he hardly looked at her in this scene:((((

For You{2} [Jeff Atkins]

Request: Can i request a Jeff Atkins imagine where hes like a badboy but when Y/N is the new girl at Liberty and Clay takes her under his wing, Jeff feels the need to protect her and be good for her? And then at a party he sees Monty and Y/N flirting so he gets wasted and Y/N ends up taking him to her house and taking care of him and he drunkenly confesses his softy feelings for her?

Pairing:bad boy!Jeff Atkins x fem!reader

A/N:OMG GUYS YOU’RE AMAZING!The first part got so many notes?WHoa-M

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It was almost time.She checked herself in the mirror one more time before taking her phone.She send a quick message to Jessica,telling her that she was on her way.Taking a deep breath,she exited the house and started walking all the way to her friend’s house.

Emotionally,she wasn’t ready.She didn’t like dancing,she didn’t like drinking,she wasn’t just like everyone else.She would be like a fish out of water.At first she decided to not go.But after Jessica insisted on her attending the party because “it’s gonna be epic girl" she changed her mind.Not because she thought that she’d actually have fun though.She did it for Jessica. She wouldn’t like it if she told her she couldn’t go.

After a couple of minutes, she was there.A few people were out,drinks in their hands,enjoying the night.She quickly got inside in order to find Jessica. The music was so loud,her ears started pounding.She pushed past some “dance maniacs"as she said under he breath.

Suddenly,someone from behind grabbed her right arm and span her around.It was Jessica,thank God… The young woman put her hands around Y/Ns neck and started swaying back and fourth.

“You’re here!“She shouted and smiled widely.Y/N snorted and shook her head in disbelief.

“It’s eleven thirty and you’re already wasted?Unpredictable!”

“What,me?Not even-” She didn’t manage to finish her sentence because she found the person she’d been searching for minutes now.Justin waved and smiled at her and she nodded.

“Well,hun,i gotta go!Have fun tonight!Jeff is around here somewhere!You better find him!” She said happily,unwrapping her hands from her.

“Hey,” Y/N shouted as she was to head to her boyfriend. “Be careful alright? ”

Jessica gave her a small kiss on the cheek. “Sure,i always am!”

Y/N shook her head once more;that party wasn’t gonna end up well.She took a look around,her hands folded to her chest,in case she found Clay.But he was nowhere to be seen.He said he would come but he probably changed his mind and stayed home.“Something that i should’ve done too…"She told herself.

Everything about the party seemed so wrong to her.She didn’t fit in there.Plus,she couldn’t find anyone to even talk to so she decided to go out and wait for Clay,in case he came later.

She sat on the front porch and that was when she saw him.No,not Clay.The other guy,the guy from the “hall incident”.He had a red cup in his hands and stood at the right of the front garden with some of his friends Y/N didn’t even know their names.

She couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful face,his beautiful eyes.Eyes that after a few seconds looked back at her.She didn’t pull away though.His expression was unreadable,vague. They stayed like that for a few moments before he looked away.

Y/N started playing with her fingers as she intently stared at the white tiles of Jessica’s porch.Why were things so complicated between her and Jeff?What the hell had she done to him?She was afraid to ask him,she couldn’t tell why.Her liking him was wrong and she knew it very well.Because such a famous boy would never want to be with the girl who “daydreams”.Besides,the rumors of him not being in long term relationships were likely true.They had to be.

“Hey,Y/N!“A male voice said.She looked to her left and saw Moty,a good friend of Bryce.He took a seat next to her as he smiled widely.

“Oh,hey Moty!“She said and forced a grin.Honestly,the last thing she wanted was Montgomery to keep her company. “Beautiful night,isn’t it?“He asked,looking up at the dark sky which was full of stars.Y/N did the same and nodded. “Yeah,it is indeed.”

“But not as beautiful as you though!Don’t get jealous please!”

Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at his words.Really.Had the poor guy lost all his chances with all the girls at the party and his last option was her?Was he just playing around?She didn’t know and she didn’t care.

“Honestly Moty,that’s the best thing i’ve heard all night!“She said as she wiped away some tears that had escaped her eyes.

"Honestly Y/N,that wasn’t even funny but i’m glad i made you laugh. ”

Suddenly,they both heard Zach yelling at someone.Y/N immediately looked at his direction. It was Jeff.He was yelling at Jeff.Something serious must have happened because Zach hardly made a scene.

"Dude,fuck off!It’s not my fault alright?You’re drunk as fuck and you don’t know what you’re saying!Talk to me when you sober up,i’m out…"He said angrily and not bothering looking at her or Moty,he went inside the house.

Y/N tilted her head to the left to see Montgomery’s reaction; He stood up in an instant and went to where Jeff and three other were,probably to ask of what happened.

As soon as he saw Moty,Jeff grabbed him by the collar and punched him in the face.

"You won’t ever talk to Y/N again,you understand?"He shouted and pushed him away.Moty tried to fight back but the others separated them.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Atkins?"He shouted as he touched his mouth,only to see his fingers being covered in blood. Y/N’s mind was on fire.Many questions started crossing her mind.Was Jeff watching her the whole time?Why did he care about her and Moty talking?How the hell did he even know her name when she never told him?Indeed,what the fuck was wrong with Jeff Atkins?And that time,she wouldn’t let all these questions unanswered. Next thing she knew was that her legs were taking her to him.

She had to clear things out.

Love is For Children (1/2)

Summary: You’re a former mercenary turned Avenger who joins the team after fighting, and defeating, each member that tried to recruit you. You’re confident in your abilities and even challenge the man formerly known as the Winter Soldier. A battle of egos ensues and it’s Bucky that fights to get your attention but you’re a professional and won’t fall easy for his charm.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3241
Warnings: None
A/N: Alrighty so I decided to split this in two parts cause damn, I’m such a wordy mess!! I hope you like it, let me know! Posting the second half tomorrow. 

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“How the hell does she keep getting away?!” Tony shouted at no one in particular as he paced the floor. He didn’t like getting bested by anyone but he really didn’t like that the whole team had their asses handed to them.

“She’s a professional, Tony,” Steve said, putting two more ice packs on his knees and wincing slightly.

Tony stopped walking and looked bewildered at the blonde man. “Yeah? And what the hell are we? We’ve only saved the planet a handful of times but we can’t take down some nimble little assassin?!” His angry words echoed throughout the cavernous lounge of the Avengers compound.

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He wanted her gone. He wanted everyone in this damn hallway gone. But there was no one he wished would vanish more than Alice cooper.

Couldn’t she fucking see? She was ruining her daughters. She was ruining Betty.

And that? He was not down with that.

As Betty lunged for her sister, the burly man in the white scrubs took a step towards Betty. No he couldn’t let that happen, he was hardly able to move before he was shoved against the wall.
They didn’t need a scene, he just needed Betty, he wanted to reach for her. But he couldn’t.

Suddenly Alice was dragging her away, Jughead following closely, as soon as they were outside Betty ripped her wrist free.

“Get off of me.” She was fully crying now, tears streaming down her face, but she looked deadly. Her tone even and cold.

“Betty don’t..” Alice tried to gain ground, reaching for her wrist again.

“I said get off of me.” Her eyes were still focused, but he noticed the shake to her shoulders, the way she backed up. He assumed Now was a good time to interject, he couldn’t sit by and watch this anymore.

“I’ll take her home mrs. Cooper, you should go.” He reached his hand out, intertwining their fingers and squeezing.

“Excuse me, this is my daughter I’ll decide..”

As Betty sunk lower behind him, he heard the soft whimper she was trying to hide. No, consequences be damned. He wasn’t handing her over to that monster.

“All due respect but like I said, you should go. You’re not wanted here. I’ll get her home safe. Go home.”

The blonde older woman, spared a glance at Betty before slamming the door to her car and speeding off.

Almost instantly the dam broke.

He had her wrapped up in his arms faster than he thought possible.

“You’re okay, pollys okay, I’m here. I’m right here” he whispered into her ear.

They didn’t speak, they stood in that parking lot for thirty minutes, just holding each other. Eventually the bus came, and jughead took her by the shoulders, leading her to a seat.

As soon as they sat down she had rested her head on his shoulder, falling asleep purely out of exhaustion.

Looking down, he frowned. She didn’t deserve this, she was so good, so loving, she cared so much. Dropping a kiss to her forehead, he closed his eyes. It was quite a bus ride back to riverdale and he knew he would sleep better having her by his side.

They were both jolted awake as the bus came to its final stop.

She smiled up at him sadly

“I’m sorry, I fell asleep. I wasn’t such great company today was I?”

He moved to help her off the bus.

“Are you kidding me, I couldn’t have asked for a better sleuthing partner.” He winked

He thought he saw a genuine smile but maybe he was biased.

They walked in comfortable silence, hand in hand.

Arriving at her door, he saw her shoulders start to shake

“Call me. No matter what happens. You call me, I’ll answer, whatever hour. I’ll answer. I can be here in ten minutes flat.” He said seriously, staring deep into her eyes.

She nodded and then lunged, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing so tight he thought he might suffocate. He didn’t care he wrapped his long arms around her waist, holding her to him.

After what felt like hours he pulled away looking into her eyes.

“Call me.”

She nodded before walking into her house with a wave.

Climbing the latter to her room, he scanned her over quickly. She was okay, no visible changes.

She was smiling, that was good. He could make her laugh, that much he knew.

she was ranting, talking about being crazy

He placed his hands in her shoulder, staring into those deep sad eyes.

“Were all crazy.” She laughed

He was choking, he couldn’t say it. Why couldn’t he say it? Just tell her.

She was so patient, understanding.

Forget it.

He had her face in his hands and his mouth on hers.

Oh god, he had never felt anything like this, he didn’t know how to feel. It was good, it felt good, it felt safe.

He pulled away, she went back nipping his mouth slightly. She was smiling.

Jesus Christ she was smiling

What did that mean?

As soon as he opened his mouth to speak her eyes had widened and she was back on the case.

They were gonna have to talk about this eventually , but right now?

There were more important things to deal with

The Girl on Set – Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: May you do a Cody imagine where you are a fan of tw and you win the contest to visit the set in the final season and you’re so happy because you’re gonna met the cast but mostly exited because you’re gonna meet Cody cause Theo is your favorite character, And when you meet him gets an interest on you and take advantage of every break or every moment to go to talk to you and sprayberry can see you caught him so deep and tell him to ask you out or something?? 

Word Count: 2,430

Warnings: None

Pairing: Cody Chrisitan x Reader

Other Characters in this imagine: Holland Roden, Tyler Posey, and Dylan Sprayberry

Author’s Note: I’m not sure if this is the ending you wanted, but I still gave you the same concept you asked for. I hope you like it and feedback is greatly appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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“Who is that?” Cody asked as he approached Holland and Dylan Sprayberry sitting on their chairs.

Holland looked up and noticed Cody nodded towards the girl by the craft table with Tyler Posey, who were talking and laughing as they put food on their plates. Holland looked back at Cody with a smile, “that’s Y/N. She’s the one who won the contest to visit the set.”

“We met her earlier in the make-up trailer. She’s really nice,” Sprayberry said after looking up from his phone.

Cody looked back and couldn’t help but admire the girl. Her hair was down with long waves that reached just above her butt. She had dark skinny jeans, which showed off her hips and great butt. She wore a black tank top underneath a red plaid shirt, with a pair of matching red Converse. She was too far to notice the small details on her face like her make-up or if she had freckles. However, he knew one thing for sure, she was beautiful. 

“Do you need a bucket?” Sprayberry’s question snapped Cody out of his trance. He gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he would ask such a thing. As if reading his mind, Sprayberry answered, “for all the drooling.”

Holland giggled. “Someone has a crush.”

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Author’s Note: I never write stuff. (I’m not just saying that. I’ve honestly NEVER written a fic.) but I listened to Perfect approximately one billion times and I could not get this scene out of my head. Thank you sooo much to @wildegreenlight for being my kind beta and @jenn582 and @thefinalhorcruxx for being my cheerleaders. Without them it’s unlikely I would have bothered to finish.

Written to and inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect  played on endless repeat.

