he growls as juice is talking

Imagine Phone Sex with Happy. *Smut*

WARNINGS: SMUT! Dirty Talk! YUMMY HAPPY! Phone Sex!!

“I’ll see you in a week little girl. It ain’t that long.” Happy told you and you pouted crossing your arms over your chest, “But that’s so long, I’ll miss you.” You told him and he rolled his eyes but smirked anyways as he pulled you close by your waist, “You ain’t gonna miss me you’re gonna miss my dick.” Happy growled into your ear nibbling your ear lobe, “Yeah you’re probably right.” You chuckled as he slapped your ass.

“Happy you ready to roll out?” Juice asked then smirked when he saw you two, “Maybe we should wait.” Juice smiled widely and you smiled as you pushed Happy away making him wink. “Love you Old Man. Be safe guys.”

It was dreadful his run was longer than he said it was supposed to be, longer by how much, a fucking week and a half. You were restless and all you wanted was your Old Man, you wanted his arms wrapped around you at night, his hands playing with your hair putting the both of you to sleep, you wanted to wake up sprawled out on his chest in the morning.

You grabbed your phone as you laid out on your bed it was late and you wondered if he would still be up, “I’ll call him.” You said as you grabbed your phone and dialed him, “Hmm.” You heard Happy groan, “Did I wake you Old Man?” You chuckled and Happy sucked in the sound.

“I was about to.” He told you, and you knew he was telling the truth from his low, husky voice, “Oh…I’ll call you tomorrow.” You started but heard Happy grunt, “Nah, that’s alright baby.” Happy said as he grabbed his cigarette lighting it as he put the phone on his ear, “So how was everything with the club?” You asked as you laid back down staring up at your ceiling, “Well Kozik got his ass beat by Quinn.” He chuckled and you sighed, “What did blondie say this time?”

Happy took a drag of his cigarette and rolled his eyes, “Kozik said Quinn was a softy.” Your man smirked and you laughed, “Oh Kozik.” You replied, your smile dropping, “I miss you Hap.” You said after a while and Happy sighed. “I know baby…I miss you too.” He blew out smoke, the gray cloud filling the room before disappearing from the fan by his bed, “You been faithful?”

Happy laughed and you smiled, you both knew that Happy would never cheat no matter what everyone thought about him, “Yup. Your pussy is the only one for me.” Happy smirked as he put took a  hit of his cigarette, “Good cause your cock is the only one that makes me wet.” You smirked when you heard his groan, “Yeah?”

“Oh definitely, I’m always wet for you big man.” You told him with a low voice and Happy put his cigarette in his ash tray, “You gettin’ wet right now girl?” He asked licking his lips and you nodded, “Mhmm, very.” You groaned and Happy put a hand on his semi hard member, his jeans adding a good friction, “Tell me.” He growled in your ear and you bit your lip, “What are you in baby?” Happy asked, his husky voice sending shivers through your body.

“Those red lace panties you bought me, the ones with the little bow on the back, and your white tee.” You told him, and you heard him breath out deeply, “Take em off for me” He growled and you slowly pushed down your panties, your phone being held against your shoulder. “Fuck I miss your hands touching me.” You whined.

Happy palmed himself with a groan, “You miss me huh. Miss my cock in that pretty pussy?” You bit your lip, “Yes.” You moaned as you spread your legs, “Don’t touch yourself, just listen to me.” Happy smirked at your whine, “You miss the way I would run my hands up your sides. Touching those perfect tits of yours as I suck on your neck, that spot that you love so much just under your jaw. Feel it?” Happy asked as he pushed down his jeans and boxers, his cock springing free from his confines, “I miss it so much.” You told him as you took one of you hands groping your breast squeezing just like Happy, well not exactly like him.

You pictured his hard and rough, calloused hands running up to your breast then up to your neck imagining his lips, “Happy.” You moaned, “My hands running over those hips that I love, before gripping your thighs as I grind my dick against that sweet, sweet pussy. All wet for my cock that you love so much. Thinking about it pressing against your wetness, damn I always love how wet you are.” Happy’s growl made you moan, your hand running over your thighs then the inside before running over your wet slit. I love running my cock over that wet pussy, can you do that for me? Run those nice fingers over your pussy. Get those fingers nice and shiny for me baby girl.” He growled as he used his pre-cum to guide his hand over his swollen cock.

“I miss you so much.” You moaned as you got your fingers wet, running them between your lower lips like he ordered, “What do ya miss about it?”

You took a shaky, “I miss how well it fit in my mouth, love the way you’d grip my hair as you fucked my throat. I love the dark veins that run under, the caramel skin and red tip, fuck.” You moaned, the thought of him making you clench, his growl sexy. “Shit.” The man cursed as he squeezed his hand, at the tip slightly with a groan, “I wanna fuck you so bad, push my cock right into that wet little pussy, nice and slow. Make you beg for me to fuck you. Fuck you rough and hard just how you like it.” He growled. You sucked in a harder breath as you pushed two fingers into yourself slowly like he told you, slowly pushing them in and out picturing his cock instead.

