he had his arm on harry the entire interview

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“You’re the best part of me.”

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped backstage, shoulders dropping as he wiped his sweaty hands on his pants. His first TV interview as a solo artist was complete, and it felt so good. He had been incredibly nervous - he was so used to having three other people to support him through events like these, so it was a shock to the system having to do it entirely by himself.

A flurry of arms and legs wrapped themselves around him, taking him by surprise, and his own arms wrapping around the familiar figure that had just attached itself to him. “You did so good,” she praised, legs unwrapped from around his waist as she loosened her tight squeeze. “So proud of you,” she added, kissing him gently. Harry beamed, his heart swelling at the sound of her praise. His arms tightened around her waist, face nuzzling into her neck as he breathed in her scent. “Thankyou,” he mumbled, eyes flickering shut. “So proud,” she repeated, her fingers finding his head, giving his scalp a light massage.


A few hours later and the pair were curled up in bed under their warm duvet, faces close and hands all over each other as they talked. This was almost tradition for them now. They would come home, and when it was time for bed they would climb into bed together, bodies close, and just talk. Talk about anything and everything. Sometimes they would share little secrets, or tell stories from their childhoods. Sometimes they would debate the quality of the movie they just watched, or whether fried, poached, or scrambled eggs were best. And sometimes, they would just lie and watch each other, kissing every so often, hands losing themselves in each other under privacy of the covers.

There was a comfortable lull in their conversation and Harry yawned, a hand moving to play with the hair of the beautiful woman lying opposite him. “Harry,” she murmured, leaning into his touch. “Mm?” he hummed. “What you said in the interview… Y’know, about me… Was that… I mean… Did you mean that?” she asked, her voice soft and curious, eyes bright as they met his gaze.

“So, Harry. Tell us about this wonderful girl of yours. Is it love?” the presenter asked, giving Harry a full, bright smile. Harry smiled back at her, almost visibly relaxing at the mention of their relationship. He paused a moment before answering. “There’s so much t’tell,” he started. “T’be honest, we’re pretty private people. Bu’, I will tell yeh this. It’s the truest, swee’est love I’ve ever known. She makes me a better person, an’ I know how fuckin’ cliche tha’ is,” he chuckled, shaking his head as a slight flush appeared on his cheeks. “Bu’ it’s true. Love her teh pieces. She’s… You know wha’, she’s the bes’ par’ of me,” he finished, grinning at the presenter.

Harry smiled at her, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead as he remembered what he’d said. “I mean’ every word. Yeh really are, m’love. The bes’ par’ of me,” he smiled, and she smiled back, biting back tears. “That’s the most precious thing anyone has ever said to me,” she whispered, leaning in to press a soft, sweet kiss to his lips. Harry hummed happily against her mouth, shuffling even closer, their legs slotting together. “Love you,” she murmured against him. “Love yeh more,” he answered, wrapping her up in his arms.

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The best thing about the Kiss 95 gif is that Niam didn't even flinch while the interviewer's jaw dropped on the floor. 😂😂😂

You know what, I don’t think I had ever actually watched this full interview until now and the entire thing was like, “Jesus fucking CHRIST - CHILL!” From the beginning Harry is like having that weird “I wanna kiss you but I also kinda want to fight you” staredown with Louis that Louis had to keep trying to look away from because even he was like, “We gonna get our asses yelled at if you don’t chill.”

But THEN there’s a question about another interview they did where apparently Harry was said to have snogged fans and Louis immediately rolls his eyes, crosses his arms and gets all huffy about it. And then when the love bites are mentioned you can see that thought process Harry gets when he makes a joke like “thinks of joke, says joke, cracks up” except it’s like “wants to touch Louis, touches Louis, looks very pleased with himself.”

