he has a bad time...just in general

Supernatural:  10 Lessons From Tonight’s Episode.

“Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” season 12, episode 10

1.  Dean has no concept of personal space or social propriety.

And Sam, as always, is the perpetually done third wheel.

2.  He is also an embarrassingly worried boyfriend.

Look at this asshole, just swooping in out of nowhere to check in on his bae.  Fucking whipped. 

3.  And just embarrassing in general.

4.  Cas’s sass levels are astronomical. 

Crowley could probably take lessons from him at this point, to be honest.

5.  Cas has zero time for the gender binary (and has always been hot and done.)

Look at this bad bitch, hopping from gender to gender like a Virginia Woolf protagonist.  He knows that the binary is a useless human construct, and he ain’t got time for that shit.  

6.  He’s also always been really, really cute (and really, really not straight.)

One thing I love about Cas getting an (adult) female vessel is it not only confirms his lack of definable gender (which we’ve seen with other angels, but a main character is a different matter entirely), is that it ends the notion of his heterosexuality.  So you say he’s always been attracted to girls?  Well, at the very least, that makes him a genderfluid lesbian.  

In other news, the writers played themselves, and Cas is now technically confirmed to be as straight as that (adorable) jaunty hat he’s wearing.

7.  Dean is getting much better at emotional honesty.

Words I’ve been waiting to hear since season six.

8.  *Nothing to say here, just incoherent sobbing.*

9.  He literally loves Cas more than life itself.

And everybody knows it.  Except Cas.

10.  But especially poor, poor, Sam.

Overall rating:  10/10 for gayness, cute 20th century attire, healthy communication, Cas centricity, and worried Dean.  Well done, SPN!  

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I just think it’s funny how many Gaston fangirls I’ve seen so far pulling the “Gaston didn’t deserve to die!” card, either because they’re into Luke Evans or because 2017 Gaston was in the army and therefore has PTSD and doesn’t deserve anything bad happening to him.

Like… he literally refers to Belle (and women in general) as ‘prey’, he attempts to murder Maurice when he tells him he can’t marry Belle, he belittles Lefou and uses him as a human shield during the castle fight, he shoots the Beast in the back three times, but sure; he was pretty and fought in the war so poor precious baby.

If that isn’t what actually makes Gaston frightening in the first place though. People (in particular women) excusing/overlooking his poor actions in favour of appearances.

@parfaitperi’s httyd voltron au- headcanons

sorry if these aren’t v good,,,, i’m bad at writing headcanons or writing in general,,,

- Has a little dragon stuff toy,, it was given to him by his mom 
-sometimes when hes sad he’ll just hug the toy,,
- Even though he’s busy all the time (warrior stuff) he likes to read and draw. a lot. he might not be good at it, but it expresses his feelings and his room is just covered in unfinished / finished paintings.
- sometimes he steals lance’s jacket ‘cause it smells like him 
- when lance, pidge or hunk aren’t around he talks to red (about lance, about his day, about his family) 
- red will rest her head on keith’s lap and keith will pet her as he talks
- keith files red’s nail every so often because he’s scared that she’ll break them when landing
- he and lance sometimes do each others nails, then the dragons’
- he used to be really bad at nail painting till lance showed him how

- lance is the one who paints keith’s nails
- lance loves to read and is a dragon geek. since he wasn’t allowed to be a warrior when he was younger, he spent all his time reading, learning as much as he could about dragons and their anatomy and just everything in hopes to impress at least someone
- when keith is down he’ll read to him,, stories about dragons and warrior legends, ‘cause he knows that keith loves to hear his voice
- he likes to weave his own flower crowns and make red and blue wear them together 
- lance then pesters keith to draw them
- lance also made a flower crown for keith made of red roses on his birthday and keith actually teared up 
- he drew all over his dragon saddle with ink and let it dry

- on special occasions he’ll cook a really really good meal for the paladins to enjoy 
- he likes to fly to quiet places and nap with yellow
- sleepovers!! he plans them thoroughly and makes sure that everyone is comfortable
- there’s one of those baby mobile things that are made of shiny shells that hangs from his ceiling and he loves it sm
- every sunday he cooks with his mom and they enjoy it a lot
- whenever yellow coughs or sneezes hunk is super worried and makes yellow rest for a day or two

- when she was a kid she and matt went out to sea when they weren’t meant to and found a blue-spotted gray egg
- she watched that egg, kept it warm, took care of it for many months and it hatched and named the dragon rover
- pidge likes to hang around in the place where the armorsmith works ‘cause she likes to see how everything is made 
- she hung around there until the armorsmith let her become his apprentice 
- she modifies everything
- she was the one who molded shiro’s arm and added little functions to it
- rover and green are always fighting for attention
- rover helps pidge with getting stuff
- pidge’s saddle for green is the most high-tech
- green and her like to go out and pick healing herbs 

- he has an… interesting bond with black 
- he’s constantly stressed as he’s chief and yells at black all the time 
- black is mature and strong (emotionally and physically) so he doesn’t really care
- once shiro fell off black during a flight and black saved him
- their relationship was better after that
- black is v curious about shiro’s arm, and shiro’s curious about black’s tail (which is broken like toothless’s) 
- they match
- the paladins like to draw on black’s tail, and she pretends to hate it
- lance once showed shiro some tricks with blue and shiro called it stupid
- shiro ended up mastering every single trick with black and for a week they strutted around and whenever they passed the paladins their mouths would be wide open and shiro found it hilarious

Allura & Coran
- she’s super strong and can kick anyone’s ass
- when she found out about the village’s dragon arena she challenged every dragon trainer and beat them all
- she works with pidge to create medicines for both dragons and people
- coran works with pidge in the armorsmith place (whats the word i forgot ,, )
- coran is super scared for pidge ‘cause she likes to pour liquid iron into a mold from a high point
- allura is concerned for pidge as she likes to fly recklessly
- allura and coran will both kill the person who lays a finger on any of the paladins
- they’re secretly competing to see how many times they can save the paladins from danger
allura’s stats:
keith [56] 
lance [55]
pidge [23]
hunk [19]
shiro [47]

coran’s stats:
keith [67]
lance [88] 
pidge [17]
hunk [20] 
shiro [8]

- he and shiro are seeing who can be the most buff
- you can barely see him on a day to day basis as he’s always exercising 
- whenever shiro sees matt on the streets he’ll lunge at him and tackle him in hope to finally defeat him in wrestling (he gets the element of surprise)
- it doesn’t work
- matt is normally seen with dumbells in his hands and it pisses shiro off 
- his room is basically a gym his bed is one of the gym things
- shiro is trying to get matt to tell him his secrets
- “its a drug that pidge made isn’t it”
- “shiro i don’t take drugs”
- “theres no way you can be more buff than i am” 

[ @parfaitperi i hope you like it,, sorry if it like,, sucks,, or doesn’t really apply to your au storyline as it’s kinda based off my storyline,,,, which i am still writing (i was the one who asked you for fanfic permission)]

Framework Theory

Okay, I’ll explain my theory as I explained it on Twitter. The Framework from 4x15 of Agents of Shield showed some gnarly things for our agents, and some of which people don’t understand, so let me break it down in a way that I processed it via characters.

The framework works in the way that it resorts people to not their “happy” places but a state of their “ideal” places. Where things are simplified to a fault and nothing is at all causing them “pain” because it’s baseline stuff. As we know, any relationship causes pain on any level. None is completely perfect. The framework doesn’t cut pain from the emotions, it just puts them somewhere it won’t have a chance to exist, meaning this: Shield does not exist in the framework because it is the source of their strife.

Now, to explain.

Daisy Johnson: Skye was founded by Shield, only because she was part of the rising tide, a hacker group that was commuted to uncovering the secrets of Shield. Since Shield doesn’t exist here, it means that Hydra was the one Skye hacked into. In the same way she joined Shield, Ward recruited her into Hydra. And because of that, Skye never felt the pain of Ward’s betrayal. He never had to change to Hydra because he always was. The world was simplified for her, cutting out the middle man and /that/ is why she’s with Ward and not Lincoln, someone who made her genuinely happy. Ward never hurt her, so she remained happy with him.