The song faded to an end and Ron pulled away from the girl clinging to his waist, looking down at her with a lopsided grin. He could hardly believe they’d been dancing since he’d impulsively whisked her away from Krum.

Hermione gazed up at him, slightly breathless, a question in her eyes.

“Follow my lead,” he winked, took her hand and spun her through the other dancers past the edge of the makeshift dance floor and out through a gap in the marquee.

After the suffocating warmth inside the tent, the fresh air felt brilliant on his skin as he turned to face her, “Hermione… can I show you something?”

Her cheeks were flushed from dancing and her curls were wild, escaping from the intricate updo she’d worn to the wedding. She looks perfect.

“Of course, Ron.”

Was he mental or were her eyes actually sparkling?

The sun had long since set, but the breeze still had a warmth to it. They slowly made their way through a field towards a small pond with a rickety dock. Ron hoped she wouldn’t notice that they were still holding hands or if she did, he silently begged that she wouldn’t let go.

“We’re here.”

Ron dropped himself unceremoniously onto the end of the dock, tugging his shoes off and quickly shoving his holey socks into them. He cuffed up the edge of his trousers and let his legs dangle over the edge, bare feet skimming the water below.

“Sit with me?”

Hermione laughed and slipped off her own shoes. Ron reached a hand up to help steady her as she settled down next to him. “What are we doing here Ron? I have seen this pond before you know…. many times.” She smiled up at him and playfully knocked her shoulder into his so he’d know she wasn’t actually upset.

“I… well. Yeah, no. I  just…”


One hand went to rub the back of his neck and he took a deep breath, “I just wanted to spend a few minutes alone.” She arched a questioning eyebrow at him. “I mean, alone, with um.. yeah.. you.” His eyes flicked to hers briefly and then focused on the pond in front of them. He could feel the blush literally climbing his neck. Good one Ron. Real eloquent. Bloody ‘ell. Eloquent! That’s the kind of word he should be using. Not ones like ‘um and yeah.’

He felt her hand gently cover his, he turned his ever so slightly and his pulse quickened when she intertwined their fingers.

“This was a brilliant idea Ron,” she smiled at him. “After meeting so many new people tonight, the idea of being alone for a few minutes sounds wonderful. Alone… together.” There was that twinkle in her eyes again. He could get lost in her eyes.

As they sat there, holding hands in the silence, Ron gathered every bit of courage he had and started to slowly move his thumb across the soft skin of her hand. Hermione let out a breath he didn’t realize she’d been holding and her head gently fell to rest on his shoulder.

She’s an angel. I don’t deserve this.

He’d lost track of how long they’d been sitting together when the sudden sound of music from the reception broke the spell they were under and he quickly stood up, brushing his trousers off, “Suppose we should get back before they send the twins to find us, yeah?”

Hermione rose slower, trying to straighten out her dress. She looked beautiful in that dress. She always looked beautiful, but his heart near to stopped when she’d walked out of the Burrow in that dress. She followed him off the dock and onto the grass, looking self-conscious as she tried to tuck the flyaway curls behind her ear, “I’m a mess.”

His heart beat faster and suddenly he didn’t care if his mum sent every single one of his siblings and Aunt Muriel out to look for them. She looks perfect. How can she not know? “Dance with me.”

“Here?” she almost giggled. Hermione almost giggled..!

“Yeah,” he nodded his head towards the tent, feeling encouraged by her reaction, “I love this song.” He extended his hand.

She smiled at him shyly from beneath her lashes, dropped the heels she was holding in one hand and bypassed his extended arm to lay her head on his chest. 

His breath caught. What the bleedin’ell was she trying to do? kill him?

“I love this… song too.”

Ron swallowed hard and wrapped his arms around her waist. They’d been dancing together all night, but this time it was different. Familiar and yet completely new. Intense. It felt, somehow more; dancing in the dark, barefoot on the grass, with her between his arms.

They swayed together, the soft melody of a song in the distance floating in the air around them.

Life was about to change, it was going to be them against the odds. He should be terrified, but Hermione was the strongest woman he knew and Ron finally knew what he wanted. What he needed. The girl in his arms, and he was not going to give her up. They’d be alright this time.

Ron stilled and looked down, Hermione’s eyes were closed but her face was upturned towards his and there was a smile on her lips. He whispered beneath his breath, “darling, you look perfect.”

Her eyes flashed open and his heart pounded in his chest. Had he said that outloud?

Her smiled widened and she raised up on her toes, her face inches from his. He saw his future in those eyes. He lowered his lips towards hers….

CRACK! The sound of someone apparating nearby startled them apart.

“Oi!!! Ronnikins! ‘Ermione!” the sound of Fred’s voice echoed from across the field, “Are you out here? Mum’s gonna go spare if I don’t get you two back before they start the next round of toasts.”

Ron took Hermione’s hand and smiled a bit apologetically, but this time he had the confidence to lace their fingers himself. Someday… someday soon.

Tom’s Little Sister l Harrison Osterfield Oneshot

Summary: The reader is Tom Holland little sister and develops a crush on his best mate, Harrison Osterfield. Harrison brings reader to the Spiderman: Homecoming premiere and things start to develop…

Warning: Language?

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Requested by: @neewtmas

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Who Died: AUCas or Our Cas? SPN12X23

*rubs hands together manically*

I wanted to share my theories on
WHO DIED: AUCas or our Cas?

And also explain why I think we had an imposter (AUCas) for a good chunk of the episode. 

It helps to read along as you watch, especially as my technically challenged self can’t get pics/gifs on here for some odd reason. But anyway, I’m going to go through each Cas scene to discuss his behavior. And then give some ideas on how they’ve left it open for EITHER an alternate universe Cas OR our Cas to have been the one who died at the end. There’s no right or wrong answer because none of us actually knows. I’m no expert but this is fun and we have all summer to speculate.

So let’s get started!

First, can I say how poignant to have the cottage by the water. Cas has been likened to a fish metaphorically (often a fish out of water, or a fish that wants to fly). We find Cas staring over the water in contemplation, pondering who he is and who he will be. The previous episode, titled “Who We Are,” was all about who the Winchesters are (they “kick it in the ass”) so it’s safe to assume that we will find out “Who He Is” soon enough (angel or a man).

Castiel’s behavior in the beginning of 12x23 “All Along the Watchtower” was very typical behavior for him, though I would go so far as to say he was exceptionally docile and calm. We see his paternal side. He is devoted to the unborn child. This is his “Messiah” (Misha stated that Cas has a cult-like devotion to Jack). He saw a vision of the future and has faith again.

If we take it back a little further to the last time we saw him, Cas was gentle, even after killing Dagon. His soft, “You’re hurt” and concern for Dean was a major highlight. They paused on that moment and let us get a good, long look at the fact that Castiel wasn’t on a rampage to keep Jack safe. He still cared about Dean. I believe he only put them to sleep so he could get a head start and get away to get his “baby god” and Kelly to safety. There was NO anger, NO malice. Just calm and peace. So we see that he is still in that same mind-frame at the opening of 12X23. (Also, I didn’t see any glowing yellow when he put Sam and Dean down - we only see it when he takes out Dagon and then when he heals Dean later in this episode, which I’ll mention again later.)

Cas is helping Kelly build baby furniture and buying truckloads of diapers (oops, think you may have wasted money on those, Cas), reading more pregnancy and baby books than what is normal. He wants to get something right for once and is committed to Jack.

Castiel gives two contradictory statements to Kelly in an attempt to comfort her:
“I will give my life for your son.”
“I will raise your son.”

Are there two Castiels and one will give up his life, and the other raise Jack? It was odd to have this oxymoron, back-to-back, with barely a breath between the statements. Kelly doesn’t bat an eye. She says, “I know,” as she has said before (i.e. back in 12X19 when she stole the Impala, Cas said he wish he had her faith and she said, “You will,” with absolute conviction).  We don’t know her full vision. Did she see Cas dying and coming back to raise her son?

After the diaper run Kelly has a contraction and releases some of Jack’s power which causes a rift that leads to an alternate universe (AU). Cas practically carries her into the house and gets Kelly tucked away to bed. He’s being so tender. A note on his behavior here is that he’s communicative, he’s confident, he makes eye contact, he’s not afraid to reach out a gentle hand to help Kelly. He is not confused, not angry, not scared nor fearful.

We get precious head-tilt, confused puppy Cas coming out of the cottage to investigate the rift. Again he exudes confidence as he strolls up to the rift. When he enters the AU he looks disturbed but not terrified. A temptor demon comes after him, complete with horns (THANK YOU DABB - finally some creepy demons - they can have so much fun with AU’s).

First, Cas doesn’t fight? The demon gets a punch in, Cas goes down and puts up his arms defensively. Is he weak again? Before the power-up from Jack in 12X19 when Cas killed Dagon, he was very human-like and didn’t use his powers. Has he already reverted back to that? Did whatever ‘grace juice’ he had get used up in 12X19 to kill Dagon? Remember, no yellow glow when he put Sam and Dean down, and I’ll mention Dean’s healing this episode in a bit.

We didn’t see who Cas saw. He said, “You?” and it cut away. We do not see what goes on with that mystery man and we do not see our Cas return to our universe. Was it AUBobby? Was it AUCas? I know we see AUBobby later but that doesn’t mean that is who Cas met. Cas is the intruder in this world. People there have a right to be suspicious, call in reinforcements and may even keep him prisoner especially when there’s a “peaches and cream” world on the other end of the rift. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Kelly is going into labor and calling out to Cas for help. He appears behind her and grabs her shoulder (um, hello, anyone notice it is the “wrong shoulder” as he often touches people on their left shoulder) somewhat aggressively, IMO. Was there a need to touch her? Was there a need to touch her in that manner? Probably not. A soft, “I’m right here” would have sufficed.

But here’s the thing: I think he touched her to read her mind or to connect in some way to understand what is going on with Jack. This is when things get freaky and I will refer to him as AUCas for a bit because I DO NOT THINK THAT IS OUR CAS. My husband disagrees with me and it’s been a friendly dispute between us since the finale aired, ha! But this is my post so we’re going with my opinion, not his.

Of course Cas doesn’t want to tell Kelly, “Well your unborn baby-man ripped a hole to another universe and I was hanging out with a guy who just shot a horned demon that punched my lights out.” So when she asks where he was, because he is often nearby, he says he was nowhere. His eyes are shifty and he appears to be at unrest, compared to earlier when he was at rest. We can argue that is because he just got back from an AU. Did it shake his faith? I have a hard time believing that billion-year-old Cas would be shook to such a degree by an AU. He knows there are AUs out there. 

It would make sense that any unrest is due to an imposter coming into an unknown place, with limited information, nervous to being found out.

Kelly has a contraction and Cas touches that shoulder again (wrong shoulder), lights flicker, he appears terrified. Gone is the Cas that is trying to be strong for her, the one who is confident in what will happen (because he had a vision of the future, y’all). I get the impression that this Cas doesn’t know what is going on. He allows Kelly to cling to him as he looks around, scared. I don’t know but I hardly think our Cas would act SO disturbed over flickering lights. We have to assume that our Cas knows things will get weird and Biblical when a spawn of Satan is born.

This is the scene that throws me for a loop with my AUCas idea. The only way it works is if AUCas can read minds.

It is now evening. AUCas had put Kelly to bed as she labors and he’s acting a little “off”. He sits down and she takes his hand. He gives her this tight, forced smile. He tries to console her and calls contractions “pressure waves” which isn’t actually a common word in Western medicine regarding childbirth. Yes, some midwives, doulas, etc. use that phrase but the more common phrase would be to call them contractions, especially in television. Why spend several precious seconds on the use of a lesser known phrasing for labor pains?

Even Kelly is asking what that means and Cas mentions taking doula classes. When did he do that? He hasn’t left Kelly’s side. He tacks on that he took them online. Again, he’s holding her hand here and perhaps reading someone’s mind is easier, quicker when he is physically in contact with a person. Could he be gleaning information from Kelly? This woman is devoted to her baby just as much as Cas. I would assume she’s read up on childbirth in preparation, even if this isn’t normal circumstances. I can just see her thinking, “When did he go to doula classes, unless he took them online?” and then he smiles and says he took them online. That’s how mind reading can work, or how I envision it.

