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Hello, I wanted to say the love children AU is pretty amazing. Also, don't take my request if it's unusual or inapropiate, but I would really like to see papa Yuuri. Greets.

hello!! thank you very much~
yesterday i was doodling older beka, so after seeing your message i thought, why not drawing all of them!!! and so i did

yuuri is pretty much the same, here in japan a lot of older men use long hair like idols… some of them are very hot, some of them are ridicolous……… but yuuri was already cute to begin with so no problems

once yuuri told victor that he really liked the longer hair he had when he was younger. bam, damage was done. he’s in a bit of a mid-life crisis now but at least he’s not getting bald like he was afraid of 

yuri has long long hair but it will never admit why. beka loves passing his fingers through them so yuri likes them even more. he had them also when they had milo but had to cut them bc milo continued to pull them   

beka is a gift from the gods and yuri loves that stubble so so so so much, he’s always nibbling and kissing his chin. 

((man i’m not good at drawing older characters s forgive me if they just look barely different from their normal versions haha) 

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU 

Learning 2 Share - Stilinski Triplets + Mitch Stilinski [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Stuart Stilinski/Reader, Thomas Stilinski/Reader, Mitch Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5668

Notes: Here y'all go. Finally here. So, there’s a lot of warnings for this one, let’s go. *cracks literally every fucking none in my body as preparation* Oral (both receiving), Fingering, Orgy, Multiple Orgasms, Spit Play, Anal, Rimming, Anal Fingering, Squirting, Double Penetration, Thigh Riding, Face Riding, Marking, Biting, Scratching, Over Stimulation, Shower Play, Exhibitionism, Spanking, Dirty Talk, Begging, Dominance, Older/Younger, Orgasm Denial and Choking/Gagging. Huge thanks to Steffy because even though she doesn’t like butt stuff, she proofread this for me. If that ain’ true friendship then I don’t know what is. I love you @dumbass-stilinski​ <3

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Very smutty Shawn blurb with elements of Sub!Shawn

Requested by anon for a Fuck Buddy blurb. 

Em didn’t know if she’d been invited out of kindness—he was certainly the type—or out of a genuine desire for her to show up. If it was just a polite invite she was risking terribly embarrassing herself. If it was genuine then she was risking reading into it too much. Either way, it was a bad idea to go but she was already in the building, rolling her eyes at herself in the elevator.

Shawn had moved into his own place recently and was only in town very briefly but he wanted to throw a house-warming party as an excuse to see his friends more than to show off his new place that he hadn’t even fully furnished yet. When Em had received the invite via a mass e-mail she’d wondered if maybe he’d sent it to her as a mistake and had’t realized. Nevertheless, she couldn’t get herself to not take an opportunity to see him. It’d been too long.

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Clingy Shawn

request: You should make one about Shawn coming home after a long day and he just comes and sits in between your legs with his back on your chest and you just releasing some of the tension he has by rubbing his shoulders and giving him kisses and playing with his hair.

request: A needy or clingy shawn? Like he wants to be held and the one taken care of

a/n: i couldn’t think of a title. i was staring at my computer for like, ten minutes just thinking (if anyone has a better title, tell me pls)

You were in the kitchen when you heard the door to your apartment close, and you turned around, smiling at your boyfriend. “Hey, hun.” He smiled, kissing you.

Frowning, you looked at him. “You look tired, go sit on the couch.” You shoved him out of the kitchen and put away the pasta salad you were making for your sister’s birthday party that weekend.

Shawn didn’t even hesitate, he fled to the couch before you even finished the sentence. You quickly followed him, and smiled when you saw Shawn sitting on the couch, flipping stations on the tv. He stopped it on some cooking show, and you snorted. “Cooking?”

“Yeah, these shows are growing on me.” He said, looking up at you. “Can you sit behind me?” He asked, smiling at you with puppy eyes.

Sighing, you nodded, climbin onto the couch and positioning yourself so your legs were on either side of Shawn, and he leaned back, smiling. “Your boobs are nice pillows.”

“I’m going to get up.”


You shook your head, and began massaging Shawn’s shoulders, and he sighed in content. You occasionally would comment something about the show you two were watching, but it was mostly quiet in the apartment, which meant Shawn was pretty beat from his day at the studio. You grew bored with massaging his shoulders, and moved to brush your fingers through his hair, elicting another sigh from your boyfriend. “Your amazing.”

“You’re not too bad yourself, sweets.” You replied, twirling a longer piece of hair he had. “You need a haircut.”

“Yeah,” Shawn agreed, playing with a loose string on your t-shirt. “Was this my shirt?” he asked, scooting down so his head was tucked in the space between your neck and collarbone. You thought he looked uncomfortable, but didn’t say that.

“Mhmm, stole it from you before you left for the last tour.” You murmured, enjoying this time.

“Looks better on you.” Shawn yawned. “‘M gonna take a nap.” He informed you, before falling asleep rather quickly.

You smiled to yourself, and continued to brush your fingers through Shawn’s hair. He wasn’t often in moods like this, when he wanted to be cuddled like this, but you loved it. It was a part of him only you saw, and you cherished each moment of times like those.

a/n: i’m not a fan of this but i’d still like feedback. (also i might open the requests up again soon, look for a post about that sometime this week- probably thursday because that’s the only day i don’t fucking work!!!)


Pairing: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 2800-ish

Warnings: None mostly, feels and fluff.

A/N: This is written for @sdavid09‘s “What if… Challenge.” My prompt: What if Sam got cursed and became a toddler?  

Also written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s hiatus writing challenge- Prompt“What happened doesn’t change anything.”

How I got a Dean X reader with that prompt is a good question, but it’s a concentrated dose of Dean being an awesome brother and Sam being really adorable. I hope you guys like it. Thanks to @torn-and-frayed for being the awesome beta. Steph, you rock, you rule <3

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Staying the Same (Jonathan Byers x reader)

Summary: Reader suprises Jonathan at NYU

Warnings: Its kinda sad? i guess

Word Count [NEW!] : 588

Request: Hi!!! I love your work, it’s fantastic! Could you please write a Jonathan Byers fanfic where him and his girlfriend are in college and one goes and visits the other (like she goes and visits him at NYU)?? Please and thank you!!

While NYU was Jonathan’s greatest dream, he felt empty there. His roommate was constantly out partying, never at the dorm; and because of his introverted nature, making friends in his classes of 100 plus people proved more difficult than he imagined. He spent most of his time taking pictures, doing his homework, watching the same 3 movies he brought with him, and his favorite activity, talking to you on the phone. But the daily phone calls weren’t enough for him. Jonathan was used to seeing you everyday during school, after school, on the weekends, there were only a few times you two were apart.

Jonathan sat in his room arranging a stack of photos he had of you, his family, and other photos in an album. The pictures he took of you were the ones he was the proudest of, and while looking through his collection of photos, he found one of himself you took last summer. It was blurry and half his face was out of frame but he loved anything you did.

3 knocks coming from the door stole Jonathan from his thoughts. Quickly he moved to the door, thinking it was his roommate, stumbling back from a party drunk. But when he saw your face behind that door, he almost cried. It had been almost 5 months since he had seen you last.

“Hey baby, you missed me?” you grabbed him and pulled your boyfriend into a tight hug. The shoulder of your blouse soon became soaked with tears. “Babe, what’s the matter?” concern flooded your body. He was generally more reserved than emotional. You hadn’t seen him cry since he got Will back.

“I missed you so much, baby I missed you so much,” his body shook while he cried. He was a wreck, pulling you in closer and kissing your cheek. With each kiss he placed, a laugh left you, and that laughter turned to tears too.

You pulled away from him carefully, “Baby, we need to go inside, people are going to get concerned if they find us hugging each other and crying in the hallway of your dorm,” He followed you inside, and the two of you sat on his bed. His eyes were red, but he stopped crying at this point. “Tell me baby, how is it seeing me out of the blue?” He just laughed at your comment. You both stared at each other for a bit, sitting in comfortable silence. Finally able to see each others faces, when all you had was each others voices. He hadn’t changed at all; you were afraid New York would change your Jonathan, but the only thing that changed was where he slept at night. He noticed you had changed, your hair was longer, cheeks fuller and redder, you even wore lipstick different than your usual color choice. But he could tell your personality didn’t change at all. Still the same funny and Star Wars obsessed person he fell in love with as a freshman.

You looked down, and saw scattered around his bed were polaroids. Pictures you had seen a hundred times, and some you had never seen before. Flipping through the half completed photo album, you saw photos of you, before you started dating him, and documenting the progression of your relationship. Even as time went on, things always stayed the same. Your relationship always stayed strong, the love you both held never faltered. Even if you lived over 700 miles away from each other, everything would be the same.


I was hit last night with the random urge to write, so here it is. If you want to be added to the tag list feel free to dm me! Requests are open, feel free to drop a request in my ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine. Feedback is welcome and very wanted! Idk whats next im tired lol




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Girls Like Me (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: You and Ethan send each other the cutest snapchats, but what do they mean to both of you?

Warnings: None, unless you’re allergic to FLUFF.

A/N: SO YOU GUYS. This was meant to be a really quick one shot and it turned into a 13-page story? Who knows. This is, however, going to be THE BEGINNING OF A SERIES OF ONE SHOTS about the twins and their lip sync snapchats! The first one is an actual snap from Ethan, but the rest were invented for the sake of the story. All song lyrics are in italics. I’m working on the next one, which will be a Grayson one. I hope you enjoy this! I wrote it in one sitting so it’s probably not great, but let me know what you think!

He was such a show off.

He had dyed a streak of his hair blue, and even though it was fading now, it drew attention to the fact that it hung lazily over his hazel eyes. His blue tank top faintly matched it. He was chewing gum as he lip synced to the song playing on the radio in his twin brother’s car, waving his phone around in time with the music. You recognized the song after a moment or two.

Lookin’ back,

I guess it was a kind of hazy -

Got me caught up and frustrated in love.

Lookin’ back -”

The video cut off.

It was a Snapchat update from user EthanDolan and you had to decide if you were impressed or not, seeing as it was sent specifically to you, and not posted on his story.

You met Ethan and Grayson about a year ago when you and your family moved to L.A. You were behind Grayson in line at the Nike store when he struck up a conversation with you. He was friendly and sweet, and he made you laugh. The girl behind the counter actually had to clear her throat a few times and pipe up with an annoyed “sir?” before the two of you realized you were holding up the line.

