he had a way out

Hayley and Draco

Draco had been to see both of his children he was on his way out when he decided he would call in with the Potter’s daughter, he assumed that Harry and Ginny were disappointed that she had tried to escape. Draco walked up and the guards asked him who he was, they told him unless he was immediate family he could not see her.
“That is ridiculous, I am a high up auror and a member of a high up family. I demand to see this child or the minister of magic will be hearing about this.” The guard stand aside and say “sorry Mr Malfoy.”

He walked through the door and offered her a smile. “I hear you and my daughter are the new duo to try and escape this place.. Speaking from experience 20 years ago, it won’t work and it’s better just to sit here.” He chuckled.

“How are you feeling today?”

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"Mules look out!" Blackstar tries to say before Tsubaki's great dane tackles Miles and starts licking his face. (Sorry it's jist heen awhile and did I miss your reply to our other thread?)

Miles looked around as the dog tackled him, so used to it by now he had already figured out a way to get it off. “Oh hey Star what’s up?” He asked, slowly moving the dog before slamming it on the ground, holding it down with his foot, no longer feeling bad for being rough with it. ((I think so cause I haven’t seen a response to it after I replied. Sorry.))


How could he do this? Leaving me here to die and pretending it never happened

The human-turned-animatronic sat there, motionless, lost in his own thoughts. It was all he could do really. Sit and stew about his betrayal. At least, in his mind it was betrayal. Apparently even after everything that happened, Scott had the guts to reopen the restaurant. Vick could hear muffled voices, music, and children through the walls…

It only served to make his contempt grow…but the time spent alone was enough for him to hatch a plan for revenge. First, he had to get out of the suit. The only way he could figure, was prying it off.  It was a struggle at first, tearing off bits and pieces of blood and mucus soaked fabric that coated the suit’s body. He continued removing pieces of the animatronic’s body from his own until finally, he felt it. No longer being bound to the now destroyed suit, his spirit was able to form, free from the animatronic.

He could take on a more visible form if he wanted to, but for now, he needed to stay invisible, and find Scott.


↳ prompt: what are you hiding?

you’re brewing something behind our backs.


“Inches Apart” Gif Edition: Santa’s Midnight Run


This was the witticism he chose to unleash, AT VOLUME, by shouting it to Motoki across the (presumably crowded) arcade.

Of all the things he could conceivably say, he did a mental review and concluded that THIS was his best course of action.






It’s Not Easy (Closed RP with sharkura-rinrin and detective-ryugazaki)

If Rei had been thinking his walk home through, he would have decided against taking this route. The train home was out of service, therefore he had to take a way unfamiliar to him. It took him through a very bad part of town, but Rei had other things on his mind than the potential danger he could be putting himself through. He was nearly halfway home when he was jumped by several people he had never met before in his life. They were dead set on taking money from Rei, who only had a few dollars. That unsatisfied them, and they resorted to violence. Rei, who was clearly outnumbered, didn’t have a chance. 

That’s how he found himself on the cold concrete, bruised and bloody.


A Perfect Day (Part 3)

Okay guys…  I was on a roll… Third and final part to A Perfect Day.  Hope you enjoy! :) <3

In case you missed it: 

Part 1 - http://darlingitwasgood1988.tumblr.com/post/123330457278/a-perfect-day

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Taylors POV

Taylor was having a hard time believing that this moment was truly reality.  She sometimes felt like her relationship with Adam was too good to be true.  Sure, they had moments where they didn’t always agree. However, even when they challenged one another and there was still a mutual respect for the difference of opinion. Their conversations were always invigorating, yet they could sit in silence and be perfectly comfortable.

Now, sitting here with Adam, she sat in disbelief. She was amazed that he had gone out of his way in order to make this night so special for her.  She didn’t need over the top romance, but it certainly was flattering to see him put in so much effort.  Adam didn’t initially strike her as the romantic type. However, she was quick to see through this façade as their witty banter via text messages progressed.  It was truly something she looked forward to on a daily basis.

