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Request: Nightmare

Request: please write a story about breaking up with Juice because he cheated on the reader with Ima

It’s a sad imagine in the beginning, but give it a chance.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: cheating 

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Everyone looked at him as Juice entered the clubhouse. He told himself to keep his head high and just walk to a bedroom on the back of the club. The bag he was carrying seemed to weigh a ton. He had found it by the door when he got home; Y/N had packed it for him. He heard his girl in the kitchen and, in a normal day, he would walk to her, wrap his arms around Y/N and breathe her scent in. Instead of doing it, he grabbed the bag and turned around to leave the house.

Juice had thought he could go through all the club and personal issues. Everything would be alright, as long as he had Y/N by his side. Juice knew nothing could be that perfect and he had been just waiting for the day Y/N would get tired of his silent and clingy self. What woman would live with someone like him for so long? Who would bear the things he couldn’t explain and be there for him anyhow? No, that person didn’t exist. His worst nightmare had come true; he had lost the only person who could keep him from losing his mind.    

“Are you okay sweetheart?”, he felt Gemma’s hand on his shoulder but didn’t stop to look at her.

“Yeah”, Juice just mumbled and kept walking through the hallway. He was passing by the bathroom when Ima opened the door, raising an eyebrow at him. He ignored her; that girl was always around, trying to get in Jax’s bed though he had an old lady. He found a room and tossed his bag on the bed. He looked at it and knew he wouldn’t sleep that night, he couldn’t sleep alone anymore, he was used to Y/N’s warm body against his, wrapped in his embrace. Juice slammed the door behind him and walked back to the bar where his brothers didn’t ask any questions, just let him drink.


Someone was trying to knock down his door. Juice’s head was spinning and hurting, and the knocks on his door sounded louder than they actually were.

“What?”, Juice growled as he tried to get up.

“Juice”, a sweet voice came through the door, “It’s me. Open the door”

“Y/N”, he blinked, pressing a hand on his temple.

“Gemma convinced me to come over and talk to you”, she admitted, “She’s right and I was so angry, I wasn’t thinking. Let’s talk Juice”

“Babe”, he whispered and stumbled on his way to the door. Juice opened it and Y/N smiled at him, but then her smile faded when she looked at his drunk self.

“You are naked”, she hissed and pushed the door open. Juice looked down and saw it was true, he was naked and hadn’t noticed it. Y/N entered the bedroom and then sobbed, “How could you? I thought I was wrong and we could fix this, but no… Here”. Y/N took off the ring he had given to her when they got engaged, “I’ll send the rest of your stuff”, she walked by him as Juice still tried to understand what was going on, “You’re an asshole Juice”

“Y/N!”, he called her, but Y/N marched through the hallway and he couldn’t follow her, he was naked. Juice looked around, trying to find his pants and then he noticed them on the floor, next to a dress. He frowned and looked at the bed. He saw the blond hair and her face. Ima was in his bed. Juice understood then what had happened and why Y/N was furious. His back hit the wall and he slid to the floor, crying. He had lost everything.


Juice felt a hand gently rubbing his chest and someone telling him to open his eyes. He did what the voice had told and his eyes met Y/N’s. She was seated on the bed they shared, her brow creased.

“Breathe Juan, breathe”, she said, still rubbing his chest, “It was a nightmare babe, only a nightmare”

Juice looked around and recognized their bedroom. He was sweaty and must have been tossing and turning in bed, waking up Y/N. He tried to slow down his breath, looking inside her eyes and feeling her hand on his chest. Y/N smiled when she noticed he had calmed down and leaned to kiss him.

“It was only a nightmare babe, only a bad dream”, she whispered, resting her forehead against his. Juice sighed and wrapped his arms around her. Y/N caressed his cheeks, “Do you wanna talk about it?”

“It was another version of the same nightmare, the worst of all”, Juice hugged her tighter, “Losing you”

“I told you babe”, Y/N kissed his chest and cuddled with him to sleep, “It was just a nightmare, because that will never, ever happen. I’m not going anywhere”

Imagine Phone Sex with Happy. *Smut*

WARNINGS: SMUT! Dirty Talk! YUMMY HAPPY! Phone Sex!!

“I’ll see you in a week little girl. It ain’t that long.” Happy told you and you pouted crossing your arms over your chest, “But that’s so long, I’ll miss you.” You told him and he rolled his eyes but smirked anyways as he pulled you close by your waist, “You ain’t gonna miss me you’re gonna miss my dick.” Happy growled into your ear nibbling your ear lobe, “Yeah you’re probably right.” You chuckled as he slapped your ass.

“Happy you ready to roll out?” Juice asked then smirked when he saw you two, “Maybe we should wait.” Juice smiled widely and you smiled as you pushed Happy away making him wink. “Love you Old Man. Be safe guys.”

It was dreadful his run was longer than he said it was supposed to be, longer by how much, a fucking week and a half. You were restless and all you wanted was your Old Man, you wanted his arms wrapped around you at night, his hands playing with your hair putting the both of you to sleep, you wanted to wake up sprawled out on his chest in the morning.

You grabbed your phone as you laid out on your bed it was late and you wondered if he would still be up, “I’ll call him.” You said as you grabbed your phone and dialed him, “Hmm.” You heard Happy groan, “Did I wake you Old Man?” You chuckled and Happy sucked in the sound.

“I was about to.” He told you, and you knew he was telling the truth from his low, husky voice, “Oh…I’ll call you tomorrow.” You started but heard Happy grunt, “Nah, that’s alright baby.” Happy said as he grabbed his cigarette lighting it as he put the phone on his ear, “So how was everything with the club?” You asked as you laid back down staring up at your ceiling, “Well Kozik got his ass beat by Quinn.” He chuckled and you sighed, “What did blondie say this time?”

Happy took a drag of his cigarette and rolled his eyes, “Kozik said Quinn was a softy.” Your man smirked and you laughed, “Oh Kozik.” You replied, your smile dropping, “I miss you Hap.” You said after a while and Happy sighed. “I know baby…I miss you too.” He blew out smoke, the gray cloud filling the room before disappearing from the fan by his bed, “You been faithful?”

Happy laughed and you smiled, you both knew that Happy would never cheat no matter what everyone thought about him, “Yup. Your pussy is the only one for me.” Happy smirked as he put took a  hit of his cigarette, “Good cause your cock is the only one that makes me wet.” You smirked when you heard his groan, “Yeah?”

“Oh definitely, I’m always wet for you big man.” You told him with a low voice and Happy put his cigarette in his ash tray, “You gettin’ wet right now girl?” He asked licking his lips and you nodded, “Mhmm, very.” You groaned and Happy put a hand on his semi hard member, his jeans adding a good friction, “Tell me.” He growled in your ear and you bit your lip, “What are you in baby?” Happy asked, his husky voice sending shivers through your body.

“Those red lace panties you bought me, the ones with the little bow on the back, and your white tee.” You told him, and you heard him breath out deeply, “Take em off for me” He growled and you slowly pushed down your panties, your phone being held against your shoulder. “Fuck I miss your hands touching me.” You whined.

Happy palmed himself with a groan, “You miss me huh. Miss my cock in that pretty pussy?” You bit your lip, “Yes.” You moaned as you spread your legs, “Don’t touch yourself, just listen to me.” Happy smirked at your whine, “You miss the way I would run my hands up your sides. Touching those perfect tits of yours as I suck on your neck, that spot that you love so much just under your jaw. Feel it?” Happy asked as he pushed down his jeans and boxers, his cock springing free from his confines, “I miss it so much.” You told him as you took one of you hands groping your breast squeezing just like Happy, well not exactly like him.

