he had to ask both of them twice before they travelled with him


(Jimin’s crush comes over to his house to help him out after he suffers an injury that leaves him with limited use of both hands.)

Warnings: 6000+ words of smut, Jimin POV, I’ll let you guess what kind of smut takes place

“I can’t believe you managed to injure both of your hands on the same day.” Hoseok’s girlfriend, Sophie, stifled a laugh while she said it. “I can’t tell if you are dumb or just unlucky.”

 Jimin sighed.  He had been stupid and drunk when he and Jungkook went out into the street to play with fireworks.  One went off too close to his hand, burning his right palm requiring a trip to the emergency room where his injury was cleaned and bandaged.  The doctor gave him a lecture about drunk people and explosives and how fortunate he was not to have blasted off his fingers.            

While exiting the hospital, Jimin immediately tripped over the curb and landed with his full weight onto his left hand resulting in a small fracture and return trip to the emergency room to get a splint to immobilize his other hand.   Now, every time Jimin saw someone, he had to suffer the embarrassment of explaining what happened. People had a hard time not laughing when they heard how he managed to get hurt twice in one day.

 “Does it hurt much?” you asked him.

“Not really. As long as I don’t bump into anything or use my fingers too much, it’s okay.” At least you seemed to be genuinely concerned about his well-being. That’s one of the reasons Jimin liked you, you always seemed caring and sincere.  The other main reason he liked you was because he thought you were incredibly hot.  There were plenty of nights Jimin stayed up fantasizing about what it would feel like to be with you.  He wanted to ask you out, but had been waiting until there was some indication that you were even the slightest bit interested in him.  He was starting to think that maybe he had a chance with you, but he felt neutered with his injuries, unable to do things like casually touch you and see how you would respond to his advances.  Jimin resolved to make a move as soon as he had full use of his hands again.

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Sweat [M]

Pairing: Hoseok x reader x Yoongi

Summary: It’s a hot summer day and your boyfriends have an unorthodox method of trying to keep you cool.

Genre:  smut, pure smutty threesome, goodness, Poly!yoonseok

Word Count: 

Warnings: graphic depictions of sex, dirty talk, ice play

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

The sun was already shining high in the sky when your eyes fluttered open. The overwhelming heat of the day had your shirt soaked to your skin. You groaned, reaching over to chug the glass of water on the table next to you. But the room temperature water wasn’t enough to satisfy your thirst. “It’s so fucking hot.” you mumbled as you slid off your mattress. The sheets were crumpled in a pile on the floor, somehow the 3 of you managed to kick them off the bed in your sleep. 

You padded down the hallway and the familiar sounds of your boyfriends arguing rang through your ears. Yoongi and Hoseok were on opposite sides of the spectrum. Fire and ice. Water and oil. But there was something about you that brought the two of them together.

Hoseok’s eyes immediately fell onto yours as you entered the living room, “Tell Yoongi you want to go to the beach today. He’s being a lazy ass and won’t let us go.”

You chuckled, “The beach does sound nice, Hobi. But it’s probably going to be packed.” you squeezed his shoulder gently as you made your way to the fridge and out of the corner of your eye you could see him pouting. Clearly not happy that you were siding with Yoongi in this democratic household.

“See, I told you she wouldn’t want to go.” Yoongi teased as he laid back down on the floor, a gummy smile spread across his glistening face. He stared at you with mischief in his eyes, but the thought of intertwining limbs in this heat sounded like the worst possible idea, no matter how hard he made you cum.

You opened the door to the freezer, finding sweet relief in the blast of cool air rushing towards your skin. It was days like this when you cursed your boyfriends for letting them talk you into this place. Your apartment was beautiful, and you loved it, but it didn’t have A/C. So every summer the three of you wandered across the apartment in various states of undress, hoping that the lack of clothing encasing your skin will offer relief.

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New to Villeneuve (Gaston)

word count: 819

request: Can you do a Gaston x reader where you just moved into the village and Gaston shows you around, but he’s different around you than everyone else?

requested by: @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt

warning: ppl being judgy assholes, ppl being assholes towards a dog

a/n: HERE WE GO. Haven’t been excited to write a shit ton of fics for a single character since Chato. ALSO, dogs are amazing and in this fic, smart af.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

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Patater Week - Day 4

Feb. 9 - Alternate Universe – Soulmate AU, 2.4K (everyone has their soulmate’s first thought about them on their skin – both still in NHL - coda of sorts to Dot Your Ts and Cross Your Is

“You’re in a good mood today,” Jack comments, as slides in next to Tater in the nook.

“Mhm,” Tater hums and chews his sandwich. “I find soulmate,” he says, like he’s commenting on the weather.

Snowy and Thirdy look up from their breakfast, and Marty nearly snorts out his cereal. Guy pats him on the back a little harder than necessary.

“You found your soulmate, Tater?” Poots asks carefully. “Like, the one who said ‘You’re tall and hot, I want to die,’ that soulmate?”

Almost everyone’s seen that particular marking in the locker room, and though no one actually voiced it, a large majority of the team had covered up their jealousy with chirps. Who doesn’t want a confidence booster like that as a soulmark? Tater simply nods, and Thirdy flies up, excited.

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Crowned Tattoo (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Prompt: Hey could you do maybe a Jughead X Reader Soulmate AU? One where Jughead and the reader have a tattoo of a crown on their wrist, and they are best friends but neither of them had ever seen the tattoo on each other. (They were blind, but so where the others) But one day Jughead sees it and knows that they are soulmates, so they meet at pops and he kisses her and after it is really cute. They tell the group and it is really fluffy.

A/N: So I know I posted a different Soulmate!AU yesterday but heres another one! I took my time writing this because I wanted to be confident with it. (Also I’ve written and rewritten it like four times. FML) Let me know if you like it! I did change it a bit but bare with me xxx


Crowned Tattoo (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Everyone’s tattoo is different. All in pairs.

There’s only one other person in the world with your tattoo.

Each one meaning something. Symbolizing something significant.

Some people showed off giant vibrant tattoos that the fates had graced them with.

Others hid theirs from eyes until they find their soulmates.

You knew most of your classmate’s tattoos. They were proud of their elaborate colors and symbols on their skin.

You were fond of yours yet you had no idea what it meant.

A small black crown. Just on the inside of your wrist.

What does a crown have to do with anything? You asked your parents when they explained the reason for the tattoos. But they didn’t know. It was unusual to have an actual symbol on your body.

Most had the colors and beautiful lines on them.

Yet yours was simply and black.

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◦ pairing: reader x taehyung

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.1k

◦ a/n: This is the result of my post-concert depression and there will probably be more of these before I go back to my requests because I’m in too much pain to think about anything or anyone else at the moment. (!teeny tiny bit of angst at the end!)

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

He lit up when you walked out of the bathroom, flashing you the cheekiest smile. His pink lips pressed together and turned upwards, his eyes heavy as he fought the sleep that blanketed itself around him comfortably. You couldn’t help but smile at his reaction to you. His eyebrows rose with excitement as you shook your damp hair out, raking through it with your fingers before walking towards the edge of the bed where he sat now.

“The show was amazing tonight.” You said it quietly, as though he were already drifting off and you had to whisper so as to not wake him up.

