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"You did all this for me?"

Absolutely Disgusting Shippy Starters

“Of course I did. You deserve the best, don’t you?” But even he had gone out of his way to make their date night special. He had bought take out from one of the fancier restaurants around them since he himself was a terrible cook, and had even spread rose petals around the room and lit candles all over the place. “Is it too much…?”


you must be prince charming, 

because when you smile flowers seem to grow

cr. / insp: i & ii

Taking the General (closed)


Ben was sitting at a table with a friend of his in cantina that Maz Kanata owned on Takodana. She was a friend of his family. His father having known her for a long time now. Ben had taken over his dad’s smuggling business wanting his chance to travel the galaxy. He was chatting it up with his current pal taking a sip of his drink when a man and two stormtroopers walked into the cantina. The whole place went silent as all attention was on the probably high ranking ginger man that looked around. Takodana was a neutral place between the First Order and the resistance. 

Ben subtly held his one hand out. He had been trained well in the ways of the Force, but refused to be a Jedi. His Uncle Luke had plenty of other padawans and apprentices to carry on the Jedi legacy. He used his Jedi skills to probe into the man’s head wondering who he was and why he was even here. He knew some of the higher ranking officials had a nice bounty on their heads. Maybe he was one of them and Ben could make a quick buck off him. 

Another thing happened while playing Overwatch

I was playing as Mercy when I met and befriended another Genji and we legit got along by just squatting, emoting and waving at each other. We tried to hide from the others but an enemy reaper found me and shot me down while jumping around with the Genji. This is where it got sad. In my kill cam after I had been shot the Genji player was seen throwing stars at the Reaper that killed me!!

But when I respawned and walked out to look for him… Turns out he had already ran himself all the way to my spawn point. When he saw me walk out the Genji began to jump everywhere and squat. We tried to hide again but this time a Junkrat from my team got him! I tried to distract the Junkrat but it did not work. ;-; I got killed again later, so the Genji ran to my spawn area. I was also spawning with other players so he hid against the ramp for awhile. After it was clear we jumped around and did stupid little squats for the rest of the match!

Sound of Silence

Characters: Klaus x Mute!Reader

Prompt: Can you do a klaus x reader one shot please? Where the reader is maybe mute but klaus still loves her. And it’s such a surprise and even his siblings are confused but they see how gentle and affectionate he is with her

A/N: italics are things the reader signs

Originally posted by eventhedevilwasonceanangel

Klaus speed over to your side of the car, opening the door for you and offering you a hand.

You placed your hand in his and let him help you out of the car with a grateful smile.

It came as a surprise to everyone when Klaus started to take an interest in you. You had tried to stay out of his way, but he appeared everywhere you went, silently keeping your company until one day you couldn’t take it anymore and scribbled down a note on a napkin – What do you want?

Klaus had scanned the note before leaning back in his chair.

“You are intriguing, love. I know you don’t like me right now, but you will.”

You had raised your eyebrow, but Klaus only smirked. The next few days Klaus showed up even more often and you found out that he was able to understand sign language. You were surprised at fist, but considering his age it wasn’t unlikely that he learned it.

You were still wary, but you found yourself enjoying Klaus’ company more and more – he was charming, a gentleman and you were able to have deep conversations with him.

Once he asked you out on a date your fist instinct was to decline, but he seemed so genuine you just couldn’t.

Letting Klaus take you out on a date was probably the best decision you ever made. No matter what people said about Klaus you never had such a loving boyfriend and the deep connection between you both was undeniable.

Klaus led you towards the mansion, holding the door open for you. He offered you a place on the couch before he poured himself a glass of whiskey. Setting the glass down on the table he vanished, appearing only a few seconds later with a glass of wine for you.

“Here you go, love.” He said, handing you the glass.

Thank you.”

Klaus sat down next to you and effortlessly pulled you on his lap, one of his arms curling around your waist while he held his glass in his other hand. Content you leaned into his hold, resting your head on his collarbone. You had been so excited during the art exhibition Klaus had taken you to that you now were exhausted, but it was so worth it.

