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Unpopular Opinion: I think that being possessed by the nogitsune changed Stiles. I think he always had the potential to become an Emissary(the mountain ash and sensitivity to bad guys, Matt&Theo) but the nogitsune twisted that potential and he knows something is different. Like in 5x03, imo, he looked at the MA and he seemed worried, like he didn't know if he'd be able to cross it.

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idk, like i keep saying, i think they’ll keep stiles human so we have someone we can really feel like we’re able to relate to, but it’s def possible!!

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I think Viserys Targaryen is definitely an interesting character, and I would have loved to see his decent from a prince of the most powerful family in Westeros to the beggar prince. I think that maybe he wouldn’t have been such a horrible person, and maybe not so mad if he didn’t go through such a dramatic change in his life. Obviously, he was ruthless and arrogant but idk he’s one of the characters I wish I got to know better before he died.


How come no one is talking about Marin Hollow? He’s got to be one of my favorite antagonists to appear so far! I mean just look at his face  (ノ◕ω◕)ノ Marin Hollow is a god. And my heart broke when he died the next chapter. I feel like he had potential to become an amazing character. Why do you do this to me Mashima!!!
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       [[P.S. These are my cosplay goals now, holy shit. If only I wasn’t broke]]

Time for people to get off the Roman Reigns hating bandwagon.

There’s no doubt that some people hate Roman simply because they don’t like him. Which started when he won the Royal Rumble and they believed he was given the push too early. I get it, he was like one of those video games everyone was too hyped for, that got rushed out of development way too early. He was liked by everyone and they knew he had immense potential. But as soon as he won the RR, people started riding his ass about how he didn’t deserve it. I didn’t have much of a problem with the hate back then because I understood why they felt that way. But what pisses me off is the hate he’s been getting lately. I mean, why? What reason do all of you have for hating him now? You all were unhappy with his push and voiced your anger way too well after RR, that he ended up from main eventing in Wrestlemania to wrestling in the same old repetitive midcard matches three months later.

This is someone who has displayed so much passion, hardwork, and improvement in the last few months, it’s remarkable. Ever since he won RR, every night he’s gone out there and given his best but y'all still boo him because you don’t like him. You cannot deny that he’s been improving, he’s went as far as to learning aerial manuevers. You have to take into consideration the fact he’s absolutely terrified of anything that involves leaping and jumping. It’s not easy to do those things for a guy as big as him. But the fact that he gathers the courage to do it is a big deal in itself because he’s overcoming his fear by doing something that’s completely out of his comfort zone at the risk of being ridiculed or screwing it up just for the sake of entertaining us. It just shows how dedicated he is to his work. Day in and day out, he has proved himself that he’s worthy of being a Champion, but you all are still complaining about his “four moves” and “shitty mic skills”. Like, GET OVER IT!  

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Jeremy noticed me right away, too. He said lovely things as we sipped wine coolers from our red Solo cups, most notably that he thought I had “the potential to be a great beauty.” At the time, I thought that sounded immensely flattering. Wrong. So very wrong.
—  With Apologies To Diane Sawyer [x]