“I liked the rainbow ocean,” Tae spoke gently, thinking fondly back to the night’s concert. He was bright again; sleep could hardly touch him. “Our Rainbow ARMYs do so much for us,” he smiled to himself. The show was indeed flawless, but then again, everything he ever did was flawless in your eyes. He blinked slowly, his eyes dragging with fatigue. You wanted so badly to just wrap him in a blanket and rock him to bed. It wouldn’t take much. You had been jumping and screaming throughout the night and you were ready to fall asleep standing up. Then, there was Tae. He had been the one doing the actual performing and singing and he was steadily fighting off sleep like a champion.

“Come,” Taehyung patted his thighs with another drowsy smile, leaning back against the headboard. The loose black t-shirt that fell around his body bore too much of his neck and chest for you too resist. You smiled and gently climbed on top of him, straddling him. You rested your arms on his shoulders, idly fingering the hem of his neckline. He looked at you for a while, simply staring in silence as he took in your features. Your skin was fresh, your hair falling around your face neatly, water still dripping from your strands. You smelled like grapefruit, which always made him scrunch up his nose, adjusting to the tart scent. He looked cute when he did that.

Tae slipped his hands beneath your shirt, his hands cold against your freshly showered, warm skin. You inhaled sharply at the contact, your fingers instinctively scratching at his shoulders. “Tae…” you breathed. Your stomach tightened at the thought of where this was going.

“Please?” He said, leaning forward. His grey knit beanie brushed against your neck softly as he lifted his hands, letting the air brush across your skin as he ran his tongue up your cleavage. Your head fell back weakly.

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A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me (3)

[A/N: Last chapter for today! If you go to my page you’ll see that I’ve left a little question asking what you’d like to see in the following chapters! (I don’t want to spoil anything but the chapter after this one will have kind of Jughead POV scene or scenes)

I’m really enjoying writing this one but obviously I want you guys to enjoy it too and I want to write the kind of stuff that you want to see! I hope you enjoy this one guys! Also I love it when you guys leave comments, it really makes my day (read that as: I need constant validation to ensure that I am happy). 

Also see if you can find the Fall Out Boy lyrics in this chapter! (Hint: It’s not very subtle)]

Word Count: 1870

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

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Imagine Chris falling in-love with you all over again.

A/N: Epilogue! This is best if you listen to Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Perfect’ first 'cause I was inspired by that. Anyway, we’ve finally arrived at the end of the series. (I don’t know if I’ll write more, but this seems like a good place to end.) I’m so excited to go on holiday, but I’m terribly sad to leave you guys. Fear not, I might just whip out my keyboard at the airport if some inspiration strikes me. I love you all so much! 😘 You can read the previous parts here: ('Charlotte Rose’ - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B) and ('Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’; 'Baby Fever’; 'Memory Lane’; and 'Little Ones’ - Masterlist) Enjoy and I’ll see y'all soon. X

Chris was right about the movie, 'Charlotte Rose’, taking home Oscars. It took home so many Oscars that it nearly cleaned out the categories; it won “Best Original Score’, 'Best Actress’, 'Best Sound Editing’, 'Best Original Screenplay’, 'Best Director’, and 'Best Picture’. You and Chris spent the night in Los Angeles celebrating like there was no tomorrow, earning praises all round for the work the two of you did as a couple. Articles flew and circulated the web: "Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N takes home six Oscars, it just goes to show that they’re as good as co-workers as they are a couple!”, “Power couple, Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N, dominates The Academy Awards!”, “Production companies will be fighting to work with Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N after they return from their hiatus.”

The movie was filmed and produced two years after your daughter was born, as you both wanted some time to care for your preemie baby. It was incredibly well-received around the world, so much so that you and Chris ended up doing press despite being the faces behind the scenes. As it turned out, the press and the fans were more interested in the work the two of you did rather than the actors and actresses you hired. You were lucky, however, to have both of your children be at the age where they could travel with you while you toured the world. It was a pretty great three months out of Boston, but eventually it was time to go home.

It was nice to be back in your home after months of staying in hotels, you could tell your kids were excited to get home too. Even now, as you spent a lazy Sunday in Boston with your family watching Disney movies, it was different to how you’d spend a lazy Sunday in Los Angeles watching Disney movies with your family, despite having a second house there. Boston was home now, the place Chris had bought before he met you- the place that you’d both turned into a home after getting married- was home now.

As Chris dried and put away the dishes, you were snuggled up with your kids on the couch. He looked over and smiled; there wasn’t a sight more pure that he could bestow upon himself. You looked up and smiled when you saw him smiling at the three of you, you beckoned him over with your head. He chuckled and left the job unfinished because you didn’t need to ask twice; that was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“Daddy!” Charlie pulled away from you and held out her arms when she saw her dad walking over; Chris smiled and scooped her into his arms. You chuckled and shuffled, pulling Jack closer to you as you made a spot for your husband. The girl was definitely his girl, whereas the boy was yours. “You smell nice,” she giggled when she buried her face into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” he chuckled, rubbing her back. It was clear she was getting tired, it wouldn’t be long until she fell asleep in his arms. Jack was halfway there too, fighting his heavy eyelids as he rested in your comforting arms. “You smell lovely too,” he told her as he pressed a kiss into her soft locks.

“Mama,” Jack whispered and you looked down at him. “I know we had pancakes for breakfast today,” he yawned and you chuckled, “but can we have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow too?” You nodded and kissed the top of his head as Chris wrapped an arm around you; you leaned into him and smiled when you felt him kiss your head.

“Think you can meet me in the backyard after I put the kids to bed?” Chris whispered into your ear and you turned to him with narrowed eyes. “Yes?” He mouthed and nodded his head, prompting a nod from you. “Awesome,” he smiled then turned his attention back on Charlie. “Sweetheart,” he spoke gently, “do you want me to put you to bed?”

“Mm hm,” she nodded her little head, rubbing her eyes.

“Alright,” Chris smiled and rose to his feet, lifting her with him. “Jack, you ready for bed too, bud?” Jack nodded; he kissed your cheek then pulled away from you, taking the hand his dad was holding out. “C'mon, Dodge.” He called and Dodger followed. “Backyard, fifteen minutes tops.” He mouthed over his shoulder as he took the kids upstairs to tuck them in for the night.

You, on the other hand, decided to spend the next fifteen minutes cleaning up the mess from your cozy movie marathon while waiting for Chris to return. It took him ten minutes which meant your kids were really worn out, otherwise it would’ve been at least half an hour. When he returned, you were finishing the dish job he’d left unfinished. He leaned against the fridge, smiling at you with a smile that drew laughter.

“What?” You smacked him with the dish rag.

“Nothing,” he shook his head, smiling. “I’m just admiring how beautiful you look.”

“Beautiful?” You chuckled softly as he took your hand, leading you towards the backyard; he’d prepared a special something for the both of you, some down time as a couple after spending the whole day as parents. “I’m a mess.”

“Darling, you look perfect tonight,” he whispered underneath his breath, but you heard it. You smiled and leaned in, tenderly giving his jawline a sweet kiss. “I figured we could go on that date we talked about in the hospital. I know we’re not old and gray yet, but-” he paused to push the curtains apart, opening the sliding doors. “This is as good a night as any to catch up on some alone time.”

“Chris,” you smiled as you took in the sight in front of you.

Your husband had laid out a blanket on the grass with candles and rose petals surround it. His iPod was plugged into a docking station and the song, 'Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele- the song that was playing at your wedding when you had your first dance- was playing. You turned to him and mirrored his dorky grin, shaking your head in disbelief. He leaned forward and your eyes closed as he pressed his lips against your forehead. After ten years of being with him, you still couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

“Shall we?” He held out a hand and you took it, letting him lead you into a barefoot waltz on the soft grass. “You know what, Y/N?” He whispered after a while. “I’d do anything to have this moment last forever. Just being here with you, dancing in the dark with you- it’s unadulterated bliss.” He pulled back to look you in the eyes, “you’ve given me unadulterated bliss. That’s something I never thought I’d achieve, but here I am with the perfect wife, the perfect kids. I have the perfect life,” his eyes glistened as he smiled, “because of you.”