Phil Coulson: Coulson has told us before that he got recruited into Shield because in College, as a history major, he started to uncover just how much history was made by Shield. Since Shield doesn’t exist, Coulson never found any of that out, leaving no recruitment into Shield and having him choose the path of School Teacher instead. He teaches people to fear inhumans because without Shield he didn’t have the experience with them, or Daisy in general, that led him to know they aren’t bad guys.

Alphonso Mackenzie: His story is relatively simple. He recently explained to us, or Yoyo, that he lost a child before. In this framework, his life was already fine before. So it just cut out that pain for him. He has his ex wife and a daughter that grew up with him this time. Without any Shield to get entranced by and no reason to turn to Hydra, he lives a peaceful Suburban life.

Melinda May: May’s mother was a spy, something we knew from before and we’re led to believe she followed her mother’s footsteps. Since most of their before-mentioned stories stated the same, I have no real reason to believe May’s changed at all, other than instead of joining Shield’s spy organization, she turned to Hydra since Shield doesn’t exist. She never meets Coulson and lives a stoic life as a Hydra agent.

Fitz&Simmons: To do this separately, I must first do them together and say this. Without Shield, these two never got recruited into the academy and never met. As much as all of us Fitzsimmons fans hate to admit, Fitz and Jemma really cause each other a lot of pain. Even so, we understand that life’s relationships should be that way. Uphill battles for large payouts with people we love. The framework, it doesn’t compute that.

Jemma Simmons: I have many reasons to believe that framework Jemma isn’t dead. For one, she located her avatar. It was explained to us that the only reason so many people could exist in the framework was because of the Darkhold which was able to help obtain all of that information. But when Jemma explains that if you die in the framework, you die in the real world it’s because the collective consciousness that was delivered into the framework ceases to exist. If Jemma was able to locate her avatar it means that her AI consciousness was able to keep her place, which means she still lives. Her death could’ve been staged for many reasons, but that’s up to speculation.

Leopold Fitz: Fitz lives in a world now where he’s literally on top of it. He was told as a child by his father he wasn’t smart enough and wouldn’t be anything. Now, Fitz is everything. He never meets Jemma Simmons, never falls for her, and never goes through any emotional trauma to get her back or live on. He’s content with his life as it is then.

I honestly believe this is what’s going on, and I really don’t think that Hydra and Shield “swapped places” or that Shield had fallen. If that were the case, May and Daisy would’ve stayed loyal to Shield and Coulson wouldn’t very well be alive.

So fear not, my fellow agents.

Things I hope for in future AT episodes

• more about what happened to Martin between the time when he left Minerva to the time Finn found him in the citadel
• more about PB and accepting herself and finding out who she truly is and what she wants to be
• more Jermaine in general
• cute Bubbline moments and flashbacks to Marcy being a bad influence on Bubblegum and tagging walls
• how Marcy and PB met

I really never want this show to end, but I know it has to, so I’ll just cry forever about it.

Okay, so… my photo is somewhere under the tag already but it’s from a different blog and not from my personal. Anyway… 

Whoever is scared/doubting Ezra Miller might be a little brat after reading all the stuff that has been posted under this tag, let me tell you, you have nothing to be afraid or intimidated at all. From the very first moment I stepped into the bar, he introduced himself to me, my friend, and everyone else in the bar. He was so talkative and polite and nice I didn’t even think I was talking to my favourite actor. His smile is the best thing that can happen to the world. 

Later on, as I was actually talking to him after the show, it came up that I am Mexican (born & raised) and he had nothing but nice to say about diversity and people of all kinds. He also said beautiful things about acting and life in general, and called himself a work in progress, as we all are. I am NOT erasing what may or may not have happened in the past, I am just saying that everyone has bad days, everybody says things in the wrong time, using the wrong words. He’s human. So are all of you, so please, don’t bring shit on this human being, because he’s a humble beautiful person and doesn’t deserve all of your hate and ‘disappointment’ for an event that happened. Please make sure you check your sources. 

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Can I possibly request RAF and v reacting MC having panic attacks?

Panic attacks are different for everyone so I’m sorry if I forget to include a symptom! If you would like a specific one included please let me know and i will edit the post to include such ^^

- It happens while MC and yoosung are walking around his Uni campus
- He notices almost instantly when something is wrong with MC
- However he waits until they are in a more private area, he doesn’t want to embarrass MC in front of everyone, especially if the reason their behaving so strange is a personal reason
- So he waits until they are alone together
- He gets super worried all of a sudden when MC looks like their about to cry
- While holding them close he asks what’s wrong, and that’s when he finds out that MC has been having a panic attack
- Continuing to hold MC he rubs their back and asks if there is anything he can do to make it better
- MC assures him that even just being held like this makes them feel better and safer
- And so they stay like that for awhile
- MC calms down after being in yoosungs arms
- And Yoosung feels really happy that he was able to help!

- MC and zen are out at the mall, when suddenly MC seems distant
- Zen is completely oblivious at first 
- He doesn’t often get nervous about things like being in social situations 
- So he just cant figure out why MC is shaking so much, and they look pale
- He finally asks them whats wrong, and when he does he gets a half complete sentence, like MC isn’t fully there…
- This worries him even more, so he takes MC home right away 
- When they get home he asks again whats wrong, and he is met with slightly more words, explaining that MC just feels so vulnerable
- Zen then makes this connection to a panic attack
- He cuddles and coos to MC holding them close, telling them that he would never let any harm come to MC
- He will always be there to protect them, and if they ever feel like this again that they should let him know
- Eventually they came up with a hand signal that lets Zen know when MC is starting to panic

- Jaehee is very perceptive
- She suffers from panic attacks often due to stress from work, so she is able to recognize the signs as soon as they appear
- Her and MC were watching a movie, when suddenly MC seemed to go pale and began repeating words over and over
- Jaehee moved herself to MC’s side,paused the movie, and held their hands in her own
- “Im here, you’re safe…” she said firmly, making eye contact with MC while doing so 
-MC revealed that there was a scene in the movie that had triggered them, and made them panic
- And so Jaehee immediately changed the movie to a cartoon that she knew MC enjoyed
- She reassured them that they were going to be okay, that Jaehee was here now, and that it the past was the past
- They snuggled and watched the cartoon until MC calmed down completely

- Like Jaehee, he is very perceptive 
- He doesn’t necessarily know what to do though…
- So he does a quick google search, and finds some very useful information
- He sits down with MC, on a couch, offering them some tea, and then he asks whats wrong
- He tries not to put any pressure on MC throughout the conversation to answer 
- But he does ask things like that causes MC’s panic attacks, what are the signs or symptoms of MC’s panic attacks, and what they would find helpful in that moment
- As soon has MC tells him all this he begins to implement it
- Making sure to keep any eye out for every little thing, and immediately acting on it, be that getting MC to a secure location, or just giving reassuring hand holding 
- He loves MC so much, and that’s why he makes sure hes up to date with their mental health

707 / Luciel:
- He knows whats going on, but he doesn’t really know what to do either
- When he has a panic attack he mostly just delves into jokes or work
- So he is not really sure what he can do to help MC
- One day MC gets a really bad panic attack while stuck in Rika’s apartment
- Seven does his best to communicate with them over the phone and chat, trying to make sure that they don’t do anything rash
- He sends memes and speaks reassuring words, trying to make sure that MC is at least distracted instead of full panic
- and when it passes MC is grateful, but doesn’t feel like it necessarily worked the best
- So they tell 707 what they would prefer when they’re panicking, as nice as jokes are, they just provide a temporary relief for MC
- And seven listens, he understands that he doesn’t always know the answer to everything, so he takes the advice and starts using it whenever he notices MC panicking 
- The panic attacks have been a lot easier for MC to handle since

