he had an exceptional looking nose too

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So, in fandom, it's generally agreed upon that the reactor uses vibranium, right? And it tastes like coconut. Do you think if you licked the shield it would taste like coconut? Like, when Steve was still in the army he used the shield as a cooking bowl and inexplicably, everything kinda tasted like coconut. They both kinda smell like coconut, Steve from constantly handling he shield and everything thinks they're sharing cologne. What the hell even is vibranium. Wth. (Tree)


No but I bet Natasha would be so confused at first. Because I mean, she’s the only one on the team who had met both of them before they’d all assembled to kick ass, so of course she’s sort of filed away their particular smells. Obviously, Tony first- it had been a mix of coffee and metal when she’d first met him, and then when she found him again at the expo, she had curiously smelt something new on him. 


Of course, she’d discarded it. New aftershave, shampoo, cologne, whatever- it didn’t matter. Smells weren’t particularly important in the world of espionage anyway.

Until she met Steve Rogers, that was.

Stepping off the plane, hair neat as anything, clothes old-fashioned and looking a little puzzled at his surroundings, he had stepped forward to shake Natasha’s hand and-


It was almost funny, how wide her eyes went. Because that wasn’t just the generic smell that came with SHIELD shampoo- it was pretty potent, tangy, and authentic.

It was also exactly the same smell she’d noticed on Tony Stark.

Which was impossible. Had to be. They’d been monitoring Steve, watching his interactions and movements in the real world to see how he had been coping, they would have noticed if Tony Goddamn Stark had-

Except they wouldn’t. Not really. That guy owned 80% of all their surveillance- if he wanted to sneak around under SHIELD’s nose, then he would damn well sneak around under SHEILD’s nose.

Holy shit.

She had to hand it to him, Stark moved in fast. And the forties boy, too? That was impressive work, if they were already at the stage where they shared goddamn cologne, it had to have been a love-at-first-sight sort of thing-

“Miss Romanov?” Rogers asked her, a little confused, looking at the hand Natasha was still clutching as she stared at him unashamedly.

“…Boy. I gotta ask Stark how he fucking does that,” she muttered, letting go of his hand and then gesturing for him to follow.

(Of course, when they actually did meet, she was, admittedly, incredibly confused. It was only months later when she realised the correlation, as Tony was refitting himself with a new core and muttering about how it felt like chewing directly on a coconut skin. She had full-on leapt into the air, pointing accusingly at his reactor and yelling about how she’d thought Steve and Tony had been hate-fucking for months because of that damned smell.

Neither of them ever let her live it down. That had been the one time they’d ever managed to successfully trick her, if unknowingly, and they didn’t intend to let her forget it.)

Shaky steps and bad teaching - Bruce Wayne x Reader

8. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen ?”

OH MY GOD YES THIS IS TOO CUTE !! , I really hope you’ll like it, (and for once, I’m not going to say it’s “meh”, even though I think it’s VERY “MEH”…Wait…oh damn…Ok, once again, I feel like I didn’t do justice to this awesome prompt…I’m sorry if you’re disappointed, really :/, I shouldn’t write when tired lalalalalala and I’m also sorry for being sorry and always so weirdly insecure, dudes, I have problems haha) oh, and my writing adore you :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Sometimes, Bruce had to pinch himself to make sure everything was real. To make sure he wasn’t just having a really good dream.

He never thought, with the life he decided to lead, he would have all of this. After his parents’ death, it never even crossed his mind that he could be that happy ever again, that he could have a family again. And yet…

Yet you entered his life. Right at the moment Dick did too. At the right time in his life, when he was in the deepest darkest pit he ever been in…You got him out of it, with your smiles and your “I’m not taking any of your shit, stop complaining and be strong dude” persona…and you made him realized that all he was craving for was love, and a family. He begun to hope for a better future when you came in, when Dick became his son, and when he understood how much Alfred meant to him, when he finally saw him for what he really was : his second father.

Jason quickly followed your arrival, and he called him “son” too, naturally.

Tim joined you all a bit later, his favorite little nerd. Three children. He couldn’t believe it.

Then Damian, even if at the beginning it was difficult, the boy came around, and thanks to you changed drastically, making the same realization his father had years earlier : all he wanted was a family, and to be loved.

And finally, a little bit less than a year ago…Thomas was born. It was your idea to name him after Bruce’s father, and he almost cried when you suggested it to him…That kid was the one he least expected to be part of his life. Passed forty years old now, he just never imagined it could happen, and he kinda gave up a long time ago the idea of raising a child from birth. He never felt the need to either, he already had his boys, they were definitely sufficient. He loved them…Besides, you tried to have a child together, but you never got pregnant. “Sterile”, that’s what the doctors called you. And it was ok, you already had four wonderful boys…Until one day, a miracle happened. Thomas. A child that shouldn’t be born, and yet here he was in his arms right now.

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[#12] hansol → 100 ways to say i love you

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12:『 “take my jacket, it’s cold outside. 』 

pairing: choi hansol x reader insert 

genre: fluff 

word count: 862 

→ 100wtsily prompts | masterlist

As golden sunlight begins dripping through the open window like honey and sets your skin alight, you’re reminded with a start of how the time has flown since arriving at Hansol’s apartment — he’s sitting beside you, headphone tucked into his ear, its twin in your own and a laptop half on his leg and half on yours. He’s still rather occupied with browsing through selections of music and talking animatedly about his favorites, far too preoccupied to realize that you aren’t fully paying attention to what he says. 

You’d been distracted by the little permanent grin on his lips that blooms when he goes into spiels on his passions, nodding your head and giving the occasional inquiry during appropriate pauses in his speech, but most of your concentration had been laser-focused on tracing his facial features with your eyes and knocking your fingers on your thigh to the rhythm of the music. He’d glance at you every now and then, grin bashfully with a flush to his cheeks, and you’d do something similar upon being caught, but neither of you said anything.

You could’ve stared for hours. But you didn’t and you don’t because that’s not something that friends, and only friends, are supposed to do. 

At this thought you sit up a little more upright against the surface of the headboard and the mountain of pillows piled up behind you, interrupting Hansol’s question of, “How do you like this one?” when queueing up another song. 

“It's… nice. Yeah, I like it,” you hum after another short minute of listening to the cacophony of bass and lyrics, bobbing your head once before tugging the headphone from your ear. “Um, hey, I should probably get going… The sun’s going down and I wanna head out before it gets too dark.” 

The look of disappointment only darts across his features for a moment before vanishing into his easy smile again. “Alright, that’s cool. See you tomorrow, yeah?” he asks expectantly, socked foot nudging at your own at the end of his bed. 

This starts an absentminded foot fight, and as you kick back at his own halfheartedly, you adjust the pillow you had clutched to your stomach and nod. “‘Course. I don’t have anywhere to be except for school.” Your nose scrunches up in exaggerated disgust, dissolving into a flushed, but laughing grin when Hansol reflexively places his forefinger on the bridge of your nose. 