“None of this would have happened if you didn’t find me first, Chris,” you smiled, feeling your own eyes well. “You are the reason we have all of this, you are the one who has given me unadulterated bliss. Without you, I wouldn’t be here. Without you, we wouldn’t have Jack and Charlie. Without you, my life wouldn’t mean as much as it does today. You are the love of my life- the light that dims all the dark. I have the perfect life because of you, Chris, not the other way around,” you told him.

“Let’s just agree to disagree,” he chuckled and dipped his head, kissing you.

Adele’s 'Make You Feel My Love’ faded out and Ed Sheeran’s 'Perfect started playing. You both chuckled as you broke the kiss; the memory of how you told him the song was the perfect depiction of your entire life together came flooding back.

I found a love for me 

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

“We really just leapt into this relationship, didn’t we?” You chuckled when you thought back to how you met and how quickly things progressed after the first meeting. “It was like the universe suddenly decided it was time for us to stop fooling around with other people, just threw us into the deep end and left us to save each other.”

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet 

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

“Aren’t you glad though?” Chris smiled when you nodded. “If I could just go back in time and just- grab Chris and shove him in your direction. Just have him find you years and years earlier, I would. I would just slap some sense into him, tell him to go find you instead of wasting his time with girls who clearly aren’t right for him.”

“I’d do the same with Y/N,” you nodded. “I’d drag her across oceans if it meant I could spend more time with you. Not that I needed to, considering we grew up hours away from each other.” You both chuckled. “God, what were we thinking? How could we have just missed each other? I mean- the life we could’ve had, the pain we could’ve avoided.”

“I guess we didn’t know we had someone so perfect waiting for us.”

'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love 

Not knowing what it was 

I will not give you up this time 

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own 

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

“The first time I saw you, Y/N,” Chris chuckled softly. “I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat. I was so nervous that I let the opportunity to speak to you- the love of my life- escape. If you didn’t drop that coaster- if Kevin wasn’t your father’s friend, I’d never would’ve met you and it would’ve eaten me up alive.”

“And I feel like a complete idiot ignoring my vicinity,” you laughed. “If I had just stopped obsessing with my writing for a second, take my eyes off my damn Gummi Bears- I would’ve noticed Captain America across the room and gone up to you.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, smiling. “But I’m really glad you didn’t though, that was part of your charm. Your passion was what captured me, your insanity-” he chuckled when you playfully slapped his arm. “You were like a breath of fresh air after years under water.”

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms 

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song 

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath 

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

“And you still are,” Chris told you, tucking a loose piece of hair behind your ear. “Every time I see you, it’s like I’m being saved all over again.” You felt your heart ache at his sincerity. “No matter how bad my day gets, there won’t be something you can’t do to make me feel better.”

“Chris,” you pulled your hand out of his for a brief second, brushing the tear that had escaped. “Stop,” you chuckled softly as he did, kissing your forehead. “You’re making me cry and I don’t want to cry during such a beautiful moment. Ed Sheeran’s really not helping,” you referred to the song and he laughed.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know 

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home 

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets 

To carry love, to carry children of our own

“This could be our anthem, you know that right?” Chris chuckled at how perfect the song 'Perfect’ was; it practically described your whole relationship in four minutes and twenty-three seconds. “If he’d just come out with this song a few years earlier, I’d have it playing at our wedding. It would definitely draw tears, I mean- just listening to it now, it’s making my heart ache.”

“Aw,” you chuckled. “I know, right? The best part of listening to it now though, it’s actually true. We’ve accomplished our dream of working together, you’ve accomplished yours of winning that Oscar you so thoroughly deserve.” He smiled when you brushed his cheek with the back of your hand. “We’re married, we’ve got a house, we’ve got our kids. Our life is complete, Chris,” you smiled and he mirrored it. “Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got lots more to do but- I’m pretty satisfied with what we have now.”

We are still kids, but we’re so in love 

Fighting against all odds 

I know we’ll be alright this time

“Yeah,” Chris nodded, smiling. “I’m with you there.”

Darling, just hold my hand 

Be my girl, I’ll be your man 

I see my future in your eyes

“I have you as my present and my future,” you smiled. “That’s more than good enough for me, more than I can ask for in this lifetime.” He pulled you closer to him and you rested your head against his chest, gently swaying in the dark and listening to the song as you reflected on your ten years together.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms 

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song 

When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful 

I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms 

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

Chris pulled back and you looked up to meet his gaze, he smiled and you smiled back. “I am so utterly, irretrievably, and irrevocably in-love with you.” You pulled your hand out of his and wrapped both arms around his neck, taking a step closer as if you could getting any closer to him.

I have faith in what I see 

Now I know I have met an angel in person 

And she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this 

You look perfect tonight

“I love you, Chris Evans,” you whispered; your lips inches away from his.

“I love you too, Y/N Y/L/N.” His breath warm against your face. “Well,” he chuckled softly, “I should really say Evans, shouldn’t I?” You bit back your smile; you’d kept your last name for professional reasons. “It’s not like you’re going anywhere romantically, or professionally, now that we’ve proven we make such a great team.”

“I wasn’t going anywhere before that anyway,” you chuckled.

“Yeah,” he smiled and started to lean in, “I definitely don’t deserve this.”

“Neither do I,” you smiled and pressed your lips against his.

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Why You Don’t Separate Lance from Keith

Anon: Klance where one of them gets separated from the team/captured during a mission and Shiro knows they’re overwhelmed so he’s calling for a retreat but the other goes on real epic badass rampage and takes down everyone and saves them and the team is just like woah they are Very In Love.

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Short and sweet because writing a lot of action is not one of my strong suits.

Everyone knew that between the two of them, Keith was the impulsive one. Even though couples tend to assimilate each other’s personalities to some degree, Lance was never one to jump into action so quickly.

But in desperate times, he still had his moments.

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Stress Relief part 2 - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW SMUT)

So many people asked for more Wolverine smut…So, here we go. Very NSFW. Really. Shameless smut (with some gif, which do not belong to me by the way). Because self-control is for weak people…wait…hum…Whatever. 

Summary : Last time, you helped your Wolverine relax…this time, he helps YOU. And you couldn’t be happier. 

Part 1


It had been a while since you had a week as bad as the one you just had. 

Your students, maybe because they felt like the summer vacations were very close, were just being so difficult, so much that at each end of the class you were just exhausted both mentally and physically. 

If that wasn’t enough, you had tons of paperworks to take care of because you promised Storm you’d help her with it. You probably made at least 100 new student files, as the school really started to grow and more kids came in every day. You fucking hated paperworks…You cursed yourself for even asking Ororo if she needed help. She was your best friend, and was co-headmaster with Logan…You saw what being headmaster did to Logan, how it took a toll on his mind, mood etc etc, and just had to try to help them. Still. Fuck paperworks. 

You also were in charge of recruiting new teachers, and that was another pain in the ass, because damn some of them were perfect idiots. You had to throw some out of the school once you realized they were just journalists, looking for a new scandal article to make about a “school full of dangerous mutants”. Assholes. 

