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Ghosts of the Past

Summary: You’re West’s little sister, who had survived the beast forever. You and West along with East were extremely close, but when the Wizard banned the practice of magic, you stood up to him. He banned you form Oz, making West think he killed you. His guards dumped you somewhere and you lose your memory. Years later, Glinda is revealed to have found you. West will now do anything to get you back.

Word Count: 1665

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West felt like she was the one who needed to die.

She’d caused so much destruction around her–led so many people to their deaths that she should’ve been slaughtered herself. 

She’d led those cardinal witches to certain death against the Beast Forever.

She didn’t protect East when she was killed.

She’d lost Dorothy.

And now–now she’d killed Tip.

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fox emoji review

what a good friend! soft eyes and face. i love this boy 5/5

something feels off about this to me but, nonetheless still a good fox 4/5

microsoft back at it again with the thick lines. it looks like a bootleg firefox mascot 2/5

oh.. oh my god…. a soft boy. a good boy. a friend boy. i would trust him with my life and my wallet 6/5

more beautiful foxes.. less pure than samsung yet still soft and trustworthy 5/5

i mean, it is a fox. i think. it looks more like a shiba inu if anything with the colors and round snout. still, shiba or not, nice fox 3/5

what the fuck. what the fuck is this. this isnt a fox 0/5

a realistic approach, he might seem intimidating but he’s really just misunderstood. he would guard you with his life 4/5

this is like the emoji one fox except with less soul and dark intentions. this is the kind of fox who would rob you behind a denny’s, and the mortal enemy of all foxes 1/5

BTS Reaction to GF Being an Affectionate Sleeper

Request: Babe, a BTS reaction to you being affectionate or touchy while sleeping? Shannnnks

Author’s Note: Finals are coming up, so I may rarely be on but send reuqests anyways or inbox me for a small convo, I’ll try my best to get back to you!

*Credit to gif owners*

Jin: The moment Jin arrived home and plastered himself onto the bed where you were sleeping soundly, he felt an overwhelming exhaustion overtake him. His eyes were slowly closing, and before he could fall asleep; you threw the blanket over him and hugged him, resting your head on his chest unconsciously. His eyes widened and he became too happy, thanking the one above for giving him a chance to be with you. In the morning, he caught you off guard. *gif*

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Suga: Yoongi gave you a small kiss on your forehead, before pulling you into his chest. He was content with the way you hugged him back, making him feel loved. Before sleep could overtake him, you moved a little—trying to get comfortable and when you finally stopped moving, Yoongi’s eyes shot wide open. Your hand was settled right on his manhood, and his face flushed at the sudden contact. He couldn’t sleep at all.

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J-Hope: Hoseok was staring at the ceiling, dreading the next day. He was too tired and just wanted to call in sick, but staring at you made him realize that he wanted you to be proud of him. He sighed, and when you hugged him in your sleep; digging your face into his neck, a wide smile spread onto his lips. Now, he knew for a fact that he couldn’t wait for the next day. He’d take 8 hours of sleep with you in his arms any day!

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RapMonster: Namjoon isn’t really used to affection, so when he threw the fluffy blankets over you two and was slowly dozing off; he immediately froze when he felt you wrap an arm around him. The biggest smile ever plastered onto his face and he refused to move; scared to wake you up from your sleep. He was happy, and he couldn’t wait to do that with you and more for the rest of your life.

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Jimin: The moment Jimin felt you move in bed and hug him in your sleep, his cheeks were flaming red from embarrassment and at the cute contact. He squeaked out loud when you moved your hand, softly hitting his best friend and resting your hand on his belly. He eventually fell asleep but when he woke up he wouldn’t stop teasing you. “I know you want some of this, babe.” he’d say, lifting his shirt up and giving you a shit eating grin. “Well tooo bad!” You would be confused and he would just blush, remembering the night before.

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V: Yes, you’d be affectionate while sleeping but Taehyung would be even more affectionate than you. Before he’d go to sleep, he’d pull you into his arms, give you a loving kiss and dig his face into your hair; smelling the nice scent before he’d fall asleep. You’d enjoy it a lot, but when you just wanted to sleep without being tangled into each other’s limbs—he would wake up immediately and not let you. Always wanting you to be with him at all times.

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Jungkook: The minute Jungkook was wrapped into a burrito of blankets with you in his arms, he would knock out immediately. No matter what you did in your sleep, he wouldn’t acknowledge it because of his deep slumber. You could even be sleeping on top of him and he wouldn’t budge, unless you tried to get away from the skin contact—he’d just pull you back in. He’d only be able to sleep good with you by his side, and when he woke up to you still sleeping; he would be happy.