As you both have been for the last two months, you don’t acknowledge the accidental, very un-platonic touches and pretend it never happened. And frankly, you’re growing exhausted with the facade. 

 With a loud groan as you stretch out your limbs from hours of sitting in the same position, you step out of bed and slip your shoes on, only to frown upon noticing the further darkening sky outside. Ever observant Hansol clearly takes note of the vague distress in your expression and takes a quick glance around his room. 

“Here, uh…” When you glance at him curiously, he hastens to pick up and awkwardly sniff the many sweatshirts he has laying around on the floor, only to deem them unsuitable for his unsaid purpose and peer down at the navy blue one he’s currently wearing. It’d only been washed yesterday, and who knows how long the rest of these had been laying on the floor— 

 “Here,” he blurts again before he can change his mind, reaching for the hem of his sweater and tug it off above his head. Unprepared, you unintentionally catch a glimpse of the skin of his stomach and feel heat rushing to your neck as you cram your lips together to keep from squeaking. It’s ridiculous, you reflect, because just years ago he could walk around half-naked and you’d only cringe. “Take my jacket, it’s, uh— it’s cold outside.” 

 He holds the article of clothing out to you, and with a swallow past the dry lump in your throat you accept it, not even daring to breathe as you pull it down onto your body. The sweatshirt’s baggy in the torso and comes far past your hands, but it’s warm and it’s Hansol’s and you find yourself not caring. 


This is when you make a decision. A reckless, spontaneous decision — one that you’d certainly laugh at later as an adult when reflecting upon your teenage years — that you act upon without sparing it a thought.

 Neither of you can quite register what happened until you pull away from his cheek, the skin of your lips burning as hot as the entirety of your upper body, mustering up a flustered grin at the dazed gape on Hansol’s face. And just when he’s gathering the ability to form coherent sentences again, you’ve already disappeared out his bedroom door with a call of, “Bye, Hansol, see you tomorrow!” 

 When you step outside, you immediately hug his hoodie tighter around your form, completely torn between grinning like a madman and being so embarrassed that you’d never step foot outside again.

This is most definitely not something that friends do.

I’ll Stay Pt.2

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Yoongi doesn’t like kids, he never will, or so he says. Except this one kid that reminds him a lot of himself, and he looks like him too.

Genre: Romance / Angst

A/N: I KEEP RAMBLING AND END up having to break the parts down sdgfshf. Anyways, enjoy reading!

Part 1 /

gif cr.

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When I Wake [ch.1]

ch.1 | ch.2 |

Genre: Angst / Fluff 

Summary: The day you were proposed to by Kim Taehyung was absolutely unforgettable, but not in a magical, fairy tale type of way. Instead of ending the night with celebratory congratulations, you and Taehyung find yourselves in a car accident that leaves you in a coma. When you wake three years later, you receives news that Taehyung passed away as a result of his injuries. 

After getting over the initial shock of Taehyung’s death, you peacefully carry on with your life, until one day you hear word that Taehyung might not be dead after all. 

You try to find Taehyung to pick up your relationship where it left off, so everything could go back to the way it was. Only life’s not that simple. While trying to rekindle your love with the supposedly dead Taehyung, you have to deal with your arranged fiance and your newly acquainted (and dangerously hot) friend Park Jimin. 

Your life becomes a whole lot more interesting when you wake. 

Word count: ~2.3k 

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: So this is my first time writing a kpop ff, and it’s my first time writing a reader insert, AND it’s my first time writing angst so please bear with me~ (it’ll get interesting soon I promise) Also jimin & yoongi are tagged in addition to tae bc they will be part of the story later on!

Taehyung placed his lips on yours; it was the only warmth you’d felt in this winter wonderland. As he pulled away, you could feel every cell in your body yearn for his embrace but reluctantly settled for his hand in yours.

You stood in the middle of the icy Bow Bridge in Central Park. It was where you two first met, three years ago.

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This might (probably 100% will) be a shot in the dark but do you have any idea what bts skin types are or what you might think they are based off what products they use and stuff? Like obviously jeongguk is acne prone (or was I guess his skins been looking pretty lately....)

These are just speculations based on our observations of their unedited / barefaced pics and products they have used. This info may not be 100% accurate so please take it with grain of salt. All of them are beautiful regardless of their skin types and concerns  

  • Seokjin

Normal. His skin is never too oily, but never too dry either. Though sometimes he might feel dehydrated. He also has redness around the center of his face.

  • Yoongi

Combination / oily. His t-zone is quite oily but the rest of his face is rather dry. It’s especially evident when he’s exposed to dry environment (for example in Bon Voyage S1). He had occasional zits / whiteheads which might be due to improper cleansing (he has mentioned before that sometimes he’s too lazy to do skincare/cleansing).

  • Hoseok

Oily. There were times when his skin looked a bit too greasy (could be sweat too) but iirc he has never experienced anything major with his skin.

  • Namjoon

Dry. Namjoon rarely looks oily, but his skin isn’t as plump as Seokjin’s. Idk sometimes he looked like he needed extra moisture (?) He used quite heavy duty moisturizers too. 

  • Jimin

Oily (?). His skin is kinda like Hoseok’s except his isn’t as shiny. Usually it’s only his nose area that looks oilier but the rest of his face seems pretty normal (?). 

  • Taehyung

??? Taehyung’s is rather confusing tbh. I think he’s one of those people who thinks he has sensitive skin when actually he’s not (i could be wrong though). His skin is on the oilier side for sure. However there were times when the rest of his face kinda looked dehydrated / dull (and he said his face is oily but feels dry at same time). His love for junk food and soda might be to blame for his occasional pimple outbreaks.

  • Jungkook

Sensitive / acne prone. He has experienced breakouts and it’s most probably hormonal and/or due to genetics. Sometimes he looks oily… but the other times he looks very dehydrated. I guess it probably has to do with: 1) the way he applied products. He often rubs his face vigorously and 2) his cleansers. 

My not so secret boyfriend-Shiro Ship Week Day 7

Last day! I really like this one because the prompt I used was really funny. I hope I didn’t make the others look like assholes too much. Anyway enjoy the shance, and remember, season 3 is in 2 days.
Free Day

Lance laughed at what his boyfriend had said. He could see his roommate Keith looking at him, so he decided to cut the conversation short.

“Hey babe, I got back to my room. Can I talk to you later?…ok, talk to you soon. Love you, bye.”

“Oh no, don’t hang up on my account. Please continue talking to your pretend boyfriend.”

Lance sighed and rolled his eyes. None of his friends seemed to believe he had a boyfriend and defiantly not the one he was describing. Shiro was a 6’3, drop dead gorgeous model of a man, with arms large enough to crush a watermelon. But because of the lack of pictures or proof, his friends didn’t believe he existed. It wasn’t his fault that Shiro didn’t use the most obvious platform of Facebook and his Instagram was private and his Twitter was in Hiragana. All the pictures they had, were either at home or Shiro had them. Lance had always been a bit private about his relationship - surprising given his flirty nature - so he didn’t want to bring pictures he could just pull up on his phone or computer.