Oh, and of course, you also asked Kurt and Hank if they needed help, and of course…They did. 

You were starting to slowly realize that maybe, by wanting to help your friends so much, wanting to make things easier for them, you made your already busy life an impossible schedule to manage. Needless to say, you were overdosing on work, and you felt like you were very close from having a burn out. 

Making everything worst, Logan had been gone all week, having important things to do in Japan. He wanted you to come, but you stupidly refused, because you didn’t want to leave your students alone, as they often came to you to talk and such…and how did the brats repaid you ? By being impossible. Erf. 

So here you were, a bit depressed, stressed, and exhausted, laying in your bed, wishing your boyfriend would be with you. You guys weren’t really clingy, but sometimes, you just needed each other. Like now, in your case.  Your only confort was his smell lingering in your shared bedroom. 

Wearing only one of his flannel shirt, you started to feel your thoughts drifting away as you slowly fell in a well deserved slumber. You just wanted Logan to come home, but he wouldn’t until another week…


Surprise, Logan came home early. His business took less time than anticipated. You didn’t notice at all though…When he entered your shared bedroom, he found you lying across the bed, clinging to his pillow, your face buried in it. You didn’t react at all at his entrance or when he threw his heavy travelling bag on the floor. And when he softly caressed your cheek, you didn’t move, a sure sign you were very tired. Usually, the slightest shift in the bed, the smallest touch or noise, would wake you up in an instant. You were a light sleeper…

You always moved a lot in your sleep (you kicked him more than he could count), and the blanket you were initially under was now pooling at your feet. The flannel shirt you stole from Logan was up to your waist, and he couldn’t help but give an appreciative look to your bare ass.  He ran a calloused hand from your neck to your lower back, gently…You didn’t stir at all and he decided not to wake you up. Planting a loving kiss on your forehead, he went to the bathroom to take a shower. 

After a few minutes the sound of the water finally woke you up. You sat up immediately, who was taking a shower in your bathroom ?! And then you saw Logan’s bag. He was home. He. Was. Home ! 

You stood up so fast that you felt a bit dizzy, and were running to the bathroom door when he opened it and you slammed into him violently. His indestructible adamantium laced bones almost knocked you out. Running into the Wolverine was like running into a concrete wall. He caught you before you fell on the floor, and the towel he had around his waist fell off.

-Wow (Y/N), careful sweetheart. 

Your mind was a bit hazed and you almost didn’t feel him lift you up to carry you to the bed. It took you a few minutes to regain your senses. You wrapped your arms around his torso, and rested your head on his strong pecs. He tangled a hand in your hair, caressing them tenderly, the other hand going to the small of your back. 

-Are you ok ? I’m sorry babe I didn’t…

He froze. You were crying. Did he hurt you that much ? He saw you cry only once or twice before, and you didn’t really had the easiest life ever…You pulled him closer to you, nuzzling his chest, and he realized that you weren’t crying because you bumped into him…

-What is it love ?

It took you another few minutes to hold your tears and answer. 

-I’m just so done with this week…

-What happened  ? Who’s ass do I have to kick ? 

He felt you smile on his naked chest, and his arms tightened a bit more around you. 

-So many people Logan, so many people. It has just been kind of a shitty week…I should have gone with you to Japan. Everyone was so annoying and…

His hand were running up and down your back in soothing gestures. He let you rant for almost an hour, and you realized it was exactly what you needed, just complaining. You rarely did. And you really, REALLY needed it…So much that, even after a week apart, you didn’t take notice that Logan was completely naked in front of you. Usually, you’d have jump on each other instantly…That and the fact that you were sleeping like a log made him understand that you really weren’t alright. 

So he let you talk, and listened, because he knew how important mental health was, how sometimes you could go crazy if you didn’t let your emotions out…when you finished ranting, you pulled away from him. 

You realized you might have bored him with your petty problems, but when you looked up at him, all you saw in his eyes was love and empathy. It made your heart beat faster. Thanks to his enhanced senses, he could hear your heart running wild, and he smiled to you. Of that smile that made you wanna melt  in his arms. 

-You know what’s the problem (Y/N) ? 

-No, but something’s telling me you’re gonna tell me ? 

-You help others too much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, you’re great. That’s why we all ask for your help, we know you get our backs…but the thing is, we don’t have yours that much. We always assume your fine because you’re just…You. Bubbly, smiley, nice. Hiding yourself behind witty and sarcastic comments when you’re not alright, so we’re distracted by that and don’t press on asking how you are…

Damn that man. He knew you too well. You smiled weakly at him, and he bent down. At first you thought he was going to kiss you, and you closed your eyes, but he went to your ear and sensually whispered : 

-Let me make it up to you sweetheart. Show you how much I appreciate what you do for all of us, show you how much I fucking love you. 

As he said that, one of his hand sneakily crept under the shirt you were wearing…

He ran his fingers on your thigh, and you felt a wave of fire swarming your sex. 


-I’m here. For you. Always. 

You pulled him down for the most erotic and heated make-out session you two ever had. And you were usually already pretty good on the “erotic and heated make-out session”’s scale…

With his free hand, Logan took your shirt off, and started to plant kisses, to bite, lick and suck on every single inch of your skin, making sure to leave marks for his personal enjoyment later. He loved looking at his handy work…His other hand was running up and down your slit, rubbing your sex gently. 

One of your hand tangled in his hair while the other one bring his face back to you, and kissed him some more. You licked his bottom lips and he understood, letting his tongue invade your mouth. He was massaging your tongue with his, and you swallowed each other’s moans. He bit a bit harshly on your lower lip, and you answered by pulling his hair. 

Logan’s motto was “a little foreplay goes a long way”, and no matter how much he wanted to be inside you, he always took his time. Like right now, if it was only up to him, after a week of only touching himself thinking of you, he’d just take you right away, without thinking much about it…but tonight was about you.

And so he left your mouth, and you groaned in disapproval. How dare he go away…you quickly changed your mind though, as he left a hot and wet trail with his mouth from your jaw, stopping at your breast because he just fucking loved to play with them (you loved it even more), and slowly but surely, getting down to where you wanted him to be. 

After a few kisses to your inner thighs, and without any other preamble, he nuzzled your now very wet cunt. He hungrily lapped at hit, and didn’t waste a second before delving his tongue in it, playing with your inner thing. The damn man knew you too well. Knew every little details of what you liked, how and where you liked it…and he found your G-Spot rapidly as he slipped a hand under one of your thigh to raise it on his shoulder, the other hand drawing soft circle around your clit. He flicked his tongue expertly, and you bucked into his face. You wanted to apologize, but he made you cry out by burying his face even deeper in your sex. You felt his nose rub against your clit, as his fingers still teased it. 

It didn’t take long for you to come, hard. Into his mouth. A shattering orgasm shaking your entire body. He didn’t stop licking and sucking on you until you were almost still again, and he crept back up, towering over you, his elbows on each side of your face. 

You could feel his hard cock on your thigh, and you made a move to grab it, to turn Logan around and give back to him…But he stopped you. 

-No, it’s all about you tonight. 


-No. Only you baby girl, I have to insist. 

And on that note, he went down to kiss you some more. You felt his body being softer than usual…Usually, he’d be all strong muscles and controlling, but tonight…You decided to test your hypothesis. You were right. You pushed him off of you, and, without resisting one bit, he let you climb on him. 

-Oh, so I can do whatever I want eh ? 

-I told you (Y/N), it’s all for you. You decide. 