He pulls away, dropping her hand unceremoniously, and goes to the window. His concern isn’t focused on Kelly and Jack, as it had been in the opening scenes of this episode. He peers down at the rift and glares at it in this way that appears to be hatred and we get this deep, eery music right at that exact same moment. It is very, very ominous. Where does Cas’ loyalty lie? After speaking with Kelly, he glares at he rift and we get creepy music. Yeah, totally doesn’t add to his creepy factor at the moment (#sarcasm).

Kelly has a strong contraction and needs reassurance. Cas is sitting further down the bed, keeping his body held in tight, not touching Kelly. She has to reach out to him. What happened to those doula classes? Let me tell you a little bit about doulas. They are there to support a laboring woman by providing her with comfort measures, such as touch, massage, offering water, etc. Cas sitting there practically curled into himself isn’t comforting to her.

She’s dying in order to bring forth life. She’s terrified! She wants him to remind her of why she’s going through with all of this. She wants him to remind her of the vision.

He hesitates and seems to be trying to piece together a suffice answer, almost as though he’s trying to read her mind about what she’d like to hear, or what she remembers him telling her, so he can give her that. 

This wouldn’t be the first time he’s telling her about it. At the end of 12X19 she asks what he saw, he says, “I saw the future,” before they drive off and I’m sure he filled her in on more. While he’s stuttering and trying to tell her the vision, we get a flashback from 12X19 when Jack gave Cas power via Kelly’s touch (interesting that the same hands are joined here as he has this flashback, as though he’s pulling it from Kelly’s memories). Could that flashback have actually been from Kelly and he was watching her memory? I think it is plausible.

And the entire time he’s talking I’m thinking of AUCas wanting paradise for HIS universe, where there is no war, no hate, no want. He looks wistful. If I was from an apocalyptic world, I’d love to know there’s a savior that could fix it and make it paradise. He suddenly looks hopeful after this exchange, almost like it is the first time he’s seeing such a vision. Now he’d be getting her thoughts on the vision, not Cas’, so he still doesn’t appear to jump on the Baby Jack Cult wagon, but he likes the idea of Jack’s power to bring good.

“I saw a world that this child, your child, will create.”

When the Impala rolls up he looks around the room like, “What is that sound?” and he appears scared. This is the moment that made me sit up. Our Cas knows the sound of the Impala. He would’ve gone out to greet the brothers. He may have been resigned that they found them, but not angry (think: 12x19 when they found him with the Colt). What do we see? We see AUCas pull his angel blade and tentatively walk down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs he is about to go to the wrong direction, as if he doesn’t know the layout of the house.

Here’s another moment where he trips me up because he does recognize Dean quickly. It’s like they gave us a ton of OOC stuff and then a few little bits of our Cas in there to confuse us. If he was reading Kelly’s mind, perhaps he can and does do the same with the Winchesters. He doesn’t touch them but I wonder if touch only makes it easier/quicker. 

What I believe is that he must have gathered intel from our Cas before stepping into our universe. He could have quickly read our Cas’ mind for the highlight reel and thus would recognize the Winchesters on sight, even if he didn’t know the sound of their car. This would also explain him knowing that the Winchesters saved their world from the apocalypse, but more on that in a sec.

He says “Dean?” in a very angry, offended tone. Some people think that is because he is mad they found him. Some would take the argument further and say he’s influenced by Jack. But look at the last interactions between Cas and the brothers in 12x19. It was gentle. It was soft. It was “I don’t want to hurt you; I just want to keep baby safe.” There was no animosity, there was no anger. In fact, the beginning of 12x23 our Cas was still very calm and relaxed. So why the anger now? Why the unrest? Because this is AUCas and he’s gun-shy and nervous about being found out before getting away with whatever he’s doing in our universe.

Sam, “Is this place warded?”
Cas: “Heavily.”

Being a celestial or supernatural being (still not exactly sure if AUCas is Cas from another reality or someone else who is able to take on his appearance) he would be able to know the place was warded without needing to read minds. He begins to breathe heavier, his eyes are shifty, he is fumbling for words. He is completely out-of-character for the mild-mannered Castiel from earlier in the episode and 12X19.

Dean asks, “Heavy enough to stop Lucifer?”

Cas blinks and takes a few steps forward, and in complete shock bellows, “Lucifer?” We could argue that if this was our Cas that he’d be upset to find Lucifer wasn’t locked up or dead. But our Cas is in hiding. He knows Princes of Hell and others are after them. He shouldn’t be shocked that the father of the child is trying everything to break out and get to his son. I’m sure it has crossed his mind as a possibility.

When he says it, he says it as though he cannot believe Lucifer is alive and roams the earth. The reaction isn’t in line with our Cas, who may be upset but not completely in shock. No, I see our Cas maybe squinting in frustration and then barking orders on how to keep everyone safe. Dean has been his priority for years and now he is also devoted to Jack. He still would want to keep all of the Winchesters safe and Jack safe. I’m not getting “I want to protect all of you” vibes from this Cas.

Mary mentions that Lucifer could have been following them and Cas starts to say he doesn’t understand. Then he asks why they’re even there. I’m pretty sure our Cas would KNOW why they were there - Lucifer is out and coming for his son.

Sam gives him a scolding for taking off and lets him know that they’re not okay with him running off again (so much like the leader he is now and so much like a brother). Sam moves to stand behind Cas and Cas follows his movements slightly, tilting his head, and he’s still breathing a little heavy. It’s like he’s listening and trying to piece together what everyone is saying. He doesn’t defend leaving, he doesn’t relent and say, “Okay we’ll work together”. He says nothing. He just blinks and seems to be piecing together the whole story because he’s from an alternate universe and most likely only has fragments.

Dean assures him that they’ll work through their crap (squee! He’s so in love with Cas that he’s already forgiven Cas for putting them to sleep and ready to move on to the forgetting). He asks where Kelly is at.

Cas says Kelly can’t be moved and he rolls his eyes when we hear her pain. His concern now seems to be more about one of his biggest enemies being hot on their tail and now he is annoyed that they can’t run because of Kelly’s labor. Mary says she’ll go check on Kelly and Cas also follows her movements, seeming to listen and observe her. Maybe trying to pick up some thoughts?

Our Cas normally keeps strict eye contact and communication with just Dean. Following Sam’s and Mary’s movements like that seemed very out-of-character for him. I liken it to a dog trying to pick up a scent.

Remember when Bobby and the Winchesters trapped Cas in the ring fire in The Man Who Would be King (6X20)? Cas had gone behind their back and betrayed them. But he didn’t just stand silently. He gave his defense, he maintained eye contact with Dean –almost– the entire time. He wasn’t sniffing around Bobby and Sam as they moved around the circle to figure them out.

Cas asks, “How much time do we have?” and he’s breathless again. Perhaps trying to read minds in a world that isn’t his own saps his energy a bit? He’s not breathless like he’s scared here. He’s breathless like it’s physically difficult.

Dean: “If he shows, can you flame on again?”
Cas is silent, seems to not understand. 
Dean: “Can you torch Lucifer like you torched Dagon?”
Cas: “I don’t know. That wasn’t me. That was the child. And if you hadn’t noticed, he’s a little busy.”

Back the truck up. In 12X19 when Cas was asked what happened he said, “It was me. But it was also…” and then looks to Kelly’s baby bump. Now, all of a sudden, it wasn’t him? Oh that’s right, because it’s AUCas. I also suspect he gathered a little intel before assuming our Cas’ identity. That intel would include the Winchesters and information surrounding Jack because those would most likely be top priority in our Cas’ mind (re: 7X17 Born Again Identity; his first memories that return are of Dean). He was silent after Dean asked him if he could “flame on again” but when he mentioned Dagon, Cas most likely recalled Kelly’s memory of Cas killing Dagon.

Of course AUCas doesn’t have ALL the details because otherwise AUCas wouldn’t have given Jack all the credit. It isn’t about getting credit. No, this was the writers putting a little hint in there that things aren’t adding up. They can word things so many ways and they want you to hear this Cas say it wasn’t him, when we know canonically by our Cas that it WAS a joint effort. This isn’t a continuity error. It’s a clue.

Dean groans in pain. Cas sighs deeply and ROLLS HIS EYES. He says, “Here, Dean.” He proceeds to, at arm’s length, boop Dean on the forehead. Contrast this with 12X19 again, where Cas notices Dean is injured on his own and then softly said, “You’re hurt.” He stepped in close and proceeded to softly, slowly, gently lay an entire hand against Dean’s arm, fingers touching and forming a circle (I won’t get into circle symbolism here but it’s worth mentioning because it’s beautiful).

I get the impression that AUCas isn’t a Dean-fan. He must sense the longing and feelings coming off of Dean and is confused, maybe disturbed by them, if not our Cas. If he did gather intel from Cas’ memories he may not understand why Cas would be devoted to Dean after all they have been through, even though they’ve both been in positions that betrayed the other. But he knows Lucifer is coming and he’ll take help if help is there therefore he heals Dean so he’s in better fighting shape. This AUCas listens a lot because he is unfamiliar with our world, so he’s going to put up with the Winchesters to meet his end goal. 

We see Dean’s injuries glow a little here when he is healed. AUCas could have yellow grace/power (like an archangel; archangels can also change their appearance) or he could have absorbed power from Jack as Kelly labored because we’ve seen her giving off the power during contractions. Even if we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen (I believe Dean said as much to his brother once-upon-a-time when Gadreel possessed Sam - that just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen). Again, we’re not given full details or full scenes. A lot is happening that we don’t see. For now, all we know is that Dean’s injuries glowed as they were healed. Again, another hint that something isn’t right and I think they want us to believe it was Jack’s power, when in actuality it may just be AUCas on his own.

Sam “Logic” Winchester wants to check warding and this strikes a chord of fear in AUCas. He sounds a little desperate when he tells him to not go out back because he doesn’t want them to find the rift. We may assume that that is just our Cas wanting to protect the Winchesters from the rift but he seems anything but protective. I think it was more, “I don’t want to get caught. They may figure out I’m an impostor.”

He hesitates to tell them what it is and resigns himself to explaining that it is a “tear in space and time”. He doesn’t catch on to Dean’s Narnia crack.

“Wait, like Narnia?” Dean asks.
“No. No, through there it’s Earth but different. It’s an alternate reality,” Cas replies without hesitancy.

Normally our Cas would have given Dean a look, a head tilt, a squint, and/or sassed him, about the Narnia reference (Metatron gave Cas pop culture knowledge). I could see our Cas being exasperated with Dean making movie references at a serious time like this. Instead this AUCas doesn’t catch on and doesn’t hesitate to respond. He assumes Dean is talking about a specific, real world called Narnia and instead of thinking too hard on it, just says “No,” and explains it’s a different Earth. This wasn’t our Cas not getting a joke. It was AUCas not understanding our universe, where, for all he knows, has a real place called Narnia.

Even better is when Sam starts talking about “Bizarro World” (aka 6x15 “The French Mistake”). The brothers take a few jabs at it and AUCas slowly turns and looks at them like “WTF are you talking about?” He says nothing, just stares at them with an odd expression like he’s still trying to figure things out. The expression there was so comically NOT like our Cas that it only further solidifies my stance that we have an impostor among us.

Sam asks how the rift got there. AUCas says that “the child” coming forth is causing it. Let’s hit the pause button again. We now know that the unborn man-baby has a name: Jack. We know that our Cas is devoted to Jack. There’s a degree of detachment with AUCas and constantly calling Jack “the child” instead of by name. Unpause.

Then comes the big question: “What is on the other side?”

Cas’ reply was unsettling:
“You don’t wanna know.”

He says it like he’s reliving (bad) memories in his mind. He says it like someone that has lived there and lived through it. He does not say it as someone who just visited for a few minutes or as someone who wants to protect the brothers from it. He seems reluctant to want to return but if he has some of our Cas’ memories then he knows the brothers will want to take a stroll through and so he says nothing and they go. He puts up zero argument.

Once there Cas gives a speech about the world being locked in eternal conflict between heaven and hell, with few humans remaining. Sam wants to know how he knows and Cas puases and then says, “A friend told me” while he blinks, looks over to his right and then up. This is a sign of deception/lying.

