he had cute names for his pets :' )

Klance Skyhigh au part 3

(Part 3 with the additional ideas from the lovely @becoming-icarus Yes! thank you so much dear! =w=)

•So Keith bursts into flames when embarrassed and Lance discovers that sometimes its because of him when he calls Keith mushy pet names. (Most of the time its just because Lance is being cute without knowing it)

•Lance is over the moon but also sad that he has to tone it down a bit (a lot) so they dont trigger the school fire alarms. (He does it outside tho)

•When walking through the hall, Keith gets called out and taunted by other students (this is before Keith gets beat up in part 2) Lance gets really irritated and grabs Keith’s hand leading him away not letting go until their in class.

•When Lance finally gets fed up and almost starts a fight because of it he feels Keith shyly sliding his hand in Lance’s and pulls him away to avoid getting in trouble.

•While beeing pulled away, Lance is speechless but also proud and he adjusts their hands to intertwine. Keith ducks his head in embarrassment and flicker of flames erupt around his face. He’s Just So Cute Like a Kitten Lance is So Gone.

•Speaking of, Lance slips and calls Keith “Kitten” once during a conversation. lo and behold its the only pet name that doesnt bursts Keith into flames so it sticks during school. (He only raised a brow and said “kitten?” because he really doesnt get it.)

•Skyhigh never knew that Lance Mcclain could be scary af…

•Sure he’s smart, had the knack to distrupt class sometimes with a joke or witty comment. He’s respected but he was the school flirt before Keith came along. He’s protective of his freinds but they never really saw any potential of what an enraged Lance can do until one day.

•When one particular senior had the gall to shapeshift as Lance and fake hit on Keith while he was waiting at his locker, only to shapeshift back and torment him in front of a lot of students for being TWO villain’s problem child AND being gay for Mcclain.

•The whole hall dropped below 20 degrees where Lance was walking towards them in a creepy calm. In a matter of seconds, everything except for where Keith is standing was covered in frost.

•Before the senior could make a comment, sharp, blade-like shards of ice were floating in mid-air all pointed at him ready to strike at one wrong move. “Don’t test me buddy”

•Shiro once said to Lance that when Keith is really scared (which rarely happens), his flames had trouble coming out. That’s why Lance thought Keith was scared of him after that incident when they were walking away. His hands wasnt warm and he was shaking.

•He eventually got Keith to speak up. It wasnt cos Lance got angry at the senior, it was what Lance thought now that he knew that Keith was gay and had feelings for him that terrified him. He didnt want to lose his best friend.

•With that out and a terrified Keith in front of him, it made it easier for Lance to do the next thing he always wanted to since falling for his little kitten.

ALSO ADORABLE art by @becoming-icarus riiight HERE aaaand HERE :D

Aaand really really cute fic HERE by @klance-and-a-half !!


Protection (Chris Evans x FemReader) Fluff

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): Boi this is probably the quickest I have ever made a plot lordy

Request:  33, 48 with Chris Evans

33. Just hold my hand

48. I’m never letting go

Warnings: Yo, protective Chris comes with fluff


Strolling wasn’t uncommon for an New Yorker. Especially both (Y/n) and Chris, walks around town were mandatory.

Even when it was eccentrically hot, as was it today.

Heat bringing jeans lower in (Y/n)’s fancy, she decided on a polite sun dress that she chose because it fit her body type well and she felt settled in it.

Chris went with a cute pair of simple board shorts and a grey t-shirt that had a short v-neckline.

“Look,” (Y/n) cheered softly as the pair passed a fresh fruit stand “These strawberries look like you, Chrispy!”

Chris smiled at the given pet name and turned to look at said berries.

“Oh, and how’s that?” He pondered aloud.

“Sun burnt and shiny with sweat.” the girl laughed.

“Oh ha ha.” Chris mocked and began to walk away “You hurt me in various ways, (L/n).”

“That’s my job, slick.”

She giggled and re-joined Chris on his right side. Her skirt flaring peacefully as she skipped.

It wasn’t long after when (Y/n) started to get uneasy.

“Oh damn, what’s good sexy?”

They both could hear it, and they both knew it was directed towards (Y/n).

“Oooo, nice tits!”

She began to bow her head.

Chris didn’t even give it a second thought before he decided to help. The actor was never around when anyone took the time to attack (Y/n); he kicked himself for that. A thought floated across his mind of what might have happened if he hadn’t been there then and now. He was ultimately appalled.

“Hold my hand.” he whispered to her, kind urgence in his voice. Chris wanted to make this as simple as he could.

“What..?” (Y/n) asked in a solemn tone. She quaintly fixated her gaze on his face.

“Just hold my hand.”

“Alright….” she agreed and tied her hand with his own.

The comments were actually quick to die back. Maybe from the menacing wall upon Chris’s expression; that stayed unknown to the girl.

(Y/n) was really thankful. And honestly, so was Chris.

He had a silent duty where he felt the need to protect (Y/n). He knew in God’s name she was more than capable of being assertive but she was at the same time too kind.

“Chris,” she mumbled and squeezed his fingers in recognition.

“Hm?” he hummed.

“I appreciate what you did back there. A lot.” (Y/n) continued “Thank you.”

“Never thank me for doing my part.” Chris smiled.

You grinned back whole heartedly.

“But your hand, Chrispy.” she commented, looking down at their hands still tied soundly.

