he had a heart after all


Excuse my enthusiasm, but I am VERY PASSIONATE about the following page.



THIS page right here takes place not long after the hospital disaster. The page BEFORE shows Yato’s call with Hiyori ending; she had been talking about how her brother was home for the first time in ages. After ending the call, Yato said “only people can save other people…” with that beautiful happy-sad look he so often gets. It drives itself RIGHT into my FUCKING HEART - because Yato is REALIZING that his role as a god might not be to interfere directly with people’s lives.

So why is THIS one my favorite, and not THAT one?

Well, it’s obvious. Blatantly so.

Character development.

We all know how Yato was raised. Depending constantly on his Father’s praise for emotional stamina. Depending on praise in general for emotional stamina.

What I’m saying is, Yato as a kid would have been torn apart to see Hiyori frantically hanging up, because she had a family to eat with. He would’ve been upset that she seemingly chose them over him. That he was going to be pushed to the back of her mind.

But look at current Yato.

He’s okay with this. He’s okay with it because. as I said, he’s realizing he doesn’t have to be there. Hiyori is happy! She’s getting better! And although that is partly thanks to his interference, it’s still her friends and family that pulled her back up the rest of the way.

Yato, the aspiring god of fortune, has realized that he can stand on the sidelines and people can still achieve happiness.

This ties into my dream ending for Noragami. I want Hiyori to be cut off from the far shore. No memories, no emotional connection, nothing. I want her to live her life with only her human friends and family. But I want Yato, the Fortune God that is steadily gaining popularity, to be okay with that. I want him to know that he needs only to cut away any phantoms that plague her or her family, keep her safe, watch over her from a distance. It would be a bit bittersweet, but I honestly think Yato (and Yukine) keeping Hiyori as happy as possible without interfering directly - until she dies at an old, ripe age - to be a much better ending than something vague, or knowing that she’ll die with her emotional connection with them in tact. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why this is my favorite page thus far in the entire Noragami series. 

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Do you have any facts about Robert Gould Shaw?

Someone… wants… to know… about my longest history crush?? I love this man with all my heart (ALL) even my blog title is a mention towards him?? Because I love him so much!! But here are a bunch of facts about his beautiful beautiful guy:

  • Robert Gould Shaw had eighty-five first cousins (McFeely 2)
  • Robert was a HUGE mama’s boy.
  • After being sent to boarding school at the age of thirteen he hated it, he hated his teachers because they “scolded [him]… because [he] didn’t do something [his teacher] didn’t tell [him] to do…” He was so terribly homesick that he cried in front of his classmates and was very embarrassed. He even ran away twice. 
  • He played the violin, piano and did theater.
  • Once at a “fancy-ball” in February 1855, Shaw shaved his blond beard and dressed as a woman. He “made such fools” of his friends, none of who recognized him until he spoke. Basically all his friends thought he was a girl and hit on him until he revealed himself. (McFeely 9)
  • Robert grew to be 5′5 in height and looked a lot like to his two sisters (whom he was close to). 
  • He confided in his letters about how upset he was at how short he was and that he was not growing anymore. 
  • When going to Harvard, he played football and regularly got beaten up by larger, taller players. (McFeely 12)
  • During the Civil War, he lost many of his close friends including Theodore Winthrop. He lost friends at Cedar, South Mountains, Antietam and Gettysburg. He felt guilt for Theodore’s death because he himself hadn’t been hurt yet and he’d been in the army for twenty months and Theodore was only in the army for a month when he died.  
  • He marched with a descendant of Alexander Hamilton, Philip Schuyler (1836-1906).
  • [Excerpt from a letter sent on November 25th, 1861: “…Often the latter sit round the fire and talk till you get perfectly sick of hearing them and wish every one of their Yankee noses were cut off. Instead of getting accustomed to the Yankee twang it becomes more and more disagreeable to me, and everything I hear a “What sayyyyy?” (every two minutes) I want to go out & kick them all round.”
  • At a party held by his sisters Susanna, he met his future wife Annie Haggerty. That night he decided she would be his “young woman”. 
  • Shaw had photos taken of him which he sent to his mother and got embarrassed when he took those photos and flaunted them around to the girl he was interested in. 
  • He began to teach himself how to write with his left hand in case his right hand had to get amputated one day. 
  • One time, he was shot by a bullet and didn’t even know he had been shot until he was undressing and found a bullet in his pocket watch that gave him just a small bruise. He lived only because he put a pocket watch in the direct place where the bullet nearly killed him. 
  • He also nearly died at the Battle of Antietam when a battle passed through the side of his neck. 
  • [excerpt from one of his letters] “I went to comb my hair, it was all frozen up”
  • Robert Gould Shaw is an important figure of American history and the American Civil War because he was the first to command an all black regiment of soldiers–the 54th Massachusetts. 
  • After he saw his mother for the last time he went into the backroom and cried. 
  • His reputation was slightly ripped when his regiment was commanded by General Montgomery to burn down the down the town of Darien, Georgia–to which Shaw refused but was forced too and received the blame for it. 
  • Before his death at Fort Wagner at the age of only twenty-five, Shaw confided to his second in command, Hallowell, that be believed that he would die in the forthcoming battle. He had this fear of death but got over this fear just before the battle occurred. He told Hallowell, “If I could only live a few weeks longer with my wife, and be at home a little while, I might die happy, but it cannot be. I do not believe I will live through our next fight.”
  • On the charge of Fort Wagner, 1863, Shaw made it to the top of the parapet before a confederate bullet killed him and he fell first into the fort. In his last moments, he waved his sword around, urged his men forward shouting, “Forward 54th!”
  • The Fort’s commander, General Gohnson Hagood, ordered Shaw’s body to be striped and thrown into a ditch with his men and then shoveled sand over him and his fallen men. They refused to return the body back to his family even though it was asked and Shaw’s father remarked that they would have no place other for him to buried than with his men. 
  • His last later is signed off simply as “Rob”, something he hadn’t done in any of his previous letters. 

