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Top 13 Most Unfuckable Men in Dragon Age (according to me, a lesbian)

Honorable Mention: Oghren

I am not including Oghren on the official list for a couple reasons. Firstly, jokes about how gross Oghren is are basically everywhere. I can’t make a remotely original joke on this subject because they have all already been made. Secondly, I don’t want to subject anybody to actually thinking about fucking Oghren. And third, it’s no fun punching down. Nobody likes Oghren except me. And I get it. Oghren is a pretty cool character who was grossly mishandled by writers who think sexual assault, alcoholism and homophobia are hilarious jokes and not serious issues. Sorry about all this, Oghren. Enjoy your free pass from being mocked by a lesbian on the internet.

13. Zevran Arainai

Zevran is the least unfuckable man in Dragon Age because he wouldn’t make it weird. He’d give you a nice lay, do a good job, and then high-5 you afterwards. He’s nice-looking and experienced and would overall be an almost not-unpleasant experience. If there was a gun to my head and someone forcing me to pick a Dragon Age man to fuck, it would be Zevran.

12. RDP Sten

I say Realistic DAO Project Sten and not regular Sten because frankly RDP Sten is the true Sten. Honestly, look at this man. Assuming you didn’t die during intercourse, he’d make you breakfast the next morning, then reshackle your roof and do your taxes. RDP Sten would take care of you. RDP Sten would treat you right.

11. Justice

…as long as he gave Anders’ body a bath first, because wow he sure is a guy who lives in a sewer. Justice is a friendly Fade spirit curious about the mortal world and its many wonders. Fucking Justice would be a nice opportunity to show an otherworldly being a good time. Not to mention the novelty. Think of the puns you could make afterwards. “It was a spiritual experience.” “It was truly righteous.” “Justice isn’t easy–no, Justice is hard.”

10. Varric Tethras

Varric would be the ideal sugar daddy. He’d indulge you, buy you nice things, tell you stories, and when it’s time to go to bed, you’d just have to put up with him bringing his crossbow with him. Honestly, he probably wouldn’t even get to the sex. You’d have half your clothes off and then he’d start telling a story and three hours later he’s cried a little about his ex and fallen asleep cuddled up to his crossbow. Meanwhile, you are free to go back to your house with your money and jewelry. Ideal.

9. Alistair

Alistair is inexperienced, but a nice boy. You could show him a good time, and then pat him on the head and give him a cookie afterwards. He’s funny and nice and if you aren’t his first lay, it’ll probably be Morrigan and she would probably turn into a spider halfway through just to fuck with him. I’m willing to fuck him just to spare him that being his first time. Alistair might make it weird and try to give you a flower or something, but he’s young and easily dissuaded. Fucking Alistair would be acceptable and satisfying in some ways.

8. Iron Bull

He ugly, but otoh, monster dong, if you’re into that. Iron Bull wouldn’t make it weird emotionally, but he would definitely make it weird sexually. Assuming you survived, you would have a hell of a story. I would bring that up at every cocktail party I went to for the rest of my life. “I fucked a minotaur man,” I’d say, sipping my martini. “He had an eyepatch, and a dong the size of your forearm. I’m lucky to have survived.” The party guests gasp and fan themselves at the scandal.

7. Nathaniel Howe

I have no feelings either way about fucking Nathaniel Howe. I would show up, do the deed, and leave. Maybe give him a thumbs up, to be polite. My entire soul doesn’t rebel against the concept, but neither can I think of any benefits to fucking Nathaniel Howe.

6. Sebastian Vael

I wouldn’t hate to fuck Sebastian, and he seems nice, I guess. He’d be on par with Nate, except for the fact that he’s a devout fantasy Catholic. I’m morally opposed to fucking Catholics, because I don’t like Catholicism, and because I don’t want to deal with their ensuing guilt. I would tolerate fucking Sebastian.

5. Fenris

Fenris is objectively one of the best-looking men in Dragon Age, but oh lord, the canon romance path is so much. I’d do it just so I could touch his pretty hair, but I’d feel real bad about it. I like fenris. I don’t wanna cause him troubles. On the other hand, Isabela seems to manage it without much emotional fallout, so perhaps it would be alright. Fucking Fenris might be perfectly fine, but it might end terribly for all involved. As a lesbian I’m not gonna risk it.

4. Anders

Anders is a nasty sewer man who has no particularly attractive physical features to make up for it. He’d probably be an alright lay, but if you fucked him he’d definitely fall in love with you. Possibly he’d have already been in love with you for like three years. Then post-fuck he’d say a lot of weird stuff and ask to move into your house, and you’d be so worried about his eating habits and his stress that you’d be like “sure :)”, and then you’d have to change your name and flee the city to escape. Don’t fuck Anders.

3. Blackwall

I previously had Blackwall a spot higher, but then when I went to google a picture of him I realized he actually looks okay. Lumberjack aesth. Nice beard. Probably nice chest hair. Good muscles. But he’s also kind of a stinky old man who is kind of like your dad, and he would make his weird guilt issues your problem. I’d rather not, although I grant that if he was a couple decades younger he might be Acceptable.

2. Cullen

I would really hate to fuck Cullen. I find him morally repugnant, physically unimpressive, and overall vile. Not to mention that he seems like the kind of sexually inexperienced dude to just try inserting Tab A into Slot B with no foreplay–but then, would you really want foreplay from this guy? At least it would all be over within 5 minutes and then you could make your escape through the window.

1. Solas

Solas is the absolute most unfuckable man in Dragon Age. Not only is he bald, and a genocidal maniac, but he would also get weirdly hung up on you. Then he’d like, haunt your dreams. “Vhenaaaaaaan,” you hear every night forever, to your horror. “You’re not like other girls,” he says, before showing you a picture of his fursona, which is a wolf. I would rather do literally anything else but fuck Solas. I thank G-d every day that Solas is not real, and that I am in no danger of ever fucking him. Solas is the least fuckable man in Dragon Age.

