he has a awesome dressing sense

Question: Okay, so you said a thing about trans Ryan Evans, right? Because I would love to hear all about that.

Answer:(Warning: long post)

It started with a conversation between me and suffragettekitten (as usual) about Chyan, and ve brought it up and it just went from there.

So, what about Sharpay and Ryan were born identical, but the transition (and also Sharpay’s nose job) had them looking differently.

And just imagine little babies Sharpay and Ryan playing dress up. They sneak into their daddy’s closet so Ryan can play too.

And Sharpay takes scissors and fixes his hair quite terribly because little girls are not very skilled with scissors.

Their parents are furious, but Ryan is so happy that his hair is short.

And Ryan is super sad that he’s not allowed to play on the boy’s T-ball team, but he takes dance classes with Sharpay.

That’s why when he starts presenting as a boy he’s so determined to play every single sport he can. To

Also, his dad isn’t to thrilled that his little girl is becoming a little man, and Ryan wants to show his dad how awesome a son he can be.

Of course, Ryan’s been Mommy’s little sweetheart forever, so when he tells her he wants to be w boy she takes him shopping for the cutest boy clothes available. Ryan’s never been so thrilled.

And even when they’re itty bitty and still have no idea that Ryan wants to be a boy, Sharpay still doesn’t think of Ryley as her sister.

Even though Ryley has long hair and wears dresses, it just doesn’t make sense that Ry is her sister.

Sharpay is the first person Ryan tells, and that leads to Sharpay going through his closest and taking all of his cute girl clothes for herself.

As repayment though she teaches him how to shave like a man (even though they’re like six). Sharpay has seen Home Alone though, so she knows what to do.

And when Chad starts developing feelings for Ryan, he can coax himself saying, “Well he doesn’t actually have a penis so no homo.”

And Ryan has such low self esteem that he lets Chad think like this because… dammit he likes Chad, and who else will like him if he doesn’t like himself, right?

But then the idea of Ryan as a girl appalled Chad for reasons he can’t understand.

Mind you, this is happening around the time Troy and Gabriella joined the play, and the only person who knows about Ryan and Chad’s relationship is Sharpay.

Sharpay hates Chad for the sole reason that he is Ryan’s boyfriend.

And Chad is seriously thinking about telling everyone because ge knows Ryan wants that, but then he thinks, “what if Ryan gets hurt?”

And he’s having a panic attack in the locker room thinking of this, and Troy walks in and helps calm him down.

Chad just blurts out that he’s with Ryan, and Troy is super cool and supportive about it.

And next time Chad sees Ryan he says, “it’s super weird to think about you as a girl”

And Ryan laughs and says, “tell me about it.” Ryan’s self esteem goes through the roof because the guy he likes likes him for him!

I just get emotional about this.

Aoba Johsai Dancing Headcannons


* Individuals

* Oikawa is horrible at dancing. That one thing that he’s not good at? Here it is. Oikawa can’t dance for shit.

* Iwaizumi is actually not that great, but Break Dancing is what he does best, like, damn. This boy could probably spin on his head for five minutes straight and not even falter.

* Yahaba doesn’t dance to anything much either, but he does like romantic songs. also dubstep. But to Yahaba’s dismay, he can’t dance to dubstep that well.

* Kyoutani refuses to dance. That only reason being is that he wants to seem tough but he really likes them cute, touchy feelly songs and it’s embarrassing.

* Kindaichi cannot dance alone, because he has a weird sense of loneliness when he does. So when dancing, he either dances with someone else on the team, or doesn’t dance at all.

* Kunimi is the best dancer in Aoba Johsai, like, he gets instant recognition when he steps onto the dance floor, the reason being, he can literally dance to anything without batting an eyelash. And besides that, he always looks great. He dresses up for every school dance and it’s always awesome. 

* Watari dances pretty well but to his great disappointment, he can’t seem to keep up with Kunimi. He even challenged Kunimi to a few dance offs, never winning though. Oikawa cheers him up though. Only because Oikawa admits that he fucking sucks compared to Watari.

* Couples

* Oikawa and Iwaizumi fumble around alot. They can’t get one dance in without falling over each other. It’s really sad to watch, honestly it is.

* Hanamaki and Matsukawa suck at individual dancing, but damn, their partner dances are fucking great. Like, Alone they’re horrible (not as bad as Oikawa though), but Together? They get so many people cheering their dances on, it’s fantastic. 

* Yahaba and Kyoutani are also pretty damn good. Kyoutani really only dances with Yahaba anyway, that being because they both share their love for romantic songs. So they both obviously only dance there. Their waltzes are some to see though. It’s also rumored that the two challenged Makki and Matsu one time. No one knows who won.

* Kunimi and Kindaichi are average dancers. Together they dance to all kinds of stuff. Usually they dance to fun and energetic kinds of songs, it’s really fun to watch them dance.


Waaaaay back in 2004 I used to read the webcomic Questionable Content. I eventually lost track and kind of moved onto other things online, but the other night I went and started to read through the archive, culminating in a new character, a librarian intern named Claire, being introduced. IMMEDIATELY I was like “yes, this is exactly me. I ABSOLUTELY relate to this girl.” Not only were we ironically the same age, but we both wear glasses, and I had planned to dye my own hair red this coming week. We also seemed to have the same interests AND she made awful puns like I do. It was like finding a cartoon counterpart.

Then, I came to the third photo in the set. This revelation blew my mind, but it did suddenly make sense why I loved this character so much so fast. Because in so many ways outside of characteristics, I AM this character because I’m trans.

The fact that Jeph not only wrote the character, had her accepted is awesome but he also gets the little things so right, like when Claire has to suddenly buy a dress for a wedding and is instantly excited or when she wants to get her ears pierced but is scared to do so. These things are big milestones to people who didn’t grow up biologically female, or at least they are to me. Even moreso is her body language a lot of the time, especially around Marten when she comes out to him. She looks slightly scared, almost as if awaiting rejection-which I’m sure she’s experienced a ton given her situation-and yet just a bit hopeful as if she’s thinking, “PLEASE accept me. PLEASE.”

Having been trying to find out who I was when I read this comic originally and then coming back to it once I’d begun my own transition is just incredibly ironic, but also helpful. This is a character I feel I can really relate to. I don’t generally talk about trans people in media simply because I don’t think it’s a huge deal, nor do I care, but this one really got to me.

I sent Jeph an email thanking him, but he hasn’t replied yet. I hope he at least reads it so he knows what good he’s doing in the world.

Thanks Jeph. Keep on bein awesome.

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Bellarke number 20 please!!!!

This turned into something dirty. I blame the girls of BFFnet for this. 


She doesn’t make a habit of eavesdropping on her crush, but this time it kind of just happens - Clarke will swear to anyone who will listen that she didn’t mean to hide in the room where Bellamy Blake just so happened to be masturbating.

Can she be arrested for this? Is this what people call being a peeping Tom? Because this is a total accident. Seriously.

“Fuck,” Bellamy groans, and Clarke presses herself against the wall, heart pounding.

She hasn’t been discovered yet, and while the sensible part of her is telling her that she should just do the mature thing and go back outside quietly, there is another part of her that is screaming at her to stay right there and enjoy.

Because how often is she going to get the chance to hear Bellamy fucking Blake moan and groan?

Never, that’s how often.

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