he had SO MUCH potential

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

People are saying Bodhi Rook was the most useless character in the movie but he was literally the most important character to the entire plot and he has a living legacy through out the movies (the Rogue Squadron). Closing point to this post is Bodhi wasn’t at all useless and you can literally fight me if you say he is.

day 63647283: when will mikael speak?

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I see and love your american assassin/sterek au list. but consider... American Assassin!Stiles and Everybody Wants Some!Derek. Stiles the super high tense military man, who has worked his whole life in the field and doesn't know what a real home is and Derek the super chill frat boy that never really grew out of it plays softball with his coworkers but takes it way too seriously. They meet while Stiles has an unusual break and decides to go home to see his parents graves. and Stiles is (1/?)

Stiles is walking through town seeing how little it’s changed since the last time that he was here, probably like 5 years before. And Somehow he runs into Derek and maybe they were friends in kindergarten before Stiles was shipped off to who knows where after his parents died. And their such juxtapositions that they hate each other? like Stiles was so fun loving and happy as a kid and now he has a murder-y vibe about him, and derek had so much potential to be a professional ball player (2/?)

but he blew his knee in college and his career is over. so now he just bums around, he’s got a part time job a few places, but he isn’t very good at one thing or another. They fucking hate each other. and somehow, they keep bumping into each other. and some-fucking-how they are at the same restaurant at the same table together, and they’re both nervous because this is not a date, nope. IT’S NOT A DATE OKAY?!?! but Derek manages to make Stiles crack a smile, and maybe seeing Stiles so taken (3/?)

care of by his job makes Derek want something more from his life of living paycheck to paycheck. Soooo, Derek starts feeling Stiles out, asking for career advise and maybe taking the jobs he has now more seriously? while Stiles hasn’t felt so light talking to someone in years, and he keeps trying to find ways to talk to Derek because he makes him feel /happy/. And then SOMEHOW they end up on a real date. and that date goes all the way to Derek’s apartment. *Wiggles eyebrows* (4/?)

Stiles break gets extended, and they spend more and more time together. Stiles realizes he’s falling for Derek a little bit? and Derek realizes that despite his broody demeanor, he can really see him and stiles being something long term. And Stiles is called into go to work, and he takes off without really telling Derek. Derek doesn’t know what he does, he wouldn’t understand, and Stiles really has to get away from him because he can’t fall in love. He isn’t enough for anyone, especially (5/?)

Derek. So he leaves… and he tries not to look back, but he dreams about Derek at night. Both sexy and not sexy dreams. He even dreams about them having a fucking house together with dog and a little girl. like. fuck he’s in deep. and it affects his mission. when he finishes, his bosses are like “this isn’t you stilinski” and he’s like “no, not anymore. I’m out.” and after some yelling and threats to and from stiles, he leaves. He goes home and tries to find Derek but he can’t find him. (6/?)

He goes around to all the shops he works at and they all tell him he skipped town a few days ago. after getting his number, he tries to call, but derek won’t answer and stiles starts to worry that someone found out who he was to stiles and kidnapped him. So Stiles uses his army/assassin contacts to find him. He’s in San Diego. so Stiles goes to san diego and is tracking derek onto UCSD campus and bursts into a lecture hall to find… derek… in class??? (7/?)

Derek is super embarrassed and sends Stiles to his apartment with promise they’ll talk after class. So Stiles goes, and when Derek comes back they talk. Turns out Stiles leaving lit a fire under derek’s but to be better. because he thought Stiles left becuase he was such a deadbeat. and then Derek asks “Why did you bust into my lecture hall with a gun?” and that’s when Stiles tells derek what he does… did. love confessions ensue. happily ever after ensues after that. (8/?)

Once Derek graduates, and once Stiles finds a job he can do (ptsd makes it hard to find a job) they buy a house, get a dog. a few years later, Derek is teaching at BHHS, and is the baseball coach. He takes himself more seriously than he ever has. they adopt a little girl. Stiles hasn’t touched a gun in years, and he can sit in a room without being on high alert. He can relax. EVERYTHING IS SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS. (9/9)


ALL THE STEREK AUS. I love it. I was reading them as each message came in just like… YES WHAT’S NEXT.