“I wouldn’t worry about it, (nickname),” Chris laughed “I’m never letting go.”


(A/n): lmao this is actually pretty shit, wow

GOT7 Reaction Masterlist Post

If a link is broken or there isn’t a link at all let me know and I will fix it!


- has as many kids as he does pets
- just kidding there’s more pets than small humans

- two kids have really weird names and the others have really cute names
- their momma gave them normal middle names as a backup plan

- he dresses all his kids in flannels and jeans and Converse
- so if you ever see an army of mini Sodapops, you’ll know why

- he tried to feed his daughter baby food but ended up eating three jars
- he was like “look it’s yummy!” and ate a spoonful but actually liked it
- so he ate three jars of strawberry banana while his baby girl had to eat peas

- so many cuddles
- he always holding his kids

- piggy back rides!
- even when his kids are too big
- “there’s no such thing as ‘too big’”

- if you think he can’t hit all of his kids on his lap at once, you’re right
- but that isn’t stopping him

- Soda is basically his dad 2.0

- he works super hard to provide for his kids
- and when he comes home from the auto body shop, his kids tackle him with hugs

- he has a son who looks 100% like him
- he couldn’t be happier
- the son goes by “Minipop” and nothing else
- what even is his real name? Soda doesn’t know

- he teaches his sons how to fix up cars
- his oldest son gets better than him and soon Steve has to teach him
- Steve finds it the funniest thing

- Soda warns his kids about the real world
- “you wanna be like Uncle Ponyboy, not like Uncle Dallas”
- and his oldest daughter chimes in with something like, “yeah. Dallas is an ass.”
- and Soda is so shocked like, “where did you learn to speak like that?”
- “Dallas.”

- okay but the gang and their kids playing big games of football and baseball? yes please
- think of all the picnics!
- so much food and games and laughs and just a good time

Preference "How they react to you calling them "Daddy" or "Mommy" in front of everyone by accident"

(I JUST LIVE FOR OUR FAVES BEING SHOOK XD OMG RICHARD’S MY FAVE XD FOR THIS ONE! Yay for Laura being added :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be shocked for an instant only to start laughing, thinking it to be absolutely hilarious. As you were working in the Sanctuary, Negan would walk by and just tease you with his words about his plans for the night, obviously trying to distract you from your work. Fed up, you’d try to swat him away, but he’d only be persistent and would start to tickle you, making you laugh and say out loud “Daddy! Stop it, stop it! You know i’m ticklish!” and for everyone to turn their gaze at you. “Y/N! You just let out our biggest secret! Oh my god! Baby girl! You couldn’t resist it, could you!”

Daryl-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be uncertain and make you repeat yourself, only to get embarrassed. As you’d come back from a run, you’d successfully catch dinner for everyone and would just want to brag about it to your boyfriend, Daryl. However, with your excitement, the moment you see him, you’d show your catch and approach him and let out loud, saying, “Daddy, Look what I got!” making everyone turn their heads. “Y/N…Did you…Did you call me…by our secret…”

Rick-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d chuckle and brush it off to hide the fact. As you’d all eat dinner together, you and Rick had just come back from a little round in your room, making you both still hot and bothered from it. So forgetting yourself, you’d casually ask Rick, “Daddy, can you pass me the salt?”, making everyone gasp to hear you and for him to stare at you wide eyed before finding a quick solution. “Y/N…Honey…You meant It for the kids, right? She calls me that way for the kids…”

Merle-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d grin from being so pleased and tease you back by calling you “Baby girl”. As you’d cook in the prison, he’d come up to bother you and would just occasionally lightly grope you, while whispering to you, reminding you of the night before. As you’d get lost in his flirting, you’d get cocky and forget about everyone else in the room, saying “Oh come on Daddy, how can I ever forget that…” That is until you’d turn to the side to look at him and notice the others. “That’s right everyone…Y/N’s my Baby girl…So what? Don’t act like you wouldn’t all like to have pet names like us…Right, baby…”

Glenn-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get nervous but just laugh if off because he thinks it’s funny. As you would work around the camp, you’d find yourself doing most of it as everyone would be having fun and all. However, as Glenn would notice, he’d offer help and just flirt around with you so much that you instead of his name, you said his pet name out loud, saying “Thank you for everything, Daddy~”, making everyone suddenly pay attention to you. “Oh my god…Y/N! Y-you called me daddy!”

Carl-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be stunned and just deny it had happened. As you’d wake up in the morning to see him setting the table for breakfast, you’d just find him so cute and with him in his pj’s, you couldn’t resist running to hug him and accidentally letting out loud, “Good morning, Daddy!”, making everyone else that had gathered at the house look over at you both. “W-what did you call me? No…No guys…She has it wrong…She never said that…She said Carl…”

The Governor-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get quiet and stare at you for a moment, wondering if that just really happened before acting casual. As he’d talk about his plans for the next run with his men, you’d forget yourself and just think to yourself as to why he isn’t in the room yet, making you walk over to where he is and let out, “Daddy~ What’s taking you so long?”. As you’d stand by the door, you’d meet his eye as well of those of everyone else. “Y/N…I-I’ll be there in a few minutes…I’ll be honest I don’t always go by that when we’re together…just sometimes…”

Abraham-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d laugh his ass off instantly, making light of the situation. As you’d keep yourself busy in the armory, he’d suddenly walk in to see you and would just have the urge to tease you and say something playful about you. However, as you’d hear him, you’d get “mad” at him and say, “Guess, Daddy doesn’t want any of this tonight!” Only to see everyone else with him the instant you’d turn around. “Aw, come on, Y/N! Don’t be shy! You know daddy still wants you even after everyone knows about us!”