He waited for you while you made your purchase and the two of you walked out of the store together after sharing a laugh. A boy that looked just like Grayson was standing on the sidewalk. His hair was longer and shaggier and he had a bright blue streak in his hair. He had on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. He raised an eyebrow and looked a little surprised to see someone by his twin brother’s side. He locked eyes with you, and you felt a bolt of electricity spike down your back when his gaze met yours. He looked you up and down as he stood, unmoving and the two of you approached him.

“E, this is (Y/N), she just moved here. We should show her around!”

The boy Grayson addressed as ‘E’ simply shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets, kicking off the wall he was leaning against.

“Sure, the more the merrier,” he offered. And so the three of you spent the day together, and the following weekend, and many more to come.

You had grown close with Grayson. He was like a big brother: protective, supportive, encouraging and loving. But Ethan? Ethan always seemed out of reach. You always tried to get close to him, but he put up a barrier, defensively reverting to humor whenever something got serious between the two of you. You tried to tell him about an argument you once had with your dad that really shook you and he made a daddy joke, and left, quickly.

Whenever Grayson was around, Ethan was probably there too. It seemed he didn’t mind your presence as long as Grayson was there to act as a buffer. The two of you were almost never alone together, and sometimes, when you would invite both the twins out, only Grayson would show up. You even put in effort to get to know Ethan on his own, but he rarely reciprocated.

The only conclusion you could come to was that Ethan was uncomfortable around you. It hurt you a little since you and Grayson were so close and Grayson was so close with his brother. You wanted the three of you to have a good friendship, but Ethan apparently wouldn’t allow it to happen.

Until one day, when you received a random snapchat from Ethan.

It was pretty unassuming. Just him lip syncing to that song. It made you chuckle because he was so overdramatic. You checked to see if it was on his story, and it wasn’t. This was a little weird: Ethan almost never sent you snaps. It made you feel a special, as stupid and 21st century as that may seem. So you put on the same song on your computer and waited until the next part of the song came on, sending it back to him.

You say: la, la, la,

La, la, la, la.

Girls like me don’t come around anymore!

You swayed your head side-to-side with the beat, waving your phone around to the opposite sides, creating an interesting effect. You winked at the camera before ending the video and sent it to Ethan, holding your breath. He sent you back a few laughing emojis. You felt a sense of accomplishment: you’d managed to connect with Ethan on something, even if it was as trivial as a snapchat. Your heart felt swollen in your chest as you bit your lip and tossed your phone aside on your bed.

This continued for months. You’d send him a snap of you lip syncing in the car, and he’d send one back. Sometimes the two of you would finish the song together. It was like the two of you had finally picked something to bond over. Each time you saw a little purple square next to the username EthanDolan, you got a little excited and couldn’t keep that smile from tugging at your lips. The two of you would act them out and definitely ham it up for each other.

You paid close attention to the songs that he would choose. They weren’t incredibly popular - never songs that were overplayed on the radio. They were mostly upbeat and positive. Some of them were older songs - songs that had lived their lives on the radio and moved onto dead, no-longer-clicked Spotify playlists. You knew almost all of them, and you always sent a similar song back to him - mostly girly pop-punk songs that were about being angry at your boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever.

You had a good thing going.

And then one day it got weird.

You’d opened the snap to see Ethan, not goofing around as he normally did, but just singing to the camera. If you’d have been together, he would’ve been staring deep into your eyes. That didn’t bother you, but the song choice shook you a bit.

She a cutie and she fine,

Make me wanna make her mine,

She ain’t nothin’ like those bimbos.

If you like it, we can swerve,

We can light and stain up here,

Blowing, pluck it out the window.

What a weird part to send me…’ You thought to yourself as you watched it. It wasn’t a hook or a chorus, it wasn’t a particularly memorable part of the song, and the song was pretty used at this point. You blinked as the video ended, wondering what to do with it. You decided to put the song on and sing part of the second verse. He watched it and didn’t reply, which only confused you more.

A few days went by before your next snapchat arrived.

Hey baby, won’t you look my way?

I can be your new addiction.

Hey baby, whatchu gotta say?

All you’re giving me is fiction.”

It was cute. He was in the passenger seat of Grayson’s truck and he had on a grey tank top. He was wearing a white snapback hat and he winked at the end of the short clip. You almost threw your phone in shock. You checked to see if it was on his story - he sometimes posted them, especially the more flirty ones - but it wasn’t there. You weren’t sure how to react to this, and you weren’t sure why it had given you butterflies.

You decided to respond with the chorus, which was pretty harmless and really catchy. You head banged along to the music, over exaggerating your enthusiasm and ended the video with a giggle. Ethan watched it as the purple arrow turned into a white one. He sent back a smiley face. You left your phone resting on your chest as you replayed the snap in your head. Why couldn’t you stop smiling? Why were you giggling thinking about the way Ethan had winked at the camera - at you? Why did it make your heart pound against your ribs and your face get hot?

Later that night, you got another snapchat from EthanDolan. You touched the purple square and listened to the music that rang from the small speaker at the bottom of your phone, still sporting that smile that was only for these moments.

Ooh, pretty baby,

This world might’ve gone crazy.

The way you saved me,

Who could blame me,

When I just wanna make you smile.

It was again, oddly specific, but you did love the song. You turned it on from your iTunes library and sang along with it as you snapped Ethan back the rap towards the end of the song.

Baby, you’re classic,

baby, you’re sick.

I never met a girl like you ever til we met.

A star in the 40s,

Centerfold in the 50s,

Got me trippin’ out like 60s,


You did your best to make it as funny as you could, knowing Ethan would enjoy it, but once you sent it, you were surprised to see you had another snap waiting. You opened it immediately.


Pick you up

In a


Like a



Glamour back,

Keep it real to real with the way I feel:

I could walk you down the aisle.

You stared at the screen, one hand covering your mouth. He hadn’t kept eye contact at all during the video, using fun angles and acting like a general goof until the last two lines where he looked directly into the screen, as if staring you down the way he did earlier: ‘Keep it real to real with the way I feel: I could walk you down the aisle.’

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” You shouted to no one in particular, running your hand through your hair swiftly. You looked at your reflection in your mirror. Your cheeks were pink and you looked like a spooked horse, your hair sticking out in odd directions after that rough tug. He had gone out of his way to send you that specific part of the song. You put down your phone and stared at it for a long time to see if Ethan sent anything else.

He didn’t.

The following day, you were meeting Grayson for lunch. Ethan had already declined the offer and said that he had plans. It hardly surprised you. For a few days there, you had forgotten about Ethan’s lack of interest in you or the friendship you had to offer.

After lunch, on your way back to your house, Grayson had the radio blaring and you decided to send a lip syncing snapchat to Ethan, like you always did.

If I could find you now, things would get better.

We could leave this town and run forever.

Let your waves crash down on me and take me

Away, yeah, yeah.

You made sure to include Grayson in the video, tossing an arm around him as you sang the song, him mouthing the words right along with you. You pressed a quick kiss to his cheek as you’d done millions of times at the end of the video, smiling to yourself as you sent it. You waited to see what he would send back, imagining all the goofy things he could do with this song. The purple triangle turned white.

And that was it.

You never got a response.

You waited for hours, for the rest of the night. You knew he had seen it, snapchat didn’t lie. Had you done something wrong? Was he just not interested anymore in laying a foundation for a friendship? Why did this suddenly feel different? Maybe he’d gotten bored, and didn’t want to continue the silly exchange with you. How could something so stupid turn into something so important?

You wondered why it made you hurt so bad on the inside, why it made you cry so much and so hard. You wondered why you bothered telling Grayson what happened, explaining your weird ritual with Ethan to him, and you wondered why Gray had sighed and said: “Let me talk to him.”

The next morning, Grayson called you, a little too early for your liking. You groaned into the microphone as he laughed.

“Just come over later. Whenever you’re ready to be up. Okay?” You let out a grunt in agreement and Grayson ended the call. You dropped your phone onto the floor as your arm hung over the side of the bed, almost immediately falling back asleep.

When you woke up, you did so in a flurry. You sat bolt upright in your bed and realized you had fallen back asleep for what was probably hours. You quickly sprang out of bed and got ready, taking a note of your record time as you ran out the door.

You grabbed your longboard and made your way to the twins’ apartment, which was entirely downhill of your house, making the ride easy and breezy. Your unbuttoned dark purple flannel blew in the wind behind you as your black crop top fluttered against your stomach. Your flat converse low-tops made it easy for your feet to stick to the board and your ripped jeans had a little give to them which allowed you to slalom down the hill easily. You had thrown on a matching grey snapback and you checked your phone quickly, not wanting to fall.

It had been three hours since Grayson had called you, closing in on three and a half now as you made your way to their place. You bit your lip nervously, remembering that Gray had promised to talk to Ethan, although the exchange was so cryptic that you could barely justify why you let him. You let out an odd, unattractive groan as you rounded the corner and let yourself glide across the threshold of the apartment complex. You felt more and more awkward as you approached their building.

As you rolled up beside it, you hopped off your board, running next to it for a second before picking it up, holding it close to you as you walked toward their door. You raised a hand to knock, but the door opened before you could, surprising you.

You jumped as the door swung open to reveal the boy with the blue streak.

Your heart halted in your chest as the two of you stared at each other, you with wide eyes and him with the same bored expression he always wore around you, but only for a moment. When saw that you looked a little nervous, he cracked a smile and held the door open for you. You left your board by the front door and walked in.

“I talked to Grayson…” he began, running his hand through his hair before turning back to face you, making you freeze by the kitchen counter. You tried to think of words, but suddenly, you didn’t speak English anymore. Or any other language, for that matter. All you could remember how to say was:


Ethan’s eyes seemed to bore holes into you as he approached you, slowly, taking his time. You backed away from him, and the intensity of his stare until the cold marble of the counter bumped the small of your back. It surprised you, making you jump again. He didn’t stop advancing. You nearly climbed the counter at the sight of him. You weren’t sure why you were so nervous. It wasn’t like he was going to hurt you.

Actually, his gaze seemed to convey quite the opposite, but that had to be your eyes playing tricks on you…right?

He had you pinned against the counter, with one hand on either side of your waist, holding the cool stone in his hands. You looked up at him, eyes still wide open like you wanted them to fall out of your head. You bit your lip as he got closer to you.

“Yeah, he told me you were upset I never sent you a snapchat back yesterday, and that you didn’t know why that upset you so much.” You could feel the flame of a dark blush creeping up your neck to your cheeks as you raised a hand to rub the back of your neck. You looked away from him, down to your shoes and the space in between the two of you, now watching it close as he got even closer.