When his friends had asked if he had a girlfriend or boyfriend, he told them about Shiro but none of them believed Lance could land a guy like that.

“What, you think I can’t get a hot guy?”

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There and Back Again (Part 11)

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Summary: Crowley delivers some shocking news, you try to adjust to your new life in hell

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,200

Warnings: grieving, alcohol abuse (not the way to handle things, kiddos), language, vomiting, pretty angsty

A/N: I cannot believe it took this long, but it’s finally here! I’m sorry for the wait, this story just hasn’t been speaking much to me lately! This part is a lot of Crowley (can you tell I’m upset about S12?), mostly his and the reader’s (platonic) relationship. It’s pretty angsty still - Enjoy!

Thank you (per usual) to @deanssweetheart23 who helped me hash out where this story was going and read things over. Twin, you basically just get a permanent beta credit for everything now…

Find the series masterlist HERE

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Dumbfounded (Nalu FF, 1/1)

For Mary (@siriusly-random​) as a high five for finishing her exams ♥ 

F for fluff~
Words: 1600
summary: Nothing inspires an epiphany like a snow fight. 
read on: [fanfiction]

Natsu was her best friend – or as close to it as anyone could be – but just this once she would throttle him if he took one step closer to her. She backed up, foot slipping on the uneven ground, and he gave a laugh that sent out a little burst of flame.

“Natsu,” she warned, watching the flame longingly as it flickered and died in the ground.

“Lucy,” he repeated, his hand lowering. Despite everything she knew about him – and despite the devious quirk of his brows – she still lowered her defensive hands, letting out a small breath that appeared like smoke in the air.

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The Narrow Line Chapter 14

This is the end of Wee Doctor as a fanwork.  I’ve loved your likes and reblogs, your kudos and comments, fan essays and encouragement, your tweets and your amazing art.  I love all of you and I hope this last foray into Wee Doctor was as good a gift as it felt for me to get 1000 followers.  So here it is, the thrilling conclusion!

Summary: Thursday gets meta, things get mental, and Sherlock gets something out of the experience.

Words: 4788

Sherlock waited in a convenient mausoleum until it was dark, then grabbed his shovel.  He hoped his assumptions were correct, if they weren’t this could become a bit messy. He’d considered what he’d seen of the Watson family, what little Roost had told him of this not-a-gun, and his own knowledge of John.  Tried to apply it to this Johnny, who already looked too used to knowing too much and not mentioning it out of politeness, with the same kindly exasperation of Sherlock’s John.  Sherlock had looked at Bad Davey with his perfect suit and his suffering eyes tinted pink from crying.  Sherlock recognized the look in Davey’s eyes what had been lately staring back at him in the mirror, Johnny would have too.

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From Library to Cafe

Jungkook x Shy Female Reader

Summary/request:  “ fluff scenario with jungkook falling for a very shy girl? i’m a very shy jungkook stan like. “always looking down and blushing and the only sound i make is giggles and i stutter a lot when talking” shy” (0,5k w.)

A/N: IM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG im already home from hospital for like week and half, but i had so much writers block im so sorry. Hope you still here, shy Anon bun and like it ♥ ♥ ♥  (the pic is actually legit Kookie ahah)

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The Stars We Sew pt. 5

Chapter 1: https://morrigansss.tumblr.com/post/158572155526/the-stars-we-sew-pt-1

Chapter 2: https://morrigansss.tumblr.com/post/160844066961/the-stars-we-sew-pt-2

Chapter 3: https://morrigansss.tumblr.com/post/161335282431/the-stars-we-sew-pt-3

Chapter 4: https://morrigansss.tumblr.com/post/161514411076/the-stars-we-sew-pt-4

Vaughan stood in front of Maeve’s throne, quietly giving his report of rebel activity in the South. Mina sat at the foot of the throne, feet braced on the stair below her as she played with a dagger. V looked weary and tired, and there was dried blood on his cheek, but she was just glad he had gotten back in one piece. 

Maeve turned to her and opened her mouth, probably about to tell her she wanted her to winnow to the South and weed out the rebels herself when the sentry spoke up as the doors swung open. “Lady Remelle of Abaddon." 

Mina didn’t even attempt to keep her eyes from rolling back into her head. Remelle had, once upon a time, tried to become friends with her to gain favor with Rowan. She and Whitethorn weren’t friends, but they had mutual respect for each other and drank together often, and Remelle had figured that if she could garner Mina’s approval, she could gain Rowan’s back. Except, other than her beauty, the bitch had no redeemable qualities. She was catty, she was petty, she complained too much, she dared look down her nose at Lorcan and Vaughan for their backgrounds… the list went on and on. 

Vaughan looked heavenward for patience as he moved to Mina’s side and Remelle stopped in the middle of the floor and curtsied deeply. Ire and irritation rolled off her in waves, indicating she was about to start complaining. "Remelle,” greeted Maeve. “How went your mission?" 

"Very well, Your Majesty, but-” Remelle paused, sniffed, and continued, “I have to say, that girl you have poor Rowan working with, Elentiya, does NOT EVER deserve to enter Doranelle. She attacked me for no reason!” A glance in Kosmina’s direction, because Mina could scent her lie. Mina chuckled low, but did not comment on it. Not when Maeve’s fingers were suddenly playing with her hair, a warning to not call Remelle out on the lie. The Queen would use this to her advantage-probably use it against Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. 

It was curious that Remelle had not been burned to ash. Either the princess still was not in complete control… or she was so controlled that she could warn Remelle without fatally harming her. Or she’d physically attacked her. It wasn’t like the Lady of Abaddon knew how to fight. 

“Did she?” mused Maeve. “With her power?" 

"Yes. She could have burned me!” That settled that, then. 

“Yet she did not.” To Remelle, it might have sounded like Maeve was defending ‘Elentiya,’ but Mina knew that gleam in her Queen’s eyes. She also knew there was something she wasn’t being told, some reason why Rowan specifically had been picked to train the princess, some reason why Maeve had sent Remelle and her party through Mistward. “Well, I cannot have her hurting my subjects, can I?” She turned to Mina. “Check it out. Now." 

There it was: a reason for Maeve to blatantly investigate Aelin’s progress. A reason to investigate Rowan. The idea was laughable. What did the Queen think, that Rowan was forming an attachment to the bratty princess? He didn’t do attachments. Still, as soon as Maeve’s fingers withdrew from her hair, Mina rose. "As you will it, Majesty.” She bowed low, and Vaughan did too, which didn’t seem to surprise the Queen. She’d known Vaughan would follow her. 

Mina gave Remelle a nasty smile as she stalked down the stairs, Vaughan at her heels, both of them leaving the Lady to continue her whining to their Queen. 


“Sorry I’m late Emrys, Rowan and I-” Celaena stopped short as she entered the kitchens. Emrys was washing potatoes, slightly tense, but not as much as she would have guessed when she saw the strange woman currently cutting up onions so fast it was hard to follow her movements. Her back was to Celaena, but that did not disguise the osprey perched on her shoulder. 