Bruce found himself falling in love with Selina only after a few dates. It terrified him. Sensing this, Alfred bought Bruce to his father’s study. Looking at the picture of the Wayne family, Alfred said to him: “Your father always believed love changed people. Little did he know he know how strong the bond of love would be when he met your mother. If your father had not followed his heart, he would not have met his best friend.” Bruce smiled when he heard it.


Request: Hi first of all i’m obsessed with all your fics. Second, i had this great idea for a fic but i suck at writing but anyway this would be a cool fic… Kylo and reader develop and a force bond and find out reader has force healing but it’s not really strong… UNTIL starkiller is being blown up and she has to save him and she plunges her hand through his ribcage to restart his heart. idk just super like blood/hot/fluffy force bond after UGH and he’s so impressed like

A/N: I didn’t really add the whole blood/hot part, I kind of made it a bit angsty and fluffy so I hope you don’t mind! It’s a bit cheesy towards the end but it made sense. Thank you and enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.8K+

It had easily been a good handful of years since you first joined the First Order, although you were just as new as Kylo was to the organization, you weren’t at such a high rank. Like Kylo, you were trained under Snoke. Unlike Kylo, you had been with the dark side for as long as you could remember.

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For the headcannon thing: Chat Noir

Headcanon A: what I think realistically

I headcanon that he spends a lot of extra time on patrol or as Chat Noir because he’s really seeing Paris rather than the superficial view through the camera lens he’s had to live in all his life. 

Headcanon B: what I think is hilarious

I headcanon that his mother introduced him to Sailor Moon and that he got so obsessed with it and he wouldn’t exit his weeb phase. He literally posed in Sailor Moon’s pose during a couple of photoshoots and Gabriel went ballistic. 

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

I headcanon that Adrien absolutely spiraled after his mother disappeared. Depression, anxiety, the whole nine yards. He actually debated whether it was worth going on, and he constantly blames himself for her disappearance. 

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon 

I headcanon that Adrien had a ton of model friends who he used to be really close with, but now doesn’t talk to very often. When they start talking again, he ends up getting Marinette to become close with them through a strange aspiring designer-rising model bond. 

Headcanon ask!

there’s a tradition at the Boise Poetry Slam’s slam of steel that when the host comes back up to the performing area after someone’s finished a poem, they say the poem is about something that it was definitely not about. i had some pretty good ones last night:

  • “that was a poem about how one time when Matt Damon went to a Prince concert, then went backstage after and asked Prince if he still lived in Minnesota and Prince replied with ‘i live inside my own heart, Matt Damon’.”
  • “that was a poem about how this past winter i started watch Friends all the way through for the first time, but then i decided to take a break from it to watch The People vs. OJ Simpson, and i discovered that David Schwimmer plays Robert Kardashian in it and it was the weirdest TV experience of my life.” 
  • “that was a poem about when cats come up to you and you scratch their chins and they make that cute little happy smile.” (while i was saying this i was scratching my own chin) 
  • and then in the second round a kid did a poem that he had prefaced with “this was going to be for a friend but she didn’t show up”, and it turned out to be a promposal and i was legit tearing up so all i could say was “i have absolutely no idea what that poem was about”. 