- He is prepared
- Lets get real, hes very protective, he has probably asked if MC has panic attacks before and has a list of things to do when such a thing happens
- However there are times when it catches him off guard, like if hes had a bad day or just a long day in general 
- He is always there for MC though, in fact, he has a quirk, he likes to take pictures of things he knows MC would like, such as cute animals or pretty flowers
- He likes to show them to MC when their feeling down
- This helps a lot, to see such calming things, or a puppy having fun, it just really makes it all better for MC 
- Theyll cuddle under blankets for a bit while looking at these pictures, talking about where they were taken, if V knows the names of the things taken, be that an actual pet name, or the biological name of a flower
- This leaves them both calm and collected 

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Can you rec your favorite Voltron fics?

you got it!! (though im slowly running out of things to rec, so ill just keep this to like 5-7 fics)

This House Unfinished by boyghosts

Summary: “Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.
WC: 30776
General Notes: just, i still cant get over this fic. its just so good, its long and the development it has is amazing. beautifully written. just fmu 10/10

Just Static by Jessadilla/wobblyarms

Summary: –Static—-
-iro, Hunk, Kei—, nybody? I’m—-
–I’m sorry guys. This is all my–
—I found my coordinates. They’re–
-guys. I hear something—
-end transmission-Alone on a hostile planet, transmissions aren’t getting through. How did it come to this?
WC: 84141 (16/16)
General Notes: ive rec’d this before and ill rec it again. seriosuly just read it. you really cant go wrong with it and i just love it so much. made me cry. that good. 100/10

What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me

Summary: The compromised wormhole was ripping apart at the seams, sending everyone spiraling away in completely different directions. Lance could feel himself being pulled and bent in ways he was definitely not supposed to be.–Stitching the team back together after everyone is separated is difficult, and for one Paladin rescue wouldn’t be coming for a very long time.
WC: 55773 (12/12)
General Notes: so this fic holds a special place in my heart because its THE fic that got me into this vld hell that im in. and the artwork is absolutely amazing. 20/10

Shut Up and Dance With Me by wittyy_name

Summary: Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn.
WC:118875 (8/?)
General Notes: this one just keeps going and going and going, and it keeps giving too, like omg. my face hurts like almost every time i finish and update and i love it too bits. it successfully pulled me deeper into the fandom. 100/10

On Thin Ice by Minadora

Summary: Once upon a time, two Canadian nerds decided to start a figure skating au about their two space sons and their wonderful misfit friends. Ten pages of headcanons later we finally put electronic pen to electronic paper and created this monstrosity.
This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater.Enjoy the ride because it’s only just started.
WC: 149983 (9/?)
General Notes: Like if i wasnt already deep into this fandom, this sealed the deal. like holy hell, Mina does a wonderful job with this fic and its so fucking long like holy- and just i love it so much. I cant express how much i love this fic. 100/10

Watercast by Fishwrites

Summary: Shiro has been a Galra prisoner for over a year; with his flight feathers clipped and unable to fly. Desperate to escape, he jumps overboard while being transported to the capitol on a Galran ship. Lance is a merman who saves him from drowning. Keith thinks Shiro is about to become mermaid dinner. Hunk just wants Lance to stop going to the surface all the time, dammit!(AU where Avians (winged folk), Galra, humans and merfolk cohabit earth. Shiro and Keith are avian soldiers, Lance is the youngest son of a Queen, Hunk is also a merman and Pidge is still looking for her family.)
WC: 61956 (7/?)
General Notes: Im just so in love with this universe, its amazing. the character interactions are great, and i really love how Fish has incorporated cultural differences into their universe. its amazing. 11/10

Smile For The Stars by maIikcutie

Summary: Though he’s been dealt many bad cards, Lance isn’t sure he can handle this one: winding up stranded, a million lightyears away from home, with only Keith to keep him company.The universe is cruel.
WC: 72921 (9/9)
General Notes: this is a tear jerker. like if i need some good angst, this is one of the ones i come back to. just, heed the warnings, cuz it sneaks up on you. 10/10

On ‘Why I Didn’t Want Season 2 Of Yuri!!! On Ice But Now I Absolutely Do Need It’

Alright, listen up guys. I believe we are all pumped for season 2 of Yuri on Ice! While that is obvious I also want to point out that at the same time the opposite is true, and I’m in fact super anxious about it!!!

Listen, I want all the good Victuuri content that could come and should come with season 2. I want it all the more considering that the ending of season 1 was… not much of an ending. With no marriage, although the thought was planted in our heads, and not even a gold medal for Yuuri, the story feels unfinished and incomplete.

Yuuri’s whole storyline is about finding strength through love. Naturally, we as the viewer, automatically root for the protagonist (especially when he is an endearing inspiring individual like Yuuri, LISTEN I LOVE HIM). But another reason for me was that he was supposed to win thanks to love, and it’s important to note that among all different kinds of love that Yuuri has finally found in his life, the one that propelled his development the most was his love for Victor. This is gay and so am I.

Throughout the series we’ve been told things like “I’ll prove it with a gold medal”, “love wins”, “we’ll get married once he wins a gold medal”. Even the gold of the rings alone could have been read as foreshadowing. And tbh TBH I wanted the series to end like this!! I wanted gold for Yuuri, lowkey hoped for marriage, the end! – no season 2.

I didn’t even think season 2 was a possibility as YoI was airing, not until the very last minutes of the very last episode. For many reasons like, you know, the mlm plotline! Or money - it was a low budget anime and we had no idea it would become this popular. Also, the structure of the general plot suggested a convenient way to wrap up the series with the GPF (and Yuuri winning gold ffs). Moreover: Stammi Vicino. 

Its last words are “let’s leave together, now I’m ready” so I assumed it meant both Victor and Yuuri leaving the ice at the end. (Which would be so romantic and good, at least for Victor, let him rest blease…!). The track list got leaked early on. With Stammi Vicino both at the beginning and at the end as a duetto, it was only logical to assume the story of the song is Crucial. There were just so many signs suggesting it would go like this, but.

The way the series ended was, to put it softly, surprising (Kubo’s favourite..) To put it less softly - unnecessary, even disappointing. I really really REALLY wanted love (gay love!) to win. It didn’t and instead it was Yurio who is a kid and has much more time to shine than Yuuri.

Now, the series is about a sport - unpredictable in itself, yes, however! a writer tells some kind of a story and has a power to give the events meaning. That’s what we expect! Yuuri not winning gold frankly has very little meaning. He did improve, became stronger thanks to love, however, from the perspective of narrative, it would be more logical to give the protag, who struggled so hard, the gold medal. 

But ok ok, if the writers really wanted to be so surprising and not do that, they could have at least give us the wedding to explicitly show that what Yuuri achieved is enough. I love my boy and he deserved as much.

And did they really need to give the gold to Yurio? Yuuri lost, and for what exactly? Maybe it’s true, that among those 6 finalists Yurio was the biggest threat to Yuuri idk. Buuut again, narratively speaking, Yurio is too young to be getting all the good stuff! Both the gold and the world record on his debut?? COME ON. Btw dragging Yuuri’s Eros in ep 11 so bad was just weird and cruel. Especially considering it was after the engaygment!! The scores in GPF were weird in general, that has been discussed enough. Gold for Yurio wasn’t too good for his storyline.. Imho pride and arrogance were rewarded.

But I don’t want to get into that too much. He is talented and hard-working just… not the one who deserved gold the most.

I realize a lot of this stuff has been said before but what I’m getting at here is that time passes by and I do not seem to be able to find my chill. The thing is, I would let it go more easily if that was any other story, but it is a beautiful happy mlm story and I invested A LOT of emotions into it.

I would probably appreciate this storyline more if it was immediately followed by some positive development, but it was the finale and now we are doomed to sit and wait, months are passing by and there’s still no solid promise of positive development that could come with season 2!! And anyway for someone who is so pumped for season 2 I’m so scared to be disappointed by the writers and the fandom both (and the latter is just bound to happen…) but I NEED it to go forward.