Let’s be clear, AUBobby wouldn’t be OUR Cas’ friend. They’d only just met. Just because he looks like our Bobby doesn’t mean he IS anything like our Bobby. But AUCas working with AUBobby definitely could be friends or cohorts. 

Ah, and here we get to the part on WHY I think AUCas is impersonating our beloved angel to begin with. His world is in war, an eternal celestial conflict, and now there is something from our universe wielding enough power to rip holes in space and time. Harnessing that power could help end the war. And after getting a vision of the future, it could mean paradise in his world.

The brothers are not thrilled with the predicament of rips in space. I find it interesting that AUCas puts his back to Dean and actually reassures Sam by telling him that the child opened it so the child will be the one to close it.  AUCas seems to be ignoring Dean and talking to Sam more, too, overall. For those of us who really know our Cas, we know that Cas almost always speaks directly to and looks to Dean. That does not mean he never talks to Sam but he almost always comes right back to Dean. Weighing everything I’m watching, he does seem to be avoiding Dean. AUCas may be uncomfortable with Dean for reasons I outlined above: Dean loves Cas and angels can feel feelings/longing. It may disturb him.

Dean makes a crack at him for having faith in an “unborn baby god” to which Cas rolls his eyes and says, “Yes.” Dean calls him a dumbass. Cas still has his back to Dean. Usually when our Cas is sassing Dean and they’re arguing, he still makes eye contact, even if to glare at him. Overanalyzing? Perhaps. But I believe the actors make very deliberate choices, down to micro-expressions and body language.

Cas’ shortness with Dean and eye rolling seems to me that he’s responding more to the fact that this human is talking down to him than being defensive of his faith. Think back to 12x19 and how calmly, reverently Cas says he’s no longer lost and has faith again. This AUCas may only be echoing whatever memories he obtained from our Cas, but hell if he won’t at least try to sell the part. It just seems so forced and unnatural coming from his mouth.

Who did our Cas see when he first came through the rift? Was it AUBobby? Or was it perhaps a celestial being (AUCas, another angel?), attracted to the power that ripped a hole in their world. With that power they could win the war and end the madness, so they hope. Desperation makes you do crazy things. (As an aside: I do think it was AUBobby that came upon our Cas - the boots and jacket sleeves from earlier seem to match what AUBobby is wearing.)

AUBobby strolls up to meet them, Cas insists they don’t shoot.

Sam is trying to say, “Hey, it’s us,” but AUBobby says their names don’t mean anything to him and again we have Cas turning to Sam to explain and reassure him. AUBobby goes into a spiel about John Winchester being dead forty years and Mary Campbell killed by Azazel ten years back. Sam asks, “What the hell is this?” because he is overwhelmed, and Cas gives Sam reassurance for the third time in mere moments. He tells him that it is a world where they were never born. Hello, is Dean even here?! He’s chopped liver, the third wheel, for once.  

We could argue that there is animosity. That “married couple” tension that we saw back in 12x10 “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” but that is NOT the feel I’m getting. This isn’t a bickering couple. Dean is standing close to Cas and while he may have called him a dumbass, he isn’t making any otherwise snarky comments or giving him the third degree. Dean seems to be fine for the most part. Later Dean tells Sam, “Cas has faith in Lucifer’s child… I hope he is right.” Dean is at the point where he is happy to just have Cas near and they’ll figure the other stuff out, hope for the best, and keep chugging along. Dean is ready to forgive and move on.

So no, this isn’t bickering couple behavior. This is AUCas deliberately avoiding Dean because they don’t actually have a ‘bond’ or history like Dean has with our Cas. And AUCas may feel Dean’s feelings but be extremely put off by them. And why would there be animosity anyway, if this was our Cas? Last time Cas saw Dean he gently healed him and gently put him to sleep so he could get Kelly to safety. There was peace, there was calm. What changed? Our Cas went through a rift and I don’t think he is the one who came back out.

Hey, just speculating here.

AUBobby starts telling us a tale. Alarms went off at his place to alert him of the rift. We see AUBobby walk between the guys and Cas stares off in the distance past AUBobby. Is he looking to be sure our Cas hasn’t escaped and making a run toward them? Perhaps. Perhaps not. He definitely keeps looking off that way, though. AUBobby mentions a temptor demon and Dean asks what it is and finally Cas addresses him to explain. But he keeps his eyes down, he maintains distance.

AUBobby’s excuse for not killing Cas was “he looked different” and it just does not seem genuine, does it? Of course, our Cas wasn’t wearing baby ears on a necklace so that could be a legit reason. My feeling is that they don’t want to reveal that they have an AUCas and cause any red flags to go off with either of the brothers. AUCas quickly speaks up, keeping his eyes down and not looking at either brother now, to explain that he and AUBobby started talking about their two worlds. Ooh, subject change! Why so nervous AUCas?

AUCas doesn’t bat an eye at AUBobby talking about killing angels. The moment Dean shows delight in angel killing bullets AUCas gives him another “WTF? Who are you?” look. It is the first time in a long while that he has looked at Dean. It isn’t the same look he gives Dean when Dean says something that irritates him.

Let me repeat: he is NOT put off by AUBobby saying he kills angels but he IS put off by Dean being impressed by angel killing bullets. Our Cas knows Dean well enough that he would expect Dean to love cool and interesting weapons, even if it is to kill angel kind. This suggests that AUCas knows AUBobby, and trusts AUBobby, over Dean. AUCas doesn’t take offense to AUBobby’s “hobby and passion” in killing angels. It’s like it’s just normal news to him that he is used to. 

The interaction between AUBobby and AUCas appear to be them “playing parts”. They seem to be very, very, very careful with what they say and how much they reveal. Things are not adding up in the scene with AUBobby. AUCas keeps sneaking these looks at him that I can’t quite decipher but I think they’re in cahoots together. I think they both knocked our Cas out and hid him and are trying to get at Jack’s power.

We can assume that alternate realities have a lot of similarities, with few differences. In this reality, even though AUBobby is an angel killer, he could be working with the one angel that has a crack in his chassis. Just as our Dean hates all other angels except Cas. So AUCas could be an exception in that reality to the dicks-with-wings in the AU. Maybe he is AUBobby’s pet, or his hammer, or whatever. I digress….

And that is the last we see of AUBobby. He lets them use his gun and bullets in a later scene against Lucifer but we don’t see him again. Did he seek passage to our world? Is he holding our Cas hostage and needed to go back to keep an eye on him? I’m sure we’ll find out later. Perhaps he will be key in helping Mary return to our reality.

We’re back in our universe and Cas comes to speak with Kelly. Interestingly Kelly doesn’t appear to want Mary to leave. Cas wasn’t being a very good doula earlier and had disappeared with the boys for an undetermined amount of time while in the AU. He left her and Jack unprotected. This is very different from our Cas who was fine with leaving the brothers at the end of 12X19 in order to keep Kelly safe. He could’ve let the brothers go to the AU alone to talk to AUBobby. But he didn’t. He left her. And I think even to Kelly he seems very different from the Cas from the beginning of the episode.

Quick cut to the brothers but we come back to the bedroom scene. He seems much more our Cas here now. Getting used to his role, perhaps? He even gives her a comforting, paternal kiss to her forehead. And then his eyes get big and dopey and he says, “Remember: paradise.” Paradise seems like something AUCas and Kelly want. Why do I feel like our Cas had more to his vision than that? 

Now I don’t think AUCas is cold. I think he is reassuring her because, like our Cas, he is different from the other angels (different enough that AUBobby most likely works with him and helps him making angel blade bullets?). There is goodness to him, it would seem. But rather than stay and protect her, he goes downstairs to work with the brothers.

THE PLAN: trap Lucifer in the AU with a spell. The spell will seal the rift so it cannot be reopened. Bye sweet Crowley. You deserved to be loved. <3

Lucifer comes upon the cottage and AUCas immediately strikes a defensive pose and drops his blade into his hand. Lucifer seems amused by that. We get a great camera shot of each of TFW’s face: Dean is angry, Cas is weighing Lucifer in his mind, Sam looks terrified but determined. AUCas says absolutely nothing. I would expect our Cas to have said… I don’t know… something. He was possessed by Lucifer at one point. This would be HIS brother, after all, if our Cas. Instead he glares and squints and weighs the situation.

Lucifer knocks Cas out and the brothers run toward the rift to lure him into the trap. We get some humorous Lucifer one-liners in this scene but man, we’re going to be beyond pissed at Luci later.

Cas comes through the rift with an angel blade drawn.

What the hell are you doing, Cas?! Why are you running into the rift? AUCas knows the plan is to trap the guy so why’d he come through? Because AUCas doesn’t want another Lucifer in his world either. Perhaps he felt he could lure him to the AU where he wasn’t near Jack/Jack’s power and he’d have a fair chance of killing Lucifer.

He ignores the protests from Dean because AUCas doesn’t give two cruds about the guy. We’ve already got enough evidence of that from earlier in the episode. Yes, he healed him, but even that was done seemingly out of obligation, so he had more soldiers on the ground, rather than with the concern we saw in 12X19.

In 7X01 “Meet the New Boss” when Castiel is about to release the Leviathan back into Purgatory, he turns to Dean one last time and says he is sorry. Any time there is an instance where Dean and Cas will be separated, Cas does NOT just ignore Dean.

I would expect our Cas to say something. Even if it is just to say one word: “Run!” He could walk and talk at the same time. But this wasn’t our Cas. This was AUCas and Lucifer is now in his world. He wants to take him out! He doesn’t want Lucifer to get his hands on Jack because AUCas wants to use Jack to win his world’s war but he also doesn’t want him in his world.

Take another timeout and mention just how hoarse and distraught Dean is here, calling out to Cas. Sam grabs his brother immediately after Dean says the first, “Cas?” because Sam knows. Dean, of course, goes from confused as to why Cas is even there, to desperate in getting him to come back. Sam literally has to shove his brother through the rift. SOB SOB SOB! Yes, great parallel to when Dean dragged Sam away from Jess. Dean has lost Cas so many freaking times, and each time it gets worse. This was my favorite part of the episode, as heartbreaking as it was.

Our Cas knows that an angel blade won’t hurt Lucifer, much less kill him. Even the Colt can’t kill him. AUCas must not know this because he is not acting like someone who knows how powerful Lucifer is, and he doesn’t act like someone who recalls being possessed by the guy and knows how ruthless he can be. He’s TOO confident. Lucifer lets him get a stab in (because he probably knows it’s AUCas and is amused by how confident he is being) and lets his eyes flash red, as if to taunt him and say, “Oh, you got me”. We don’t see what happens next but……..

Either Cas could have been killed.
Here are two scenarios:

1). Our Cas got free and made a run for the rift. He may have even heard Dean desperately calling his name. He sees the impostor trying to stab Lucifer and get killed by Lucifer. He makes it through the rift, Lucifer follows, and kills our angel.

2). AUCas stabbed Lucifer and when it didn’t kill him, AUCas makes a run for the rift. Lucifer pulls the blade from his gut, follows and kills AUCas.

Whichever Cas it was, he was out-of-breath as though he had been running. There was zero response time for him to say anything, to let us know which Cas it could be. He looks to Sam when Sam says his name and then he locks eyes on Dean before being stabbed through, or near, his heart. SOB! His wings looks burned and they don’t look full, which could mean it IS our Cas. But I also feel that shot was purposefully dark and difficult to see, so as not to give too much away. It could very well have been fuller, or even different kind of feathers, etc.

What makes most sense?
In a literal sense and to come full circle with Cas’ story, it would make sense for our Cas to have been killed. When Dean met him (4X01) he stabbed him in the chest/heart. I was freaking out, people. I was thinking that in order for that to come full circle, Dean would stab Cas (probably on accident) in the end. I’m relieved it was Lucifer. I’m relieved that Dean won’t have THAT guilt and pain in addition to his love’s death. Or as relieved as one can be when their favorite character is killed.

But if we’re going for metaphorical then it won’t matter which Cas was stabbed. The point is that the “old Cas” and all the old ways of doing things are now dead. Just as Dean got to use that grenade launcher and blow down the walls of his repressed and suppressed emotions, so Cas will die to the self-hate, negativity and stoic angel emotional-constipation.