Arriving here tonight, Taylor wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Basking in the day’s events, she had a challenging time steering her mind away from thoughts of a future with Adam.  Taylor knew it was ridiculous and had no intention of brining this up to him as she was nervous that it might scare him away.  Things were so perfect between them, that she knew not to rock to boat. He would talk about his thoughts on their future together when he was ready.  For now, she knew he was happy and that was good enough for her.  It just felt nice to feel so safe and secure in a relationship.  As much as she loved this beautiful and thoughtful gift he had given her, she couldn’t help but feel a microscopic stab of disappointment after seeing the perfectly square blue Tiffany box.  Way too soon, Swift.  Keep it together!

Taylor complimented the music that danced through the room.  It hadn’t escaped her that these were all songs that she loved.  It was then that he informed her that he hand selected the playlist for the evening.  That really struck Taylor straight through the heart.  Music was her love language and when she could connect to someone over music it truly left her dazzled.

Taylor and Adam spent the evening selecting endless courses of decadent foods.  They talked and laughed while frequently exchanging the same “come hither” look that always reassured the spark between them.  Every so often, Adam would reach out and grab her hand, tracing circles on her palm with him index finger.  Skin to skin contact with Adam always gave her a twinge of excitement, and he was purposeful in his actions that evening. The sweet smell of the dessert she ordered began to fill the air.  That familiar scent of baked goods always gave her comfort.  Adam gave her comfort. Taylor sighed again.

She noticed that he fidgeted slightly as the night progressed.  What was he not telling her?  Taylor decided not to get too caught up in the details.  Perhaps he was just as affected by her as she was by him—and that was a thought that she really wanted to hang on to.

As their dining experience came to an end, Adam suggested they walk for a few blocks.

“It’s really such a beautiful night.” He said.

She agreed and couldn’t think of anything she would rather do that stroll arm and arm with Adam through the city under the twinkling lights.

As they stepped out onto the streets, the air was crisp on her face.  The sounds of the city began to fill in around them.  In the distance they heard car horns honking as they witnessed a cab driver sail down the street.  They could see couples strolling hand-in-hand in the park across the street. Taylor smiled to herself.  That was always something she hand wanted to do—take an evening stroll with a man that she loved.  No security, just him to keep her safe.  

As they continued down the sidewalk, Taylor couldn’t help but notice a small group of girls.  They were speaking animatedly to one another, with failed attempts to discreetly stare at Taylor and Adam.  Taylor smiled to herself—it seemed like they might be fans.  She really didn’t mind visiting for a moment.  She knew how much her fans had done for her, and really, what was 5-minutes of her night?  She was hoping that Adam wouldn’t mind if they stopped and said hello.  Though he typically didn’t mind greeting fans, he certainly had his moments and the way that this evening was going Taylor was sure he had other plans for her.  She smiled to herself at the thought of them back at home tangled up in her bed.

“I think you have some admirers” Adam said as he peered at her.

“Do you mind if we just stop and take a picture real quick—they look sweet!”  Taylor replied.

“Of course not love, whatever you want.” Said Adam.

Taylor noticed Adam appeared to analyze each of the girls as they approached.  She couldn’t help but chuckle as she knew that they certainly had different fanbases and this was something he was still getting used to.

He caught her off guard when he offered to take a photo of Taylor with the girls.  Perhaps he was coming around to the idea.  The girls proceeded to huddle in behind Taylor.  He took a snap on one of their phones, and had them pose one more time for another picture on his phone.

As Taylor and Adam excused themselves from the girls, it hit Taylor how bad her feet were beginning to hurt.

“Baby, I don’t think I can walk another block.  Though, I am not opposed to you carrying me.” She said with a coy smile.

Adam returned her gaze as they both silently reminisced about the time they spent at her beach house and couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.  Taylor had stubbed her toe coming down the water slide and she might have played up the level of pain ever so slightly.  Her gentle giant quickly came to her rescue and tossed her over his back. She never wanted to let go.