I just wish Kubo and Sayo were more careful with their writing. I think they do not comprehend the impact Yuri on Ice had on lgb people. They’re walking on thin ice (ha ha) with this representation and I may not be a skater but I do have a glass heart… “The story that never ends" better end, and in a satisfying way!!


Home - Jimin Smut

A/N: Requested by a friend (; first smut so if it’s bad please don’t choke me.

Word count: 1.1k

Jimin x Asia

[M]- Includes fluff in the beginning, swearing, thigh riding, and just smut in general. 

‘An inseparable pair soon were parted for a few months as tour came up for Jimin and the boys. Time slowly slipped past; when he came home home early and quite exhausted to settle down his beloved girlfriend, Asia, she had other plans in mind. Surely he gave in.’


Was it an overstatement to say that this has by far been the worst four months of any human being’s life? Surely it was, but for Asia it was an understatement.

It was never really brought up in her mind before he went away on tour but she had noticed scents made an impact on her mood, especially the scent that Jimin carried on. It wasn’t very describable, but it was his. A smell that gave off the vibe of an open-heart and comfort.

Now as time went by, there were few items that carries it which were his sweatshirt, and the pillow that had laid beside her every night. Though it had faded as the days went on.

Of course, it wasn’t just the scent that she missed and that brought comfort. It was simply a nit pick of something she wish there was more of left behind with her as he lived out his dream far away.

His smile, she missed that for sure.

Following up is his laugh.

The way he would crack at his own jokes which lead to Asia simply shaking her head with a big smile that burned her cheeks; vice versa.

The way he surprised her everyday with a new level of kindness and love she never even knew existed.

The way he caressed her on the mattress late at night as they discussed each others life goals, moments, and just life in general. It would go on for hours as he would carefully rub her shoulder, slowly sliding down to her waist as his face would now be buried in the back of her neck.

He listened attentively but she just couldn’t keep focus with his touch. He knew what he was doing while picking up on her notion. As his fingers swiftly slid down her thigh, she would catch herself trembling on her own words.

He would notice she would completely stop talking.

Jimin’s hand would continue sliding until he reached her front.

She missed that.

She missed when he would tell her to continue talking, as he wanted to hear her voice once more as his fingers would crawl and touch on all the right places.

Light moaning.

Warm breath on her neck as he whispered sweet words softly.

The memory streak was now broken as Asia lied in bed right next to the crooked window which peaked open, a colder breeze drifted and hit her neck as if it was doing its best to keep her from furthering into a love sickness

A loud sigh of disappointment escaped her dry lips, sprawled out on the bed with a half-dead phone in hand. She had turned the screen on to check the time and date 10:40 PM, February 14.

Yes, it also happened to be Valentines Day. Not that it was usually a big deal to her, she knew it was just a commercialized holiday which she didn’t pay much attention to either way. It was just the fact she was hurt he didn’t even check on her like he usually did through text or a phone call. Very strange.

She let go of the phone in her hand completely, letting it drop and lightly bounce until it found its comfort.

Burying her face into the cleaned off bedsheets, she reminisced through her thoughts unintentionally once more. House cleaning was already done, the dog had been fed, the room was now tidy. She didn’t really know what to do with herself. Reaching out to friends on this day was useless considering they all were spending gracious amounts of time with their loved ones.

It was as though she felt her heart being knocked out of her chest.

It actually sort of sounded like it too.

Furrowing her eyebrows, she quickly sat up and lightly gasped to see the door was wide open with the man she had been missing for the longest time. Before he even got the chance to speak, Asia shuffled off the bed and into his arms as he let out a loud laugh embracing her back tightly and secure.

“Missed me?” He asked rhetorically with a giant smile he couldn’t wipe off.

“No shit.” She replied without hesitation, getting a kiss on the forehead in response.

The room suddenly got extremely warm like she originally wanted it, the spent minutes catching up on tour, her congratulating him and all that. He even bought her chocolates as he made sure not to forget this ‘holiday’.

The sweets were set on the bedside table as they decided to lay and cuddle for a while, talking as she could already feel that he was extremely tired out. His eyes were heavy but he seemed intrigued in everything she was saying. He even showed it too.

He spooned her, doing what he always used to do now out of habit. It started with a hand on her shoulder, making it’s way up and down her arm before it decided to land on her waist.

He continued to move his hand along her waist down to her thigh, listening closely as well as he didn’t even notice how this was affecting her this time.

Maybe it was the fact Asia had no problem in speaking, nothing seemed out of the ordinary or that she was bothered.

As a matter of fact, she was quite bothered. Bothered at the fact the warmth of his hand would not go where she wanted it to be placed. It actually frustrated her in a sense, she just didn’t want to be vocal about it. She wanted to wait.

But as they continue the conversation, time seemed as it wasn’t the best answer in this scenario. It was the train of thought she took of what to do next which made her completely silent as he was speaking.

“Asia?” He asked in a raspy voice, now moving his hand up to play with her hair.

She looked up too see a small bit of his raven, slightly greased hair that glistened near the light of the table lamp.

Now she had turned her whole body so they would be face to face, leaving Jimin to just stair as his arms moved at the motion.

A sly smirk was painted on his face just by the look his significant other was giving. Truthfully, he couldn’t help but doze off as the silence continued.

“I want you..” Asia trailed, pulling his arm to her side once again, making his eyes open and look down at what she was doing. “Please.” She willingly begged.

Jimin’s mouth made a small 'o’ shape, soon biting his bottom lip lightly as he didn’t want to break down his decision in his head he already had. He was too tired for this but still had that urge in the back of his mind. The words that came out of his mouth rebelled against what his thoughts were.

“Get on then, kitten.” His tone was low and quite fragile, it was enough to make her easily move closer to him. Heat was risen and multiple different area so she obeyed and straddled his right thigh.

His motions were sloppy, but he tried his best to get the pleasure out of her in an instant. He placed both hands on her sides and almost seemed to be pulling her towards himself.

Those notions easily had her lightly grind his thigh, already feeling soaked through her sweatpants. She wanted to take them off so bad but he had kept a grip, as though he was intentionally teasing her; which he was in fact.

Asia gripped at his shoulders to keep a balance,  groaning in a soft manner as the heat was risen even more. Her clit softly grazing over his jeans, crotch easily getting closer and closer to his own.

After a while she had gotten used to the feeling, the softness of his lips collided with her neck, the witness immediately causing more stimulation. She picked up the pace, grazing over and over.

As she was working in reaching her peak, his hands grazed up and under her shirt. The signal was brought her her attention, lifting her arms up he pulled her shirt off and threw it to the ground beside them. He looked down and slid his hands to her back, undoing her bra and sliding that off as well.

Jimin had noticed she’d been pressing down harder, desperately trying to reach her height. It had been noted she was close. She could feel the climax coming in, moaning loudly just to get the full effect.

But right before she could get the ultimate pleasure out of it, he removed his lips from her neck and firmly pushed her off of him which ended in her laying back first onto the bed and him hovering over.

It had gotten to the point where seeing her get all the pleasure made him extremely hard, it hurt every single second he knew she was getting closer. The tent in his jeans now pressed against her crotch, causing the two to both let out a muffled and quiet moan.

His hands slid to the button of her pants, undoing and sliding it down as she chimed in as well.

Now the two were left almost completely naked, except for the underwear that was keeping them apart from what they wanted to be doing.

It was a strange feeling for Jimin, he wasn’t very correlated at the moment. Tired but horny. They both missed this so much it was insane, so it was better to keep on with this.

Asia’s right hand grazed over his bare chest, goosebumps all over their bodies. His hand reached the the band of her underwear, slowly sliding it off with the help of her kicking it to the side.

While his boxer were still on, his hard member hiding inside pounced down right over her clit, grinding slowly as it drove both of them crazy.

Finally he had pulled down the item of clothing and revealed what he had been waiting to let out. He was grinding slowly, leaning in to leave love marks starting at her jaw; trailing down her neck all the way to her chest area. Whines and moans were exchanged, Asia had been begging with an incredibly breathy tone for him to just fuck her.