Rowan immediately tensed next to her, but the woman did not look up from her task. After a few moments, the bird squawked, and she at least lifted her head. “If you’re going to complain about the smell,” she drawled to it in a voice wrapped in midnight, “then go sit on that perch, you big baby.” She moved to the pot where Luca gaped at her, blushing crimson, and finally said over her shoulder, “Hello, Whitethorn." 

Rowan gritted his teeth. "What are you doing here.” It was not a question. 

The woman finally turned, revealing both herself and the osprey. The bird was more white than brown, with a hooked beak and a fathomless gaze already fixed upon Celaena, but the woman… she looked like she’d crawled out from the darkness between the stars. She had golden brown skin and wild curly hair plaited intricately away from her face, and she was all carved lines and smooth features. Sharp, like a statue. Celaena blinked at the violet eyes framed by thick lashes, then at the deep dimples prominent in her cheeks, before the woman flashed her teeth. 

She didn’t have long canines. And there was something in the points of her ears that was sharper than any of the Fae. “We’ve been sent,” the female said, and Celaena was so busy trying to place her light accent that she almost missed the 'we.’ She was referring to the bird as well, which meant it must be Fae. 

The woman’s violet eyes slid Celaena, and the cruel amusement there immediately put the assassin on her guard. She smiled again, all white teeth. “Is this who Maeve’s got you slumming it over here for?” Emrys stopped washing the potatoes, and Celaena stiffened, about to pull her lips back to snarl when Rowan caught her arm. There was a warning in his expression. Do not. Not her. Then he looked to the woman and the osprey, face hard as he jerked his chin and turned without a word.

The female was still grinning as she wiped her hands on a rag. “Thank you for your time,” she said to Emrys, voice a purr, and the Demi-Fae only nodded dumbly as she stalked around the side of the counter. 

Celaena could have sworn, as the stranger disappeared up the stairs after Rowan, that a tendril of night slipped from her dark hair. 


Mina liked when Rowan got pissed. At least he wasn’t staring at her with that complete bleakness this way. At least there was a little bit of life in his eyes again. 

He led them out past Mistward into a field, softly snarling to himself, before finally turning on them. “Why are you here." 

Vaughan screeched, then dove off of her shoulder, shifting at her side. "Interesting that you’re on a first name basis with the princess,” he said.

“Sorry I’m late Emrys,” Mina taunted, “Rowan and I-" 

Whitethorn was immediately in her face, snarling. Vaughan tensed, but did not intervene. He knew she was more than capable of handling Rowan. "Cease. Speaking." 

Kosmina grinned, brows lifting on her head. "But I thought you wanted to know why we were here?”

A flash of teeth. “Good thing Vaughan has a voice box.”

Just to piss him off further, Mina ignored that comment and spoke anyways. “Remelle came crying. Naturally, Maeve was curious. And by curious, I mean she was thrilled the princess is coming into her gift." 

"Unless we left before Remelle got to shrieking about any burns,” added Vaughan. 

“No, she certainly would have mentioned that first." 

"There were no burns,” Rowan ground out. “It’s been handled." 

Mina had a feeling that meant he’d done nothing. "What exactly happened?" 

"Remelle was being Remelle. Aelin did not appreciate it." 

Mina wasn’t sure if that meant that Remelle had just been a bitch, or if it meant she’d been overly handsy with Rowan, or both, and she didn’t really want to know. If Aelin had made a claim on Rowan, on someone who belonged to Maeve… it would get ugly. And he may have been a pain in her ass, but Mina respected Rowan, had a feeling she’d respect the princess as well. She exchanged a glance with Vaughan, knew he was thinking the same thing, and let it drop. "We went for a little stroll around Mistward before we found the kitchen. There are an awful lot of female things in his room, don’t you think, Feather?" 

"It was curious,” said Vaughan shortly. 

“If that’s all you need, then leave,” snapped Rowan. 

Mina’s brows rose again. “Not going to let us stay for the lovely meal I had a hand in preparing?" 

A snarl. "Go.” And then he turned, striding back towards Mistward. End of discussion. They could have followed him so Mina could annoy him more, but they’d gotten the information they needed. And if they saw something between Rowan and the princess, something they’d most likely be forced to report… Mina held up an arm, and Vaughan shifted again, retaking his perch. With that, she turned and winnowed them into the darkness she was so familiar with. 


They didn’t hear from Rowan again for weeks. Neither did any of the rest of the blood sworn. But finally, as Kosmina prepared to go to sleep-in her own bed, for once- there was a frantic knock on the door. A nervous page stood rocking back and forth on his feet, and after a low bow, he handed her a letter. “For you and the rest of the blood-sworn, General." 

She was already winnowing for Lorcan.


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Request: Juice imagine where he’s married with children and they spend a weekend at the seaside with the club.

You woke to the sound of laughter and you sat up, wiping the sleep from your eyes.
The windows were open and the warm ocean breeze left goosebumps on your skin.
You could hear Juice’s laughter and you smiled, tossing the sheets back and slipping out of bed.
He didn’t hear you come into the room and you leant against the door frame, a smile on your face as you watched him feed your daughter.
Luciana giggled as Juice waved the spoon in front of her, making aeroplane noises so she would open her mouth.
She opened her mouth and he slipped the spoon in and when he looked away to get another spoonful she spat the food down her chin, giggling again.
Juice looked up and sighed.
“Lucy,” He said quietly and shook his head.
You laughed and he turned towards you, a smile breaking across his face once he saw you.
“Hey sleepy head.” He said.
You smiled and walked across the room and pressed a kiss to his lips.
You kissed your daughters head too.
She giggled at you and you smiled.
“She prefers trains.” You winked to Juice.
“Of course.” He whispered to himself and you laughed loudly.
“Max still in bed?” You asked and he nodded.
“I’ll get him up, Gem wants us to meet at the beach at 10.” You said and Juice nodded.
You walked into the second bedroom where your kids had spent the night and walked lightly to your sons bed, where he slept soundly.
You ran your hand gently through his curly black hair, and his eyes fluttered open.
He rolled over and looked at you and you smiled, reminded again of how much your son looked like his father.
“Time to get up Máximo.” You said softly.
He reached his arms up and you pressed a kiss to his forehead.
“Cmon, daddys making breakfast.”
Max pushed back the covers and got out of bed, holding your hand as you walked back to the table, where Juice was now making train noises while feeding his daughter.
The motel wasn’t flash, but it was nice to be away from Charming for a bit. And despite being with the club, everyone had agreed there would be no club business this weekend.
Initially, you had planed for a quiet weekend away. Just you, your husband, and your kids, spending a much needed weekend at the beach. But once Gemma found outside had had other ideas and before you knew it the entire club was on their way to the seaside.
You didn’t mind, not really. You loved the club and every part that came with being an old lady, and you still got to spend alone time with your family.
The kids sat at the table while you and Juice made breakfast, Lucy giggling from her high chair the whole time.