You pictured his hard and rough, calloused hands running up to your breast then up to your neck imagining his lips, “Happy.” You moaned, “My hands running over those hips that I love, before gripping your thighs as I grind my dick against that sweet, sweet pussy. All wet for my cock that you love so much. Thinking about it pressing against your wetness, damn I always love how wet you are.” Happy’s growl made you moan, your hand running over your thighs then the inside before running over your wet slit. I love running my cock over that wet pussy, can you do that for me? Run those nice fingers over your pussy. Get those fingers nice and shiny for me baby girl.” He growled as he used his pre-cum to guide his hand over his swollen cock.

“I miss you so much.” You moaned as you got your fingers wet, running them between your lower lips like he ordered, “What do ya miss about it?”

You took a shaky, “I miss how well it fit in my mouth, love the way you’d grip my hair as you fucked my throat. I love the dark veins that run under, the caramel skin and red tip, fuck.” You moaned, the thought of him making you clench, his growl sexy. “Shit.” The man cursed as he squeezed his hand, at the tip slightly with a groan, “I wanna fuck you so bad, push my cock right into that wet little pussy, nice and slow. Make you beg for me to fuck you. Fuck you rough and hard just how you like it.” He growled. You sucked in a harder breath as you pushed two fingers into yourself slowly like he told you, slowly pushing them in and out picturing his cock instead.

“Take off your shirt, let me see you, wanna picture that sexy body that I love so much.” You obeyed and put the phone down and took your shirt off, tossing it on the floor and put your phone on speaker. Which you should have done earlier since you’re at home alone. You licked your fingers, picturing Happy inside of your mouth and you heard a chuckle, “You suckin your fingers girl?” You didn’t answer and Happy only smirked as he heard your muffled moan, “You always did love worshiping my cock Y/N. Love running that gorgeous tongue over my head, sucking on the tip.”

As he described you followed along, your tongue licking the tips of your fingers then sucking them slightly, “Mhmm.” You moaned, “I love your mouth but I love your pussy more, come on baby put those fingers were my dick should be.” His voice was a low growl and it made your body explode with heat, you loved his voice, god he had the best voice for phone sex. So raspy, and hoarse, rough and all around sinful.

You ran your wet fingers down to your entrance and pushed them in slowly making you gasp, “Just like that Y/N. Come on little girl, you want me to fuck you? Want my cock in your pussy?” You choked out a yes, “Happy please, I want it so bad inside me.” You told him and Happy growled, “Go ahead, fuck yourself on those fingers girl, just the way I do.” He told you as he ran his hand up and down his dick fast, his fingers tight around his member mimicking your tight walls but it wasn’t enough, “Sonofabitch.” He cursed in frustration, “YES!” You moaned as you pressed your other hand on your clit rubbing in a quick circle, “Y/N.” He called but you were lost as you pictured him, “Baby.”

Your tightly shut eyes opened at his frustrated voice, “W-what? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t fucking jack off.” He told you and you laughed, “I’m serious, I haven’t needed to jack off since I got your sweet ass pussy with me.” Your Old Man cursed and you sighed, “But…But Happy please can’t you try. Just picture how wet I am for you, just thinking about your amazing cock deep inside me, fucking me like an Old Man should.” You told him in a sultry voice and heard him curse, “Y/N.” He sighed but you cut him off, “Please just try. Don’t you want me Old Man?” You moaned as you put your fingers back into your wet entrance, “Course I fucking want you.” Happy growled.

“Good. I want you so bad Happy.” You moaned, “Can’t you hear?” You bit your lips as you pumped yourself with your fingers, the sound of your juices against your fingers making Happy groan. The image of you laying in bed, naked and fucking yourself was making it easier and easier for him. “Shit baby.” Happy growled, you heard him spit into his hand and another grunt as he put himself in his hand, running it up and down tightly. “So fucking tight baby.”

“Mhmm…only for you.” You moaned as you pushed in a third finger going faster, “Come on Happy. Yes! Fuck me harder.” Your moans were loud in the empty room, “Want it harder little girl?” Happy growled as he went faster, “Yes please Happy! I need it so bad!” You moaned, “Go ahead baby, fuck that little pussy harder.” Happy grunted as pumped his cock, your voice loud and erotic in his ear, “Damn you sound so wet baby.” He stated and you whimpered, “H-Hap…Happy I’m gonna…”

“Shhh no you’re not little girl, you’re gonna hold it.” He growled and licked his lips, “Come on Happy. Fuck your pussy.” You moaned, holding off as much as you could, you needed to cum bad. “Want me to cum around your cock, hmm?” You questioned.

Happy’s head went back into the pillows with a groan, “Yes, I wanna fuck you so good. Shit.” Your next words were a moan and they made Happy growl loudly, “Show me who owns it.” Happy growled and felt his stomach tighten, “Shit, come on baby cum with me.” Happy’s raspy voice and growl was all you needed. You came with a loud scream of his name, your fingers working inside of you and on your clit quickly, “Happy!” You moaned and Happy let out a low rumble as he came in his hand, his movements not stopping, “Oh fuck.” He grunted and slowed before stopping, as did you.

“That was good.” You sighed, as you laid your arms out, sprawled out on your bed, “Not as good as me really fucking my Old Lady.” Happy grumbled as he grabbed some tissues on his table, wiping his hand clean, then tucked himself back in his pants. “Oh shut up. Don’t ruin my afterglow.” You told him and he chuckled, “Alright alright.” Happy light up his cigarette that he left in his ash tray and took a slow drag, just like he always did after an orgasm.

“I love you Happy.”  You told him, listening to the sound of him breathing out smoke, “I love you too little mama.” He smirked and you smiled, “Get some sleep baby.” You sighed but nodded anyways, “I’ll call you tomorrow, I love you. Night Happy.”

“Good night.” Happy replied but just before you could hang up Happy spoke quickly, “Lock the house up.” He told you making you laugh, “Already did, don’t worry I got my gun next to me.” You smiled at his deep chuckle, “That’s my girl.”

“Yup I’m a sexy little Killah, just like my old man.”

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?-3

Requested by @homra-the-red-clan

Trigger Warnings: Abandonment, mentions of abortion and miscarriage Language.

Tig x Ava (OFC), Happy X Ava

Part (1) (2)

Laying in bed, curled next to Happy’s side, she was hit with a craving. The thought of peanut butter panic ice cream and jalapeño cheetos, sounded delicious. Her stomach growled, glancing at Happy’s face, he was still sleeping.  

Easing out of bed, his arm snaked around her waist pulling her against him. “Where are you going?”

“To the store. I’m craving ice cream and cheetos.”

He reached for his phone, frowning at her. “It’s one in the morning,  you ain’t going anywhere!”

She pouted at him. “I really want some peanut butter panic ice cream, and jalapeño cheetos.”

“That sounds disgusting!” He grinned at her, pulling her tighter against him.

“Don’t judge my crazy food cravings…” She sat up next to him, trying to get out of bed. “I’m just going to run to the store…”

He got up out of bed, getting dressed. “I don’t want you going out this late by yourself.  I’ll go get stuff for your crazy food cravings.”

“You’re the best!” He leaned down kissing her. she got out of bed, slipping on a pair of sleep shorts and a tank top. “Thank you!”

“I’ll be back in ten minutes!” He pulled her into his arms, kissing her again, before he left.

She settled on the couch, watching TV waiting for Happy to get back from the store. Hearing a bike, riding into the drive, she smiled in anticipation of feasting on her craving.

