he had to hear all that shit

Dragon Hunter

Andy groaned again after doing the same shot over and over again.”Did we get it this time?” He whined.”It’s hot and we’re all in black leather.Not a good mix.” He talked to both the manager and director of the current video. They agreed to give them a break to cool down and relax. However most of the band had been on edge after hearing reports of a giant lizard or whatever.

Of course if Andy saw anything he was going to go chasing after it.He wasn’t afraid of this thing or whatever was running around the desert.And of course after the break just as they ere starting back up Andy heard a loud screech.

“Holy shit.I gotta see this thing.” He took of with a small hand held camera and that was the end of it. He took off towards the sound narrating as if he had his own show. It was only him and the camera now.

“Im gonna find this creature and get it on camera.” He grinned and moved the camera to face himself.

  • Alex:what if junketsu is just some silly goofball
  • Alex:constantly cracking jokes and shit in the middle of fights
  • DannyTurtle:Hehehe.
  • Kylee:satsuki's real struggle is trying not to laugh
  • Alex:that's why she's so straight faced she's forcing it to avoid laughing mystery solved
  • Guy:*accidentally bumps into Yixing*
  • Guy:I'm sorr-
  • Yixing:Baek, it's fine he said so-
  • Baekhyun:THIS IS ZHANG YIXING Z H A N G Y I X I N G you hear that?
  • Guy:I said sorry-
  • Chanyeol:Hey Baekhyun calm dow-
  • Guy:I'll leave you and your boyfriend alone to argue
  • Baekhyun:HES NOT MY- *turns and looks at Chanyeol* are we?
  • Chanyeol:We haven't talked about it yet- maybe?
  • Yixing:Anyway it's fin-
  • Baekhyun:SHUT THE FUCK UP YIXING GO BACK TO SAVING CHINA OR SOME SHIT. *turns to all the members* fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. *looks at Kyungsoo* um we're alright we cool..
  • Kyungsoo:Better keep it that way
  • Baekhyun:AND FUCK YOU. *walks away*

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Oh my god I'm still reeling over Jaebum's letter to Youngjae. His VOOOOOOICE GETS SO FUCKING SOOOOOOFT AND YOU CAN HEAR HIS SMILE AS HE'S SPEAKING and at tHe end I literally had the I love you on repeat because his voice gets ESPECIALLY soft when he says that and you can like feel how heartfelt it is and honestly 2jae are something else. They really fucking are. There is something special about these two. Holy shit.

My precious anon,

I haven’t even been able to reblog the clip yet because every time I try to start tagging, I get so emotional and my tags turn into an essay and I HONESTLY CANNOT HANDLE THESE EMOTIONS. Mine are overwhelming enough, but then Jaebum!?! Oh goodness, anon. I’m honestly shaking right now because the softness and the emotions in his voice are too real and too powerful. I mean,

A video posted by Marshmallow Bum (@marshmallow0106) on Jul 15, 2016 at 7:01am PDT

You really, truly can hear it in his voice how real this is!! Like, if you’re familiar with the way he talks, you can hear when he starts smiling at “Our Youngjae.” (The first line!! And he’s already smiling!!) And then, THEN, when he mentions “Youngjae who shared a bed with me,” you can hear that little pinched thing in his voice that happens when he gets shy?? And you can tell that this fact, the fact that Youngjae shared a bed with him is so important to him??? I’m actually screaming inside. 

And then it just keeps getting more real, and I know that everything he mentions has significance because his voice is just too shy through the entire thing for it to just be casual!! And the other boys know it because they start trying to distract from it by making it a joke and making it more into fan service (I think it’s Bambam who’s like: “oohh!” and then Jinyoung making a joke about how loud Youngjae’s voice is to distract from all the emotion!!

But Jaebum’s voice is still so shy and happy and soft, and then gets even softer when he THANKS YOUNGJAE LIKE THREE TIMES FOR BEING WITH THEM!!! I have this video on repeat in the background while I write this and I’m a mess. And I’m still bad at listening comprehension, and I can’t read Jaebum’s handwriting here, but I’m nearly positive that one of his thank you phrases uses the word heart, and I just. There’s no attempt to even disguise his love for Youngjae even before his tone gets even more shy and soft and YOU CAN HEAR THAT SHY LITTLE SMILE HE DOES WHEN HE

I’m sobbing, my precious anon. His voice just is so soft and tender when he confesses his love, especially on Youngjae’s name, and the emotion is so real?? And can I just point out:

Do you see the way Jaebum is biting his lip while they listen??? And how emotional Youngjae looks??? With Bambam just sitting over there with that proud smile but even he looks a little overwhelmed?? Like, they all know that this is something real… And then when Youngjae turns to speak at the end, he looks really emotionally overwhelmed. Youngjae. The one who doesn’t like to show emotions. 