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Did anyone else experience like a wave of wistful, somber melancholy during the Beauty and the Beast credits when Gaston appeared? Even though he was a jerk by the end of the movie, he had so much potential in the beginning. But then Mr. “shoot from behind” had to go and get himself killed because he couldn’t leave well enough alone. It just made me a bit sad to see him alive and grinning, with his silly eyebrow raise. Pic via baaaarboraa.

“You ruined yourself. You had a idol face and body, too bad you ruined yourself. You are a menace to our citizens.”

 As much of you know, I’m currently spending time in South Korea for my a surprise and sudden employment opportunity that I simply could not reject. As I’d been living in the central hub of Seoul, my experiences being a member of the Korean culture (I am of Korean and Filipino blood) were never really anything out of the ordinary than any other young citizen. However, I had an experience last night that deeply, deeply, deeply, effected me and made me sit and think for quite some time on this topic, on this very night. 

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I really wanted so much more for Crowley. He had so much potential for terrible and amazing things and interesting story archs and good scenes and scenarios and all these things he was originally capable of doing,,, but his creators were too focused on other overused tropes to utilize it and its just really sad and im mad as hell

IMAGINE if Thrawn captures the entire Ghost crew for entirely petty personal geeky reasons...

Thrawn: I got all you, even the droid and ex-Agent Kallus! Now to do what must be done!


Pryce: Thrawn, how’s the torture com- what is going on? Why is the Twi’lek and the Jedi just sitting at the table, drinking together like they’re on a date.

Thrawn: You see, I really want them to kiss, I’m not going to kill the Jedi until he kisses Captain Syndulla. So I recreated their Rion’s moons days down to the caf I served them. Besides, its torture that they can’t kiss or the Jedi will die. 

Hera: A-hem (bad acting) Oh no, I really want to kiss my Jedi, but he’ll be killed if I do. (sips caf)

Kanan(bad acting) Oh no, I really want to kiss you Hera, like really kiss you, but I’ll become one with the Force if I do and like we won’t be together again. (sips caf)

Pryce: Then what are you doing with the younger Jedi, the Lothal-street rat?

Thrawn: You see, I choose a very specific punishment specific to his past experiences. I decided to make him my apprentice, my protege. 

Ezra: (in Imperial uniform) Oh no, I’m Thrawn’s apprentice, whatever shall I do?

Thrawn: Adorable, he reminds me of young Eli.

Pryce: The Mandalorian?

Thrawn: She’s tied over there and I placed her in front of bad art until she autographs the graffiti I extracted from Lothal.

Sabine: This art sucks!

Pryce: The Fulcrum and Lasat?

Thrawn: I placed them in a frozen confinement. (turns on surveillance screen)

Zeb and Kallus: (on screen and freezing) We are NOT cuddling for your amusement!

Thrawn: Any moment now, they’re gonna share body heat and I’ll draw that.

Pryce: The droid?

Thrawn: I decided to make the droid an offer he couldn’t refuse. It had so much potential for the Empire that I sent it to Emperor Palpatine’s court.

Palpatine: (getting Force-lightninged by Chopper) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Chopper: BEpbep, heheheheheehe

I am so happy that Jackson in a canon bisexual. I have been headcanoning it since The Threesome Dance in season 2. I was so upset when his character vanished because he was an asshole, but he had so much potential for a great character arch with great development especially after I saw how much Lydia changed. I am so happy that I finally got my Bi Icon Jackson (or dare I say Bicon). It doesn’t compare to what he could have been, but it glad I got this

On a side note, the sterek fans need to chill their salty asses like seriously. Stop hating because you didn’t get the ship you wanted.

Okay but can we talk about Alec Ryder for a second

Because this is a character that had so much potential. He arguably could have had greater character development than nearly everyone else in the game. So here are my thoughts on what we could have had. Warning for spoilers, and I’ll put an * next to a number if I do an extended thought on something below a cut.