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Hi first of all i'm obsessed with all your fics. Second, i had this great idea for a fic but i suck at writing but anyway this would be a cool fic... Kylo and reader develop and a force bond and find out reader has force healing but it's not really strong... UNTIL starkiller is being blown up and she has to save him and she plunges her hand through his ribcage to restart his heart. idk just super like blood/hot/fluffy force bond after UGH and he's so impressed like

posted, thank you!

compliments - zach dempsey

word count: 1.245

warnings: none i think???? romance lmao

plot: you decide to brighten up zach’s day with a few compliments in his bag

a/n: i just wanted to write something quick and cute so here

part 2

The class emptied seconds after the dismissive bell rang. The previous silence that reigned over the halls was now shattered by hundreds of voices, hundreds of footsteps hitting the ground.

Usually, you’d be out of the classroom in the blink of an eye but for some reason, on this particular day, you took your sweet time placing your notebook and pens in their designated bag.

That slowness resulted in you seeing something unexpected.

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  • You: goro akechi is a terrible irredeemable character and you're horrible for liking him!
  • Me, an intellectual: Goro Akechi is an incredibly complex character who has had to put up with a lifetime of abuse and made some extremely bad, reckless decisions in his life that I doubt anyone approves of. He has an obsession with praise and acknowledgement that lead him to working with Shidou and ended up getting himself trapped there for two and a half years. There is evidence to suggest that he was heavily mentally ill and regretted his actions, especially after he found out that he could steal hearts instead of killing people. He did not have someone to guide him like the Thieves had Morgana. Yes, he is a perpetrator and I am not denying that, but he is also a victim as well who was blinded by his own selfishness, and was played by every side (Shidou, the Thieves, and Yaldabaoth all used him as a pawn) and, after some coercion, near-willingly payed the price. He's a warning, an example of what the Thieves could have been and he is my favorite character due to the complexity of his character and role in the plot, flaws and all.
  • You: ...
  • You: i can't read suddenly i dont know

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Top 10 surprise visits to each other while they're living apart ^^

 I’m going to have to cut this down to 5 because the majority of their trips to see each other were planned well in advanced to give them both things to look forward to and also because they tended to stay for a long time when they had the chance and needed to plan ahead for it. But there were a few very spontaneous trips before they eventually moved in together. There were several ‘just deciding to fly over for the weekend a few days before’ types (being a well-paid athlete has its perks) but here are the 5 best:

Top 5 Surprise Visits To Each Other While They’re Living Apart:

5) One time after one of their regular extended Skype sessions when Viktor was helping teach Yuuri Russian, Yuuri told him ‘You know, I’d really love to be able to practice my Russian in the country itself’ and Viktor got all heart-eyed like ‘you know you can come and visit me whenever you want’ and Yuuri just smiled and held up the plane tickets he had just bought like ‘I know, I’m flying out tonight’

4) During one of the longer periods apart Yuuri started to really, really miss Viktor and it was making him feel really down and insecure. Viktor picked up on it straight away and the next day Yuuri ended up crying to him on the phone like ‘I’m sorry for crying but I just really miss you’ and Viktor told him to ‘open the door’ and he was standing outside Yuuri’s apartment with a bunch of roses after taking the first flight to Detroit  

3) At the Four Continents after chapter 14 (so about a month or two after the GPF). Yuuri had come to watch Viktor at the Russian nationals but they had agreed that the dates of the Europeans and the Four Continents were cutting it too close for Viktor to be able to make it to cheer Yuuri on in return. Naturally Viktor showed up anyway, much to Yuuri’s surprise and delight and Yakov’s exasperation (he didn’t mind really though because Viktor was happier than Yakov had ever seen him before and that was what he cared about most).

2) At their six month anniversary Viktor planned in secret with Phichit to surprise Yuuri. Yuuri came home from training that day to find a note from Phichit on the door saying that he would be gone for the weekend and to have fun and when Yuuri walked into his bedroom Viktor was lying on his bed waiting for him (There were rose petals involved and very minimal clothing. It was very cliché but Yuuri loved it anyway. After he finished laughing). Phichit actually decided to stay away for a week just to be safe.

1) After the GPF in chapter 14 they spent a lot of time calling/skyping each other and making plans but they were still trying to work out how to do long distance until everything settled down and none of the plans were confirmed yet. But that didn’t stop Yuuri from flying out to surprise Viktor by showing up to give him a good luck kiss at the rink-side during the Russian Nationals, prove to the world/Russia that Viktor was his and he was Viktor’s and stay for Viktor’s birthday. They celebrated together in St Petersburg and Yuuri officially met all of Viktor’s rink-mates for the first time.

YOI Fic Rec Masterlist!