“I guess…” You offered quietly, your voice cracking. Ethan was intimidating, but this was a whole new level. You heard him chuckle.

“(Y/N), do you know why I never let you get close to me?”

The question immediately made you raise your head to look at him, one eyebrow raised. Was this really the time for that question? You blinked at him.

“Uhh…” He cut you off. There was very little distance between the two of you now. You doubted you could fit a playing card between the two of you. He had you pressed against the counter, and his chest pressed against yours. You could feel his warm breath on your face and smell his cologne. The scent made you a little dizzy.

“It’s because my brother met you first. I would never overstep him on a girl he met first.”

Your other eyebrow went up.

“Ethan, what are you talking about?” He only smiled at you, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, seemingly admiring your face.

“I was waiting for Gray to make his move on you.”

If they weren’t connected to your brain, your eyes would’ve fallen out of your head.

“YOU WHAT?!” You were shouting now, which made Ethan laugh out loud, letting his head fall back as he did.

“I was waiting for Gray to make a move on you. He met you first, it would’ve been only fair. But he talked to me last night and I finally confronted him about it. He said he’d never make a move on you and he didn’t feel that way about you.” Your heart must’ve been buzzing like a hummingbird because you could hear it in your ears and it had never pounded this fast in your entire life.

“What does that have to do with you ignoring me?” You asked, looking back up to him. He smiled and you thought that if he hadn’t had you pinned to that counter, your legs would’ve given out from underneath you.

“It’s relevant because I’ve had a thing for you since he introduced me to you. But I thought he did too because of how close you guys are. And Gray is kind of shy when it comes to girls, so I knew he’d take forever to make a move on you anyway. So I backed off. But I found myself falling harder and harder for you. I couldn’t even be in a room with you without getting lost in thoughts of you.” He shrugged and picked up one hand to push his hair back. “So I pulled away. I wanted to give Gray a chance. But I couldn’t pull away completely. That’s when we started our little snapchat exchange.”

Somehow, Ethan took another step closer. You felt your mouth become dry and your head light. It was all starting to come together. All of it made much more sense now.

“So I tried to send you clues - hints about how I felt about you. Each song meant something to me. They reflected how I felt about you.” You bit your lip and looked up at him as he turned his head away slightly and you could see he was blushing. Everything made sense to you now. Everything. It all fell into place. It all felt right.

“Ethan, I feel the same way…”

He snapped his head to look at you. Now it was his turn to be surprised.

“What?” He asked quietly, sounding incredulous.

“Ethan, why do you think I got so upset when you didn’t respond to me? It’s just a stupid fucking snapchat? I spent the whole night sobbing. I thought I had ruined everything we had, even if everything we had was just some childish ritual. It made my day, every day. I always looked forward to it, because it was ours. When I thought I had done something to ruin it…” you almost choked on your words. “I couldn’t handle it.”

He looked down at you as you teared a little, bringing a hand to rest on your jaw, his fingers splayed against your neck gently as his thumb stroked your cheek.

“I thought you and Grayson had finally become official, so I backed off…” he explained, his eyes searching your own. You chuckled through your watery eyes.

“In his dreams,” you joked. Ethan smiled.

“Definitely in mine…” he whispered.

You almost felt sick you were so euphoric. Realizing your feelings for Ethan was a rollercoaster, but you were on it with him now and he was sitting right next to you, hands in the air, screaming and laughing and having the time of your lives. You reached up and held Ethan’s wrist as he pulled you into him.

Your lips touched and you felt actual fireworks explode in your ears, your forearms, your chest, everywhere. He now held the back of your head as he kissed you, his thumb under your ear, your hands sitting at his waist. It was long and slow and complete. Neither of you wanted to rush the feeling you both were experiencing. You felt like a completed work of art. Your lips collided over and over again in supernovas that felt as if they’d go on forever. You had just experienced the big bang all over again.

“Can I come out now?”

You heard a familiar voice from one of the bedrooms and it disrupted the two of you. Ethan turned and you looked around him to see Grayson standing in the hallway, waving awkwardly. You both smiled and Ethan pulled you into him, tossing an arm around your neck protectively.

“What do you say, (Y/N), should we let him out now?” Ethan asked. His eyes were dancing with the same spark you’d felt, shining full of stardust. You couldn’t help but beam at him.

“I suppose, if he’s okay with serious PDA, that is…” you replied, looking back up at him as he looked down at you with a growing smile. He leaned down and kissed you again with the same slow, careful attention. You reached up to rest your hand on his cheek, fingertips resting gently against his skin.

“Okay, ew?” Grayson said, and the two of you broke into giggles against each others’ lips. “Can we all just like, go out in public so I can eat without having to look at you two sucking face?” He asked, though he had a smile on his face as well.

“Nah, I think I’m gonna take my girl on a date, what do you say, (Y/N)?” You bit your lip and smiled as Ethan pulled you close and kissed the top of your head.

“I’d like that,” you replied quietly as the two of you headed for the door.

“What am I supposed to do?!” Grayson yelped as Ethan grabbed his keys off the counter and you grabbed your board.

“ORDER PIZZA,” you both shouted together before Ethan slammed the door shut.

Grayson looked down at his feet, feeling a little dejected. You opened the door and poked your head back in, smiling.

“Come on,” you said with a giggle. He beamed and followed you out the door.

The three of you went for a casual dinner, you in the front seat of Ethan’s car, taking goofy snapchats as you all sang along to the radio.

“She knows me so well,

It’s crazy when I think about it.”

Y’all can thank @auro-cyanide for the Teru in hair barrettes….

Although you can hardly tell they’re there in these doodles. But ah well.

Please Don't Leave Me-Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Can I make a request for Newt where he is your best friend but he starts to ignore you after he meets Tina. You realize that you are in love with him but you stay quiet about it and don’t say anything until the fight against Graves you jump in front of Newt to save him from Graves’s spell and get really hurt and you think your going to die so you tell him that you love him. Can there be lots of angst but have a happy ending? Thank you!

A/n: This the longest imagine I think I have ever written, and just…oh my God

Warnings: Angst everywhere, mentions of blood, pain, rejection, fighting, broken hearts, basically angst on top of angst on top of angst, and a smidge of fluff of course (Also the plot ties in with the events of Fantastic Beasts, but a few parts may be a bit different)



The sky above was dusted over with a hazy gray, the kind that mimicked smoke in your lungs or ashes falling from the sky. Crashes and screams echoed throughout the broken streets of New York, while most of the Muggle or No-Maj community was out and about, hollering against the display of witchcraft. You spun around, trying to find Newt, until you realized that you had become separated from his presence during some of the attacks throughout the city. You sprinted over some fallen bricks and rubble, only losing your footing once or twice. Your wand rested in your hand at the ready as you maneuvered through the chaotic streets with your coat billowing behind you.

The trip to New York was not at all as you had imagined it to go. You had been traveling with your best friend Newt, as you were helping him to release Frank, the Thunderbird the two of you rescued back in Egypt, to the wilds of Arizona. You had both only anticipated to stop here shortly, however after the escapades with the Niffler, a No-Maj, and MACUSA, your time of departure had been delayed.

You had known the clever Magizoologist since your days at Hogwarts, and since you two were both labeled as the “peculiar type,” both of your personalities fit together like puzzle pieces, and he was more than happy to have someone as his friend. You did everything together. You found creatures in the forest together, went to Hogsmeade together, even snuck out past dark out of the castle grounds a few times together. The friendship that you each shared was beyond perfect, except for the fact that you had wanted to be more.

The feelings that you developed towards him grew fonder after you found one another after his expulsion, as you had both kept in touch through written letters and little photographs of adventures you were having while separate. After Hogwarts, you met with him in person for a drink of tea, and he was still the same remarkable Hufflepuff who possessed an undying love for the creatures of the world. However, he did appear quite different, as his hair had grown longer and fluffed out more, covering his twinkling eyes a bit, and his body had grown much taller, broader, and stronger since his teenage years. His freckles still splattered like stars in the night across his face, and his pearly white smile still shined, but he was clearly much older now. When he met eyes with you as you walked through the tiny shop, he rushed towards you to engulf you into a hug to make up for all the ones you couldn’t share while you were both away from one another. You giggled slightly against his chest as he retracted a bit and ushered you to sit down with him. That day you caught up on everything that you had each encountered during the last few years. He asked how everything at Hogwarts went while you asked him how he was doing with the creatures he mentioned in his letters, to which he replied at first with a gentle nervous smile.

“Actually, I’m trying to write a book about creatures, you know, to get people to see them differently,” he spoke with a passion infused sparkle in his eyes.

You paused as you swallowed your tea, nearly choking in in shock, “Merlin’s beard Newt that’s incredible!”

“Yes, in a sense it is,” he paused as a blush rose onto his cheeks, “and I’m set to leave for Asia in a week to study some of the various regions there.”

Your face fell slightly as you brought your eyes to look back into your mug. You had just gotten to see your best friend again, and he was already leaving you? Newt nervously looked at his own mug too, afraid to cut the silence with what he was about say.

“B-but I wanted to also ask if you wanted to accompany me. You don’t have to say yes of course, I don’t want you have to change your life or job, but I wanted to ask because you’re one of the most important people in my life right now, and well, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side.”

You stared at him, eyes wide with shock and confusion once more. His hands fiddled with one another as he now awaited your response while silently hoping he hadn’t been too abrupt with asking. You two were close sure, but he was practically asking you to run away across the world with him.

However, you already knew your answer, and with a smile sprouting on both of your faces, you were ready to see what the world held in store for you as you stood by his side.

But that was ages ago of course. You paused to catch your breath behind a wall of a fallen building with your wand still pointed out in defense. A few beads of sweat formed across your forehead as tears also began to threaten to fall. You were strong, but with everything collapsing and crumbing around you, it was difficult to keep yourself from doing it yourself as well.

You were alone in a breaking city that you had only known for a brief amount of time, and yet so much had changed. You doubted that Newt was even concerned about where you were, as you hadn’t even spoken much to one another since you had arrived off the boat and into the crisp air of the American city. Everything had been different since he had met her.

Tina Goldstein.

When you had both first met the woman, she had tried to have you both turned in to MACUSA for possessing beasts, but soon after, Newt had begun to spend more and more time with her as opposed to with you. Neither of them knew how you felt, and you weren’t exactly ready to scream it out to the world yet.

