he guards you now

I would like to point out Flynn’s very own constructed staircase. Made with wood and bicycle tires. That’s very nice, Flynn. I bet you got an A+ in Croatian shop class.


Thought you’d be with your friend… aren’t you going to ask me how he’s doing?”


Eric only had to test you and Tris, he was going to find out you were divergent and that scared you, you didn’t want to see the way he looked at you after he found out you’d been lying to him.

He held the device up to Tris. “Divergent 100%” The machine called aloud. “Don’t look so smug, you’re going to wish I killed you after you find out what Jeanine has in store for you.” He taunted.

“Now her.” The guard said slightly pushing you forward towards Eric. “She’s Dauntless.” He said simply. “Jeanine said we have to test them all.” The soldier insisted. “We’ve been in the same faction since we took the test. She’s Dauntless.” Eric said firmly.

“Fine.” The soldier took the device from Eric. “If you won’t test her I will.” He said. Eric grabbed the device back. “I’ll test her.” He said fiercely. A look crossed his eyes which didn’t seem familiar on his face, he was worried–he was scared. In that moment you knew that he knew, he’d always known you were divergent. You felt so stupid, this whole time you assumed he’d just thought you’d ran to join your brother. But he knew, he’d always known.

“Divergent 100%” The machine called out and you saw him briefly close his eyes in fear, an action which pained your heart deeply.

“Guess she fooled you then, huh?” The soldier sounding somewhat smug. Before you realized what had happened Four and the rest of the divergents/dauntless walked in, guns held high–aimed at Eric and the soldiers.

Your brother helped you up and handed you over to Christina to make sure you were okay. You brushed her away and turned your attention to your brother and your boyfriend. Four had Eric on his knees and was pointing a gun to his head.

“Four!” you shouted pushing away from Christina and running over to the front lines, you tried to get closer but the rest of the team wouldn’t let you. “Stay back (y/n).” Four called out his aim still locked on Eric.

“Four don’t do this!” You called out to your brother, but your eyes were locked on Eric. “He’s killed people (y/n) he has to pay.” Four called out. “Please, please, Tobias, please. I love him.” You said looking between both boys. Four looked at you. “What?” He asked shocked. “I love him.” You said focusing your attention to Eric.

“That doesn’t matter (y/n), we’re never going to be safe as long as he’s around.” Four said pointing his gun at Eric’s head again. “I’ll take the fall. Jeanine can focus her attention on me and you and Tris can be safe. Eric and I’ll figure something out for eachother.” You didn’t care if everyone saw you begging, you were willing to do anything for Eric.

“It’s fine (y/n).” Eric said making all eyes focus on him. “Everything I’ve done so far was to keep you safe. I’ve learned to live with the blood on my hands, because it’s been what’s necessary to ensure your safety. Don’t do anything stupid after I’m gone. I love you.” Eric mouthed the last part–those words were meant for you alone–before he turned his attention to Four. “I’ve learned to live with the blood on my hands, question is: can you?”

“Four, no!” You shouted as your brother pulled the trigger. You’d undergone so much pain because of Dauntless, but never anything like this, you felt as if you’d been ripped apart, it felt as if your heart had been ravaged by wild wolves and the vultures had gotten the scraps. Someone was holding you back, you couldn’t see who it was, and quiet frankly you didn’t care. You were empty.


It was now several days later and you and your brother had been reunited with your loving mother. “So I heard your boyfriend died.” She said turning her attention to you, Four had always been her favorite, not you.

You embedded the knife in the wood between her middle and pointer finger. “Very dramatic honey.” She said. “Bring him up again and next time I’ll aim a little more to the left.” You said before standing up and exiting the table. “Very cliche sweetheart.” You heard her say before you left the room.

“(Y/n), are you still ignoring me?” Four asked as he walked into your room. You didn’t say anything in response. “I did what I did to keep you safe, to keep us all safe, Eric was-”

“Think carefully about your next words, because I will kill you. I’m already tempted enough as it is to rip your heart out just so you see the pain I’m going through. However, if you really think about it and I really did want to punish you I’d shoot Tris in the head, right in front of your eyes. Maybe then you’d understand what I’m going through. Just stay away from me Tobias, because in my eyes you’re lower than Evelyn.” You said before marching off.

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B.A.P Bodyguard Jongup 'The Way I See You'

A/N: Oh boy, I got a lot of requests for this one. Thank you all so much! But the sweet @pinklink-mel was the first one to submit the request. I hope all of you like it!

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

There were two sides to Moon Jongup although most people only saw one. He’d been your personal guard for a few years now and you considered yourself privileged to know that other side.

First time you met him, you had to admit he was a little scary. He was polite enough, sure, but he didn’t say anything besides introducing himself. His expression was flat, cold. It gave you a chill to think this man would be your constant shadow.