Now, I appreciate that this is not going to be the best most put together list of all time, it’s more of a personal archive of things Ive enjoyed over time. I’ll likely add more as I go. 

Unwritten – Kaizuka

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.


Until My Feet Bleed And My Heart Aches – Reiya

‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.


Of Bright Stars And Burning Hearts – Reiya

Viktor doesn’t remember the first time he met Yuuri Katsuki.

This however, is what Viktor does remember…

 Part 2 of the Rivals series and companion fic to ‘Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches’. One small change alters the course of both Viktor and Yuuri’s entire lives, throwing them into a bitter rivalry that spans across many years and creates a world where they both tell a very different side to the story.


You Can’t Plan For Everything – RivDeV

Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.


On My Love – RikoJasmine

For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

Yuuri often thinks of his life as Before and After Viktor Nikiforov, the marking point being the day Viktor swept into his life and turned his world upside-down. After many years together, an accident leads to Yuuri suddenly waking up in the Before—back in Detroit, before the GPF, before he ever knew Viktor as anything other than his childhood idol.

As if it had all been just a dream.


 Winter Song – Proantagonist

The set of Yuuri’s mouth softened into a private smile as Victor squeezed his knee beneath the table. His hands were bare, free from the gloves he so often wore when they were together on the rink, and the heat of his palm burned straight through the denim of Yuuri’s jeans. He slipped his own hand beneath the table and found Victor’s. Hidden from sight, their fingers began to flirt and play. A secret conversation all their own that needed no words.

Yuuri was aware that at some point—a moment in time he couldn’t quite place—Victor had become his boyfriend.

There wasn’t a single instant when it happened. It was a slow awareness, as if Victor had silently been asking the question for months now, and Yuuri had been giving him the answer a little more with each passing day.


Victor Effing Nikiforov –shysweetthing

AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

Basically this is an excuse for total fluff. And porn. And shit-talking with bonus smut. (Edited for accuracy.) Happy birthday, Victor.


Victor turned back to him, supernova smile in place once more. “I really, really like you. Promise you’ll still dance with me at the banquet if you take gold this time around.”

Yuuri stared at the man. He looked at their entwined hands—he hadn’t wanted to pull away—and their thighs, pressed together despite there being plenty of room in the backseat of the cab. That scent of Victor’s cologne—just a dab, lightly applied somewhere on his neck—swirled around him. This was too real to be a dream, too physical for him to have imagined it.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri said slowly. “But…have we talked before?”


I know my madness – astoryaboutwar

It’s hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player.

(In which Yuuri doesn’t blow the Grand Prix Finals the first time round, does blow Victor, and everything changes but ends up the same.)


Katsuki_fc Wrote – tetsurashian

Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t.

(aka a social media fic)


Centripetal Force – Braveten

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.


Maelstorm – Feelslikefire

Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.

(Or, the time loop au. Loosely based on Groundhog Day.)


Omerta – Kashoku

Minako had said he was a blessing - that his pockets were deep and Yuuri was lucky to have caught his eye.

But Viktor Nikiforov was a curse, and Yuuri finds himself trapped in a world of blood and death where it takes violence to mend what is broken.


Shared Gravity –Phoenixwaller

Yuri Katsuki doesn’t advertise his alpha status, in fact he’d rather it be relatively unknown. He feels that he’s never fit the stereotype, and is much happier blending into the background. However, much to his dismay, his alpha instincts are awakened one summer morning.

At first he’s angry, believing that his new coach, Victor Nikiforov, has brought back an omega in heat for a day of passion. But when he intrudes to order the couple to a safer location he learns the truth. Victor, the most decorated male figure skater ever, has his own secret.

From there an inexplicable gravity grows between them, their shared secrets pulling them together in ways that both learn to cherish.


Nerve Endings – Phyona

When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance.


Call Everything On The Ice… - shysweetthing

Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn’t tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly.

(The subtitle of this fic should be: Victor Nikiforov really needs a hug. Luckily, he gets one. Eventually.)


“No,” Victor says, skating up to Yuuri on the ice, “you have to push all the way from here, or you’ll never get the height you need for that axel.” He sets his hand on Yuuri’s ass, tracing the muscle group he’s referring to. “Not here.” He taps Yuuri’s thigh. He doesn’t know the words for the muscles in English, only knows how to show him.

Yes, technically he’s grabbing Yuuri’s ass, but how else is he to communicate?


When ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) – lilithiumwords

Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.


Please Have Mercy On Me – all_those_big_ass_trees

Viktor’s been living with Yuuri for a month now, but Yuuri is still not used to him. But Viktor is a good teacher, and Yuuri is a good student.
*This fic is basically about the development of their relationship with each other which begins as a crazy crush then turns into something serious, something real. Sooner or later, they have to deal with problems as well. Angst, fluff, and porn… lot of porn.


