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Powers (Part 2/?)

A/N: Part two to the imagine annabella-daisy-windglitter23  requested. I won’t do a summary/ requests for the upcoming parts (unless someone requests something I want to put into the story) so it doesn’t give anything away. Btw sorry if any of the Russian is wrong! I know this part covers quite a long period of time but it just sort of came that way and I thought all the inbetweens might bore you.

Part 1


“So what did I miss?” Clint said as he sauntered into the room. You let him set down his bags and then ushered him towards the sofas. You sat down and silence filled the room as neither your or Pietro wanted to be the first to say it. Pietro thought it would be best for you to tell Clint because he was your family but you thought that as Pietro had more experience in knowing about the mutations that he would be able to speak about it with ease. Clearly both of you were wrong. As you all sat there and shared a few looks between one another Clint raised an eyebrow and began to grow tired of the quiet.

“Will someone tell me what is going on?” Clint raised his voice to snap you out of any thought you may be in. Your face was covered with worry as you felt the pressure weigh down on your shoulders. The next words you spoke were very rushed and almost impossible to understand.

“I have powers and I can move things and go places and read minds and control the wind and I have no idea what I’m doing.” Clint widened his eyes trying to process everything in the short time you gave him. Again everything became enveloped in silence. Clint moved himself from where he sat on the sofa to next to you and placed a hand gently on your shoulder.

“Can you show me?” He asked. You shook your head.

“It comes and goes when I feel stressed or anxious. I don’t know how to just make it happen,” you tried to explain to him what was going on but failed miserably as you weren’t quite sure yourself.

The next few days Clint would come to your house every so often to make sure that you were okay. He would usually find you surrounded in books and paper as you kept at studying despite everything going on. Pietro often trailed behind him and sometimes he brought others with him. You had been introduced to a girl called Wanda, Pietro’s sister. She showed nothing but kindness towards you the first time you met. It turns out that she has powers of her own and some were quite similar to yours. It made you feel a little better knowing that you weren’t the only one and that you had already managed to find others that could help you through it all. Every time they came to visit you would gain more control over your powers. There were no drastic changes and your apartment still ended up being trashed each time but there was improvement.

Over the course of the next few weeks you hadn’t had a break between studying and controlling your powers, apart from when you needed to sleep of course. Finally you had begun to have some control of when you harnessed your powers, there was no need for specific emotions any more. Sometimes it felt like you were spending too much time on your powers and not enough time on your studying. To you they were almost as important as each other. If you couldn’t get them under control there was no way you were letting yourself be a teacher.

“Focus, I know you can do it,” Pietro spoke softly to you as he held your arm towards the target. “All you need to do is send wind to blow it over.” You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before concentrating your energy into your hand. The wind shot out your hand in a thin stream and hit the target directly in the centre and then you stopped it from flowing. You smiled to yourself and then looked at Pietro to see him mimicking your expression. He pulled you into a hug while murmuring something in Russian.

“ты так красиво, когда вы счастливы” He said and you wondered what it meant. It wasn’t long until the moment was broken up by Tony and Bruce coming down to congratulate you. By now you had met all the avengers and were now training at the tower instead of your own home. You had your own room where you could sit in quiet if you needed to work but all in all it was good not having to train in your own personal space any more. Finally you could control when you read minds and when you teleported. You could also only use the wind when needed and you had the telekinesis under control too. You had made lots of progress.

In the days you trained, Pietro was always there. He would always give you support whether it was physical, verbal or even just being there to watch. You had grown quite close to him and it was nice to have one of your best friends so near all the time.

When the time came to take your exams to become a teacher you felt the stress rain down on you again. Your powers begun to spiral out of control and no matter how hard you tried it was difficult to stop. You sat on your room floor with your knees tucked closely into your chest and your head pressed firmly on top. The wind that blew through the air knotted into your hair and caused things to fly of shelves. With your added telekinesis most of your furniture just wouldn’t stay still. Everything came crashing around you and you felt something collide with your head. Two arms made there way around your torso and began to drag you out of your room before everything went black.