Eugene-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d do a double take and just chime in the facts about everything. As you’d notice him feeling sad and down from his little argument with Abraham, you’d try to cheer him up by making promises to him. You’d hug from behind and whisper everything, making him ask you if you meant all of it and for you to be taken back and to just yell out, “Of course, Daddy! Why would I lie to you?!”. “I-I’d like to say that Y/N…doesn’t see a parental or fatherly figure out of me…What, she meant was purely sexual…”

Ron-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be confused and wouldn’t know what else to do. As you’d search for something in his house, you’d forget about how everyone had gathered for a party as well as to call him by his real name rather than his pet name, making you yell out, “Daddy! Did you see my-”. “Seriously, Y/N…”

Jesus-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d feel really flattered and would just smirk, forgetting everyone around. After a few days of him scavenging on his own, he’d come by to visit you in Alexandria. The instant you’d see him as the gates opened, you’d run towards him for a hug, only to exclaim loudly, “Daddy! Oh my god, I missed you so much!”. As he’d hug you, he’d see everyone’s expression and you’d realize yourself. “Aw, Y/N…You’re too kind! I know you dream about me but I didn’t think you’d feel this way…”

Dwight-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get lost in his thoughts staring at you and would be speechless. As you’d both look for food in the kitchen’s of the Sanctuary, you’d spot your favorite snack, only for Dwight to be mean and take it before you. You’d try to take it from him but as he wouldn’t let you, you’d decide to make him weak by saying, “Oh come on Daddy~ They’re my favorites!”. As you’d realize your tone was too loud, it was too late. “Y/N…why would y-you call me Daddy…now…it’s not the time…”

Morgan-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d freeze just to see their reactions. As you’d walk downstairs into the kitchen and see him standing by the counter, you’d go hug him from behind, saying “Good morning, Daddy~” in the sweetest tone yet sensual tone, only to feel him hold your arm around him and for him to look towards the living room. You’d follow his gaze to see that most of your friends were just standing right there. “I-I don’t usually go by that name in this house…I swear…”

Shane-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d laugh at you, only to act smug about it. As you’d finally be able to take a shower after a long day on the road, you’d just get so excited that you’d forget about the others around and yell out for him to join you and really wanting him to his pet name would come out, “Daddy~ Are you sure you don’t want to join me?”, only to suddenly hear everyone gasp before going quiet and to hear only one familiar voice. “Yeah that’s right! She just called me, Daddy! Jealous?”

Milton-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get extremely flustered and red and try to come up with an explanation. As you’d enjoy the party in Woodbury, he’d suddenly get quiet around you, making you understand that he doesn’t like to see Merle acting flirty with you. You’d then try to cheer him up by pinching his cheek but forgetting yourself, you’d say loudly, “Aw, Daddy~ Don’t be mad~”, making everyone around gasp. “I-I don’t make her or ask her to call me that! I swear! S-She meant Milty…Right, Y/N?”

Aaron-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be lost and confused, only to nervously laugh in the end. As he’d come back from a run, you’d instantly go to greet him with a big hug, only for him to whisper to you saying he has a gift for you. As he’d hand it over, he’d whisper in your ear again about his plans for the night, only for you to be extra thankful and forget the crowd of friends around, saying out loud, “You’re really too kind, Daddy~”. “Y/N…You called me, daddy…While everyone is around…”

Gabriel-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be just as shocked as everyone else before walking away with you. As you’d clean out the church, he’d come to help you, only to pass you a note, describing all the things he’ll do to you for the night, making you get so excited, you’d bashfully shove him and say, “You’re such a tease, Daddy~” in a rather loud tone, only for everyone to gasp. “W-we’re not like that…S-she meant “Father”…I was joking around with her…Yeah…Alright, Y/N, let’s go…“

The Wolf-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d shrug and not really think too much of it. As you’d all travel together, you’d end up falling asleep on his shoulder in the car and would hold onto him. However as a town to scavenge would be found, he’d set you to sleep properly, only for you to get clingy and say, “No, Daddy, don’t leave…i’ll be good…”, all while you were half asleep and no one has left the car yet. “What are you all looking at…It’s just a word…Grow up…”

Noah-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d avoid your gaze and walk away quietly out of embarrassment. As you’d all go on a run together, you’d suddenly come across some cute clothes and would just pretend to try some of them on, making him laugh. However, as you’d see some lingerie, you’d play around with it, only to flirt a little saying, “So…Daddy what do you think?”, and not realizing how your other friends had just walked in behind you.

Simon-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d look at you with a big grin and wide eyes. As you’d both be on a run, he’d spend most of his time actually working. You being fed up as you’re really in need of him, you’d take away his walkie talkie and just yell out at him, “Pay attention to me, Daddy! I’m the one who needs you here and now!”, forgetting completely that you had your finger on the interrupter the whole time. That is until you’d hear Negan as well as the others laughing on the line. “Alright, baby Y/N…Now everyone knows…I’ll have to punish you for that…”

Ezekiel-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be startled and try to cover it up with a silly lie. As you’d take care of Shiva for the evening, you’d suddenly think about your plans with Ezekiel for the evening, making you smile and just be impatient to see him. So when you’d hear him call for you, instantly you’d be sweet and get up to answer, “Yes, Daddy~”, only to turn around and see him and his whole crowd with him. “Oh, Y/N…My dear…How can you look like such an innocent child…Did my voice remind you of you youth?”