And as you feared things were awkward in the beginning. Jongup rarely spoke, preferring to keep his own counsel. You’d talk to him and he either wouldn’t reply verbally or only give minimal answers. It was sad that the person you spent the most time with didn’t seem to like you.

However after a few months something astonishing happened. The two of you were alone one day. He’d been growing his hair out and started wearing it in a high ponytail, like a modified version of a top knot. It suited him very well and you complimented him for it.

He blushed.

Your stoic bodyguard who always looked like he was merely tolerating those around him actually blushed and ducked his head. Which left you enthralled. So you renewed your efforts to talk with him. Hesitantly he began opening up to you but just when you were the only one around.

To your surprise he was rather funny. As well as gentle in manner and speech when not in his guardian role. It left you both confused and amazed. Like you’d discovered a hidden treasure to which only you had access. You knew that others in the house made fun of him. His quiet nature leading others to assume he was stupid. It hurt your heart to hear the snickers and you told him so.

“I don’t care about that,” was his only response.

Most of the time things were calm and you didn’t need his services as a bodyguard. So he became more like a companion, at least in your mind. It might even be fair to say you’d developed a crush on him. Unfortunately, other than seeing him blush and become a little flustered at times, he never indicated any interest.

One night you were at a mind-numbingly boring function, Uppie at your shoulder as always. A man too far in his cups approached you, obviously aggravated about something. In the time it took to blink Jongup had inserted himself between you and the man. The drunkard became belligerent and raised his fist. It took Jongup all of three seconds to bring the man to his knees and hold him there until security came to take him away.

You had forgotten. Jongup was always so soft-spoken with you, you forgot what he was capable of doing. He wasn’t the fluffy bunny you’d made him out to be in your head. It was somewhat alarming. Jongup must have seen a reflection of your thoughts on your face for he looked at you and then quickly glanced away.

Time seemed to stretch longer than it had any right to as you waited for things to wrap up that night. There was a new tension stretching between you two which left you feeling anxious. Finally back at your home you cornered him before he could slink away.

Placing your hand on his forearm, you had a new respect for the corded muscle shifting beneath his skin. But it didn’t change who he was as a person. “I was just surprised, that’s all. I’ve begun to think of you as a friend, I forgot you had another purpose too.”

“My only concern is keeping you safe. Nothing else matters to me.”

His detached tone stung a little. “That’s it? I thought we’d become friends, but that doesn’t matter to you?”

There was a heavy pause. “It matters.”

“Good. Because I…well…I’ve begun to think of you as possibly more than that.” You felt your cheeks flame at the confession but you wanted to be honest. He needed to know that you cared about him and even if he startled you, it didn’t affect your feelings.

Jongup became more agitated than when you’d been accosted. “No. You can’t.”

“Are you saying you don’t think of me that way?” There was no hiding the disappointment in your voice. “It’s ok if you don’t, I understand.”

“I-I do. Feel things for you, I mean.” He rubbed at the back of his neck. “I care for you so much. A light shines from you, like an angel. But I can’t be with you that way. I’m just muscle for hire.”

Stepping into his personal space you waited until he looked at you. Voice certain you said, “Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve never once thought of you like that. I see you for who you are, Jongup.”

His expression became pained. “You shouldn’t. You deserve better.”

“That’s not true!” Lifting your hand to cup his cheek, he broke away before you could touch him. Realizing you’d pushed enough for tonight you let him go. But there was a flicker of hope in your heart. He admitted to having feelings for you.

Greater things had begun with less.

Headcanon Prompts(Jason)

For the lovely @predomina-buna, hope you like it!


-Jason, himself is always guarded. That what happens when you grew up the way he did.

-His feelings are guarded by thick, concrete layers of brick. When he met you, it was hard to chip at it away everyday. When you got through one layer though, it made it worth the effort.

-Telling you he loves you was such an important day for you both. He was done guarding his affection for you because he knew that you, now guarded his heart.


-No one can tell Jason anything when he’s in a set mood.

-He sure as hell doesn’t listen to Bruce.

-That changed when he found out that you were pregnant.

-When he goes too far now, just the word ”Baby” is enough to make him yield.

-Sometimes, the batfam will use that word to try to make Jason stop chasing them when a prank goes wrong.

i love when people make fake social media profiles for fictional characters and make their usernames like “thechosenone7” “ihatehandmedowns” “thebrightestwitchofmyage”

like it’s so funny to me because it doesn’t take their personalities into consideration, nor actual practicality when it comes to making a username

this is just my take but to me, harry’s the kind of person who’d just be miffed that “harry_p” is taken and just click the first suggested option so he’d end up with “harry_p543656”

ron would be that one kid who makes their username something to do with what they’re good at so he’d have put “chesswiz_123” at the age of like nine and just have to live with that forever

hermione would be no nonsense and straightforward and just have “hermionejgranger” and that would be that

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Nix running into the bar and straight decking Lieb in the throat because he kissed you when you were off guard and now you just have them both fighting ;))

yes yes I like it

MLFK headcanon: MC giving the cold shoulder

This was requested by @manju-butt thank you for being so patient! I hope this was worth that wait and you enjoy it! I’ll get to your next request as soon as I can!