Opening the door, her smile dropped, she tried to slam and lock the door, but he stuck his boot in the way. Shoving the door open, he pushed his way inside.

Tig pushed her up against a wall, lifting her off her feet. “I don’t want to hurt you Ava. You need to leave Charming,  and never look back.”

“This is my home…please let me go…” His hands wrapped around her throat, applying slight pressure.  “Please Tig, you’re scaring me. You don’t have to have anything to do with this baby, Happy is going to….”

“I want you to leave, tonight! Stop being a whore, with my brother. This baby isn’t his problem, it’s yours! I’ve killed an innocent woman before, and I have no problem doing it again! ”

She felt the tears welling up in her eyes, she heard another bike riding down the road. He shook her hard, letting her head hit the wall. He released her, letting her fall to the floor. “Don’t tell Hap I was here!”

He ran out of the house, she heard him  take off for his bike. She  laid on the floor her body shaking with sobs and fear. Happy appeared at her side, his eyes full of concern. “Are you whole?”

She couldn’t answer him,  she just looked at him, her eyes full of fear.  She couldn’t  couldn’t form the words to a answer him. Tig’s threat still ringing in her ears.  He picked me up, carrying me I to the couch.

“Was that Tig?” She could only nodd. He wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her. He pulled back, checking over her body. Seeing the discoloration on her neck, he let out a growl.

“What did he say to you? Did he threaten you?”  She nodded her head. “I’m going to kill the bastard. “

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You're His Weakness...

This is a JokerxReader.


Your P. O. V

“Well, what do we have here?” I asked, walking into the abandoned warehouse in only a drapey white tee. Took a few twenty of em’ but my men got The Clown Prince Of Crime sober in a metal stretcher. “Awe, what’s the matter, Mister. J?” My hands hit the surface of it, but he doesn’t flinch. Too bad. My (Y/H/C) hair flows down my shoulder and some of his “Damaged” tattoo. “Ah said uh machine gun.. not an abduction, Doll–” I cut him off by placing my finger against his red lips and said:

“Shh, Billy Boy… Momma didn’t say you could talk, did I?”

A growl sounded in his throat and I giggled, almost falling to the floor of how humorous I thought this to be. I thought: “I’m soo dead”, knowing I’d be punished severely after this.  "So what? Ya gonna kill me, Sweets?“ He asked, “Of course, but not until after I’m done playing with you” I giggle. “Say ‘ahh’..” I mocked, jamming the belt in his mouth, “I wouldn’t wanna break those sexy silver teeth uh yours… when the juice hits your brain”.

[Should I continue…]

The Garden and the God - Part 1

It was dark night. A dark, noisy night like so many he had seen on that dumb planet, in that realm of chaos and oddities. It was inhabited by people who were easy to manipulate, weak minds like children’s, and who for some time had given him the illusion of getting something full of greatness, something glorious. And wrong.

He closed his eyes for a moment, breathing deeply,  and turned his back at the enormous stained-glass window that was directly on the frenzy of the night streets. He coughed with a shiver. Every time he forgot the dry air he breathed in that huge building where he had been leaded after the end of those tragic events, and where he lived for a year now. 

The Stark Tower. A gigantic finger made of steel and glass, pointing straight to the sky, full of lights, laboratories, corridors and rooms. And people. Many of whom did not love him, distrusted him, and even feared to speak to him. In the Stark Tower everything was automated and technologically advanced: the doors opened with mysterious hidden buttons, the lights had strange reflections and even the comfortable common rooms, tastefully furnished, hiding ultra-modern gadgets that he hated and found them completely useless.

He had spent several months to get used to that setting that made him uncomfortable and so far from his reality, but for how much effort he did, he would never have been able to understand the contraption that filtered all the air, and returned it dry, clean and with a vague smell of disinfectant he badly tolerated, and forced him to cough. He let a thoughtful look run over his large desk that was soon filled with books, papers and pens; he had everything he wanted in that fistful of nice and comfortable rooms where he lived, so a careless look would never have known that that was his golden cage.

He could go out, attend the vast library, get new experiences in the common lounges, but he was not allowed to leave the building and every time he moved from one area to another, he had to do some sort of report to a metal voice in a microphone, an invisible figure called Jarvis, so Stark and his friends always knew where he was. He looked back out of the window, but instead of seeing sparkling lights, skyscrapers, and tiny cars in a row fifty-eight floors down below, his reflection in the glass attracted his attention. He hated what had become his life, he hated the fact that he could only blame himself, and he hated to admit it, in silence, with himself. He stared into the clear glass, his face with an almost somber expression. The black long hair just past her shoulders, high forehead, the sculpted cheekbones. And then those eyes. Even the deep black of the night sky was unable to suffocate the intense green of his gaze. An unnamed green, deep, vibrant, of an almost painful beauty.

Still he recognized the man of that reflection?

Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief and Liars, Prince of Asgard and son …

He hit a fist on the glass to stop his thoughts and walked away from the window with a grimace of anger, as if the window itself was guilty for this feeling of being void and prisoner. He lay down on the bed stretching his long legs: the comfortable black trousers accompanied that movement with a delicate silky swish. He crossed his hands behind his neck and stared at the ceiling. It was better if he tried to sleep, he had to stop with his stupid fixation of late reading and grinding sad thoughts. But there was that dream …

That dream that persecuted him for weeks, if not months, and the last thing he wanted was to get back to it, to live it …

Loki P.O.V 

The light. It always started with the blinding, beautiful light that I knew well. It was the light that was driving me. It was so wonderful to be there, surrounded by that warm golden light. I also knew the scent of those delicate plants, wet ferns and blooming flowers that accompanied my every step.

I knew immediately where I was and my last remnant of conscience had twisted to wake up. “No!!”

The golden light sprang like a hug and warmed my heart like never before. Somewhere, among the hedges, the sound of running water seemed to me the laugh of  a little girl. I decided to move forward, while a strange sweet sadness grabbed my heart…

“Loki, have you done? Hurry up, Tony asked to talk to you and you’re doing everything to be late! ”

Loki glanced cold at the stinging voice that had spoken to him, then returned to sipping his glass of orange juice.

“Tell the Tin Man that I’m not the dog that runs under his command …” he growled, abruptly move away the beefy blond man who had appeared to him “…nor you are my watchman!”.

The other snorted: he was clearly unhappy with the delay Loki deliberately accumulated.

“Do not always be so dramatic, little brother. I do not know what he have in mind, but … by the wind!!… he just asked to talk to you!”

Something in those words was clashing into the ears of the God of Mischief, which jumped like under the whip. Thor did not call him “little brother” since he had twelve winters and was trying to emulate his prodigious strength as he laughed at his childish attempts. A wave of painful memories began to roar in his mind, but he was a God, in the name of the Hells!…and he would turn those demons back to where they had crawled. He shrugged his jaw and poured his anger into a tight muscle. He stiffened and decided to act as if nothing happened: never and ever would let Thor notice his old wounds. He raised an eyebrow and passed it over with his panther walk.

“Oh, let’s go then!” he said with a grin amused “Let’s hear what gave birth the keen mind of the Tin Man!”

Thor stood for a moment to look his brother walks away, and suddenly he began to worry because he knew how little they loved each other, and that morning Loki seemed less accommodative than usual. Tony Stark also discovered it, later, when he saw him, in his studio, that immensely green look planted on him,…tall, slender but strong, dressed in black leather, and a simple dark green shirt. The only detail he had kept of his old garments was the thick leather-made arm guards, adorned with golden metal plates.