Shane Madej truly out there being the sweet ally we didn’t knew we needed, like

GOT7 / Someone flirts with their S/O

REQUEST: Can you made “Got7 reaction when someone tries to flirt with his girlfriend ”

thank you for sending this request! hope you enjoy! 💞

WARNING: strong language, some mentions of violence, & some sexual themes


Originally posted by ceohan

It took Mark over fifteen tries to ask you out because you kept mistaking his flirting for general friendly behavior. He didn’t realize that your cluelessness would continue to be a problem even when you were already in a relationship.

“Y/n!” Mark scolded as he watched a guy you were just talking to walk away. “Why the hell did you let that guy flirt with you?”

“I didn’t. What are you talking about?” you frowned. “He just came here to ask for directions and told me my dress was really nice.”

“Is that what he said?” Mark asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well, not in those words but I’m sure that’s what he meant—”

“Y/n,” your boyfriend cut you off, shaking his head. “When will you realize that almost every guy that talks to you is flirting with you?”

“They’re just being nice,” you claimed.

“They’re most definitely not,” Mark insisted. “They want what’s mine.”

Quickly realizing that arguing with him about this would be useless because both of you were the type of people to stand their ground no matter what, and sometimes, one of you had to give in or you’d continue to argue about this for months, you just sighed.

“Either way,” you said. “They’re not going to get me. I already have a boyfriend who has it all backwards, but he’s my boyfriend nonetheless.”

Mark smiled proudly at first but then realized. “I do not have it all backwards.”

“Being overly paranoid that everyone who talks to me is flirting with me, doesn’t seem like normal behavior to me, Mark,” you said, smiling sweetly. “But I still love you despite all of that.”


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Jaebum always clenched his teeth whenever he saw you wear something that was at least somewhat revealing. He never said anything to you because he was a decent human being and he knew he didn’t own you but boy, did the fact that you made everyone’s heads turn drove him up the wall.

Another thing he never revealed was his jealous side which, he claimed, he didn’t have at all.

“That guy at the end of the club has been staring at you the whole night,” he told you, shooting lasers at the guy, sitting in the lounge area of the club. “And it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

Almost laughing because Jaebum’s anger caused by his jealousy was probably visible from space, you placed a hand on his chest. “That’s great, Jae. I’m proud of you for not getting jealous pointlessly.”

“I’m going to stop by the bathroom and then we can head out, yeah?” he checked up and you nodded.

He placed a quick kiss on your cheek, glancing at the guy at the end of the club again, and then heading for the bathroom.

Obviously, as soon as Jaebum was no longer in the picture, the guy stood up and made his way to you. He was drunk. You could smell the alcohol on him from across the club.

Naturally, losing all of his common sense – not that he had a lot of that, in the first place – he started sweet-talking to you despite having just seen you with a boyfriend. As soon as his hand came to your thigh, you jumped off the bar chair, glaring at him.

“I have a boyfriend,” you said. “And I strongly suggest you leave because, frankly, he doesn’t have a very good impulse control. If he saw you right now, you’d end up at the hospital.”

“Is that the pretty boy you were with?” the guy laughed, walking closer to you again. “Come on, darling, we both know he’d be too afraid to mess up his—”

“Step the hell away from my girlfriend, you fucking son of a bitch.”

The guy in front of you instinctively took a step back at the threatening tone of your boyfriend who wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you towards the door.

“If I fucking see you again,” Jaebum glared at the guy who was still taken aback and hasn’t managed to say a word yet. “I’ll beat your ass into the pavement.”


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You were hanging around your group of mutual friends and one of them, your friend from university, asked you to explain your latest assignment to him. As you were doing that, you felt Jackson’s hand on your leg. At first, you just smiled at him, not paying attention to the unhappy expression on his face. But when he started to caress your thigh, distracting you, you turned to look at him with a frown.

“Jackson, please, would you give me a moment?” you asked.

“I can’t,” he said. “I really need your attention right now.”

“Okay. Hold on just a moment though until I finish explaining—”

“I can’t hold on any moments,” Jackson said. “I’ve been holding on the whole night.”

You knew he didn’t need you to do anything in particular, he just needed you to stop talking to others and give him attention. Sighing because you knew Jackson wouldn’t stop unless you complied, you apologized to your friend and turned to look at your boyfriend.

“You always do this,” you said.

“I’m not doing anything,” he shrugged his shoulders, smiling in content now that all of your attention was on him. “That guy was obviously only asking you questions because he’s into you. I’ve heard him talk about the assignment to his friends before. He knows very well what it’s about.”

You frowned turning around to look at your friend who had just walked away from you and was now talking to his group of friends.

“That’s bullshit, Jackson,” you said, shaking your head. “He has a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, well, he didn’t seem too bothered that you had a boyfriend so maybe he’s just a dick,” Jackson said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Whatever. You still could have been nicer.”

“I am nice,” he pouted. “It’s him who could have been less of a motherfu—”

You placed a kiss on his lips, cutting him off before he could finish. After pulling away just a second later, you saw Jackson glance at someone behind you.

“Kiss me again,” he asked you. “I want to prove that asshole a point not to mess with other people’s girlfriends.”

“Is it really him you’re thinking about when I’m kissing you?” you asked, frowning.

Jackson’s eyes returned to yours and a small smirk appeared on his lips. “Trust me, I’m thinking about something else when you’re kissing me, baby.”


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Jinyoung had that cute, cinnamon roll appearance that made him seem innocent and almost child-like. Which is probably why whenever you were out with him, “tough” guys always hit on you, thinking Jinyoung wasn’t dangerous.

You just watched in amusement as your boyfriend unleashed his savage side and left the other guys confused and too shocked to function properly.