He could distinctly remember, exactly one week ago, your smile was brighter and you were being more affectionate. He didn’t mind your affections but he was caught a bit off guard with your spontaneity. Now you’ve been nothing but cold to him. He knew girls had mood swings every now and then, but he knew that it wasn’t “that time”.
“Damn, ____’s not answering.”
Ayato has called and texted you multiple times each day hoping to get some kind of response.
“What’s going on? If she answered me, I would know what’s up but she keeps ignoring me. What the hell is going on?”
Frustrated, Ayato throws his phone on the couch and takes a few deep breathes. If there’s one thing Ayato will never do, it’s that he’ll never give up.


Ayato hears his phone and dashes for it.
“Is it ____?”
Ayato quickly unlocks his phone and reads the home screen. It’s a reminder from his calendar.
“Dammit, I forgot today is our 8 month anniversary. It’s still early.”
Ayato head out to get flowers and goes to where you work. He knows you may not be happy to see him but how could you resist a man with flowers, especially on your anniversary. Ayato walks to your work confidently.
Ayato gets permission to go to your cubical and he sees you sitting working hard. He admires everything about you, but nothing is sexier than a hardworking, determined woman.
“Excuse me, Ms. ____.”
“Yes, how can I help…” You turn your chair around and look up.
“Happy anniversary, ____!”
Ayato gives you the bouquet of flowers and you put them on your desk without even looking at them. Ayato looks at you with confusion and his chest hurts a little from the cold gesture.
“You’re late.” You say and turn back to your work.
“Late?” Ayato furrows his brows. “What do you mean?”
“You’re still completely clueless.” You say in exasperation.
Ayato can’t make sense of what you’re saying. You pick up on his confusion and scoff.
“Just go. I have work to do.”
“Why have you been ignoring me, ____?” Ayato asks.
“Now is not the time, Ayato.”

You walk home after a long day at work.
“How is he so clueless? Our anniversary was last week…”
You walk home carrying your hurt feelings with you. When you get off the elevator when it reaches your floor, you recognize the figure standing by your door.
“Shit.” You curse under your breath.
“____!” Ayato notices you.
There’s no turning back now. The elevator door closed and Ayato is running towards you.
“We need to talk.” Ayato says when he closes the distance between you.
You avoid eye contact and don’t respond to Ayato.
“How long are you planning on ignoring me? What’s going on?”
“Do you really not know?” You look up and your eyes meet his sad ones.
“I-uhh…did you not like the flowers?”
“God, you’re such an idiot.” You walk to your door and unlock it.
You’re about to close it but Ayato stops it.
“I’m not leaving until you talk to me and tell me what’s going on.”
Stubborn as always.
“When’s our anniversary?”
“____, it’s today. How could you forget? What does that have to do with anything.”
“Our anniversary was last week. How could YOU forget?? I left so many hints that day but you were so oblivious. Do you have any idea how much that hurt me?”
“Do you have any idea how much it hurts when your girlfriend ignores you for a whole week and you have no idea why? It hurts like hell too.”
There’s an awkward silence between the two of you. Ayato turns his gaze away from yours. What’s he supposed to say now? To be honest, you’re both in the wrong. He decides to speak up.
“I’m sorry–” you both say that at the same time.
“I…umm…” Ayato scratches his head.
“I’m sorry for hiding my feelings from you and putting you through that. I should’ve talked to you.” You look down in shame.
“I’m just glad we’re talking now.” Ayato grabs your chin and lifts it up. “I’m sorry for being so clueless and forgetting our 8 month anniversary. I still love you nonetheless.”
“I love you too.” You wrap your arms around Ayato’s neck for a hug.
“I’ve missed this so much. You have no idea how much it hurt to not see or speak to you for a week.”
“I’m so sorry Ayato, I–” you begin to justify yourself but Ayato silences you with a kiss.
“Mmm I’ve missed the taste of your lips.” Ayato says and licks his lips.
“Come on, let’s make up for lost time.” You lead Ayato to the bedroom and let him have his way with you.