Regardless of which, our Cas needs to stop riding the middle between angel and man (Dean made a comment to Sam to “pick a side” and stop riding down the middle and I believe that is going to be a HUGE theme for S13!Cas). I want Cas to choose one way or another. I don’t want it to be forced upon him (Metatron stealing his grace forced him to be human; Crowley killing an angel and giving Cas the grace forced him to be partly angel again, etc.). And I believe with his literary, metaphorical death he will end up choosing humanity and become human of his own free will. Free will is the most important part of that. He needs to choose it.

Whatever happens, it will be full of angst.

We keep saying “Poor Cas, leave him alone” but good grief… poor Dean! He has continually had everything ripped away from him. Crowley is dead. He was their ally and as much as they don’t want to admit, a part of TFW and the Winchester clan. Cas is dead. Mary is trapped in a freaking alternate universe. 

Who do I think got stabbed?
I think that the writers want our Cas and Dean separated for a bit of time. I think that AUCas got killed. I think that AUCas will be revived at some point and will be very OOC compared to our Cas. He may even reveal at some point that he is an impostor, or be found out.

He will try to work with Jack because AUCas will want to fix his reality. Which means he will have a reason and purpose for wanting to get a rift opened back up to his world, and will pull a lot of strings to make it happen.

I think our Cas is in the AU and will be found. He will be key in helping Mary. Mary needs an ally over there. She may seek out or find AUBobby, find our Cas, and they may all work together to get the rift open on their end. Also, who else thinks Mary may have gotten some Jack juice when he was born and she got thrown to the ground? Would be cool and certainly help her get away from Lucifer.

Also, I do NOT see a trench-coat clad body when Lucifer and Mary fall through the rift. I still see the same bodies as before lying around. Could be there is a body but the camera didn’t span in that direction (hinting AUCas was killed by Lucifer) OR it means AUCas is the one that went back to our world and got stabbed, and our Cas is still a prisoner somewhere.

To have it be our Cas that got killed is repetitive. It’s time for something new. I love the twist of having had a switch and we actually have an AU character. Especially an AU character that doesn’t have the Winchesters in his world, specifically Dean. Dean ‘Humanity’ Winchester. Perhaps Dean will help AUCas in ways he helped our Cas - free will. And then, of course, we’ll do the switch back and get OUR Cas back, send AUCas back to his realm to fix it.

Ultimately, we WILL get our Cas back. They’re not going to throw away 8 years of character development for a copy. It will not be right away. We’re talking mid-season or toward the end, IMO.

Dabb said “But I will say this: It’s by far the most meta finale we’ve ever done,” so I don’t think it’s as cut-and-dry as having been our Castiel the entire time. I think a couple of Switcheroos are definitely in the realm of possibility.

Misha told us to pay attention to how Cas acts after being revived. Will that Cas be intent on staying by Jack but obsessed with getting that rift open again because he’s from that world and he wants Jack to go and fix it - so he and his world can have paradise?

Or will it be OUR Cas who wakes up and is acting “reset” again, maybe amnesia? YAWN. Been there, done that. No, I think it’ll be a unique twist and we’ll get that if AUCas is the one in our world.

I expect to get flashbacks of what happened in 12X23, which would be a throwback to S8 Purgatory flashbacks. We are deliberately given big gaps this finale and I hope we’re clued in. I don’t expect to know right away which Cas we have. I don’t expect them to reveal a second Cas in the AU right away. I do expect the Cas in our world (whichever he may be) to be revived and be acting…. different.

On a different topic, I do hope Cas isn’t revived right away. I really feel like Mourning!Dean is an important part of the story, especially for the Destiel (which I DO believe will become canon, but more toward mid-to-end season). The mourning will be so different from the other times he has mourned. I fully expect a complete shutdown (broken, given up). Poor Dean! I even wonder if he won’t bother trying to get the rift open again until it is perhaps found out that his Cas is over there. No offense to Mary, but Dean may think she’s as good as dead with Lucifer being right there, but the moment he thinks Cas could be alive… that rift is getting opened again, come hell or high water.

Some people speculate the mixtape will be a clue on which Cas we have, something personal and private between him and Dean (think back to 5X04 “The End” when Future!Dean asked Dean to tell him something only he would know).

To recap:
-we started off with our Cas; devoted to baby, soft, sweet, calm
-last we saw Cas he used Nephil power to kill Dagon BUT he does not defend himself or kill the tempter demon because he burned up the power on Dagon.
-we don’t see our Cas return from rift
-the Cas we see after the visit to AU is way OOC, though he has some limited knowledge
-AUCas could have gotten some intel via our Cas and/or via reading minds
-his power also glows yellow; maybe an archangel? Archangels can change their appearance
-he flubbed the plan to trap Lucifer by storming in and trying to kill him with ineffective weapon
-a Cas got stabbed through the heart and killed (parallel to 4X01)


Thank you, Dabb, for giving us a wonderful mystery.
Season 13 is going to be absolutely amazing. I can feel it!


PS I love you if you read all of this.
I’m sorry it’s so long.
If you disagree, that is totally cool!
It’s all about having fun.
Analyze your hearts out, peeps.
Peace out.

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I haven’t gotten to this scene yet in my Gotham Binge-watch (that’s more like a “Gotham watch around Real Life stomping me into the ground” :S ) but I can hardly wait!

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Collection of all the reminders published so far, along with their sources. Missing sources will be updated when I’ll find time to do so.

  • Reminder that one of the reasons Squirrelflight broke up with Ashfur was his prejudice against kittypets. - [Twilight, page 229]
  • Reminder that Sandstorm wished she have had more kits with Firestar. - [The Last Hope, pg 210]
  • Reminder that Toadstep was a big fan of Lionblaze. - [Sign of the Moon, pg 160]
  • Reminder that after Crookedstar became leader, he offered his brother the deputy position, but Oakheart refused, because he thought he hasn’t earned the position yet. - [Bluestar’s Prophecy, pg 452]
  • Reminder that Firestar didn’t take promise from Skywatcher during his warrior ceremony, because he recognized that Skywatcher was a warrior at heart for his whole life. - [Firestar’s Quest, pg 337]
  • Reminder that Mudfur was once one of the most fearsome warriors of RiverClan, but seeing his mate die made him realise that the ways the Clans live leads to more deaths than necessary, and he dedicated the rest of his life to saving other cats as a medicine cat.  [Crookedstar’s Promise, pg 365; pg 374]
  • Reminder, that Fireheart was so oblivious of Sandstorm romantic feelings that Cinderpelt had to point them out for him. - [Rising Storm, pg 155]
  • Reminder that even when starved and weakened, Stonefur managed to hold his ground against Darkstripe. - [The Darkest Hour, pg 171]
  • Reminder, that Brackenfur tried to save Snowkit from talons of a hawk in The Dangerous Path and failed. But later, when Marshkit was attacked by a bird in Dawn, Brackenfur managed to save him.
  • Reminder that Leafpool was against euthanasia. - [Eclipse, page 55]
  • Reminder that Jayfeather was uncomfortable with other cats touching his stick. 
  • Reminder that Mousefur once decided to call a Clan meeting, because she was dissatisfied with Firestar’s choices. - [Sunset, page 236]
  • Reminder that Foxleap wanted his warrior name to be Foxcatcher. [Eclipse, page 43]
  • Reminder that cats from the Tribe of the Rushing Water didn’t share tongues, instead they had their own custom, called the giving of close comfort. - [Moonrise, pg 159]
  • Reminder that although Longtail had three apprentices, he trained none of them from beginning to end.
  • Reminder that Gray Wing is the first non-ThunderClan cat to get a POV in multiple books.
  • Reminder that Sorreltail’s apprenticeship took exceptionally long, because of the shoulder injury she suffered after she was hit by a car. - [Midnight, page 11]
  • Reminder that Hollowflight started training in the Dark Forest because he was bullied by older apprentices and wanted to learn how to defend himself. - [Sign of the Moon, pg 135]
  • Reminder that Badgerpaw proudly calls himself in StarClan by the name he earned in his last moments - Badgerfang. - [The Ultimate Guide, page 91]
  • Reminder that Deadfoot thought that Crowfeather would be a good leader of WindClan one day. - [Midnight, page 4]
  • Reminder that Birchfall used to be friends with Toadfoot, back when they were kits. - [Starlight, pg 109]
  • Reminder that Fallen Leaves knew that the rain was coming on the day of his trial, but lied about it to Rock, because he was too eager to become a sharpclaw. - [Dark River, pg 4]
  • Reminder that when Brambleclaw became deputy, he was so eager to share the news of that with someone, that he wanted to inform the prey that he caught that it was going to be eaten by a ThunderClan deputy. - [Sunset, page 268]
  • Reminder that Icecloud wanted her warrior name to be Icestorm. - [Eclipse, pg 88]
  • Reminder that Stormfur had a crush on Squirrelflight. - [Moonrise, page 12]
  • Reminder that Willowshine knew that Mothwing didn’t believe in StarClan, but she kept it secret out of respect for her mentor. - [Untold Stories, pg 150]
  • Reminder that Petalfall was forced to retire and couldn’t become leader because she began to have seizures. - [Untold Stories, pg 234]
  • Reminder that before the fight with BloodClan, Leopardstar sent a scouting expedition to look for a new home beyond Highstones. - [The Darkest Hour, pg 270]
  • Reminder that Brambleclaw had a lot of respect for Jingo, leader of cats living in a twolegplace, so much, that he called her Jingostar. - [Sunrise, pg 159]
  • Reminder that when Squirrelflight got seriously wounded in Eclipse, Hollyleaf refused to leave her and even slept next to her until she got better. - [Eclipse, pg 242]
  • Reminder that Blossomfall thought she was a bad cat because she was jealous of Millie’s attention, and because of that she deserved to go to Dark Forest. - [Sign of the Moon, page 246]
  • Reminder that when Yellowfang told Jayfeather that Ashfur’s only fault was that he loved too much, Jayfeather pointed out that it was hardly the only thing he was guilty of, and that Ashfur tried to kill him and his littermates. - [Sign of the Moon, pg 94]
  • Reminder that Dustpelt looked up to Tigerclaw before he learned about his betrayal. - [Forest of Secrets, pg 288]
  • Reminder that Antpelt was killed by Thistleclaw because he didn’t want to hit Ivypool when she was down. - [Sign of the Moon, page 64]
  • Reminder that even after Leafpool stopped being a medicine cat, Sorreltail still consulted her on her health. - [The Forgotten Warrior, pg 59]
  • [NaR] There was a scene, in Starlight, I think, when Brambleclaw was pretty unhappy with how cats reacted after the journey, so Goldenflower walks up to him, tells him that she is proud of what he did for the Clan, gives him what’s pretty much an equivalent of a cat hug, and Brambleclaw feels back like a kit again. - [Starlight, pg 166]
  • Reminder that Mothwing completed her warrior training before she became a medicine cat apprentice. - [Midnight, page 48]
  • Reminder that Sandstorm was known as ThunderClan’s best hunter. [Firestar’s Quest, pg 129]
  • Reminder that Cherrypaw liked to say “cool”. 
  • Reminder that Yellowfang wished that Fireheart was her son. - [Rising Storm, pg 282]
  • Reminder that Tigerstar offered to train Tawnypelt in Dark Forest, but she refused, because she wanted to be a loyal ShadowClan cat and believed that anything Tigerstar could offer her she could earn herself. - [Sunset, page 179]
  • Reminder that Leafpool knew that Hollyleaf killed Ashfur, but she hid the evidence to protect her daughter. [Sunrise, page 2]
  • Reminder that Cinderheart learned to swim to strengthen her injured leg after she had an accident as an apprentice. [Eclipse, page 135]
  • Reminder that Nightstar was rejected as a leader by StarClan, but pretended to have received nine lives in order to bring stability back to ShadowClan. [The Dangerous Path pg 58]
  • Reminder that Boulder was the first Clan cat to appear in the books without a proper warrior name.
  • Reminder that back when Graystripe was an apprentice, he thought that Clawface was a great warrior, but Graystripe ended up killing him later.
  • Reminder that it was only after Lionblaze almost killed Crowfeather that he realized how much he let his bloodlust take over him and became ashamed of who he has become. [Eclipse, pg 221]
  • Reminder that both Stormfur and Brook were exiled from the communities they grew up in.
  • Reminder that Pinestar wanted to become kittypet without letting his Clan know, but Lionheart convinced him that he owed his Clan the truth and that he should have courage to announce it. - [Code of the Clans, page 148]
  • Reminder that Yellowfang is the only Prequel Super Edition cat to not lose a parent in her book.
  • Reminder that Squirrelflight and Leafpool share a telepatic link, and can tell what the other sister is feeling.
  • Reminder that Jayfeather is terrified of water. [Eclipse, page 134]
  • Reminder that Bumblestripe got the love for food from his father. [The Last Hope, page 140]
  • Reminder that Whitestorm thought that fighting with BloodClan may have been too risky and suggested against it, but he still loyally followed his leader into the battle and defended his Clan with his life. [The Darkest Hour, page 259]
  • Reminder that Whitewing asked for her warrior ceremony to be put off, since she didn’t want Birchfall to be the apprentice alone. [Outcast, pg 36]
  • Reminder that Blossomfall may have had a crush on Toadstep. [Fading Echoes, page 37]
  • Reminder that Swiftpaw was Brambleclaw’s half brother. Goldenflower is their mother.
  • Reminder that Daisy participated in battle with Dark Forest, and even managed to beat a Dark Forest warrior. [The Last Hope, page 316]
  • Reminder that Onestar used to be a Firestar’s close friend before he became leader.
  • Reminder that Berrynose has lost most of his tail to a fox trap. [Sunset, page 116]
  • Reminder that Littlecloud became medicine cat because he was impressed by Cinderpelt’s skills, and wanted to save lives just like her. [The Dangerous Path, pg 55]
  • Reminder that Tigerclaw was terrified of Moonstone. [Into the Wild, pg 177]
  • Reminder that Cloudtail liked the company of the elders, and often volunteered to help them and shared meals with them. [Rising Storm, pg 157]
  • Reminder that Shrewpaw died because he was too focused on chasing pheasant, which would feed his starving Clan, to notice the incoming monster. [Dawn, pg 151]
  • Reminder that Millie can speak dog.
  • Reminder that when Tigerclaw tried to arrange an accident for Fireheart and drown him, Longtail ended up saving him, because even though Longtail may have disliked Fireheart, he was still his Clanmate. [Forest of Secrets, pg 170]
  • Reminder that Frostfur and Speckletail didn’t join the great journey and instead stayed in the forest. [Dawn, pg 220]
  • Reminder that both Brokenstar, and his father Raggedstar, killed their own fathers. [Into the Wild, pg 261; Yellowfang’s Secret pg 204]
  • Reminder that when Brokenstar and his warrior outcasts attacked ThunderClan, Fireheart sensed Spottedleaf’s spirit fighting with him as he battled her killer, Clawface. - [Fire and Ice, pg 265]
  • Reminder that Firepaw told ThunderClan that Ravenpaw had been killed by a ShadowClan patrol. - [Into the Wild, pg 268]
  • Reminder that Bluestar lied to her Clan, telling them she had four lives remaining when she only had two left, and that Firepaw was the only one she told. [Into the Wild, pg 229]
  • Reminder that after Hollyleaf found out who her parents were, she caught a mouse, and, imagining it was Leafpool, she clawed the life out of it, until it turned into a bloody pulp. [Sunrise, pg 298]
  • Reminder that Mudfur was feared because of his signature technique of overpowering enemies and holding them under the water until they surrendered. [Crookedstar’s Promise, pg 365]
  • Reminder that Jake accompanied Tallstar on his journey to StarClan. [Tallstar’s Revenge manga]
  • Reminder that when Cloudtail realised that Brightpaw was dying, he ordered Bluestar to make her a warrior. [The Dangerous Path, pg 223]
  • Reminder that even though her nephew told her to stop, Bluestar still rammed into the dog and saved her clan.
  • Reminder that Fireheart and Graystripe became warriors before Sandstorm and Dustpelt despite being younger. [Into the Wild, pg 269]
  • Reminder that Darkstripe and Longtail were made Bluestar’s bodyguards under Tigerclaw’s orders after she lost what he believed to be her fifth life. [Into the Wild, pg 202]
  • Reminder that Lionblaze helped Sol escape from ThunderClan. [Sunrise, pg 262]
  • Reminder that Rainflower encouraged Oakheart to get known with Talltail, because she thought he would be WindClan’s leader one day. [Crookedstar’s Promise, pg 240]
  • Reminder that even after they broke up, Heathertail let Lionblaze steal catmint from WindClan territory, because she didn’t want any cat to suffer. [Long Shadows, pg 248]
  • Reminder that Daisy had to pressure Spiderleg for him to try to be a part of their kits lives. [Long Shadows, pg 235]
  • Reminder that Brackenfur and Cinderpelt were apprenticed before they were six moons old. [Fire and Ice, pg 93]