Benjamin-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be shocked and wouldn’t know how to form his words. As you’d look at him training with Morgan, you’d notice how hard he was working and just wanted to reward him for all of it, making you go to him and tell him about your plans. However, seeing him all sweaty, you’d forget yourself and smirk, saying “Looking good, Daddy…” All while people were walking by and Morgan still next to him. “I-I…U-Uh…That’s not my idea…Actually it’s just an accident, right, Y/N…”

Caesar-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be pleased only to start teasing you just to brighten the mood. As you’d look over at him fighting in the pits, you’d eventually get worried over his injuries. So the instant it was all over, you’d go to join him and just jump to hug him tightly, saying “Daddy, are you alright?!” All while his friends had gathered to help his injuries. “Ahh, Y/N…Baby i’m fine! But you got it wrong…It’s Papi remember!”

Heath-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d look at you strangely and just get nervous from feeling all the gazes. As you’d all go on a run, you’d both have your own little fun flirting at the back of the group, only for you to ask him to join you for the night again and to plead him saying, “Oh come on…Please…Daddy…”. All while the others can actually hear you and turn their heads towards you. “S-she meant Heath…You all just heard it wrong…”

Spencer-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d start to chuckle and just wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. As you’d work on fixing the windows of your house, he’d come over to flirt with you and try to convince you of his plans for the night. However as you’d try to concentrate, you’d end up telling him, “Look, Daddy! I’m busy for now, i’ll join you later…” All while the others had gathered around to try and help you. “Alright, Baby…I’ll wait for you…You heard that she’ll be joining me…”

Richard-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d just get so flustered, he’d lower his head and close his eyes. As you’d eat dinner all together, he’d sit next to you and you’d casually feel his foot brushing against your leg, making you look at him to see him smirk. Although you’d whisper to him, “So it’s Daddy for tonight…”, before he could even nod, Jerry would’ve heard it all and ask you out loud, “Did you just call him, Daddy?”, making everyone’s head turn. “No…Jerry…She didn’t say that…Y-You heard it wrong…”

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Min Yoongi As Your Boyfriend~


- forcing him to sleep because he’s staying up practicing

- you’re his inspiration 

- getting your own place


- holding hands

- he raps for you

- matching couple outfits

- literally always cuddling because he likes holding you

- dinner dates

- comforting him when he’s sad or had a bad day

- always going to his concerts

- him being scared to let you meet his parents

- but then he doesn’t give a shit because you’re his and thats all that matters

- lazy days together

- sex and lots of it

- he LOVES eating you out

- pet names

- shopping

- lots and lots of sleeping together

- cute selfies

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Headcanons with their S/O

Random head canon. Some NSFW.

- will call you princess and/or sweetie as cute pet names.
- likes to spoil you and somehow pays attention to what you like even though you think he may be sleeping while you were talking.
- tries to cook for you… and fails miserably. Had to get Ignis to help him. Rip
- he seems to not care for breasts or ass. Though I feel like he would appreciate a nice ass and a good set of breasts.
- foreplay and is very good at it.
- private about his love life. Not into PDA

- would most likely take lots of pictures of you (and some naughty ones with only you and with the two of you together.
- I get the feeling that one of the chocobros will accidentally come upon those photos and Prompto will get embarrassed and begged them not to say a thing about it
- sooo into PDA. Like he wants to show you off!
- can eat you out good and will make sure you get off before him.
- likes to make sure you are loved. He never ever wants you to feel insecure.

- prepare yourself for a good home cooked meal almost everyday
- loves having deep conversations with about anything
- pretty flexible and really is willing to try anything with you.
- not into PDA but will sneak a few kisses here and there.
- sometimes can be oblivious when you’re trying to hint to him that you want to get him in bed.
- likes to plan dates and make sure you’re well taken care of. Would support you for anything.

- loves grabbing your butt while out in public. But he’s such a gentleman
- if anyone stare at you and gets ideas about trying to go out with you…. just one glare from him and they’ll back the fuck down
- is into rough sex, but can be very sweet if you tell him to slow down.
- likes outdoors dates. Prepare for walks on the beaches, hiking to see a beautiful sunset, and beautiful sightseeing
- has high stamina. He can go on for many rounds!

Those are just random thoughts. Haha. Enjoy!

Jimin as a MLM Boyfriend

Jungkook | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Seokjin | Taehyung | Yoongi

- cutest couple on the planet !!!!!!!!!!!

- everyone would be jealous of how aesthetic you guys are like damn 

- jimin would love it when you both wore clothes that were pastels and baby blues, greens, etc

- he would 10/10 have a phone case that matches yours 

- Honestly ??

- jimin would adore being pampered by you

- you’d give him forehead kisses and cuddles for encouragement when he felt as though he wasn’t performing well 

- whenever he was talking about you to someone else, he’d always say “my boyfriend” instead of your name because wow he’s still in awe that you’re his 

- dates at the pet store looking at all of the cute kitties !

- jimin would whine and beg you to get one of the kittens 

“but just think! she could stay at your apartment and we could name her something really cute and buy adorable hats for her!”