It’s rare that you guys have fights, but they happen, and this one was not good. Things were said, feelings were hurt, and now there’s unsolved issues because you stormed out in the middle of it with tears in your eyes. For the past several days you’ve been giving Taka the good old silent treatment. Taka has tried to reach out to you but you won’t corporate. With his busy schedule, he’s unable to contact you frequently which is a relief but whenever he has a spare moment, he’ll use it. He’ll call, send texts and emails, the guys have tried to help out but you ignore their pleas as well. Taka was pissing you off and you just needed to take a few steps back and think things through so you could calm down. Taka, on the other hand, thought differently. He wanted things to go back as they were. He wanted to see your smiling face at the fields at his practices, he wanted to walk with you, he wanted to spend quality time with you now that he’s living back at the team dorms. He’s been longing for you and that brought him to a slump.
“____, you’ve been doing well. Why not take an early leave today? You can catch Takamune at his practice.” Hiroki says.
“Thanks…” You leave the office and start walking home.
You still care for Taka but you’re not ready to face him. It’s been a couple weeks since you’ve spoken to each other. You’ve made no effort to contact him yet.


“____, thank goodness you answered. Come to the fields now!”
“Makoto? What–”
“Come now! Taka isn’t doing well.” Makoto hangs up on you.
“Taka isn’t doing well?” You turn around and walk towards the field.

You get there and all of the players look concerned. Makoto comes running in your direction.
“Mako, what are you doing here.”
“I was here to survey the players about their favorite flavor for the next chocolate bar. Next thing I know, Taka looks absolutely awful. You should go check on him.”
“Thanks Mako.” You say and run to the locker rooms.
When you go in, you see some doctors surrounding someone. It must me Taka.
“There she is!” The coach says.
“Who? Me?”
“He’s been saying your name nonstop.”
You go to Taka’s side and hold his hand assuringly.
“What happened to him?”
“Lack of food, over exertion, and it seems like he’s a little depressed. If you don’t mind me asking, are you two together?”
“Yes, but we had a big fight and haven’t spoken since.”
“Well you being here means a lot. You still have feelings for him right?”
“Of course I do. I love him.” You squeeze his hand.
You feel Taka weakly squeeze your hand too.
“Just relax. I’m here for you.”
Taka’s expression goes from distressed to relaxed when he hears your sweet voice.

You had to leave eventually and let Taka be taken care of. Although he was weak, he refused to let go of your hand for a while.
You decide to finally text Taka, ‘How are you feeling?’
He responds a couple minutes later, 'I’m home now.’
Noes your chance to clear things up. You go straight to the team dorms and knock on Taka’s door. When he opens it he looks surprised.
“Can I come in?” You ask.
“Sure.” Taka says stiffly.
“You look much better.”
“Thanks. I don’t recall everything that happened. I passed out for a bit. I dreamt that you were there holding my hand.”
“It wasn’t a dream, I was there. The doctor said you were a little depressed. I can’t help but think that I’m the reason for that.”
“Don’t worry about it ____.”
“I’m so sorry Taka. It’s all my fault.” You start to sniffle.
“Don’t cry, _____. I’m just glad you’re here.” Taka strokes your hair.
“But you p-passed out.” You look up at him with watery eyes. “I made you sad. How childish of me.”
“To be honest, I was hurting but I’m just glad you’re back by my side again.”
“I’m sorry about…you know…what happened last–”
“Don’t mention it. I’m sorry too. We had too much on our minds and exploded. Let’s just talk whenever something is troubling us, ok.”
“All right.” You nod your head.
“Now, something has been troubling me for a while.”
“What’s is it–mmm”
Taka presses his cold lips to yours and gives you a long and meaningful kiss that melts your heart.
“I’m feeling better already.”
“Well played, Taka. You’re not usually like this.”
“I’ve been away from you for too long. I need my fill of you and that definitely wasn’t enough.”
“Me neither.”
Taka can’t help but smile. He picks you up and carries you to his bedroom where you spend a satisfying night together.

Hello There pt 9

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Pairing: CrowleyxReader, Sam, Dean
Word Count: 1,865
Warnings: Oral (reader receiving), character death, swearing
Author: Brittiny
A/N: This is the final chapter :)

Four days left.

If they couldn’t find the antidote to this, you would die in four days. It was funny to you. You knew that you’d die young, being a hunter. But this? This was not what you had expected. You spent your time in Crowley’s chambers for the most part. They didn’t want to risk you going to the motel, and getting worse by being so close to the building. Or, what was left of it. Crowley came and went throughout the day, always making sure that your pain was managed. It was taking more and more Belladonna to keep it at bay. You were both worried that soon you couldn’t take it without it killing you.

Bruce was in Hell with you. He always managed to cheer you up. Now and then the guards would escort you to where the hounds were kept so that he could play with all the others. It was oddly cute to watch. The first time he was tackled by another, you freaked out. It wasn’t until one of the guards assured you that he was fine that you calmed down. He explained that they got rough, that’s just how they were. It made sense to you.

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Jaune shown to be the good strategist he was in Volume 1. 

Jaune managing to win fights by outsmarting people rather than brute force.

Jaune in the tournament using the transforming environments to his advantage. Dropping ice on people, using fog to hide himself etc.

Jaune using dust in new and interesting ways.