And we’re not even talking about how shy and soft and precious Youngjae’s voice and smile were when they both said “I love you” here:

I can’t tell if they were actually intentionally saying it to each other, but… YOUNGJAE LOOKS AT JAEBUM WHEN HE SAYS IT. And his voice is so soft, and his smile is so shy, and just look at how happy his eyes are!! It’s like… I’ve always felt that they take little moments to sneak their true affections into their stage behavior, but… my precious anon, these moments here are the most beautiful and overwhelming instances of doing so that I’ve seen in so long.

I’m… I don’t even have the right words for how emotional this all makes me. I apologize to all of you who are used to my formatted and thought out responses because this is just a keyboard smash of emotions I’M STILL SHAKING FROM HAPPINESS AS I TYPE, but this is just too beautiful and overwhelming. Because this is not only the visual evidence that we usually rely on for 2jae’s love for each other… this is in their own words. 

I am always reluctant to say that any ship is actually real, however much I talk about it and believe it, and I still stand by my claim that 2jae could just be friends, but… there is clearly SOMETHING between them (I mean, just contrast this with Jaebum’s letter to Mark??), and it’s something so special and real and powerful, and it makes me so happy to see. They love each other so incredibly much, regardless of the nature of that love, and their love fills me with so much joy and peace and happiness.

4. JokerXReader!

Anonymus: Can you write one where the Joker finds the reader somewhere and she’s crying and he tries to cheer her up?

This one’s for you, Anon, hope you like it! :D 

Everyday the same boring things.

Eating, going to therapy, eating and still got locked up in your prison cell.

Your life was never that good, but this was horrible.

You could hardly remember the time you really had fun.

It’s been two months now, since you were brought to Arkham Asylum, because you killed your boyfriend, he cheated on you severall times and you were sick of his shit.

It drove you crazy everytime you found out about another slut, he got behind your back.

But it was not just him, who got you here.

Your parents weren’t innocent at all.

Physical abuse was a word you heared thousand times a day, in the last three years.

You got several therapists since you were thirteen years old.

Whenever your parents saw you doing something that wasn’t good in their mind, they blamed you.

It  was never called: „Okay we are the parents and did a lot wrong with our daughter.“

It always meant: „You are the one who is curious or crazy. It’s your fault, not ours.“

And here you go, years later, tired of all this shit, and now a new prisoner at Arkham, quiet funny.

It was at the and of your second month in here, when the cell towards yours got filled with someone new.

You always were alone at the end of this corridor, you didn’t miss anyone, the most people here weren’t much of your taste.

Just one or two, like the Riddler or the Mad Hatter, were personalitys you could go with.

They were nice to you, Edward Nygma always got some new riddles for you, when you sat together at the prisoners common room.

And the Mad Hatter told you tales from your favorite Book Alice in Wonderland, ‘cause you reminded him much of little Alice, besides your hair wasn’t blonde.

But this day was a different one.

It was raining outside and you really liked the sound of the rain drops when they hit the ground, outside of this living hell.

It reminds you at freedom, the freedom you missed, since you got locked up here.

Anyways you couldn’t hear the fall of the rain drops, ‘cause the security guards were too loud to hear anything besides them.

You looked up in surprising as they came with six men, weaponed to death and in the middle of them your new cell neighbour.

Which criminal could be so dangerous that it takes six weaponed men to carry him into his new home?

The answer was given, as one of the guards locked the cell towards you and all the others walked back into the corridor.

In the cell stands a tall man, with slicked back green hair and pale skin.

He got black tattoes all over his muscular torso.

„Well, hope you like your new neighbour, (Y/N).“

The guard said, as he catched you starring.

„Joker, (Y/N). (Y/N), Joker. Good luck, sweetheart, he is the worst one in this entire Asylum. Hope he doesn’t bother you that much.“

Than the guard was going his way again and you were alone with the man the entire Asylum was talking about everyday, not matter if he was here, or broke out a few months ago.

You couldn’t tell if you felt like playing or better be a little scared.

Joker starres at you like you starred at him, it felt like hours and you thought your knees would burst every second he starred even more intense, so you decided to sit down infront of the pane from your cell.