Please? Part Nine

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

(A/N; this was originally going to be the end of this story, but a lot of you seem to really like it. Shall I continue into season 3 or keep a season 2 thing?)

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2080 words
  • Warnings: Language

Everyone is sitting in the living room, everyone is on edge. With the kid gone and with Shane’s gun, it was a scary thing to move. What if he came back and shot someone? What if he shoots Daryl? What if Shane shoots someone?

The thoughts swarm your mind, taking over as the time ticks by. It’s been almost two hours now since they have gone off into the woods. Not only Daryl, but Glenn and Shane, too. You will be heartbroken if Glenn doesn’t return to Maggie.

The door opens. You and Andrea jump to your feet and look over, seeing Daryl and Glenn hurry inside. They look around the room.

“Where they at?” Daryl asks, his eyes landing on you.

“It’s just you two. We haven’t seen the others.” Andrea says.

“There was a shot.” Daryl insists, still keeping his eyes on you.

You shrug a shoulder. “We haven’t left the house, Daryl. It wasn’t us…” Your heart starts to race and you feel your throat tighten. Rick may not have been your favorite person, but if he had been shot…

Daryl lets out a huff of air and stands in the middle of the room, his crossbow securely at his side. “We got us a problem. That boy? We think…” he pauses long enough to glance over at Glenn, who nods at him to continue. “He’s a walker now. Neck broke…. Somethin’ ‘bout their tracks ain’t right. He ain’t no tracker, neither of ‘em.”

“Please,” Lori walks over to Daryl, her big doe eyes pleading him. “Please go out there and find my husband and Shane, please.” She reaches out and takes Daryl’s shoulder.

For a moment, you see how uncomfortable Daryl is, having someone else touch him. Someone who was so rude to him before, now pleading for his help. The next second, he nods and assures her that he’ll find Rick and Shane.

He takes one more look at you before he and Glenn disappear out the door again, running off toward the gunshot everyone heard moments ago.

Andrea takes off after them, wanting to help. You want to, but you’re afraid of the angry yelling that will come from everyone, even Dale, if he were here. That was the only thing stopping you right now, the thought of Dale.

Lori rubs her face and hurries upstairs to check on Carl. You and Beth share a look of worry. You both feel it, the feeling of dread. It tightens in your stomach, clutching it hard and twisting with fury. You aren’t sure how you knew, how she knew, but something is not right.

“Fuck…” Daryl says from the front porch.

You, along with T-Dog, Carol, Hershel, and Maggie, rush to the door and see that Andrea, Glenn, and Daryl are all frozen in their tracks. This was the feeling. The feeling that everything is about to change.

Looking out into the field, you can hardly see them, but they are there. Shadows marching. At first, it looks like a few dozen bodies trailing toward the house. After staring, letting your eyes adjust, you see that there are not a few dozen, but a few hundred Walkers are heading straight for you.

“He’s gone!” The door flies open and Lori steps out. She looks at everyone’s faces. “Carl… He’s not in his room!” She panics. When she sees it, she’s frozen.

“I’ll get the guns.” Andrea runs off.

You look up at Daryl. He’s just standing there, holding his crossbow, not aiming it yet. You suppose they’re too far out to hit. “Daryl…” You mutter, walking beside him and taking your hand in his.

“Go inside with Lori.” He commands. It throws you off guard to hear him speak to you like that, so flatly, so…dead.

“I want to help.” You insist.


“Here!” Andrea brings over the bag of guns and ammo. She sits it down in the wicker chair and grabs her own, loading it quickly before she runs off again.

Maggie grabs a shotgun and throws one to Glenn. “Hope you’re a good shot.” She looks at him.

Glenn hesitates and looks at Daryl then Maggie. “This is insane…” He mutters.

“Y/N. Take Hershel inside. You two ‘n Lori should lock yourselves in the cellar.” Daryl lets go of your hand and points inside. “Safer.”

Hershel grabs a gun and looks at the man, his head held high. “This is my farm. I will go down with it, die here if that’s what happens.”

Daryl shrugs. “Inside.” He kisses your cheek quickly and hops over the railing, running off into the night, toward the horde of walkers.

They can’t kill all of them, it’s a waste of bullets. The best thing to do would be get in the vehicles and take off, come back when it was safe to get their things. That was all out the door with everyone separated.

You take a look in the bag and pull out a gun. It feels a little too big for you, the weight hurting your hand as you try to aim. It’s already loaded.

“Maggie!” Glenn shouts as he runs over to one of the cars. She grabs the keys and runs over.

“Let me help.” You run over with them. “I can help.”

“Can you shoot that thing?” Maggie pauses while Glenn gets in. “This may not be a good idea…”

“I want to help.” You grab the handle of the car and pull yourself into the back seat, settling in as Maggie and Glenn share a look.

No time to argue. They get in, Maggie driving off beside the RV, Daryl’s Bike, and Hershel’s truck. You all form together, driving in a line down the road to the barn which was now on fire, burning bright and warm. That must be where Rick and Shane were, if they made it out of the woods.

Maggie whips the car around and you and Glenn roll down your windows, aiming your weapons at the walkers that were heading toward whatever sound they could. Between the cars and the fire, they were scattering.

You try to get the feel of the gun before you take the safety off, which takes you an embarrassingly long time to figure out. You aim it and take your first shot, the gun throwing your hands back hard. You wince at the pain but it doesn’t seem to stay long, you don’t pay attention the more you shoot. The bullets just leave the barrel one at a time, hitting whatever stood in their way.

Maggie circles around them, coming to a sudden stop when the wall of bodies appears. She can’t make it through.

You roll your window up quickly before one of them reaches in.

“Go!” Glenn yells.

“I can’t…” Maggie’s breathing picks up and she starts to shake her head.

“Back up!” You look behind and there’s nothing except for the burning barn.

Maggie’s shoulders start to shake and she shifts her eyes over to Glenn’s. “Glenn, I—“

You scream as a walker hits your window. Maggie jumps and throws the car in reverse, hardly looking behind her as she races to get away from all the dead bodies.

It doesn’t take long before Glenn shouts that he’s out of bullets. He pulls himself back in the car and starts to reload, looking around, through the blood that covers the car already.

You’re looking for the others, seeing if you can find anybody, but they all seem to be in their own little world somewhere out there.

The night goes on in nothing but terror. This is a scene right out of one of your old horror movies, the ones you used to watch as a kid. Now, living them, you wonder why you liked them so much, especially those scenes, the big scenes, the scenes where no one makes it out alive.

The barn was almost totally engulfed in the flames, burning whatever or whoever remained inside. Walkers made their way to the house, breaking windows and doors open. There was no possible way to ever return, to call this place home again.

You don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that you haven’t seen your friends, or Daryl. He was smart, he was brilliant, surely he found a way out and saved himself. A part of you wonders if he even tried to look for you before he left.

Glenn told Maggie to drive away, just drive away and not look back. There was no point in trying to kill the rest of them, there were far too many of them and not enough bullets. He agreed with you, once you told him you wished you all would have packed up and left. At least then you would know where everyone is.

It doesn’t get better as the night turns into morning. The worry of your friends is still there, the worry that none of them made it out alive. Maggie and Glenn remain quiet, probably having the same thoughts you were.