Coming back to reality, she observed as Adam made a call for their ride to pick them up.  Almost instantaneously the black SUV pulled up beside them.

The cuddled up in the vehicle and headed back down the busy streets of the city to Taylor’s penthouse.

As soon as they arrived, Taylor couldn’t help but feed exhausted from the day’s activities.  As much as she desired Adam to peel her out of her dress, she wanted nothing more than to put on one of his t-shirts and snuggle up in bed.

Adam excused himself for a moment and that was Taylor’s cue to head to the bedroom to commandeer one of his shirts.  She knew that if Adam saw that lingerie she so purposefully selected for tonight, she didn’t stand a chance of getting that t-shirt.

As she looked through his drawer, she located her favorite gray shirt.  Perfect. She quickly slid off her dress and into the cotton she had come to associate with comfort for more reasons than the obvious.  The smell of his cologne was faint, but it was present.  Taylor smiled. She loved that smell.

She sat on the bed and waited for Adam to return. Just as Taylor picked up her phone, Adam walked into the bedroom.

“You are so beautiful.” He said as he eyed her in his shirt.  

Her cheeks warmed at his gaze.  He made her feel just as sexy in his cotton shirt as she felt in her thousand-dollar lingerie.

Taylor watched as Adam took a deep breath and pulled his phone out of his pocket.  

“Hey love, I noticed your fans posted that picture. It came out great.” He said as he cued up the picture on his screen.  He slowly approached the bed as he studied her eyes.  He handed her his phone.

Taylor smiled in return at the thought of her fans. She grabbed Adam’s phone and gasped in shock as she stared down at the screen.


Adam’s POV

Adam was attempting to maintain his cool as much as humanly possible.  He wasn’t sure how well he was masking his nerves, but he hoped well enough to maintain the surprise.

He had been planning this moment for over a month now.  Yes, it was soon but he couldn’t contain himself anymore.  He thought about it practically every day since he met Taylor.  The fact was simple: Out of all of the different scenarios that he could see defining his future, there was not one that didn’t include her.  

He knew she was head over heels in love with him. His only reservation was if this would be too soon to ask her to love him forever.  She was worth the risk and he needed her to know that he wanted to begin writing their forever today.  If she wanted to wait, it might break him, but he understood.  In fact, he had already mentioned to her parents how taken he was by Taylor.  He didn’t share specifics about his plan, but he did ask for her Mother and Father’s approval when they last spoke.  The look in their eyes was more than enough to solidify that Adam was going to move forward with his plan.

Over the last few weeks, Adam scoured Taylor’s social media.  He knew exactly what he was looking for.  He finally managed to select the perfect individuals to help make his plan a reality. He selected 5 of Taylor’s biggest fans and contacted them directly in order to share his idea.  Of course they were slightly dramatic, and on more than one occasion he had to confirm that there was still life on the other end of the phone.  However, eventually, he was able to convince them to sign the NDA and truly put his plan into action.

He knew that there was no way that Taylor would pass up a chance to greet her fans.  She was too devoted and he was counting on that.

So here they were.

She was sitting in her bedroom wearing his shirt, looking like the most breathtakingly beautiful girl in the world.  He handed her his phone and watched for her reaction as she viewed the photograph they had taken earlier that night.  There was Taylor, front and center smiling so bright.  She was leaning slightly forward with her hands on her knees as her fans crowded in behind her.  There they stood, holding up a message spelled out over multiple signs: Will you Marry Me?

He could see the shock on Taylor’s face.  She certainly was not expecting this.  As she appeared to comprehend was she was looking at, she slowly shifted her gaze to Adam who was now down on bended knee in front of her.  He held out another small Tiffany box in his hand.  Internally he debated if he should open the box now or wait until the end of his speech.

Adam swallowed hard as tears formed in Taylor’s eyes.  He could see from the look in her face that they were tears of joy and that encouraged him to speak.