“Hi, baby,” one of the so-called bad boys approached you when you and Jinyoung were waiting in line for a concert. “What do you say if you and I go for drinks after?”

“What do you say if you and my fist go out for drinks after?” Jinyoung interrupted.

The guy raised his eyebrows and turned to look at your boyfriend. “Excuse me? I don’t remember talking to you.”

“You’re about to not remember talking to my girlfriend, either,” Jinyoung started to take a step towards the other guy when you quickly jumped in front of him, blocking the two guys from each other.

“There’s no need, Jinyoung,” you said, trying to get him to look at you so he’d break eye contact with the other guy. “He’s leaving anyway.”

“Am I leaving with you, baby girl?” the guy said again, purposefully pulling Jinyoung’s strings.

You knew your boyfriend couldn’t fight. He had a way with words but he sure as hell couldn’t land a punch. And you weren’t particularly excited about spending the night at the hospital.

“You’re leaving,” you said to the guy. “Period. I’m not interested.”

“I bet I can change your mind, though,” he continued relentlessly.

“Are you fucking deaf?” Jinyoung’s tone was louder and much angrier now. “She told you to fuck off.”

“You need to put a leash on that one,” the guy told you, nodding in the direction of Jinyoung. “He seems a little rabid.”

“I’m about to go rabid on your fucking ass if you don’t—”

“Jinyoung,” you said again, having to physically push Jinyoung away, so he wouldn’t cause any more trouble. “Let’s go get some air, okay? I don’t want to be here anyway.”

Jinyoung’s eyes left the asshole who was harassing you. “But the line to the concert—”

“It’ll still be here when we come back,” you said. “You need to clear your head.”

Realizing that you were doing this so he’d calm down, your boyfriend just sighed. “He was hitting on my girlfriend, Y/n. Obviously, I had to say something.”

“And you did,” you said. “Now let’s leave before it escalates.”

“What, you don’t think I could take him?” he raised his eyebrows.

Rolling your eyes at the men’s constant need to reaffirm their masculinity, you chose to let Jinyoung win this one. “Of course, you could take him. But I don’t want you arrested, so let’s go.”

Smiling, he kissed your temple, bringing your body to his. “I love you, Y/n. And I will always defend your honor.”

“Oh God,” you groaned. “Please don’t say it like that.”


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Youngjae never really knew how to react when other guys were hitting on you in front of him. He was jealous but he didn’t get aggressive. Which is why, he pondered his choices, not knowing what to do as he watched a guy flash you a Prince Charming-like smile

“Sorry,” you said to the guy who had just invited you to go to a party at his place. “But I’m here with my boyfriend.”

“Oh,” the smile left the guy’s face as he noticed Youngjae who was holding your hand and watching him intensely. “Well, he can come, too… I guess.”

You almost laughed at this. “No thanks. We’re just going to hang out tonight. Just the two of us. Like we do most of the time.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound very fun,” the guy said.

“Oh, believe me,” you were grinning now. “It’s very fun.”

The guy quickly understood what you were talking about and excused himself immediately. Once he was gone, you turned to look at your boyfriend with a victorious smile on your face while he just watched you for a moment.

“Did you, uh, just tell that guy we were about to go home to have sex?” he asked you.

“That’s not what I said,” you replied. “But I was hoping that that’s what he’d think.”

Youngjae smiled at this. “I don’t like that guy.”

“Me neither,” you said.

“Well, let’s go then,” Youngjae said, pulling your hand towards the exit.

“What, where?”

“Home,” Youngjae said, smiling widely now. “To hang out. Just the two of us. Like we do most of the time. Because, apparently, it’s very fun.”

You laughed at this, slapping his shoulder. “Don’t you use your words against me.”

“Hmm. What are you going to do about it?” Youngjae challenged playfully.


Originally posted by ladymaysworld

Feeling possessive over you was something he had trouble getting rid of. He knew you didn’t particularly enjoy that he always had to find a way to show everyone that you were his, but it felt as if he lost his mind whenever someone else was talking to you.

Always wrapping an arm around your waist whenever you were talking to someone that wasn’t him, he’d bring your body closer to his, being unnecessarily over-affectionate just to prove a point.

“Bam, you’re seriously starting to embarrass me,” you told him once the guy you were talking to walked away.

“What, my love is embarrassing you?” BamBam asked, feigning shock.

“It’s not love,” you said. “It’s your… honestly, I don’t even know what you’re doing but you need to stop.”

“Y/n, that guy was obviously flirting with you,” he told you matter-of-factly. “Did you honestly expect me to just stand back and watch?”

Trying not to laugh at this, you cleared your throat. “He was flirting with me, huh?”


“Well, that sure as hell is going to make a fun family story next Christmas,” you said. “Because that guy was my cousin.”

Suddenly very awkward, BamBam released his grip on your waist. “Oh.”

You finally laughed at this, while he groaned.

“Don’t laugh, Y/n! I didn’t know!” he asked, but that just made you laugh even more.

“That is precisely why you should stop acting like you own me in front of people, Bam,” you said, wiping the tears from your eyes.

“In front of people, huh?” his voice was suddenly lower and needless to say, you weren’t laughing anymore. “Then can I act like I own you when it’s just us two?”

Exhaling quietly, you looked around to see if anyone was close enough to you two to hear what you were talking about. Thankfully, no one was.

Walking even closer to your boyfriend, you wrapped an arm around his neck and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “You already own me when it’s just us two.”

Wrapping his arms around your waist tightly, he made you gasp and pull away to look him in the eyes.

“You have five minutes to tell everyone goodbye,” BamBam told you. “Because we’re going home.”


Originally posted by dreamyugyeom

Yugyeom never expressed his jealousy when he saw someone flirt with you but you could tell by the way he turned quiet that he wasn’t very happy with the guy who was talking to you. You rebuked the guy’s attempts to flirt with you and eventually, he took the hint and walked away.

