he had an exceptional looking nose too

Snape Appreciation Month Day 17: Appearance

- his hair was unevenly cut. it was limpy and sort of draped on his head and fell down to his shoulders
- he had a flat face with the exception of his nose
- his nose was hooked and wide and downturned at the tip
- his mouth was small, thin and he used to rip some of the skin off when he was anxious. when he’s relaxed it’s pinkish and the bottom lip was a bit fuller
- his teeth were too big for his small mouth. his canines were pushed forward and his second molars were pushed back. it gave him a vampire look and so he bared them as often as he was forced to
- his teeth was yellow with some brown in them. all the children in spinner’s end had the same colouring. it was something in the water.
- he never could grow a beard properly unlike his father. his hair only came in rough patches. he shaved several times a month
- his shoulders were rounded even as an adult and his collars stood out. he could balance coins on them
- his fingers were short and thin and the his fingernails were all uneven. he kept them short. they were discoloured. it would take him weeks to wash them properly
- he was very thin with a short torso. his ribs were almost sticking out. his stomach had some fat. his chest had wisps of hair, nothing like potter’s and he would shave it all away
- his legs were lean and had some muscular definition as he spent his nights patrolling the castle. when he was a teenager, they had a lot of strength in them. he never got test that strength as an adult but he liked to imagine they were stronger
- some of his toes had been broken, the nails were cracked and greyed, his skin was tough. he told pomona once about how he was allowed to play football with the other cokeworth kids for one month. He played barefoot, not knowing enough about the game to protect himself. He ran fast, kicked hard, tackled ferociously, all on a pebbled field. it was still a good memory.

- his skin was light brown from all months he spent indoors. it was darker on his inner thighs, elbows and back

Shaky steps and bad teaching - Bruce Wayne x Reader

8. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen ?”

OH MY GOD YES THIS IS TOO CUTE !! , I really hope you’ll like it, (and for once, I’m not going to say it’s “meh”, even though I think it’s VERY “MEH”…Wait…oh damn…Ok, once again, I feel like I didn’t do justice to this awesome prompt…I’m sorry if you’re disappointed, really :/, I shouldn’t write when tired lalalalalala and I’m also sorry for being sorry and always so weirdly insecure, dudes, I have problems haha) oh, and my writing adore you :

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


Sometimes, Bruce had to pinch himself to make sure everything was real. To make sure he wasn’t just having a really good dream.

He never thought, with the life he decided to lead, he would have all of this. After his parents’ death, it never even crossed his mind that he could be that happy ever again, that he could have a family again. And yet…

Yet you entered his life. Right at the moment Dick did too. At the right time in his life, when he was in the deepest darkest pit he ever been in…You got him out of it, with your smiles and your “I’m not taking any of your shit, stop complaining and be strong dude” persona…and you made him realized that all he was craving for was love, and a family. He begun to hope for a better future when you came in, when Dick became his son, and when he understood how much Alfred meant to him, when he finally saw him for what he really was : his second father.

Jason quickly followed your arrival, and he called him “son” too, naturally.

Tim joined you all a bit later, his favorite little nerd. Three children. He couldn’t believe it.

Then Damian, even if at the beginning it was difficult, the boy came around, and thanks to you changed drastically, making the same realization his father had years earlier : all he wanted was a family, and to be loved.

And finally, a little bit less than a year ago…Thomas was born. It was your idea to name him after Bruce’s father, and he almost cried when you suggested it to him…That kid was the one he least expected to be part of his life. Passed forty years old now, he just never imagined it could happen, and he kinda gave up a long time ago the idea of raising a child from birth. He never felt the need to either, he already had his boys, they were definitely sufficient. He loved them…Besides, you tried to have a child together, but you never got pregnant. “Sterile”, that’s what the doctors called you. And it was ok, you already had four wonderful boys…Until one day, a miracle happened. Thomas. A child that shouldn’t be born, and yet here he was in his arms right now.

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When I Wake [ch.1]

ch.1 | ch.2 |

Genre: Angst / Fluff 

Summary: The day you were proposed to by Kim Taehyung was absolutely unforgettable, but not in a magical, fairy tale type of way. Instead of ending the night with celebratory congratulations, you and Taehyung find yourselves in a car accident that leaves you in a coma. When you wake three years later, you receives news that Taehyung passed away as a result of his injuries. 

After getting over the initial shock of Taehyung’s death, you peacefully carry on with your life, until one day you hear word that Taehyung might not be dead after all. 

You try to find Taehyung to pick up your relationship where it left off, so everything could go back to the way it was. Only life’s not that simple. While trying to rekindle your love with the supposedly dead Taehyung, you have to deal with your arranged fiance and your newly acquainted (and dangerously hot) friend Park Jimin. 

Your life becomes a whole lot more interesting when you wake. 

Word count: ~2.3k 

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: So this is my first time writing a kpop ff, and it’s my first time writing a reader insert, AND it’s my first time writing angst so please bear with me~ (it’ll get interesting soon I promise) Also jimin & yoongi are tagged in addition to tae bc they will be part of the story later on!

Taehyung placed his lips on yours; it was the only warmth you’d felt in this winter wonderland. As he pulled away, you could feel every cell in your body yearn for his embrace but reluctantly settled for his hand in yours.

You stood in the middle of the icy Bow Bridge in Central Park. It was where you two first met, three years ago.

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On a Dare [M]

Rating: M

Summary: My friends have a twisted sense of humor so during a game of Truth or Dare they dare me to have sex with the one person they know I hate the most: Yoo Kihyun.

Warnings: Crude language, crude humor, crazy sex, spanking, cumplay, etc etc. I don’t even know what else.

AN: I used to be badgirlfanfics and still am on AFF. I’ve had to come back because people were impersonating me and forwarding around my fic after I deleted it. So I guess I don’t get to retire and am back!

It was a Friday night and my closest friend Wonho had asked me over to hang out. He was in a group called Monsta X, and I was really good friends with the rest of them, too. Well, mostly, except for one member.

As I arrived at their dorm I pressed the buzzer. The door opened and Kihyun appeared looking pink haired and clueless as usual. I couldn’t even hide my disgust. “Ugh. It’s you. I suddenly regret that I even came.”

His eyes narrowed. He looked me up and down dismissively. “So go home then,” he said, and shut the door right in my face.

I stood there for two seconds, nose to the door, in total disbelief. Then I stepped back and knocked angrily on the door. “Yah! Asshole! Let me in!”  I cried.

No response.

“Kihyun open the door,” I said, starting to get serious, because the cold was starting to get to me.

Honestly, what possessed me to wear a miniskirt and some flimsy leggings in the middle of December? How I regretted it now that I would die and my tombstone would read ‘here lies Hani. Froze to death while trying to look cute.’

“It’s cold out here goddammit!” I complained grumpily.

“Good! Freeze and die!” Kihyun called and then cackled evilly. “Just stay outside and get snowed upon until you freeze into a slutty statue. No, a frightening whoregoyle!”

My hands bunched up at my sides as I seethed. Kihyun always called me a cheap whore and I knew he did it just for fun since in all the time he knew me he had never seen me with any guys. If he thought just that would be enough to make me mad, he could think again.

