasn’t too bad at taking care of you
  • But you do avoid eating candy for a while


  • He doesn’t know what to do
  • He thought you would maybe have a little memory loss 
  • But you’re a kid??
  • What do you do with kids??
  • How do you take care of them??
  • He didn’t have the best example
  • Seven comes and helps, ‘cause Saeran is reeeaalllllllllly at a loss
  • He gets out some cards and teaches you some card games
  • Kid-you doesn’t want to sit still, but Seven promises you candy if you sit still
  • You and Saeran are honestly both helpless little beings
  • Seven feels like he’s taking care of two kids
  • He feeds you both chicken noodle soup and gives you both crayons and paper. You draw pictures of sun shine and rainbows, Saeran draws some of… well, it’s actually just red scribbles
  • Seven doesn’t leave til you’re better
  • When you are better, Saeran is sooooo relieved. You give him a kiss for helping you out while you were out of it
  • although you all know Seven did all the work

~Sunflower (:

Chapter 4 is objectively the best Chapter in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door because:

  • Vivian
  • Aesthetic
  • No seriously Twilight Town and the surround areas have such a nice yet gloomy design
  • Vivian
  • Doopliss, everything about Doopliss. From his design to the say he talks and acts… oh! And…
  • BOOS! And an Atomic Boo battle
  • Listening to the Crows’ conversations
  • Vivian
  • This Chapter legitimately has one of these BEST plot twists I have ever seen in a videogame, seriously
  • The way said plot twist is handled is SO GOOD
  • That moment of realisation
  • VIVIAN!!!
  • Probably the only villain in the game where every encounter you want nothing more than to tell it’s okay and that they’re not a screw up, rather than actually fight them
  • Mario, knowing full well who Vivian is a part of, was completely okay with helping her find the very thing Beldam was going to use to destroy him
  • Vivian also giggles when she lands her Shade Fist attack and it’s a thing of beauty
  • She just… straight up punches the enemy and laughs afterwards I love it
  • She’s like Bow 2.0 but not as bitchy (Bow I love you dearie~)
  • I have a lot of feelings about Vivian okay
Happy Mothers Day (Requested)

After a long day of running errands, you’re happy to come home and spend time with Dylan and your energetic child. Your son comes running into your arms as soon as he hears your keys open the door.

“Mommy, mommy!! Me and daddy walked to the park and we went on the swings and down the slide and I had ice cream and daddy let me ride my bike outside and i fell and got a boo boo but daddy kissed it and fixed it for me!”

You pick him up and hug him tightly. “Wow! I guess a lot happened while I was gone for the day, huh? Let me see your boo boo.”

Your son extends his leg to show you the scrape. It’s covered with an avengers bandaid but it doesn’t look too bad. His hair is sticking up in all directions and he has chocolate stains all over his mouth from the ice cream. His hands are dirty and his shirt is wrinkled. Still, he is not phased by his appearance and has a huge smile on his face when he says, “It didn’t hurt when I fell. Daddy said it’s because I’m strong like you.”

You reach into your purse and pull out some baby wipes, a daily necessity ever since you became a mother. Using the wipes, you rub the mess from his face and scrub his hands free of dirt. “Yes you are. I’m glad you two had fun. Where is he now?”

“Right here.” You feel two hands weigh down on your shoulders and look up to see Dylan. You jump up to hug and kiss him after a long day apart. He reaches behind him and hands you a big vase full of colorful flowers. “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you so much.” He kisses you again but you’re interrupted once your son starts pulling on your pants to get your attention.

“Happy Mother’s Day, mommy! I made you this.” It’s a card with a stick figure drawing of you and him on the front.

“Wow! Thank you both so much! I see you two had an eventful day.”

“We did. Did he tell you he fell? There wasn’t much blood, he barely scraped his knee.”

“He showed me.” You walk over to sit on the couch and your son follows you. He sits on your lap and places his head against your chest while Dylan sits next to you. “So what else did my two favorite boys do today?”

“Daddy taught me how to play baseball!”

This isn’t surprising to you. “He did? That’s exciting.”

Dylan nods his head proudly. “Just getting him ready for the major leagues.” They do a handshake that’s cute but too complicated for your son to actually complete right, which makes you laugh.

“And then he told me about the day you had me, mommy!”