My Name On Your Lips – Feelslikefire

Yuuri Katsuki has been betrothed to the High King’s son, Victor, since he was just a child; furthermore, as an omega, he’s forbidden from practicing magic in combat. For years, he’s been able to put off the former because the Prince was traveling abroad, and gotten around the latter by practicing with his mentor in secret.

Now Victor Nikiforov has finally returned home, and Yuuri is being summoned to the capital for their wedding. He needs a plan to put off marriage long enough to find a way to break the betrothal, while keeping his practicing from being discovered.

If only the Prince didn’t have other ideas.

(Or, the swords-and-sorcery arranged marriage AU. Updates weekly.)


A Silhouette Of Three – Anna

Yuuri and Viktor are aiming for a third consecutive Grand Prix gold as the new skating season rolls around. Halfway through the qualifiers, however, Yuuri realises that he’s pregnant. He can either tell Viktor, who he knows would freak out and demand that he withdraw from the Grand Prix, or he can keep his mouth shut, keep his mate at bay, and win the gold that he’s worked so hard for.

Easier said than done.


Twenty-Five Hours - olizzybenneto 

In which Yuuri spends a 25 hour flight next to Victor Nikiforov, skating legend, and feels it might simultaneously be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him.


All Eyes on Me - Kizuna_Auri 

Yuuri, under the username of Eros, is a size queen omega who most certainly does not have an obsession with fellow camboy and legendary silver-haired alpha Aria. Just like Phichit is not the most meddlesome roommate known to man.


The Boyfriend Experience - Cryingoverspilledvodka 

Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin.


For The Camera - Noon30ish 

In which Yuuri becomes a pornstar and is ‘training’ under the one and only, the Living Legend, Vitya.

Or the fic where, for Yuuri, sex comes first and love comes after.


The “Real” Viktor Nikiforov - thishasbeencary 

So, fine, maybe Yuuri’s a little bored and lonely when he likes a dating profile claiming to be Viktor Nikiforov. And, maybe, he’s a little pathetic when he gets excited when the account messages him almost immediately after. And, he’s definitely stupid for falling in love with someone pretending to be his idol, but he can’t help it. It’s not like it’s the real Viktor Nikiforov, anyway. He knows someone is catfishing him, but he still falls ridiculously in love.


Shape Of You - ViktorBunny 

Yuri is moving to St. Petersburg and Victor is far too excited to show him everything and spoil his Katsudon on his home turf.


An Intangible Force of Motion - doeinstinct 

The new season is in full-swing, and Viktor is realizing just how much work it is to coach and compete, but the exhilaration is worth it. The pain in his leg is probably just from overworking. Probably.
(Or the post-season one continuation fic no one really asked for.)


Beyond The Blue Horizon - HikarisDream

It was perfect. There was no music, no sound whatsoever, only Yuuri, dancing in front of him, toes sinking into the deliciously soft carpet, his movements fluent even off the ice and his eyes sparkling while he tried to show to Victor what his words had lacked to convey, making him hear the melody with his eyes while he watched every small gesture, every delicate step. It was all there on open display; their love unfolding for everyone to see.

Victor Nikiforov is back in competitive skating with Yuuri finally meeting him on the same ice. Victuuri. Post-Canon. BoyxBoy Rated M for smut. Lots of Fluff


Those Three Words - azriona

Their one night of passion in Sochi left Victor Nikiforov with a bit more of a souvenir than either he or Yuuri Katsuki bargained for. Oops?


Like A Fairytale - lucycamui 

In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his 'Cinderella’ Yuuri.
(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).

“The crown prince of the Nikiforov kingdom, infatuated with a mystery pastry chef he’s only just met. This is exactly the kind of scandalous love story my life has been missing… So, what’s he look like? What exactly is Prince Victor’s type?”


“Well, he does make pastries.“


And for the sake of it, my own fics: 

Call Him Yuurichka 

Yuuri wakes up in the arms of Viktor, who happens to be muttering a certain pet name in his sleep.

Smuttiness ensues.


Viktuuri with a Dash of Sinnamon 

The kink is strong in this one. 


Katsudon! That’s what Eros is to me! 

Yuuri wasn’t kidding when he said katsudon was his Eros… (crackfic) 


The Start Of Life 

After winning a bet, Yuuri had been overjoyed that he’d managed to avoid having a large, celebrity style wedding, in exchange for allowing Viktor to plan and have full control over their honeymoon. Yuuri had been mentally preparing himself for flamboyant luxury, only to land up in a ‘middle of nowhere’ town in provincial Russia.