- after your weekly visit to the pet store, you guys would just wander around town, holding hands and drinking boba tea

- you’d go into different clothing stores and pick out cute outfits for each other 

- when you found a pastel pink shirt that had “Baby Boy” written on the front, you’d give it to him to try on and he’d bLUSH SO HARD  AJSLAJDLKA

- cuddles would be literally suffocating,

- since jimin refused to cuddle without wearing his softest pyjamas and like 20 blankets

- but the way he curled up to your chest was too adorable so you never complained

- but oh lord do not be fooled by the soft surface because this mochi sasses like nobody’s business

- whenever you do something stupid like falling over you will never forget

- or if you spell a word wrong when texting him, from then on he’ll always spell it the way you misspelled it to rile you up

- jimin would honestly just be a little shit 90% of the time 

- but the other 10% he’s just the sweetest, most loving and caring boyfriend 

- your nicknames for him would be mochi, chim and (teasingly) baby boy 

- his nicknames for you would be baby, muffin, handsome 

- he would just be so cute and need attention and praise and love all of the time  and fukc i’mcryiing

- if you were sad or stressed out he’d sing lullabies to you 

- sometimes you’d pretend to be stressed just to hear him sing to you, and he’d know what you were doing but he found it cute 

ffffucuck me in the ass 

next is seokjin ! 

Vittsjö - Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The reader wants some help from her boyfriend Daveed to build the IKEA set she just bought. Bad idea?

Warnings: None that I know of, other than “Daveed Diggs is a legitimate angel who graced us with his glorious smile and presence you might need to sit down and have a cry after considering this”. 

Word Count: 1,098

A/N: This is a little warm up to start preparing for my Lin + Pride and Prejudice AU. Thank you so much to @digging-daveed for putting up with my endless ideas and being annoying. This one’s for you. 

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“If you don’t come and help me with this, I’m breaking all the pieces in half and wasting the eighty dollars you spent.”

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Could you do some spirk cuddling?

i got a few prompts about cuddling, so this is for all of those, hope there’s enough cuddling in this for y’all :0

A Shot in the Dark (read it on ao3 here)

Jim keyed in the codes to his room, careful to keep his steps soft as he walked through the door, not wanting to wake Spock if he had decided to go to sleep early while waiting for Jim to finish up extra paperwork. He grinned as he saw dark familiar eyes blinking at him from under the fluffy duvet, feeling a muted warmth spill into his mind through their bond.

“Hey, love.”

“Hello. It is cold.”

Jim snorted, heading towards the temperature controls. “You want me to turn it up?”

“No. I desire for you come to bed. You are always very warm.” Spock’s voice was muffled, but his eyes were bright, and Jim froze for a few seconds before he started laughing.

“You sneaky Vulcan. Let me brush my teeth and get changed and I’ll be right there.”

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NCT-127/U Reaction to you speaking multiple langauges

I changed this a little as I don’t think any of them would like/dislike anyone for being hispanic or any other race and it likely wouldn’t affect their opinions on anyone as long as they’re a good person they can get a long with - nct has lots of foreign members, for example, and they don’t treat anyone any different for it except for helping more with the language, as far as it seems! I also had two similar requests so I combined them, I hope that’s okay! I’m sorry about this and I hope you understand!! Thank you for the interest though, and have a great day!! 😊 


He’d be impressed at your ability to speak two languages, amazed that you could communicate with others and help out certain situations. He’d probably like to subtly brag about your abilities, maybe asking you to say something when you were around the members just so he could say how clever you were.

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He’d like to hear you speak your native language, or any other langauges you could speak. I can see him enjoying you just rambling to him in any or even multiple languages whilst you were lying down together, especially if he’d had a long day and just wanted to fall asleep in your arms. 

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 Similar to Taeyong, he’d love listening to you speak in whatever language you could. If you spoke english/korean, he’d probably enjoy being able to go back and forth between the languages to better express things, or just listen to whatever you could say in another langauge and try to imitate it.

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Although he can speak two langauges, I feel like he might be intimidated if you spoke a language and he had no idea what you were saying. He wouldn’t not want you to speak another language, but might not enjoy having no idea what you were saying around him. He might pick up some short phrases quite quickly though, and be encouraging of you with your native language if he could. 

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 I can see Doyoung being impressed with your language skills, but quietly so. He wouldn’t brag about you to the others, but would enjoy randomly asking you how to say things in another langauge every so often, just to hear how your voice sounded - and show how impressed he was whenever you did.

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He would really love if you could speak Thai so he had someone to speak his native language with, but even if you couldn’t - he’d enjoy just speaking at you and you speaking at him no matter the language, finding it comforting to just be able to speak and you understand what it’s like to not be able to express yourself or be understood completely. 

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Jaehyun’s the type to ask you to teach him cute phrases he could say to you, or cute pet names he could call you. He might not have the time to try and properly learn another language but would be enthusiastic about learning short phrases he could say to you every so often to make you blush.

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If you were good at learning languages or spoke Korean, he’d probably ask for help or tips learning Korean so he could improve. He’d find it admirable if you were fluent in another language, and enjoy practicing speaking with you and watching as you looked over things, or teaching you little things in Chinese. 

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 He’d be really impressed if you could speak multiple languages and admire your dedication. He’d enjoy listening to you speaking and find himself repeating little phrases that got stuck in his head, but would get shy if you tried to get him to say them back to you in case he completely butchered it. However, with some coaxing, he’d probably enjoy exchanging short phrases with you. 