“Please~” was repeated over and over, her clit throbbing as his member slowly glazed over it.

His lips then went up by her ear, letting out his sweet little words. “You want my cock inside you that badly?” he slurred.

She whined in response, biting deeply into her bottom lip as she couldn’t help but buck her hips up. Quickly he removed his lips from her skin and glared down at her, now holding her hips down to make sure she wouldn’t get off so effortlessly.

Without a word, he slid his cock into her dripping wet hole; not too hard yet not exactly soft. It was perfect. It was as though a weight had been lifted off their backs as a sloppily moved in and out.

Very sloppy to say the least, the pace seemed to be picked up as fast as ever. He watched as her  breasts bounced at the pace, causing him to thrust harder.

Asia was at the point of almost screaming, knowing how much he missed the vocal part of her. Low grunts were let out on his behalf with the occasional high-pitched whine that he couldn’t hold back even if he tried.

At last the light at the end of the tunnel was near, she felt as her heat came closer and closer, crashing into an end of pure bless. She let out a loud and long moan, pushing her beloved over this edge.

“Shit.” He muttered, the last and final hard thrusts were made pushing him over. He pulled out as he moaned softly, stroking his own member as he came all over the bedsheets.

They had both breathed heavily as Jimin took a spot beside her, laying down on his back and catching his breath. The couple took a glance at each other, Jimin showing of his plastered smirk as always.

“I missed this.” Asia breathed out, rolling over on to her side as she placed her head on his chest. His arm held her closer as he licked his lips, now placing a kiss on top of her head.

“I missed you.”

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I just think it’s interesting because timeline-wise (even though the timeline is horrible); Emma and Hook have only been dating for about a year and during this time he’s died like 3 times, Emma was separated as the DO, and just in general dealing with the bad-guy of the month… communication in a relationship, in my experience, is a learned skill. You suddenly have another person there that relies on you as much as you rely on them. Now that things are slowing down, it makes sense communication is a problem that’s going to come up. 

Take this from someone who has horrible communication skills when it comes to personal relationships. Now put that in the perspective of two individuals that have been guarded and jaded their whole life? I’m not surprised. 

I’m glad that they’re addressing this on this show because I relate to it so much it hurts. And I’m glad because it’s real – you still love that person, but you also love them enough to know when to step back and communicate. Any thoughts on this?

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as someone who has been in an abusive relationship i find it incredibly offensive that people continually call noorhelm abusive. you may not like william, and he may not be a good guy, but he isn't abusive and even sana points this out. i think fans that call william abusive need to take a look at what emotional abuse is because just throwing that word in there because you dont like a ship is the opposite of what julie is trying to do with this show. CONT

CONT 2 2 people fetishize evak and overlook all the potentially unhealthy part of that relationship but demonize noorhelm, lets stop fetishizing gay couples and romanizing mental health, this show is beautifully done and the woman who you love for making evak also made the show for noorhelm so lets chill out for a second and be kind to each other. sorry rant over, thank you for listening.

ALSO i just want to say i dont think evak is abusive either! i just think we need to remember that these are teenagers so of course they are going to make mistakes in relationships as all humans do. but we cant just throw around the word abusive because its incredibly hurtful and maybe we should start treating gay (or mentally ill) couples the same way we do straight couples BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME AND ARE EQUAL. alt er love. (rant really over this time)

i’ve always been a defender of william as a character and as a portrayal of teenage boys in general, he parties, he messes around, but he’s not a bad person. he’s made mistakes, but like you said, so has everyone else on the show and i really hate that people keep crucifying him for those mistakes when they gloss over everyone else’s, it’s just not fair.

thank you for these messages :)


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Yay another place for me to imagine being with my robot husbands, can I please get cuddles with poly Drift and Rodimus, if you don't do poly you can just do them separately.


  • Don’t even think about cuddling with just one of them, it’s not gonna happen. 
  • Rodimus is a big manchild and needs his ego pampered while cuddling, so compliments are a must - however, it’s usually HIM giving them to his s/os that starts the compliment chain. 
  • Drift stop trying to put the swords on the berth they don’t fit.
  • No  matter how it’s rearranged, someone’s up against the wall. Rodimus has to get a bigger berth to fit everyone. (Drift’s is single-size, ain’t no one but him gonna fit on that thing.)
  • Switching placessss! 
  • Drift prefers biggest spoon but only because he’s got a lot more kibble to his frame than the others. (While some is removable, it doesn’t do much good, just makes him less clunky and like to accidentally stab someone with his horns.)
  • Rodimus and Drift’s s/o switch between littlest spoon and middle spoon, and because Rodimus complains when he’s getting overheated it’s usually their s/o in the middle. Rip.
  • Recharging has become this weird body-piling ritual where someone gets to it first, and then the other two try to squeeze in anywhere that there’s not already limbs. Heaven forbid someone get caught on top of Drift.
  • Drift doesn’t snore but his fans get a lil loud, and it’s not unpleasant, but can be worth a giggling fit. 
  • Roddy’s a wiggler. And a kicker. Please put pillows between his feet or suffer the painful rage of his flailing legs during recharge. 
  • Grumpy cuddles are a thing. When one of them has a bad day or just in battle or in general had an argument, it’s “Grumpy Cuddle” time. This is where the other two cuddle the everloving frag out of their grumpy partner until the grumpiness is gone. 
  • Rodimus is ticklish. Drift is VERY ticklish. Which makes tickle games more intense and because both of them thrash when tickled it’s all about not getting hit. 
  • Rodimus will sit. On his partners. If they do not move to shift room for him on the berth. he will straight up just sit on them. Drift physically picks them up and moves them like a ragdoll. Rip s/o. 
  • Rodimus likes resting his head/chin on the other’s shoulders. Lil kisses too. He just feels better with them. 
  • Trying to climb into the berth when the other two are already recharging more like Twister Extreme where the dots could move and kick you and good luck not waking anyone.
  • Standing cuddles! Especially when someone’s upset, it’s like a group hug except the upset one gets wrapped completely around, enveloped in arms and hugs and comforting nuzzles. 
  • Rodimus is That Guy in that he will strike up a random conversation during cuddle sessions. Humor him, alright? He’s not a quiet one.
I am what I feel

Well what can I say about this, some important talks happen, one will just about to happen and there’s a lot of feelings, just Gastina and Lutteo this time. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Chapter 9  (Find the other chapters here)

Being away has never hurt so bad

Matteo sighs again and Gastón throws him a look. He has never seen his best friend so obviously upset about a girl and he is sure that in general he could count with the fingers of a hand the times he hasn’t been able to at least pretend he isn’t upset about something and all of those other times it had to do with his parents. Gastón takes a book off the table and stands up to leave it on the shelf, he has spent the whole week trying to find a way to cheer Matteo up or make Luna talk to him and at least explain what happened but the girl has disappeared off the face of earth and she has done such a great job at it that he hasn’t even seen Nina around.

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Do you have any Kara Danvers autistic headcanons?