Klaus chuckled when you yawned, his warm hand slipping under your shirt to gently trace your skin.

“Seems like someone was a bit too excited today.”

You lifted your head so Klaus could see you roll your eyes, “Don’t act as if you didn’t love it. You bought 5 paintings.”

Klaus laughed, lightly squeezing your hip, “To be fair, I bought 3 of them for you, love.”

You didn’t?!”

“Oh, I did.”

Knowing that it was no use to fight with Klaus you let your head fall back on his chest.

Thank you, but you really have to stop buying me stuff.”

Klaus pointedly ignored your words, pressing a kiss on top of your head instead.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Rebekah strode into the room, flashing a grin at you.

“Ah, y/n. Has my brother finally brought you back? I still want to show you the new dress I bought, but my dearest brother never seems to let you out of his eyes.”

Klaus groaned, pulling you closer to him, “Sister, can’t you see y/n and I are spending time together right now?”

You hit Klaus’ chest, glaring at him for being so rude before you turned to Rebekah with a smile.

Why don’t we have a sleepover tomorrow, Becca? You can show me the dress then,” You signed, making sure your movements were slow and distinct since she just recently learned sign language.

Rebekah’s face lit up, “Perfect! You can sleep in my room and no sneaking to Niklaus in the middle of the night!”

Klaus groaned again and dropped his head on top of yours, “But I wanted to take you to dinner, love.”

“Too late, brother. Y/n and I made plans first.” Rebekah sassed.

Knowing that they would be bickering for a while you took a sip from your wine, only half listening to them arguing about who would be spending time with you tomorrow.

Their argument was cut short when Elijah walked into the room, loosening his tie with a sighed. You waved at Elijah from your spot on Klaus’ lap.

He nodded at you politely, “Good evening, y/n.”

“Ah, Elijah. What is troubling you this time?” Klaus asked, placing his whiskey glass down on the table.

“There are some witches in town. I do not know what they are up to, but it can’t be anything pleasant.” Elijah explained.

Klaus placed his hand on your thigh, rubbing small circles across your skin. Rebekah and Elijah started to discuss if they should pay the witches a visit, but you soon blocked out their voices focusing on the feeling of Klaus’ arms around you.

Klaus didn’t seem to pay attention to Rebekah and Elijah either, instead he randomly placed kisses on your head or nuzzled his nose in your hair.

Roughly 20 minutes later the front door slammed open and Kol came strolling into the room, a bottle of whiskey dangling in his hand.

“Brothers, Sister,” Kol greeted nodding towards the rest of the Mikaelsons, “and the lovely y/n,” he added, walking up to you and lifting your hand to press a kiss on top of it.

You smiled at Kol, but Klaus gracefully pulled your hand from Kol’s grip, glaring at his brother.

“Can’t I have any peace in my own house?” Klaus complained, holding you a bit tighter.

“I see. Still trying to hog y/n all to yourself?” Kol joked.

“As always. I still wonder how she managed to turn him into such a softy. I saw him opening the door for her again today,” Rebekah chimed.

“He’s definitely very intrigued by her, but I have to admit that I’m enjoying this changes. Klaus is a lot easier to deal with when y/n is around. If she wouldn’t be here he would already have left to kill the witches,” Elijah added.

Klaus snarled at his siblings, flashing his eyes. Suddenly the room around you blurred and when you opened your eyes again you were laying on Klaus’ bed. A pair of arms sneaked around your waist, turning you around to face a smirking Klaus.

“Now I finally have you all to myself.”

Smiling you lifted your head and gently pressed your lips to Klaus’. Klaus reacted immediately, pulling you closer until you were unable to tell where your body ended and his began. His hand cupped the back of your head, his lips lovingly working against yours. No words were needed, the kiss revealing all your shared feelings.

Sometimes silence spoke louder than words.