“How did you get in?”                                                                                                            

Loki chuckled.

“Not many can boast of have caught me by surprise, Stark …” he said “And you do not make the exception.”

He stepped back a few steps and crossed his arms over his chest.

“What do you want?”

Stark stood up, walked around his desk and stopped to pour half a glass from a bottle of orange liquid. “I suppose you do not want anything to drink, as usual.”

He noticed the disgusted expression of the young God as he looked at his light drink: to see him always so reserved, so damn rational, and reluctant to loosen his iron self-control, increased his frustration.

Loki had the ability to make him feel like one of those bullies that hid his own fragilities behind a glass,… which even himself had thought, several time, and which had almost a fistfight with Rogers, who accused him  of the same thing.

That glimmer of truth burned like an open wound…

“It’s been a year since you’re here, boy, I hope it’s been enough time to think about your deeds.”

Loki was silent, motionless, his jaw clenched and a fierce anger in his cold green stare.

He watched the man, who was walking up and down the room: he noticed that he never looked directly at him and actually, it seemed that he did not want to get too much close.

‘You are a coward, Stark, a big, arrogant coward!’ he thought.

“I have plans for you, Loki.” he announced with a smile, “I thought and evaluated this thing very calmly, … the last thing I want to do is the big bullshit to put a murderess in my house, but I’ve been thinking a lot and I made a decision. ”

He took a sip and looked at last the God of Mischief straight in the eyes.

“I want to give you the chance to join our team and work with us.”

Part 2

[[ I got a request for either Happy, Juice, or Opie smut 😈 so I’ll happily oblige hehe ]] 

“I thought I told you not to talk to the prospect anymore,” Happy growled, stomping up behind you, his hands balled into fists. The prospect’s eyes grew wide. You knew he had a little crush on you. Happy knew it too. And that made it all the more fun. 

A devilish grin spread across your face. Happy was right. He had told you to stay away from the prospect. More than once, actually. But you liked to push his buttons. Your old man was kind of hot when he was angry. 

Happy turned to the prospect and scowled, lifting his shirt to reveal the smiley face tattoos on his stomach. “You wanna be another smiley face tat, prospect?”

“N-no, sir.” He scurried away.

Happy looked back to you and stared hard. You felt you heart skip a beat. You knew what was coming next. “What the hell do you think you’re doing talking to him?”

“I forgot,” you said, biting your lip and shrugging innocently. Happy knew you were anything but innocent, and he knew exactly what you were doing. But that still didn’t stop his anger from getting the best of him. You were his, and he wanted to make damn sure no one ever questioned that.

“Guess I need to make sure you remember.” He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. He stomped his way to the back of the clubhouse. You grabbed at his shoulders as he carried you down the hall and kicked open the door to one of the dorm rooms. He carried you in the room and threw you down on the bed, not even bothering to shut the door behind him. “You’re mine,” he growled, pouncing on top of you and tearing into your clothes like a hungry animal. “Don’t you forget that.” 

He ripped your tank top away from your body and had your jeans unbuttoned and around your ankles in a matter of seconds. He pressed his lips to your neck and slipped two fingers into the edge of your panties, shoving them down your thighs. “You’re mine,” he reminded you, his breath hot on your ear. He nipped at your neck, and you let out a small whimper. He pulled his own shirt over his head and tossed it across the room. He stood between your legs and looked down at you as you laid on the bed in front of him. You watched as he began to unbuckle his belt and bit your lip in anticipation. You smirked and began to sit up. Happy pushed you back down harshly. “You’re not going anywhere.” You tried again, and this only made Happy more angry. He snatched you up, lifting you up to his waist. You wrapped your legs around him, and he crossed the room and pushed you roughly against the wall. “I told you not to move,” he snarled, a smirk spreading across his face you had never seen before. He pushed his hips roughly against yours. You didn’t know how much longer you could wait. You needed him. You licked your lips and pushed your hips towards his, your back pressed tight against the wall. He pushed his jeans and boxers down and took hold of your hips. “You’re mine, girl,” he repeated, grabbing himself and pushing hard into you. 

Your eyes rolled back as he filled you. Your mouth dropped open, and you gasped loudly. “Hap,” you moaned, clawing at his back. 

He thrust himself harder into you, his fingers leaving little bruises all along your hips. “Say you’re mine.” 

“I’m yours,” you mumbled, your fingernails digging into his shoulders. You couldn’t keep your eyes open. The pleasure was too intense.

Louder.” He picked up his pace, thrusting angrily. He pushed you harder against the wall. “Say you’re mine,” he growled, biting at your neck. 

“I’m yours!” you shouted, “I’m yours, baby.” You knew anyone in the clubhouse could hear the two of you, but you didn’t care. He thrust deeper. You let out another small gasp. “I’m yours.” He thrust again. “Fuck, Hap. I’m yours.”

“Yeah you are,” Happy groaned, his voice now sounding more breathy than angry. He could feel himself getting closer and closer with each thrust. “Fuck.”

You let out a loud gasp and finally let go, giving in to the intense wave of pleasure that seemed to radiate through your entire body. Happy knew he couldn’t hold himself back as he felt you tighten around him. You said his name repeatedly, your voice breathless, begging for him, and he followed mere seconds later.

“Goddamn.” He leaned into you, resting his head on your shoulder and breathing heavy. You leaned back against the wall and lifted a hand to rest on top of his head, your other still on his shoulder.

“Really, Hap?” Juice asked from the hallway. “Couldn’t even close the goddamn door?” 

Happy lifted his head and smashed his lips against yours. He let out a deep, throaty laugh. “Had to remind her who she belonged to.” 

Jealous Dan


The atmosphere was filled with joy as you entered the party with your boyfriend Dan. People were dancing, singing, drinking and laughing, all souls filled with happiness.
About an hour into the party, you and Dan had had separated into your own social groups to catch up with friends, old and new.
Dan was on his 5th drink, quite tipsy now however you had decided not to drink at all.
“Hey gorgeous” a muscular man greeted as he came to stand beside you.
“Hello” you replied in a friendly manner.
The music was loud and it was hard to hear anyone over the top of it, so the unknown man used this to his advantage, bending down to whisper into your ear.
He continues with harmless flirtation for a while until it is taken a bit to far
“You look so sexy in that outfit” he says as he places his hand on your ass. Before you have the chance to explain to him that you have a boyfriend, a low voice speaks up
“She’s taken.” Dan States in a monotone voice before taking your wrist and pulling you out the front door.
“Dan, I was” you were about to explain but didn’t get to finish
“I don’t care.” He stated again, crossing his arms as he stood away from you, waiting for a taxi to pull up.

The trip home seemed to last forever as you drowned in silence and tension. Dan would not even look at you the entire way home.

As soon as you were in the house, you couldn’t help but snap.
“Dan! Your being ridiculous. Nothing was going to happen!” You exclaimed

“Bull shit! You clearly weren’t stopping him anytime soon. I bet you wanted him to keep going huh?” Dan yelled in return

“I was about to stop him when you came over! Are you jealous or something?”

“No, not at all! I love it when other men have their hands all over MY girlfriends body, flirting with her and getting her all worked up!” Dan growled sarcastically.

As much as you tried to deny yourself… Jealous Dan was unbelievably hot…
Seconds after Dan stopped talking, he stepped forward, forcing you up against the cold wall. His lips smashed to yours in an angry kiss, his tongue instantly in your mouth.
A small moan escapes your throat as Dan’s lips move from your mouth, down to your neck as he sucks harshly, leaving his mark and making sure everyone would know who you belonged to.
Without warning, Dan’s large hand slipped into your panties, running his long fingers along you slit as he collected your juices
“So fucking wet. Are you wet for HIM?” Dan questioned, voice filled with both frustration and lust.