Jaune using people’s “lovable idiot” view of him to get people to underestimate people. Stupid Jaune gets his sword stuck in the ice, it should be an easy takedown, right? Wrong. He was faking it and now you’re guards down and there’s a sword coming towards your face.

Jaune Arc, the literal master of making people drop their guard.

Jaune applying his dancing skills into a fighting context. He’ll practice alone with headphones on and choreograph moves, planning for potential incidents.

Since Jaune isn’t a good a fighter in the conventional way, instead of trying to get good at something he clearly isn’t cut out for, he plays up his strengths instead.


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- why

- /why/

- he’s shook beyond belief he’s done some intense shit but a hacker?? thats so dangerous

- and he thought luciel had bad sleeping habits but you put him to shame

- you can continue but ?? be careful he loves you too much

- he’s so scared 24/7 for your safety ;(


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- are you serious

- oh god you are

- MC do you know how hard it’s going to be to not worry about you now

- he will have a private body guard with you 24/7 when he can’t be with you what if the agency comes for you no thank you not today

- he’ll allow you to continue your work as long as it’s nothing huge just small jobs you’re not hacking into his rival companies stop


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- he doesn’t know how to react at first like.. are we in danger

- is someone watching us

- have you killed someone

- so many questions so little answers

- he’ll be terrified constantly but kind of feels like a real life LOLOL character living life on the wild side

- how edgy


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- his life is a lie

-  shook to the core at how he couldn’t and didn’t find this out beforehand

- like damn you’re good teach me everything you know

- since you two are from the same agency be prepared to fight him for your jobs he wants


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- why

- @ god do you think this is funny

- MC that is so dangerous you could get hurt what are you doing

- worries /every day/ goodness gracious why couldn’t you be an interior decorator or something thats a bit on the safer side


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- is it wrong that he’s proud?

- damn you’re good to have lasted this long

- keep doing you don’t let him stop you if you’ve gone on for all this time there’s no stopping you now

- as long as you don’t have a bad sleeping schedule like Saeyoung he’s okay proud of his little hacker genius ~~

Racism isn't illegal, but...

Guard: “Not from around here, are you?”
Fighter: “I came here on a ship following an orc.”
Guard: *Suspiciously*“Really? What happened?”
Fighter: “Well… he should be at the bottom of the sea now.”
Guard: “…did you just admit to murder to a guard?”
“I mean, he was an orc.”

He tried to bluff that there was a reason for him to try to kill the orc, which there wasn’t. Long story short, he got put in jail and is out again, trying to exterminate the world of orcs. I think that character is more likely going to become an NPC villain…

Best part: he’s not even evil. He just really hates orcs.

Why people mad/surprised about the new Klayley spoiler?

Did people really think Klaus was going to act like he gave two craps about Hayley? Did people really think he was simply going to let bygones be bygones and be all buddy buddy with her after this? Not happening. 

What many can’t seem to understand is that Hayley hurt Klaus. And yes, I understand that many will say but Elijah and Rebekah hurt and betrayed him but he forgave them already so why is he still being an ass to Hayley?

The Klayley dynamic is not the the same as any other dynamic on this show. Remember this, realize this.

Hayley hurt Klaus.

Now I say these 3 words and people still won’t understand the magnitude of what they mean.

For those who want my view of it continue reading.

Hayley Marshall hurt Klaus Mikaelson. Hayley Marshall who Klaus does not let in, who he barely talks to, who he barely shows care or concern for, who he’s extremely guarded against, this Hayley Marshall hurt Klaus Mikaelson.

Now you may be asking, why does any of that matter?

Going back and looking at Klaus and Hayley’s relationship their entire dynamic is built on the issue of control. Whether it be fighting for control of the pack, fighting for control of Hope, fighting for control over the other, etc.. but one key thing both Klaus and Hayley both fight to control, but more particularly with Klaus is his feelings towards Hayley. 

From what we’ve seen since the start of the show Klaus has went out of his way to make clear to Hayley that she means nothing to him. He’s ignored her, physically hurt, abused her, all just to prove to her how little she means. 

As Joseph once said, “I feel like he wasn’t keen to show her that she perhaps means something.” 

From the very beginning this has been Klaus’s M.O when dealing with Hayley.

This is Klaus’s way of keeping control. 

What do we know about Klaus: he runs from love and happiness, doesn’t believe he can ever be happy, he’s self loathing, self-destructive, he single handedly tries to sabotage any chance of happiness for himself.

And what would a person like Klaus do when he meets someone he knows he might fall for? He would push them away, not only that, but he would make sure to instill in them that they mean  nothing to him. Absolutely nothing. He would be very rude to them, distant, ignore them, hurt them, and only when he’s afraid of losing them or will lose them does he show concern. Albeit, in the very small case he would slightly lower his guard around said person he’d quickly do something horrible to them right afterwards, to push them away again.  