When you asked Yugyeom what was wrong and why was he so quiet all of a sudden, he didn’t say anything, though. And he didn’t have to. You already knew what was wrong.

However, you didn’t expect him to be so cold to you the whole day.

“Yugyeom,” you said, losing patience because the two of you were preparing to go to bed and he was still not talking to you. “Honestly, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird the whole day.”

Finally, he sighed and sat down on the bed. “I just feel so helpless whenever others hit on you that I don’t even know what to do with myself.”

The insecure undertones when he spoke was what made you stop doing what you were doing and walk around the bed until you were standing directly in front of him.

“You don’t have to do anything,” you told him. “I love you, Yugyeom.”

“I know,” he nodded. “But sometimes I wonder why.”

You raised your eyebrows in shock. “What? Why would you—Yugyeom, are you seriously doubting what we have right now?”

“It just doesn’t make sense to me sometimes,” he admitted with a sigh. “There are so many better guys than me—”

“Well, there are so many better girls than me,” you countered. “And you’re still with me.”

“Because I love you,” Yugyeom replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Exactly!” you replied. “Remember that I have to watch you be surrounded by girls almost every time we go out and I try not to let it get to me.”

“Yeah, because you don’t get jealous.”

“I do,” you disagreed. “Believe me, I do. But I remember that you love me and I get over that jealousy.”

“It’s not so easy,” Yugyeom sighed.

“Well,” you said, sitting on the bed next to him and placing a hand on his knee. “Then I guess I’ll have to keep reminding you how much I love you so you always remember.”


IMAGINE: Years ago (Y/N) and Steve were in a relationship, however something happened that made him cruelly break up with her. Now that the Avengers need her help, what will happen between the two of them? 

[gif is not mine. tell me what you think.] 

warnings: swearing, violence, angst. 

word count: 2 k+ 

(Y/N) fiddled with her pen as she stared at Fury and Tony sitting down opposite of her desk. She leaned back into the comfortable leather seat and smiled at them.

“Do we have an agreement?” Fury asked as he briefly looked at the contract.

Her smile became more predatory, “Fury,” she started, his last name coming off smoothly from her tongue. “You and I both know that my people look at every contract before I sign them.” 

“Get one of them here then.”

“Fury, if this is how you save the world then I really fear for the human existence,” she chastised. 

“(Y/N),” Tony waned.

She smiled, this time more friendly and happy, “Just having a laugh, Stark.” (Y/N), with her left hand pressed a button on her desk. A few moments later the door opened and walked in a well dressed man. 

“Timothy, look over this for me.”

(Y/N) looked at the Seattle skyline, enjoying the beautiful view. She paid no attention to the three men behind her, paid no attention as they debated the terms inside the contract.

“Miss (Y/L/N)? The contract is ready to sign.”

“So quickly?” She asked, not turning around.

“The terms are stated clearly, and obviously they learnt from last time.”

(Y/N) smiled as she remembered what happened the last time. Finally, she turned around and walked to them. Pen in hand, she grasped the contract and signed wherever it needed her signature.

She looked up at Tony and Fury, “Guess I’m working for the Avengers.”

Steve gawked as he watched (Y/N) strut into the conference room like she owned the place. He looked at Fury who refused to meet Steve’s gaze knowing that the super soldier was glaring at him. “What is she doing here?” He spoke loudly as she sat down.

(Y/N) smiled smugly at him, “They needed my expertise on something.”

“Like what? Killing people?” Steve tilted his head, “Or hacking into the government system illegally?” He tilted his head to the other side, his tone mocking her. 

Before (Y/N) could retort, Tony stood up, “Nope, nothing should come out of your mouth unless it’s something pleasant. Wait, no scratch that, just don’t talk to Rogers. Go to the other side of the room.” 

(Y/N) licked her lips and grinned at the two men. She pretended to zip her mouth with her finger, then flipped them off. Turning around she walked towards Nat who greeted her with a smile.

“Who’s the girl and why does Steve hate her?” Bucky asked as he and Sam watched from the other side.

“You ever heard of (Y/L/N) Enterprises?” Sam watched as Bucky nodded. “That’s her family’s company, she inherited it from her grandfather. She’s one of the most powerful people on the planet right now. In terms of money,” Sam moved his lips around. “And other things.”

“She’s a dirty criminal that’s what she is,” Steve grumbled as he narrowed his eyes at (Y/N), who was watching him intently. “She’s a stuck up criminal who plays with people’s lives for fun.” Steve turned to Bucky who was furrowing his brows. “Don’t trust her.”

“Steve and (Y/N) have a bit of history together.” Sam explained and Steve scoffed. 

Their conversation was ended as Fury called the meeting. Bucky, Sam and Steve sat directly opposite of their leader and listened intently to their new mission. Bucky, however couldn’t help but watch (Y/N). The way that she spoke when Fury asked her to, her confidence. He knew that he was looking too intently at her when she turned in her seat to face him, giving him a curious look. Bucky wanted to look away, to turn to the side, to shy away from her. But something deep inside of him urged him to look at her. It wasn’t until Sam nudged him that he looked away from her.

(Y/N) punched the bag harder, watching as the dust fall from the ceiling, she knew that one more punch and it would be hurdled across the room.

“What are you doing here?” A voice interrupted her. 

She paused in her movements, her arm in the middle of swinging. (Y/N) cocked her head to the side. Before she could turn around she was thrown against the wall, a hand enclosing her throat. She was faced with Steve, anger in his eyes. 

(Y/N) gave him a small smile. “Darling, didn’t you miss me?” The hand around her throat became tighter, “I guess that’s a no.”

“(Y/N),” Steve started. “What are you doing here?”