Joker begans to move too.

He took a step towards his own pane and puts his hands on it, before he pressed his forehead against the bulletproof material of his own cell and began to smile at you like a total maniac.

You smiled back and wave your hand a little, like a playful little girl.

He was crazy and you already liked him.

Finally someone who was not that kind of a monotonous criminal.

Joker now breathes on his glass panel and wrote something on the fogged surface with his index finger.

How did you get in here, doll? I’ve never seen a pretty thing like you in this rotten walls before.

You place your head crooked and wrote on your pane.

I murdered my boyfriend and my idiotic parents. They thought I was crazy because I wasn’t like they wanted me to be. And my boyfriend betrayed me once enough.

Joker wrote back with a big grin: Such a naughty little girl.

I know, you wrote with a smile which was cute and sexy at the same time.

Weeks flow by and Joker was now kind of your favorite man here.

Your little cell chats got more and more with everyday.

It suddenly started to be really funny at the Asylum since he was your neighbour.

But on this day, everything was just a mess.

First of all the security guards has woken you up at seven thirty p.m, just to bring you to your new therapist.

Doctor Laughlin was her name and she was a total bitch.

You’d never told anything really important in all of your sessions, the therapists knew that you just played with them like a little child does with it’s toys.

But this woman nearly tortured you.

As she didn‘t get from you what she wanted, she ordered to another doctor that you should get tied up on a operating table to get some electroshocks, maybe they would become something useful that way.

But instead of answering some questions you screamed the whole time.

It hurts, more than just bad and you wanted them to let go off you.

You felt like years has gone by, after they finally gave up on you and send you to the common room, because of the two hours free time the prisoners got, everyday.

Your whole body still shivered, as you sat down at a table on a chair far away from the other prisoners.

Tears were running down your cheeks as you felt the aftermaths of your therapy session again in your fingers and in your arms.

You didn’t want that anyone saw you cry, that’s why you sat with your back to the entire room, so you didn’t see Joker came into the room too.

It was the first time he was here since he came back at Arkham a few weeks ago, ‘cause everyone in the security guard thought that it was a bad idea, to let the mass murdering clown stay in contact with other prisoners.

But now they got a long, with the idea to put him in his good old straitjacket.

With his arms tied on at his back he walked through the room, until he saw you huddled in your chair.

An irritated look starts to grow on his face.

Normaly you were playful and smiling around like a little girl, when he sees you, but this was new for him.

„Welcome back, doll“, he smiled in amusement, as he sats down infront of you.

But his smile got frozen in his face, as soon as he saw you crying.

Crap, he hates when people cry.

Why wasn’t she laughing like yesterday?

He wasn’t good with crying people, that’s the reason he always wants them to smile, even when he tortures them.

Crying people made him aggressiv.

But why the fuck was she crying?

He sighed than he stood up from his chair and crouched down infront of you, so you had to look him in his crystal blue eyes, he looked at you with puppy eyes and said: „Why are you crying to your Mr J, doll?“  

„Listen, cupcake. If you don’t tell me what happened, I can’t help you feel better.“

You looked at him, than told him what your new therapist was like and also about the session you made it through.

„Maybe if I tie her up and beats her brain with shock therapie, she wouldn’t look like she got a cane in her ass“, he said hoping to cheer you up, and gave you that wicked grin, what always makes you smile.

The one he gave you at the first time you two met.

And it worked.

You couldn’t do different than just smile and than laugh, as he looked even more crazy, through his eyes.

„That’s a good girl, smile for your Mr J“, he grinned and kissed your cheek.

You laid his arms around his shoulders and hugged him.

He felt a bit strange about it, not because he did not like it that you were touching him, just because he never gets hugged from anyone usualy.

The most people just wanted as much space between Joker and them as possible.

So it’s kind of a premiere.

„You’re smiling now?“, he asks and you do as you let go off him.

„That’s my girl.“

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I just used a ouija board for my first time trying to communicate with a spirit who was tapping on the glass on my candles and (by me scrying) told me it had a message for me. I did it and it spelled out “REPLTCHAHA” then said “yes” when I (more politely) asked if it was just fucking with me.

At least he was honest.

I’m actually kind of laughing because I got all excited hunting down my crystals (i recently moved and still cant find half of them) thinking this spirit had some message for me and making the board and making a nice ambient environment and laying out the crystals i do have and it was just that and shit the spirit totally got me and I can practically hear them dying of laughter on the other side and I’m laughing too that was really good actually lmao

So clexa people are childish for trying to get Jroth fired after he pretty much traumatized some people: decided to kill off a beloved lgbt character AND a beloved poc.. Had on-screen self harm + suicide attempt on a show teenagers watch.