“Oh really?” You look over at Dylan with a confused expression on your face, wondering how exactly that discussion came up.

He answers what’s running through your mind by saying, “He asked me what my favorite day was and I said the day he was born.”

“Tell the story again!” Your son jumps from your lap to Dylan’s, begging him to repeat what he said earlier.

Dylan places his hand on your knee and smiles at you before looking down at your child in his lap and saying, “Well, you weren’t supposed to be here for a long, long time but you were so excited to meet us that you showed up early. After mom had you, we were all scared because you were so tiny and she got very weak. But as soon as I held you in my hands and you smiled up at me something told me everything would be alright. I wasn’t scared anymore. And I fell more in love with your mom after I saw all she went through to have you. That’s why I always say you’re strong like her. You’re both fighters. And you’re not scared of anything, are you?”

Your son shakes his head and answers, “No! I’m a big boy!” He jumps off of Dylan’s lap and starts doing kicks and flips in the air. It’s amazing how he isn’t tired after this whole day he had. Glancing over at Dylan, you see he has just removed his baseball hat from his head and now has his hair is flying in all directions like the child you share. His shirt is also wrinkled and he has a new cut on his arm from filming. You look at the both of them, spit images of each other in this moment, and start laughing to yourself.

“What?” Dylan asks curiously.

“Nothing, he’s just so much like you it’s funny. I’m the luckiest mom in the world.”

raphael has it bad
  • Lily: so the daylighter is your boyfriend now?
  • Raphael: what no, where on earth did you get that ideas, dios no
  • Lily: Oh so you weren't watching him sleep last night, or texting him during the meeting or rushing to his aid because he got a boo boo
  • Raphael: .........I am a clan leader, I am not dating that daylighter
  • Elliot: simon is here
  • Raphael: move now Lily
You know, you boo Roman Reigns, but there is no denying his athletic talent. The only reason you guys don’t like him is because you think the company is giving him the rocket, but the fact is the guy deserves it. He has a coolness, and he’s calm, cool, collected in that ring. As much as you want to boo him, the fact still remains that guy is talented, he’s tough, and he’s very good at what he does.
—  The Miz

Reading some of these opinions about Greg/Rebecca and Crazy ExGirlfriend and yikes. How can people misunderstand the show so much????
First off:
When Greg said they were going to ruin each other “and not emotionally” he wasn’t trying to hint that he didn’t want to get emotionally involved with Rebecca. like???? wat??? It was just a euphemism for basically saying “we’re gonna have sex so hard I’m gonna ruin you down there” (which lo and behold: Rebecca actually references AGAIN in next week’s song.) It was just a sexual innuendo for laughs. Not that deep, y'all. Like jeeze Louise how did that go completely over your head??

The musical numbers take place in Rebecca’s head. Remember that. Settle For Me was Rebecca IMAGINING that Greg was asking her for a pity date. in REALITY, Greg never wanted to be in second place or be someone she settles for. HE TELLS HER THAT.
So now, the UTI song is something we don’t have context for as of right now. It COULD be something Rebecca is imagining or it could be (like What’ll It Be) a musical number in Greg’s imagination. Now I’m gonna be totally extra and actually fucking dissect and analyze a song about urinary tract infections because I guess some people just don’t get it.
Greg seems to think that giving someone a UTI means the sex was good. Rebecca then explains that it “isn’t a comment on the quality of the sex” but on the quantity. So Greg isn’t laughing at her burning pee, he’s misinformed. which Rachel has said a lot of men: men that work for CBS and The fucking CW didn’t even know what a UTI was when Rachel and Aline proposed the song. They had to have a mini health lesson with television producers while pitching their episode. The show and especially the songs are satire and meant to comment on a reality in our society that makes us uncomfortable. It’s safe to assume Greg is misinformed about women’s health because a lot of men ARE. Rachel is trying to make a comment about that.
Now, if you’re trying to use that to drag Greg and try to say that he’s being an insensitive jerk I guess you do you, but if you’re trying to build up Josh in the same breath, I’d like to remind you that: Josh’s song is called “angry mad” and THAT is a completely accurate summary of his emotional complexity and intelligence so if you think he has ANY idea what a UTI even IS, much less how you get one or how painful they are, I got some news for you boo boo.
It’s fine if you want to demonize Greg for being selfish, for pining over someone who doesn’t love him back, for having a substance abuse problem (although I would hardly call it that), for being depressed, for being self loathing and self sabotaging and being his own worst enemy. No really, ITS FINE. Just remember that those are the exact same issues Rebecca has and because we’ve taken the time to explore her past and her motivations, we sympathize with her and understand her.
You’re allowed to ship whoever the fuck you want. I’m over here in a Valencia/Hector rowboat and no one can stop me. But if you’re gonna try and drag Greg (who is supposed to be a MIRROR for Rebecca), at least understand the context of the show first.
(Also Santino is literally a Disney Prince with a magical voice so I mean, there’s that.)