She gave him another smile, and with a kick to the stomach he landed on his stomach, she quickly straddled him -pinning him to the ground. “I got a contract Rogers. Your team needs me for that HYDRA mission you received.” 

“We don’t need your help,” Steve spat.

(Y/N) wrapped her hand around Steve’s shirt collar, pulled him up and slammed him down again. “Trust me, I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t need me so much.”

“You’re a fucking traitor (Y/N), just because the team is so enamored with you and can’t see you’re just here to fuck with us again, doesn’t mean I’m blind.”

She swallowed and let go of Steve’s shirt, (Y/N) quickly stood up. “If you really think that I betrayed you Rogers…”

“You were working with HYDRA!” Steve yelled. “I saw you! I followed you and I saw you go into their compound!”

“BECAUSE BUCKY WAS THERE!” She snapped. Steve looked at her, his anger now mixed confusion.

“Bucky wasn’t in that facility. Don’t lie to me.” Steve gritted out through his teeth.  

“They transferred him.” (Y/N) sighed frustratedly, she ran a hand through her hair, then exhaled loudly, “After the events of Washington, you told me that Bucky helped you. That he was the Winter Soldier.” (Y/N) paused and licked her lips. “You told me everything about Bucky, Steve. You were, you are his best friend, and he was yours. He was the reason why you couldn’t sleep at night, the reason why you still cried when I shared your bed. You were unhappy because there was a massive part of your life missing.”

“When you told me that, I knew that I could help in some way. Help you. So yeah, I used my fucking sketchy contacts and tailed Bucky and where he was kept. I fucking went there, I negotiated with those scum, pretended that I was one of them, that I was betraying the team so I could try and speak to Bucky, for you.” She stepped forward, hands now clenched by her side. “I was there for three months, I made progress with Bucky, little but it was there. He could still remember me from the previous times I snuck to see him. Remembered bits of you.” (Y/N) pushed him, Steve being too shocked again landed on the floor.

“Then you came at me that night, yelling at me. Accusing me of betraying the team, betraying you, betraying us! You humiliated me Rogers, the person that I loved and trusted humiliated me in the worse way possible.” She clicked her jaw in annoyance, “You fucking threw me from the compound. Banned me from ever seeing anyone, you sprouted lies about me!”

“How the hell was I supposed to know? I thought you were betraying us!” Steve fired back. 



“(Y/N),” Steve whispered brokenly. Tears threatening to spill down his face.  

She inhaled and looked at him coldly, “Just don’t. This is my last mission for the Avengers indefinitely. I made sure of that.” (Y/N) began walking away, only stopping to pick up her water bottle. “After this mission Rogers, you’re going to officially be dead to me.”

Steve gripped the rails tighter as he looked out at the New York skyline. Could it be true? He knew that it was. If there was one thing (Y/N) never did while they were in a relationship was she never lied to him. But some inane part of him wanted to tell the rest of him that she was lying, in order to get the guilt feeling of his chest.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

“Rough night?”

He looked to his right and watched as Bucky walked towards the railing, a small smile on his face.

“Buck,” the other super soldier looked at Steve. “I have a question.” Bucky nodded. “(Y/N),” Steve started. “(Y/N), she said that she met up with you, at the HYDRA compound. 

Bucky nodded slowly.“When she walked into the conference room today, I couldn’t help but stop looking at her. I knew her from somewhere, every night I fall asleep and dream about this woman speaking so softly to me, I can never see her, I can never make out her face. Fuck, when she spoke Steve, it was like everything came back. Bits of information that she fed me about myself back then, about you.” Bucky shook his head, a small smile appearing on his face.

“You’re in love with her,” Steve acknowledged.

“Well she practically brought me back, how can I not be in love with her?” Bucky laughed. “I’m not in love with her Steve, but she helped me. Without her it could have taken forever for me to come back, or maybe never. 

“She spoke about me, huh?”

“She did, a lot,” Bucky groaned good-naturedly. “You could hear it you know? The love in her voice whenever she spoke about you. I’ve never heard anyone speak about anyone like that.”

“I screwed it up Buck.”

Bucky shook his head and clasped a hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezed for a moment and returned his arm back to his side. “The love that she had for you is the kind of love that can last forever.” Bucky pulled out his wallet and pulled out two pictures. “She gave me this when I started remembering her,” he passed the first picture.

Steve looked at the image and he felt his heart clench. It was him, pre-serum and Bucky standing with ice cream cones in his hand standing somewhere in New York. “Look at the back.” Steve flipped the photo and saw (Y/N)’s familiar handwriting. On the back of the photograph it said: ‘This is one of Steve’s favourite moments with you. Look at this Bucky, remember this. Come back to Steve. Come back to your best friend.’ 

“She’s a bit pushy,” Bucky commented. “Really bossy.”

Steve laughed heavily, his throat closing up with emotion. “What’s the other photo?” 

Bucky hesitantly passed it to him, “I got this during one of her last visits. A guard came to check on me, she was almost caught. While I helped her hide, I may or may not have picked it from her pocket.” 

Steve looked at the second photo, this time a more modern one. It was him and (Y/N). Specifically him and (Y/N) on the couch, his head laying on her lap. He was looking up at her with a smile on his face, while she looked down at him with an equally great smile. Steve flipped the photo over. This time his heart hurt more than ever, he couldn’t help the tears streaming down his face, nor did he do anything to wipe them away. 

Bucky watched as Steve traced the photo and the writing over and over again. He watched as his best friend cry at what he lost. He knew the feeling, he knew what lost felt like. But then, he also knew that if someone believes enough in you, you can come back. 

“You’ll get her back.”

“Thanks, Buck.” 

“Anytime, pal.”

As Steve laid down on his bed, he carefully looked at the photo again, tracing their faces, her face. He turned off his light and cradled the photograph to his chest. As he fell asleep, his heart and mind echoed the words etched on the back of the photo. ‘My heart. My equal. My soul. My love.’