With a wicked smile that made him harder than ever, you made him sit with his back against the headboard, and climb sexily on him. 

-And what if pleasuring you is something I want ? 

He sighed. You were such a stubborn woman. But before he could say anything, you kept going…

-Listen, it’s also about me if I give you a blowjob you know. 

You could feel his cock twitch on your inner thigh. 

-Giving me pleasure gives you pleasure too right ? 


-Well then…

And just like he did, you slowly went down his body. Logan gripped the headboard with force, he decided he wasn’t going to put a hand in your hair, as he was afraid to be tempted to guide you. He was adamant on letting you take the lead tonight…

And the lead you took. You grabbed his shaft with deft fingers, and slightly brushed your thumb on the head, spreading the small beads of pre-cum that were on it. 

Making eye contact, which you knew he loved, you licked tentatively on his tip, and went all the way to his balls. He was holding his breath, swallowing down a particularly loud groan. Pulling his foreskin, you wrapped your lips around the head of his cock and sucked hardly. 

Hollowing your cheek, you took him in as far as you could, and swirled your tongue around his cock. What you couldn’t fit in, you stroked, putting the perfect pressure to make Logan squirmed under your touch. You thought the way he was trying not to buck into you, and to fuck your mouth mercilessly was…kinda cute. The man was trying with all his will, and it made you all warm and fuzzy. Your boyfriend wasn’t really a gentle man, but with you…with you it was just different. He showed a side he never showed to anyone before. 

His head hit back the headboard with a loud thud as you started playing with his balls, engulfing him in the warm heat of your mouth. 

He tried to pull you away as he felt he was going to cum, but you shoved his hands away, caressing his abs with love…and you swallowed everything, your plump and swollen red lips not letting a drop escape you. The sound he made while you wear sucking him definitely pleased you. Only you could make him whimper desperately like that, and only you could make him see stars and come that hard, a mix of curse words and your name on his lips. 

His eyes were closed, and his head was still tilted back on the headboard, as he dragged you up his body again. He was breathing heavily, and you gave him time to come back from the shockwave of his orgasm. As he felt you kiss his neck however, he opened his eyes, and the sight of you, naked, straddling him, was enough to make him hard again. 

You raised your hips, and he gave you a sloppy kiss as you simply sunk down onto him. The familiar sting of his cock stretching you made you wince a bit. He was biting your earlobe when you started to move, and he gasped loudly, putting instinctively his hands on your ass, caressing your back on the way.

He squeezed your butt cheek a bit harshly as you slammed down on him, and took a lazy slow pace, just appreciating his skin on yours. His hand went to your hips, helping you go up and down on him, and, imperceptibly, speeding the cadence a bit. You bit your lower lips as your tits bounce in front of his face, and gripped the headboard behind him. He grabbed a nipple in his mouth, and sucked on it as you were riding him, both of your thighs’ muscles working hard to pound in each others. 

-Oh God, yes, so fucking good (Y/N), so..aaah…mmm…

He started to meet your hips and thrust into you with expert movement. Burying himself inside you more and more each time. His hand caressed your back with all the love he could, digging his fingers in your side, not enough to inflict too much pain, but enough to leave marks of his fingers on your skin. 

-I want to feel your name burning in my skin for days. 

Your words drove him wild, and he flipped you on your back, not loosing the connection, pounding relentlessly inside you. His pace slowed a little however, to take your face in. As your legs wrapped around his waste, your feet pushing on his ass so he could sink himself all the way to the hilt in you, he couldn’t help but smile stupidly. You smiled back at him, and the room filled up with your mutual moans and groans, and words of praise for one another. 

He loved taking you like this, because he could just see your face expression. Your foreheads were touching tenderly, and you were swallowing each others’ breath in. He kissed you with love and awe, and you responded with an equal amount of worshipping. 

You always loved those moments when he made love to you…It was often like this. First, amazing foreplay, then, grinding into each other, snapping hips on hips, taking each other hard. Then slow, tender moments before…

-Harder. Please. 

And with one hard movement, he started to snap into you with passion. 

And you became a hot mess. Your fingers dug in his shoulders, nails scraping his back, mouth biting his collar bones, as he was shoving himself in you with vigor. He got on his knees, took your legs and put it on his shoulder, his hands on your waist, as he started to slam so hard inside you that the sound of skin slapping skin was becoming absolutely obscene, and almost as loud as your moans, groans, and dirty talk. The room was filled with “Jesus, don’t stop”, “You feel so good, OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO DAMN GOOD”, and other loving “if you stop I’ll kill you”. 

The Wolverine had the stamina of a horse, and always took you in as much position as he could. He flipped you around, and got you on your hands and knees, bending your head down into the mattress. He took a pillow to put under your belly so that you’d be steady, and again, pounded into you, this new angle hitting places he couldn’t reach before, and making you cry out even louder. Expertly, you rolled your hips back into his, and made him groan with force. 

At some point, the pleasure was so intense, that it became too much and you almost couldn’t register anymore what was going on. You faintly remember him standing up and pinning you against a wall, proceeding then to fuck you, or rather, to make love to you, on every single piece of furniture in your room. Sometimes it was slow and loving, others it was rough…and still loving. 

You reached a point where you couldn’t take it anymore, and he knew it. He took you back to your shared bed, and jackrabbited into you, making you scream his name at the top of your lungs. He wasn’t in a better position, he was very close too, and was starting to feel weak as he slid in and out of you repeatedly. One hand was in your hair, the other went down to your clit to rub it furiously. Your eyes rolled back in your skull, he was killing you. And soon enough…

Your orgasm racked threw you so violently that you dig your nails in his back so hard that you drew blood, his healing factor making everything disappear in an instant. Shame. 

You screamed in pleasure, and you were pretty sure you heard someone say : “Hey, Logan’s back” from the corridor outside your room…

He thrust into you threw your orgasm, and the way your tight heat clenched around him, and his hot seed soon filled you. He fell back on you, not pulling out, letting his weight on your body, knowing you liked the feeling of him on your body. You were caressing soothingly his hair and back, planting kisses at the top of his head as his face was resting in the valley of your tits, kissing weakly the skin there. 

You stayed like this for a long time, in a conformable silence, that he broke. 


-So what ? 

You asked mischievously as he raised his head. He gave you his trademark “I’m not amused” look, and you smiled. You kinda loved his gruff and broody side, and to his annoyance, you thought it was very cute when he got a bit like that with you. It was an entire part of his personality, and you loved all of him. 

-Did I…Help ? 

You looked away, acting as if you were embarrassed, and you felt him stiffen…But only for a seconds as your laugh made your chest vibrate, and resonated threw him. 

-Yes you idiot, you helped. Couldn’t you hear how much you helped ? I’m pretty sure I was…very loud. 

He smiled and was about to pull out of you, knowing that if he didn’t, he was soon going to get hard again, but you stopped it. 

-What ? Done helping already ? 

He looked at you, stunned. He was so sure you were exhausted. 

-Well, I mean…I thought you…

-Oh honey, I was just getting started. 

And with the sexiest wink you could make, you squeezed the muscle of your cunt, and the feeling made him gasp in pleasure. 

-Unless you can’t keep up…

He smiled slyly, oh he could keep up, he could keep aaaaaall night. 

-Darlin’, if that’s a challenge, you’re in for a treat. 

And indeed you were. That night, he definitely removed any remnant traces of stress from your being as he fucked you until the sun rose. 