Still get Jealous (Simon Request)

“No JJ the other way! Do you not know your left and rights?” You groan.
“I thought you meant your left!” He defends himself.
“Why would I mean my left?” You exclaim, “Just go the other way!”
“I can’t fucking go the other way” He points out.
“Ughh if we had just done it the way I said things would be a lot easier” You roll your eyes.
Currently, you and JJ were trying to get a heavy table into the right place in the hall whilst setting up for Upload. And of course, you were bickering like siblings.
“You know its a good thing you’re hot” He jokes.
“Oh yeah I’m sure that’s a real convenience to you!”
“You could say that” He smirks though you know he is only joking. “Can you help me with this babygirl?” Simon says when he walks past you and JJ trying and failing.
“Yeah, bye Jide” You laugh, dropping your half and jogging after your boyfriend.
When you catch up, Simon places one hand on your waist and presses his lips to yours.
“Well what was that for?” You frown when he pulls away.
“I don’t like JJ thinking of you like that” He admits, looking down.
“He’s only joking babe” You assure him, “And please, I prefer a guy that knows when to listen to a girl” You laugh.
Simon chuckles and takes your hand to lead you to what he actually wanted help with.
There are boxes of sidemen clothing outside and you help to carry them in.
“Here (y/n) lemme help!” Ethan grins, picking you up and carrying you over to the stand they needed to be placed at.
“Put me down asshat” You laugh and turn to see Simon giving a death glare to Ethan.
“Babe do you mind coming with me for something?” You say to your boyfriend.
“Oooh we need to give them some private time” Vik chuckles.
You roll your eyes and drag Simon off to a small separate room. Once you are in there you press your lips strongly to his.
“Stop getting jealous” You mumble.
“I’m not im-” he begins.
“2 years Simon. In 2 years I have learnt when you’re jealous. And I also know there is no reason for you to be. The boys are just joking around as usual” You shrug, “Why is it affecting you so much today?”
“Because you look gorgeous today” He tugs on the material of your sidemen hoodie, “You always do. I don’t want them thinking about you as anything more than my girlfriend”
“Exactly. I’m your girlfriend” You peck his lips, “No reason for that to change any time soon”
“Nope, babygirl” Simon grins, kissing you again, his hands low on your waist.
“Come on babe” You chuckle, taking his hand and leading him back out.
“Here (y/n) get on my back I want to beat JJ and you’re the lightest here!” Josh says, gesturing to give you a piggyback.
You glance to Simon who smiles, “What are you waiting for?”
Kissing him quickly, you hop onto Josh’s back and he runs off to catch up with JJ who is in front with Vik on his back.
“Why did you have to pick me?!” Vik groans as he begins to slip.
“Shut up we’re winning!” JJ exclaims but you two soon catch up.
“Aha I win!” Josh cheers and lowers you to the ground.
Simon is helping Tobi to carry in some gaming equipment that will be set up for the guests to play with fans at certain points.
When Tobi walks away you jog up behind Simon and wrap your arms around him.
“Hi again, its me” You imitate him.
“Oh god please don’t” He grumbles, turning round to face you, “So did you win?” He asks as his arms come to rest around your waist and yours move up to his neck.
“Of course, though I didn’t do much of the work” you comment.
“That’s my girl” He grins, kissing you.
It wasn’t a kiss to show he was jealous, or prove anything to the boys. It was a kiss to tell himself that you were his. And when the boys were messing around, that didn’t mean anything. Because they didn’t go home with you and stay up until sunrise just talking, they didn’t wrap you in their arms and watch Netflix for hours just because. And most importantly, they didn’t love you and make you laugh and make you see sense like he could. Because you were his and he was yours. And that was all.
(Woahhhh so much Simon flufffff!!)

I Am A Selkie On The Sea-Chapter 1


Selkie au Weirdmageddon. Sequel/partner fic to “I Am A Man Upon The Land”

It was cold in the throne room of the Fearamid. Cold and dark, and Ford shivered in the cramped cell he shared with his brother. The luminescent bars trapped them in a tiny bubble of air. Beyond, they could see the ocean and the distant impossible architecture and, far below them, the glowing red X that Bill and all his minions had used to enter the world.