If someone were to ask you if you loved Newt, you would simply nod, but finish it off with the addition of “but as a friend.” Yet on the inside, your heart would pound and flutter at the sight of his smile or flip at the sound of his voice, for you had hopelessly fallen in love with your best friend from your childhood. At first, it was a small scale infatuation, a simple desire towards the man with the bowtruckles and the graphorns, but with the more places you visited and the more adventures you had together, it was as if you had been stolen back in time to your days at Hogwarts. You would watch his face light up in excitement in the moonlight while following a group of dragons or smile at the way his hair would fluff up after a night of sleep. But his looks of course were not the reason you had fallen, as his intelligent and caring demeanor along with his gentle compassion were what really attracted you. He wasn’t like some of the other men you had been with, and he wasn’t the type to brag about what he had accomplished either. He was like the air of a spring meadow, sweet, soft, and free spirited. Newt was the type to hug and comfort you when you were sad or scared, which he did often, as he wanted you to know that you were safe within the walls of his case. Newt was the type to put everyone else, including the creatures, above himself and this was especially evident when he would try and go for long periods of time without eating or sleeping. Newt overall, was the epitome of a golden heart.

But with the way he looked at Tina, you couldn’t tell him how you felt, and this ate you up inside. You longed to just throw yourself into his arms and tell him how you felt, that he was amazing and incredible, despite his negative thoughts of self-loathing. You wanted to kiss him passionately and tell him how much he meant to you, but that day would never come, not as long as she was in the picture.

You saw how he stared at her as you both sat at the table of the Goldstein apartment, you saw how he followed her inside of the Blind Pig like a lost lamb, just wanting to be closer to her. He had exchanged more words and thoughts with her as opposed to you, and you told yourself that you wouldn’t get jealous, but you couldn’t help it. The way he lovingly gazed at her made you want to shred your heart into a million pieces. You wanted to cry and scream into the night, but you could not be selfish. You had to be there for your best friend, even if you weren’t happy for their relationship entirely.

You hadn’t even noticed that a tear had finally slipped down your cheek as your lungs filled with smoke from the world around you. You brought your hands up to your chest and slowly sunk down into the cracked pavement. You knew that it was selfish to cry about yourself right now when so much was going on, but you couldn’t stop the sobs from ravaging through your body and rattling your bones. Your tears stung like fire and your sobs echoed through the corridor. Your broken heart shattered and mixed with the sounds of breaking glass wound you.

What you wanted, you couldn’t have, and there was nothing you could do about it. It was as if a hundred knifes were taking turns stabbing into your flesh and heart, trapping you in a cloud of suffering and forgotten loneliness.

You were about to allow another round of crying ensue, but a black cloud swarmed through the air above you, spiraling into some of the buildings until it disappeared. Newt had told you about his encounter with something similar to this, and you could only draw one word from your mind.


If anything, that is where Newt would be, where the obscurus was. You grabbed your wand off the ground and broke into a sprint once more as you headed back out into the battlefield of what was once New York.

You found yourself in what appeared to be some sort of station, or what was left of it at least. Railing and bricks were strewn about, and angry yelling echoed throughout the walls. You were about to step out into the open, but a beam of light hurled towards you, causing you to back behind a wall and mutter a spell of defense.

When you turned you saw who you knew as Graves, the older man from MACUSA whom you met when Tina dragged you in, spitting various spells under his breath towards Tina and Newt. Anger overcame your body, and you whipped your wand towards him.

“Stupefy!” you yelled, only to have the spell blocked as the sinister graves turned around.

“Y/N!” you heard another familiar voice call, and you saw Newt rushing towards you while firing spells back at Graves. Sweat beaded across his face and his features were dimly highlighted in the light radiating from the underground lamps. When he finally reached you, he was out of breath and tears pooled in his eyes. He reached onto you, pulling your body towards him as he panted.

“Merlin, Y/n I thought you were dead! I went back looking for you when you weren’t behind me and oh Merlin I was so worried,” he spoke, but was soon cut off by Tina alerting him, as Graves had directed yet another spell towards where you were. Newt instinctively shielded you from it while you both muttered spells to counteract with the one that Graves had shot off.

“I didn’t think you still cared,” you mumbled and you hoped he hadn’t heard, but of course to your dismay, he had. He directed his attention toward you as you both still defended yourselves, along with Tina, from the wrath of Graves.

“What are you talking about? Of course I do Y/n, you’re the most important person to me, how could I not care!?”
“Well you’ve been busy with you know, Tina and everything and,” you halted your conversation as you deflected another spell before sending one of your own, “I’m not that…Newt look out!”

You screamed as you saw a bright bolt of light spew towards Newt. There wouldn’t be enough time to say a spell to save your skins, and there wouldn’t be time for him or Tina to either. You took in the surroundings one last time before you shoved newt slightly, allowing yourself to be in front of his own body, so that you could take the hit. A searing pain sent wavelengths through your body that shook your core, and before you knew it you were on the ground.

You were so caught up by the pain in your abdomen that you hadn’t even noticed a few aurors come in for assistance, but you did notice when Newt fell to your side with tears clouding his vision.

“Y/n why would you do that!? Merlin you’re hurt. Y/n love come on stay with me! Y-you can do it, p-please Y/n stay with me, I’ll help you, and I’ll fix you!” he screamed, but it was more towards himself. He wanted to protect you, not the other way around, and now here you were, and he was kicking himself for not doing anything. It was his fault that you were like this.

Tears cascaded down your scratched cheeks as you tried to sit up but failed. Newt’s hands lowered you back down as he constantly checked back around or the chaos. He needed to be out there, but he needed you to be okay more. Graves was currently speaking to the aurors as they had their wands at the ready for any sudden movement. A whimper left your lips as you cried out in pain like an injured creature. You reached a hand down to cover your wound, only to see that blood now coated your paling skin.

Newt’s eyes widened as he tried to scan his brain for a spell that would work. You couldn’t leave, he needed you, he needed you more than he needed air. You were a part of him, and without you, surely he would fade into darkness.

Sobs now tried to take over his body as he desperately tried to save you.

“Y/n I’m going to help you. I’ll make you better, and I’ll save you love,” he raised his wand to murmur a spell, but he was silenced when you held his wrist and gently pulled his wand down.
“N-Newt, no spell can save me. I think that my time is now.” You whispered. Newt grabbed your hand while still trying to stop the blood from flowing onto the shards of pavement around you.

“Y/n d-d-don’t say that. I can fix you, and I’ll make you better I promise.”

“Newt,” you brought your hands to his face and wiped tears away from his deep ocean eyes which were now flooded with worry and sadness. He didn’t care about what was going on behind him, he only needed you, “You’re an incredible wizard, and you have so much left to do. I want, I want you to finish your book for me okay.” Tears trickled out of your eyes as you grew more and more faint.

“Y/n no I am not letting you die!” he shouted as his whole body began to shake.

“You have to let me go, besides you’ll have Tina.”

“But I need you too!”

“Newt, I want you to listen to me,” you paused as he stayed silent besides a few small whimpers escaping from his mouth, “I-I love you, and I w-would never have told you this, but seeing as I won’t be here anymore, I needed to tell you. I love you, Newt Scamander. I love you, much more than as a friend. You’re an incredible man, and I’m sure you’ll be happy without me. Now you can be with Tina, you can be happy.”

His face was ghost white, as even more tears flooded like a storm down his face. His cries became more audible, further displaying how much pain he was enduring. His heart was breaking and bursting into unfixable pieces. It was not Tina he loved, he thought she was kind and wonderful, but it was you his heart wanted.

“Don’t you understand, I don’t want Tina, I want you!” he pulled you into his arms and cradled your body now, “I-I have loved you since that d-ay, that day in c-charms class. The day where you performed what the professor said was the most difficult t-to master, but you did it because you’re incredible and talented. I wanted to tell you how I felt all these years but I didn’t think you would want me because, because…”

“Newt, I love you.”

You then slipped into a darkness as the pain continued to sear through you, and your mind faded against the sound of Newt’s sobbing and panicking as he held your body closer to his heart, a heart that could have loved you if he hadn’t harbored his feelings.

Your head swirled around like a murky puddle as you awoke inside of a room you shared with Newt at the Goldstein residence. Slowly, you sat up, only to be reacquainted with a stabbing pain in your torso. With a slight hiss, you looked down to see a bandage where blood had once poured out. The last thing you remembered was becoming familiar with the feeling of an eternal sleep and confessing to Newt.

Speaking of Newt, you turned slightly to avoid damaging your injuries further and saw that he was stiffly sat in a chair near the end of your bed. His hair was all over the place, as if Frank had ruffled it again, and his face rested in his hands. His coat was shed to reveal his wrinkled shirt and waistcoat with a few of the buttons sloppily undone.

“N-Newt,” you called barely above a whisper, yet the wizard still perked up at the sound.

When you saw his face, streaks of tears lined his face and his complexion was far more red and worried than usual. He stared back at you with wide eyes and disbelief, as if you were a phantom come back to the earth.

“Y-Y/n!” he said as he scuffled to his feet to be closer to where you were. His voice sounded as if he were sick, but it was from his constant hours of heartbroken crying that followed the events that had previously occurred. He enveloped your hand in his tightly in fear of losing you to death’s own grip once more.

“I’m so sorry that this happened love. How are you feeling? Are you still in pain? What-,”

“Newt, shh, you’re becoming overwhelmed again, and yes I’m okay, you tried to calm him down as his mind raced at a million miles an hour. He broke into a fit of tears once more as he collapsed to his knees and buried his face into your blanket covered chest.

He sniffled between his words, “I, Merlin, I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you. It’s all my fault love. I should have protected you, you shouldn’t have had to take the blame,” you wove your fingers throughout his curls as he continued, “I-I need you Y/n, I tried to fix you up as best as I could inside the case, and you matter so much to me. I am so, so sorry that I ignored you, and I swear on my life that I had no intention to. I l-love you Y/n and I should have treated you better. I’m so sorry that you’re hurt and it’s a-all my f-fault.”

You sighed and tried to comfort the broken man, “Newt, it’s okay. I didn’t think I was going to make it but you saved me.”

He looked up at you with eyes that spilled over with pain as he pulled the blanket closer to you so that you could stay warm.

You spoke once more, but softer this time, “And I love you Newt, I just thought that you would only see me as a friend.”

“Y/n, I’d rather lose my life than live one without you in it. You are by far the most amazing person in my life, and I love you. M-May I…” he trailed off. You knew what he was asking for, you didn’t need him to finish his sentence.