Sure do! First off, I really love the headcanon (which I stole from @squireofgeekdom) that all Kryptonians are autistic by human standards because it also fits Supergirl’s version of Superman really well. But here are some Kara-specific headcanons:

  • Kara struggled a lot with sensory overload in her first few months on Earth, and it persisted even after Jeremiah gave her those glasses to help dampen her senses. Add that to her social struggles due to coming from a different culture, and one of her teachers at school approached Eliza and Jeremiah about possibly getting her an autism diagnosis so she could get accommodations. Her foster parents were hesitant at first, because Kryptonians work differently from humans and was autism even a valid diagnosis for them? But they eventually came to the conclusion that, whether she was technically autistic or not, a lot of the accommodations she could get if she were officially diagnosed would help her out a lot on this new and unfamiliar world. So they went ahead with things and Kara got diagnosed as autistic.
  • She felt a bit weird about the whole thing, because it seemed wrong to be diagnosed with a disability when really she could do so many things that regular humans can’t, but then she talked to Clark and discovered that his adoptive parents had done the exact same thing and it had helped him out a lot. She felt a lot better about it after that.
  • Kara has hyperempathy, and finds it really hard not to care about people and situations. This got her into trouble a few times as a kid, because she couldn’t just stand by when she had the ability to help someone. And helping people is Much More Important than keeping her secret identity.
  • She and Winn had a bit of back-and-forth on the material her suit should be made out of, since the first one he went for was a Bad Texture. As a general rule, Kara prefers soft things over other textures, which is why she wears a lot of woollens.
  • Cat knows that Kara is autistic, but she’s never actually acknowledged it out loud. Her son, Carter, is also autistic, which helps a bit, but she’s still getting used to his diagnosis and doesn’t really know the words to use, which is why she never outright said “he’s also autistic” when Kara was looking after him for the day. Kara picked up on it pretty quickly, though.
  • Since she doesn’t wear her glasses when she’s in Supergirl mode, Kara has to be a bit more careful when it comes to avoiding sensory overload. After the first time she got overwhelmed while on a mission for the DEO, J’onn set aside a quiet room for her to use whenever she needed it. 
  • Kara’s very much a huggy autistic rather than being touch averse, and hugs from Alex or Eliza were always something that helped her to calm down as well as just being Good. Her friends are pretty tactile as well, which is great.
  • Being autistic superheroes who struggle with sensory stuff is another thing she and Barry bonded over when he ended up on her Earth.
  • Kara struggles with words a lot when she’s emotionally overwhelmed (hence her habit of angry stammering and such like), and she goes nonverbal or switches to speaking Kryptonese when she’s heading towards a meltdown. She picked up sign language pretty early on, though, which is a big help.

Thanks for asking! I’m going to stop there before I go on forever, because I’ve gotten very invested in this particular headcanon.

Why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge Tony Stark...

I’ve seen a lot of this on the Internet… talk about how Tony Stark has no right to assume Steve Rogers is his “friend” in the Civil War trailer, given how badly they’ve treated each other over the years and how - let’s be honest - downright abysmally Tony has treated Steve. But before we rush into “HE’S A VILLAIN!” and coo over the snuggly-wuggly scenes between Bucky and Steve and talk about how much we hope they’ll kick Tony’s ass back and forth like a titanium football… let’s actually take a moment to break Tony down and figure out why he is so dead set on arresting - or even murdering - the Winter Soldier.

Tony Stark is still suffering from, in some form or another, narcissism, PTSD, and a whole host of other diagnoses we can only really try to pin on him as “fanon”. Given the way he treats people and how he acts, I would assume he never had close relationships with anyone as a child (especially considering he had no siblings and his parents likely didn’t pay him much attention, given that Maria was a socialite and Howard was distracted with 50,000 other things, and Tony even draws attention to this in Iron Man 2), which explains why his adult socialization consists of networking at events and galas (trust me, not as much fun as one would think), screwing random women he has no emotional attachment to whatsoever, and hanging out for hours upon hours in his lab with only Dumm-E (his first robot, whom he treats like shit as a way of showing his affection) and JARVIS, who has basically been programmed to pick up after him and assist him with the things he’s literally too insane/genius to remember (again, we could look into diagnosing him with other disorders following his symptoms, such as Asperger’s or ODD or even possible childhood abuse and other things that would interfere with his social relationships, understandings, and how he interprets everything around him, but let’s just leave it with what Marvel has given us canonically in the MCU). Even his relationships with Pepper and Rhodey are volatile as all hell.
He’s self-sabotaging in every single way, an angry selfish self-abusive man with alcoholic tendencies and no idea how to connect to people on a more warm, soulful, intimate level. He doesn’t understand what “friendship” is. And so, on the outside, he may appear to be snarking at Cap’ whenever he gets the chance, but that’s simply how he thinks you’re supposed to treat your friends. And everyone just accepts that that’s Tony - he’s a little broken, or a lot broken, but he’s trying. And it’s the effort that they all seem to appreciate. 

So let’s talk about Cap and Tony. Tony had to grow up listening to his father talking about his amazing, incredible man that he had known - that he had helped to create - who was not only strong and powerful and skilled enough to change the face of the war when hardly anyone assumed he could do it, but who had this incredible sense of judgement, of wrong versus right. Someone who believed in freedom, justice, and atonement for one’s atrocities. So now not only was Tony brought up in the shadow of a man who had reinvented and resculpted the way technology worked in the modern era - huge shoes to fill with his own business, intelligence, and engineering skills - but he’s also having to constantly live up to this revolutionary, incredible, wonderful person whom his father just couldn’t let go of (mention in the first Avengers movie, Tony bitterly comments on how his father “could never stop talking about him”). Who knows how long he hunted for the Valkyrie? He could’ve still been talking about finding him when Tony was a child, even if on the back-burner, and one can only imagine how much a young Tony with paranoid narcissism would be terrified of being replaced by this “god” his father was obsessed with. 
Then he meets this god, and immediately the hackles are up. He’s offended - why the hell didn’t SHIELD call him about what they were doing? And then, while he’s already feeling pretty raw, he meets this man who strolls in all justice and fairness and following orders (the last of which is the exact opposite of how his own mentality works). And it’s the man his father talked about for years, obsessed over, and so he’s immediately feeling attacked and vulnerable, and very very defensive. Over the movie, the two of them learn to work together, even if they don’t always see eye to eye.
In Ultron, Tony is quick to remind Maria Hill that Cap is in charge, even though he does pay for everything - he doesn’t stick around to find out what she wants, he’s quite happy to let Cap handle what Cap has to handle. And when Cap has a plan or gives orders on the battlefield, Tony doesn’t fight him - he knows who the leader is, and he does his job as a passive-aggressive piece of shit, but the respect is there, even if at times he lets his bitterness and rage and jealousy from childhood come out. It’s hard to be the bad boy or the antihero, struggling inside a web of torture and pain and self-hate and confusion in your own head, when someone else seems to have themselves together so easy. A lot of people take Tony’s narcissism and general dickish nature as him being an overbearing asshole - which he is, but that covers up a whole hoard of issues and insecurities that he just can’t face, especially not now, after everything that has happened. He has to be a rock, he has to be strong. And the more he feels his rage grow, the more he lashes out.
It’s been years between Avengers and Ultron. Who knows what Cap and Tony have been through in that time, raiding bases together, fighting alongside each other, trying to make sure the other doesn’t get killed. Thor tells Cap, “You and Stark secure the sceptre” - we all know how much Thor wants that sceptre back on Asgard, would he really trust a volatile concoction of two team mates he knows aren’t friends to bring it back? No, he knows that Stark and Rogers respect each other enough to get the job done, no matter what. That speaks volumes for how much their relationship must’ve grown over those years as they’ve learned to trust each other and fight together; even if there is a lot of tension still between them, as we see during some parts of Ultron (this is probably brought about by how tense Tony is about the whole “I’m the guy who killed the Avengers” thing), I imagine that the two of them actually function quite well together despite their differences, and have probably had some close-to-friendship moments in the quite wake of battle when they two of them have been feeling both vulnerable and victorious.
So are Tony and Cap friends? We don’t really have enough information to say otherwise. We only get these glimpses through the two-to-three hours Marvel allows itself for its movies, so all we can really do is go by the comic books, in which they’ve even been said to be FWB by the writers. I’m confident enough based on psycho-analysing the two of them through their movies that they were friends, even if their friendship could never extend to what Tony/Bruce or Steve/Bucky’s are.
[Bonus points: It may just be because Steve was the closest to him physically, but let’s just remember who it was instinctually Tony rushed to first when he saw them all laid out dead on the ground in front of him in the Scarlet Witch’s fantasy ;) This could be a huge indicator of how much a) Tony fears for Steve’s life, or b) Tony looks to Steve to lead them and take control of a situation that seems hopeless.]