But neither of them were looking. Stan had his head in his hands and Ford stared blankly at the bars in front of him. There had to be some way out. Some solution. But he was so tired and so sore and he couldn’t think. He was surrounded by the sea, which should have been a comfort, but Bill had taken even that away from him.

Then Stan raised his head, reached into his jacket and pulled out Ford’s sealskin. He held it out and Ford snatched it away, clutching it to himself. He’d thought it was lost. He’d thought Bill had—

“Dipper saved this,” said Stan. “He carried it for days. Through everything. Think he’d hoped to give it back to you himself, but—”

Ford curled close around the skin, tight as the spiral of a snail shell. There wasn’t room in the cage to transform. He couldn’t escape. But he had an anchor now. He could breathe.

Stan shook his head. “He’s gonna die. Both the kids. They’re gonna die and it’ll be my fault …”

“No,” said Ford. He was almost surprised to hear his own voice. He moved next to Stan and wrapped the sealskin around both their shoulders, the way the younger twins did when they needed comfort.

“I made the deal with Bill. I caused this. You would have seen right through him.”

Ford pulled out his worn flask—his other anchor—and took a long drink before passing it over.

Stan tipped back the flask. “Fine. We both ruined everything. So what do we do now?”

Ford hung his head. He’d been searching for a better answer, but there was only one thing he could think of. “I’m sorry, Stanley. I have to take his deal.”

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Once upon a time there was a noble prince. The king and queen of the land had passed in a recent carriage crash and it was now time for the prince to stand up as the new King.

Before he could assume this duty he was required to take a wife. Many a fair maiden came to seek his hand, but he turned them all away.

The acting king, Obadius, grew frustrated with the prince. He gave the prince an ultimatum: if the prince were not to take a wife by the next full moon, Obadius would assume the title permanently.

The prince knew not what to do. He had but a fortnight to find a woman to marry. The prince always planned to marry for love but it seemed he had no way out. If he were to honor his family name, he would have to wed in an arrangement.

Late that night he snuck out to the dwelling of the head of the royal guard. It was time the prince came clean and end things with the man he loved. He hoped the guard would understand. The guard was a kind and loving man who understood the struggles of the prince a day did not demean him. Having wealth and power did not make life easy.

The prince only hoped that the guard understood that this was just another thing that had to be done.

The guard was crushed. He loved the prince. He asked if they could be intimate one final time before the prince left forever. The prince agreed–he’d hoped the guard would ask but feared he’d be too angry.

After they made love, the laid together, tears in their eyes. They declared their love for each other and the prince swore that he would find a way for them to be together. The guard was less optimistic, but still smiled and kissed the prince goodbye.

The prince found a wife the next day. She was a tall woman, kind, with fiery red hair. The prince told her that he was in love with another man and that he could never love her the way a man should love his wife.

She understood. Family matters, she said. She requested she be free to find love elsewhere and the prince agreed happily. He recalled the redhead from his boyhood. He only wished he’d thought of her sooner.

That night, after announcing their engagement, the prince ran to the guard’s room to explain their good fortune. Sadly, the guard was not as enthused by the plan as the prince was.

It was then that the prince noticed the open trunks around the room. The guard watched realization dawn on the prince’s face. Brown eyes turned to him, swimming with hope for any explanation besides the obvious.

The guard could not give him what he wanted. He explained he’d given up his post and intended to leave the kingdom. The prince rushed to explain his plan, of his loving and understanding wife to be. The guard simply shook his head.

The prince begged and pleaded but the guard wanted none of it. They loved each other but he could not be so selfish as to put such a risk on the king to be. Were the kingdom to find out the royal marriage was a trick, there would be no accountability anymore and the entire kingdom could descend into madness.

The prince croaked out one final plea for the guard to stay, but the guard simply grasped the prince’s arms and ushered him out the door.

“It is my sword duty to protect the royal family. By leaving, I am doing that.”