“You are an annoying infant! Your insults are so stupid. They’re not even worth dignifying with a response. But I hope you know when I get in there I’m going to destroy you,” I growled.

“But you’ll never get in here,” he sang, tauntingly, and then laughed some more like the petty little brat that he was.

Furious now, I kicked the door numerous times as hard as I could. No response. So I just kept kicking it. “Open. This. Damn. Door! Kihyun!” I yelled with each kick. Then I got tired and gave up. He probably left, the damn bastard.

I raised up on my tiptoes to look through the glass window at the top of the door. Pink waves filled my view. “I can see the top of your empty head! I know you’re still standing there! Open this door Kihyun!”

Nothing but giggles.

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Dumbfounded (Nalu FF, 1/1)

For Mary (@siriusly-random​) as a high five for finishing her exams ♥ 

F for fluff~
Words: 1600
summary: Nothing inspires an epiphany like a snow fight. 
read on: [fanfiction]

Natsu was her best friend – or as close to it as anyone could be – but just this once she would throttle him if he took one step closer to her. She backed up, foot slipping on the uneven ground, and he gave a laugh that sent out a little burst of flame.

“Natsu,” she warned, watching the flame longingly as it flickered and died in the ground.

“Lucy,” he repeated, his hand lowering. Despite everything she knew about him – and despite the devious quirk of his brows – she still lowered her defensive hands, letting out a small breath that appeared like smoke in the air.

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Request: Juice imagine where he’s married with children and they spend a weekend at the seaside with the club.

You woke to the sound of laughter and you sat up, wiping the sleep from your eyes.
The windows were open and the warm ocean breeze left goosebumps on your skin.
You could hear Juice’s laughter and you smiled, tossing the sheets back and slipping out of bed.
He didn’t hear you come into the room and you leant against the door frame, a smile on your face as you watched him feed your daughter.
Luciana giggled as Juice waved the spoon in front of her, making aeroplane noises so she would open her mouth.
She opened her mouth and he slipped the spoon in and when he looked away to get another spoonful she spat the food down her chin, giggling again.
Juice looked up and sighed.
“Lucy,” He said quietly and shook his head.
You laughed and he turned towards you, a smile breaking across his face once he saw you.
“Hey sleepy head.” He said.
You smiled and walked across the room and pressed a kiss to his lips.
You kissed your daughters head too.
She giggled at you and you smiled.
“She prefers trains.” You winked to Juice.
“Of course.” He whispered to himself and you laughed loudly.
“Max still in bed?” You asked and he nodded.
“I’ll get him up, Gem wants us to meet at the beach at 10.” You said and Juice nodded.
You walked into the second bedroom where your kids had spent the night and walked lightly to your sons bed, where he slept soundly.
You ran your hand gently through his curly black hair, and his eyes fluttered open.
He rolled over and looked at you and you smiled, reminded again of how much your son looked like his father.
“Time to get up Máximo.” You said softly.
He reached his arms up and you pressed a kiss to his forehead.
“Cmon, daddys making breakfast.”
Max pushed back the covers and got out of bed, holding your hand as you walked back to the table, where Juice was now making train noises while feeding his daughter.
The motel wasn’t flash, but it was nice to be away from Charming for a bit. And despite being with the club, everyone had agreed there would be no club business this weekend.
Initially, you had planed for a quiet weekend away. Just you, your husband, and your kids, spending a much needed weekend at the beach. But once Gemma found outside had had other ideas and before you knew it the entire club was on their way to the seaside.
You didn’t mind, not really. You loved the club and every part that came with being an old lady, and you still got to spend alone time with your family.
The kids sat at the table while you and Juice made breakfast, Lucy giggling from her high chair the whole time.

“Finally!” Wendy teased as you walked across the soft sand.
You laughed loudly.
Lucy rested on your hip and you held Juices free hand, his other one carrying large bags of snacks, towels, and beach toys. Max ran ahead and he went straight to Wendy, hugging your best friend tightly.
The whole club was already there, and your mouth almost dropped open when you saw them.
“Jesus.” You and Juice whispered in sync.
Never in your life had you ever expected to see the Sons of Anarchy like.. this.
Bobby stood proudly, his long curly hair tied into a ponytail, shorts on and no top, his pale skin almost reflecting the sun.
Chibs stood next to him, dragging on a cigarette, and wearing the shortest shorts you had ever seen. His white singlet was tucked into his shorts and he waved to you and Juice happily.
Jax sat on a towel, next to Abel and Thomas, wearing nothing but beach shorts. Opie had the same and Happy wore jeans (of course) and no shirt. Nero wore a large baggy t-shirt and beach shorts and he wrapped his arms around Gemma, who stood in a black one piece and a black wrap wrapped around her.
Halfsack was already splashing in the waves, wearing similar items to Jax and Ope.
But then, there was Tig.
He stood to the side, his curly hair blowing in the breeze, his chest stuck out and wearing nothing but.. leather speedos.
You and Juice looked at each other with wide eyes and tried hard to fight the laughter.
But when Tig shook his hair in the wind neither of you could hold it in and you both erupted in laughter.
“What?” Tig asked, resting his hands on his hips, which only made you both laugh harder.
You covered Lucys eyes as Tig began to stretch and you sat on a towel next to Wendy and Jax.
“You know, maybe this trip was a bad idea after all.” You said.
Jax looked at you questioningly.
“Well I mean, if anyone saw you guys like this I doubt you’d have any power left.”
Jax laughed and so did Ope and Wendy.
Max ran with Abel to join Kenny and Ellie who were playing in the sand.
You placed Lucy on the towel in front of you and pulled out the sunscreen.
Halfsack ran up the sand towards you and you offered him the sunscreen.
“No thanks. Im working on my tan.” You and Wendy both laughed as you rubbed the cream into Thomas and Lucy, and yourselves.

You had been at the beach for four hours now, and Nero was setting up the beach grill, ready for a barbecue. You had played in the waves for a while, splashing Juice and Max. But now you lay on the sand, your black bikini showing off your body as you tried to soak in the rays, Wendy next to you.
Thomas and Lucy were napping in a tent that Gemma had bought and you were thankful to have some shade for them.
Gemma lay on a towel next to Wendy and you were enjoying the peace, the sound of laughter and waves a comfort to you.
Juice was kicking a ball around with Jax, Opie, Halfsack and the kids and Chibs and Bobby were helping Nero with lunch.
You felt  shadow fall over your body and you leant against your elbows.
Tig stood over you, and from this angle, it was definitely not a pleasant view.
“Move over, ladies, Tiggy needs to tan too.” He said.
You and Wedny laughed loudly but shifted over, allowing space for Tig to lay out a towel and he spread out next to you, his bare body soaking up the sun.
After a while the smell of food drifted through the air and Nero called out that lunch was ready.
Everyone crowded around, getting plastic plates full of sausages, chicken sticks and summer salads.
You all sat in a circle, eating happily and talking amongst yourselves.
Everyone was enjoying the trip. It was exactly what you all needed after a long and stressful year. But finally the club was in a good place and you hoped everything would stay the same, at least for a while.