You leaned in with a slight nod as you pressed your lips against his. He tenderly kissed your swollen lips as his own rough ones moved with yours. He pulled you closer with his firm hands, but was gentle not to hurt where your injury laid. Years of forbidden passion erupted between the two of you, as both of you had locked away your feelings for far too long. You entangled your hands within his locks once more as he deepened the kiss. He tasted sweet like honey yet was still crisp like an apple, and he smelled like the earthy soil and fallen leaves. A small moan came from his throat as you brushed your hand against the stubble of his cheeks. His warmth radiated off of him as yours did, creating a bubble of protectiveness and security around you two. When he finally broke the kiss so that you could each catch your breath, he stared at you with absolute admiration. You shifted over carefully in the bed and placed your hand next to you, inviting him to come in and cuddle you. He didn’t hesitate, and he snuggled next to you with his arms firmly around your body. He placed a protective kiss to the top your head.

“I love you Y/n, and I’ll never let you go, never again.”



Vengeance Avenged - Avengers x Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader

Words: 2505
Pairing: Avengers x Pietro x Stark!Reader
Featuring: Cap, Wanda, Tony, a lot
Warnings: talk of kidnapping and experimenting on humans, hydra things, fighting
Requested by @supernatural508
“ Can you do a Pietro x reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter but when she was sixteen she was kidnapped by hydra and she and Pietro talked but never saw each other in the hydra base then after tony rescues her one day she meets Pietro again?”
Authors Note: so i havent done a request in…uh,,,,,, probably a year. but i finally did one. its been a while since this was sent in and im sorry but you know how i am. I don’t know how I totally feel about it, but here it is. And I kinda changed it up a bit, so i hope that’s okay. It’s not all based around pietro x yn but there are a lot of factors, just not romance.

Avengers / Pietro / Full Masterlist

You sat in the corner of a dark, wet, old cell. You were hugging your knees trying to stay as far away as you could from the people around you, not wanting to talk to anyone. You were scared and even though it had been a year of you being stuck here, you still knew nothing. Only being seventeen, this meant you wouldn’t get to do the things you wanted to do with your life. You were ripped from your family and had no idea if you would ever see them again.

You focused your eyes on the square in the center of the cell that was lit up by the window. There were tear stains on your cheeks, but you were accustomed to it and it no longer bothered you. You were trying to work through everything in your mind, but nothing made sense. For a year, these evil people have tried to experiment on you and change you. They wanted to make you a super-soldier that fought for them and eventually hurt all the Avengers. You would be stronger than any Avenger and could take down anyone that the people instructed you to.

But they couldn’t break into you. After a year, they couldn’t get past your brain and change it. There was something blocking it and protecting you, and almost every other day they tried something new. It was tiring and you just wanted to be done with it. But…you knew that wouldn’t be as easy as you wished.

“Hey,” You heard. You jumped when you heard the deep voice. “Are you okay?”

You shook your head indicating that no, you are not okay. You tried to open your mouth to talk, but nothing came out. Honestly, you weren’t actually sure you could talk anymore. “Well, hi, I’m Pietro. I’m one of the two volunteers that survived the experiments.”

Why would anyone volunteer to be experimented on?

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anonymous asked:

I noticed in 1x08 that Dean can do the towel hair-wrap thingy - and he does a perfect towel hair-wrap thingy. I just love that gentle softness, the almost domestic-ness of it. I wonder, did he learn to do it back when he had longer hair, like we saw on the ID in 1x01, then kept doing it because he liked it? I JUST LOVE SOFT DEAAANNN

Okay, you know what? I hate making gifs from 1.08 because it’s chock full of creepy crawly things and there are spiders all over the scene right before the towel wrap scene and I HATE spiders. But, it had to be done. The things I do for our collective love of Dean Winchester, I swear…

Just look at that wrap technique. Niiiiiice. And you’re absolutely right, we see in his IDs in the pilot that he had longer hair not so long ago: 

But do you know what? He had even longer hair when he was a kid. 

A good towel wrap technique would have been essential. Especialiy considering their cheap motels probably weren’t stocked with hair dryers. So, I think it’s safe to say Dean perfected that wrap a long time ago. And what beautiful perfection it is. 

Too Late - Jon Snow

You have been part of the Stark family’s life ever since you were a young girl. You became Sansa’s handmaiden and never once left her side; you were there through everything. Even now, you were at the Lady Stark’s side, riding to Castle Back to reunite with her half-brother Jon Snow. Only, this reunion wasn’t as you imagined it would be. (Words : 3301)

Originally posted by theillustratedmixtape

Having lived in the North for most of your life, you thought you knew what cold was; but Winterfell wasn’t nearly as frigid as it was beyond. The ride to the wall, with winter’s doom on the horizon, was brutal. Since you had escaped the clutches of House Bolton, freeing Sansa from Ramsay’s evil ways, you expected everything forward to be easy. You were wrong.

You looked over at Sansa who was riding on her own white mare. Her face was grim, her jaw slightly shaking. Your heart broke at the sight; your lady, your friend, had been through too much for one day. Gently hitting your foot in the leg of your horse, you went to the front near Brienne. Her face was as equally hard, but with purpose. She wanted to protect Sansa as much as you did.

“Brienne,” you said, catching the warrior’s attention. Her light hair fell around her forehead as her gaze met yours. “I think it’d be best for Lady Sansa to rest. Today has been extremely difficult for her and she’s probably fatigued.” Brienne seemed to understand, gnawing on her bottom lip in thought.

“If Lady Sansa wants to stop and rest, we will stop and rest.” You nodded, letting your horse slow back to into pace with Sansa. Dark circles were under her eyes, her skin lacking it’s porcelain look. She needed to rest, even if it was for just a little while.

“My lady,” you said, getting her attention, “if I may suggest, you should rest for a bit.” Her blue eyes brightened slightly, persistence in her expression.

“Castle Black is less than a day’s ride ahead. Stopping now would only waste-” she coughed before she could finish her thought. You gave her a concerned look and your friend seemed to be won over. “Alright Y/N, but only if you ride ahead and tell Jon we are close by. He doesn’t like surprises, but you know that.” You nodded, your mind drifting to thoughts of Jon Snow. He was a close friend, since you had lived in Winterfell. You’d sit by him at feasts when Lady Catelyn wouldn’t allow him to sit with his half-siblings. You longed to see him once again.

“As you wish, my Lady,” Sansa gave you a weak smile before riding up to talk with Brienne. Soon enough, the four of you stopped in a small pocket of forest. Brienne started a fire as Podrick unpacked saddle bags. You still sat on your horse, Sansa telling you the directions further to The Wall. “I will tell him you’ll be arriving in the morning,” you said and Sansa grabbed you hand, giving it a squeeze.

“Thank you, Y/N,” she whispered and you nodded. You kicked your horse and set off at a faster pace, in the direction of Castle Black. Only having one rider, you were able to move faster without the fear of leaving someone in the snow. By the time the old castle came into view, your stallion was near breathless, it’s lungs heaving. You hopped off your horse, leading it to the gates. Soon a horn sounded, a man appearing at the ranks above the entrance.

“State your business!” The man yelled and you stepped forward.

“I come on behalf of Lady Sansa Stark, I wish to speak with Lord Commander Jon Snow.” The man took a step back, looking back over at another Brother of the Night’s Watch. The other man shrugged and yelled to open the gates. When you stepped inside, the men in the yard had their eyes glued on you. A taller, grey-haired man squinted at you; but before he could approach, someone grabbed your arm.

“You wanted to see Jon?” You nodded at the man. He had longer brown hair and a pointed nose that made him almost bird like. “He’s up there, we gotta be quiet though.” You raised your eyebrows, trying to pull your arm free. The man met your eye then, his gaze serious yet trusting. “Please, if you want to see him, don’t talk.”

He lead you up some stairs and as he did, you glanced down at the crowd below. The tall man was seemingly puzzled, looking down at a part of blood soaked snow and a sign that read ‘TRAITOR’ stuck in the ground.

“What happened?” you asked the man, but he only frowned. You were soon in one of the hallways of Castle Black, before the man knocked on the door in a specific pattern. He looked back down the hall, making sure no one was nearby. He knocked once more and the door opened it. A balding man with a near white beard opened the door.

“I thought you were going to get-” the man looked at you and stopped. “Edd, who is this?” The man holding your arm, Edd, let go of you and looked at the man.

“She speaks on behalf of Sansa Stark, Jon’s half sister. She’s lookin’ for Jon,” he added sadly. You glanced at Edd, noticing a frown. The man, still half hidden behind the door nodded. He opened the door, letting you enter.

“I’m Ser Davos, my lady,” he said, introducing himself. “I fear that your tidings have come too late.” He lead you inside the room, leaving Edd in the doorway. Your brows were furrowed as Davos showed you in; but you soon saw the source of the men’s sadness.

Jon’s pale body was laid on a wooden table and as you grew closer, his condition became more apparent. Tears welled in your eyes, spilling over your cheeks. Your shaking hands reached out to his arm, grabbing a hold on his cold hand. The chill sent shivers down your spine. He was dead cold, eyes shut in an internal sleep.

“W-What happened?” You choked out, your eyes never leaving Jon’s lifeless features. Ser Davos didn’t even have to speak, for your eyes landed on the stab wounds in his chest. The scene from outside danced in your mind; the men staring at the blood-soaked snow.

“There was a mutiny,” Edd said from the doorway, “lead by Alliser Thorne.” You let more tears fall from your eyes, an audible cry escaping your throat. You heard footsteps and left a tentative hand on your shoulder.

“I had my priestess companion perform a ceremony, tried to bring him back.” You turned to face the man at this, hope piercing your heart. “Nothing has changed quite yet. Edd is going to find Jon’s wildling friends, to avenge him. And if he does come back,” he said hopefully, “fight with him.” You looked back at Jon, moving your hand to his face.

Even in death, his handsome features remained. It had been years since you had seen him, but your feelings hadn’t changed. Your heart ached with those same feelings in that moment, but they turned sour; expired hope rotting away.

“If you don’t mind me askin’, why did Lady Sansa send a handmaiden?” You swallowed hard, hoping to get some words out but nothing came. Ser Davos sighed, but understood your silence. “You cared for him?” You nodded at this, trying to find the right words.