Its not really any surprise why to this day that the only person Klaus has not said he cares about is Hayley. Its not any surprise that he quickly gives the reason for why he wants to keep her safe or when he shows concern is only because Elijah loves her or because she’s Hope’s mother. He intentionally distances himself from any feelings or concern he may have her and instead makes it only about others. He deflects. 

Klaus does not want to care about Hayley, and this is something I feel not a lot of people understand about their dynamic. He does not want to care about her.

So he tries his best to control it, but as Klaus himself knows he and no one can really control how they feel towards someone. 

As I’m seeing, Klaus is losing this battle for control. 

In season 1 Klaus went out of his way to not show Hayley barely to any care or concern outside of the baby. He was really mean to her. But as we saw in the finale when Hope, his living breathing new born baby daughter, who he loves more than anything and would kill himself for on the spot was taken and in danger of dying. Instead of immediately running  after the witches who took her, Klaus instead cradles Hayley’s corpse in his lap. For presumably all night long. 

Klaus cares. He didn’t want to care, but he did and he does.

So Klaus made peace with the fact that he cares about Hayley, but only to the extent of being the mother of his child. That’s all. In his mind, that’s as far as her worth means anything to him. She’s his family now, not by his choosing, but he’s willing to accept it. Under the condition that’s that’s all. She’s his family and nothing more.

In season 2 as we see again, Klaus and Hayley are barely talking. Elijah literally has to force and beg Klaus to even talk to Hayley. But as we see Klaus finally show Hayley some care he still makes it a point to keep her at a distance and instill in her that she doesn’t mean anything to him outside of being Hope’s mother or the woman his brother Elijah loves. He still has his guard up around her, as we see he doesn’t at all let her in, and the small scene we have of Hayley asking about why Esther hates him, he’s very afraid to answer her question. Its seen in his body language. He doesn’t look her in the eyes for more than 2 seconds, he seems very unsure to even tell her, and at the end when he’s awaiting Hayley’s response to his “ I don’t know I just know I wanted her dead”, he leans back. Holding his breathe and waiting for her judgement. He seems a bit fearful of what she will say. Yet instead of judging him, Hayley just smiles and makes a joke of them melting the witch and Klaus smiles, relieved.

That was the closest Klaus came to ever letting Hayley in, and we see how difficult it was for him to even let her scratch the surface. Simply to answer a simple question. 

Again as the season continues we see Klaus and Hayley working separately to make the city safe. Hayley wants to help Klaus, but he denies her. Instead in her efforts to make the city safe, she becomes closer to Jackson and the wolves. When Hayley relays her plan to marry Jackson in order to unite the wolves Klaus is fine with it, it is only until its revealed she must tell Jackson about Hope in the truth telling ceremony does Klaus try to stop the wedding.

Hayley and Klaus argue, fight, Hayley is convinced that this wedding can help bring their daughter home, that the wolves will protect her, however Klaus is convinced that the wolves and especially Jackson cannot be trusted. 

Hayley snaps back and replies in his paranoid mind no one can, and Klaus admits that he killed Ansel his own father to not let the secret of Hope’s survival out. Hayley is unconvinced she says, is that reason you killed him? Or is it just because you’re so terrified of letting someone, anyone in? During this scene, Hayley begins to have tears in her eyes, significant that she herself is sad that he doesn’t let her in. She then pleads with him to trust her. Klaus leans in and tells her he does trust her, more than she knows, and then snaps her neck. 

This is a poignant scene of Klaus lowering his guard just slightly before inevitably pushing her away again, and doing something horrible to her, to push her away. As he usually does.

Later as the season progresses Klaus and Hayley are arguing and fighting over which way to best protect Hope. Jackson is now in the middle of their once alliance and you can subtly see that Klaus is very bothered by Hayley’s trust and loyalty towards Jackson, her husband. 

Due to Klaus earlier actions, we see Hayley and his siblings make a plan to dagger Klaus. While daggered Dahlia comes in Klaus’s mind and offers him a deal. If he kills Hayley, he can have Hope as long as she gets to train her. Klaus’s first protest is that Dahlia is doing this so Hope can later turn against him, ( again not wanting to admit he doesn’t want to kill the mother of his child simply because he cares about her). 

 As Hayley later leaves a voicemail saying that she and Hope must leave, and that they can no longer be part of the Mikaelson family because of the danger to Hope, Klaus’s face is one of hurt.

We later see Klaus go to Dahlia and  utter the words

We all know those words that he never cared for Hayley was a lie. But why say them? Did he really need to convince Dahlia that Hayley never meant anything to him? Why not simply say, she no longer means anything to me? 

It sounds more like Klaus is trying to convince himself Hayley never meant anything to him, and the simple fact that he’s trying to so desperately to convince himself and everyone that she means nothing and never meant anything is why its very clear in my view  that Klaus is loosing this battle for control of his feelings towards Hayley.