After those words left his lips, the door was slammed in the prince’s face. The prince could hear muffled sobs coming from inside his lover’s room. He was sure the guard could hear his, as well.

Spatial Awareness

Title: Spatial Awareness

Summary: imagine Dean has claustrophobia from when he had to claw his way out of his grave. You discover this when a demon locks the two of you in a closet. Dean x Reader.

Author’s Note: this is really different than anything I’ve posted on here yet. So… I’m a little nervous about it. I hope you guys like it. It was just a quick write that popped in my head after seeing something about Dean clawing his way out, and it reminded me that that could be a really freaky thing.

Word Count: 1340

Tags: @theerinpage, @winchester11, @mamaimpala (if anyone else ever wants to be tagged in anything, just let me know!)

Warnings: claustrophobia, depictions of small/tight/cramped spaces, angst, maybe some slight language.

Dean throws his full weight into the door, his feet slipping out from under him slightly when the door doesn’t budge. He slams a fist against it, his jaw clenched, sweat glistening against his forehead in the dim lighting of the cramped closet.

“Dean!” Your voice seems to fall on deaf ears. Dean keeps beating on the door, his eyes closing, his desperation increasing. You push off from the pile of coats you’d landed against in the corner, stepping over to him. “Dean, look at me.”

There’s a brief quiet moment, and in that you can hear Dean’s breathing. There’s something off about it. It sounds shaky. Uneven. Dean still doesn’t look at you, so you gently grab his arm. “Dean,” you try again, softer.

Dean’s eyes lock onto yours, and you suddenly realize he’s humming. It takes you a moment, but you recognize it. Enter Sandman. Metallica. Some distant voice in your head reminds you that Dean does that when he’s trying to calm himself down.

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Ok how about a top-five "I want to hug a character so damn bad!" moments on Shadowhunters? (Happy or sad is up to you)

My Top 5 ‘I Want To Hug You So Bad!’ Moments

1. Max, when he turned up and made pyromaniacs adorable.

Don’t know about you guys, but I wanted to hug the little man, too.

2. Magnus, when he lost his best friend.

Centuries of life spent together, gone in an instant. You’d think the immortal would learn not to feel so deeply, but I have the impression they feel more.

3. Jace, when the hits just kept on coming.

He’s smirked and strutted his way out of a lot of things. Doesn’t mean the man don’t need a damn cuddle and a decent cry. Poor thing.

4. Alec, realising the error of his ways. And that he had no way out.

Alec needed a hug all season long and no one was offering. So misunderstood by people who have known him his entire life, and no one thought to ask ‘You’re not being your usual self. Is everything okay?’ I would have. Just sayin’.

5. Luke, as he remembered his lowest point.

Our favourite alpha dad should never, ever have to feel that way. Had I been there, I would have snuggled on up until that big beautiful smile of his was back where it belonged.

Regulus Black is the true Slytherin hero

Harry should have called his middle kid Regulus because:
-he was a Slytherin who wanted to distance himself from his older brother and make his parents proud so he embraced the pure blood values
-he also joined the Death Eaters
-he realised it had gone too far and tried to find a way out
-figured out the Horcrux thing ON HIS OWN
-found the Horcrux ON HIS OWN
-replaced the Horcrux without Voldemort noticing
-took his House Elf to help
-treated his House Elf like a being with feelings instead of a thing he could boss around
-didn’t want to sacrifice Kreacher so sacrificed himself
-died alone in a cave seeing horrible visions and knowing he’d join the inferi
-all to stop Voldemort

Regulus Black isn’t the hero he want but is the hero we deserve

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hinanami but nanami carrying hinata bridal style and making him flustered?! if she can launch a small chef across the room she can carry her bf

A/N I did not think of this at all. Thank you so much, this is beautiful!

Lifting Game is Too Strong Hinanami

Hinata expected Nanami to have good hand muscles but not arm strength.

Unfortunately for him, he had to find out in the most embarrassing of ways.