“He was my friend, as close as Lady Sansa,” you whispered. “I have admired him ever since I met him, loved him a moment after that.” You felt a sob shake through your body at your confession. Peeling your eyes away from Jon’s face for a moment, you found a stool to sit on. You sat, still close to his body. “Lady Sansa rides here tomorrow, a little after dawn,” you managed to say. Davos nodded, moving away from you to give you space with the dead. He walked over to a woman, dressed in red, whispering an explanation.

Your hands rested against the tabletop, as you looked at Jon. Every memory flooding back to you, every moment you spent with him. Your House fostered you to the Starks to be Sansa’s handmaiden on the young lady’s seventh nameday. You had been anxious about the Stark family, worried they wouldn’t like you. It was Jon you first met. Though not a true Stark, you knew if the family was anything like him, you’d get along just fine.

Jon had always been kind to you, and you to him. When times rolled around where you missed your family, Jon came to and reminded you that you had  a new one.

“You’ll always be welcome here,” he had said, “we all love you.” You had hoped he’d take it a step further, telling you that he loved you a little more; but he didn’t. Although there were times when Jon showed his affection towards you. Once, he even got into a fight for you. Theon Greyjoy wouldn’t leave you alone so Jon punched him square in the jaw.

“I didn’t like the way he was talking to you,” he had said as you cleaned up his knuckles. “He deserved it, for treating you like that. You’re a lady and should be treated with respect.” You had stopped working, looking up into his eyes. That was the moment you almost said it. Where you almost told Jon Snow that you loved him.

“Thank you, Jon,” was all that you had said. After that, you couldn’t help but look at him differently. At feasts, you’d been found beside him, sitting as close to he as his little-

You looked around the room then, your movements sudden. You nearly stood up, but then you saw the familiar white fur of Jon’s direwolf. Ghost’s red eyes were on you, as if the large creature recognized you. You reached out and the wolf stood, trodding towards you.

“I missed you, you beast. Look how you’ve grown.” Ghost let out a huff, nuzzling your hand with his snout. You looked from Ghost to Jon, wondering if the wolf knew his partner was gone. In a way, he did. As you petted him, Ghost looked over at Jon and so did you. “I miss him too,” you whispered and Ghost let out another soft sound.

Your mind traveled back to the night Jon left. It sparked when Sansa was going on about Joffrey and how badly she wanted to marry him. It was endearing the way she spoke of him and you couldn’t help but realize that you left the same way about Jon.

“He’s good looking and a prince! What more could a young girl want, right Y/N?” You looked at her, letting your hands fall from her hair which you had been tidying up.

“A man that is kind, good, and brave. That is what every girl should want.” Sansa nodded, going on about the King’s son. She mentioned how excited she was to be leaving in the morning, off to King’s Landing. You realized then, your time was limited when it came to confessing to Jon. “Lady Sansa, may I be excused for a moment?” The girl let you go, and you trailed to Jon’s small room. As you grew closer to the door, you saw Benjen Stark leave his quarters. You turned to face the wall, looking at an antler that had been hung on the wall.

“We leave at dawn, nephew. I will see you then.” You looked over and had seen the man, that had said goodbye to his nephew, as he walked down the opposite end of the hall. You rushed over to Jon’s room before he could shut the door. The young man had seemed shocked at your sudden appearance.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” You had just shrugged a little, still trying to catch your breath. Jon had chuckled then before he gently grabbed your hand a pulled you inside.

“I have something to tell you,” you both had said at the same time. You remembered this moment, far more clear than the rest.

“You go first, my lady,” Jon said, but you shook your head.

“I think you should first,” you said, letting your nerves get the better of you. Jon smiled, but took the chance to speak.

“I’m heading off to the Night’s Watch in the morning.” Your breath caught, looking into Jon’s face. He must’ve noticed your sadness in that moment, because he had stepped closer to you, extending an arm. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” you had said, even though you weren’t. You were heartbroken. “I’m happy that your Uncle is letting you join The Watch. You’ve mentioned that you wanted to before.” You had thought he was only joking, but apparently you were mistaken.

“Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to say the least. I’m going to miss everyone; Robb, Arya, Rickon,” you swallowed hard, wondering he was going to say your name amongst his family’s. “And you, especially you,” you had given him a weak smile.

“I’ll miss you too, Jon.” You said quietly wishing you had gone first. He smiled, a true smile that you had only seen on rare occasions. You couldn’t stand to be alone with him, your impending tears starting in your eyes. “Well, I told Sansa I wouldn’t be long,” you lied; but Jon grabbed your hand. You had looked back into his brown eyes in that moment, holding his gaze.

“What did you want to say?” You shook your head and pulled your arm free.

“It was nothing,” you had said, “I’ll tell you in the morning if I get the chance.” With that, you had walked out of Jon’s room for the last time. The next morning, you didn’t tell him, you simply waved a sweet goodbye as he walked out of Winterfell.

Oh how you wished you had told him, because now it was far too late. Your eyes landed on his cold features, hoping beyond hope his eyes would open. You leaned forwards slightly, pressing a quick kiss to his forehead.

“It wasn’t nothing,” you whispered, “I was going to tell you how I loved you. I love you, Jon Snow.” More tears spilled down your cheeks, blurring your vision. Your head throbbed from crying at that point, till your felt dizzy. Your rested your head against your hands that were on the table. Before you could shed another tear, you drifted off into a dark sleep.

You woke with a jolt, trying to remember where you were. Though, you soon remembered when you gaze landed on Jon’s body. You let out a shaky breath, sitting up from your seat. Ser Davos still lingered in the room, with the red woman from the hours before. You couldn’t tell what time of day it was as you got up on shaky legs. Ghost was laying beside you, his red eyes peering up at you. You couldn’t imagine how you must look; your head still felt heavy and your eyes were probably a lighter shades than the direwolf’s.

“Ser Davos, what time is-” you were cut off by a loud gasp. You spun on your heels, staring at Jon’s now heaving chest. His pale skin seemed to flush back to life, his eyes open wide in fear. Darting over, you grabbed a cloak from off a different table. By the time you had turned back around, Jon was sitting up. He was shaking, looking at his own extended hands and his wounded chest. You felt new, different tears form in your eyes.

“What,” he voice was hoarse, “what happened.” He looked up then, his wide eyes landing on you. His brows furrowed, his mouth falling open slightly. “Y/N,” his voice trailed off, but you nodded. You walked back over to him, wrapping the cloak over his shoulders. He pulled it over himself, hiding his body as much as he could. He leaned close to you, resting his shoulder to your chest. You rubbed your hand over his covered back comfortingly.

“I’m here,” you whispered, “and so are you. You’re back, Jon.” He looked back up at you, his brown eyes still wide with shock. You free hand went to the side of his face, brushing your thumb over his cheek. “I’ve missed you,” you whispered, feeling the tears fall from your eyes.

“I missed you too,” he said lowly, his voice still weak. By now, Ser Davos and his red lady were staring at you and Jon, their eyes wide. You looked form them, back at Jon, wondering what the priestess had done to bring him back.

“What did you see?” The woman hissed, bringing Jon’s attention away from you. With his breathing still heavy and his eyes still wide, he shook his head.

“Nothing,” he said quietly, “there was nothing.” Your arm tightened around him that was on Jon’s back. He looked back up at you, his gaze weary. “There was nothing, Y/N,” you gave him a hard frown before hugging him close. Ser Davos watched as Melisandre stormed away, following after her in worry of what she would do.

You held Jon until he moved away a little, looking into your face. You held his gaze, flashing back to the night he left. Everything that you didn’t say lingered on your tongue, begging for you to take you chance because, Seven Hells, he came back from the dead!

“Jon,” you whispered, lightly brushing a few dark strands from his face, “I never told you what I wanted to tell you.” The corners of his mouth twitched upwards a little, making your heart flutter. He grabbed your hand, giving it a squeeze to silently urge you on. “I love you, more than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone else.”

Despite the fear that still lingered behind his eyes, his expression changed. Jon let out a breathy chuckle, entangling your fingers with his. “It took me coming back from death for you to finally say that,” he said with a soft smile. You smiled nervously, not knowing how to take his response. “The day I left I wanted to turn around,” he said, “run back to you and tell you that I never would leave you. Tell you that I loved you, that I still love you.” His thumb traced over your hand, making your own hand seem much smaller.

You leaned down to him, pressing a kiss to cheek, “I’ve waited so long. I thought I’d never, never get the chance to tell you.” Jon shook his head, his free hand covering himself a little more with his cloak. You smiled sadly at him as he brought your hand to his lips. He pressing a kiss to the back of your hand and you closed your eyes at the touch.

“I’d never leave without telling you,” he whispered, “not after the first time.” Your eyes opened again, meeting his gaze once more. “I’d hug you,” he said, “but…” He gestured to himself with his head and you let out a soft laugh. You walked over to a dresser in Jon’s room, grabbing a set of armor and clothes for him.

“You should get dressed,” you said, setting the clothes down beside him. He looked up at you, flinching as he moved. “Not just because you want a hug,” you teased, “ your sister will be arriving soon.” He lifted his head, meeting your gaze.

“Sansa?” You nodded and he smiled. “Have you heard from anyone else? Arya? Rickon?” You frowned and shook your head.

“No, I was with Sansa for it all.” Jon nodded, slowly standing with the cloak still covering him. “I’ll let you get changed,” you said, turning around to find Ser Davos. The energy had changed now, with Jon’s return. Knowing that you weren’t too late after all, filled you with hope. Maybe you’d soon hear from the rest of the Starks. With Jon back by your side, anything felt possible.

Not much of a Sex God

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

Requested by anon: Hi author nim! Can you please write a scenario where the reader sleeps with either Xiumin, Baekhyun or Chen and they act like they are the best sex she’ll ever have but they actually suck in bed? I think your sarcasm would fit this perfectly.

Ok so I love you anon. I have had the best time writing this because I keep laughing at how mean I’m being and it’s just been so much fun. <3 I’m so mean omg.(Might have written half of this while drunk so I’m hoping it turned out alright!)

Reader x Baekhyun

Warnings: Fuckboy Baekhyun, smut, teasing.

Word Count: 4752


“I gave her the best sex of her life, she should thank me!” You didn’t think you could roll your eyes any harder even if your life depended on it. The guy at the booth behind you had been bragging about his sexual prowess the entire time you’d been in the club. You’d come out to celebrate your friend getting a promotion at work, not to hear about how magical some dude’s dick was and all the adventures it had been on.

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FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - Back on your feet Part 1

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A/N: Since a hell of a lot of you have asked for more FP, this is a two parter only. 