“This was what you wanted to show me?”

“Yes!” He jumped on the spot. “Oh Yuuri, you don’t understand. This is where I learnt to skate!”


Love Bite 

"Viktor, it seemed, was enjoying Yuuri’s fluster. “Now Yuuri, that’s no nice way to ask. You wounded me! You may as well stake me right now! Though, it seems I’m the one staking you right now…”

Yuuri, to his own surprise, found himself laughing. Hundreds of years on this planet, and Viktor Nikiforov, his immortal boyfriend, had just punned him before taking his virginity.”

Or, Viktor and Yuuri’s first time with a vampire twist


The Hulk’s Daughter

Originally posted by hamilll

Peter Parker x Reader

The Hulk’s Daughter

Warnings: None?

Author: Morgan

Prompt: What about you being like a new avenger (and working in the lab wit father figure Bruce) and you “meet” the others for the first time at the party

Note: I took some creative liberties here…hope you don’t mind. I’ve been in a super Peter Parker mood lately, so, here ya go. Also, I’m not dead, and I think this will serve as the first of like seven-ish fics in what I call: The Morgan Reniassance.

Being a high school student was tough. Being a high school student and a student intern at the Avengers’ Tower? Tougher yet. And being a superhero on top of it all…you didn’t know how the hell you fit in time for homework, but somehow you managed. Luckily for you, it was spring break now, so you kind of had time to chill and catch up on everything you were falling behind on.

“Hey (Y/N), would you mind passing me the file over there?” Bruce Banner, your kind of sort of father figure asked, motioning across your station to a file detailing the new pieces of tech Tony had whipped up in his free time.

“Yep, no prob.” You slid it down to him. He pushed up his glasses and nodded appreciatively. You took a long sip from your mug of coffee. You hadn’t even liked it that much, but it was kind of a necessity in the lab.

“So…” Bruce smirked a little bit. “Tony’s throwing a party tonight.”

“I don’t know if I can go…you know, I have like three packets of Algebra homework to catch up on.”

“He’s not going to take that as an excuse and you know it.”

“Ughhhh, I know.”

“I think he wants you to finally meet Spiderman.”

“Wait.” This changed everything. “Spiderman is going to be there?”

“Little crush, huh?”

“W-what? Pfft, no.” Yes. “There is no way I have a crush on Spiderman.” Yes you did. “That’s ridiculous.” No. It really wasn’t.

“Don’t worry. He’s a nice kid.” Bruce removed a gear from the little bot in his hand with a pair of tweezers and then replaced it. “And I heard he has a little bit of a crush on Galactic Girl, if my sources are right.”

“OhmyGodreally?!” Your eyes glowed pink for the shortest second and you nearly fell off of your stool. “I mean, cool. That’s cool. I guess. Maybe I could meet him. Or something.”

“Okay, but if he breaks your heart, I’ll break him.”

“Okay Dad,” you smirked. He smiled. Dad. A title he never thought he would hold. And yet, here he was with this teenager who had latched onto him. And he couldn’t have been happier.


You walked into the party wearing a pink shirt and galaxy leggings. You had put on more makeup than usual, and you were accompanied by Tony and Bruce, one on each arm.

“And this is Wanda and Pietro and you already know Nat.” Tony introduced. “Ladies and Speedy, meet the newbie.”

“Nice to meet you,” Wanda offered her hand. Pietro smirked, Natasha smiled. You were in awe. You had heard so much about these people, and here they were, dressed in street clothes and making small talk.

“And this is Capsicle and his USO girls.” Tony motioned to Captain America himself, who was standing beside Sam and Bucky.

“Ha. Very funny.” Sam chuckled and shook his head.

“Welcome to the team, (Y/N).” Steve saluted.

“T-thank you.”

“Don’t pass out.” Bruce muttered.

“I’m trying.” You replied through an awestruck smile. And yet, the more people you were introduced to, the more it became obvious that the reason you were here…wasn’t here yet.

“Spider Boy is on his way.” Tony read a message on his phone, and not even thirty seconds later, the red-clad young super hero was clinging to the window. He peered inside for a few seconds before waving awkwardly. Unlike everyone else, he was wearing his uniform.

He climbed into the penthouse, landing on his feet right in front of Tony.

“Sorry I’m late, Mr. Stark. There was a robbery and-”

“Relax, kid. You’re fine.” He motioned to his face. “But uh-”

“Oh. Oh! Right. Sorry.” He tugged off the red mask, releasing a head of tousled brown hair and kind brown eyes. God, he was cute. Waaaaay cuter than you had expected him to be. “You uh, must be the new girl.” He thrust his hand forward. “I’m Peter Man. I mean- Spider Parker. I uh,”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You shook his hand with a grin. “Nice to meet you, Peter.”