“It’s alright, Nanami. I can just walk it off.” He weakly said as he tried to get down.

“No, it’s not. You twisted your ankle.” She huffed and refused to let him go.

He sighed and then lamely suggested, “Well I can still hop to the infirmary.”

She shook her head. “It’s too far. You’ll tire out when we get there.”

“Then, can we ask someone else for help?” He pointed out.

“That’s what we’re going to do in the infirmary.” She readily shot him down.

He uncomfortably scratched his head. “No… that’s not quite what I meant.”

Hinata was in Nanami’s arms… bridal carry.

Shouldn’t this be the other way around? Where was his dignity? Or whatever’s left of it? And the most surprising thing about this was how easily she lifted him up. She didn’t look like she struggled with his weight at all. In fact, she’s been holding him for a while now and she hasn’t broken a sweat yet. He couldn’t believe what was happening even though he’s seeing it right before him.

Nanami was unexpectedly strong. Maybe even stronger than him.

“How are you even managing to hold me?” He asked incredulously.

“Oh, it’s easy. I just think of holding down the L and R buttons.” She replied innocently.

Game controls?! How does that even work??

That wasn’t his main concern. There was one thing more urgent… two, in fact.

Too close! They were too close!! Is this even appropriate?!

He was blushing harder while she remained oblivious. He had to get down.

“Aren’t I too heavy for you?” He tried to reason with her.

“Not at all.” She confidently answered as she readjusted her hold on him.

He didn’t know whether to be impressed of how strong she was or to be depressed of how pathetic he was.

“Hinata, hold on.” She smiled warmly at him.

“Eh?” He sweated nervously before she sprinted forward. “Ehhh??”

So this must be one of her hidden strengths as an Ultimate.

Literal hidden strength.

And as Hinata got literally carried away by Nanami, he made a mental note to himself to never challenge Nanami in an arm wrestling game or any other game that involved upper body strength.

I Still Love You

Happy was riding back towards Charming, he had church then he’d head to Bakersfield to see his Ma. It had been fourteen months since he and most of his brothers had been locked up in Stockton.

Not a day didn’t go by that he hadn’t thought about (Y/N), She wouldn’t be waiting at the clubhouse for him when he got there. He made sure of that, the night before they were picked up he pushed her away.

Telling her that he never loved her, and it was a mistake to ink her, he couldn’t rid his memory of the hurt in her eyes. Pulling into the lot of TM, he saw Tara and Gemma there to welcome Jax and Clay.

He wished he hadn’t pushed her away now, but at the time he thought it was for the best. He had no way of knowing if he’d make it out of Stockton alive. That wasn’t something he wanted to worry her with.

“How’s Ma?” He asked Koz.

Kozik looked at him. “Ummm, I don’t know. I haven’t seen her.”

“What the hell? I asked you to look out for her.”

“(Y//N), has been taking care of her, since you went to Stockton.”

Happy ran his hand over his face, not believing what he was hearing. He drove to (Y/N) house, knocking on the door, wanting an explanation. He felt a surge of jealously when a man answered the door. Finding his voice, he fought his instinct to beat the man bloody. “Is (Y/N)?”

“She hasn’t lived here for over a year.” The man shut the door, leaving Happy standing on the porch. He slowly went to his bike, riding towards Bakersfield.


You finished cleaning the house, while Sophia slept, Happy got out today.He’s probably be here in a couple of hours. Going into the living room, you smiled at Maria holding her grand-daughter.

“Are you going to wait for him?”

You shake your head. “He doesn’t even know about Sophia. I never told him. It’s going to be enough of a shock to find me here.”

“You took care of me for the last fourteen months.”

You smile at her, taking the woman’s hand. “We’ve taken care of each other.” You jumped when you heard the roar of his bike. It startled the baby, she started to fuss, you take her from Maria.

“Stay, don’t go running off.” You sit down on the couch next to her. The door opens, Happy walks into the room.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” You take Sophia from the older woman’s arms, kissing her on the cheek. Going down the hall, you start to nurse the little girl, she falls asleep. Laying her down in her crib, you cover her up.