“Finally!” Wendy teased as you walked across the soft sand.
You laughed loudly.
Lucy rested on your hip and you held Juices free hand, his other one carrying large bags of snacks, towels, and beach toys. Max ran ahead and he went straight to Wendy, hugging your best friend tightly.
The whole club was already there, and your mouth almost dropped open when you saw them.
“Jesus.” You and Juice whispered in sync.
Never in your life had you ever expected to see the Sons of Anarchy like.. this.
Bobby stood proudly, his long curly hair tied into a ponytail, shorts on and no top, his pale skin almost reflecting the sun.
Chibs stood next to him, dragging on a cigarette, and wearing the shortest shorts you had ever seen. His white singlet was tucked into his shorts and he waved to you and Juice happily.
Jax sat on a towel, next to Abel and Thomas, wearing nothing but beach shorts. Opie had the same and Happy wore jeans (of course) and no shirt. Nero wore a large baggy t-shirt and beach shorts and he wrapped his arms around Gemma, who stood in a black one piece and a black wrap wrapped around her.
Halfsack was already splashing in the waves, wearing similar items to Jax and Ope.
But then, there was Tig.
He stood to the side, his curly hair blowing in the breeze, his chest stuck out and wearing nothing but.. leather speedos.
You and Juice looked at each other with wide eyes and tried hard to fight the laughter.
But when Tig shook his hair in the wind neither of you could hold it in and you both erupted in laughter.
“What?” Tig asked, resting his hands on his hips, which only made you both laugh harder.
You covered Lucys eyes as Tig began to stretch and you sat on a towel next to Wendy and Jax.
“You know, maybe this trip was a bad idea after all.” You said.
Jax looked at you questioningly.
“Well I mean, if anyone saw you guys like this I doubt you’d have any power left.”
Jax laughed and so did Ope and Wendy.
Max ran with Abel to join Kenny and Ellie who were playing in the sand.
You placed Lucy on the towel in front of you and pulled out the sunscreen.
Halfsack ran up the sand towards you and you offered him the sunscreen.
“No thanks. Im working on my tan.” You and Wendy both laughed as you rubbed the cream into Thomas and Lucy, and yourselves.

You had been at the beach for four hours now, and Nero was setting up the beach grill, ready for a barbecue. You had played in the waves for a while, splashing Juice and Max. But now you lay on the sand, your black bikini showing off your body as you tried to soak in the rays, Wendy next to you.
Thomas and Lucy were napping in a tent that Gemma had bought and you were thankful to have some shade for them.
Gemma lay on a towel next to Wendy and you were enjoying the peace, the sound of laughter and waves a comfort to you.
Juice was kicking a ball around with Jax, Opie, Halfsack and the kids and Chibs and Bobby were helping Nero with lunch.
You felt  shadow fall over your body and you leant against your elbows.
Tig stood over you, and from this angle, it was definitely not a pleasant view.
“Move over, ladies, Tiggy needs to tan too.” He said.
You and Wedny laughed loudly but shifted over, allowing space for Tig to lay out a towel and he spread out next to you, his bare body soaking up the sun.
After a while the smell of food drifted through the air and Nero called out that lunch was ready.
Everyone crowded around, getting plastic plates full of sausages, chicken sticks and summer salads.
You all sat in a circle, eating happily and talking amongst yourselves.
Everyone was enjoying the trip. It was exactly what you all needed after a long and stressful year. But finally the club was in a good place and you hoped everything would stay the same, at least for a while.

The sun was beginning to set and Gemma and Nero had offered to take all the kids back.
You were grateful, and you sat on a log next to Juice, a blanket wrapped around you both as Opie stoked the fire in the centre.
The rest of the club sat around, toasting marshmallows while Bobby strummed at his guitar, his smooth voice setting the scene.
It had been a lovely day, spent with your SAMCRO family, and you were glad that they had come on the trip after all. You really did love each and every one of them and spending time together with out any worries was something you rarely got to do.
Wendy was tucked under Jax’s arm and he pressed a kiss to her head.
Tig had finally covered up and had a blanket wrapped around himself too.
Everyone was smiling, and everyone was happy.
You met Juices eye and kissed him deeply.
“I love you.” You whispered.
He smiled against your lips and kissed your nose softly.
“I love you too, wife.” He said and you both smiled.
“Jesus Christ.” Chibs said loudly and you all turned.
Halfsack walked slowly through the sand, his skin almost glowing red, except for the white skin around his eyes from where his sunglasses had sat.
The club erupted in laughter as you all looked at the young prospect, ashamed of his mistake.
He moved forwards and sat down next to Happy and Tig, who both smirked at him.
“Yeah, okay, I’m an idiot.” He called and you all laughed again.
Happy and Tig smirked at each other.
“Naww, its okay prospect.” Tig said and slapped Halfsacks shoulder, making him yelp in pain.
The sound of laughter mixed with the crashing waves and the crackling fire and the Sons of Anarchy family laughed long into the night.

Professor Scamander and the Horned Serpent – Chapter 4

Newt Scamander has agreed to teach briefly at Ilvermorny, following the school’s decision to allow him to lecture the students about magical creatures as an elective class. Here he meets a girl in her final year, who belongs to the scholarly house of Horned Serpent. She drives Newt crazy, and the two get into a lot of mischief behind the backs of both the students and staff.

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1744

Warnings: SMUT! Large age gap between characters (Newt is around 30, reader is 18)

A/n: going to make the next chapter super duper fluffy to make up for this badly written smut :’)


The next couple of lessons in Newt’s class were spent with your head down. You avidly avoided the tempting man for the weeks that followed the night in the case, but your thoughts were not so easily controlled. Every night you would dream of him, and of that kiss that should not have been.

“You were talking in your sleep again last night.” A fellow Horned Serpent told you as you wiped the sleep out of your eyes, getting ready to head to breakfast.

“I was?” You frowned.

“Yes.” She giggled. “You were calling out for Professor Scamander.” You widened your eyes in shock, quickly gathering yourself and walking hurriedly to the dining hall. 

On your way there you passed your Study of Magical Creatures classroom, taking a glance and seeing the familiar figure, leaning on his desk, talking to someone. It was Amelia. You felt a twinge of jealously, pushing the feeling away with discomfort as you approached the window on the door of the classroom. Newt looked uncomfortable, as Amelia was standing much too close. She was playing with her hair, twirling a strand around her finger as she produced a flirty grin. Against your better judgement, you knocked on the door, the two swiftly turning their heads. Newt had a look of relief, while Amelia seemed to be annoyed at the intrusion.

“Come in.” Newt spoke softly.

You willed your feet to move, over towards the two.