“It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

Draco rolled his eyes while he brushed his hair out of his face with the back of his hand.

“I’m going to ignore that unhelpful comment.” He narrowed his eyes and examined his work. It really was far from perfect. Why wouldn’t the stupid icing cooperate?

“It looks nice.”

Draco put his hands on his hips, momentarily forgetting they were covered in flour, and scowled.

“Nice,” he repeated. “Thanks, Potter. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear after spending five hours on this thing.”

Potter sighed and put a hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It looks lovely. Well, maybe a bit scary, but… it’s a cute dragon.”

Draco felt his cheeks heat up and he slapped Potter’s hand away.

“It’s not a dragon, you imbecile!”

Potter blinked.

“Oh. Um… it’s a nice… hippogriff?”

“Why would I want it to look like something that nearly killed me?”

This time, it was Potter who rolled his eyes.

“It didn’t. Not even nearly. You really need to get over it.”

Draco snorted and picked up the piping bag. Writing something on the cake with this was so much harder than he had anticipated. And Potter watching him wasn’t exactly helping.

Maybe he shouldn’t have used so many colours to ice the cake. The writing was barely legible. This was such a mess. But he didn’t have time to start over. Frustrated, he threw the piping bag on the table.

“Why am I so bad at this?”

Draco hated being bad at something. Anything.

He felt two arms encircle his hips and Potter’s body pressing against his from behind. He rested his chin on Draco’s shoulder and kissed his cheek.

“Why didn’t you use magic?” he asked timidly.

You don’t need magic to do this,” Draco said quietly. “I wanted to do something like that for him, too.”

Potter said nothing to that but squeezed Draco’s hips more tightly.

“When did you become so sentimental?”

“Shut up, Potter,” Draco said and shoved him with his elbow. He glanced at the cake and sighed. “It’s a unicorn,” he said. “Well, it’s supposed to be a unicorn.” He reached inside his pocket and pointed his wand at the cake. Before he could say the incantation, Potter grabbed his hand and lowered it.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m fixing it,” Draco said, turning around to him.

“But you wanted to do this without magic,” Potter pointed out.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say that was a complete failure.”

Potter shook his head and cupped Draco’s cheek.

“Draco, it’s his first birthday. He won’t care what it looks like. He’ll probably destroy the cake within seconds as soon as you let him near it.”

“Oh, so you’re saying I did all of this for nothing?” Draco huffed. Potter smiled.

“On the contrary. I’m just saying it doesn’t have to be perfect. It will be perfect for him no matter what.”

Draco snorted, his cheeks getting warm again, but this time, it wasn’t from anger.

“Merlin, you are such a sop!”

Potter grinned at him and kissed the tip of his nose.

“And you like that about me.”

Draco couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah, I guess I’m a lost cause.” He paused and looked at the cake again.

“Do you really think he’ll like it?”

“Teddy will love it. And we’ll take lots of pictures, so he’ll always remember his perfect first birthday.”

Draco snorted again.

“Soppy,” he muttered under his breath.

“Good soppy?” Potter asked, winking at him.

Draco chuckled and leaned in to give Potter a swift kiss.

“Good soppy.”

Unpopular opinion

In all honesty, I think it’s Naruto that needed that “redemption” travel journey. Or rather, maybe I shouldn’t say redemption…more so “self-reflection/self-discovery” journey. 

By the end of Naruto, I was really hoping Naruto would go with Sasuke so that he could see that there was so much more out there than Konoha. It never made sense for Sasuke to be the one to go on this “life changing” journey because he already knew. He had always looked at things as a bigger picture while Naruto thought solely of Konoha but that’s not good enough, that’s not nearly good enough. 

Lots of people headcanon Naruto and Sasuke traveling together because it would have made sense that way. I always imagined Sasuke taking Naruto to places he’d been and the two of them would scope out places ruined by the war and work to rebuild those places, especially small, non shinobi villages. And through that journey, Naruto would finally let go of his unrealistic attachment to Konoha. He’d grow to truly understand Sasuke and vice versa. They’d change the outside world together before finally coming back to Konoha to clean up the shit their predecessors left behind and turn it into a village that’s worth something more than just being built on dirty politics and innocent blood. And once that’s done with, they’d go ahead and restore Uzushio and live there in peace with the stray orphans probably left behind after the war. 

The Only Exception


Requested: no but a little angst never hurt anyone. also shoutout to Emily for being awesome. 

Word count: 3,021

Originally posted by fearless-man

Shawn was the kind of guy that on the outside seemed like such an innocent boy, but those who actually knew him, knew that was the biggest fake facade you could ever come across. 

I couldn’t count how many girls he had slept with only using my ten fingers. I couldn’t keep up with the names of the girls that had walked out of our front door after a night out and I surely couldn’t keep track on how many girls, he snuck in late at night when he thought I was already sleeping. 

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One in a Million

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Can you write a short where Seb abd Bucky are in the same universe and they meet. But the reader is dating one of them and hangs out with the other one then her bf gets jealous at the end with fluff please?? Requested by Anonymous

Word Count:1,816

Warnings: Language, Mention of Alzheimer, Tiny Angst, Fluff

A/N: And Happy Birthday Sebby! This is probably not what you had in mind, but it’s what I came up with. I don’t write rpf so Seb is not a Stan ;) I made that gif, you’re welcome to use it.

“Babe?” you called out to Bucky once you noticed him. You were supposed to meet at your favourite coffee shop for lunch and your boyfriend was standing at the hand-off counter, patiently waiting for his cup of coffee.

When he didn’t turn around, you walked over to him and slid your arms around his waist. You didn’t notice how the man tensed and straightened himself up. You nuzzled his neck and placed a soft kiss on his jawline.