  • Alec not dying. Yeah that would be amazing.
  • Imagine he’s somehow incapacitated. His legs or back or chest or something injured. Imagine finding him laying in the dirt, him conscious long enough to say a final word. Holding him long enough for rescue to arrive. 
  • Imagine the terror of waiting to see if he’ll survive his injuries. Imagine him indeed surviving, but unable to continue as Pathfinder. Maybe he can only walk/limp around, no more running or fighting. Imagine him giving you the role of Pathfinder then. 
  • Alec standing up for you at the Nexus when people doubt your ability. Telling you you can do it, he believes in you.
  • Alec being there to talk to. side times to talk with him, to either patch up your relationship and start over or refuse to do so. 
  • “I know I’ve never been a good father. But I want to change. It may not seem like it, but I’m here, and I always will be. If you wan’t to stay distant, that’s okay and I understand. But if you want to work on this, heal things between us… I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you.”
  • Alec being there to discuss specific missions with. (*1)
  • Alec being there to ask for advice. (*2)
  • Alec helping make strategies for dealing with the Kett.
  • Alec being proud of you when you make peaceful contact with the Angara.
  • Alec meeting your LI, I mean that would have been AMAZING. (Alec meeting Jaal oh god I cant even)
  • And then: Alec growing as a person.
  • Alec being at your sibling’s side all the time, waiting for them to wake up.
  • Alec using this downtime to reflect. He starts learning how to express his emotions, how to talk to his children. Learning how to deal with his emotions, how to handle them honestly and in a healthy manner. Learning how to move on.
  • Alec talking to you about the memory triggers. Letting you talk, or scream, or both. Admitting the mistakes he’s made. Making up for those mistakes. (*3)
  • Alec helping to keep people on the Nexus and Arks inspired. Keeping you up to date, bringing matters to your attention when necessary.
  • Alec fighting during the end battle. (*4)
  • Alec telling you he loves you just before the final mission.
  • When you think hope is lost, when you’ve fallen, when you think it’s over: Alec’s voice comes through your implant. Alec inspiring you to Stand. Alec inspiring you to Fight.
  • Alec telling you he’s proud of you when it’s over.
  • Alec letting you go back out there. knowing how dangerous it is, but waving you off anyway. Trusting you to come back home alive.

Because Alec had amazing potential. His character’s growth could have made so much of an impact, and growing a real relationship with him throughout the game could have had a lot of emotion and laughs and wonder and everything in between. 

Alec deserved so much more than an early death and an eternity of regret.

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Tbh I’ll never be over Neji Hyuga’s death not just because he was one of the best Naruto characters ever and had amazing character development, but also because I so badly wanted to see have a family of his own. Neji deserved children, a house, some pets, and family dinners with Hinata and her kids. He would have been the best uncle ever, too.

The Battle for Mewni: Final Thoughts and also it’s a review... kinda

So after binge watching the aforementioned episode non-stop for a week, I’ve decided to pull all my (cohesive) thoughts on it all together for this post. Buckle up kiddies this is gonna be a long ride.

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Over all the movie event was quite thrilling. There were parts where you can tell the actual episodes will be split. However, at times I thought the pacing was a bit slow (I mean, it was funny to watch, but did we really need all those shots of The Book kicking Ludo’s ass?). Overall it was a great episode! 

Now to get to the nitty gritty of it all.


Ok so Heckapoo, Rhombulous, and Omni are still alive but just need to… recharge? I don’t know. But Lekmet is dead. As in dead and gone, he’s not coming back dead? I’m not gonna lie that saddens me. He was such a good character. Plus, it’s gonna break Rhombulous’s heart. Poor crystal fool. Hopefully his snake arms can calm him down… or Star. Either way. RIP Lekmet.

(Also can we just apppreciate the Queen’s Sanctuary for a moment?)


Just look at her! 

I can definatley see similarities between Moon and this woman, but it looks like Moon inherited some of her looks from her father… whoever that was. Also this Queen has Butterfly cheek marks. Maybe she was the one true Butterfly before Star came along? Idk, I just thought that was cool.


Look at her!

Look at him!

Look at them!

Also Mildrew… I can kinda see why Moon didn’t marry him.

Kind of a wimp, don’t you think?


She lost her mother, who she clearly loved very much, and was thrusted into Queendom at an earlier age than most and was then given the responsbility to end a war by either continuing it or signing a peace treaty.

Me to, girl. Me too.

However, she took initiative and made a metaphorical deal with the devil. And by devil, I mean Eclipsa. And by metaphorically I mean literally.

And used that power to defeat Toffee’s army and excepted her role as Queen.

And props to her for blasting Toffee’s finger as a way to go around her original deal with Eclipsa. Also Mina was there and she wasn’t as crazy… so… cool?


Ok we saw as far back Crystal Clear that she might have been in the crystal’s in Rhombulous’s dimension but to actually have confirmation is something else entirely!