“N-no” you whimpered you

“Who are you wet for then?” He
asked as he started pumping two of his fingers in and out of you.

“You D-Dan. All f-for you” you answered breathlessly

He pressed his thumb to your clit, making small circles as he continued thrusting his fingers.
“Good” he replied simply.
It was long until you could feel your muscles tightening

“Dan I.. I’m going to..”

Before you could cum, Dan removed his hand, putting his fingers into his mouth and sucking them clean.

Quickly, all your clothes were stripped from your body, standing naked in front of a topless Dan Howell.
“On your knees” He instructed you.

Dan was usually very sweet when it came to making love, but jealous Dan was certainly different. And you loved it. He wanted to show you that you were with him and only him.

Sinking to your knees, you undid Dan’s jeans which were hanging lowly on his hips. You dragged them down, along with his boxers. His erection sprung free and you instantly took hold of it, pumping him a few times before running your tongue around the tip and then taking him into your mouth.
As your head bobbed his fists took hold of your hair, low moans eliciting from his lips as his head fell back in pleasure.

“Fuck, fuck stop I’m going to cum”
Dan stopped you, pulling you up and pressings your bodies together again.

Kissing you again, his hands ran down your body, squeezing your bum before lifting the back of your thighs. Your legs wrapped around his waist as he pressed your back to the wall once again.

Without any warning he lined himself up and slammed into you. A high pitched moan leaving your lips from the shock and pleasure.
“He couldn’t fuck you like this. He wouldn’t know how to get you going like I do” Dan moaned into your ear as he thrusted into you mercilessly.
One of his hands moved as he started rubbing your clit.
You could feel your orgasm starting to build in the pit of your stomach
“D-Dan!” You screamed out

“That’s right baby, let everyone know who’s fucking you this good”

Dan came closer to his edge as he thrusted into as hard and fast as possible, kissing your neck and moaned into your ear.

Your whole body shook as your orgasm hit you harder than ever, clenching around Dan’s cock as he release inside of you.

“Fuck” dan whispered as he placed you back down on your legs, which almost gave out.

“I love you so much y/n”
“I love you too Dan. And only you.”

Dan carried you to bed as there was no way you were walking for the next few days.
You both cuddled up and enjoyed each others company, while ignoring all the texts from people at the party who were wondering where you had gone.

Request: True Love - Part 6

Request: I would like one about Juice and me meeting and falling in love and eventually getting married.

y/b/n - your brother’s name; y/n - your name

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of OCD, depression, abusive relationship, self-confidence, self-esteem issues

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5

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I cuddled with up Juice in bed, breathing his scent in. I felt safe in his embrace, his hand slowly caressing my back. I don’t know why, but I suddenly began to tell him about my childhood and ex-boyfriend. I had thought I would never found love in my life, but then I met Steve, my ex, and I lived for him, tried to be the perfect girlfriend, changed for him, I did everything in my power for him. However, it didn’t seem to be enough, I wasn’t enough. He made sure I knew that, getting frustrated and yelling every time something displeased him. As it wasn’t enough, I found out he was cheating on me and it broke my heart in a million pieces. Y/B/N took me in his apartment and protected me even more from the world. We were alone, bubby and I.

“I’m sorry this happened to you”, Juice whispered, kissing my forehead, “I got you now babe”


I fell asleep, and when I woke up, Juice wasn’t there. I found him in the kitchen, cooking. He made eat and waited as I took a shower and got dressed, and then he drove me to my brother’s office. I assured him I would be fine and watched his bike disappear on the traffic. I entered the office and my brother rushed to meet me.

“How are you?”, Y/B/N asked, watching me closely as I let my purse on my desk.

“I’m fine”, I answered, “Juice just dropped me off here”

“You talked to him”, it wasn’t a question, but I nodded and looked at my brother.

“I appreciate you let him see me”, I squeezed my hands together, trying to calm down, “We’re fine and, as you saw, Juice truly cares about me”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry if I disappointed you, but-“, my brother walked toward me, “I love you and I will always protect you, want the best for you. I had to talk to him, I had to know if…”

“I know Y/B/N”, I cut him off, “And I know it will be hard for you to accept Juice, but he’s good for me”

“Yeah, I see that”, Y/B/N admitted and opened his arms. I walked into his embrace, feeling him hug me tight, “You’re in love”

“Yes, I’m in love with Juice, bubby”, I smiled, “And he makes me happy”

Months later…

My brother had accepted my relationship; Y/B/N had assured me he would always be there for me and I knew it was true. Him and Juice weren’t best friends, but began to treat each other with respect; my brother had even gone to a Samcro party and reluctantly admitted he had had a good time. I still had my moments of doubt, but Juice was there to take my hand, pull me to his safe embrace and tell me he loved me just the way I was. It was a two way street; Juice needed that assurance too and we were beating the odds together.  

We would celebrate our seventh month together soon and Juice was already planning a romantic night. He said we should go out and have a nice dinner. I couldn’t say no and I thought it was cute; Juice was different from every guy I’ve ever met, he was one of the kind.

Venus thought I should get a new dress for the dinner and though I had said no, she took me with her to the mall, saying it wouldn’t hurt try on a few dresses. Spend time with her was always fun, but I was feeling kinda weird that day and by the time we entered the second store, I was definitely not fine. Venus got worried, made me sit down and brought me water. I hadn’t had a proper breakfast and thought it could be the reason or I was getting sick, but when I mentioned it to Venus she caressed my cheek and whispered, “I don’t think it’s a flu or something darling”

It took me a moment to fully understand what she meant, but then, I couldn’t believe it, “We had been careful Venus, I don’t think…”

“It is possible honey”, she offered me a sympathetic smile, “I think you should do a test, just to be sure”

I nodded, still stunned with the idea of being pregnant and let Venus take me to a pharmacy where we bought a test. We got back to Venus’s house and I held the test on my trembling hands as she closed the bathroom door and said she would be on the kitchen making tea.

I couldn’t wait in the bathroom, so I paced around the kitchen as Venus watched me. I was a coward and she had to look at the stick to tell me the result. I knew what she would say when I looked at her and felt nausea again as the words left her lips, “You’re pregnant Y/N”


I asked Venus to keep the secret. I didn’t know how to tell Juice he would be a father, or my brother he would be a uncle. She also backed me up for a couple days when I decided to avoid Juice because I was too nervous to even look at him, I would cry if I did. However, I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to tell him and face whatever would happen with us.

I saw Jax and Tig busy at the garage and nobody was at the bar when I entered the clubhouse. Juice should be in his bedroom and I walked toward there, but Chibs’ voice made me stop by the door outside.

“Are you sure Juicy?”, the Scot asked, sounding concerned.

“Yes, I am”, Juice answered.

“Good luck boy”, Chibs whistled, “Y/N doesn’t have a clue about this”

“No, she doesn’t”, my boyfriend affirmed, “I hope everything turns out fine”

I didn’t stay to listen more or talk to Juice, I just ran out of that place and drove back to my apartment. I had overheard enough; Juice was hiding something from me, and to me, it sounded like he was planning to break up with me. What else could it be? He hoped everything would be fine, he didn’t actually want to hurt me, but…I felt dizzy and stopped the car, resting my forehead on the steering wheel. My phone started to buzz inside my purse and I growled as I grabbed it. My brother’s photo was on the screen. I couldn’t drive back home and he was the only one that could help me, so I answered the call.