You slept threw the next day, and he helped you some more the next night. You were so glad it was the week-end and you could just take two days for yourself and your Wolverine…If anyone could see you two, his reputation would be ruined, as it was all cheesy love declaration and fluff…You loved it. Not always, because if he was telling you “I love you” all the time, then the words would lost all meaning. But right now, you needed it, so much. And he knew. 

The damn man knew you too well…And it was great. 


On Monday, you felt so much better. Your students were suddenly nice again (thanks to Logan’s intervention…but that, you’ll never know). There was no more paperworks, finally. And everything felt back into places again…Your boyfriend was definitely a good stress relief. 

Fin, hope you liked it, sorry it was so long, I got carried away…

Scratch - Part 1 - (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N:  I’ve been wanted to write this for the longest time, and the movie Friends with Benefits was on so I took it as a sign that it was time to write it. I already have the next few parts written and ready to post, so if y’all like it you won’t have to wait long for the next part.

Warnings: light smut I guess

“Can I just be brutally honest for the next few minutes,” I ask Steve leaning back in the chair opposite of his desk.

“When aren’t you,” Steve laughs not looking up from the reports he was looking over.

“I miss sex,” I say. Steve clears his throat and sets down the papers before looking up at me with a raised brow. “I’m serious,” I say. “Being an Avenger is great and everything, but you have no idea how much it has interfered with my sex life.”

“And why are you telling me this,” Steve asks.

“Because you are my best friend,” I smile. “And I know you can relate.”

“Why is that,” he asks.

“Because as your best friend I know that you haven’t gotten a good lay in a much longer time than me.”

“Well that’s just how this line of work is,” Steve sighs. “There is no time for a relationship.”

“I don’t need a relationship Steve,” I frown. “I just need a really good lay every once in a while. You can’t honestly tell me you’ve never wished there didn’t have to be an emotional connection for you to get one out of your system.”

“Like a booty call,” Steve asks.

“I’m surprised you know what that is,” I raise an eyebrow, “but no, not really a booty call, but something similar. Something like friends with benefits.”

“The benefits being sex?”

“Yes exactly,” I grin. “You said so yourself, in this line of work there is no time for relationships, all I want is a friend who would do me a favor every once in a while, and by favor I mean sex.”

“Do you really think you can find some one to fit the bill?”

“I have someone in mind that will be perfect for the position,” I smile standing up and walking around to Steve’s side of the desk.

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Grab Your Things (I’ve come to take you home)

FLUFFFFF written in the dead of night, as seems to be my wont lately. This is a late fill for @rebelcaptainprompts Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week, prompt five: Home. Title taken from the song “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel, although I actually prefer the Sarah McLachlan live cover.

Grab Your Things (I’ve come to take you home)

Cassian often thought that emerging from deep cover was like surfacing after a deep-sea dive. You had to take it in measured stages, pausing at certain depths on your way up through the levels of ocean, just the same as you had to move carefully through Imperial space, checking in through encrypted channels on your way.

If you did it too fast, you’d get the bends, or your cover would be blown, both possibly fatal outcomes. So you took it slow.

Which he appreciated. He did. But Force, it took so long.

He didn’t remember it taking so long all the other times, although logic dictated that it always had, or possibly longer.

He’d always been able to sink deep into a cover before, leaving Cassian almost completely behind as he became Joreth or Willix or whoever. But this time, a stubborn knot of Cassian-ness remained deep inside, tied up around a pair of green eyes and a smirking mouth.

He’d missed her desperately.

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You Love Her

Summary: Roman is traveling with Dean and his girlfriend and he catches a sweet moment between Dean and Y/n. He realizes just how hard Dean has fallen and asks if he loves her, even though Roman already knows the answer. This one’s short but Fluffy.

*          *          *          *

WWE had just finished filming an episode of Monday Night Raw at Madison Square Garden. You weren’t feeling well, and it was freezing out considering it was in the middle of winter. You couldn’t wait to get to the next town so that you could check into the hotel and try to get some sleep.

You made it outside of the arena and flashes immediately started going off from fans trying to get a picture of Dean and Roman.

“Dean! Dean! Roman! Over here!” You heard the fans yell out. Dean acknowledged them with a little nod of his head before looking at you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer to him. You reached up and tried to cover your eyes from the flashes because they were starting to give you a headache.

“You driving or you want me to?” Dean asked as he looked over at Roman.

“I’ll drive. You drove last time.” Roman said.

Dean reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys to the rental car and tossed them to Roman. He then led you to the car and opened the door. You slid in and let out a sigh of relief to be out of sight from the line of fire of the camera flashes. Dean and Roman loaded the bags into the back of the SUV while Galina, Roman’s wife, climbed into the front seat.

You leaned your head against the window and Dean slid in next to you. He gave you a reassuring smile and reached over and put his hand on your leg. You could tell he was feeling exhausted from his match earlier in the night and the two-week tour that he’s been on. But he attempted to hide it from you.

He leaned over and gently kissed you before wrapping his arm around you. Your lips curved into a smile and you leaned your head on his shoulder as you prepared yourself for the long car ride to the next city.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You said.

Dean and Roman were both starving after having intense matches during the show, so Roman made a pit stop at a drive thru to get some food. The guys offered to get food for you and Galina, but neither of you was hungry since you had eaten in catering at the show.

Roman was in the front seat behind the wheel, one hand on the wheel, the other in Galina’s hand as she leaned her head against the window to try and get some sleep. Dean was in the backseat with you, one hand on his lap, the other wrapped securely around you.

You tried to keep yourself awake until you got back to the hotel, but you felt yourself continuing to drift off.

“You tired?” Dean asked as he glanced down at you.

You nodded as you let out another yawn.

“Just close your eyes.” He said as his hand brought your head to lay on his shoulder. “Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” He said before he leaned in and pressed his lips to your forehead.

You closed your eyes and slowly started to fall asleep. You felt safe and secure with Dean’s arm around you and the warmth from his body keeping you nice and toasty despite the chilly temperature outside. Dean glanced down at you and his lips curved into a smile. He reached down and brushed a strand of hair out of your eyes.

**Roman’s P.O.V**

I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Dean brush a strand of hair out of Y/n’s face. My lips curved into a smile as I thought about how far he had come. He had never really been one for relationships or settling down. Then Y/n happened. She turned his world upside down.

“You love her, don’t you?” I asked.

Dean looked up confused for a moment before glancing down at Y/n and nodding.

“Yeah…I do. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. She’s my world, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me that my whole world is right here and that I could lose her at any time. No one has ever got to me like she does.” He said.

“I know man. That’s love, though. I see the way you look at her. We all know you’d take a bullet for her…so would I for this one.” I said motioning towards Galina. “I can’t believe our little Dean is falling in love.” I teased.

I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Dean smiling as he looked down.

“To be honest, I can’t either. I never really thought I was going to find someone. I just figured maybe I was better off by myself. I mean I saw all of you guys find love and settle down, but it never happened to me. Sure I had a hookup here or there, but I never saw the same girl more than once or twice. Then I met her. Everything changed after that. Suddenly everything was about her, and all I wanted to do was make her happy. I was trading night outs with the guys for nights in with her. And I didn’t even think twice about it because all that mattered to me was seeing her happy and having her in my arms.” He said.

“You know I’ve noticed that your smile gets a hundred times brighter when Y/n is in the room,” I said.

“What can I say? She’s the one for me, I just know it. I don’t know what I’d do without her. When I have a bad match or a bad day, she’s always there to make me feel better and calm me down. She’s been there for me through ups and downs. She’s just amazing.” He said as he looked down at Y/n.