The sun was beginning to set and Gemma and Nero had offered to take all the kids back.
You were grateful, and you sat on a log next to Juice, a blanket wrapped around you both as Opie stoked the fire in the centre.
The rest of the club sat around, toasting marshmallows while Bobby strummed at his guitar, his smooth voice setting the scene.
It had been a lovely day, spent with your SAMCRO family, and you were glad that they had come on the trip after all. You really did love each and every one of them and spending time together with out any worries was something you rarely got to do.
Wendy was tucked under Jax’s arm and he pressed a kiss to her head.
Tig had finally covered up and had a blanket wrapped around himself too.
Everyone was smiling, and everyone was happy.
You met Juices eye and kissed him deeply.
“I love you.” You whispered.
He smiled against your lips and kissed your nose softly.
“I love you too, wife.” He said and you both smiled.
“Jesus Christ.” Chibs said loudly and you all turned.
Halfsack walked slowly through the sand, his skin almost glowing red, except for the white skin around his eyes from where his sunglasses had sat.
The club erupted in laughter as you all looked at the young prospect, ashamed of his mistake.
He moved forwards and sat down next to Happy and Tig, who both smirked at him.
“Yeah, okay, I’m an idiot.” He called and you all laughed again.
Happy and Tig smirked at each other.
“Naww, its okay prospect.” Tig said and slapped Halfsacks shoulder, making him yelp in pain.
The sound of laughter mixed with the crashing waves and the crackling fire and the Sons of Anarchy family laughed long into the night.


Y/n hummed as she pulled the cookies out of the oven and set them on the counter to cool off.

Today was a free day for the avengers. everybody else was asleep or out on their own.

Y/n had decided to bake some cookies, since she had always loved baking so much.

As she let the Bach cool off somebody walked in, Bucky.

“Hey buck” he said with a smile and he nodded, he had always been a very silent person. But he would occasionally send her a small smile and wave.

“Ooh oh!” She said, waving him over and grabbing a cookie, it was soft but still warm.“try it!” She said and he shook his head.

“No I’m good y/n, I never really liked sweets that much so-”

“But Bucky!!!” She whined.“ Pleases???for me?” She asked and he blushed deep red and nodded.

“Fine, I’ll do it for you or whatever.” He humbled and took a bite, his eyes then widend.

“Oh my God!” He said and took another bite.“ Y/n these are amazing!” He said and she grinned.

“ I know,” she giggled, “ I rule.” She said and he nodded with a smile. If baking made Bucky smile, she’s bake every day.

“Hey guys I heard a yell.” Tony walked then grinned at what he saw. Bucky sitting at the counter with a child like smile as he munched on a cookie. And y/n, wearing an apron with flour and chocolate on her cheek, watching him with a small smile.

“Ohh cookies!” Tiny said and ran forward and took a bite and sighed.“ Holy shit y/n these are amazing!” Soon all of the others walked in and saw the food.

“Who made cookies?” Steve asked as he sat down and took a bite.

“Y/n did, the amazing baking goddess!” Tony said through a mouthful of cookie.

Soon enough everybody got one and their reactions were all very similar.

“ this is so good! The chocolate is melting right in my mouth!”

“ y/n I will pay you one hundred dollars daily to make more of these.”

“ zis is amazing y/n/n!”

“Peitro is right! Y/n these taste great!”

SHe giggled,“ well thanks you guys but I suggest you slow down a bit cause there almost out and I have no more ingredients.” She said, causing them all to look a the tray and see that she’s right.

Only five cookies remained,and soon tree as tony sole two and ran down the hall, and Sam snatched one and scarfed it down as him and rhode took off after tony.

“Well then,” Steve said slowly.“how about we-”

“ THERE MINE!” Natasha said as she pushed Steve away and reached to get one, ony to be pushed away by Clint.

“Haha!” He laughed as he held the tray above his head.“ All mine! All of these are-”

“Mine now.” Peitro chuckled as e sped and snatched them out of his hand in the blink of an eye then zoomed down the hall. All of them sprinting and yelling after him.

Except Bucky.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair,“ damn. I only had one too.” He mumbled and she grinned and poked the tip of his nose, causing him to blush and looked up confused.

“Don’t be so sure Barnes.” She grinned and pulled out five plastic containers filled to the brim with cookies.

He grinned and walked over, giving her a hug and a kiss in the cheek, causing her to blush.

“Y/n your amazing.” He said and and she grinned.

“ I know.” She said and e chuckled and took a bite of a cook and sat down on the couch with her.

“ how long do you think it’ll take for them to catch Peitro?” He asked and she chuckled.

“ I don’t know but I know hell have eaten them all by then.”

“Well then we better eat quick and hide the leftovers.”

“Sure thing Barnes.”

So this was fun and please request marvel imagines is love quicksilver so please don’t hold back!


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◇ “Now’s not the time to be getting shy on me, doll - you certainly weren’t when you were sitting on my lap.”

◇ Bobby x reader

◇ highschool!au


You weren’t stupid, and you definitely wouldn’t deny that you had feelings for Kim Jiwon - or Bobby, as he was more widely known. He was handsome, and smart, and funny - there was only one problem; he was your arch-enemy.

It was stupid, admittedly; it had started way before you had entered high school, with Bobby challenging you to see how many maths problems you could solve in one minute (you won), and from then on, it was known that you and Kim Jiwon didn’t get along one bit.

But as you grew older, and you started to develop, you couldn’t help but thinking about him and noticing how he’d changed; his sharp jawline, his tall and slim stature, his stupid humor and his adorable laugh… And you couldn’t help but get jealous when other girls would talk about him, even though you had no reason to be.

But if you were any two things, you were stubborn and oblivious, so you tried to ignore your feelings while simultaneously having no idea his existed.


“-and anyway, ______,” Dahyun explains, folding her arms in irritation as she looks up and down the road, waiting for the school bus with you, “You can just go with me and Tzuyu to prom - we’ve both decided that we don’t need dates, and we’re just gonna stick together-”

She huffs directly after, peeking up the road and groaning, “Where is this bus?”

You roll your eyes at your best friend, seeing her face light up when she spots the bus and darken straight after as she realizes that she’s going to school. “It’s not that I can’t find a date to prom,” you object, readjusting your bag as the bus approaches, “Because people have asked me - they were just not my type-”

“You mean Bobby,” Dahyun teases, turning to see your reaction and getting hit on the arm a few seconds later. “Come on, ______. We all know it’s completely true.”

“And by ‘we’, I’m guessing you mean you, Somi and Tzuyu?” You ask with a raised eyebrow, watching as the bus doors open in front of you. You board the bus, greeting the bus driver, and spot your seat. Well - not your seat, because it wasn’t given to you, but practically everyone knew that it was your seat. With Dahyun sitting next to you and Tzuyu and Somi sitting in front. Bobby and his friends sat a few seats in front of you, which meant that you had to walk past them at least once a day - if you were lucky.

Dahyun shrugs, sitting next to you as the bus starts to move again. She greets Somi and Tzuyu, before turning to you. “I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now. Unlike you, we’re not completely oblivious.”

You frown, hitting her on the shoulder yet again as Somi and Tzuyu turn around in their seats to face you. “Are we talking about _____ and Bobby?” Somi asks, resting her chin on the handrail on the back of her seat.

Your eyebrows raise as you exclaim in exasperation, “Why does everyone know about this except me-?”