“Y/N, where…”, Y/B/N started and I cut him off, whining on the phone.

“Bubby, can you come and pick me up?”


His office wasn’t far from where I was and my brother met me in a few minutes. “What happened?”, he inquired, noticing I had been crying.

“I’m pregnant”, I blurted.

“What?”, Y/B/N was stunned, staring at me with big eyes and mouth open.

I spoke fast, telling him everything that had happened; shopping with Venus, the test and the conversation I had overheard between my boyfriend and Chibs. My brother was mad, I could see it. He told me to move to the passenger seat and took the place behind the wheel. I thought he would take me home, but when I noticed, we were back at TM.

“Y/B/N”, I begged, knowing he would confront Juice, “Please, let’s go home”

“No Y/N”, my brother barked as he hopped off the car, “He has to know and I won’t let him get out so easily”

Y/B/N marched toward the clubhouse, ignoring my protests as I followed him. Gemma, Jax and Opie were inside, my brother asked them where Juice was.

“Why?”, Gemma narrowed her eyes at Y/B/N who just passed by her, going to the back of the club. We both followed my brother, Jax and Opie behind us. Juice must have heard our voices and stepped outside his bedroom, his eyes lightning up when he saw me.

“Hey babe, what is happ-“, he couldn’t finish the sentence, Y/B/N was jumping on him. Juice took a backward step, escaping from the punch as Opie held my brother and Jax stood between them.

“What the hell is going on?”, the Samcro president demanded to know.

“Do you think you can seduce my sister and then leave her?”, my brother barked, trying to get rid of Opie’s grip, “I warned you before! You hurt her and I will kill you!”

“What are you talking about?”, Juice asked, colliding with Jax as he took a step forward, “I’m not leaving your sister!”

“Y/B/N, please”, I begged as Gemma hugged me and tried to pull me away from them.

“Tell him Y/N!”, my brother hissed, looking at me, “Tell him or I will!”

“What? Tell me what babe?”, Juice’s eyes were big as he stared at me, confused.

“Y/B/N…”, I cried once again. My brother growled and glared at Juice.

“She is pregnant!”, he yelled, “She is pregnant and was coming to tell you, but she heard you talking about leaving her”

“What?”, Juice had never looked away from me as my brother spoke. We were both heaving and Jax let him get closer to me. He squeezed my hands in his, looking for an answer on my eyes, “Is it true babe? Are you pregnant?”

“Yes”, I nodded, looking down at our hands together, “I’m sorry Juice”

“No babe, don’t be sorry”, he wiped the tears from my cheeks with his thumb, “This is great, the best thing you could tell me”

“It is?”, I whispered, suddenly feeling hopeful about us.

“Yes”, Juice gently held my chin, making me look at him. He was tearing up, “I’ve always wanted a family babe and I want it with you. I don’t know what you heard Y/N, but I’m not planning to leave you, never”

“I heard Chibs asking if you were sure”, I confessed, “He said I didn’t have a clue and you told him you hoped everything would be fine”

“Oh babe”, Juice sighed and kissed my hands, “It… It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I was planning to do it at our dinner, ask you…”, suddenly, he pulled back and got something on his pocket, then Juice knelt in front of me.

“Juice”, I whispered, completely astonished.

“I told you once babe, I’ve waited for you my whole life and I have no doubts I want to spend the rest of it with you”, he opened the box, showing me a beautiful ring, “Y/N, will marry me?”

Everybody was watching us, waiting. Opie had let my brother go and he was stunned as Juice proposed to me. I felt the tears running down my face as I nodded.

“Yes! Yes Juice, I will marry you”

Juice’s POV

Juice smiled, feeling his heart pound inside his chest as he slid the engagement ring on Y/N’s finger. She had said yes, the woman he loved would be his wife. Chibs had helped him to get the ring and he was playing to propose at their dinner. His brother thought it was too soon, but Juice couldn’t wait any longer, he wanted a life with Y/N. His heart was breaking when she arrived at the clubhouse, her brother yelling as she cried, but now, he couldn’t describe how happy was. He would marry Y/N and she was pregnant, carrying his child.

“I love you”, Juice whispered, holding Y/N close and resting a hand over her belly, “Both of you”

“I love you too”, she smiled and kissed him. Jax lightened the mood with his whistles and claps, cheering for his friends. Y/N blushed and looked at her brother. Gemma noticed it and told Jax and Opie to move, leaving them alone.

“I… I owe you an apology”, Y/B/N looked from his sister to Juice, holding out a hand for him.

“It’s okay man”, Juice shook his hand, “I would have done the same, but, as I said before, I won’t hurt your sister, ever”

“I know”, Y/N’s brother admitted and opened his arms to her, “Congratulations”

“Bubby!”, Y/N hugged her brother as Juice watched, smiling.

“Hey, let’s celebrate!”, Gemma called them, pulling Y/B/N with her to the bar. Juice and Y/N stayed behind, lovingly looking at each other. He touched her belly again, thinking about the baby growing inside and he couldn’t be more happier, he finally had found his old lady.


Months later…

Y/N wanted to get married before her bump was too big, and though they had planned and tried to make it happen, she was already showing up, bump growing fast. Why? She was pregnant with twins. Juice was excited, already thinking about names and driving his wife to be crazy. They had moved in together, in a house Juice already had his eyes on for a long time; he couldn’t wait to get the nursery ready.

It was their wedding day and Juice was at the altar, waiting for Y/N. He was breathing deeply, trying to calm down, but it wouldn’t happen until the wedding band was on her finger and Y/N was officially Mrs Ortiz. Gemma rushed to her seat and signed for the music to start. Everybody got up and looked at the aisle, Juice held his breath and there she was, beautiful on her wedding dress. Y/B/N walked with his sister on the aisle and they just exchanged a meaningful look as Juice took Y/N’s hand in his.

“You’re so beautiful”, he whispered as Y/N smiled at him and they turned to the altar.


He would remember every detail of that night forever, Juice thought as he slowly danced with his wife, her head resting against his shoulder.

“Is this really happening?”, he whispered, “This isn’t a dream, is it?”

“Yes, this is really happening my love”, Y/N pulled back to look at him, eyes sparkling as she put Juice’s hand over her belly, “It’s true”

Yes, it was and Juice knew the best was yet to come.

The End

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***Angry Juice is always nice. 👊🏽💋***

“Can you get me another beer babe?” You nodded and stood up, pointing to Jax and Hap. “You guys want one too?” They both nodded and said thank you as you took their empty bottles. You walked over to the bar and tossed them into the trash can before turning to Half Sack who was behind the bar smiling at you. “Hey Sack, can you get me a couple more beers for the guys?” “Of course.” He turned around opened the fridge, beginning to pull out a couple bottles before handing them to you. “Your hair looks nice today. Well it always looks nice, it’s just that…ya know. Never mind.” You looked up from the beers in your hand and laughed lightly. “Thank you sweetheart.” He smiled and blushed at you, looking down at the bar top. “Welcome.”

Ice cold beers in hand, you headed back over to the boys and gave them their beers before sitting down next to Juice. “Thank you baby.” You smiled and nodded before leaning forward and kissing his jaw gently. As you pulled back, you saw the mischievous look in his eyes. “What?” He looked you up and down before handing his unopened beer to Jax and standing up, pulling you up with him. “We’re gonna head to the back.”