“You break her heart, I’ll break you,” Bruce warned with a well-meaning chuckle as he and Tony removed themselves from the conversation.

“So uh, your dad is the Hulk, huh?”

“My adoptive dad, yeah.” You laughed. “He’s awesome. Took me in after I got involved with all of this alien shit. I really don’t know what I’d do without him.” You looked over to Bruce, who was standing at the bar with Tony. “And you’re Tony’s…nephew-ish thing, right?”

“You could say that, yeah.” Peter smiled and chuckled. “I’m um, going to get changed. I swear I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll hold you to that, bug boy.” You smiled. Peter ran off as Nat walked up to you.

“So, you and Parker, huh?”

“What? I just met him.”

“Remember: I know everything.” She winked.

“Right. Of course. How could I forget?”

“Don’t smart mouth me, young lady.” She gave you a playful shove.

“Yes, ma’am.” You playfully shoved her back as Peter walked back into the room, this time wearing a Bill Nye t-shirt with a flannel and some jeans. Somehow, he was even cuter this way. “Here comes your boyfriend.” She walked away before you could retort.

“Much better.” He grinned. You nodded. There was a patch of silence, and then Tony turned on some very loud, very danceable music. Bruce met your eyes and then tilted his head towards the slowly-assembling makeshift dance floor. Peter seemed to get the hint. “Do uh, do you want to dance?”

“S-sure!” You replied. He held out his hand. You stared at it for a second before slipping yours into it.


“So, looks like Parker’s gonna be your son-in-law, huh Brucie?” Nat smirked as she watched you and Peter dance like the dorks you were. It was cute.

“Yeah. He’s a good kid. I’m glad things worked out.”

“Me too. But if he breaks her heart, I’ll break him in half.” Nat smirked.

“You’ll have to get in line.”

The first thing Marinette did after finding out that Chat was Adrien was, in fact, not take the posters and pictures off her walls.

Oh, she thought about it (because, seriously, it was embarrassing, and the second he realized that Marinette was Ladybug and that Marinette was a shameless fangirl he would never let her live it down), but, in the end, she had to stop and just… look at them.

Because that was her silly kitty striking all those ridiculous poses, her silly kitty working hard — her silly kitty working for Gabriel Agreste, and whether he was his child or not, that was impressive as hell.

Looking at them didn’t give her that little punch in the gut anymore, she found. They didn’t make her feel giddy or lightheaded of anything of that sort anymore.

They just made her feel warm.

Hey, she wanted to say — not that she could, or that anyone would listen, but still, look at what my partner did! Isn’t he good?

It also kind of made her want to know what was going through his head in some of them, because she knew him, and knew there was no way he’d be able to pull off some of those expressions without thinking something utterly ridiculous.

On the other hand, there were some that were just so him she couldn’t believe she’d never seen it before. Casual elegance with warm humor and soft smiles — the only expressions she couldn’t seem to find was those absurd(ly charmin— nope, nope, nope, not going there) — absurd grins she loved so much.


Did she say loved? She meant hated, obviously; they were so annoying! He was annoying. No amount of model-level looks could change that. Obviously. She didn’t know what she was thinking!


She found herself going through her collection, a little ache making itself known in the pit of her heart as it became more and more obvious that ‘reserved’ and 'elegant’ were the only sorts of pictures she had.

It hadn’t bothered her before she’d known he was Chat — back when he was more of an unattainable dream than anyone in particular — and to be sure, Chat could be elegant anytime he wanted, but…

It was a little like a cookie without real butter. Still a cookie, no doubt about that, but… something was missing.

Maybe it wasn’t quite so surprising that she’d never made the connection after all.

But, well, missing parts or no, she still had pictures of her dumb kitty all over her walls, intentionally or otherwise, and…


It was embarrassing, but her walls felt almost unbearably lonely as soon as she tried taking them down.

There were worse things to cover one’s space with, she figured.

And then she put them back up.

10 Ways To Say I Love You

Title: 10 Ways To Say I Love You

Summary: Dean says “I love you” every single day. He just doesn’t do it with words.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1248

Warnings: light smut(very light, trust me guys). Fluff, fluff, fluff and fluff.

Author’s Notes: So I was supposed to be working on the second part to “The Promise” (and I’m almost done, guys, I swear) but after a conversation I had with @ravengirl94 last night, this baby happened. It’s entirely written from Dean’s POV (I guess I like doing that *winks*) and it’s in present tense. Frankly, I’ve never done anything like this before but I enjoyed working on it. I hope you all like it. <3 

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

Dean doesn’t like bombasts and balderdashes. He’s never been particularly good with words and has, at times, trouble expressing his feelings. He has, however, a heart that loves overwhelmingly and cares deeply, a heart that bleeds and burns but only grows and flourishes with love for the ones he considers family.