“Can you keep it down, ______?” A voice asks. You look up, and of course, there he is. Kim Jiwon, Bobby, whatever you wanna call him. Amongst your talking with your friends, you hadn’t noticed that the school bus had stopped at his stop, and that he had boarded with the rest of his rowdy friends who were already filling the bus with noise. “It’s too early for your voice-”

“Says the one who’s friends are acting like a bunch of dogs,” your nose wrinkles as you take in the nature of his friends, shouting and throwing stuff and doing idiotic things that you wouldn’t dream of doing. “Put them on a leash, will you?”

Surprisingly, he doesn’t answer back, but only raises an eyebrow with a tiny smile and turns to his friends. They don’t quiet down, but he doesn’t contribute to the noise and a part of you hopes that it was because of you.

Turning back to your friends, you’re met with cheesy grins and knowing looks. You roll your eyes, crossing your arms and huffing as you turn to look out the window. “Maybe… maybe you’re right…”


About a half hour later, you see the school start to appear in the distance, and as usual, some people start to stand, waiting patiently as the bus drives along quicker than usual to get to the school.

Just my luck, you think, as you stand and wait as well, only to be left standing directly beside Bobby and his other friend who was sitting by the window. You hold your breath, hoping that with the speed of the bus - which was, unusually faster than usual - you’d get to the school and not have to breath in the same space as him. You could feel him staring at you; you hoped your cheeks weren’t as red as they looked-

It all happened so fast - one moment, you were blushing to yourself at the thought of Kim Jiwon, sitting next to your standing form, and the next, the bus was braking incredibly quickly, sending you lurching back and straight into Bobby’s lap with a squeal.

As the bus halted to stop, you tried to catch your breath, taking in what happened in the last second. It was only when you realized that somebody’s hands were wrapped around your waist did you stand up, blushing furiously bright and trying not to look at your ‘arch enemy’ who was doing the same.

You brushed yourself off with trembling hands, not looking at Bobby as you muttered ‘sorry’ and almost sprinted off of the school bus. So preoccupied with getting away from the embarrassing situation, you didn’t notice how Bobby called after you, wanting to ask a question that had been on his mind for a while.


“It was so embarrassing,” you groan pathetically, shoveling kimchi stew and rice into your mouth in an attempt to just forget about everything from this morning. “I’m sure I was as red as a tomato-”

“You were,” Somi chirps in. Dahyun giggles and Tzuyu is rolling her eyes, but she’s laughing too. How nice to know that your friends can laugh at your pain.

“-that’s not helping, at all,” you continue to rant, “And I fell straight on his lap. Jeez, how am I supposed to be his arch-enemy if I can’t even look him in the eye anymore?”

“Plot twist,” Dahyun puts on her best ‘narrator’s voice’, “You’re not meant to be arch-enemies. You’re supposed to be lovers!”

Your nose wrinkles at her wording. “I don’t want to have sex until-”

“That’s not what I meant,” Dahyun groans, finishing up the last of her food, “And you know it.”

Rolling your eyes, you say goodbye to Somi and Tzuyu, grabbing your lunch tray and walking towards the garbage bin. And who’s table do you have to walk past? His, of course - it seems like the universe is out to get you. You don’t understand - did you forget to feed the dogs? Did you accidentally break someone’s heart when you refused their prom invitation-?

“Hey, ______!” Someone’s calling you and you know it’s not a friend, because they’re using your last name, and anyone on a last-name basis with you is either stupid or mean or both. You turn your head to the side, to see Hanbin, one of Bobby’s friends. He’s not stupid but he can be annoying, so it doesn’t surprise you what he says next. “You wanna sit on my lap?”

The table he’s sitting at rings with laughter as everyone recalls the incident this morning - and you see him, Bobby, laughing along. You don’t know what it is, maybe the fact that you thought he could’ve liked you or the fact that you’ve never been so publicly humiliated before, but you feel tears of frustration sting at your eyes, and then you’re shoving your lunch tray into Dahyun’s hands and striding out of the cafeteria, everyone watching you leave in silence.

Embarrassment is clawing at your stomach and you know you probably over-reacted, but you know what’s going to happen now - the incident would spread all over school, people would find out you liked Bobby, and then he’d laugh in your face because who would like the girl they’ve been fighting with for the past few years? You’d be humiliated even more, and now you were dreading even going to the next class.

“Ugh,” you groan, sliding down against your locker and wiping at the stupid tears that had managed to trickle down your skin. “Why am I crying? God, get yourself together, ____.”

“______!” Someone’s shouting, and your heart stops. You know who it is, and his voice sounds close - you consider running away but then he’s turning the corner, panting and frowning as he sees you.

“What happened back there?” Bobby asks, kneeling down beside you. You sit up straight, putting on your best ‘I’m fine’ face, and looking at him in confusion.

“What exactly are you talking about, Kim?” You ask, turning your head away from him and hoping you’re upholding your prissy and prim demeanor. “Nothing happened.”

You tried to ignore how your heart was beating erratically because he’s kneeling down close to you, he came to check up on you, he’s concerned. Bobby raises an eyebrow. “Nothing? You looked on the verge of tears.” At your silence, he sighs, “Look, I just wanna make sure you’re okay. And, actually, I have something to ask you, but I don’t think I want to if you’re feeling emotionally unstable…”

He trails off on a playful note, and you roll your eyes, leaning your head back against the cool metal of the locker. You bite your lip - are you about to do this? Screwing your eyes shut, you take a deep breath and start. “Okay, so maybe I was just a little upset because I thought you possibly… liked me, I guess, and then I saw you laughing at Hanbin’s joke and I felt a little… humiliated, okay?”

You open your eyes and he’s staring at you, biting his lip with wide eyes. You roll your eyes, starting to stand up and dusting off your skirt. “Forget it, I shouldn’t have said anything.” You feel a stone of mortification and awkwardness settle in your stomach as you start to walk off.

“Wait!” You don’t know if you should keep walking or stop, because honestly, this could go two ways - he rejects you, or he somehow miraculously returns your feelings. You decide to stop, turning your head to watch him get up and walk towards you.

“You never asked me what I was gonna ask you,” he says tilting his head to the side. You raise an eyebrow. Seriously? If he was gonna reject you, he could just do it simply. Nonetheless, you decide to play into his tricks and amuse him.


“Do you, maybe, wanna go prom with me?” The breath is knocked out of your chest and you know you shouldn’t react this way - it’s only prom, after all, he’s not proposing -, eyes widening and eyebrows contorted in confusion.

“You - me - prom?” You ask incredulously. “You… wanna go with me… to prom?”  

“Would this be the right time to say I’ve had a crush on you since the start of high school?” He wonders, grinning a dopey smile as he sees the blush rising on your cheeks.

“No? Probably?” You breathe out, biting your lip, “I mean, I’ve had a crush on you since… I don’t know, but I do-”

“Well, then, prom date,” Bobby says as he grabs your hand and interlinks your fingers, “What do you say we go back to the cafeteria and clear things up with your friends? Dahyun looked as if she was about to have a heart attack.”

“That - that would be a good idea,” you mutter shyly, looking down to the floor at your feet walking in sync with Bobby’s.