“Baby, my life has never been the same since the day I first met you.  I know this is soon, but I need you to know that you mean everything to me.  You are my best friend.  You are the one that I want to call when anything happens throughout my day.  You are the one that I want to experience life with—good times and bad times.  I want to have a family with you.  I want to see your gorgeous face every day for the rest of my life.  And honestly, I know it now—I don’t see the point in waiting.  Please, make me the happiest man on this earth and say you will be my wife?”

Adam opened the box and he could see the sparkle of the ring that he had spent countless hours designing with the jeweler.  It was the perfect mixture of modern and classic. It was the definition of Taylor in a ring.  He knew she would love it.

As the tears poured down her face, Taylor gasped for breath. She returned his adoring gaze as she rapidly shook her head up and down while repeating the word “yes” over and over.

A Cheshire smile spread over Adam’s face.  He stood up to meet her embrace as she rose from the bed. They stood there hugging in the silence. Adam held her close until her hitched breathe returned to a normal pattern.  He pulled her away from his body and they stood there at arms length smiling at one another.

everyone tends to make Kunzite like “I can’t believe I love this fool” and Zoisite like “AH HE’S SO MUSCULAR AND HANDSOME” but no bad

I mean for Zoisite there has to be some element of that lol but I feel like Kunzite really does adore Zoisite but he’s really bad at showing it and doesn’t always realise how other people interpret what he says

like he may mean one thing but it sounds like something else to Zoisite because of who they are as people

Kunzite is all about duty and loyalty and work and that’s the first thing on his mind even if he does adore Zoisite

and Zoisite is young so he’s like -thinking about Kunzite and making sure his hair looks good and plotting to wreck Tux or Nephrite- like everything he does is so FOR HIMSELF or for Kunzite like he couldn’t care less about his “duty” to Beryl or Metalia (screw them anyway lol)

and it shocks him when Kunzite isn’t always thinking about him 24/7 because Kunzite DOES care about duty sometimes and is a liiittle less self-centered

but he still cares about Zoisite

buddy never got over what happened the poor awful thing

I'm goin down down baby, yo' street in a Range Rover

Friday morning hit and even though he hadn’t said anything to Lea, Mark got in on the 7am flight and headed straight to the car yard. Before they got married, Mark had ordered Lea a Range Rover for Texas and for that,  he was going to pick up a brand new baby car seat. He figured that would help things seem a little more real.

By 11am, he had picked up the car, the baby car seat and while he was at the baby store, he couldn’t help himself and ended up picking up a few gender-neutral outfits for the baby. If he had it his way, he would have bought the whole store out.

On the way home, he ended up stopping to get a big over the top bow, which when he pulled up into his driveway, he stuck the bow on top and headed inside with his bag. He had left the clothes and everything inside the car for Lea to find.

All of Calum’s old girlfriends had been shy, quiet and it wasn’t like he had a ‘type’, that’s just the way it worked out. But then you came along and threw him off completely. You were confident, head strong and you scared him. He knew you loved him, you made sure he knew that but you didn’t need him. Maybe he had a complex of being the stronger one in the relationship, but there you were working parties and seeming almost unbothered with the whereabouts of your boyfriend, yet he was stood across the room, teeth digging into his lower lip still trying to wrap his head around the fact that you were spending any second of the day with him.

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does kim have braces ? i thought i saw em in ur drawing 👀👀

he sure does! they’re actually one of the reasons he doesnt like to smile very much (without hiding his mouth behind his hand), despite him being a joyous lil cherub

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31 with Max idfk

You just had to type “rough touch” but let’s see what the odds give us.

26 . My muse pins yours on the ground.

Jeremy was going to be late, so late for work. The second he saw, while being at home, his clock say 11:42 PM, he freaked out.

He had to run all the way from his house to the pizzeria, and boy was he lucky that he was only little blocks away. He looked down at his watch and read 11:56. If he does keep on running like this, he might just be able to arrive just in time. as he looked up from his watch, he saw the lights of the pizzeria, making his face lit up. He gave a final dash, finally making his way to the front door.