BTS reaction to you nailing their choreo for RUN


He would be so impressed by it. Mint (ayye) Yoongi would be sooo happy that you found some time to learn their choreo and show appreciation towards their work.

You: “So, what do you think babe?”

Yoongi: “One word….beautiful.”


This little shit will just run next to you at some part of the song and start dancing. After you’re done, he will pick you up and kiss your cheek telling you how great of a dancer you are.

“Jagi, I think that we’ll need you as a backup dancer one day!”


Just like Jimin, he wouldn’t wait for you to finish the dance alone and join you. Except he would do his best to distract you with silly moves and sometimes change the choreo so you can give him attention. No need to say that his plan didn’t work and you still nailed the dance.

“Jagiya, you’re a dancing machine! My girlfriend has some moves yaaah!~”


Unlike Jimin and Hoseok, lil Kookie would sit still with his mouth wide open in amazement. The maknae would be so impressed and won’t control his emotions after you’re done. He will run and give you a kiss saying how proud he is of you!

“WOW JAGI YOU’RE AMAZING! HOLY SHIT!” I totally used this phrase on purpose 


He will cheer for you ‘til the very end! Tae Tae would scream stuff like: “KILL ‘EM Y/N!” “YOU GO BOO BOO!” “THAT’S THE SPIRIT JAGI, MOVE THOSE HIPS!”. In short, he would be very excited because you’re performing their choreo and on top of that, you’re doing it perfectly.


Just like Jungkook, he’d stare at you in complete amazement. When you’re finished he’ll run up to you and tell you how proud he is and how amazing you were.

“Jagi, I think that you’re the 8th BTS member… you killed it babe!~”

Rap Monster

Namjoon will smirk at you the whole time. He would be amazed by how sexy you made the choreo look like. Aside from that, he’d be very impressed that you managed to learn such a hard choreo in just one week!

“Wow jagi, can you help me improve my moves later?”

A brief verkwan headcanon nobody asked for

But I’m writing it anyways oops

- Okay so Vernon is like yo Seungkwannie let’s go to the amusement park bro

-And Seungkwan thinks oH my goSh is he asking me on a dAte omg ajfdkl; wait wait Boo get yourself together he’s probably just asking in a friendly way

- And so off to the amusement park we go

- They start out on simpler rides not too scary because Seungkwan definitely loves the teacups too much as he spins them around like a maniac

-And Vernon is like lol okay Boo do what u want

- Eventually Vernon sees the big roller coaster and begs him “Kwannie let’s go on it please pleasee”

- “Uuggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t wanna”

- “Oh I mean it’s fine if you’re scared…”

- Cue 20 minute lecture on how the Boo Seungkwan is absolutely not afraid of some silly roller coaster and oh look this lecture took so long that it’s suddenly time to get on the ride oh no

- Deep breaths Boo this is for love yes be brave for love

- Cue nonstop shrieking

- Cue hysterical laughing at said shrieking

- After the ride Vernon receives the silent treatment from an upset diva Boo

- Okay it’s getting late out now but after all that excitement Vernon needs to win one of the games before they leave to prove his love for Boo

- He wins an adorable hedgehog plushie and promptly gives it to Seungkwan with the most pure and precious grin and ever so slightly pink cheeks

- Cue blushy Boo

- However Boo Seungkwan doesn’t give up so easily he’s still mad at Vernon for laughing… kinda mad… (He can’t really still be mad he loves hedgehogs)

- Anywho it’s pretty dark out now getting chilly but no need to worry because Vernon has an arm around Seungkwan

- Boo snuggles happily into Vernon’s hold as they walk home together with their hedgehog son

Congrats you made it to through to the end of whatever nonsense this is