BUT when Blorkes try to get Eliza Taylor fired for using the term “shit” about their ship, they’re not being childish at all… She had it coming.

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Someone said the Australian outback blowing up happened 20 years from the current overwatch date idk how true that is but that makes Roadhog 28 when shit happened. Imagine his s/o knowing him back then and thinking he had died. they weren't in the area when shit happened i guess but years later there just watching the news one night they see his name and just" Omg Mako is alive, he's a wanted criminal but holy shit he alive??" might be a bit of an awkward kind of reunion lol.





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"Why do you even bother with saying shit like that?! You know I can tell when you're lying! Even if I couldn't hear your heartbeat going whack. You wanna know why? Because I know you, y/n." //Isaac? x

Thank you for participating, I really appreciate it I changed it a little I hope you don’t mind :)

Y/N stood at her locker listening to Isaac talk about the new girl he was crushing on. She had only been half paying attention, mostly focused on how she could get out of hearing him drone on and on about this girl all weekend long like he did last weekend. Her face was contorted in frustration and hurt listening to him say all these wonderful things about her. Suddenly Isaac noticed her expression and stopped talking only to ask her what was wrong.

“Nothing.” Y/N lied as she checked her makeup in the mirror on the door of her locker.

“No seriously, what’s wrong?” Isaac could practically smell the lie coming before she even spoke.

“I’m fine!” Y/N was angry, slamming the door of her locker she began to stomp off down the hall only to be quickly caught by her friend, his hand tight around her wrist causing her to stop and look at him.

“Don’t lie to me! Why do you even bother?! You know I can tell! Even if I couldn’t hear your heartbeat going a mile a minute. You wanna know why? Because I know you, Y/N! I have known you my whole life and you have never been much of a liar, you always end up telling on yourself. So tell me what’s going on with you.” She pulled her hand from his grip, a look of disgust crossing her face as she stared him down.

“Well if you know me so well then why don’t you tell me what’s wrong? I listen to you talk about some girl who you don’t even know her last name day in and day out for the last six weeks, you won’t even talk to her all you do is talk about her and here I am totally in love with you listening to every word because that’s what a good friend does. Doesn’t matter that I’m jealous I listen because I love you and I want you to be happy; but honestly Isaac I can’t listen anymore not right now. Maybe not ever.” With that Y/N walked out of the school and towards her car hoping to get as far away from Isaac as possible but no such luck, he was following right behind her, determined to make her stop again. This time when he gripped her wrist he quickly moved his hand to her waist and the other to the back of her neck, pulling her in for a deep kiss. “What was that?”

“I don’t know but I’d like to do it again.” 

I hope you liked it :)

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Besides the kickass cast and funny jokes and holyhellholtzmann, my favorite thing is that the main villain ended up being EXACTLY the type of guy who has been bashing the movie since its announcement.

The victimized, whiny guy that feels the world owes him and hides away plotting how to “get even”. Especially when he tried to tell the girls that they had no idea what it was like to have life treat him the way it did, and they responded accordingly.

Women, and their characters in particular, have to put up with shit all the time. The difference was the women still continued to be their badass selves. It’s not that they didn’t let things get to them, as Erin in particular showed, but people being assholes was less important than their work, and THAT is the message little girls need to hear.

I’m Freaking Out, So Where Am I, Now? - CLOSED

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He hasn’t slept for two weeks.

The words reverberated in his head. At first, they had been in his mother’s voice, but after the last four months, they could have been anyone’s. Right after, he could hear the response from some clinical voice, taken aback, would answer.

You mean two day–

And then his father’s voice.

Two weeks.

Days melted together, one after another, as he was put into an elective coma for rest. Whenever he came out of it, he was sent to one hospital after another for a few days, his things being shifted around and out and up and under until he was left with a single outfit; his shirt being rather bright, even on him, and still buttoned improperly. When he finally landed in this place – He had heard St. Gertrude’s, but that could have been ten or twelve places ago – all he knew for sure was that he wouldn’t leave his room for longer than ten minutes at a time. The ‘therapy’ here was horrible, just a series of roundabout questions designed to lead him to the conclusion that his mind was mush.