He raises an eyebrow, nudging you playfully, “Now’s not the time to be getting shy on me, doll - you certainly weren’t when you were sitting on my lap-”

“Kim Jiwon!”

How Much I Love You. You Are My Sunshine 6

Summary: The sixth part of the Sunshine series in which Y/N is imprisoned with her team mates by Tony Stark. He approaches with an apology but just how is she going to react?

Triggers: Heavy angst. Mentions of past/torture.

Enjoy :3

You Are My Sunshine Masterlist

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The So-called Sleeping Beauty

Why do teachers give out so much work so close to break? Anyways, sorry this took forever, but this fic is for ask-aph-fruk for the Spring FrUk Event. I’m so sorry this took so long, it’s actually two in the morning while I’m writing this, and I hope you enjoy this. 

The seed I used was the knights AU.

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Smoulder Chapter 9

In which #Makehimstutter2k16 becomes a thing. @miraculousdays @artsyfartsyana @xayti :3

Read on Ao3 or FF.Net too!

Chapter 9

It was a simple kiss; sweet, timid, gentle. Though it only lasted a moment, it seemed to last an eternity as Adrien lost himself in it. How many times had he thought about this? Dreamed about it? How many times had he looked at her lips and wondered what it would be like? Now it was happening, and it was almost too much for his heart to handle. She was kissing him. Ladybug was kissing him. They were kissing.

Adrien was pretty sure his brain had short-circuited.

A few seconds. A few seconds of breathing in her scent of cinnamon and something uniquely her. A few seconds of indescribable calm juxtaposed with the burning fire Ladybug had mentioned moments before. A few seconds of her lithe body lightly pressed into his.

A few seconds. That was all it took for Chat to know he would never, ever let her go. Once he found her, once he knew the other side of her. If she would have him, he would give his everything to her for the rest of his days. He’d known that before, but only now did he truly understand what that meant. Thus, with that understanding came a wonderful rush of something Adrien couldn’t quite explain, simply because he’d never experienced anything like it. All he knew was this was the closest feeling to perfection, to rightness, he had ever known. He wondered if she felt the same.

Ladybug broke the kiss first, stepping backwards with a shy glance in his direction. She drew her lips inwards, as if she wanted to giggle. The blush across her cheeks had deepened. Chat would have found it adorable if his brain could fathom anything beyond the words ‘kiss’, ‘Ladybug’, and ‘hngrhh.’

“Ah, s-sorry,” She stammered, moving away from him further until he was no longer touching her hips. As his fingers brushed past them, gloved hands now exposed to the colder night air, his brain kicked back into gear. He blinked a few times, to be sure he was still alive. Flexed his fingers, he realised he missed her warmth already.

“Sorry?” Chat frowned. His heart had completely stalled whilst their lips met, and now seemed to be making up for that lost time. He swallowed, “Why are you sorry?”

“I- well I just kissed you and we don’t know each other’s identities yet and you know…I…yeah…” Ladybug trailed off, glancing to one side. Looking down at the Seine below, Marinette could hear its inky depths calling up to her. Maybe she could dive into it from here, if she used her yo-yo to help. Yup, that sounded like a perfect plan. Jump in the Seine, get swept away, start a new life under the sea. Fantastic plan. She knew how to survive under the sea, she’d watched The Little Mermaid thousands of times. All she had to do was watch out for sharks and sea witches. It certainly seemed easier than having to have this conversation.

Panic stifled every thought as Chat shuffled towards her. Her eyes widened, but remained transfixed on the Seine. Even as she felt his hand curl into hers, she didn’t budge. It was only when Ladybug felt his lips against her hand that her head whirled back towards him.

“I kissed you back you know,” He replied, and there was that damn looked again. The look which had made her notice what had been there all along. Except now it was accompanied by a grin so smug and downright arrogant that, all at once, her panic left her. She wrinkled her nose and pushed their joined hands up to his face, lightly pushing his cheek.

“I noticed Cat-boy,” She replied breathlessly, annoyed at how flustered she was. She’d wanted to roll her eyes, but they were too busy being lost in his gaze. This wasn’t fair. This was Chat. Chat Noir. Sure she had just realised she was in love him, she’d probably always loved him in a way, but Ladybug was determined not to make the same mistakes with him as she had with Adrien.

She would not be a stuttering, incomprehensible fool. Not this time.

Dropping their entwined fingers towards her, Ladybug glanced up at Chat through heavy lidded eyes. She returned the hand kiss he’d given her moments before with one of her own. Her eyes never left his. A sultry smile played on her lips.

You may have a smoulder hot enough to melt glaciers, but I bet mine is good enough to ruffle your tail at least a little bit.

“Did you like it Kitty? Our kiss, I mean,” She purred against the back of his palm. Her smirk grew as she watched his shoulders stiffen, his nostrils flare as he inhaled sharply. Her insides tickled with the, admittedly twisted, pleasure she was getting from seeing him so unravelled by such a simple gesture. Encouraged by his muddled state, she hummed, stroking his hand with her thumb. It was amazing how easy it was, to do things like this with Chat, things which she could scarcely even dream of doing with Adrien.

“Buh,” He replied and she felt like back flipping. Yes! Finally! She wasn’t the stuttering idiot for a change! “I mean, y-yes. I mean it was great, super r-really. Top notch.”

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Professor Scamander and the Horned Serpent – Chapter 4

Newt Scamander has agreed to teach briefly at Ilvermorny, following the school’s decision to allow him to lecture the students about magical creatures as an elective class. Here he meets a girl in her final year, who belongs to the scholarly house of Horned Serpent. She drives Newt crazy, and the two get into a lot of mischief behind the backs of both the students and staff.

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1744

Warnings: SMUT! Large age gap between characters (Newt is around 30, reader is 18)

A/n: going to make the next chapter super duper fluffy to make up for this badly written smut :’)


The next couple of lessons in Newt’s class were spent with your head down. You avidly avoided the tempting man for the weeks that followed the night in the case, but your thoughts were not so easily controlled. Every night you would dream of him, and of that kiss that should not have been.

“You were talking in your sleep again last night.” A fellow Horned Serpent told you as you wiped the sleep out of your eyes, getting ready to head to breakfast.

“I was?” You frowned.

“Yes.” She giggled. “You were calling out for Professor Scamander.” You widened your eyes in shock, quickly gathering yourself and walking hurriedly to the dining hall. 

On your way there you passed your Study of Magical Creatures classroom, taking a glance and seeing the familiar figure, leaning on his desk, talking to someone. It was Amelia. You felt a twinge of jealously, pushing the feeling away with discomfort as you approached the window on the door of the classroom. Newt looked uncomfortable, as Amelia was standing much too close. She was playing with her hair, twirling a strand around her finger as she produced a flirty grin. Against your better judgement, you knocked on the door, the two swiftly turning their heads. Newt had a look of relief, while Amelia seemed to be annoyed at the intrusion.

“Come in.” Newt spoke softly.

You willed your feet to move, over towards the two.

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These Things Take Forever I Especially Am Slow

There are a lot of firsts in a lifetime, but here are a few: a series of five vignettes (four pre-movie and one post) centered around first something-or-others for the queen of the trolls and her knight in sour armor.