Jax and Happy smirked at the two of you and nodded. “Tell Sack to come in early tomorrow to take your shift. I’m sure you won’t be getting much sleep tonight.” Jax threw a wink your way and you blushed as your Old Man chuckled. “Yeah I think I’ll do that.” He wrapped an arm around your waist and began to walk with you towards the dorm hallway. “You go get those clothes off. I’ll be there in a minute.” You blushed and nodded, a smile on your lips as you turned. Juice landed a slight spank on your ass as you began to walk away and headed towards the bar to talk to Sack.

He came up behind him and the other prospect and had his mouth open to speak when he heard your name leave Sack’s mouth. “She’s so fucking hot. Jesus Christ. Have you seen her ass and her hips? I can imagine how good she looks when she rides you. And her mouth. I’d give my other nut just to feel those lips wrapped around my co-” His sentence was cut short as Juice grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed him against the fridge, his face squished against the glass. The other prospects eyes widened and he quickly pulled away from Juice, his hands up as a way of showing that he hadn’t said anything.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Sack said nothing, just stood there with his mouth opening and closing as Jax and Hap jogged up. “What’s going on brother?” Juice ignored them and his grip tightened, the front of Sacks shirt choking him a bit. He lifted him up, his toes struggling to stay on the ground and put his mouth by his ear. “I ever find out that you’re talking about my Old Lady like that again, I will fucking kill you.” With that, he released Sack and gave him a rough shove, the fridge wobbling behind him from the force. Juice walked away with a growl and headed towards his dorm, throwing open the door and finding you in his bed, naked under the covers. “What’s wrong?” Juice ignored your question and began pulling off his cut. “Call in to your work. Let them know you’re not going in tomorrow.”

#1 Do you want me to leave
#6 Talk to me
#15 I’m sick of being your secret

It had been the perfect weekend. Happy had showed up that Friday night. He was so stressed but after a beer and a nice dinner he was relaxed and you both enjoyed the weekend. No phones, no club, and no clothes. He was gone bright and early Monday morning. You hated when he did that, but you never said anything since you had a whole weekend with him. Walking into the kitchen you saw Happy had left his cell phone. Smiling you went to take a quick shower for you could take it to him. Putting on a pair of jean and a t-shirt. You hurried to the car.

You meet Happy when your car broke done one morning on the way to work. That morning you couldn’t be late to work. You had a meeting that could be very important to your future. When Happy heard you getting mad at the taxi service he offered to take you to work and of course wouldn’t take no for a answer. He picked you up that night and six months later you both are still enjoying each other.

Pulling up into the garage you saw Happy and a couple other guys sitting around some Picnic tables.
“We got company.” Tig said looking over toward you as you got out
Happy wasn’t paying attention till he heard your voice.
“Can I help you doll?” Tig said getting up and walking toward you.
“I’m here to see Happy.” You said looking toward him.
Jumping up Happy walked toward you. He wasn’t smiling and that shocked you because you had a smile on his face all weekend.
“How do you know Happy?” Tig asked
“He’s my..”
“Mechanic.” Happy finished for you.
“Mechanic?” You and Tig said at the same time.
“Is everything okay with the car?” He asked walked toward the hood
“Not really.” You said not believing this shit
“What’s wrong?” He asked
“Well, you left it broken and I’m here to tell you I’m finding a new mechanic.” You said not believing the attitude you had because this was not you.
“There is no need for that.”
“Of course there is. I mean you’re just my mechanic.”
Before anything else was said. A women walks out of the club with practically nothing on and waves over to Happy.
“See ya tonight Happy.” She yells as she gets into her car.
You had never felt worse. Remembering what you had on and was arguing with a man who couldn’t careless about you. You felt small and unwelcome and it was a feeling you wouldn’t wish on anyone.
“Do you want me to leave?” He asked when he saw your face.
“Nope. I’m leaving.” You had to leave before you started crying.
Watching you leave. It hadn’t hit him yet what this actually meant but it would.
“What the hell was that about?” Tig asked totally confused
“Nothing.” Happy said starting to walk away.
“That women is beautiful but she’s a little crazy.” Tig said laughing
The next thing anyone saw was Happy turning around and tackling Tig.
“Shut your fucking mouth about her.” Happy said as he grabbed Tig’s shirt.
“Hold up! What have I missed?”
Pushing Tig away Happy got on his bike and drove off.
“I’m thinking this isn’t about mechanics.” Tig said
“No shit. Should have let him kick your ass.” Chibs said shaking his head and walked away.

“How can I be so stupid.” You said to yourself
Not wanting to go home you drove and drove till you felt your stomach growl. Seeing a little diner that was opened you pulled in. While you were walking in Happy was on the phone with Juice trying to see if he could figure out where you went.
“She’s at a restaurant called Honey’s.”
“Thanks man.”
Juice didn’t ask why he was so worried about you. He knew Happy would talk when he was ready.

“How can I help you honey?”
“I’ll have a sweet tea and a cheeseburger and fries please.” You said softly
“You okay?”
“I’m fine.” You said smiling at her
“I can see in your eyes your hiding some heartache. You just relax and forget your problems for a while.” She was the nicest lady you had every meet.
As she walked away you looked around. The place was warm and had that feel like a cozy cabin.
“Here you go sweetie.” The women said sitting it down in front of you.
“I didn’t order this.”
“Honey’s milkshake can mend any broken heart. It’s on the house.”
“Thanks.” You said taking a drink.
The women turned and said the one word you couldn’t believe.
You started chocking on your shake
“Sweetie you okay.”
“I’m fine. Can I get my food to go?”
“I’ll be joining her.” Happy said giving the still smiling women a hug.
“Good the poor girl is suffering from a broken heart. Having dinner with a good looking man like you should make it better.” She said as Happy has a seat
“I doubt it.” You said
“I’ll bring your usual.”
“Talk to me?” He said when she was gone
“About what?”
“What today was about?”
“Oh the part where you weren’t happy to see me or the part where I need a new mechanic?”
“I was happy to see you.”
You just laughed
“I’m serious Y/N.”
“Then what you’re embarrassed of me?”
“It’s not that.”
“I’m sick of being your secret. We been seeing each other for over six months and you can’t even say we are together. I can’t do it.”
“You don’t really belong in the club lifestyle babe.”
“I belong with you and isn’t that enough.”
Before anyone could say anything food was brought out.
“Can I get you anything else.”
“You could say hello to my old ladyY/N.” Happy said blowing you away

Rose (Joker x reader) 9

Pairing: Joker x reader

Storyline:  You are a young student, respected and admired by your family members. One night, you attend your father’s banquet for his business, when the gangster king himself catches you snooping around in places where you don’t belong.

Chapter 9

Warning: SMUTTY smut 

Violently shifting and squirming in Mistah J’s grip, his eyes fluttered open and immediately tightened the grip he had around your stomach. He always slept with one eye open, and when he felt you twitch, he grabbed you before you had time to blink. Inside of your head, the terrible surrealistic nightmare was going on full replay and little droplets of sweat were forming on your forehead. ‘’Baby, what’s wrong?’’ Mister J tilted his head and rested his big and confused eyes on the sea blue veins popping out of your neck. His voice was merely an echo and you didn’t pay much attention to it as you shivered and cramped.

‘’M-mistah J! Help me!’’ you screamed which caused the Joker to flinch in surprise at your sudden vocal outburst. He wrapped his arms tighter around your little body and started kissing your cheek. ‘’Sssh ssh shh pretty doll, daddy’s here, daddy’s gonna take care of ya’’

The tight grip on your stomach caused your eyes to shoot open and everything went quiet. You could see that you were in a dark room but your mind was too fuzzy to understand where. ‘’Mistah J?’’ you whispered into the dark abyss in front of your eyes.