A lot of people are throwing Ultron back in Tony’s face as a reason he’s a giant hypocrite. While we all like to laugh at the fact that he “created a murder-bot”, let’s take a few moments to actually remember why he did it.
PTSD is one of those things that never really goes away, you just learn coping mechanisms - while Tony may have proven (in Iron Man 3) that he isn’t reliant entirely on his suits, and got over some of his PTSD, a huge amount of it still exists. And as he realizes that he has a world to protect, as we’ve all seen, he is driven mad by a fantasy Scarlet Witch puts in his head, and tries to build something so that people won’t have to risk their lives, so that his friends won’t have to fight. “Isn’t that why we fight - so we can end the fight?” Whereas Steve seems to subconsciously be okay with total war all around him, Tony has had enough - his whole life has been about death and destruction, and he’s finally feeling years of guilt and regret. He doesn’t want to fight anymore, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else - he just wants it to end. 

The first person to hugely betray Tony was Obidiah Stane, who attempted to kill him (let’s remember this was back when he wasn’t used to flying all over the world as a superhero yet) and steal his company, and whom he found out had not only been selling his weapons to Islamic extremists and Ten Rings behind his back, but also arranged for his kidnapping and execution. Obi had been someone Tony was close to in the same was he was close with Pepper or Rhodey - he trusted him because he had to, because Obi ran the things he couldn’t due to his own mental instability. Obidiah was his father’s friend and trusted comrade, and he attempted to murder him in cold blood, several times.
JARVIS has been a part of Tony’s life for so many years now. When Tony is there, in the air, and his suit is failing and falling apart and he’s on the edge of death, JARVIS is the one voice he hears - always calm, always logical, always ever so slightly sarcastic. But now, JARVIS is gone. I don’t think Tony was thinking properly when he wanted to input JARVIS into the body Ultron had been building - he was terrified, and he wanted to do everything he could to help. He probably didn’t even realize he would be losing his best friend in the process, a best friend he thought was dead for days until he discovered him again. Now that friend is gone, it’s been months, and he’s probably missing JARVIS like a dead sibling. Vision made it very clear that he wasn’t JARVIS, nor was he Ultron - he’s a new creation, and probably isn’t exactly bonding with Tony considering he’s at the warehouse training for the Avengers with everyone (based on what we see at the end of Ultron).
And last, but very much not least, is the one person Tony actually connected with on some real sort of level - the man he genuinely believed understood him, the man who promised he’d have his back and whose back he also had. The man he actually smiled around, opened up for, invited back to his lab for playtime - these aren’t things Tony Stark does lightly, but when he first met Bruce Banner, there was something magical there which is why so many people ship them across the Internet - Bruce Banner had managed to touch a chord somewhere within Tony that I don’t think anyone - not even Tony himself - knew existed. Real friendship, genuine friendship, the type one would die for. Who catches Iron Man when he plummets from the sky and ultimately wakes him up at the end of Avengers? And who is the one who, for the first time ever, doesn’t treat Bruce like an explosive monster set on a hair trigger? Tony actually respects the man enough to help him build a suit to make him feel safe - has he ever done anything nice for anyone else? And I mean, not just nice, but thoughtful - he’s tried several times with Pepper, but with Bruce he instinctually knew what he wanted and needed to feel safe. If there was ever to be a Bucky to Tony’s Cap, it would be Bruce Banner.
And where is Bruce now? As far as we know, he’s still missing. Chances are, he hasn’t contacted anyone, including Natasha and Tony, and is trying to figure his life out. Tony had the best of friends, someone he actually connected with and who probably gave him some sort of purpose in life other than his suits. And now, he’s gone. He was violently ripped away from him in the heat of battle, when he didn’t have a chance to say goodbye or even realize he was gone until it was too late. The void Bruce left in Tony’s heart when he vanished must be astronomical, and on top of an already bruised, broken, betrayed man, this isn’t a good thing for his mental stability.

In CA2:TWS, Steve and Natasha talk over some of the murders and assassinations that the Winter Soldier has been behind whilst he has been under the control of HYDRA. We see a cut out from a newspaper article about Howard and Maria Stark’s car accident. Howard Stark was on the forefront of technology at the time he was murdered, and had helped to found/fund SHIELD - he was targeted by HYDRA, assassinated by the Winter Soldier, and it was all covered up as a car accident. 
Imagine now if Tony were to find out that Bucky killed his father. Tony and his father were never close, but we have no idea what happened in that relationship… Maybe things were finally getting better now that Tony was a young adult and he and his father could work the company together. Maybe he finally had the relationship with his father that he had always wanted and craved as a child, or was working toward it at least. Maybe there was some light there, and he was finally in a place where he felt happier. And then his father and mother were killed, he and Obi inherited the company, and the last family he had was gone. And when you imagine it, imagine it on two different levels…
Firstly, it’s a huge betrayal to him. This is a man he has fought beside, and now he is refusing to at least hand the man who killed his family over to be tried and investigated - he’s harbouring a fugitive who has committed many murders, including Tony’s own parents.
Secondly, it’s a huge betrayal to his father, who was betrayed by a former friend, Obidiah Stane. Captain America… this is the person Howard Stark rambled for hours about, dedicated his life to, and was absolutely obsessed with. He called him a hero and a saviour. And now, that same very man he once cherished is refusing to bring his assassinator to justice. In fact, he’s violently defending him so that he doesn’t have to “atone for his crimes” (remember - narcissism and other mental disorders; in Tony’s mind he doesn’t understand and can’t empathize with other people’s friendships and reasoning, he only has his own to go on). Captain America, the soldier of ultimate justice, is refusing to hand over the man who murdered Tony’s parents in cold blood - that is ALL he can see in his head at this point, and he feels betrayed by not only his friend, but his leader.

Tony is dealing with so much loss and betrayal after Avengers 2, on top of everything he attempted to do and what nearly happened to the world, and one can only imagine where his mental state is at. The movies have slowly been unravelling his sanity - we saw it peak in Iron Man 3, and even in Avengers 2, and now he’s continuing to completely invert everything inwardly onto how it affects him (because narcissism). So when we look at his life at the end of the second Avengers movie, let’s see where he’s at: he wants to focus on his life and his company, he wants to focus on his relationship with Pepper (which may be suffering - remember how he commented that she “wasn’t available” for their party, not even enough to make an entrance or to congratulate him - while we can obviously attribute that to not wanting to pay Gwyneth Paltrow for her cameo, we could also wonder if things are maybe not so great with the two of them, especially after Ultron), and he wants to withdraw from everything that has been going crazy around him. I think at that point, he’s realized he’s slowly losing the plot and he needs to bring himself back down to earth. He has become aware that two of his closest friends are gone - one he will likely never get back, and the other, well… he thought their friendship was enough for Bruce to want to come home to it. He doesn’t even think about what Bruce must be going through - he’s physically and mentally incapable due to his own mental disorders. He just feels betrayed and abandoned… and very much alone. 

Why is Tony so upset that Steve has chosen Bucky over him? Why is he fighting so hard to bring Bucky to justice? Other than the obvious conclusion here, which is that I have too much time to myself as I sit and wait for my bath to fill up…
Tony never stood a chance in life. Tony has been bent, bruised, and broken so many times (much like these other superheroes he’s fighting alongside), only he has a whole host of mental disorders that make it difficult for him to cope with everyday relationships and occurrences that other people would be able to handle. Over time he’s been betrayed by and lost some of the people he has allowed himself to actually grow close to - for a broken man who already has impulse control issues to see someone fighting so hard to defend someone, when he feels left alone and abandoned, it might leave his narcissistic mind wondering why he doesn’t deserve the same amount of love, loyalty, or friendship from other people in his life… why he isn’t worth it. 
Tony Stark is not a bratty, whiney asshole who believes he deserves Steve’s friendship despite treating him like shit. Tony Stark is a mentally unwell, self-abusive, unsocialized, broken man - lonely, lost, and at the very very end of whatever he has left tethering him to his sanity.
So when he sees a man whose respect he had to work hard to earn - and who he had to work hard to respect in turn - betraying him, betraying Howard, and betraying SHIELD for “his own personal reasons”, to a point where it looks like someone on Team Stark may be laying dead in his friend’s arms… it really isn’t that difficult to understand why those tiny, broken, whispered three words are so unbelievably heart-wrenching for anyone who can empathize with what Tony Stark is going through.