Rating: PG (for kissing)

Fandom: Dreamworks Trolls

Pairing: Branch / Poppy, with a bit of Creek / Poppy for dramatic flavor

Notes: Contains references to the Troll 2 Troll: Mousse vs Gel short and baby pod headcanon

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Let Me Go (Part 2)

Summary: After foolishly going into battle, you are captured by the First Order. This brings you face-to-face with the commander of the troops, Kylo Ren, who is also your childhood friend and first love.

Word Count: 1,379

Warnings: None.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

Part 1

A/N: Part 2 is finally here! Looking forward to you guys telling me what you think :) I really like this story.

Originally posted by sterkiller

Food and water was brought to you regularly, yet you refused them vehemently. You knew the soldiers were under strict orders of seeing to your well-being, and out of spite you declined everything they brought you. You didn’t want to be coddled by Kylo. You wanted to spit in his face and escape from the ship, make your way back home and be back in your parents’ arms again.

The guards outside your door tried to force you to eat, but you were adamant. You regurgitated everything they force-fed you and withstood whatever punishment they bestowed upon you. You were well aware that you were becoming a burden and hoped that they’d soon go to Kylo and he’d get rid of you. But your hopes were set in sand, and a big part of you knew that.

“What is this I hear that you refuse to eat?” Kylo inquired as he stepped into your cell, hands folded behind him. His head was tilted and his mask looked almost intimidating.

“I’m not hungry,” you answered simply.

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Pink Nails - A Meihem Oneshot

reaper-botherer had the ameizing idea of mei and junkrat painting each others nails so i wrote a little something about it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

„Whatcha doing, Mei?“

Jamison hollered and kicked the door to her cozy little room shut, the frames on her walls clinking slightly. He was a loud man, Mei knew and liked that about him. Most of the time. She liked the way he was never shy of words and would tell her that her hair looked nice or nonchalantly commented on how the tight yoga pants she wore sometimes accentuated her curves. Mei wasn’t the young insecure girl that tried to hide her body anymore, instead she was confident in her looks. It wasn’t even because of how her slightly insane boyfriend couldn’t keep his hands off of her. She had grown tired of disliking herself and with that she stopped keeping herself hidden.

But yes, she knew that twenty-year old Mei would have gotten quite an ego boost out of Jamie’s lingering glances on her bust.

However, his loud rushing into the room was pretty inconvenient now. She flinched hard, her concentration ripped like a piece of paper and with that there was a huge pink blotch of nailpolish on her foot. She sighed loudly and looked up. Jamison didn’t move, he just stared at her, aware of the fact that he had disturbed her. „Sorry.“, he murmured but couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from twitching. Mei raised an eyebrow. „Looks nice, luv.“, with these words he walked over to the bed, sat down. The sound of his peg leg thumping down on the floor was familiar and Mei liked the steady rhythm he moved in. He gripped her foot and pulled her a little toward him. She was always surprised by how easily he moved and picked her up to his liking. His lanky looks were quite deceiving, Jamison was way stronger than he looked even though he rarely used his strength. Thinking about it, Mei realised that she had never seen him get into an actual fistfight. Roadhog took care of these things while the blond mechanic used his bombs and inventions for protection and, well, destruction.

She was deep enough in thought, studying his messy hair and the stains of the machine oil on his cheekbone to not notice that he had taken the nailpolish remover and a cottonpad and now proceeded to wipe the polish of her foot. „Wh-what are you doing?“, she asked, obviously confused. „Paintin’ yer nails.“, he sounded amused. She furrowed her brows. „I don’t think-“

Jamison cut her off by holding his flesh hand in front of her face. His fingers were soot covered and the black nailpolish which was applied in a sloppy manner already chipped. „I can paint nails, see?“, he said confidently and smirked like a little boy. Mei’s heart melted a little at the sight of his little fangs and then sighed. „Okay.“, she gave in and leaned her back against the wooden headboard, which was beautifully carved and watched him inspect the bottle of pink polish. „Never seen this colour on ya ’fore.“, he said.

„It’s new.“

Another smile, but this one had a roguish edge to it. His golden eyes were glinting with mischief. „Did’cha buy it for me?“

Instantly her cheeks turned red. By this time she had gotten used to his constant teasing but Mei was embarrassed by the fact that Jamison was right. He had looked right through her as if she were an open book. Mei had indeed bought the polish just a few days ago and it fit the blouse that he liked on her perfectly. „No.“, Mei persisted stiffly.

„You sure?“ By now he was already painting her toenails and she was thankful for the fact that he didn’t see how red her face was. She nervously pushed her glasses up her nose and sighed. „Yes.“

It was silent for a few moments. Well, silent except for Junkrat, who was quietly humming an unknown tune. „I could paint your nails too.“, she suggested. „I’m really good at hand massages too.“

She wasn’t. Mei had never massaged anyones hand but she liked touching him. Unfortunately, she was quite shy when it came to initiating physical contact and mostly waited for Jamie to take the first step. However, there were some times where she had spent a whole night fixing her little robot, Xuě qiú, and was on a caffeine high afterwards. These were also the times where she literally ravaged him with her kisses and needy hugs. Jamison quite liked these days.

„Sure.“, he grinned at her, but after a second a distressed expression appeared on his soot covered face. „What is it?“, Mei asked and leant over to her bed stand and grabbed one of the wet wipes she kept in the drawer to clean his face with. „What is it?“, Mei asked with a furrowed brow and held his chin gently, proceeding to wipe oil and grime off his cheeks. He had stopped painting her toenails and seemed to be lost in another world. It wasn’t rare for Jamison to leave the present and return to something he had never really left behind but it worried Mei everytime. With a clearing of his throat, Jamison blinked and sighed quietly. She raised both her brows while wiping the stain on the tip of his masculine nose away, waiting patiently for him to talk to her. „I’ve got only one hand ya can paint.“, he said. I should have added fingernails to the prosthetic, Jamison thought to himself. Mei put the wipe away and sighed. She didn’t like when he got this upset, it was as if the vibrant man was stripped of all his energy. „I can be your other hand.“, she offered timidly. Junkrat seemed to think about it for a moment before he shook his head with a serious expression. „Nah.“, he said. „You can’t be me other hand.“

Mei swallowed hardly and took the bottle of nailpolish. She felt hurt but didn’t intend to show him just how much. „O-okay.“, she stammered. He laughed and grabbed her wrist, pulling it up to his lips. He pressed gentle kisses on her knuckles.

„You can’t be me other hand, cause yer already me other half, snowflake.“

Mei blinked up at him. Jamie loved the way the corners of her mouth slowly curled up into a happy smile and her warm brown eyes began to sparkle. He pressed a kiss to her hair and then took the nailpolish out of her hand. „Now, lemme get this finished. Ya know that I don’t do things by half-measures, baby.“

Two hours later everyone in the common room was gazing at Mei’s and Junkrat’s nails which were painted in the same pink color. „Looks nice, roight?“, Jamie said confidently and waggled his hand in front of Roadhog’s face. The massive man gave an approving grunt and proceeded to drink his tea from a cup that was way too tiny for his large hand.

„Let’s do this again sometime, Mei.“, with these words the blond master of explosive pulled his girlfriend toward him. He gripped her hips tenderly and smiled down to her, his golden eyes glinting. Mei couldn’t help but return the gesture.