From day one Klaus has done his very best not to care about Hayley. He does not want to care about her, but he does. So he tries to instead relegate his care for her only as she’s the mother of my child and my brother loves her. In this small circle he tries to place her , she can’t be a real threat to him so he hopes. As we continue to see he has guard up around Hayley, he doesn’t confide in her, he continues to treat her with little to no care, and of course he does not let her in,yet she already has the ability to hurt him. 

Hayley can hurt him

 This girl who was forced into his life, the girl who he’s done his best not to care about,not to let in, who he has his guard up 100 percent around, who he routinely tries to push away, who he mistreats, the one who he hurts constantly and abuses to instill in her that she doesn’t mean much to him, is now able to hurt him?

This is huge.

Klaus has made very clear his feelings on love. 

“Love is a vampires greatest weakness, and we are not weak.” 

Klaus as we know does not like weakness, and as we can see, he even knows that loves is his greatest one. 

It’s because love is something Klaus can’t control. Falling in love is something no one can control. It simply happens and we’re all weak to it. 

Klaus however, does not like that at all.So in order to avoid this. Klaus would do his very best to avoid loving or falling in love with anyone. 

He would push said person away, treat them badly, make sure to instill in them that he doesn’t care about them.Ignore them, Hurt them, abuse them, never let them in. He would be all kinds of horrible to this person. So much so, to simply instill in said  person and make them believe that he didn’t care. 

And Klaus has done all of this with Hayley, he’s done every last thing he was supposed to do to not care about her, to not let her hurt him, but none of it is working. He’s loosing his own battle for control of his feelings. 

She already has the ability to hurt him and that isn’t something Klaus will ever want to admit to himself or anyone. His reaction to Hayley in the finale and going into the beginning of season 3 is to be expected.

“She’s collateral damage, I never cared for Hayley, she means nothing to me”, Expect all of this and more from Klaus, even harsher treatment. 

Hayley hurt him and that’s not something Klaus is going to take lightly, his guard is going to be up 1000 percent now. We all thought Klaus was mean to Hayley before, expect meaner Klaus. 

This is his defense mechanism. 

He’ll act and try to make everyone and mostly himself believe that Hayley means nothing, but its clear that she already does mean a lot to him and that’s something Klaus can’t handle.

He will fall in love with Hayley. At this rate its inevitable. He’s done his absolute best not to feel anything for her, and its not working. He’s tried to relegate her into the friend zone or family zone or sister zone and its not working. 

As I said previously, love and falling in love is something Klaus can’t control. He’ll do his best to try and fight it, but with someone like Hayley permanently in his life its a loosing battle. 

Klayley’s entire dynamic has been based off of their battle for control, and its inevitable that neither of them will win. Its a losing battle for both of them. Klaus won’t be able to control falling in love with Hayley, as hard as he may try and do his best to distance her, it won’t work. 

Klaus will fall in love with Hayley Marshall. 

He can try and fight it, deny it , conceal don’t feel, shout to the world he doesn’t care about her all he wants, but Klaus Mikaelson will fall in love with Hayley Marshall and its so cute to me that Klaus thinks he can try and stop it from happening.

Separate Lives, Ch 23 (23/?)

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Summary: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

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Chapter 23 – The Wait

Take a look at me now
‘Cause that’s just an empty space
But to wait for you is all I can do
And that’s what I’ve got to face

Against All Odds, Phil Collins

“Killian! Killian wake up! Get an ambulance in here right NOW!”

Killian could hear bits and pieces of screams around him… it sounded like Mac, but he couldn’t be sure. He tried to assess the situation through his foggy mind and then all his thoughts and fears came back rushing back to him. He quickly tried to stand. “Emma!” He screamed in horror as he tried to see what had happened to her. His head started spinning the moment he tried to get up and Mac had to catch him before he fell.

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Rise of Alicorn Joe Part 15

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Thin Line Between "Talking" and Being Totally Fooled

About a month has gone by. Your guard is officially down, and now he’s calling you his girl. Y’all are “talking”. He invites you over to his apartment for the 5th, maybe 6th time. He tells you how beautiful you are and how much he misses his baby. Y’all start cuddling, and playfully arguing over which movie to watch on Netflix (Netflix- the ultimate basic nigga trap to get girls out of there clothes, but that’s a different story for another post). I’d say about halfway into the movie he starts kissing all over you, and you’re not stopping it, because HELL this is your dude! He’s sexy, he’s obviously completely into you, and his caressing and touching with his perfect man hands isn’t helping the situation. How could you not be turned on? So you know what happens after that door has been open, y’all end of having sex. Good sex. Great sex. Afterwards you’re lying next to him, all warm and wrapped up in his arms. You start thinking, “Wow, he’s really not like other dudes”, “This isn’t a game to him”, “I’m not just another girl.” After all, he didn’t hit you with the, “So what you doing after this?” and send you on your way. You’re spending a night and everything! This is your boy and you, his girl.