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BTS Reactions



Word count: 4.8k

Genre: smut, angst, fluff

This was a request from @ilovekpopx - I know I told you it would be awhile but my computer is being looked at so I wrote this on my phone. Anyway hope you like it.    

You and Jungkook had been friends since high school. You two met freshman year, having ended up taking every class together that first semester. You thought you were basically meant to be friends.

You were glad you two had become friends because Jungkook had brought such light into your life. He was slightly younger than you so you tended to call him kid, a lot, much to his dismay. You liked being older than him though, you thought of yourself as a big sister, a guardian. Although now you two were in college and he wasn’t so young and innocent anymore.

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Thought you’d be with your friend… aren’t you going to ask me how he’s doing?”

Friendly reminder that Emperor Ublaz (a.k.a. Mad Eyes) painted his claws, wore color-coordinated outfits that varied by the day, and curled and perfumed his whiskers.

Caius cheats on reader (Request)

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You and Caius had little arguments sure, that was to be expected in all relationships. Although for the past couple of weeks he had been acting strange. Avoiding you most of the time and whenever he would see you he would just ask how you were and if you needed anything. You missed him cuddling with you and confessing his undying love for you.

You were determined to find out why he was so distant. Deciding to confront him next time you saw him you calmly waited for him outside of the throne room. Demetri and Felix walked out and looked a little surprised to see you. “Y/n, How are you doing today?” Demetri slightly bowed as he spoke. The conversation was cut short when Caius waltzed out and dismissed the two guards.

He gave you a look you had never seen, it looked… guilty. “Caius? Is everything all right?” his red eyes couldn’t meet yours and he looked forward. “Would you like to speak somewhere more.. Private?” You agreed and the two of you set out for the library.

After arriving his hand gently held yours and his stiff body turned to you. He didn’t speak though, he just stared at the ground. “What is it Caius? Did I do something wrong?” His attention quickly fixed on your face as he let go of your hand and backed away. “No! I just, Y/n… I did something very wrong.” Your heart felt like it had stopped for a second and Caius seemed to notice as he looked hurt.

He debated with himself if he should tell you what he had done. Ultimately he decided to tell you. It wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t. Could you handle it? Would you leave him?. “Y/n as you know the last few weeks have been rough for us, I, out of sheer stupidity and the worst mistake of my entire existence. I do care for you. Never in a million years did I expect to actually love a human”.  Just by his tone you could tell something was wrong.

“I..  sought a way to relieve my stress and I saw someone else.” He put it bluntly and said it fast. That didn’t help your heart from feeling like it was cracking in two pieces. “You.. What?” your voice sounded strained and uneven. If Caius could shed tears he would be.  “I had, relations with another. It meant nothing to me Y/n. I love you” you turned to run out of the library but a cold and gentle hand held onto your arm. “Forgive me my love”. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him. If you did you knew that you would break down.

“Leave me be Caius. You crossed the line” his grip only tightened. “Please Y/n, I made a mistake! You are my only one” Anger boiled in the pit of your stomach as you shrugged your arm out of his hand and swiftly kept walking away. “Y/N! Get back here! Now!” You couldn’t believe his words. He couldn’t expect you to just forgive him and then live happily after ever could he? You stormed into the bedroom and grabbed the suitcase out from under the bed and threw it on there. Walking to the closet to grab your clothes and ran into what felt a stone brick wall. It was just Marcus.

“I was just passing by and heard your soft cries, Why are you packing? What happened bambino?” you couldn’t hold it anymore as you slumped down on the bed and started crying even harder. “He… He cheated me!” Marcus looked down at you with a sad expression, he felt for you.

Feeling the spot next to you dip you looked over and Marcus was there with a sympathetic look. “Oh, I see. You are leaving? You know Aro wouldn’t really agree but Y/n, you have every right to be upset.” getting up you continued to grab as many clothes as possible and shove it in the suitcase. You heard a sigh and Marcus got up and looked at you “I will distract Aro. Please be careful Y/n. Not for Caius’s sake but for your own”.

In the halls of the castle you made your way to the front door. The exit. Freedom. It stung that you would be leaving your ‘love’ but after what he did to you could he ever be trusted again? Opening the door you stepped out into the bright sunlight. It felt nice. The summer breeze on your skin and the sound of the people that lived in Volterra clouded your hearing. Looking back to the doorway you spotted a figure in cloak. It didn’t move but you could tell who it was.

There might be a part two to this request :) Hope you liked it

friendly reminder   that thran is not devoid of feelings only bc he doesn’t share them with everyone. there’s a difference between shielding your emotions & having none.

RFA Members after being jump-scared by MC

Jumin Han:

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-If he was jump scared at the right moment (such as while he’s deeply focused on work), the most you’ll get out of him is him flinching

-Maybe an eyebrow raise if you’re lucky

-That’s it.