The first time they caught him writing, it was a slap to the face that he earned. The second time, his pens were confiscated and all paper allowed to him had no lines. Tweek couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen a friendly face, or been allowed to hear voices he recognized. It was all white noise around him, and eventually he found himself believing he’d lost his hearing. His sight was likely to go, next, followed by the rest of him. 

After snack time, the last time for the night, he was guided back to his paddock, as he called it, laid down in bed, the sheet pulled up to his chin. There was a window in the back of the small room he occupied, large enough to give a beautiful view of the back of the hospital. The garbage, the docks for deliveries, little specks of grass and the wooden wall of the adolescent unit’s ‘outdoor box’, those were the sights he could see when he was allowed to be out of bed. The window had no way to be opened, and it sat heavy over the little radiator in the corner. Beside that, the bathroom that hardly offered any scant bit of privacy, and then the small wardrobe and bed for his yet-to-have-arrived roommate. His was on the other side, nearest the window. 

Laying there, staring bleakly at the ceiling, he had but one small, conscious thought before his mind drifted so far away from him that his whole world went black.

*pulls imaginary ship whistle*

It takes a strong person to laugh at situations like this. Granted, Dave hasn’t had the harrowing experiences that Davesprite has had, so he can still see the humor in a situation.

… Teeeeeeeeeechnically, you’re right and you’re wrong. Yes, the two of you have a shared history, but as soon as he came back from the future, the paths the two of you take in your lives diverged, and you are becoming two different people. The you right now doesn’t give a shit, but he does.

Of course, this could also be because Davesprite had his love for John actualized by John’s death, but that feels like a headcanon more than anything else.

See? Dave can barely contain his excitement to actually see John for the first time. All aboard the good ship HammerTime, next port of call, FeelsTown.

… Oh my GOOOOOD, I can hear Davesprite on the verge of sobbing from here! “The REAL Dave is here, so I’m gonna go. You probably want to spend more time with him anyway…”

… Fuck, that feels so final. Like, if he wasn’t connected to Dave, I wouldn’t be surprised if Davesprite just goes off for a while and processes all of his feelings. Like when you ask someone out and get rejected, and just want to disappear for a while. 

There wouldnt be a “this is what you came for” without Taylor Swift. she wrote it, then sent it to calvin to listen to. He decided to make it a song and they decided to keep their collab a secret so it didnt over shadow the song. The day the song came out taylor fans could hear her voice on it, but they had no proof. Calvin refuses to go to that grammys to support taylor despite he writing a hit song for him, but what evs. Tayvin broke up. Swedes found nils jsoberg. Hiddleswift happens. Calvin become petty & decides the tayvin split was no longer amicable but really bad and media manipulated by taylor (i mean?? Was he looking forward to all the slut shaming that follows a taylor break up, because it was still there but there would be more had taylor not had a say in the media announcement). Calvin continues talking shit about Taylor while this is what you came for (the song she wrote) rises in the charts. Media contact swift camp who confirm she wrote the song, calvin feels attacked because he’s been pretending he wrote it so he thinks it makes him look bad (IT didnt make him look bad but his reaction did). He throws a tantrum saying he’s hurt and she’s trying to bury him, he mentions katy perry which is idiotic (or you know, conniving, like a snake, because now katy perry will be involved and the media will rehash their feud because why the fuck not? He doesnt care about her feelings) thousands of people rightfully flock to taylors defense while millions decide to call her a snake. For taking credit for the song she wrote. Because calvin is 32 and still growing up. Has the mental age of a butthurt 14 year old if you ask me. And thats the story of why people are picking on taylor swift like it’s 2012

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Just came on tumblr and figured out what's going on & I'm LMAO at "certain people" for thinking that its GG and GG alone's job to fix racism. He's a shy dude. Him not speaking out about issues doesn't mean he's not aware of them. He's allowed to be offended about shit without reblogging or responding to crap (which would honestly feed the fire). Hell, I'm biracial, and one day I remember this celeb started saying all these racial comments and calling ppl like me "Klondike bars" and (p1)

and “mixed breeds/mutts”. But IW want comfortable reblogging it and I was pissed as hell. Not reblogging something doesn’t mean u don’t see it or aren’t aware of it. (P2)

Ugh sorry you had to hear that from a celeb! That’s not okay. And I’m pretty positive GG is aware of what people say, but it’s his choice on if he wants to acknowledge it. And you’re right, sometimes that adds fuel to the fire. He responded out of emotion but then recognized his ignorance and where he went wrong and that’s super important here because he’s at least realized/accepted that he needs to learn. What happened today was super shitty, but it’s just another thing that will pass. Now the only task is ignoring the antis who keep saying that this whole thing is our fault