„I think french nails would look nice on you, Jamie.“, Hana commented from the sofa she sat on.

Happy Halloween | Teen Wolf Preference

not requested. but it’s halloween. i had to. 

S C O T T  - 

Scott knew that Halloween, though once your favorite day of the year, was no longer fun or exciting for you. It had stopped being fun when you realized that your day-to-day life was now an actual Halloween horror story, and you didn’t see the point in celebrating something that happened regularly now. Scott, however, wasn’t having it, determined to not let you stay by yourself on a Saturday night that you used to look forward to every year. He showed up at your house, a large bag of candy clutched in his left hand. He held it up, a shy smile on his face when you opened the door. 

“I know you don’t really celebrate anymore, and I get that, but you shouldn’t be alone on Halloween. So, I brought some candy, and I brought The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I know you used to love…so what do you say?” You chuckled, nodding happily and dragging him inside. It became your little tradition to just do that every Halloween, and soon enough, you were back to celebrating like you had all those years ago. 

S T I L E S - 

Stiles showed up at your house on the night of Halloween perfectly dressed up in his classic Batman costume, something that he had been sporting every year since he was fourteen. Surprisingly, it still fit. You had chosen not to dress up this year, and Stiles was clearly disappointed in you. 

“Seriously? Nothing? You’re such a loser,” your boyfriend whined, stomping his foot impatiently. “We are not too old to trick or treat! Go get a costume on, I’m getting my free candy.” 

“Stiles, we’re almost eighteen, and you’ve worn that outfit for almost four years now, isn’t it time to put the costumes away and hand out candy to the kids?” You held up a bowl of candy, but Stiles grabbed a large handful before you could move it again. 

“Nope. Good thing I brought you a costume!” He cheerfully held up a plastic bag, and you knew before you even opened it what it was going to be. Of course, it was Cat-Woman. You groaned, but begrudgingly went inside your house to change, leaving Stiles to do his victory dance outside your house. When you were all dressed up, you had to admit that you were feeling the Halloween spirit again. He clapped cheerfully, dragging you down the steps of your house and through the neighborhood in search of candy. 

“Aren’t you kids a little old to be trick or treating?” One old woman asked, her eyebrows raised skeptically at the two teens dressed as superheroes. You and Stiles look at each other, shaking your heads and laughing loudly. 

“Nope! You both declared cheerfully, holding out your candy bags with bright grins on your faces. The woman shook her head, sighing as she filled your bags. You had definitely missed all the free candy. And your perfectly dorky boyfriend. 

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His Jacket//Josh Dun

Requested: Hey! I love your writing :) I was wondering if I could request a Josh Dun imagine where it’s cold outside and the reader wears his jackets and stuff and they stay inside and keep warm and it’s really fluffy. Thank you sm <3


               You felt yourself shiver as you pulled your arms tighter around yourself; it was nearing the end of October so it was kind of cold outside. Except you told Josh you didn’t need a jacket for your walk to the store, you’d be fine with a hoodie. Except the weather was colder than you imagined, and you envied the man walking beside you with a warm jacket, sweater and scarf on.

               “Are you cold?” You heard him chuckle to himself as you just gave him an envious glare. Rule number 1: You do not admit to being cold to the mother [in this case Josh] who told you to bring a jacket before you left. “Here.” Josh slid off his jacket, holding the warm article of clothing out to you.

               “I’m not cold thank you very much.” You turned your head the other way, refusing to let Josh be right in the situation. Which didn’t seem to matter to him as the jacket was placed over your shoulders, the body heat he collected in it warming your shivering body. You shot him a look of mock anger and love as you slid your arms through the sleeves and zipped it up. The jacket was 10 sizes too big on you, but you didn’t mind one bit. It was warm and smelled like Josh; two things you loved around this time of year.

               “You were cold.” Josh laughed, watching your content smile grow as the two of you walked. He knew he would end up being cold by the end of the walk, but seeing you comfortable and happy was all he could care about right now. Plus he thought you were absolutely adorable in his clothing. “Can we cuddle at home? With hot chocolate, warm blankets and some silly movie?” He laughed, receiving an excited nod from you as the two of you walked along the decorated streets. You loved the look of all the Halloween decorations hanging from the streetlamps and buildings; the costumes being displayed in shop windows. Halloween was easily your favorite time of year, despite the cold. Halloween was why you and Josh had decided to walk up town; you knew trick or treaters would be swinging by your house in hopes of candy, and since it was your first Halloween spent while living together you two wanted to make it special. Decorating your yard, having an amazing supply of candy (and a little for yourselves; some snacking in-between trick or treaters), and a good supply of horror movies to watch on the day.

               “I’m so excited.” You whispered, looking at a zombie costume hanging in the store you two were visiting. “I just love Halloween!” You smiled at Josh who happily rolled his eyes at you; arm slipping over your shoulders as you grabbed a basket. “What candy should we get? I feel like we should get at least one of each variety pack.” You rambled on to Josh, making plans for Halloween as you heard him chuckle at your excitement a couple times. You didn’t mind, because you knew you would be doing the same thing around Christmas—his favorite holiday.

               “Okay, slow down Y/N.” Josh laughed, you had been walking faster than you realized through the store. Your excitement fueling your speed. “We don’t need to rush, and you running through the isles makes it look like you’re robbing them blind.” You felt your face flush red as you pressed your face into Josh’s side, his arm tightening around you as the two of you walked at a slower pace. “I’m excited too; except yours is much cuter.” He pressed a gentle kiss against your nose as he smiled down at you. A smile that never failed to bring butterflies to your stomach.


“It’s our first Halloween while living together, can you believe it?” You were currently skipping around the sidewalk, making sure not to hit anyone as you smiled. The two of you had also grabbed ingredients to make pumpkin pie tarts. Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie? And in tart form they’re like mini pies. It’s a win-win situation really.

               “One of many.” You heard Josh whisper as he kept a hold of your hand and the grocery bag in the other. Though he decided not to join in on the jumping and skipping this time—he loved watching you do it. No matter what you did; or how you looked doing it, Josh found it to be the cutest thing he’d ever seen. You were the cutest thing in his eyes, nothing could top you (not even his sisters new kitten; and he was a pretty cute kitten).


               “The recipe says add a little of this.” You sprinkled some spice into the pot, your phone being held in front of your face as you read. Josh was currently in the shower trying to warm his cold body up before the two of you cuddled one another (which you had to admit; you felt a little bad about taking his jacket from him). “And some of this.” You went to add another spice; before pausing and looking at the pot. You forgot to measure anything. Your eyes widened as you blinked down at the pot; unsure of what to do next. It was currently a smorgasbord of pumpkin, spices and condensed milk; you shrugged, adding the listed amount of nutmeg. Secretly hoping it would turn out, and that Josh wouldn’t notice your ‘little’ mistake.


               “Uh, Y/N.” Josh mumbled, he had taken one bite of a pumpkin pie tart before looking disgusted and spitting it out. “I love your cooking and all, I really do. But are you trying to poison me?” He laughed as your face flushed bright red. You pressed yourself further into your pillow; hoping he wouldn’t prod too hard about what happened while he was in the shower. “You forgot to measure again, didn’t you?” He laughed lovingly, causing you to shoot up and look at him with wide eyes.