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When reality hits you

Well this chapter is kinda short and kinda pointless but I hope you guys like it Find the rest of the chapters here

The moment she stands on her two feet right outside of the hospital she feels weird, she doesn’t know why or how exactly but she feels weird. She feels weird the whole car ride, she feels weird waiting on the car with Gastón while Matteo goes to the pharmacy, she feels weird when she hears the sound of keys opening the door and she feels weird when she enters Matteo’s apartment.

He and Gastón are both smiling softly and kindly at her the whole time, Gastón cracks some jokes she genuinely laughs at, Matteo says things that makes her roll her eyes at him and want to punch him as usual, but the feeling of having a pressure on her chest, the feeling of being able to hear every little nose, feel every little move, never really leaves her. She is too aware of everything and at the same time she has trouble processing it all, the world slows down in such a way that every seconds feels like an eternity. And her own brain has become somehow slower, not being able to catch up with all the information it’s getting to it.

She doesn’t know why and it’s not like she is not happy for leaving the hospital, she truly is but that happiness has been shoved to the back by a feeling she doesn’t recognize, she would say it’s anxiety but she has no reasons to be anxious, all she has wanted for all this time is to leave that damned hospital. Why would she even be anxious about it?

“You don’t mind do you?” Matteo asks and she needs a second to search her mind and realize he has been talking about how she will have to sleep on the couch. She looks at it, she won’t have any problems to sleep on it, it’s big enough for an average sized person and she is way below average in that sense.

“No, not at all. “She says truthfully and he smiles. He seems so calm and that only makes the pressure on her chest get heavier and heavier.

“Well, kiddos.” Gastón says from the door. “I gotta go to work but I will come back later bearing fast food.”

“Don’t you have work today too?” She asks turning to Matteo, she remembers him saying that him and Gastón have the exact same shift.

“I asked for some time to take care of you.” He tells her ignoring Gastón’s awwing on the background. “Which reminds me that Tamara actually wants to meet you too.”

“Tamara?” She asks trying to ignore the panicked feeling of more people that comes to her.

“She is our  boss.” He says and Gastón nods. “Her and Juliana.”

“But Juliana is like the boss boss.” Gastón explains which actually doesn’t help at all. “So we don’t see her that much, which is good because she scares me.”

“She’s cool.” Matteo says rolling his eyes. “Scary but cool.”

“If you ask me she is just scary.” Gastón mumbles. “But whatever, I need to leave.”

“Good luck, bro.”Mateo says and she waves as the door.

Once the door closes silence fills the room and awkwardness starts making itself present in the air, she looks at Matteo saying nothing and he just sort of smiles at her, not talking either.

“You didn’t have to take the day off.” She mumbles, looking straight into the wall behind him and not his eyes.

“I wasn’t going to leave you alone in the first day you were out of the hospital or week actually.” He says sitting down on the couch and patting the spot next to him for her to sit down, she hesitates for a second but does it. “Besides I need to make sure you won’t steal anything and run with it.”

“And where would I even go?” She asks, relieved that the familiar teasing tone is back, she feels a little bit of the pressure on her chest go away. “Back to the hospital?”

“I don’t know.” He chuckles. “Maybe this whole thing was just a scam to get all of my money.”

“Shit, you figured it out.” She pretends to be shocked. “Please don’t tell the police I didn’t manage anyway, I wouldn’t survive in jail.”

“You are too cute.” He agrees and she blushes a little. “They would chew you up and then spit you out.”

“Hey!” She exclaims offended. “I’m not that defenseless, okay?”

“Whatever you say, cucciola.” He says putting emphasis on the last word making her pout and cross her arms over her chest.

“I’m not a puppy.”  She says, with a yawn interrupting the middle of her complaints, stupid medications making her sleepy in the middle of the day.

“You so are. “He says flicking her nose, making her scrunch it. He stands going who knows where and leaves her sitting on the couch.

She looks around, the place is tidy and organized, it’s not too full of stuff but not too empty, the windows are wide and perfect to see the beautiful landscape that is Buenos Aires from a fifteenth floor. She doesn’t really know if it fits Matteo, she doesn’t know him that much but it somehow clicks. She yawns again.

She can hear Matteo somewhere in the house, moving some stuff but she has no idea what he is doing, she lays on the couch, she doesn’t think he would mind if she decides to take a small nap.

She is really tired for some reason, maybe the weird sensorial experience of actually going out to the real world even for a while after being trapped in a place that’s basically stopped in time.

She closes her eyes and she thinks she feels Matteo’s footsteps come to the living room and a blanket being softly thrown over her before he walks away to some other place but she can’t be sure. She curls up on herself, trying to find a more comfortable position when she does she finally falls into a deep sleep.

He doesn’t really registers it at first, he is not used to taking care of people so he doesn’t have immediate reactions to this kind of stuff, he hears it but he doesn’t stop cooking, not until the whimpers become louder and he finally fully remembers that there’s a girl sleeping on his couch.

He turns off the stove and quickly leaves the kitchen, terrified that something bad happened to her and he has to drive her to drive her to the hospital right this second. Once he gets to the living room he finds her curled up into a ball on the couch, she is frowning and shaking a little. Kati told him she tends to get nightmares, she doesn’t know what about, forgets them as soon as she opens her eyes but apparently they are bad enough to leave her shaking and crying after them.

He is not sure if the not waking up someone also applies for nightmares and not just sleepwalking but just to be sure he just sits next to her, she has curled up small enough that he has no problems fitting in the space between her head and the armrest, she lets out a small sob, the kind of sob that breaks your heart with how heartfelt it is.

She curls up even more, hugging herself and bringing the blankets closer to her body, he sits closer to her, lifting her head softly, resting it in his lap and moving her fingers through her hair.

She sobs again and this time he can feel the way her body shakes completely before the tears go back to falling silently through her cheeks, he has no idea what to do or how to do it, he wants her to calm down, to go back to the peaceful sleep she had for the last hour, seeing her like this breaks his heart. Her nose is red, her cheeks are too except on those places the tears have left their mark s they run down them, she looks so small, so lost, so broken.

It’s so easy sometimes to forget how hard this whole thing must be for her, she is always so cheerful, always so ready to laugh with him but not only has she lost everything she has she also can’t remember it which means that as for now she has absolutely no way to get it back.

Matteo idly wonders if there’s something for her to come back at all but doesn’t take the question too seriously, everyone has someone or something and he can’t imagine such a bright, full of life girl being the exception.

She stirs a little in his lap and looks up at him blinking slowly, as soon as she realizes her position she sits, cleaning the tears away with the back of her hand and looking straight into the turned off tv, he wants to hug her but he doesn’t want to startle her either so he just sits closer to her.

“Hey, it’s okay.” He says, he lifts his hand but to be honest he has no idea what he is going to do with it so he just lets it fall back into the couch. She doesn’t answer, she just hugs herself, taking deep breaths through her mouth. He can’t handle it anymore, he hugs her.

She crumbles into his arms, hiding on his chest as she starts crying violently, he rubs soothing circles on her, humming softly the melody of a song his mother used to sing to him when he was a little kid and had nightmares too.

“I’m so sorry.” She mumbles after a while, pulling away, blushing a little.