So you thought. A couple days go by, the texts aren’t coming as frequently. The facetime calls aren’t even coming at all. The morning texts that used to read, “Good morning beautiful/Wake up my baby,” become, “Morning”. He starts taking forever to return your texts and calls, and starts making excuses why y’all cant go on a date. What did you do wrong? What. The. Hell. Happened. Explanation: You’ve just experienced an asshole in disguise. The one who makes you fall for them only because they want to sleep with you. The one who makes you care, only to hurt you when you think it’s something more. The worst kind of asshole. I’m sure all of us have come across this type of asshole. For the girls that haven’t, I only have one piece of advice to help you avoid getting hurt.  

Be in control/ Don’t have sex with someone unless it is YOUR decision.

If you want to have sex, by all means, do it! But do not go into it expecting anything in return. Basically, don’t go into it in hopes of a relationship, and thinking it will bring you two closer after.

If you know the dude you’re talking to isn’t your boyfriend and has no intention on taking the relationship any further, you need to make one of two decisions for yourself.

1.Go ahead, do you girl. You’re fine with the relationship as it is, because you do not want anything more either. You know what you’re getting yourself into.

2.To the left, to the left. You cut the relationship off at the first “wait, this isn’t going anywhere” moment. All girls have this intuition. DO NOT IGNORE IT. Don’t brush it under the rug, thinking well maybe he’s going to be different. No! If you do not want to get your feeling hurts, end it. No matter how fine or how beautiful his smile is (It’s always the super sexy ones), you need to end it. If not, he gains all of the power. And we don’t want that.

Be in control of your own body, emotions, and feelings. Gain control of the situation before he does.

Imagine Dean going to ridiculous lengths to make you laugh.

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Lyrics used are in Bold- “Always” by Bon Jovi. 

You stormed out of the library of the bunker, your anger punctuating each sharp stride down the hallway. “Fuck you Winchester!” Why do I let him get under my skin? 

You had known he was bored and had been trying to push your buttons for close to an hour because Sam had left for his run. You were the only one he had to play with and at first you humored him, telling yourself you could keep him from getting under your skin. Wrong move number one. 

One of the downsides of letting Dean into your life and dropping your guard was he now knew too much about you. He knew exactly how you rev you up.. in two very different ways. This time he went for the bad way.

“Ah, come on, y/n! We were just having fun.” You heard him following you and you picked up your pace. 

“At first, maybe but then you had to go and be an ASS because you were bored!” You stomped your foot on your next step and realized you were acting like a child. But so was he. He brought you down to his level because he knew what would piss you off.

Then you heard that unmistakable drum solo. Your eyes went wide and you glanced over your shoulder. He held his phone up by his ear and the music played from its speakers. Sonofabitch! If he starts making fun of that.. Your jaw dropped when he started lip-syncing the words.

“This romeo is bleeding but you can’t see his blood.”

“Stop it. Don’t think that you can get me all pissed off and then just laugh it off!” Wait, what exactly am I so mad about?

Then he started to sing with the music. “It’s been raining since you left me, now I’m drowning in the flood.”

“Stop it!” You bit down hard, clenching your teeth. Doesn’t matter, he pissed me off on purpose. It’s the principal of the thing. 

He caught up with you and grasped your arm and spun you around to face him. “You see I’ve always been a fighter, but without you I give up.”

He knelt down on one knee dragging his hand down your arm then held your hand. He started singing with an over dramatic flair. “Now I can’t sing a love song like the way it’s meant to be. Well I guess I’m not that good anymore but baby that’s just me.” 

“You’re insane if you think this is going to work.” But you were already fighting the smile at the ridiculous faces he was making.

“And I will love you, baby, always. And I’ll be there forever and a day, always.” He brought your hand to his lips and kissed it. 

“You’re ridiculous. You know that right?”

“I think I’m adorable.” He smirked then he went back to the over emotional display as he picked up with the song. “Til the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme and I know when I die, you’ll be on my mind and I’ll love you always.” 

A smile bloomed on your face as you shook your head.

“Is that Dean singing Bon Jovi?” 

Your head snapped up at Sam’s voice. You saw his upper body sticking into the hallway from the library. Your gaze dropped back down to Dean just in time to see the horrified look on his face before he jumped to his feet and fiddled with his phone trying to turn off the music. You burst out laughing as he stabbed at his phone and Sam’s laughter echoed down the hall. 

Dean finally got the song to turn off then looked up at you. He wrapped his arms around you as you continued to laugh with tears coming to your eyes. “You’re so busted.” You were able to get out around the uncontrollable giggles.

He grinned. “But you’re not mad at me anymore. So I win.”