               “Again? What do you mean again?” You crossed your arms, trying to look offended (when really, you just wanted to laugh). You were near certain that this was the first time you messed up baking like this.

               “Well, there was that time on my brother’s birthday.” You fell back groaning; memories of Jordan’s failed birthday cake washing back into your mind. It tasted salty; you were supposed to add a pinch of salt. The container decided to empty a lot more than that in; needless to say you and Josh had both hoped nobody would notice, considering half the pile of salt was already stirred in before you could pull it out. Needless to say though, everyone noticed. Quite quickly too.

               “That was your fault too! You kept stirring while I added stuff.” You giggled, watching as Josh jumped on the bed, fingers lightly tickling your sides. This earned a wiggling, laughing Y/N begging Josh to stop. Which he took as a cue to continue, only tickling you more. “You’re such a butt.” You managed to get out between laughs as you pushed at Josh’s chest.

               “What was that? You like my butt?” Josh laughed, causing you to turn red with embarrassment as he continued tickling you. Though it was no secret that you thoroughly enjoyed the sight of his ass; you didn’t typically liked being teased about it.

               “Stop tickling me so we can cuddle.” You giggled, a breath of relief entering your lungs as Josh finally stopped; rolling off of you and pulling you tightly into his chest. Despite his tight grip, you were able to catch the breath that you had lost during the one sided tickle war.

               “I love you Y/N. And your bad baking too.” Josh whispered lovingly, breath warming the back of your neck as he pressed his face into it.

               “I love you too Josh, and your stupid butt too.” You laughed, fingers intertwining with his as you wondered to yourself just how did you get so lucky? You had an amazing family, an amazing boyfriend, and life felt nothing but perfect at that moment.

Choose Your Own Story: Shance, Catboy!Lance and Dogboy!Shiro, Part Two

Shiro continues to have a problem. That problem is still Lance. And Lance’s legs. And cute little butt. And tail. And…listen. Problems. 

Part One

The next few days Lance’s curtains stayed closed and there was no sign of him at all. The lights went on and off at night but there was no dancing shadow to be seen through the curtains of grinning face peering out at him. Not that Shiro was looking or anything. Because he wasn’t. Because that would have been wrong. So very very wrong. He honestly wasn’t sure he could think of anything quite as bad as watching your childhood sort-of-friend getting naked.

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James and Lily

Everyone always portrays their relationship as Lily hating James but thinking he’s attractive still, and then dating him once she realises he isn’t a total ass. And while that’s great and all, please try picturing the amazing thing that would be their friendship.

James managed to mature a bit after fifth year, after Sirius left his parents’ and James realised how fast adulthood was approaching. That’s not to say he stopped being a bit of an idiot and a notorious troublemaker-he is James Potter after all.

He shows up to school sixth year and stops himself from making any stupid comments to Lily. It obviously never worked before, and why did he ever think that immaturity would work on someone like Lily Evans?

She doesn’t trust it of course, thinks he’s planning some big, ridiculous thing because that’s what he did. After nearly a month of him doing none of that, not speaking to her much at all aside from “Hey Evans” in passing, oddly enough, she found herself worrying about him.

He’d always been so loud, especially around her, but now he was quieter. Not sad, not even unhappy, he just didn’t constantly try to be the center of attention. Of course he still was, in that effortless way he and his friends were, but he wasn’t trying so hard anymore.

They didn’t properly speak until after Christmas. The full moon fell the night they were supposed to get back to Hogwarts, and none of them managed to find an excuse to stay that appeased their parents, so Remus spent that one alone, and spent the next two days in the hospital wing.

James came to Lily, told her Remus was sick which she’d gathered from his absence, and asked her if he could copy her notes to give to Remus. In his words he was a “Bloody idiot. Don’t usually take notes in class, and Moony doesn’t usually get this sick anymore so it slipped my mind. You of all people know how ruddy idiotic I am.” If her loyalty to Remus wasn’t enough to make her give up those notes, James Potter admitting he was an idiot definitely was.

After that, they talked a bit more, at first just about classes, then Quidditch, themselves, and eventually their conversations were easy and relaxed, like that of James with anyone else.

He was falling more and more hopelessly in love with her, and she was beginning to see James as someone she wouldn’t mind keeping in her life for years after they left school. Their friendship became easy and natural, and James often found himself wondering why he didn’t make an effort for her earlier when this is how being on her good side felt.

She still screamed herself hoarse at him when he hexed Snape for seemingly no reason, but now it was more about how stupid he was, how Snape could’ve hurt him, how he could’ve gotten in serious trouble.

It was no longer about him being entitled or a bully because Lily wasn’t stupid, and she began noticing a pattern. Snape and his friends made a first year cry, the next day their hair was charmed pink. They call a Muggleborn that awful slur, and the next time Snape showers, his clothes are missing (somehow they even managed to get the ones from his dorms). He saw it as giving them what they deserved.

By the end of sixth year, Lily was officially a member of their group, and she wrote all of them throughout the summer.

James found he was even in love with her writing. She dotted the i in her name with a heart, but all the rest of them had a quick, messy dot that was more of a line. Sirius spent the entire summer making fun of him, referred to him with no name besides ‘lover boy’. His advice was for James to “buck up-get it? Buck?” and tell her, but she’d just started to let him in, to trust him, and he wasn’t about to ruin that.

Lily was having a similar issue, but it was much more of a crisis. He was so sweet in his letters, and she found herself much more excited than need be whenever he wrote her. She refused to accept it as what it was at first, preferring to instead say that it was because he seemed to be on his way to replacing Severus as her best friend.

It took having a dream of them at the Three Broomsticks, laughing and talking as they always did, except when she would rant he would kiss her mid sentence and tell her how he couldn’t resist because of how ethereal she looked when she was passionate about something. He’d tell her how he loved the way her nose crinkled up when she smiled, and when she woke up she could still feel his lips against hers.

When she finally accepted this, she had a newfound resolve to repress it further. He started acting human around her, and she took that to mean he had gotten over his crush on her, that that’s why he was no longer either tongue tied or too loud around her.

When their seventh year began, they all picked up where they left off with each other, though for James and Lily their touches became less frequent, and they would often be caught staring. Never by each other of course. They both seemed blind when it came to these feelings.

The first time they kissed, there were fireworks. Literally. Lily got fed up and decided enough was enough, she wouldn’t deny herself this any longer and if he no longer felt that way, she could easily continue being his friend. It was the uncertainty that killed her more than anything else.

They were in James’ room, the others in the common room. They were sat on James’ bed sharing candies from Honeydukes, and when she saw the chocolate on the corner of his mouth, she took her chance.

It was just a simple, barely there kiss to that spot, and when she pulled away she simply explained with “You had a bit of chocolate there.” She’d planned on leaving it at that, but the look in his eyes, the surprise and astonishment and happiness painted on his every feature sent her launching onto him.

She’d just started getting into it, gotten him on his back on the mattress and straddling his hips-she’d waited long enough, she felt she was allowed to be a bit enthusiastic-Sirius opened the door, followed by Remus and Peter, shouted “about bloody time!” and sent a spell in their direction-fireworks-and almost caught Lily on fire.