-And a confused, ”What are you doing?”

-He’s the hardest one to scare to be honest. SO cool Mr. Han.

-”…..Please, don’t do that again.”


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-Catch him while he’s off guard and you’ve got the best reaction

-He’ll literally jump out of his skin and leap ten spaces back, screaming


-”So mean! But that was a good one!”

-Is the type of person for a revenge scare, but you see it coming almost every time cause he’s too obvious about it (this which upsets him greatly)


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-If he doesn’t scream or curse, he fALLS OVER WITH A SHOCKED GASP

-And he doesn’t move for a few seconds which worries you,

-Until he starts laughing hysterically and clapping, praising you between his giggles and rolling from side to side



-Excitedly awaits for your next jump scare, hoping it’ll be better than the last


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-If he was sitting down, you have successfully knocked him off his chair

-Standing up? He probably knocked over whatever was closest to him

-Best way you scare him? In the middle of him taking selfies. That’s when he’s the most focused and easiest to scare and he hates it xD

-Still thinks you’re cute even if you are a jerk

-Gets you back with tickles


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-The easiest member to scare

-Least he might do? A sharp gasp, jumping away from you

-Most he might do? A loud….loud, somewhat high pitched yelp into the skies above while his entire body has a spasm attack.

-Tends to shoot out his arms as if to hit his attacker so you know to keep your distance when you scare him


-Despite trying to laugh off his fear, always looks at you sadly afterwards, making you feel like you sinned and cannot repent

-”Why would you do that to me?” :(

Jaehee Kang:

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-Usually too tired anyway

-Actually isn’t startled by your jump scares…

-On rare occasions, if her day is going well and she’s happy, you might be able to land a scare in which she might gasp and drop papers…..that’s it really.

-Feels bad that you can’t scare her most of the time

-Responds late but puts her hand over her chest nonetheless and backs away because she likes you enough to do so

-”………Absolutely scary. I am shivering.”

Mark’s Kinks


  • He seems very vanilla.
  • Not the type to try too much out.
  • But won’t refuse to dabble in anything.
  • “I guess we could try that..”
  • He’ll crawl into bed all cute like, but the second you are caught off guard he will tease you.
  • Cuddling with you then not so nonchalantly rub himself against you.
  • Mark doesn’t always like leading.
  • “What? i’m not doing anything…”
  • Sometimes he wants you to appeal to him.
  • Getting him interested.
  • While he doesn’t like pursuing he does enjoy finishing what you start.
  • Occasionally he will throw hits at you when he is in the mood for something.
  • “Ah~ Things have been VERY boring recently.”
Reasons Bucky Barnes Loves You

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I was just wondering if you could write something about Bucky x Reader and the titles would be ‘Reasons you love Bucky Barnes’ And 'Reasons Bucky Barnes loves you’. - @bbogi1999 

Reasons You Love Bucky Barnes

i.      When Bucky first woke up after 70 years he had been so lost, his mind was a mess and his body was not the one he once knew. Even Steve, who he had known since childhood, hadn’t been able to bring him back down to earth. You had been a saving grace to him, when you first met you had been hired as his guard. He had expected you to be liked the guard he knew at HYDRA, but instead you spoke to him and treated him as an equal and slowly, oh so slowly, he found his way back to being himself

ii.      Even when the world is falling apart around you, you still try to see the best in everything. You always try and do your best to cheer the others up, he can see it in your eyes that you are just as scared as everyone else but you don’t let them see. The only time you let down your guard is when you are alone with him, and he feels honoured to have such a privilege.

iii.      He is amazed by your ability to love and cherish your friends, you would never turn your back on any of them. The other avengers can always come to you for advice and you try to stay neutral when it’s needed. There is very little you wouldn’t do to protect them and the thought scares him a little (a lot), he worries one day he might lose you because of it but it gives him an excuse to keep a close eye on you.

iv.      Late at night when he doubts himself the most, when he questions his own self worth you are always there for him. He has no idea how but you can always find a place to bring him, a small cafe, ice cream parlour, dance club, that remains from the 1940’s. You remind him that he can still be, and is, the man he was back then. Just as kind, just as smart, just as loving, just more experienced than he was back then.

v.      He has lived a long life, more than most people have ever and should ever get. He’s has been beaten and broken into something unrecognisable, but somehow you found a way for him to move on. Reform himself how he wanted to, on his own terms. You are the kindest person he has met and he dreads to think about where he would have ended up had you not been flung into his life, to him you’re the earth and heaven, he considers himself the luckiest man alive every time you smile at him, never mind the rest of the love you give him.


A/N- Hope you enjoyed that! Requests are open <3