The door opens, Happy is standing in the doorway, looking at you. “Were you going to tell me?”

“She looks just like you, same scowl when she’s mad.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I moved here three days after you went in to take care of your Ma, just because you didn’t love me anymore, doesn’t mean I stopped loving Maria.”

He then looked down at Sophia, then looked up at you. “Who’s this?”

“Sophia Isabelle Lowman, I was a month pregnant when….”

“Why did you do it?

“Because I love your mom, I still loved you even though you pushed me away, I knew why you were doing it!” You look up at him, tears filling your eyes. “Say something!”

He pulled you into his arms, kissing you. “I love you….you mean I still have a chance?” You nod you head at him, smiling up at him.

FIRST DAY {part 1; Yoongi}

Everyone in the entourage knows that when someone of the higher ranks dies, it’s up to Yoongi to change everything. Passwords, codes, emails, everything. So I found myself sitting in the lowest part of the base typing out some messages to cronies in the field. Yoongi was vigorously typing and I could sense that I was going to be here for a while. 

Yoongi, why don’t I just come back? … I told you, I’ll be done in 10 minutes. … You said that 20 minutes ago. Yoongi rolled his eyes. You were always exaggerating and trying to get your way out of sitting still. He had known you since you were both young, but he didn’t know you as well as he had hoped. Hobi and Jin always kept you close and made it difficult for the rest of the entourage to really know what you were like. Now that you were taking over for Boss, Yoongi wanted to make sure that he knew what he was dealing with. 

It was my first real day on the job. I was still reeling a bit from losing my father, but this is how our lives go. How are you doing? Yoongi’s sudden question took me out of my daze. I hadn’t given myself time to grieve, grieving was for the weak. Now I sat there and looked at him, my usual unemotional stare faltered. 

Yoongi saw the break. He knew he was making contact with the real person under all that toughness. I’m gonna be fine. You said with a resilience in your tone. Yoongi nodded, but he worried. Finishing up the last of the changes, he handed you everything you would need as the new boss. 

A new ID, some chips, an ear piece, little gadgets that would help. Now I should warn you as your subordinate, these things are only for the two of us to know about, you can’t be talking to the other guys, not even the entourage about this, okay? I had never heard Yoongi seem so serious. He usually had this indifference about him that made me think he was less committed to the club, but now I understood my father’s love for this guy. Giving him a slight nod, I grabbed my phone and left the tech room. 

The base was only meant for the entourage, people within our own club didn’t know this place existed. We held meetings at different locations and the main thugs in the group didn’t even know where I lived. It was all meant for safety. But realizing the seriousness that surrounded my new lifestyle was a bit alarming. Turning back around, I scanned back into the tech room. 

Yoongi was sifting through files when he heard the door reopen. Before he could even look up, he heard you call out. I need a weapon. His mouth hung open. He knew that you would want some form of protection, but you were barely the boss. Scoffing a bit, he stood up and looked you over. Your eyes were a bit more glaring and your hands were in fists at your side. This was the first time that Yoongi was really looking at you. Your ripped jeans weren’t professional, your hair was thrown up in a ponytail, and your gray sweater hung slightly off your shoulder, nothing about you seemed like you would be the boss of a multi-billion dollar criminal organization. There was something within Yoongi that as he skimmed down your body awoke, but he quickly reclaimed his senses and he motioned to a shelf behind him. 

I watched as Yoongi touched a keypad on the shelf and a door unlocked in the corner of the room. These are meant for the boss and no one else. But I thought you would have lasted longer than this. Yoongi commented as he made his way into the room with me following closely behind. I had never really watched Yoongi all that closely. Yoongi’s button down shirt was open at the top two buttons, exposing a bit of his collarbone, his back seemed broader in the black shirt. His sleeves rolled up to his elbows, showed a hint of the initiation tattoo we all had engraved on our skin and his gray business slacks fit him perfectly. I glanced down at my outfit and immediately felt inferior to my current subordinate. 