Dean doesn’t usually say I love you. Not because he doesn’t feel it or because he’s embarrassed by the sentiment but because he’s afraid. He’s terrified that the moment he speaks these words the ones he cares about will be taken away from him.

But he does love. He loves Sam. He loves Cas. He loves Y/N, the girl with the bright smile and the Y/E/C eyes that came bursting into his life and made a wonderful mess out of it. And he tells her that much. In fact, he whispers those three words to her every day with his actions.

Dean says I love you with the way he looks at her, soft and intense, green orbs always searching for her in the almost empty rooms of the bunker or in a room full of people. He says it with the way his eyes twinkle when she smiles at him, with the way he always gravitates towards her and everything else just fades away because she’s the only thing that really matters.

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Wrong Place, Right Time.

Request from anon: Hey. Love your writing. Can I request a fic where Reader sleeps naked. Bucky’s so exhausted after a mission he barely can keep his eyes open and doesn’t realize he’s off by a floor, quickly showers, and collapses into bed. Next morning Bucky wakes up with no way to leave the bed without waking Reader. Both of them are mortified when they realize what’s happened but eventually it leads to them revealing they’ve had feelings for each other for a long time. (Smut or fluff, but preferably both). <3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,456

Warnings: Smut, swearing, NSFW, unprotected sex…..anything I have missed let me know!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

It had been the fifth mission in as many days for The Avengers and they were all exhausted; Bucky more so given that he was still having a daily fight with the memories that taunted him 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and so as they all headed to their respective living quarters he attempted to do the same. A feat of which was made more difficult by the fact that it was becoming increasingly harder to keep his eyes open. 

One by one each of the team left the lift and soon enough he was the only one left to reach his room. He turned his attention to the buttons on the panel at the side of the doors – his vision wasn’t exactly his best friend at the moment though so the buttons that would usually be so clear were now completely out of focus for the tired soldier.

The only option he had if he wanted to get any form of sleep tonight was to go on memory and press the one he was sure he usually did.

By the time the lift doors opened he was particularly asleep. His aching body all but fell on the floor as he stumbled over to what he believed to be his room.

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it takes a little while to get used to samwell. it’s slow. chris misses home, the beaches, the sun, his mothers homemade chinese food. there’s no homemade chinese food at samwell.

usually, nursey and dex can tell when he’s homesick. they do things like send him a string of emoji hearts, or bring him coffee from annie’s, or just sit with him, watching netflix or hockey.

once, bitty made char siu for chris. it was nothing like his mother’s, but chris ate it anyway. when nursey found him crying in his room after dinner, he slid into bed with chris and listened to chris tell him about all the food his mom cooked, and how the flavors felt more like home than any place chris had ever been.

the next morning, chris found a piece of notebook paper folded up in one of his sneakers. it was a poem about the taste of missing home. chris taped it on the wall next to his bed.

he is homesick, and that never goes away. missing home is second nature, but eventually it begins to fade.
not because he misses it less, but because he’s found a second home. here, at samwell, with ransom and holster shouting over each other, and shitty’s hugs and sloppy kisses, jack’s quiet words of encouragement, bitty always making sure that chris is okay.

lardo lets chris sit with her while she’s painting, and chris doesn’t know how to describe the way it feels to watch a work of art bloom onto a blank canvas, the way it feels to have a sanctuary, but it’s good. nursey writes more poems, and they talk about what it’s like to feel distant from the cultures they were raised on. dex tells him about his own family, manages to keep chris laughing with stories of his sisters when the two of them start to feel sad again.

he meets caitlyn farmer. she’s fierce and funny and understands chris in a way that makes him breathless. he fits into her life like there was a place created just for him. they talk, and they dream, and she makes him smile even when he thinks he can’t.

chris starts a new set of roots, across the country, for his second family. it’s not like california, of course. it’s different, but it begins to feel like home just the same.

Trading Places. (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Smut and fluff
Word count: 3.7k

Summary: Wanting to surprise you, Yoongi lit your favorite candles and planned a cheesy, romantic night but when he realised you’ve had a bad day, he suggested you should change it up and trade places. Laying on the bed, spread out for you to do whatever you wanted to him. “Do your worst,” he said.

WARNINGS: sub!yoongi, a lot of fluffiness, bathtub sex, dirty talk, light spanking, dom!reader etc. etc. etc. - Reader Discretion advised. y'all I legit don’t even know what this is but I kinda like it????

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