I’m not sure if I’d call her evil just yet but she seems to be taking Toffee’s place as main antagonist… I guess I’ll have to wait until November to tell.

(Also the first she wanted once she was unfrozen was a candy bar. Like, same madame. Same)


It was nice to see more of Glossaryck showing some emotions (though he said he had no feelings earlier in the series but that doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing)

And I’m impressed how this show handled the book burning.

This makes me glad that Star has started writing down her own book of spells. This means that not only will everyone have a fresh start, but maybe the years and years of prejudice against Monsters by Mewmans will start to fade…

And then their’s Glossaryck’s fate himself. I mean, first we saw him burning in Book Be Gone

(Sorry, this is the best picture I could find)

Now Im not sure if Glossaryck is truly “dead” or if he’ll stay “dead” and hell I’m not even sure where he is or if Star can go get him but… hey we still have another season to figure all this out so… good luck, you neutral jerk…


Look at all this Starco we got! 

And of course the safe kid finally got his wish to punch Lizard-Loki only after he realized the ass killed Star

While neither really got the chance to actually talk about their feelings for each other (which I’m kind of disappointed they never did) I expect that to be a plot point for future episodes… Also Jackie because I’d love to see more Jarco as well.

*Starco shippers*:

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Hey! I’d love to see any of Marco’s relationships fulshed out more! So shut it.






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Just fucking Toffee guys! Ok, first of all. Moontoffee shippers… I don’t care if you ship them… I have LITERALLY seen people ship crazier pairs. I’m not a big fan of it but I can kinda understand the appeal. So… whatever. I don’t care what you people do.

Second, I am a little pissed that Toffee appeared to be nothing more than a plot device. Especially sinc he had so much potential! And now he’s dead. Yeah, sorry conspiracy theorist. His ass is grass. He’s dead. Maybe we’ll see more of him in flashbacks but honestly… I think Eclipsa’s our new baddie. Kind of a let down here, I’m not gonna lie.

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Ok, but can we just talk about how petty and extra Toffee was in this entire movie? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed that the whole “Missing Finger thing” was nothing more than a petty grudge 

but the fucking lengths he went to get it back. I mean, first Moon blast’s his finger off.

(How has his face not turned into a meme yet?)

“She dramatically chopped off a small finger!”

“All hope is lost!”

(Really Rasticore? I expected more of you…)

And his damn face. Like, it’s not some dramatic afer-battle moment like the tapestry depicted

But more like

*frustrated sigh*

“Well then.”

“This is inconvient.”

And we don’t here from him for at least another twenty years (Hey Star Crew could we get a timeline of events here?). And what does he do once he comes back?

He hires himself into Ludo’s army, convinces them to overthrow Ludo, gets Star to destroy her wand, nearly kills all of Ludo’s army, manipulates Ludo and nearly drives him insane, practically kills the Magic High Commision, taints all of the universe’s magic, practically manipulates Ludo into toppling a majority of Mewni, nearly kills Star, and destroys the Magic Instruction Book…

… just to get his fucking finger back.

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How god damn petty do you have to be to go to those lengths just to get one finger back? Like what the hell?

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And I’d like to point out that Toffee was a very excellent source for nightmare fuel in these past few episodes like…


Toffee, stop

This is a kid’s show, Toffee.


And we can’t forget this little gem:

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Not gonna lie, this is the only time I pitied the damn lizard.

All of what Toffee did to me is just so funny. Like in retrospect, the concept of it all just strikes me as hilarious.

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And that is the brunt of my final thoughts on the season 3 premiere of Star vs the Forces of Evil, The Battle for Mewni. If you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I might come back and update a few theory posts eventually and I’ll definatley update my Star vs episodes in one sentence posts, I just have to watch each episode indivually again to get a better feel for it.

Until then, stay weird and wild fellow fans!

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What do you think makes the caryl relationship NON platonic?

Non platonic? Okay *cracks knuckles*. Here we go.

Okay so I suppose I’ll add something first. Daryl is not a touchy feely person. So for him any sort of physical contact is something to be noted. Carol is the only one he has given a massage to, Carol is the only one to have kissed him (twice might I add) and they’ve shared numerous hugs.

Unfortunately the show being written the way it’s written it leaves very little time for our two love birds to actually blossom. One of them is always either gone or is going through a state of emotional hurting (making it very hard for anything other than comfort and non platonic shows of affection appropriate). Also any scenes we do get where there is a chance for progression is more than often rudely interrupted (you’ll see what I mean as I go though).