THEN the interviewer brings up Larry and I didn’t even remember that this was another non-denial moment where Louis just says, “We don’t like to disclose the nature of our relationship,” and I don’t know why I’m doing a play by play of this, here just watch it yourself:

The really strange thing is that years later the interviewer went to Twitter to suddenly weigh in on what he thought, after years of silence. And this was right after Harry’s no-chill November round of interviews with “not that important” and “don’t knock it til you try it.”

It was very strange timing for him to suddenly chime in on the matter, and it was around the same time that Yahoo Celebrity went Larry AF  

As well as the woman who asked them about Larry Stylinson

And then used the topic for click bait 

It was a very interesting time, November 2014. I wrote my first One Direction article for Buzzfeed about it, which as you know was deleted, but I republished it here if you want to know the full breakdown of exactly what was going on at the time: The Current Media Discussion On Harry Styles’ Sexuality Is Proof That The World Has Lost Its Mind

In hindsight there were so many things that were really wild about the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. I do often wonder what happened because it really did seem like they were seeding a coming out. All of a sudden you went from a strictly no-homo band to gay rumours about Harry and people talking about Larry Stylinson again, then Lairport, then the Eleanor breakup, but then Louis and pool girl happened, Zayn left and babygate started and who the fuck knows. I certainly don’t. But it’s filed under “things that make you go hmmm.”

Tattoo Roulette

*had to mix these together, hope it’s okay!*

It wasn’t that Harry didn’t like James Corden. 

In fact, James was arguably Harry’s favorite interviewer, probably because James also proved to be a good and supportive friend in addition to being a funny, kind guy. 

But his games were dumb. 

Sure, they got a lot of views on YouTube and they were kind of fun for the guys to play, but they were mostly stupid. Harry thought that the Dodgeball was a bit far fetched but this? This was overstepping. 

Honestly, Harry didn’t really think that James would force one of the boys into getting a tattoo. In fact, Harry had done his best to make sure that James had this entire game planned out, make sure that a certain, blonde haired, bare skinned someone didn’t end up having to get the tattoo. 

“James,” Harry had interjected just after the interviewer had proposed the idea to the boys, grabbing the man’s arm. 

James smiles generously at the brunette, stopping. “Yeah, Harry, what’s up?” He asks with ease. 

Harry tries to match the interviewer’s calmness, but seeing Niall in such distress over this stupid game had caused the taller man to be a little aggressive. 

“James, how is this whole ‘game’ going to work?” He asks, extremely serious compared to Harry’s usual banter with this man. 

James gives him a confused look. “Well, we all choose a box, and whoever chooses the one with ‘TATTOO’ written on it gets a tattoo.” He explains carefully and Harry shakes his head. 

“Okay but who’s actually going to get a tattoo? Is it you or…?” Harry trails off, and once more, James looks puzzled. 

“If I choose the box-”

Harry cuts him off with a shake of the head. “James, it can’t be Niall.” He demands. “It can’t.” He repeats. Harry may be one of the only people in the world who know why Niall really hates the idea of tattoos. Needles and Niall did not go together. Even when it came to the doctor’s office, Niall would need to be laying down, squeezing the utter shit out of Harry’s hand as the taller boy rested his head next to the blonde’s, whispering sweet words of comfort to the other before the blonde would be okay getting a simple shot. 

Harry wasn’t about to let James Corden, let alone anyone else, embarrass Niall like that. 

James gives Harry a sympathetic look. “I’ll get a stage hand to figure it out, yeah? Don’t worry so much, buddy!” He tries to alleviate the situation with a laugh and Harry cracks a smile despite how nervous he’s feeling for tonight.

So, yeah, Harry gets a bit pissed off when Niall tells him that no stage hand ever came to tell him anything, and he gets even more pissed when the game starts. 

Especially when he saw James’ relief to his own box having “SAFE” written on his box top. Because right then and there, he knew. 

He would be getting a tattoo by the end of the night. 

No matter which box contained the word ‘TATTOO,’ wether it be his own or Niall’s, Harry would get a tattoo today.