Summary: FP has a rough night and you help him back on his feet

Pairing(s): FP x reader

Word count: 824

Warnings: None really, FP drinking? 

You were wiping up the bar top as the other girls started stacking the chairs, when you noticed a slump in the corner of the Whyte Wyrm. A slump you didn’t recognise. 

You tucked the rag in the string of your apron and approached the foreign body. Of course, you had your fair amount of drunks in the bar but you didn’t see this one very often. 

“Hey, it’s closing time. “ You said softly as you knelt down, squeezing the leather clad arm of the Serpent. 

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backwardswriter  asked:

What do you think about Victuuri beauty routines? Like before a competition they have to slick back Yuuri's hair at least and I'm guessing there's makeup too, but you can't convince me Victor doesn't have a daily beauty routine.

Okay, I thought about this, and you got me really excited so here we go. -cracks knuckles-

Note: I am that weird child who doesn’t use beauty products/routines and doesn’t understand them… if there are things that are wrong here please let me off…


General: Yuuri doesn’t really have a routine as such. Looking good isn’t really something he thinks about, so he sticks to the usual ‘routines’: washing his face with average soap, shampoos his hair every few days, he’ll let Minako drag him to get waxed or pluck his eyebrows if she nags him for long enough. 

Before competitions: He washes his face to try and calm himself down (since the nerves will probably start getting a hold of him once he starts getting ready), and will start with his costume. Depending on what costume he’s wearing, he might need to wax or shave the night before. Most of the time is spent getting his hair right before he takes his glasses off, but he has never really bothered with make-up since he can’t do it without his glasses on. Thankfully, he’s got good skin, and doesn’t need it that much. 

Victor oh boy here we go

General: Victor has his beauty routines timed down to the second, both morning and night. It involves a lot of products: moisturiser, cleansers, a lot of sun protection if he’s going outside (pale skin). He likes using beauty treatments at least every weekend: face masks and exfoliating after shaving, all that stuff. 

Before competitions: Victor is precise. The whole night before he has to shave, moisturise, cleanse, clean. Everything is perfect and it has to stay that way. Victor is pale as fuck, so naturally when he goes on the ice and on TV he needs a hell of a lot of make-up to keep him from looking dead under the lights. Foundation is a must, and he reapplies whenever he has to. His make-up and hair is done first (this used to take so long when he had longer hair), and then he gets into his costume at the last possible minute. 

Extra: Since Victor started coaching Yuuri, he’s been trying as hard as possible to get Yuuri to take on some beauty routines. He’s coaxed him into stuff like using proper face wash and moisturising, and Yuuri even lets him put foundation on when he’s going on TV. 

Halloween Party

So, I had this idea in my head for a while now, and decided to write it! Hope you enjoy it!

You can read it in AO3 here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/12555772

Harry yawned. It had been a rough day. Nothing made him happier than his job as an Auror, but things usually got a bit hectic. Now, he was sitting at his favourite Indian place, waiting for his two friends to arrive. Soon enough, he heard his friends walking through the door.

- “Hey Harry!”

- “Hey guys!”

Hermione and Ron sat down and started going through the menu, even though they both knew they’d end up ordering what they always did.

- “How was work?” Hermione asked.

- “Mental, actually. Had to deal with some pretty nasty business involving two Dark Wizards.”

- “You do look tired.” Ron stated.

- “I’ll definitely head out to bed early, I’m wrecked. How was your day?”

- “A bit full. George just developed a new love potion and the shop was crowded with people wanting to buy it.”

- “I had a pretty busy day at the Ministry too. Loads of paperwork.”

They continued the light chatter, as they ordered their food. Some time during the meal, Hermione suddenly exclaimed:

- “Oh! I almost forgot! You guys know Halloween is next week, right?”

- “I honestly didn’t even remember it.” Harry said.

- “I do. We already have loads of new items in stock for the occasion.” Ron said.

- “Right. Well, some of our former peers at Hogwarts are organising a party, and they want us all to go! Everyone we know has been invited. And apparently, the main idea is for all of us to choose a magical costume.”

- “A magical costume? Of what sort?” Harry asked.

- “It’s meant to be a costume that won’t reveal your identity. It’s rather brilliant, actually. I had already read about it, but now we get to use it! What do you think?”

- “Sure, why not?” Ron said.

- “Seems like fun.” Harry said.

They continued to discuss the details for the party as they finished their plates.


The day had finally arrived. Harry was rather proud of his costume. He had struggled to get it right at first, but he managed, mainly due to Hermione’s impeccable spellwork. He was a werewolf in its human form. It was very subtle, but his hair was slightly longer, he had grown a beard, his eyes were a completely different shade of green, artificial almost, he was bulkier (he had already put on some muscle due to his intense work, but this made it much more prominent) and he had a scar that crossed his whole face. He couldn’t help but reminisce to his years at Hogwarts, as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. It pained him to think about his third year, in which he had met two of the most important people in his life. Werewolves had always intrigued him, and after meeting Remus, he felt like it was an appropriate costume. Emotions were starting to get the best of him when he heard a soft knock on the bathroom door.

- “Are you ready, mate?”

- “Yeah, I’ll be right out!”

He fixed himself up and joined his friends in the living room. Their costume was astonishing. They were going as Nicolas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle. Everything had been put brilliantly together, to the smallest detail.

- “Shall we go?” Hermione asked.


The three of them apparated to the entrance of the house the party was being held in.

“Let’s do this.”

They all walked into the house. They were immediately greeted by a merman.

- “Hiya, guys!”

- “Hi, Seamus!” Hermione greeted him.

- “Seamus?” Harry asked, rather incredulously.

- “Yup, that’s me! Isn’t this great?” Seamus was grinning widely. They just nodded. Apparently, Seamus had been one of the people that had organized the party, and he had told Hermione what he was going as.

- “How are things with Dean?” Harry asked.

- “Never been better. We actually just moved in together!”

It had been no surprise to see that Seamus had ended up dating his Hogwarts best friend, Dean Thomas. They had always been close, and everyone could tell there was a lot more than just friendship between the two of them.

Seamus kept talking about his life for quite a while, until they all decided to part ways. Both Ron and Hermione went straight to the dance floor, while Harry decided to head out to the bar. After a tiring week, he could really use a drink. He took one of the seats that were available, and asked for a glass of Firewhiskey.

- “Make that two.” said the man beside him. Harry couldn’t believe his eyes. The man was just about the most gorgeous thing Harry had ever laid his eyes on. He was meant to be a vampire. He had platinum blonde hair, that was perfectly slicked back, icy blue eyes, an incredibly defined jawline, and a pair of prominent fangs. The corners of his lips were covered in blood, that was dangerously dripping all the way down to his chin. He was wearing a black suit, with a white shirt. He smiled at him.

Draco was completely stunned. The man that had just asked for a glass of Firewhiskey was breath-taking. A werewolf in its human form. Bright green eyes, that somehow reminded him of something, but he had no idea what it was, and quite frankly, at that moment he didn’t care, soft black hair, a stupidly sexy beard and possibly the most defined biceps he’d seen. Gathering some courage, he smiled at him, and said:

- “Quite the party, huh?”

- “Indeed.”

- “May I ask, how old are you?” Draco was curious.

- “21, you?”

- “Also 21! What are the odds? Did you go to Hogwarts?”

- “I did! Did you?” Harry couldn’t believe this could be someone he had gone to school with.

- “I did too. That means we have crossed paths before.” Draco was intrigued, yet terrified. This could be anyone.

- “Who are you?” Harry asked.

- “Why spoil all the fun? Let’s keep it this way.” Draco had decided that he didn’t care about the man’s identity. He could be Neville bloody Longbottom for all he cared. He was attracted to him, and that was all.

- “Sure.” Harry realised he truly didn’t care about who he was talking to. He just wanted to have some fun.

They stood by the bar, drinking Firewhiskey and talking about everything that crossed their minds, for over an hour. Then, Draco grabbed Harry by the hand and dragged him to the dance floor.

- “I’m not a very good dancer!” Harry shouted, over the loud music.

- “Me neither, who cares?” Draco yelled.

They both started swaying their bodies to the beat of the song that was playing. It felt exhilarating. Harry could feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through him. He was currently dancing with the most stunning man he’d ever seen, and he was genuinely enjoying himself.

Maybe it was the light that was softly glowing over the other man’s complexion, maybe it was the rush of adrenaline that he was feeling, maybe it was the Firewhiskey, or maybe it was the combination of the three, but Harry decided he didn’t really care and just leaned into the man before him and put his lips on his. Their tongues met immediately, dancing around each other, wanting to savour everything the other had to offer. Harry had never kissed anyone like him. He could feel the fire burning through him. He wanted more. Just as if the other man had read his mind, he pulled Harry close by wrapping his arms around his waist, deepening the kiss. It became unbearable. Harry stopped the kiss and pulled the other man’s hand, heading towards one of the corners of the room in order to find some quiet place where they could be alone. He soon found an unoccupied bathroom. In just 3 seconds, Harry was locking the door and pushing the other man against the sink, making him sit there while wrapping his legs around Harry’s waist. They both continued the kiss. Soon, he felt the other man’s hands on his hair, gently tugging, as if asking him to move closer, even if they were already completely pressed against one another. The other man then started kissing Harry’s jaw, gently making his way down to his neck, where he started sucking and biting, making Harry moan. Harry went back to kissing him, putting his hands under the other man’s shirt, rubbing circles on his hips. Harry didn’t want it to stop. He wanted to be there with this stranger forever.

After some more kissing, they parted. Harry was ready to take this somewhere else when he heard a gasp. The other man was looking at him in complete shock. Harry barely had time to register what was happening, before the other man ran to the door, quickly unlocking it and stepping out. He then looked at the mirror, and realised he wasn’t the unknown werewolf anymore. He was himself again. The spell had worn off, like he knew it would, even though he had completely forgot about it. He ran out the door, trying to find the other man, without succeeding. He wasn’t inside the house. Harry then tried to go outside, to see if he could see the other man. Then he saw him. Draco Malfoy, sitting on a bench, with his hands in his head, covering his face. And then he realised it. The man he had been with had been Malfoy. He knew the platinum blonde hair was familiar, but he hadn’t given it much thought.

- “Malfoy…”

- “Go away, Potter!”

- “No, I won’t. I want to talk.”

- “Fine, if you won’t leave then I will!” Draco started to get up to leave but Harry held his arm.

- “Please hear me out! What happened in there was…”

- “Insane!” Draco yelled.