“Um, you cut your hair?” The man gave you a little shove and you took a step back to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

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Good Catch

Good Catch
Ship: Baseball!Jimin | Mascot!Reader
Description: Jimin had a crush on you, the team mascot, for as long as you started working with him, though he was always too shy to confess to you. But maybe the tedious kiss cams can help this batter make a good catch for a change.
Warning: Fluff, Intercourse, Blowjob, Oral, Pretty Fucking Tame Compared to my Other Sin Works
Word Count: 5,229
A/N: OK, so I’ve been dying for Jimin to be in a baseball uniform, and just… what’s cuter than a Baseball player and a Mascot? I wanted something fluffy instead of just straight up sin but I hope you enjoyed the change of this compared to others! I found it sweet.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Derek, master of tight black jeans and tight dark henley's, shows up to a pack meeting wear a soft blush pink sweater and light faded blue jeans and he just looks so soft Stiles wants to touch.

Stiles had learned a lot of things about Derek Hale, Beacon Hills’ very own grumpy werewolf with a dry wit and a heart of gold, over the years of knowing him.

For one, Derek Hale was a nerd behind the walls he had put up to protect himself – his feelings, his heart – after everything he had been through. He owned so many books, that they couldn’t even fit onto the many, many shelves he had put in the loft after he returned to the town the year before.

He had a movie collection that easily beat Stiles’ own, and he could talk for hours and hours about pretty much any historical event. Stiles knew from personal experience, had listened to him go on and on for a seemingly endless time, and he hadn’t been bored for a single second of it.

For another, Derek had incredible, although slightly boring, taste in music. Incredible because the music he did listen to was good and calming. Boring because there wasn’t a lot of variety, the same songs playing on repeat.

Stiles had only complained about it once (okay, maybe three times) but then he’d seen the relaxed expression on Derek’s face while the music filled the loft and he’d promptly stopped.

For a third, Derek had pictures of his family stored away somewhere. None of them were put up when the loft got redecorated, and no one in the pack had asked. Not even Cora.

For a fourth, Derek was a damn good cook and an even better baker. Stiles could eat his own weight in his cooking, probably more than.

For a fifth, Derek was as much of a big brother as he was a little brother. He could tease and annoy in his own way as much as he could protect and glare away anyone coming anywhere near the people he cared about.

For a sixth, Derek looked amazing in dark colors, and his typical tight black jeans and dark henley combo constantly made Stiles drool. Dark colors, Stiles had learned over the years, were Derek’s color. Stiles hadn’t seen him in any actual colors since that one blue shirt that was ruined in a fight all those years ago.

Stiles hadn’t even realized how much he had missed seeing Derek wearing colors. Not until Derek walked in through the door wearing a soft blush pink sweater that fit him perfectly and faded blue jeans that hugged his thighs in all the right places.

So really, he couldn’t be blamed for stopping mid sentence to turn and gape and stare.

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anonymous asked:

While at a hotel the Chocobros and their girlfriends get into a bad argument, the guys say something they regret from anger (like "I don't need you anymore" something angsty as hail) and when their S.O's sneak out of the hotel during the night, the guys freak out? Your blog is awesome by the way

Thank you so much! <3 Things said out of anger can ruin relationships all the time. This is both a fun and unique prompt that I looked very forward to writing.



Noctis dug his fingers in his hair, it had been 4 hours, 4 hours ago, he had yelled at you, over something so stupid.

“Just leave me the hell alone, since I’m not good enough for you, why don’t you just leave.”

The look of hurt, betrayal and sadness that crossed your face, only for you to stand up straight. Staring the man in the eye,

“All right, fine.”

Had he not been so upset, the Prince wouldn’t now be sleeping on the far side of the bed, rolling over to look to you. Maybe he could apologize in the dead of night, and it would help his mind to rest just a little. Only to realize that you weren’t there! Yet he felt you get in the bed.

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I have a lot of feelings for my dad.

Inktober 2017 day 1: The Old Hero

The Way I See You

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers, reality

Summary: Fiction. Dan’s shocked when he realises that Phil’s self-conscious about the way he looks. Apparently Phil doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to be sad when Dan’s around. So Dan takes it upon himself to fix the situation - by complimenting something about Phil’s appearance every day. Trouble is, Dan isn’t very good at hiding his teensy tiny crush on Phil. (Originally written for the phanfic exchange from a prompt from comeonitsphan)

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 11k

A/N: This is the fic I wrote for the phanfic exchange quite a while ago ^_^ It was a really fun experience! I wrote this before the tour happened, so the radio show was still going on. Enjoy the getting together phan schmoop <3

Edited by the lovely OvereducatedAndOverworked, thank you so much for doing this on such short notice! <3

AO3 Link

“I can’t believe you actually said that!”

Dan’s voice was indignant as they crashed through the door into their apartment. He shook his head, a fond smile playing at his lips as he turned to regard his best friend, close behind him as they made for the kitchen.

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Training the Rookie

Originally posted by baellinswithstyles

Hey guys so in all the chaos of the Drabble Challenge, I haven’t posted any longer fics. So here is a Seth fic I’ve been working on for a couple weeks. This one was requested by an anon. Hope you guys like it!

Summary: Reader is a new girl that comes to WWE and Seth is asked to train her by Triple H. Seth isn’t happy about it and is constantly tearing her apart. One day they are working on a move, and he has to stand behind her, and she unknowingly rubs her butt against him. The next day tensions rise, and true feelings come out. ANGST. SMUT.

TAGS: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @nickysmum1909 @mandazord @panda-girl1999  

If you would like to be added to my tag list just let me know!  Or if there are any wrestlers you would like to see more of, hit me up! I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions!

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One Blink or Two

Title: One Blink or Two

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,710

Warning: The feelings are going to hit you like a freight train

A/N: I woke up from a nap and in 4.5 hours I cranked it out and just had to publish it. Sorry for any errors. Enjoy!!