You woke up to a steady beeping sound. As your eyes fluttered open you registered that you were not in your room. The thing you laid on was harder and not as comfortable and the whole space around you was white and pristine. You noted that someone was there next to your bed but for now you couldn’t make out who.

“Your awake,” they said. It was Pietro, you recognised his voice.

“Yeah, what happened?” You asked.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he started. At first you were a little confused but then understood but he still clarified it in words for you. “All that training, all that control where did it go?”

“I don’t know, I guess it was just the stress, so how long have I been out?”

“A couple days, I didn’t know if you would wake up because whatever it was hit you in the head pretty hard,” he told you. You rubbed the area that hurt a little causing you to send a surge of pain all the way though your body.

“I’m glad your okay,” he stated, “Я люблю тебя, я не знаю, что бы я делала без тебя ” You didn’t mind when he spoke in Russian but you did wish you knew how to speak the language. You heard a small giggle coming from the doorway and turned your attention towards the sound. Wanda stood there smiling at Pietro and he turned a light shade of pink. You spent a moment looking between the two as Pietro glared at her.

She has no idea. Was that Wanda? She has no idea of what? Who is she? Was she talking about you? Anything else you couldn’t hear as Wanda blocked it off, it was almost as if she wanted you to hear that small section to peak your curiosity.

Later that day you had gone up to your room to see that damage that you had done. It was a lot worse than it had ever been in your apartment and you weren’t sure you could clean it all up by yourself but you had to try. After all it was your fault and you didn’t want to drag anyone else into it. The process was long but you were getting there. Shortly after you started, Wanda knocked on your door and entered.

“How are you feeling?” She asked.

“Alright I guess, I mean my head still sort of hurts but that’s was happens when something heavy hits you right?” You said and she chuckled.

“He didn’t leave you side you know,” she exclaimed.



You smiled at the thought of him being there the entire time but you had hoped he ate and slept while he was there.

“He said he wanted to be the first to know if you woke up so he just didn’t leave,” she explained. You looked directly into her eyes as she spoke. They held a certain warmth and kindness and she spoke about Pietro staying with you. Perhaps that was what she was thinking about earlier. That you had no idea Pietro had stayed with you the whole time. It wasn’t something he would be embarrassed about though was it? You quite liked the fact he had. In all the time you spent with him you had to admit that maybe you felt a little more than friendship for him but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything. Thoughts of the silver haired speedster flew around in your mind.

“You know Y/N, I can read minds too,” she said and snapped you out of your trance. You felt the heat rising up to your cheeks and hid your face in your hands.

“You should tell him.”

The next time you faced Pietro was the next day when the alarms sounded throughout the tower.

“FRIDAY what’s going on?” You asked.

“Miss Y/N it appears there has been some sort of intruder downstairs, Mr Barton advises that you stay put but I have reason to believe you probably won’t listen to him,” FRIDAY said as you walked out of your room and down the nearest flight of stairs.

“FRIDAY where are they?”

“Just through the doors in front of you,” she said.

“Thanks,” you smiled gently.

“Mr Barton is going to hate me for this,” she said and you laughed a little.

You ran into the room you were directed to and saw the team gathered around a few people. You saw Pietro and Wanda close to the front of the group yelling at the unknown people in front of them. They were armed and had guns pointed towards the avengers.

“We are here for them, we are here to take them back,” you heard one of the men say.

“You’re not getting them back,” Clint retorted.

“Oh we will,” another said. In the blink of an eye a shot was fired straight into Clint’s foot and he hissed in pain and hunched over the wound as if to protect it from further harm.

“Give us the twins or we’ll shoot him somewhere a little more… fatal,” the third said. You studied their faces and what they were wearing before you actually realised who they were, or more importantly where they are from.



ты так красиво, когда вы счастливы  - You’re so beautiful when you’re happy

Я люблю тебя, я не знаю, что бы я делала без тебя - I love you, I do not know what I’d do without you