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Louis talking about 1D in the past tense might be something Simon said he should do or maybe it was just a slip of the tongue by Louis since they are on hiatus or maybe he meant that when they got put together they made a rule to never dance. Either way, I definitely believe they'll be back! :)

I totally agree with you! All of this is a big, scripted shit show, and I assumed he just meant had since they aren’t currently working right now. It didn’t shake my faith in them, but it just felt weird to hear him say that. He promised they’ll be back and I still believe him 💞

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follow up from vocalist anon: Yeah, the cat-screech is great!! I once had this mother come to me with her little shithead of a child (he was all around a complete little asshole) and she was like "ah he's such a talented young boy~" So I'm pretty excited about hearing this kid sing. He preforms a Bruno Mars song and holy shit I was trying SO HARD not to laugh. Mind you this kid was probably like 13 or even 14! His pubescent screaming made my day. The mother had a look like he was an angel..

oh my god… i feel really bad for the kid. it must have been so funny LMAO. at least his mom supports him ???????

Okay but like, guys, Homo ergaster was the shit in his day. Dude was the African branch of H. erectus (who had super wanderlust, like we’ve found him all through Asia and Europe) that was minimum two evolutions away from H. sapiens, and yeah, he only had 75% of our brain size, but hear me out, like this was a fellow who knew how to get shit done. Stone tools were already mastered in the last evolution, but you know what this guy did? This guy learned how to use fire, how to make it, how to control it. My man H. ergaster was the original Prometheus y’all. Hipster Prometheus, he liked it before it was cool. 

Not only did this allow for the cooking of food (first hearths!), it meant these guys started gathering around for warmth, protection, and company. It meant that the very beginnings of a society. Brah. And because of all this, you know what developed super quick? The brain. And speech. We were starting to communicate complex ideas, bro. So that in what is probs the next evolution, H. heidlebergensis, dudes got 93% of our brain size. That’s a massive change! And on top of it, H. ergaster was was the first to loose the majority of his body hair and develop dark skin, so dude’s looking fly as fuck while he’s singlehandedly changing the world like it’s never been changed before.

girl meets upstate thoughts

They didn’t have to say Shawn never loved Angela. That’s dumb and that’s a set back on Shawn’s character development. I never liked the pairing. I thought Shawn treated Angela pretty crappy at a few times in their relationship. (Him shoving her into a door while drunk really killed it for me). BUT they were important parts of each other’s lives. they could have easily done it where he acknowledges that Angela was a great love in his life but she wasn’t his last love. It’s so rare that your first love is your last. They didn’t need to shit all over Angela and set Shawn back a thousand years. 

 I do like the Shawn and Katy pairing. What we needed though was MORE. We needed to see him bonding with Maya, we needed to see those dates that they had or at least see Katy more to hear about those dates. They could have had this story make more sense. It’s such a good story to have Shawn become a member of that family later on, it’s a beautiful set up. 

But the getting to that point sucks. Instead of doing the whole stupid Lucaya or Rucas thing and also kicking Maya'a character back as well to her believing that she was becoming Riley, they could have focused more on things like this and how these girls learn from their parents. Riley and Maya understanding that very rarely is the first love the last.

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Ah i hear you like monster reaper and just yes its some good shit tbh 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. Is it alright if I ask for monster reaper finally showing his s/o his face for the first time expecting some shocked reaction but all he hears it "Oh shit boi thats hot." Im such trash oh my gosh I just really love monster reaper and his face just rekt me up

-rubs sinful hands together- yessssss


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JESUS X DARYL chapter 16 Evermore

The trip to hilltop was refreshing, it was nice to catch up again with his friends and get to hear all about the new ways Gregory was managing to fuck things up. Despite how comfortable he felt in Alexandria he couldn’t help but miss the somewhat more relaxed atmosphere at hilltop. Seemed like quite a few people missed him round here, walking through compound almost everyone stopped him to tell them some new thing they were testing out to benefit the community, new training they had started, new runs they’d been on. Quite a few people asked when he was going to return and start up his training lessons again, shit he’d forgotten that he was supposed to be training the kids in a bit of martial arts, that made him feel guilty that he’d pretty much just up and abandoned whatever responsibilities he had here. He headed over to medical where he knew Maggie was currently being checked out by Dr C, he wanted to figure out how often she’d have to visit the place over the next few months, maybe he could come with her and set up training dates with the kids whilst he waited to take her home.