Summary: You are an emergency room nurse receiving a patient from a local care facility. All you’ve been told is that he is a 29 year old male in an unresponsive coma for the last 3 years, and about 20 minutes ago his heart started to race uncontrollably. As the rest of your staff work on getting him transferred to the hospital gurney, start an IV, and getting him hooked up to the heart monitor, you speak with one of the paramedics that brought him in.

Day 1

“Alright, tell me what you know.”

“29 year old male named Dean Winchester. Was in a car accident with his father and brother three years ago. Car versus semi, and he’s the only one to make it. He’s been in a non-responsive coma this entire time. He has a feeding tube, but can breath normally on his own. A nurse said she went in to give him a bed bath and his heart just ‘went nuts’.”

You could tell by the tone of his voice he was leaving something out. “And? What else?”

“Unofficially, that nurse is a bitch. She is one of the meanest people I’ve ever met and we hate having to deal with her when we go there. Knowing her she probably shook him around and roughed him up.”

“Lovely.” You gave him a tight smile and moved back to your patient.

“Dean, my name is Y/N. I’m going to be taking care of you okay.”

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Avengers preference: Silly snapchats to you

Steve:You weren’t quite sure why or how Steve took this photo, you were more concerned about why Bucky was kissing your boyfriend.

Tony: Tony had one of his frequent press conferences which you usually go to, but you had to stay home because you were sick. He misses your support, it always gives him confidence to take the stage.

Bruce: Tony had planned one of his extravagant parties, and Bruce had asked you to go with him. Bruce doesn’t usually use snapchat or social media in general. He sent you an awkward selfie, just to make 100% sure you were good to go that night.

Loki: You teased Loki a lot about how little he knows about human culture. So he sets out to prove you wrong, discovering rock and roll in the process. He sends you a picture taken by Thor to show you he’s at least making an effort!

Pietro: Pietro constantly bombards you with snapchats. His favorite thing is the filters- each morning, you wake up to 50 snaps from him, each with a different filter.

Natasha:Natasha only sends snapchats when she’s bored. She also happens to be the most bored while on missions, so you get a lot of weird pictures of her goofing off while kicking butt.

Having a baby with Remus Lupin would include
  • Telling him you were pregnant for his birthday
  • Him thinking you were joking at first but finally understanding you were not
  • Not so manly tears, lots and lots of hugs and kisses
  • Him being the happiest man on Earth but still terrified your baby would end up having a « furry little problem » too
  • You telling him to stop worrying and that if it happened, you would handle it like bosses because that’s what you were, a team
  • The boys and Lily being so excited when you both told them, immediatly starting to fight to know who the baby would be named after
  • « You stole my man so you could at least name the baby after me Y/N ! » Sirius would tell you
  • Remus and you agreeing on making Sirius the godfather so he would stop whining

Originally posted by couplenotes

  • Remus watching your belly grow day by day, whispering sweet things to your future baby while you would play with his hair
  • Him being overprotective during all your pregnancy and insisting on doing all the chores
  • « I hope he will have his mother’s smile, because I love it. » he would say, « What if it’s a she ? » you would laugh « … it can be a she ?! »
  • Preparing the future baby’s room together, and Remus being very clumsy would surely hurt himself trying to build the bed and the rest on his own
  • Laughing so hard at his overdramatic reaction « I think I broke my nose with that stupid shelf, that’s not funny Y/N »

Originally posted by alevay

  • Finally, you would give birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl
  • Remus wanting her middle name to be Hope, like his mother
  • Remus first being petrified, overwhelmed by too much happiness to think straight
  • Him not knowing how to touch her because he would be scared to do something wrong and hurt her
  • Your babygirl crying whenever he would leave the room and touching the scars on his face with her tiny fingers, making the both of you smile
  • Lily and James giving you a dreamcatcher as a present, Peter offering a small pair of shoes and Sirius shyly handing you a stuffed animal that looked more like a potato than anything else
  • « I made it myself, it’s me as Padfoot. I know it looks a bit weird but I did my best… »
  • It would be the only toy your daughter wanted, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it
  • Remus singing her to sleep, making you fall in love with him a little more everytime

Originally posted by loversareeverywhere

  • Living in a small and cozy house in the middle of nowhere, but not that far from Sirius and James and Lily’s place
  • Remus changing her diapers for the first time
  • He would pass out
  • Sleeping together, your daughter between the two of you on the bed
  • Remus watching you both sleep peacefully, finally feeling home and truly loved
  • During his first Full Moon since you became parents, he would go as far from your home as possible, the boys coming with him as animagi like when you were at Hogwarts
  • You being relieved when he would come back safe, helping him healing his wounds before going to bed and cuddling
  • You would still have your little moments, just the two of you while Sirius would play the role of the babysitter (he loved it)
  • « Who’s gonna have the best time of her life with uncle Sirius while mommy and daddy make you a little bro ? Yes baby that’s you. »

Originally posted by in-da-tardis

  • Your first Christmas as a family, wearing horrible Christmas pullovers and secretly liking it
  • Decorating the Christmas tree together, your daughter on Remus’ shoulders putting a little star on top of it
  • Spending wintery nights by the fireplace
  • Taking a lot of pictures and filling many albums with them
  • Sirius secretely trying to make her say his name as her first word, and he would succeed
  • Remus being in shock when she would say « Sirius » before « daddy » or anything else
  • Having a snowball fight with him as a revenge, while you watched the two young men from the inside of your house with your little girl in your arms
  • Just being happy
  • Being home
  • Being a family

I’m sorry I had to delete it and post it again ! 

Because Remus as a dad is just too good, thanks for requesting anon, I hope you like it.xx

I just hit 70 followers, you guys are amazing. Credits to the gifs owners/makers.

Link to my last Remus would include.