I had been a little protective of Jon since Y/n came into the picture. Jon wasn’t one for relationships or putting his heart out on the line. I was afraid she would try to change him. I didn’t want her to make him into some guy that he wasn’t. But I realized as I sat there in the car, that the guy I loved and consider a brother was still there. She hadn’t changed him into a guy he wasn’t. She just brought out a better side to him that was in there all along.

“She’s a good one, Dean. Don’t let this one go.” I said.

I watched as Dean pulled her a little closer to him. His lips curved into a smile and then his eyes met mine through the rear-view mirror.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He said. “She’s too important to me to let her go.”

Wings: Preen

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: I’ve read a lot of these, so I decided to take a different approach. There will be a part two!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Light swearing

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,371

Y/N = Your Name

Part One: Preen

            Your twin brother Adam grew up with you in Michigan, and you only saw your father once a year – twice, if you were incredibly lucky. As you grew up, you stayed close out of concern for the increasingly-erratic behavior of your mother. You made plans to meet up again and take time off to stay with her.

            You never saw either of them again, because by the time you had returned to your hometown, your mother and brother had both been eaten alive by ghouls. Sam and Dean pulled you out of the infested house in the nick of time, and since then, you traveled with them. Your hunting, however, left some to be desired – you hadn’t had your entire life to practice.

            The desire to keep you alive was what made them relax their anti-archangel rules in a special exception for Gabriel. The archangel would ride with you on long trips in the Impala on occasion, and he would pop in for at least a quick minute once you’d found a hotel. You’d text and he’d send you photographs of the most beautiful places in the world that you wished you had the money and the safety to go see.

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Affirmation 5/5

Part five ‘All things’ Missing scene Scully POV  (Epilogue) Post ep Mulder POV

Part one ‘Orison’ here

Part two ‘Per manum’ here

Part three ‘Sein und zeit’ here

Part four ‘En Ami’ here


I wake up suddenly, instantly guilty that I managed to literally pass out right in the middle of listening to Mulder waxing lyrical on the potentiality of fate, of the different paths we are destined to take throughout our lives; the paths in fact that we ourselves have taken to bring us right here to this point in time in our strange partnership.

Sometimes I have trouble categorising exactly what it is we share, what exactly is the product of our seven year history together that has seen us fight and fall and push ourselves far away from each other so many times; only to somehow always manage to re-connect once more? 

 More than once I have tried to rationalise this thing we have, this us that is separate from our working lives but at the same time, the threads of our professional history are still wound tightly around us, refusing to fully separate, to allow us to be the people we both yearn to be.  I’m not stupid, I know that a normal life can never be for us, that what others take for granted – a home, a family, simple pleasures that are nothing and everything at the same time – are distressingly unobtainable.  

Because even if Mulder and I had chosen to keep hold of the feelings for each other that we had denied for so long and instead turned to others to help fill in the blanks in our lives that our work on the X-Files had brought upon us, I still believe that those simple life expectations could never be for us.  Too much has happened and too much has been lost and I came to realise a very long time ago that I could never risk bringing in anyone from outside this frightening world we inhabit; that enough innocents have been lost to our quest already.  The blood on my hands is ever present and I know with a certainty that paralyses me at times, that I will never be able to completely cleanse myself of the guilt I carry around with me for the part I played in the destruction of the relationships and the people I loved. 

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You found her, now go and get her ✘ Barry Allen and Grant Gustin Imagine ✘

✘ A/N: I’M FINALLY POSTING MY FIRST REQUEST, YAY! I’m sorry it took so long, anon. School kills. I hope you like it! As well you, guys!

I’ll tag WestAllen bc this one got Westallen, but it’s not a Westallen imagine. Tbh I ship it so fucking bad and MY HEART HURTED!

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta

 (Y/F/N) = Your fake name. (Y/L/F/N) = Your last fake name.

✘ Request: This might get complicated but can you do a Barry/grant imagine where Barry is trying to move on from iris (maybe they broke up or something) and he is either shown through Gideon or travels to our world where he sees the reader (singer actress) and grant have been together for awhile and are very happy so he tries to find the reader on his earth with the teams help

Originally posted by fyeahgrantgust

Things had been strained between Barry and Iris since the end of their engagement. They didn’t talk, they couldn’t stay in a room alone, and when their eyes met, before so demonstrative of love and admiration for each other, would just look away, making both people uncomfortable and any other human or metahuman around being able to feel the heavy breeze from the pressure in the air.

They loved each other, of course, they had loved each other since forever. And when they finally got together, Barry thought that maybe this time he had really won, maybe he’d gotten his happy ending, his peace.

Holy shit, how wrong he was.

Iris missed him more than anything, and so did he.

But it was clear that the Scarlet Speedster couldn’t say or show it more when Cisco entered excited on the cortex, saying that the future had changed. Iris would live. Savitar wouldn’t kill her.

“Actually, I saw her in the headlines. ‘Iris West, the youngest Central City’s journalist to win a pultizer award, public an article about metahuman medicine, with help from her old  friend, Caitlin Snow.'’ Cisco spoke in a forced tone of journalist’s newspaper’s 7, smile never leaving the his face. "Guys, Iris is alive and Caitlin won’t turn into Killer Frost!”

‘’But what changed?’’ Julian asked, but no one could care about what event made the tragedy go away, the focus was clear: the worst thing won’t happen anymore.

‘’We won Savitar, I knew it! I knew it!’’ H.R said exltedly.

Joe hugged his daughter with tears in his eyes as Cisco hugged Caitlin and HR ran out screaming something about coffee and cake to celebrate the occasion.

As much as Barry’s heart was relieved - Iris, the woman he loved, would live and have the success in journalism that she deserved! -  A persistent doubt struck the back of his head. Asking Iris to marry had not changed the future. Had breaking up with her done it?

Barry smiled at Iris as their gazes met, the first real smile from the end, she took a step toward him, and he could not help but try to reach her as well, but Caitlin hugged her just in time, happiness and relief filling the room.

Looking at the people that Barry Allen most loved in the world in such happiness, he couldn’t help but leave when no one was noticing and go to Gideon. Barry had to see if a certain event had reappeared.

His heart pounded, hoping he would continue with Iris, the girl he always wanted…

But he was not.

Flash missing vanishes in crise.

By Iris West.

No hyphen, no Allen.

Iris was alive, but she would only be like this if he didn’t have her.

A solitary tear fell down the cheek of Central City’s hero.

It was surprising how he could save everyone but himself.

But it was okay, if his happy ending was Iris at least alive, Barry accepted that.

He loved her too much to be selfish.


It was 3 months since Barry discovered he could not stay with Iris anymore. He was doing okay as much as possible. The thought that she would be alive made him try to move on, for Barry knew that if he didn’t, the West girl would die.

So the speedster was trying. The best he could, at least.

“This time, I’m 100% sure that the particle accelerator will not get you to another earth.” Cisco said while putting the device in Barry’s suit.

“100%?” Barry raised an eyebrow, doubting his friend’s statement.

“Okay, maybe more to 89%,” Cisco said as he moved to the computer. “Or 67%…”

“Oh, great! ”

“Earth two?” Julian asked Caitlin, trying to find himself in the conversation.

“No, it’s down to earth 4. It’s where Supergirl came from.” Caitlin explained.

“Who?” Julian asked confused as Caitlin began to gesture and explain about Team Flash’s interdimensional travels and friends.