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He’d probably enjoy listening to you speak, and similar to Taeil, showing off how good you were with languages. He might enjoy you speaking to him, even if he couldn’t understand, even if he was just nodding along knowingly, but would probably just like listening to you speak.

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Not the nicest of days for this little boy to be introduced into the world but here’s a few of the best photos we could get of him :)

Brygarth Joey
Born: 09/05/2017
Dam: Brygarth Asha
Sire: Brygarth Wallace

Was expecting this foal to be much bigger considering the size Asha was but he’s only half the size of the other foals we’ve had so far!  What a wee cutie and a lovely colour that he gets from his dad too! :)

And now we need boys names beginning with J too!  If you have any please let us know.  We’ve also had so many good suggestions for the girls and it’s making it difficult to decide!

Cherry- wolf!jikook story

Jungkook is three years old when he meets Jimin.

With chubby cheeks and bright eyes, Jimin’s gripping onto his paperback with his teeth trying his bottom lip. One of his overall straps had fallen, lying beside his elbow.

Jimin’s furry, brown ears strain to hear his parents, tiny tail wagging whenever he hears his name. He hasn’t looked at Jungkook once, his attention focused on the conversation above.

More than his cute appearance, Jungkook notices his smell. It’s sweet, like the cherry lollipops his mother purchases on their grocery visits. With every inhale, his fluffy black tail wags slightly quicker. If Jimin didn’t seem so shy, he would’ve asked to pet his ears by now!

“This is Jimin,” Jimin’s mother places a hand on her son’s shoulder, adjusting the overall strap. “Can you say hi to Jungkook?”

“Hi,” Jimin’s eyes glance from the ground to Jungkook shyly, and he freezes when they make eye contact, tail halting. Something warm enters his eyes as they stare at each other, silence thick between them.

“Hi,” Jungkook finally smiles, taking a step forward. In reply, Jimin’s mouth curves into a smile, tail swaying back and forth.

When Jungkook’s parents merely smile at him, he leaps at Jimin and embraces him in a hug. The smell coats the inside of his nose, his heart beating a million miles a seconds as Jimin hugs back, tiny hands clutching onto his shirt.

“How cute! They’re already best friends,” Jimin’s mother coos.

Really, all Jungkook’s focused on is Jimin’s warmth, and his body relaxes. They’ve just met, but Jungkook feels his tail wag and ears flick against Jimin’s. The cherry scent’s so strong, Jungkook’s about to go crazy.

Jungkook does something that causes the parents to gasp, something so instinctive that he isn’t aware of the action; he nuzzles his nose against Jimin’s neck, the most sensitive part of the body, and confirms the affection with a tiny lick.

Jimin sighs so beautifully, shifting his head to give Jungkook better access, but his parents are pushing him away, telling him that “only couples can do that!”

A whine’s making its way from Jimin’s throat as hands push him away, and Jungkook surprises himself when a growl forces itself from his throat. Everyone stares at him, including his parents, but he’s only looking at one person.

“Jungkookie?” Jimin whispers, tiny hand rubbing the spot he’d nuzzled.

“Don’t hurt Jimin!” Jungkook snaps at the dumbfounded parents before grabbing Jimin’s soft hand and leading him inside the house.

His jaunt through China was not supposed to be as eventful as it was.

He had gone through China in a wild attempt to get bounty hunters off of him, hoping that if he took it international then they would get off his ass. But as it turned out, that when he was not looking, that someone had hiked up his bounty amount and apparently the cost of air fair was nothing compared to the money they would get for turning him in alive. So there he was running like his ass was on fire through some rural areas in an attempt to get away.

Luckily there happened to be an empty little house that he managed to duck into as his chasers ran on by like chickens with their heads cut off, taught him in vicious mockeries of his accent before disappearing into the distance. With a sigh he pulled himself away from the window and immediately had an arm against his throat and he was faced with a rather pretty face in an awful situation.

“Who are you?” The mysterious person said.

“Jesse McCree,” He said, hands held up as not to provoke the person into choking him out, “Just runnin’ from some assholes after my head. How about you?”

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Because I can’t stop thinking about Lefou and Stanley with cats here are some headcanons ft. a little bit of Gaston because I can’t help myself