We’ll start with the biggest contender in the mix, (and one of my favourite Caryl scenes may I add) the season three bus scene.

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The idea of a platonic relationship does not involve making jokes about ‘screwing around’ nor does it about ‘going down first’ either. That moment in the gif above where Carol glances back at Daryl and his eyes flicker up from what he’s doing to meet hers and his movements stop, well, (and take this as you will) I feel like Daryl stopped because he realised how sexually under toned what he was doing was. Both of them obviously feeling the same hence Carol’s sexual jokes.

Moving swiftly on.

This scene below. A whole massive, shit load of feels for this whole episode, but this moment in particular. Had this scene been allowed to play out, not only do I think there would have been more room for Carol to actually vent her emotions, but I think something else could have progressed. I was rather content to watch them on a bed together for however long they would have chose to stay there. The fact that Daryl is even comfortable laying on a bed next to Carol is a notable point, he breaks so many of his no contact, no affection rules with her and honest to god I feel like they just need time to initiate that (season 8 I’m looking at you).

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Okay just imagine, they were allowed just 30 more seconds of lying there, heads gradually turn towards each other, Daryl’s hooded eyes glancing between her eyes and her mouth, Carol knowing what he was asking without him having to say a word and BAM…but of course, interruptions are key and happiness is not allowed for my babies.

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So this moment above is my all time Caryl fav and if Rick the Prick hadn’t been lurking to cockblock I honestly believe that this moment would have progressed to a kiss. I mean he goddamn fucking nuzzles her! Her hands cradle his face, all she had to do was pull him forward. I spent the whole of this scene anticipating a kiss, I feel like this was a moment just waiting to happen. But of course it was ruined.

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THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. I feel like the first hug was more full of hurt, relief and unresolved tension. But this one? Do not tell me this was not full of pure romance, I wish he hadn’t had to leave. Again this was left with so much potential to open up that physical side of their relationship that is yet to be uncovered but is so clearly there. This goes past just platonic for me, for me I feel like there is something more that they want to establish, just never the right time or situation.

Bonus content - Eye fucks for daysss (no one looks at someone like that and does not want to bed them, end of):

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Thank you for your ask.


watching skyeward in the framework is just….the most frustrating thing because WE COULD HAVE HAD THIS we could have had this in real life if the writers weren’t so hellbent on fucking up grant ward’s character six ways to sunday

the way he hovered over her shoulder! the way she told him to stop mouth breathing on her! the way she grabbed him and then kissed him on the cheek as a cover to slip him that paper! the way she sacrificed herself so he could get the intel to simmons! the way he said he’d die for her!! 

this is the ship that i wanted and yeah, i guess it’s better late than never that we are getting it now even if it’s all fake, but it also feels like an epically cruel level of trolling from the writers, like, we could’ve made him this interesting from season 1 but we chose not to because we thought it would be a better story if he were a nazi and then an alien husk and then dead! but hey, look at what could have been, isn’t that fun? 

and maybe i’m missing something major but what the fuck was fitz’s biggest regret that he ended up madame hydra’s fuckboy and became a sociopath? how did that happen? how does not being with simmons erase all the good that was in him? it’s such a cheap trope that i hate, that a man is only good because a woman made him that way, that he becomes a monster wehen he loses the love of his life. no, leo fitz has always been good because that’s who he is - he didn’t need jemma for that. they made each other better by bringing out the best in what was already in the other. 

and maybe i’m still missing something major but may NOT killing a little girl leads to may becoming a stone cold nazi?? may showing humanity leads to may not having any humanity?? may not killing the girl and therefore NOT following orders leads to may blindly following any and all orders? what am i missing?? how does that logically make sense?? 

just fucking throw me in the framework so i can see what my life would’ve been like if i’d never watched this show. it’s not like i hate it, i mean, imma still watch it….it’s just so….frustrating sometimes because i think it could be so much better than it is! the female characters are fucking AMAZING and the action sequences are really really well done but man idk maybe i don’t pay close enough attention but sometimes it just does NOT make sense and i will be forever salty over its treatment of grant ward not because he was a hero but because he had so much potential to be a full on villain or an anti-hero or to have a redemption arc and they squandered all of that

but uh great work with framework phil he’s adorable can we keep him please