- “It was amazing! Malfoy, I had never felt anything like that in my whole life. And don’t tell me you didn’t feel it too, I could tell by the way you were kissing me!”

- “Fine, Potter, I felt it too, what do you want me to say? We can’t do this!”

- “Why the hell not? We parted ways on good terms at the end of our last year at Hogwarts. I know you and I weren’t exactly friends throughout our school years, but I understand what you went through and why you did what you did. I don’t resent you, and I know you don’t resent me either. Why can’t we do this?”

“I… Potter, you do realise this sounds completely insane, don’t you?”

- “I do, but so what? Isn’t that what our lives have been for the past years? What’s a bit more insanity to it, after everything we’ve been through? The conversation we had back there at the bar, I had never felt so comfortable with someone, ever! And that kiss… I might be completely irrational about this right now, but I don’t really care. What do you say?”

- “I… We…”

Harry stepped forward, looking into the familiar grey eyes. He gently rubbed his thumb over Draco’s bottom lip. Draco couldn’t resist and lightly sucked it. That made Harry smile.

- “Malfoy, I…” He didn’t have time to finish the sentence because Draco’s lips were on his. It was gentler this time, each taking their time to feel the other. Harry put his arms around Draco’s neck, as Draco’s hands reached for Harry’s waist.

Soon, all that could be heard was a loud pop. Harry had apparated them to his house. It was going to be a long night.

Having fun ?

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 295
warning : smut 
summary : Kai is on the phone and Reader is suuupppeeer horny , but he wont pay attention to her and she decides to take matters in her hands.
* gif by christophwood
keep reading after the cut 🔥😈

An afternoon at home. It was what Y/N and Kai loved most - just the two of them and no one around to interrupt them or butt in. They sat on the couch , his arm around her shoulders while the low noise from the TV disturbed the silence. Kai could feel her heart beat racing when he brushed his palm against her cheek making her turn around towards him. Their lips met in a deep kiss and just as he was about to back her against the couch , his phone rang. Kai closed his eyes and sighed , reaching for the phone on the coffee table. Y/N couldn’t see the caller ID but whoever it was , Kai decided he had to take the call.
“Hello ?”
Y/N got off him , sitting on the other end of the couch , not taking her eyes off him. Getting interrupted was the last thing she wanted in that moment. Ever since she had woken up that morning her skin had felt on fire and it had nothing to do with the heat outside. It had everything to do with Kai. They had been together for almost a whole year now but every single day with him felt like the first , every touch , every kiss felt as if it was happening for the first time. It was enough for him just to look at her , brush his fingertips lightly against her skin and she’d melt completely. Y/N got up , running her fingers through her hair and went to get a snack from the kitchen feeling Kai’s gaze following her.
That call seemed to be taking forever because when she walked back to the living room he was still talking with whoever it was on the other end of the line. Y/N tossed herself on the couch , resting one of her legs on Kai’s lap and sitting on her other leg. Every time she tried to get his attention things didn’t work out in her favour. No matter what she tried , he just shut her down.
Y/N felt on fire just starring at him , watching his lips move and listening to his sexy voice. Not to mention his eyes - they drove her completely crazy. Kai was looking hotter than ever , wearing a black t-shirt and boxers , his hair was a bit longer and he had a slight beard which she loved so much to play with. Her panties were pooling and the longer he ignored her the worse things seemed to get. Kai brushed his fingertips innocently across her leg sending shivers all over her body and pushed it off his lap.
“Yeah , no , of course not -”
“Kai ?”
Kai motioned with his finger for her to wait a moment and continued talking to whoever it was on the other end of the line. A groan of frustration left her lips and she moved closer to him , placing her hand on his chest not taking her eyes off him. Slowly she moved her hand down towards his hip and leaned in placing a soft kiss on his cheek , leaving another and another on her way to his neck pulling herself closer to him.
‘I am so wet because of you.’ she whispered in his ear , swinging her leg over him and sitting on his lap. Y/N straddled him slowly tryng to find any relief for the pressure , looking him in the eyes while biting her lip. Kai glanced at her and pushed her away without saying a word. She tried hard not to groan in frustration again and sat on his thigh not willing to give up just yet. Whoever it was on the other end of the line could probably wait a few minutes , a half hour or longer.
Get off the phone , please.’ she mouthed but he only shook his head slightly.
It was hot as hell outside and she was barely wearing a t-shirt which made it so much easier for her to get what she wanted. If Kai wasn’t planing on hanging up any time soon , then she’d have to take care of it herself and since he didn’t like it when she had fun by herself there was only one other option left. He looked at her with curious eyes as her fingers brushed through his soft hair gripping on it lightly.
So hot. How can you be so hot?’ she mouthed trailing her finger on his jawline and down his chest all the way down to the slight bulge in his boxers.
Kai slapped her hand away but Y/N didn’t give up. She straddled his thigh slowly at first , looking innocently at Kai seeing his eyes darkening and starting to burn with fire. He gave her a warning look which she completely ignored , finding a way to snake her hands under his shirt and up his bare chest. A low growl came from deep inside his throat and he pushed both her hands away. Y/N pouted and continued swaying her hips on his thigh a little faster.
You can have me any way you want-’ she mouthed.
Kai’s eyes widened a little and she could swear his smirk was hiding at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were darkening with lust more and more as she picked up the pace.
“What ?” she wondered out loud.
Her hands squeezed her breasts and she held her lip between her teeth. Soft moans tumbled off her lips and she started moving her hips a even faster , picking up the pace more and more each movement. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she could see the slight bulge in Kai’s boxers become more visible. Y/N tried to suppress a smile - perhaps she would get what she wanted after all. There was no way he’d let her walk away after this.
‘Fuck me Ma -’ she whispered.
Kai glanced at her and pressed his hand over her mouth until Y/N pushed it away. Her eyes pleaded with him but he only pushed her hands away again. He was trying hard to focus on what Damon was saying in his attempt to convince Kai to help him with something but it was getting harder and harder for him to think clearly. His girl just didn’t give up and it appeared the more he pushed her away the more determined she got. Kai could feel his boxers tighten around him and it was more than clear how eager Y/N was. Her teasing was driving him completely mad , making his skin feel like it was on fire. He was pretty sure Damon could hear everything from the other end of the line if he listened carefully. Y/N looked at him with innocent eyes and grabbed his free hand placing it on her breasts.
‘Hang up -’ she mouthed.“- please.”
Kai shook his head , mouthing ‘No.’
A smile spread across her face. For someone who kept saying no and pushing her away , Kai surely seemed to enjoy a lot what she was doing. His hand massaged her breasts through her (well , his) shirt while her hand massaged his member through his boxers. Her boyfriend closed his eyes for a moment and pushed her hand away. Y/N knew he was this close to getting him to hang up , she only had to take it up a notch. She pushed aside her panties letting her clit touch his bare skin and started moving faster , her moans getting a little louder the closer to her release she got. His thigh was starting to get wet and to add more to it she reached her hand down to her core rubbing her clit.
Kai’s eyes widened a little , drifting between her parted lips and what she was doing with her fingers and he forgot completely what the call was about. He cleared his throat , trying to return his attention to the phone call but it was too late. Y/N had his complete attention. His girl was starting to move ever faster on his thigh , her moans getting louder each time and Kai pressed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet while he finishes his phone call.
“Yeah.” he said not taking his eyes off Y/N , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed as she was getting closer to her release. “I’ll call you later. There is something that requires my immidiate attention. No. I don’t care you are under a time crunch.”
Kai ended his phone call and left his phone near the reading lamp. He watched her continuing to ride his thigh faster now. Y/N looked so hot in that moment he felt his boxers tighten around him even more , watching her run her fingers through her hair before placing her hands on his shoulders for support. She threw her head back a bit feeling her walls tighten more and more as she neared her release. A louder moan came from her lips as her fingers found their way in his hair gripping on it lightly as her orgasm tore through her body. It didn’t even seem like she had noticed he had hung up until his voice returned her to reality.
“Having fun?” asked Kai with a devilish smirk on his face. Y/N met his eyes and hummed in response. He furrowed his brows. “Without me ?”
Trick question. she thought , biting the inside of her cheek.
Kai’s eyes were flashing with a warning. Technically she hadn’t broken his rule , she was riding him but - part of her doubted that would count. Whatever he had planned to get back at her made her horny all over again.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
Kai laughed under his breath for a moment , contemplating what was to come. Y/N had droven him mad and now it was his time. He couldn’t decide what to do first.
“You are such a naughty girl.” he said in a low seductive voice , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. “Were you really that horny you couldn’t wait 5 more minutes?”
Y/N placed her hand on the bulge in his boxers massaging it slightly for a moment before sliding her hands up his chest and towards the back of his head. Her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips the entire time.
“I’ve been waiting exactly -” she glanced at the clock for a second “- 43 minutes and 19 seconds for you to stop talking and even look at me. Was that phone call really more important than doing me me ?”
“Nothing is more important than doing you , sweetheart.” he smiled.
Kai’s lips crashed against hers , more hungry and demanding than ever. His hands moved up her back , pulling her towards him while her hips moved faster against him. His fingers tangled in her hair , both of them moaning into the kiss when he grabbed a fist full of her hair pulling her head back an away from him.
“You want me to pay attention to you baby ?”
“Yes.” she answered , knowing fully well he knows the answer already.
Kai smirked devilishly at her and the next second she was pinned to the couch with her wrists held over her head. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. He brushed his fingers against her cheek , lightly touching her lips with his fingertips.
“Well – you got my undivided attention now.”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers again , demanding and hungrier than ever kissing her as if he was trying to swallow her whole, his crotch pushing against hers the entire time. Y/N struggled to free her wrists with no luck , wishing she could pull him even closer to her even though there was nowhere to go. His hand slid up her shirt massaging her breasts for a second before his fingers gripped on her shirt - his shirt - tearing it off her in a split second , tossing it somewhere on the floor. Kai left wet sloppy kisses on his way down to her core , his eyes never leaving hers. He pulled the front of her panties up so hard the fabric dug into her core cutting through it making her moan out a little louder.
“You were so distracting – teasing me like that with your wondering hands. You just can’t keep them off me , can you ? ” cooed Kai , brushing his nose against her sensitive clit making her moan out softly.

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Decided to sketch out how i imagine Credence and Percival throughout my new story I WIll Always Come Back To You. It’s an au where Credence get taken in by the Graves family and arranged to marry Percival once he’s of age.

The inability to draw characters consistently made this take absolutely forever.