He just prayed, for James’ sake, that Niall didn’t have the ‘TATTOO’ box. 

The lights go down as James celebrates with the other two boys on the other side of the room and catches Harry’s subtle glare. The interviewer gives him a slightly guilty, almost knowing look and Harry shrugs it off, moving to hug Niall as James turns the audience’s attention to the terrified, shocked look on Niall’s face. 

He hugs the blonde lightly, knowing that management won’t stand for much more than that, leaning in close and ghosting his lips over Niall’s ear, whispering “don’t worry” in the shaking boy’s ear subtly. 

Niall squeezes Harry back and moves back towards their boxes. 

Harry tries to play off his exaggerated look, joking about the lighting and letting out a huge sigh, trying to convince himself that he would have the box. 

He opens the box and sees the audience pause before letting out loud screams of excitement along with Liam and Louis’ nervous smiles towards James who looks a bit petrified himself. 

Harry looks over to see Niall on the floor, laughing in an extremely obviously fake aura, terrified and shaking and Harry wants to kill James Corden. 

James smiles big, and says a string of words that must be taking the show to break as Harry pulls Niall off of the ground, trying to gauge his true reaction. 

The show goes to break and James comes over to Harry and Niall who are now unabashedly in each other’s spaces, Harry whispering to Niall intimately as the blonde stays silent. 

“Niall you don’t have to do this.” James attempts to comfort the blonde. 

“Apparently, I do now, James.” Niall snaps, no longer smiling for the crowd. 

Harry turns his angry look to James. “No, you don’t Niall.” 

“Yeah, Niall–” James tries to assure the boy but Harry’s death glare cuts him off. 

“Fuck off, James. Not now.” Harry snarls, making the other man flinch. Normally, Harry would never use such harsh words towards a friend, or anyone for that matter, but Harry couldn’t force himself to care at this point.

James shuffles away and Liam and Louis come over to the pair nervously. “What’s going to happen?” Liam asks timidly after seeing Harry’s reaction to James.

“I’ll get it, Niall.” Harry offers immediately. No question about it, Harry would get the stupid tattoo. Like he said earlier, he already had several meaningless splats of ink, he didn’t mind getting another, especially if it was to save Niall from one of his biggest fears. 

But Niall shakes his head, looking completely exasperated and horrified. “Don’t you understand? I have to get it now. This is live television, Harry. I have to get it.” He argues, hiding his face in his hands and Harry hugs him close. Because he gets it. Now it’s a thing of responsibility for Niall. He lost a game and now he has to pay up. More importantly, the audience is expecting something of him, and Niall wants to do everything he can to make sure their entertained and satisfied, just as the blonde always is. Constantly making sure everyone else is happy, even if that means that his own comfort will deteriorate. 

The director begins counting down off screen, giving the boys about 15 seconds to collect themselves as Harry leads Niall over to the chair. The other two go along as well, lingering a bit as Harry tries to comfort Niall for the final seconds that he can. 

“it’s going to be fine, I’ll be here the whole time and we can hold hands. It’s fine.” Harry tries to reassure him, but he knows Niall isn’t hearing anything he says by this point. His hands are shaking and his eyes are teary and Harry really wants to kill James Corden right now. 

James is back at Niall’s side just as the final 5 second countdown begins. 

He gives the audience a few pleasantries but all Harry’s focused on is the increased amount of pressure he feels around his hand. Niall is staring back at Harry when the glances towards the boy, terror clear in his eyes as his breathing becomes labored. 

Harry knows this looks all too well. The room is silent, and Harry realizes that James must’ve asked a question. Niall looks up, stuttering out, “W-what?” 

The audience laughs, along with James, but the boys all look at each other nervously. They try to play it off, as if Niall’s nervousness is simply that, and that Niall won’t mind the tattoo, that this will all go smoothly. 

But Harry knew it wouldn’t. 

There was no way in hell that this was going to go well. 