You can’t remember when, but at some point Glenn started driving and ran into Lori, T-Dog, and Beth in their own truck. Nobody stops, but Beth and Maggie wave to each other as Glenn passes and leads the way. It seems you are all in agreement to head to the highway where Sophia was lost.

The highway hasn’t changed since you were last here. It feels like none of that even happened, not the fight, not the loss of anyone. It all feels like some kind of dream…

You lift your head at the sound of a motorbike and spot Daryl just ahead, driving carefully down the stretch of road. Carol spins her head around when she hears the cars, nodding at you. A little pang of jealousy hits you as you watch her on the back of his bike.

As soon as Glenn stops the car, you jump out and fling yourself at Daryl, wrapping your arms around his neck, not wanting to let go of him ever again. He slips his arms around you, holding you to him. He’s a little hesitant on it at first, giving in when you cling onto him.

“You scared me…” He mumbles into your hair.

“Never leave my side.” You pull away with tears in your eyes. This is something good, it’s something that makes you both happy. The events of last night made you realize that it could all be gone in a snap of your fingers.

Daryl studies your face, chewing the inside of his cheek. He nods when Rick stands up and looks around, taking a headcount.


It was decided to keep going. After the loss of everyone, Rick and Daryl wanted to keep going, to keep people safe. It was too dangerous to stay on that highway, especially now.

You’re on the back of Daryl’s bike, holding onto him for dear life. It’s a great feeling to be there, to feel the wind licking your hair back, to have the road rumbling under the tires. This was different than any other vehicle, and you can’t imagine riding in a car ever again.

Daryl doesn’t seem too keen on letting you go, either. Even when Rick honks for him to pull over, he keeps you there, locked at his side with an arm around your shoulders. A few months ago, this would be too clingy for you. Now, you are relieved Daryl is that kind of man.

Rick and Lori walk off from the group while the others take points and watch for Walkers. You and Daryl stay near the cars, ready to hop on and drive off if anything were to happen. You had this talk before you drove off, promising to keep each other safe. You two had a plan.

“What do ya think?” Daryl whispers. “Sleep here?”

“I don’t like it.” You whisper back, looking up at him. “Maybe we should go on and leave.”

Daryl sighs. “Give ‘im a little more time. He’s a good guy.”

“Yeah…” You let your hands fall from Daryl’s neck. “A good guy who leads us into danger.”

Daryl reaches for you and holds you close to him. He shakes his head, his beard tickling your cheek. “Please, trust me.”

Please. The word sounds strange now. Hearing it makes your skin crawl because please was only said in an act of desperation, it was a sign of weakness.

Yes, I do teach creative writing: attribution.

There’s no need to ever use dialog tags. They are often clunky and add nothing. 

“I’ll kill you!” she screamed. (Can you guess she might be screaming?)

“What is that?” he asked. (Well, duh, it’s a question.)

“I love you,” I declared. (That’s a declarative sentence, so that’s obvious.)

“Not today,” he replied. (The word “replied” is my least favorite.)

“It’s a girl,” she said. (Good old “said.”)

But, you retort, we NEED dialog tags to clarify who’s speaking. That’s absolutely true, and I’m not a fan of unattributed dialog where you have to count back to figure out who’s talking.

“Give me the gun,” he demanded.

“Take one step closer and I’ll shoot.”

“You don’t even know how to use that thing.”

“Do you really want to find out how wrong you are?”

“Do you really want to do something you’ll regret the rest of your life?”

“What I want is for you to leave me alone.”

At the end of exchanges like this, I’m checking back to make sure I know, who’s saying what. So we need attribution. But dialog tags are so boring.

Good attribution can add action (even if it’s just a gesture), emotion, thought, or description. It’s separated from the dialog by a period, not a comma as with dialog tags. The writer is forced to think more deeply about what’s happening in the scene and with the characters. The reader is not stuck in a blank room with “talking heads.” Look at my five original lines of dialog, the ones with dialog tags above, rewritten with these types of attribution.

“I’ll kill you!” She bared her teeth, her hands clenched into fists of rage.

“What is that?” He could hardly look at the box as his face drained of color.

“I love you.” I had meant to say the words clearly. Why had they come out so shy and faint?

“Not today.” His eyes were bored as he turned the sign on the door to read “Closed.”

“It’s a girl.” Joy and wonder competed on her face as she handed me the bundle.

Look at how action, thought, and description attribution add to the unattributed scene.

“Give me the gun.” He held out his hand. Was it shaking slightly?

I found the safety, clicked it off. “Take one step closer and I’ll shoot.”

“You don’t even know how to use that thing.” He was trying to smile, to make light of the unlikely scenario of me with a gun.

“Do you really want to find out how wrong you are?” I didn’t try to keep my voice steady.

His smile was grim. “Do you really want to do something you’ll regret the rest of your life?”

But I was willing to call his bluff. “What I want is for you to leave me alone.”

He pulled out the kitchen chair and sat in it, still with that smile.

Doesn’t the attribution bring a lot more depth to the scene? Can’t you picture it a lot more easily?

Remember to always start a new paragraph each time the speaker changes, and sometimes even if there is no dialog, if the “camera” moves from one person to another.

Stuff I’ve Written

In case anyone was looking for all of the oneshots and inner monologues that I’ve written throughout the months I’ve had this blog. So here we go, in no particular order.

Let’s talk about something… - How Adam must have felt when he realizes he’s human again.

Our Fault - A oneshot of the prologue, from the eyes of Mrs. Potts.

Our Fault, Part 2 - The morning after the curse is cast.  Mrs. Potts tries to find Chip, and in doing so stumbles upon Chapeau, Plumette, and Cadenza.

Not Until My Whole Life is Done - Young Adam goes about his regular days in the castle, but something’s wrong…

Finale - Maurice looks upon all the happiness in the room during the final scene and realizes that his job as an artist is a lot more important than just making a picture.

Lumiette Thoughts - Lumiere just staring at Plumette because he can hardly believe he’s married to her now.

Less Human - Just the staff going about their normal activities, not even realizing that they’re becoming more and more like the objects they were cursed to be.

Enough - Belle runs away to find her mother.  This is Maurice’s reaction after they found her.

BatB in Four Parts - What if BatB 2017 was the third installment in a four-part movie series?

Nocturne - Not too far from where a provincial village sleeps, a castle sings its sorrows to the night sky.  No human wanders in such a place, but it is alive all the same. (Probably the one I’m the most proud of at the moment…)

All the Garderenza Stuff

Never Let Go - my first real oneshot; a retelling of the fading scene as well as the relief afterwards, but all from Cadenza’s perspective.

The Rehearsal - Just a small thing; Garderobe and Cadenza practice for their first performance after the curse has been lifted.

Duet - Belle finds out about Cadenza and Garderobe’s marriage.

Can we talk about Cadenza’s love for Garderobe? - No, seriously.  Can we?

My Home 1/2

Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when Oliver is found by some fishermen after he being lost at sea for 5 years, she’s ecstatic. The only problem is, the Oliver she lost, may not be the Oliver they found.  

This is the final installment of a three part mini-verse. {Previous parts: “My Compass” and “My North Star”}. 

This fic is the smuttest thing I’ve ever written, so the rating on this fic has definitely been bumped up to E. Shout out to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline for the encouragement, roadmap help, and beta! 

Read on AO3

Starling City 2012

Felicity is just finishing washing her makeup off when a knock at her bedroom door has her rolling her eyes.

“I already told you, I’m not going out with you tonight,” she says, walking towards the door. “Some of us have to work in the morning.”

When Felicity opens the door, she expects to see Tommy dressed for the clubs and ready with a witty remark. She does not expect to see him looking shell shocked, tears in his eyes, and hair a mess.

She’s only seen him look like this once before — the night he told her about the Gambit getting lost at sea.

“What’s going on?” she asks as her mind instantly begins working through worst case scenarios. Somebody is hurt. Somebody’s been kidnapped. Somebody is dead.

She can’t do this. Not again.

“What happened?” she asks, her voice barely above a whisper, not sure if she really wants the answer.

“They found him,” Tommy says, his voice shaky.


“Oliver,” he says, a smile slowly forming on his lips. “They found him.”

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(Single!Chris Pratt sort of but still yeah, you know the drill)

“So tell me, how was it working with (Y/n)?” the interviewer asked.

Chris glanced at you for a second and then looked back at the interviewer “Great. I can tell you for sure. I mean, I’m not saying this because she’s here or my wife and will probably kill me later at home if I say otherwise- ow.” he interrupted himself to groan slightly as you hit his shoulder playfully “See, that’s what I mean” he added and you playfully glared at him.

“Anyway, yeah I’m not telling this because she’s here because well, everybody already knows it but she is a great actress. Honestly. As much of a great wife. But well, even though I had had the pleasure to work with her in the past this time it was much better.” he said and you nodded with a small smile, looking down at your hands; truly feeling the same way.

“But really, amazing. That is honestly the only way I can describe it. We had so much fun, we always do, but believe me this is the first time- the first time after such a long time of acting that I looked forward to going on set every morning more than anything else!” he added with a chuckle and you laughed slightly as well.

“Fantastic, fantastic indeed” he added in a low voice with a small nod.

The interviewer nodded as well “And what about the fact that (Y/n)’s character also happened to be Owen’s, your character’s, love interest?” he asked.

“Uh that- that was certainly something interesting. I mean, I got the chance for extra kisses so hey, I’m not complaining! Besides, she looked so badass with the Raptors that I could hardly keep my hands off of her! Not that I ever stop, but still…” Chris said with a small laugh and shrugged, trailing off.

You shook your head with a laugh but nodded nonetheless “That is true!” you pointed out.

“Yes, but I’m telling you at some point I honestly freaked out!” Chris added.

“When? Why?” the interviewer asked.

“Well, we were shooting that scene and- (Y/c/n), (Y/n)’s character, was like glaring at Owen while petting the Raptors and he of course was all flirty and trying to seduce her and then she goes like ‘You say something like that again, and I’m not going to stop them from eating you’ and she motioned to the Raptors and my eyes, I’m telling you, widened and I just stared at her in shock. And- and I was like ‘(Y/n) is that you baby?’ because really I thought we had stopped shooting!” he took in a breath and continued.

“And honestly it was so scary because I realized then that that’s what they talk about when they say deja vu! I honestly felt like I was years back to when I first met her! I fell head over heels in love with her ever since the first second but she was like playing hard to get and pretending not to be interested. And- and I tried to use a pick up line on her and she had that glare on her face and said ‘You say something like that again, and I’m not going to stop them from eating you’ and she had motioned to the lions close to her. We were at a zoo that first time.” he finished.

“Chris!” you exclaimed with an embarrassed laugh “I hate him” you added with another chuckle and shake of your head, hiding yourself behind your hands.

“I love you too, honey” he said.

16 June 2017

[The Cafe with Victoria, Rebecca and a lurking Adam]

VICTORIA: Thanks for paying for this nondescript food item on my plate. (Writer’s Notes: Okay I don’t know what it is and it kind of looks like Toast but Toast is reserved for Aaron, so there.)

REBECCA: No problem. It’s my treat since you’re forcing me to stay here.

VICTORIA: Yeah, I know my house sucks and it’s not the mansion you’re used to.

REBECCA: It’s not just a house, it’s a home. #UnearnedSentimentality

VICTORIA: Well, you can stay as long as the Plot wants!

REBECCA: Sure you’re up to hosting the mother of the antichrist? - yes I did just refer to the baby I think I love as the antichrist. Just trying to resonate with the fans that call my baby Spawn of Satan -

VICTORIA: Well I’m the antichrist’s auntie so… (Fandom: And we’re pretty anti you right now Vic. Look we can do wordplay too!)

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a imagine where Jacob meets this new assassin from Japan. Her height throws him off but his sister assure him that she can kick his ass...which She does and it causes him to fall for her. :3 a sort of funny imagine so that you can enjoy it too. :3 thank you!

{I can do a drabble of sorts about that criteria… xD Sometimes I prefer to write drabbles of ideas first before deciding if I want to expand on it because if people like an idea—they’ll most likely tell me, but I have so many stories on my list. X3; We’ll see how this goes for now~.}

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Tea houses, kimonos, Sakura blossoms…all of it was very new to Jacob and Evie as they had taken a boat across the ocean to Japan to meet the brotherhood that resided there. The two of them stood out rather well in the backdrop of such a world, but they did their best to keep their heads down when wearing traditional Japanese clothing when venturing to the nearby tea house to get in contact with this highly trained Japanese assassin they were sent for.