“Okay, get ready.” Barry prepared to run, happy to do something that would always distract him from the world around him. “1… 2… 3… Go! ” The Flash ran, leaving papers flying through the cortex, Caitlin rolled sighed and went to pick them up while Julian approached Cisco to see Barry’s speed on the computer, until it simply disappeared.

“What was it?”


The Scarlet Speedster could feel in his breath that that oxygen was not that of his earth. He sighed and looked around, looking for some information on where he was or how to get help to get home.

As much as “home” was now all his relative happy, uncomfortable moments between him and Iris, the sure certainty that he would not have a happy ending and…

Barry shook his head from side to side, trying to hide his thoughts like someone throwing dirt under the rug. Time to gather information, find help, and go back to his earth.

The hero looked around again, he was on a street, one that seemed to belong only to the richest of any place. Hearing a loud noise as loud as hysterical screams, Barry glanced back, managing to see himself waving to a group of screaming people. Was that version of him famous?

He sped in the big place, looking twice, was a recording studio. The Flash sped through the room, studying everything until it found a trailer that contained clothes in his size.

Barry changed his clothes and grabbed a backpack, putting his uniform inside, starting to look around the trailer at human speed.

“Cool.” A smile appeared on his face to see a photo of him with two more dogs, he always wanted dogs. Barry finally found a computer and searched for the name on the door of the trailer.

Grant Gustin.

Thomas Grant Gustin, better known as Grant Gustin, is an American actor, singer and dancer. Best known for playing the role of “Barry Allen” in The Flash series from CW show.

Okay, what should he be most shocked about? The fact that he is representing himself  or that he can dance?

Anyway, Barry continued his research. Grant Gustin seemed like a completely normal guy, in fact, all of the team seemed to be normal. No metahuman activity here.

Indicated for the best chemistry award on TV: Grant Gustin and (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

This was a new one, he didn’t know anyone by that name. Barry clicked on the link of the story, basically they and 4 other couples competed for this award. The Forensic Scientist kept looking at the photo of himself smiling and hugging a girl, whom he couldn’t see, although he could not help but feel curious and even neediss to meet her.

Barry coughed, moving away from the computer. He had not felt anything like this since Iris.

Search: (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

Allen sighed and clicked on the first link to youtube that appeared, “(Y/F/N)” was talking and suddenly began to sing. He giggled, her voice was wonderful.

The next video was one of an interview with her, Barry clicked on the link and folded his arms, waiting for what could come.

Fully open mouth in ‘’O’’ was a euphemism for Barry’s expression. His chest was full of excitement, confusion… Hope?

His version of this earth was with this girl for years, and he seemed quite happy with her.

This was not Barry’s life, he knew that. But something inside his veins was begging for him, go get this girl.

For the first time after Iris, Barry Allen could feel something.

Just then, Cisco appeared, smiling relieved to see his friend well.

'’How about a vibe home, bro?’


“They were together for like three years and they looked really happy. I have to find this girl. I just have to. ”

“You’re like one of those in love Disney guys, are you going to start singing for no reason like them?” Cisco joked.

“And she was a singer actress!” Barry remembered.

“As lovely as it is, you know this was not your earth, right?” Caitlin said, wanting to make sure his friend’s head was in order.

As Barry opened his mouth to speak, the rest of the team entered the room. His heart ached a little to see Iris, she’s still Iris after all. The difference is that, this time, he accepted his new idea of destiny, Barry Allen was happy. He would have Iris at his side as his best friend, fully alive and amazing at job and someone to love, that was more than enough. It took some months to accept that he wasn’t going to be with Iris and a couple weeks before he came back from the other earth to accept that he could be happy with another person. But he did it.

Barry Allen accepted it and would hold onto this future.

“What were you talking about?” Wally asked with Big Belly Burger’s mouthful, Iris rolled her eyes at his brother’s attitude.

“About the girl that B.A is looking for! She and his look-alike, can you believe it? Look-alikes! - were together and kaboom! He wants to meet her here!” H.R said excitedly, not noticing what he was really talking about and in front of who.

“Dude, seriously?” Cisco chided him, H.R looked around, his mouth popping open and his expression showing surprise at what he had done.

Before H.R could stutter some apoloze, the reaction in the cortex was completely the opposite of what was expected. Iris smiled at Barry, a genuine smile.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Bear.”


“What do we have?!” Barry asked as he stepped into the cortex, already in his The Flash outfit. Cisco and Caitlin had called him to STAR Labs saying they had found something that needed to be resolved urgently, but the whole Team was there, which was weird for a wednesday morning.

“What do you have to get, bro.” Cisco said smiling, eating another of his candys.


“We found her.” Caitlin smiled sweetly. Barry looked around the room, his eyes wide and his crescent-shaped mouth resting like a smile. “Her name on this earth is (Y/N) and… ”

“And we’d say more information about how much work to find her we got, but I guess all you want now is to run for her.” Cisco interrupted and laughed at his friend’s expression, noting how excited he was but happy for him as well as his entire team was.

“Go get your girl, Flash.” Iris said, smiling in encouragement, he stared at her and nodded, running out as he received the information from her location by the microphone in his suit.

And then, the world seemed finally to stop when Barry laid his eyes on (Y/N). Nothing was fast or slow, everything was in harmony for the first time in centuries. Barry could swear on his knees that there were no wars or problems in the world, because… How could something bad happen in the world when her smile existed?


◦ pairing: reader x namjoon

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.3k

◦ a/n: I felt like I was slacking on the Joonie smut so here’s some to make up for it :D Also I suck at titles sorry lol

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

Your hair clung annoyingly to your forehead as your hands scrambled frantically to find something –anything– to hold on to. The cold metal handle of the shower door was the only thing it found amidst your shallow, shaky breaths. His lips were soft, and slick under the running water. Namjoon’s hands stroked up and down your body, swiping bubbled layers of soapy water over you. The bar of soap pressed against your flesh, its subtle scent breathing through the plumes of steam growing in the shower. You could see the faint reflection of yourselves in the mirror through the thick coat of steam on the glass, and it was so fucking hot. His tall body stood behind yours, his long fingers lost in your cunt. He sighed with content and he brushed his thumb lightly over your already sensitive clit. “God, I love you so much,” he grunted, placing a kiss at the nape of your neck.

After spending over a year together, you had learned that the best way to some amazing sex was some highly provocative pictures while he was already sweaty at dance practice and a little audio recording right as he was on his way home. The result was always some exciting and very long-lasting sex trip through the rooms of your house. Needless to say, it never failed.

His lips travelled along your shoulder, leaving soft kisses as his hand grazed up and down your thigh. He was tracing your hip bones softly with the soap before he dropped it suddenly to the hard shower floor and slammed straight into you. “Namjoon, fuck!” You screamed out, the echo reverberating against the white porcelain and glass of the shower. “Shit, yes, yes, yes,” you sobbed, your chest trembling with the glorious sensation of his cock hitting your insides. It wasn’t the first time tonight.

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Let Me (Old Man Logan x Reader)

Originally posted by dofp


Author’s Note: Ok so this is my first time writing something that I’ve posted so please give me feedback. Also I got this idea a few days ago and it just wouldn’t leave me. I’m not sure how I feel about it so I might write something else with the same-ish character and situation like a part 2 or something about life at the compound before this.

Summary: Set around 5-ish months before Logan. You live at the compound with Logan, Caliban, and Charles. You help the two mutants take care of Charles, and you have a history with Logan that tends to repeat itself.

Warning(s): Just some angst I guess, also Logan spoilers!!

Word Count: 1,360

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