  • Gaston is secretly a cat person
  • He has his own little fur-baby at home, an orange tabby he named Gaston Jr or Antlers or something stupid omg
  • The only thing he cares about more than himself is this cat tbh
  • He’s the type of sap that calls himself “Daddy” when referring to himself with the cat
  • Lefou likes to play with the cat when he comes over
  • He’s never had a pet other than his horse, but Antlers is pretty cute and he didn’t try to throw him off every other day
  • When Gaston dies, “Uncle Lefou” takes in the cat
  • Just because they were “in a bad place” doesn’t mean the cat didn’t deserve a home
  • When Stanley and Lefou become official and Stanley visits Lefou, he spends all his time playing with the cat
  • Lefou gets little jealous tbh
  • When Stanley moves in, he and the cat become the best of buddies
  • He gives the cat the scraps off of his plate every night at dinner, even though Lefou “just fed him, Stanley!!”
  • One year for Lefou’s birthday, Stanley brings home a little brother for their baby
  • A little gray kitten with a bright pink bow tied around his neck
  • Lefou cries
  • Stanley cries
  • The cats look at them confusedly
  • It’s a mess
  • Stanley wants to name the kitten something Proper and Regal and Important, like King William of Villeneuve the Fifth
  • Lefou agrees but never uses such a ridiculous name
  • He calls him Sir Whiskers or Fluffybutt or Puffball or something
  • Poor cat would never know his name if you asked it, Lefou always used a different name
  • Stanley kind of regretted giving it such a long name, but insisted on using it just to be stubborn
  • Stanley might have been the older cat’s favorite, but he was always jealous of the bond King William of Villeneuve the Fifth had with Lefou
  • It wasn’t the cat’s fault that Lefou was softer and warmer and all-around more cuddly
  • He likes to sleep on Stanley’s pillow though
  • Which is okay because then Antlers can have Lefou’s pillow
  • Stanley pulls a full on Newt Scamander and refers to himself as “mommy” to the cats
  • “Stanley you aren’t their mommy” “shut up yes I am. listen, they’re purring in agreement”
  • One day Stanley comes home to Lefou asleep on the couch, one of the cats snoozing near his feet, while the other one slept on his stomach
  • Stanley thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen omg why was he so lucky
  • For Stanley’s birthday, Lefou didn’t get him another cat, but Stanley woke up to find little ascots tied around the kitties’ necks
  • On Gaston’s birthday, Lefou tried to coax Antlers into a red coat but he ended up with a mauled hand so settled for a red collar
  • This got really long but just… Stanley and Lefou with cats p l e a s e

So, who is my new brother?

As of right now Human is still trying to decide his name. This little guy was born in March at a local shelter. His siblings looked a lot like me but they all had new humans waiting for them. We scooped him right up!

He is loud and demanding. A bundle of energy and a dual climber & jumper. He’s fearless! Constantly trying to play or jump me makes him a little annoying, but he is sweet too. He loves snuggling but right now only with humans - he’s still got to earn my cuddles!

I love being able to play like a cat with another cat again. Plus I’m bigger so I can bop him on the head if I need to!😼
All He Knew - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt - ‘you broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friend’s and i should call the cops but my cat kinda likes you so we’re good’ (I changed it a bit but w/e)
Word Count- 1186
Warnings - nothing, not even a swear im proud of me
Notes- happy valentines day!! hope you all have(/had) a good day whether you’ve got someone or if (like me) you don’t. (and if you don’t, ill be your valentine bb don’t worry❤️) hope you enjoy this lil imagine


Long story short, he had no idea what to do.

Admittedly, it wasn’t something that anyone would plan for it to happen. What were you meant to say? Lin had no idea. All he knew was that there was a drunk girl kneeled at the front door of his apartment, gently stroking his dog.

His mind raced with questions. Should he approach the girl? Does the girl even know that he’s there? Why is the girl even in the apartment? Every question led to a new one and it was only so long before he had to clear his throat for her attention.

“Um…” He said as the girl’s head snapped towards him in confusion. “Hello? Um- could I- uh- ask why you happen to be in my apartment at 3am on a Saturday night?”
There was still no recognition in the girl’s eyes. “Your apartment?” she repeated.
“Uh, yeah. I live here?” Lin replied, trying to keep his tone as calm as possible.
She frowned, clearly confused. “Are you sure?” she asked him.
Lin paused. How was he meant to answer that question? “Yeah, pretty sure. I mean, I used my key to get in.” His eyes narrowed slightly as he realised another truth. “Speaking of which… How did you get in?”
Her head tilted sideways slightly, almost as if she were mimicking the dog still perched in front of her, before gesturing wildly behind her. “The front door.” She answered simply.
Lin mentally cursed himself. Obviously, he forgot to lock the door before he went to bed. He’d have to somehow remind himself in the future, as if he didn’t have other stuff on his mind.

He returned his focus back to the girl, who had since switched back her attention to the dog. He coughed once more to reclaim her awareness.
“Listen…” He said, pinching his nose in frustration. He had so been looking forward to his sleep. “Do you want to just sleep here tonight? I can give you some painkillers and water for the morning and then I can make sure you get back home safely in the morning.” He was expecting a simple ‘yes, thanks’ yet all he got was a vacant stare and a comment from the girl saying that her friend might be waiting for her at their place.
“Your friend will probably be more grateful if you don’t go knocking on their door at three in the morning.” He stopped her.
She stopped and looked at him for a moment before nodding, as though she were a nothing less than a small child. “You’re right. Thank you. Although, I don’t think you need to worry about the home in the morning thing seeing as I probably don’t have one anymore!”
She said it almost gleefully, hysterical from the thought. Lin’s ears perked up, curious as to though why the girl seemingly had no home to go to yet he knew that he should wait until she was sober to find out. If she wanted to tell him in the first place, that was.

“What’s your name?” He asked her, realizing he probably should have done so earlier.
“(Y/N).” She replied surely.
“(Y/N).” He repeated. “Okay. Got it. I’m Lin, by the way.”
“Lin,” she mimicked him by also repeating his name. “I like that. It’s interesting. Different.”
To his surprise, Lin felt himself blush. “Um, thank you? I could say the same about you.”
She giggled. He raised his eyebrows, amused, but asked no more questions.