“It’s okay.” He repeats taking his hand to her cheek, wiping the leftover tears off with his thumb. “If anyone in this world has a right to have nightmares that you.”

She smiles softly at him, it’s barely even a lift of the corner of her lips but still a full smile in her green eyes, he moves his thumb on her cheek again, this time meaning it as a caress.

“I don’t  even remember them, you know?” She asks softly, her voice strained with the effort to not burst into tears once again. “I just wake up feeling dizzy,with this awful feeling in my chest and this huge head ache and I just…I can only start crying and it’s ridiculous but…”

He hugs her again, holding her close to his chest, he can’t even begin to understand how she is feeling, maybe it’s because she is not the most articulate person right now but even if she could pinpoint her feelings perfectly and express them with just the right words he doesn’t think he could put himself on her place.

“Hey, are you hungry?” He asks pulling away and she just nods. “I was cooking some pasta, I was almost done actually so you can set the table if you feel like it.”

She stands up a little shaky but with a smile, he does the same and walks to the kitchen, hearing her footsteps behind him.

Once they are in the kitchen he goes back to his forgotten bolognese and lets her open all s cupboard and drawers as she takes what she needs as well as does some little exploring.

It’s weird to be doing something so domestic with someone else, he has never lived with anyone before, as soon as he finished school he managed to get an apartment alone knowing he appreciates his space more than he does company. And now he is willingly bringing someone into his space. As weird as it feels he doesn’t regret it nor he thinks that she will be any kind of bother or trouble, he will need to get used to it but somehow he doesn’t think it will be that hard.

He serves the plates and carries them to the table where Lu is already seated,  she doesn’t look out of place either. The more time passes they more sure they can make this work somehow.

“Hey.” He start, calling her attention. “Gastón wants to bring his girlfriend over tonight. “

She just nods at him and he is left waiting for an answer while she looks like she is expecting him to continue talking.

“So…” She prompts, taking a very big amount of pasta and shoving it on her mouth. He smiles amused, making her blush a little.

“So I wanted to ask you if you were okay with it.” He says and she looks at him confused.

“Why?” She asks frowning a little.

“I don’t want to overwhelm you.” She smiles at him and he feels a slight warm spread on his chest, he ignores it. “Do you think you will be okay with it? “

She looks down thoughtful, playing with her food and moving it around the plate absent mindedly, he is more than ready to tell Gastón not to come at all tonight when she looks up a small, hesitant smile on her face.

“Sure why not?” She shrugs a little awkwardly. “I gotta meet more people at some point anyway. “

“Are you sure you can handle it?” He asks softly.

“Is she nice?” She asks back.

“She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever met.” He tells her, conveniently ignoring the fact that she is also one of the most curious ones too. He is a little bit worried about this but this is Nina and unlike her boyfriend she has some tact so probably  the awkward questions won’t start until the second time they meet.

“Then, yeah, I’m sure.”

He is late, he is so fucking late, actually he is a very normal amount of late for someone who is not familiar with the city or it’s streets or basically anything in the country but he doubts that Ámbar will care about it. He walks as fast as he can, searching for the number he has carefully memorized because Ámbar made him delete the message with the address as soon as possible.

He has no idea why she is so paranoid about this or where she is taking him, he has no idea of anything actually except for the fact that Luna is probably in some sort of trouble and he will do everything in his power to help her, even walk blindly around this whole situation only being lead by a woman he doesn’t fully trust.

He reaches the building he is supposed to get to and sees her leaning against it glaring at anything that’s close to her, he comes into her line of vision and she glares at him, with much more intensity than before.

“You are late.” She says as a greeting and he smiles sheepishly at her.

“I got lost.” He explains and she just rolls her eyes at him before opening the door of the building and walking in, leaving him behind.

He hurries to the door before it closes and then to the elevator where she already is.

“So where are we?” He asks and she just ignores him.

She never even hinted at what they will be doing at this place but so far it only looks like any other apartment building  on any city.He continues staring at her as she continues to ignore his question until the elevator’s doors open, she walks out, still not looking at him and he is left racing after her, feeling like a lost puppy.

She knocks softly on a door and he stands behind her, he figures there’s no point on asking anything now, the answers will come soon. He sees the doorknob twist and then a blonde woman smiling kindly at them.

He needs a second to notice but it’s undeniable how alike this woman and Ámbar are, the older blonde looks much more worn down, something that doesn’t seem to be only about the age, he throws one quickly look at her arms, all if  her inner arms are full of small scars in the form of tiny dots. He looks back up her eyes before she notices.

“You are here early.” She comments after hugging Ámbar, Simón sends her an annoyed look and she only smiles.

“Hi, I’m Simón.” He says kindly, seeing that Ámbar won’t introduce them.

“Hi, I’m Valeria.” She greets him, gesturing at them to get into the apartment. “Ámbar’s mom.”

He makes a conscious effort not to look at Ámbar, but his eyes never leave Valeria and he notices the unsure glance she throws in her daughter directions. If he didn’t know what was happening before he has absolutely no idea now but Ámbar obviously doesn’t want to tell this story or dwell on it in any way and he has to respect her wishes, no matter how much he wants to ask.

“And this.” She says when they reach the living room, finding a man around the same age as Valeria, sitting on the couch and dozing off in front of the tv. “Is Alejandro.”

“You can call me Ale.” He says standing up a little too quickly wanting to pretend he wasn’t sleeping at all. “And who are you ? Who did little queen A brought to our humble home?”

Simón sends a look at Ámbar that nickname but smiles at the guy he seems very nice and he must be the cop Ámbar mentioned. Or well she mentioned her mom has police connections which is basically the same. He hopes.

“I’m Simón.” He repeats giving Alejandro a handshake.

“We need to talk.” Ámbar interrupts them. “It’s important.”

“So did you mom say.” He says sitting back on the couch and inviting them to sit on the arm chairs  next to it.  “What is it about?”

Valeria sits next to him on the couch and looks at them intently.

“Do you remember Luna?” Ámbar asks them.

“The actual Sol Benson?” Valeria asks and he wonders why is she using the word actual.

“Yes, her.” Ámbar nods. “Well she has gone missing.”

“Did Sharon do anything to her?” Is the first question Alejandro asks and Simón turns to Ámbar alarmed.

“She asks like she has no idea where she is.” Ámbar tells them. “But I’m actually not sure.”

No one in the room seems in any sort of way surprised by this information, except him. What are the chances Sharon actually did something to Luna? Why would she after all the trouble she went through to bring her back to Argentina with her?

“What do you want me to do?” Alejandro speaks again in a serious tone and Ámbar sighs.

“I just want you to keep an eye on any person that might come out with her description.” She tells him and he nods. “She is a 1.54 meters brunette, green eyes, white skin, I don’t actually remember what she was wearing that day but she left in car without a number plate.”

“Anything else?”

“She has necklace with a moon on it.” Simón adds.