There’s a buzzing that begins in Harry’s ear, one that’s all too familiar to the brunette, but not at all to the blonde. And that’s what does it. 

The second Niall takes a single look at the torture device that happens to be a tattoo machine, everything goes to shit. 

“No, no, no.” Niall mutters, his breath picking up to a dangerous pace and Harry’s instantly looking at James.

“Go to break.” He orders as Niall begins having a full out panic attack. His breaths are labored and his eyes are wide. Harry knows this look. He knows this look all too well and he does not want anyone else to understand this look the way he does. 

James balks, “I can’t– Har–”

“Go to break.” He demands, his voice much louder and intense than he intended.The show cuts off nearly immediately after Harry’s outburst and Harry pulls Niall off the chair and eases him to the ground steadily, holding on to the boy’s shoulders tightly. Niall’s pants are directed against Harry’s neck as the blonde grips on to Harry’s shirt tightly, still chanting, “No, no, no.” Over and over again like it’s his new favorite mantra. The blonde is shaking like a leaf in Harry’s arms, his arms curled around Harry so tightly that it hurts. Niall’s nails dig into Harry’s shoulders and the few tears that have escaped the blonde’s eyes dampen Harry’s expensive blazer, but all the taller boy can do is hold him. 

James looks trapped, incredibly guilty, and useless all at the same time and Harry makes a quick note to apologize for his harsh words earlier, but honestly, he was still majorly pissed off. 

Niall’s breaths slowly return to normal and Harry can feel him slowly begin to loosen his grip on Harry’s neck. It feels like everyone lets out a sigh of relief as Niall returns back to himself, leaning a bit away from Harry and rubbing at his reddened eyes. 

The blonde tries a weak grin, but it doesn’t work out too well, so Harry just helps the lad up and guides him off of the stage. Both ignore the grins and fake, terrified smiles of the producers and writers that wave at the pair as they go past. 

“Everyone’s gonna think I’m a fucking pussy now Harry.” Niall mumbles sadly as Harry gets him to sit on the couch of the back room. Harry hands the blonde some water along with an apple, to which Niall screws up his face. 

And Harry knows he could respond to Niall in some witty, joking way. If he was Louis, he probably would. But luckily, Harry is Harry, and Harry is the one that Niall fell in love with. 

So Harry responds in his own Harry way, shrugging, “If you want, I’ll go back on that stage and trip on air again if you want.” He offers. “Or I could wear those flower pants– you know, those ones that you think are ridiculous–” 

“They are ridiculous,” Niall interjects, a smile on his face. Harry grins back, because that pearly white, perfectly-straight smile is all he really wanted. Harry sits next to the blonde, throwing a comfortable arm over his shoulder and gathering the Irishman close. 

“I’d do anything for you,” Harry murmurs close to Niall’s ear, “If it would make you feel better, I’d do anything for you.” He clarifies, and intertwines his fingers with Niall’s. 

The blonde gives him a fond smile, playing with the larger fingers of his counterpart. “I would do the same.” He agrees, leaning into Harry’s space and encouraging the brunette to kiss him chastely once before kissing his leisurely on the cheek. 

Today was definitely a disaster, and there were bound to be several more disasters in their life, especially if this whole One Direction thing was going to continue on… but maybe, just maybe that’s how things were supposed to be with Harry and Niall. Kind of disastrous and stupid, a little bit adorable and cute, along with a whole lot of feelings and craziness that never seemed to fade away. 

Yeah, that sounds just about right.


Okay y’all… this might sound crazy… but what if… i wrote… a ZIANOURRY FANFICTION??? I know, I know, it’s literally been 8 ½ years since I last did one but Ive gotten quite a few good prompts for it later and I’m thinking about it. I’m also thinking about a second part to Bite Me :o :o 

Soooo let me know what y’all think!


Prompts are open! I do any Niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5! You can see my previous writings here and my master post here