The customs foreign, Jacob did his best not to draw attention to himself, but wearing the clothing he did felt abnormal as he sat down before the table surrounded by pillows upon the tatami mat. The gentle glow of the lamps in the corners of the room gave a rather interesting light to the scene where it felt as though the shadows could swallow them up at any moment should one light fail.

“Hardly feels fitting for a tea house,” Jacob grumbled, fixing the haori as it was bothering his neck a bit. “The lighting, I mean. And where is this man?”

“Woman,” Evie corrected quietly, wishing her brother would keep his voice down as her eyes scanned the room with caution. “She said she’d be here soon to speak with us in time.”

Jacob looked to the tea he was poured earlier before being left in the privacy of the small tea house room. Never had he seen tea that shade before as it almost appeared green in color. He twisted his nose up at the thought of sampling it for now, moving his head upward at the sound of the sliding door across from them opening and giving way to, what they were told was, a geisha.

She was petite in size (would probably come up to Jacob’s chin at best if they were to stand in front of one another), very doll like in appearance with the beauty of her makeup and the contraction of her dark hair giving her such a radiant glow. Jacob ‘ooh-ed’ at the sight of her as he had never seen a beauty quite as fair as she.

Her eyes, feminine and shaped to perfection, looked to them both as if wishing more than ever to speak of a story…a story of great urgency. Her kimono so many bright and beautiful colors with flowery designs and history of her culture, it bent with her movements as she knelt before them on the other side of the table, bowing with respect. “Forgive me for causing you to wait, Mr. and Miss. Frye,” she spoke delicately. “Matters of…importance kept me occupied.”

Evie could tell she was choosing her words wisely as she pulled a shamisen from the nearby corner of the room to play. “Forgive me, my dear—but who are you?”

She strung the bachi across the three strings as if there was a certain melody she wished to obtain while Evie spoke to her. The room filled with an otherworldly harmony, the woman looked up at the assassin with her painted lips parted to speak. “(Y/N),” she responded in kind. “The assassin who asked you here.”

“The assassin?” Jacob asked with a gentle scoff at the idea. “Her?”

The strings halted in their gentle hum when the geisha heard the words departing from Jacob’s mouth. She was taught to be patient, gentle, and calm as the winds herself, but the man was deliberately testing her patience with that statement alone.

“I wouldn’t taunt, Jacob,” Evie scolded. “You’ve not done your studies, and knowing you, you fail to realize the pain in which these women can inflict on their targets.”

Again, another laugh surfaced from Jacob—a smug one…one that wouldn’t go unpunished. Moving her fingers to her decorative hair pieces, the geisha pulled one from the raven strands in a quick act and in that moment, threw it directly at Jacob to where it intentionally missed his throat—grabbing at the neck of the fabric he wore and urging him (from the force and shock of the act) to be pulled backward.

Jacob grabbed onto the intentionally sharpened hairpiece to pluck it from where it resided only to find the geisha performer had quickly taken to her feet, sounding as though she wasn’t even touching upon the mat in her graceful but deadly stride. Hurrying towards him with a hidden blade ejected from just under her fanned kimono sleeve, she jumped the table and landed perfectly upon Jacob’s chest with her dagger laying to rest inches from his face.

Her hair, once kept up in perfection, had found itself loosen—giving her a beautiful, disheveled appearance as she loomed over the insulting British man. “I can make you taste your own blood, Mr. Frye, and be mindful…” she hissed lowly, removing the blade in one eager motion to let it rest back in its mechanism, “…I missed you intentionally.”

Jacob’s breathing heavy, he looked to the woman’s deep, alluring eyes (as cold as they were in that moment). It was rare a woman of any stature was able to hand his words back to him that quickly…save for his sister, but he refused to talk of those moments. “A-Alright, (Y/N),” he stuttered, trying to urge her off of him. “I will not make that mistake again…!”

(Y/N) removed herself from the assassin, keeping her sights upon him as though to warn him not to flinch a single muscle else she would attack once more.

Again, the way she moved was as though she were walking on air and the painted, doll like appearance of her was mesmerizing on its own. A beauty but deadly as well? Jacob was beginning to kick himself for insulting her earlier given her mythical mannerisms.

Here To Help - Part 3

Spencer x reader

Summary:  A case hit home for one of the BAU team but none of the others know why or how to help

Part 1 ¦ Part 2

When the plane landed you were last off, minus Spencer, who was packing his shoulder bag. ‘Y/n?’ He stopped beside you and you took a deep breath looking up at him. ‘Yeah?’ He pursed his lips before he raised his hand laying it on your shoulder and squeezing. ‘Y/n’ He paused. ‘Tell me the truth, about this, about the whole case’ You smiled at him. Of course he wasn’t packing his bag for this long, the genius just wanted to talk to you. And somehow he had known you would be the last one off the plane.

It wasn’t surprising he had waited until you two were alone, or more so, made the opportunity for you two to be alone. ‘We haven’t got time for me to go through the whole case’ You smiled trying to make light of it. But when you were about to turn his hand slipped down your arm and gripped yours preventing you from picking up your files. He gave your arm a soft tug and you sighed.

You knew he wasn’t going to give up, and that was something you loved about Spencer. He never gave up, especially when it came to his friends. So he had orchestrated all this, to get you alone, because he knew you wouldn’t speak to him if the others were even in the same room. It was something he had learned from previous cases. If he would ask you on the plane he would be answered with silence, so he had started driving you home, or to the gym. And once you two were really alone, everything would come out. You never held back with Spencer.

Until now. ‘Half of it might stop me from worrying so much’ You sighed and turned to him. ‘I’ll tell you everything Spencer’ You reached up and laid your hand on his cheek causing him to lean into it slightly. ‘Sometime when all this is over. I promise’ He shook his head. ‘No’ He snapped. ‘How am I supposed to protect you when I don’t know what’s going on’ You blinked twice before opening your mouth ‘You do-’ His hand shot up and grabbed your wrist causing you to jump. ‘I’m your partner, your friend. Do not tell me I don’t have to protect you Y/n. Don’t’ You nodded quickly.

He closed his eyes and sighed. You felt bad, you did. You were causing this, all this worry. You and your secrets. ‘Spencer’ You thumb moved across his cheekbone. ‘You know I love you’ You whispered and he nodded slightly. ‘Good’ You tugged on his head and he bent slightly allowing you to press a firm kiss to his cheek. ‘Then tell me, please, what’s going on?’ You sighed as he opened his eyes.

His usually bright brown eyes were filled with sadness and worry. ‘I-I need to catch this guy. He was the reason I’m here. The reason I joined the BAU was to catch him’ Spencer nodded slightly. ‘Why?’ Spencer let go of your hand and wrapped it around the back of your neck holding you to him, so you couldn’t skip out on the answer, you’d have to look him in the eye and deny him the information he wanted. Something you could rarely do. You closed you eyes. ‘Because-he-he ki-’ You both jumped when someone cleared their throat behind you.

Your eyes shot open and your head turned looking towards the exit of the plane. Morgan stood with his eyebrows raised. Spencer instantly dropped his hands and stepped away from you causing your hands to drop to your sides. ‘Sorry to interrupt whatever’s going on, but Hotch is getting impatient out there’ You nodded as you seen Spencer’s cheeks flush. Morgan chuckled. ‘Chill out pretty boy, this isn’t the most compromising condition I’ve caught you both in’ You picked up the pen that was lying on the table and chucked it at him. He just laughed and left the plane.

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7x13 analysis and Mona/Caleb parallels

There were a lot of Mona/Caleb parallels in this week’s episode. We have seen the two of them work smoothly as a team several times before, but the writing in this episode really made the similarities between them apparent. Last week Mona looked so shady. Caleb hardly ever looks shady, but his actions are always so similar to Mona’s that I have always had my doubts.

The biggest thing to me was when Hanna mentions rolling the dice.
Caleb: “what dice are you taking about?”
Hanna: “nothing, it’s just a figure of speech.”

This scene perfectly mirrors last week when Mona asks Hanna “what game are we taking about here, Hanna?” And Hanna wouldn’t tell her.

This Caleb dice scene was immediately followed by Lucas trying to uncover the mannequin in the loft. It’s as though he knew exactly what was under it the whole time and was trying to get a reaction from her. I felt this way last week with the whole Mona dress thing. Mona, Caleb and Lucas are all playing dumb but really know about the game. There is no way that these 3 tech wizards haven’t discovered it! But all 3 of them have asked Hanna about it. Caleb even mentions that Hanna was forced to tell him about the game because AD brought the game to their doorstep. I find it convenient that Caleb ended up in the hospital JUST as Hanna was about to go into the meeting and take her turn playing the game. What if it was all planned that way? Just like the dress situation seemed pre-meditated? Hanna mentions that the rules of the game have never been fair and some of the girls always have it easier than others. Hanna has had a rough time the past few seasons, and dealt with more major threats than the other girls, AD probably didn’t want her to win her turn, and set it up so she would lose either way.

The other Caleb/Mona parallel was when Sydney asks Aria and Emily “who sent you? Was it Mona or Caleb?” That assumption was rather abrupt. And the way she said it was as if she was waiting for it to happen. Her explanation of why she thought it was either of them who sent the girls was weak and didn’t make any sense to me. Yeah, Sydney helped to throw them off of Jenna’s trail at the Radley, but the girls have a zillion reasons of their own why they would want to track down Sydney. And Sydney knows that. To remark that either Caleb or Mona must have sent them was thrown in for a different reason.

Then there’s the scene where Sydney tells Emily that the reason she’s even mixed up in this mess was because she got caught up in high school drama with the wrong crowd. She asks Emily “what’s your excuse?” [or reason for being caught up in the A game]. Sydney alludes that Emily is guilty of something that started the game. That was a completely rhetorical question, meant to be a dig at Emily, and it worked. Emily looked guilty AF. I believe that Sydney knows who AD is, and what their motive is. After this comment I am also thinking the girls DID do something bad that has given A a motive. Remember Emily’s repressed memory of hitting Ali with the shovel, and the whole thing with her being drugged to dig up Ali’s grave? I hope we are going to learn more about that. Because Sydney made it seem like there’s more to that story.

Also, where the fuck are Ali and Ezra? Seriously, we’re supposed to believe they’re taking care of business? TF they are! Did you all see how scared Nicole looked when she popped up in Ezra’s apartment? Im 100% sure this has something to do with the warning Holden gave Aria about making another mistake as she was about to visit Nicole in the hospital. Was Nicole even there? And why was Sabrina suddenly so eager to get out of Rosewood? The fact that they mentioned this at all is weird. I bet Sabrina found something in the lock box or Nicole called the Brew looking for Ezra and something she said skeeved Sabrina out. Part of me always wondered if Sabrina was one of Ezra’s spies? Maybe she realized she got in too deep and wants out now.

P.s. Ali hasn’t changed her last name yet. It’s still Rollins. There’s the confirmation for all of you wondering about the flash forward scene.

Oh, and Toby mentioned Iceland. And he didn’t eat any desert.

pipermccloud  asked:

Can you please write Undertaker getting to hold Ciel for the first time when he was a baby?

This wasn’t easy due to the lack of smut haha here you go @pipermccloud

“What exactly is he doing here?” Diedrich asked Vincent, gripping his cue tightly and looking thoroughly unimpressed as he regarded the strange figure in the doorway.

“Oh now now, Dee, Undertaker’s always welcome here, you know that”.

The Earl of Phantomhive was in a fine mood indeed, leaning over the billiard table to line up his next shot. He made it look so effortless as he struck the cue ball and sent it exactly where he wanted, the balls making a soft ‘click’ when they connected and the target sinking gracefully into the pocket.

He straightened up with a satisfied smirk on his face, though he made no mention of the game.

“What can we do for you, Undertaker?” He said loudly. “Unless - could this be a social call?”

The Undertaker cackled as he strode over, an alarming grin taking over his scarred face.

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