“So was I.”

The signs as crushes (girls version) and how to approach them

Aries girl-The one who is loud and who knows how to have a good time. Will try to get your attention and most willmake the first move.

Taurus girl- kind of unnapproachable. But in reality very sweet so don’t be afraid to talk to them. Can become very talkative and is very pleased when the guy is someone really considerate.

Gemini girl- always chatting. May be intimitading first but for sure they won’t play mind games. So go for it.

Cancer girl- can be hard to read and difficult to really access to her. But easy to talk to and is a laughing person. So bring your sense of humor, just listen to them . Show that you really want to know them.

Leo girl- easy to talk to. Proud and sociable. Be a man , be brave but don’t be cocky. You have to make time for them.

Virgo girl-be a prince. Show that you love them by even little attentions. They adore that. Try to have a small talk with them and turn that into interesting conversation. Give them little gifts.

Libra girl-Charm her. Be nice,have a good sense of humor.be kind and listen to them,share your opinions with them. Be well-dressed or just care about your appareance. Be clean.

Scorpio girl-be mysterious. Be quiet and suddenly go loud. That will intrigue her.
Show them your ambition and how you can stand for yourself. Be kind brave , u have to possess a fierce spirit for these girls.

Sagittarius girl-Be flirty and real funny. That will work for them. Be independant but show her at the same time that you adore being with her and that you won’t mind pass the time with her anytime.

Capricorn girl-be classy,independant and have a nice sense of humor. Show them that you’re not a silly boy but a man who knows how to have a great time and who is real ambitious. Admire her.

Aquarius girl-be UNIQUE. Say out loud what you think. Don’t hesitate.
Try new weird things with her or talk about human rights,and just the world in general.

Pisces girl-be a nice bad boy. They love the type of man who has an exterior thoughtness but deep down hes so sweet.

Some thoughts on Cullen

I’ve been thinking too much about Cullen this morning and given how many people love him I doubt these are at all new, but y’all

Cullen Rutherford:

  • is a book nerd who probably has bad vision by the time he’s forty from spending too many nights reading by candlelight. That means glasses for all your modern aus. Oh, yes. Plain black frames or wire rims. Nothing remotely chic, something serviceable because they’re just a tool, not a fashion statement. But dammit, he looks sexy anyway, especially in the morning when his curls are tumbling over his forehead and he’s got that sleepy-eyed blink bringing the world into focus.
  • is a sneaky bastard. He’s clever, he’s crafty, and he’s a damn fine general of what starts out as an incredibly underfunded, undermanned military. Yes, he would rather level the mountain, but he’s fully of capable to finding ways around it. He’s been managing people for a long time, maybe not all successfully (*cough*Meredith*cough*), but he didn’t get to where he was by bludgeoning everything with his not inconsiderable will. He got that way with patience, with choosing his battles, and with subtle manipulations that you should watch for.
  • is self-aware. He spent too long not being, and now he’s constantly thinking about who he is, who he was, and striving to be more than both. This can take him to the edge of despair, because he does not shy away from the wrongs he has done or, worse, allowed to be done by his own willful negligence. He knows that he can never make amends for what happened, but he also knows that to do nothing is to say that none of it mattered. Cullen knows that if he’s going to fight for recovery, then he to surround himself with people who will kick his ass when he needs it (*cough*Cassandra*cough*), and that he needs constant opportunities for the amends he knows he can never make.
  • is a man of faith. This makes him complicated. It makes loving him messy, and his experiences test that faith in the Chantry and his Maker. But Cullen will always pray. He will always find himself in the hard press of stone beneath his knees, in the quiet that threatens with too much honesty, in the very terror of his own insignificance. Not even Kinloch could take that from him.
  • is an absolute dork. He gets flustered over pranks, but he’ll get you back eventually Sera. He stammers over pretty girls,  but will still kiss them senseless. And, Maker’s breath, the man is quick with a dick joke. Even if he doesn’t admit them all out loud, I can promise you he has a running commentary in that clever, snarky brain of his and most of it is that’s what she said. *dorky laugh*
  • is a warrior.  He may be running the army from Skyhold, but his job is not bloodless. His skills are not merely theoretical. He asks less of his men and women than he demands of himself (which is good, I don’t think many have the man’s stamina. Seriously, two days, an hour of sleep in the Arbor Wilds…)

anonymous asked:

sleeping hcs for all the boys? like what positions, how deeply they sleep, and what kind of dreams/nightmares?

Admin Mawile:╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯


-Can sleep in practically any position, anywhere, any time. Half of the places he falls asleep in can’t be comfortable, and yet he seems perfectly at ease in them. He’s an incredibly deep sleeper, and general doesn’t dream, save occasional nightmares which are always about fire. 


-Sleeps stiffly on his back, sometimes curling up when he has a bad nightmare. Reiji is a very light sleeper, and can wake himself up just by rolling over. He has horrible, constant nightmares that make it difficult, if not impossible to get any real rest. He refuses to take any naps, even to make up for lost sleep. 


-Sprawled out and turned sort of sideways is his default sleeping position. He drools, snores, and kicks in his sleep, and somehow almost always wakes up facing some strange direction. He has weird, vivid dreams, and frequent nightmares, usually about his mother. 


-He sleeps all curled up in a little ball, clinging on to Teddy fiercely. He’s a light sleeper who has to stay wrapped up in blankets at all times, and he’ll wake up instantly if Teddy falls out of his grasp. He hates sleeping much because of the nightmares that come, and stays up much longer than is healthy. 


-Laito sleeps on his stomach, a bit curled in on himself, and almost always hugs a body pillow . He’s a fairly light sleeper who has bad nightmares and tends to make little noises in his sleep. His face is very unguarded during sleep, and shows more of his real emotions that he ever lets slip when he’s awake. 


-Sleeps on his side, hands pulled in close to his chest, and his back pressing up against the side of his coffin. Subaru isn’t really a heavy or light sleeper, but thanks to so long sleeping in his coffin, he has trouble falling asleep in a bed. Has rare, but disturbing nightmares and few other dreams. 


-Usually sleeps on his stomach, because extended pressure against his scars makes them ache. Deep, sound, sleeper who can never sleep more than six hours at a time. He has frequent insomnia, but doesn’t need a lot of sleep to function. Almost never dreams, but when he does, they’re awful nightmares. 


-A light sleeper who tosses and turns, and tends to cry and mumble and make little miserable noises in his sleep because of nightmares. Sleeps on his side with his hands clutching the blankets, and his legs sort of curled in. Noise doesn’t really wake him up, but any kind of contact does. 


-Winds up in strange positions, all twisted around in ways that don’t seem the slightest bit natural or comfortable. Snores like a freight train and clings on to anyone or anything that’s in bed with him. Has one strange nightmare that always repeats, about a fire a place he can’t quite remember. 


-A very, very deep sleeper who snores quietly and stays curled in a tight little ball, limbs all pulled in close to his body. He has realistic dreams, although they usually turn to nightmares, and nothing short of a good shake can wake him up. Gravitates to anything warm while asleep. 


-Carla loses all composure when he’s asleep. Sleeps stretched out on his side, hair a wild mess fanning out around his head, and sometimes drools a little. He’s a deep sleeper who can sleep through almost anything, and while he does have horrible nightmares, he’ll never show that they bother him. 


-Sleeps on either his stomach or back, and takes up a ton of space. He spreads out and rolls around, mumble and sometimes talks in his sleep, and can jolt awake for a few minutes before going right back to sleep. Has strange, vague dreams and frequent nightmares about past traumas.