He led her through his apartment, stopping in front of his bedroom door and gesturing for her to enter in. He gazed longingly at his bed. He’d been so comfy and he was so close to sleep. It would have been a relief after a long two show day. Shaking his head, he turned back to the girl.
“Stay here.” He told her. “Feel free to change into comfier clothes than what your wearing. I’ll get you some water for now and some aspirin for you to take when you wake up, okay?” She only nodded in understanding.

He made his way towards his kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard above the kitchen sink. Filling it up, he placed it back down on a counter and reached into a new cupboard for the aspirin he had placed in there. He suddenly felt two things. One: his shirt riding up slightly from where he’d stretched up, and two: a presence behind him. He turned quickly to find (Y/N) standing there again.
“I thought I told you to stay in the bedroom?” He asked her.
“You left.” She shrugged. “Also, I really like your dog.” He pointed to the mutt now circling her legs in appreciation.
Lin involuntarily chuckled. He couldn’t help but be amused by the friendship forming between his beloved pet and the girl who had disrupted him from his slumber, something he was beginning to not miss as much. “Her name’s Tobillo.” he told her. “Found her on a beach in the Dominican Republic a little while back.” He recalled the memory fondly. “It’s Spanish for ankle,” he hastily added, as though the meaning of his dog’s name was important. (Y/N)’s eyebrow quirked up but smiled as she pet the dog slightly before straightening back up so that she stood tall, level with Lin’s height.
“She’s cute. I like dogs.” she said earnestly, looking Lin straight in the eye.
“I can tell,” he chuckled. “Now, drink this,” he passed her the full cup of water positioned on the counter to his side. She gulped it down and he nodded in acceptance. “Okay, follow me,” he walked back towards his bedroom and she did what he said.

“You can sleep in my bed.” He told her as they approached the object. It was already looking slightly slept in but he was sure that it didn’t really matter to her. “I’ll take the couch. You look like you need a proper bed tonight than I do.” He said it almost reluctantly, but he knew that it would only be for one night. One cold night. Spent on a couch. He sighed slightly as he watched the girl climb in without hesitation or resentment. He grabbed a bundle of blankets that were safely stored on the upper part of his wardrobe and positioned them under his armpit.

He checked once again to see if the girl was okay, only to realise that she was already pretty much fast asleep on his pillow. He let out a small breathy laugh at the sight of her before turning around to his couch in the living room.

He didn’t know why he seemed to have an interest in the girl forming. After all, she had disrupted his sleep and would be contributing to the cause of him having an aching back from sleeping on the couch. Yet he still felt intrigued. It could have been for any reason.
All he knew was that (Y/N) was the last though on his mind that night as he finally fell asleep.

Hey, you know what was cute? 

That time in the Shopping and Shipping episode when Tiberius was really excited to talk to Gilmore

Or that time when he was so happy that Kashaw said his name right

Or when he had his intelligence dropped to one and he was still so happy to see his friends (and Scanlan was happy to have Tibs back to normal)

Or how he went out of his way to get a sweet little pet, and how he was always sure to feed Lockheed and teach them tricks

Or how he called Keyleth princess and they were both so sweet and awkward together

Guys, I really miss Tiberius

anonymous asked:

Can you write a scenario with Seven where one day on a rare occasion he decides to go out (probably to buy chips or whatever) and along the way an orange kitten starts following him like a little duckling that imprinted on this man, and refused to stop, like it will stubbornly follow him all the way home

Thank you for the request!

He didn’t know when it started but ever since he passed the lake on his way to the store, he noticed a small orange kitten following in his every step. At first he thought it was just a coincidence, “the kitten is going in the same direction I am.”

With that Seven shook the feeling of being followed off… for the next few seconds.

He noticed that when he turned corners, the cat turned as well. When he jumped over little ledges in the road, the cat did as well. 
When Seven started to stupidly hope from foot to foot, you can bet the cat did too.

The thing that confused him the most was why the cat followed him. He didn’t really exude a happy atmosphere or did he show any kindness towards the kitten but it still decided to follow him. In a fit of annoyance, Seven decided to run. If anything, if he ran around enough corners, the kitten would become confused and lose interest in the red-headed boy. 

He didn’t know how far he had run or where he had gotten, all that mattered was shooing the orange cat off his tail but when he looked behind him, the little angel was there behind him sitting innocently on the ground. Seven sighed in defeat as he admitted that he wasn’t able to beat the little creature. As he waited for his phone to give him directions home, Seven sat in the nearby park, on the conveniently placed bench and you can bet the kitten joined him there.

In frustration with the bad service, Seven struck up a conversation with the little kitten.
“Do you have a name?” he asked but was only met with a meow. He laughed at his attempts to get answers so he just leaned down and looked the cat in the eye,”What do you find so interesting with me?”

It was at that moment that two things happened. Seven noticed the kitten’s strange purple eyes, similar to gemstones which were shining brilliantly. He smiled at the thought that this little orange ball of love had strange coloured eyes, just like himself.
The second thing that happened was when the kitten lifted their paw up to touch Seven’s hair.
“Oh is that it?” Seven chuckled, surprised at his own amusement as the cat became obsessed with his hair and soon enough, the kitten was on top of his head.

Seven couldn’t resist how cute they were and even though he had no time for a pet, he just had to take them home. He didn’t know what, but he felt a sort of connection with the cat. He walked back with the kitten playing with his hair and conveniently named them, remembering the beautiful purple eyes they had.

“You’ll be Jiyeon from this day on.”