Walking into the room, Yoongi switched on the light to show an array of guns, ammo, and other various weapons, things that he and his family had perfected in making. The reason why the police could never identify their guns or find anything that registered was because these weapons weren’t store bought, they were invented for the club. Yoongi took pride in his family’s work, but he didn’t care too much for the shiny weapons. 

My eyes couldn’t help but widen slightly at the massive stockpile of weapons. Gravitating towards a smaller hand gun, I felt the cool metal against my skin. It was nostalgic and comforting, as sick as that may sound. I grew up being taught how to shoot with these things, but my father always gave me one lesson. 

Don’t be shootin’ left and right. Only shoot when you definitely need to kill. Yoongi caught himself saying the mantra of his late boss. He remembered the look on the boss’ face when he would pick up a new gun and put it in its holster. Boss never liked to hurt people, this was just the way the business went. 

I nodded as Yoongi reminded me of my father’s saying. As I slipped the gun into my belt holster and hid it under my oversized sweater, I realized just how much had changed in the past week. Looking at Yoongi, I felt a tear slip down my cheek. 

Yoongi made his way through the room, closing the door so the two of you were alone, he held you as you cried for the first and only time since your father’s death. He rubbed circles into your back as you anchored your arms around him. He missed the boss too, but right now he was your rock. You showed him a side of weakness and he relished in that feeling. 

The two of you were now connected. A mob boss and her subordinate had a secret pact, a pact that was stronger than any other in the industry. A pact of compassion. 


Today Prussia managed to wind up in the garden he was previously locked in again. This time however he went when it was night. He walked through the garden and it was entirely lit up with patterned lights. He wound up getting lost in the garden, too distracted by the lights, so he had to find his way back out. He almost fell into a big pond, but narrowly avoided the turnout by turning to the right a bit too much in advance. He didn’t really know what to do after he had figured out where he was so he just got himself something to eat, sat down, and watched the lights.

The Dragon

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Leo wasn’t really sure what to do. He had managed to find a somewhat out-of-the-way cave near a stream, but he had no clue what to do from there. Mostly he just tried to get used to his new form.

He wasn’t the biggest of dragons - he was still just a juvenile, after all, and not very big as his usual self either. But despite that, he was still bigger than a horse, and covered in golden scales. He had claws and a tail and /wings-/ but flying would have to wait for later. He wasn’t even going to attempt it until he was at least used to walking, though it did sound really fun.

There weren’t just physical changes, either. His mind felt somewhat strange, and something had definitely changed in his magic, though past the fact that he currently had much more magic energy inside of him, he didn’t know what it was. Mostly it just seemed more difficult to control like this.

He had ventured out of the cave to try and drink from the stream (too bad he hadn’t brought food or water with him) when he heard someone walking through the forest. They were definitely coming closer. What should he do? Hide? Go to them? Nothing?

He darted back into the cave, scales flashing in the moonlight before being swallowed up in shadows. He cautiously peered out of the entrance.

(“Who’s there?”) he thought, though the thought was strange. As if it didn’t just stay in his head.

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The last thing Dominic wanted to be doing at 1:20am was driving down to a nightclub in the middle of town and pick her up. He should have known she would try her hand at going to a club and by the sound of things she had arrived there drunk out of her mind, so after getting a call from her tipsy friend he was on his way to pick her up. Not knowing what state she was in was the worst. Parking and quickly making his way across the road he spotted her at the doors, “hey princess c’mon it’s time to go—”, she didn’t appear to be getting sick, or having gotten sick so that was a plus. Thank the lord. She smelled of alcohol however that could be down to all of the people around her and that smell rubbing off on her. “Aren’t you cold? Here—”, shrugging off the zip up hoodie he had grabbed on his way out the door Dominic draped it over her shoulders, beginning to lead her away from the loud and busy nightclub. “Now you can see straight, can’t you?”, he questioned, although his tone was playful hoping she actually could see properly.