“With a sun and a moon on it.” Ámbar corrects him and Alejandro nods. “And Ale I need you to keep this a total secret.”

“You can count on me.” He promises and Ámbar smiles, it’s probably one of the most sincere smiles he has even seen on her face.

“If you need anything you know we are here.” Valera offers leaning closer to hold Ámbar’s hands, her smile turns somewhat softer, making her whole face change, she looks kinder now, it’s a good look on her.

“ I know.” She whispers. “Thank you.”

“Whatever you need.” Alejandro repeats, looking at both of them and Simón smiles thankful, he tries not to look at Ámbar and her mother, he feels like he is intruding.

Snape Appreciation Month Day 17: Appearance

- his hair was unevenly cut. it was limpy and sort of draped on his head and fell down to his shoulders
- he had a flat face with the exception of his nose
- his nose was hooked and wide and downturned at the tip
- his mouth was small, thin and he used to rip some of the skin off when he was anxious. when he’s relaxed it’s pinkish and the bottom lip was a bit fuller
- his teeth were too big for his small mouth. his canines were pushed forward and his second molars were pushed back. it gave him a vampire look and so he bared them as often as he was forced to
- his teeth was yellow with some brown in them. all the children in spinner’s end had the same colouring. it was something in the water.
- he never could grow a beard properly unlike his father. his hair only came in rough patches. he shaved several times a month
- his shoulders were rounded even as an adult and his collars stood out. he could balance coins on them
- his fingers were short and thin and the his fingernails were all uneven. he kept them short. they were discoloured. it would take him weeks to wash them properly
- he was very thin with a short torso. his ribs were almost sticking out. his stomach had some fat. his chest had wisps of hair, nothing like potter’s and he would shave it all away
- his legs were lean and had some muscular definition as he spent his nights patrolling the castle. when he was a teenager, they had a lot of strength in them. he never got test that strength as an adult but he liked to imagine they were stronger
- some of his toes had been broken, the nails were cracked and greyed, his skin was tough. he told pomona once about how he was allowed to play football with the other cokeworth kids for one month. He played barefoot, not knowing enough about the game to protect himself. He ran fast, kicked hard, tackled ferociously, all on a pebbled field. it was still a good memory.

- his skin was light brown from all months he spent indoors. it was darker on his inner thighs, elbows and back

Happy Halloween | Teen Wolf Preference

not requested. but it’s halloween. i had to. 

S C O T T  - 

Scott knew that Halloween, though once your favorite day of the year, was no longer fun or exciting for you. It had stopped being fun when you realized that your day-to-day life was now an actual Halloween horror story, and you didn’t see the point in celebrating something that happened regularly now. Scott, however, wasn’t having it, determined to not let you stay by yourself on a Saturday night that you used to look forward to every year. He showed up at your house, a large bag of candy clutched in his left hand. He held it up, a shy smile on his face when you opened the door. 

“I know you don’t really celebrate anymore, and I get that, but you shouldn’t be alone on Halloween. So, I brought some candy, and I brought The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I know you used to love…so what do you say?” You chuckled, nodding happily and dragging him inside. It became your little tradition to just do that every Halloween, and soon enough, you were back to celebrating like you had all those years ago. 

S T I L E S - 

Stiles showed up at your house on the night of Halloween perfectly dressed up in his classic Batman costume, something that he had been sporting every year since he was fourteen. Surprisingly, it still fit. You had chosen not to dress up this year, and Stiles was clearly disappointed in you. 

“Seriously? Nothing? You’re such a loser,” your boyfriend whined, stomping his foot impatiently. “We are not too old to trick or treat! Go get a costume on, I’m getting my free candy.” 

“Stiles, we’re almost eighteen, and you’ve worn that outfit for almost four years now, isn’t it time to put the costumes away and hand out candy to the kids?” You held up a bowl of candy, but Stiles grabbed a large handful before you could move it again. 

“Nope. Good thing I brought you a costume!” He cheerfully held up a plastic bag, and you knew before you even opened it what it was going to be. Of course, it was Cat-Woman. You groaned, but begrudgingly went inside your house to change, leaving Stiles to do his victory dance outside your house. When you were all dressed up, you had to admit that you were feeling the Halloween spirit again. He clapped cheerfully, dragging you down the steps of your house and through the neighborhood in search of candy. 

“Aren’t you kids a little old to be trick or treating?” One old woman asked, her eyebrows raised skeptically at the two teens dressed as superheroes. You and Stiles look at each other, shaking your heads and laughing loudly. 

“Nope! You both declared cheerfully, holding out your candy bags with bright grins on your faces. The woman shook her head, sighing as she filled your bags. You had definitely missed all the free candy. And your perfectly dorky boyfriend. 

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Fire-Owls, Magic Bands, Wizard Vans, Otter Gods (Nick & Louis, ~1k)

Flash Fiction Challenge #3!  I’m late but I wanted to write it anyway so I did. The challenge was to write something based on this tweet thread. 

Louis is covered in yodeler blood.

It’d been an epic battle. There’d been three hundred demon yodelers, and it was just Louis and his fire owl and a pair of grumpy wyverns standing between them and karaoke night at the tavern in New Dork City.

Louis couldn’t let them get through.

And so, he’d swiped at the sweat on his brow, the spidermail scratchy against his skin, and he’d held aloft Mistress Murderbeak, the most magical knife in all the lands. He’d taken a deep breath.

“YO-DEL-AY-HEE-YOU-DEAD,” he’d shouted into the wind, his voice strong and sure, and in that instant time had frozen. The demon yodelers had hung suspended in the air, every last one of them. And then, all at once, they’d exploded. The sky became a sea of viscera, and it’d fallen to the earth like rain. It’d covered everything, and Louis had stood there through it all, waiting until the roar of so much falling demonic yodeler remains had subsided before putting his arm up and wiping the blood out of his eyes.

“Fuck yeah,” he’d said, once he could see. “It worked.”

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anonymous asked:

A little suggestion: The most embarassing moments of Erwin, Levi, Mike, Moblit and Nanaba. This would be nice to read. 😃

-He ripped his pants while he was helping move some equipment. He had hoped no one would notice, but they did. They “noticed” all right
-He was caught him picking his nose when he thought no one was looking. It wouldn’t be too much of a big deal except it was Nanaba
-The first time he helped Hange with an experiment his pants caught on fire and he screamed like a little girl. He wasn’t hurt but that memory still haunts him to this day
-First time she was ever in the scouts, one of her comrades got her smashed, and she, very inappropriately, flirted with most of the guys there. One of them was Mike, and she had to work with him the next day.
-He was on stable duty helping Ness. The horse kicked up mud and nasty stuff towards him, and he screamed like a girl. It took everything for Ness not to laugh.

How Much I Love You. You Are My Sunshine 6

Summary: The sixth part of the Sunshine series in which Y/N is imprisoned with her team mates by Tony Stark. He approaches with an apology but just how is she going to react?

Triggers: Heavy angst. Mentions of past/torture.

Enjoy :3

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