“Take off your shirt, let me see you, wanna picture that sexy body that I love so much.” You obeyed and put the phone down and took your shirt off, tossing it on the floor and put your phone on speaker. Which you should have done earlier since you’re at home alone. You licked your fingers, picturing Happy inside of your mouth and you heard a chuckle, “You suckin your fingers girl?” You didn’t answer and Happy only smirked as he heard your muffled moan, “You always did love worshiping my cock Y/N. Love running that gorgeous tongue over my head, sucking on the tip.”

As he described you followed along, your tongue licking the tips of your fingers then sucking them slightly, “Mhmm.” You moaned, “I love your mouth but I love your pussy more, come on baby put those fingers were my dick should be.” His voice was a low growl and it made your body explode with heat, you loved his voice, god he had the best voice for phone sex. So raspy, and hoarse, rough and all around sinful.

You ran your wet fingers down to your entrance and pushed them in slowly making you gasp, “Just like that Y/N. Come on little girl, you want me to fuck you? Want my cock in your pussy?” You choked out a yes, “Happy please, I want it so bad inside me.” You told him and Happy growled, “Go ahead, fuck yourself on those fingers girl, just the way I do.” He told you as he ran his hand up and down his dick fast, his fingers tight around his member mimicking your tight walls but it wasn’t enough, “Sonofabitch.” He cursed in frustration, “YES!” You moaned as you pressed your other hand on your clit rubbing in a quick circle, “Y/N.” He called but you were lost as you pictured him, “Baby.”

Your tightly shut eyes opened at his frustrated voice, “W-what? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t fucking jack off.” He told you and you laughed, “I’m serious, I haven’t needed to jack off since I got your sweet ass pussy with me.” Your Old Man cursed and you sighed, “But…But Happy please can’t you try. Just picture how wet I am for you, just thinking about your amazing cock deep inside me, fucking me like an Old Man should.” You told him in a sultry voice and heard him curse, “Y/N.” He sighed but you cut him off, “Please just try. Don’t you want me Old Man?” You moaned as you put your fingers back into your wet entrance, “Course I fucking want you.” Happy growled.

“Good. I want you so bad Happy.” You moaned, “Can’t you hear?” You bit your lips as you pumped yourself with your fingers, the sound of your juices against your fingers making Happy groan. The image of you laying in bed, naked and fucking yourself was making it easier and easier for him. “Shit baby.” Happy growled, you heard him spit into his hand and another grunt as he put himself in his hand, running it up and down tightly. “So fucking tight baby.”

“Mhmm…only for you.” You moaned as you pushed in a third finger going faster, “Come on Happy. Yes! Fuck me harder.” Your moans were loud in the empty room, “Want it harder little girl?” Happy growled as he went faster, “Yes please Happy! I need it so bad!” You moaned, “Go ahead baby, fuck that little pussy harder.” Happy grunted as pumped his cock, your voice loud and erotic in his ear, “Damn you sound so wet baby.” He stated and you whimpered, “H-Hap…Happy I’m gonna…”

“Shhh no you’re not little girl, you’re gonna hold it.” He growled and licked his lips, “Come on Happy. Fuck your pussy.” You moaned, holding off as much as you could, you needed to cum bad. “Want me to cum around your cock, hmm?” You questioned.

Happy’s head went back into the pillows with a groan, “Yes, I wanna fuck you so good. Shit.” Your next words were a moan and they made Happy growl loudly, “Show me who owns it.” Happy growled and felt his stomach tighten, “Shit, come on baby cum with me.” Happy’s raspy voice and growl was all you needed. You came with a loud scream of his name, your fingers working inside of you and on your clit quickly, “Happy!” You moaned and Happy let out a low rumble as he came in his hand, his movements not stopping, “Oh fuck.” He grunted and slowed before stopping, as did you.

“That was good.” You sighed, as you laid your arms out, sprawled out on your bed, “Not as good as me really fucking my Old Lady.” Happy grumbled as he grabbed some tissues on his table, wiping his hand clean, then tucked himself back in his pants. “Oh shut up. Don’t ruin my afterglow.” You told him and he chuckled, “Alright alright.” Happy light up his cigarette that he left in his ash tray and took a slow drag, just like he always did after an orgasm.

“I love you Happy.”  You told him, listening to the sound of him breathing out smoke, “I love you too little mama.” He smirked and you smiled, “Get some sleep baby.” You sighed but nodded anyways, “I’ll call you tomorrow, I love you. Night Happy.”

“Good night.” Happy replied but just before you could hang up Happy spoke quickly, “Lock the house up.” He told you making you laugh, “Already did, don’t worry I got my gun next to me.” You smiled at his deep chuckle, “That’s my girl.”

“Yup I’m a sexy little Killah, just like my old man.”