As he opened the door and didn’t pay attention on his frontal view, he bumped into someone, both of them falling down as Jeremy landed on top, practically pinning the other. He grunted in pain and when he looked down, his heart nearly stopped.

“O-oh my Gosh, I-I am so sorry I d-didn’t see y-you..!!”

Drunken Mistake- Michael Clifford (m.c.)

The front door slammed shut, waking me from my uncomfortable slumber on the stiff sofa. A pair of feet heavily stumbled their way into the kitchen, signaling that he was finally home. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes with the heel of my palms. The clock that sat on the entertainment set read 3:00 a.m.

“Mikey?” My voice sounded hoarse, sleepiness making its way into my speech. I rose from my previous position and made my way to his location. My eyes squinted, adjusting to the lit lights from the fridge. His tall posture bent over, rummaging through the fridge for something edible.

“Yeah, babe?” his speech was slurred.

My heart dropped, the assumptions that swam around in my thoughts being proved true. He had once again come home late in the night, and even worse, drunk. It left my imagination to run wild, trying to figure out situations that he had found his way into.

“Why are you home so late?” my voice sounded cold, but no one could possibly blame me. His recent actions left a lot of unknowns in our relationship.

“I was out with the guys after a long day of writing. You know this Pipes, why do you have to keep asking?” he sounded annoyed, exasperated even, almost making me seem like a pestering little kid.

“Really? Can you not find a better excuse? Because I know for a fact that none of the guys have been out with you for the past five days you’ve come home drunk,” tears were threatening to fall. It hurt me that he couldn’t find the decency in him to be truthful.

“Are you fucking serious right now Piper? You check in on me?!” his voice raising with every word said.

“Do not turn this on me, Michael! Seriously? You’re going to blame this on me? Michael, as your girlfriend, I’m worried! You’ve been coming home way past midnight almost every damn night since you got home from tour. What makes it even harder on me is that you’re always drunk off your mind and smelling of perfume.“

“I’m too tired to argue right now,” he rebutted, pushing his way past me.

I grabbed for his arm and spun him around. “Michael, we have to talk about this now. Do not use that excuse because you don’t seem tired to go to the fucking club every night.”

“God damn it, Pipes! I fucking said that I was tired!” I shrunk back, the sound of his voice scaring me.

A surge of confidence found its way through my body, allowing me to respond. “And you think I’m not fucking tired, Mikey? I’m so emotionally exhausted. I understand that it’s your damn job, but how do you think it makes me feel when I see millions of tweets of you with other girls? Girls that could easily take you from me?! I deal with you being away for months on end, only leaving me a few weeks a year, two months if we’re lucky. Do you know how that could tire out a person? I’m tired too.” sobs were now shaking my entire body. But he did nothing, he just stood there, staring.

“Don’t just fucking stand there! Say something, please,” my voice sounded weaker and weaker with every word that left my mouth. His posture straightened, my outburst seemed to sober him up. The exhaustion left my voice raw and my whole being vulnerable, a side of myself that the pop star had barely seen. The tidal wave of emotions left my face wet with tears, my nose runny, and my legs barely able to keep me up. I fell to my knees, sobbing even more at the boy’s lack of expression. My arms curled around my knees, hugging them closer to my body.

His voice startled me, still slightly slurred from his earlier activities. “Get out.”

Excuse me?” disbelief was clear in my voice.

His face was unbelievably placid, “You heard me, I want you to get out. I can’t deal with this right now. I think we both need a break from each other, and since I technically own this apartment, you need to leave.”

I took a second to compose myself, wiping away my tears and fixing my disheveled hair. “Fine, I’ll leave. Call or text me when you finally get your damn head out of your fucking ass. Fuck you, Michael Clifford.” And with that, I grabbed my keys and walked out the door of ou- his apartment. I made my way to my car, sat in the driver’s seat, turned the key into the ignition, and drove away from who I thought was the man of my dreams.