‘’I’m right here doll’’ Mistah j hummed into your ear as he stroked the side of your naked stomach with his rough palms. His breath was heavy, so was yours. You closed your eyes and sighed at the warmth of his body. He felt safe and good.

Mistah J started to nibble on your earlobe with his wet tongue and your breath hitched in your throat as you felt a pool of warmth spread through your body. This was a complete new feeling. It felt so good, but also strange, like your body was burning.

When Dr. Crane had drugged you, one of the side effects seemed to be you forgetting all about physical touch. You didn’t have any recollection of how a hug felt, how a kiss felt or how sex felt. It was almost like you were a child again. Everything in your body was ultra-sensitive and even the slightest touch gave you the most intense pleasure. Your body was new, innocent, fragile and pure like a blossoming flower.

Then Mistah J started sucking hard on your earlobe and you felt your pussy shiver with warmth. You furrowed your brows in confusion, as you didn’t understand what it was. Did you have to pee? Were you sick?  The only thing you knew was that you wanted to touch it. It felt like if you touched it, the feeling might go away. You know, like an itch.

This was what Mistah J had prayed for. A pure and sweet little innocent girl for him to do whatever he pleased with. He didn’t care that he couldn’t understand his feelings nor his thoughts anymore. All he knew was that there was something about the young girl in his arms that made his heart beat a little faster. He wanted her, oh god he wanted her.

He wanted to bite, lick and suck every inch of her little body, taste all of her juices and make her cum so many times she would lose count. He needed her touch, he needed her presence and Mistah J was slowly starting to come to terms with that.

‘’Mistah J?’’ you looked up at him with your widened eyes, a hint of pink in your pale cheeks caused by the embarrassment. Surely, it was wrong to talk about your private parts with a man? Especially a grown man like him.

‘’Yes doll’’ he growled between bites. Your breathing was becoming irregular as you felt the shivers and vibrations in your pussy grow more intense, the more he sucked on your earlobe. ‘’I think there’s something wrong with me’’ you mumbled, unable to look him in the eyes. Mistah J raised one eyebrow, gesturing you to continue. ‘’In my uh- downstairs area.’’ Your face was full on blood red right now and you pressed your thighs together.

‘’Tell daddy about it’’ he purred and pecked little butterfly-kisses on your jawline. His crotch was aching and he could barely speak normally. All he wanted to do was to fuck his little girl. ‘’Well, when you were kissing my ear, it started getting all tingly and shivery and I don’t know what it is’’ you sounded frantic because you actually thought something was wrong with you. ‘’How do I make it go away?’’ you pouted and looked up at him, helpless.

Mistah J had to hold back a sexually frustrated growl as he started your cheek. This was turning him on beyond belief. ‘’That’s perfectly normal, kitten. It means that your pussy wants daddy to lick it.’’ He growled and leaned in closer.

Your eyes widened in shock and you squeezed your thighs tighter together. His words sounded scary and unusual, new and exciting. You didn’t know why but you wanted him to try it. You were so curious on how it would feel like to feel someone licking your private area.

‘’Really?’’ you mumbled and bit your lower lip. This caused Mistah J to roll his head around and inhale sharply. He was doing everything in his power not to rip your panties off and slide his hard cock into your tight and wet little pussy.

‘’Yes, kitten. Daddy’s gonna show you okay? When your little pussy wants daddy to lick it, it becomes really wet, see?’’ He started sliding your hands down your stomach and started parting your thighs from each other. You instinctively squeezed your thighs even harder together, denying him access. You couldn’t let him touch you down there, could you? ‘’Now, pretty baby, don’t make daddy angry. It’s nothing to be nervous about, daddy’s gonna make you feel so good’’ he breathed out as he started sucking on your neck while his hand squeezed your thigh.

You bit your lip again and looked back up at him. ‘’Okay, daddy, I’m just a little nervous.’’ Mistah J grinned into your neck, his body pumping with excitement. ‘’That’s okay baby’’ You relaxed your thighs and let him spread your legs. His hand was now resting on the hem of your panties and you could feel his warm breath in your ear. Then he slowly slid his hand down over you soaking wet and pink panties and rubbed it carefully.

‘’Mmmmm, daddy that feels really good’’ you moaned and rested your head on his muscular shoulder. ‘’Yeeah? It’s gonna feel even better when daddy puts his tongue on it’’ he purred into your ear and kissed your cheek.

‘’But that means you’re gonna have to take your panties off, baby’’ he said started eagerly tugging at them. You were hesitant at first, but you trusted him, so you let him proceed. He pulled your panties down to your ankles and tore them off, throwing them to the floor.

Getting up from his current position, he slithered down your body until he was in-between your legs. Your heart was pounding as you were looking down at your daddy.

Mistah J used his fingers to part your pussy-lips, the sound of your wet juices causing him force back a groan. While looking up into your eyes, Mistah J slowly leaned in and licked one line up from your hole to your clit. Your entire body shivered and your thighs jumped. ‘’Oh yeah, did the little baby like that?’’ he growled as he started flicking his tongue on your dripping center.

You barely even talk, but managed to mutter ‘’Yes daddy, yes. Don’t stop.’’ Mistah J arched his upper lip and started sucking on your clit. You started moaning uncontrollably and arched your back, grinding your pussy against his face. Then you felt something build up inside you as your eyes rolled into the back of your head and Mistah J growled into your wetness.

‘’Feel better baby?’’ he murmured and lapped his tongue over your folds, licking you clean. You voice was unbelievably shaky and your cheeks a fiery red. ‘’Y-yes d-daddy.’’ You were both panting as you heard a knock on the bedroom. ‘’Frosty! Do come in!’’ Mister J shouted and put a shirt on as he turned his head back to you. ‘’Get dressed, breakfast is in the kitchen.’’ Then he pulled out his gun and grinned. ‘’We’re going out.’’

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Request: True Love - Part 5

Request: I would like one about Juice and me meeting and falling in love and eventually getting married.

y/b/n - your brother’s name; y/n - your name

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of OCD, depression, abusive relationship, self-confidence, self-esteem issues

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4

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Juice’s POV

He was waiting for her and Y/N came at the same hour, paper bag on her hands. Juice had texted her, invited Y/N for lunch and there they were, seated at the picnic table, having lunch together. She blushed when his brothers passed by them and smirked. Spend lunch break with Y/N was great, but he could see something was bothering her. At first, she didn’t want to talk about it, changing the subject, but after a few kisses Juice persuaded her to tell Y/B/N, her brother, wasn’t talking to her.

“Give him time Juice”, she sighed, caressing his cheek.

“Most people in Charming think like him, but he’s your brother and I don’t wanna see you sad”, Juice blurted, “Invite him to a party, he has to know us before decide he actually hate Samcro”

“You really are a good guy Juice”, Y/N smiled and pecked his lips, but said she would give her brother more time to process his twin sister dating an infamous biker.


I hated that silence in our apartment and the office, my brother being just a coworker to me. We were so close and now he wasn’t talking to me because he thought my - I guess I could call Juice my boyfriend - boyfriend, was a bad person, the wrong man for me. I didn’t know if Juice was the one, but I was happy I had met him and wasn’t alone anymore.

Juice and I had our routine at lunch; we could go somewhere and have lunch together, or I could bring lunch and we ate it together at the clubhouse, or I would just hand his lunch, kiss him and rush back to the office. It was great and his friends had become my friends too, especially Venus, who was my best friend.

Days later, I got sick, and though I had gone to work, I didn’t feel I could go to the clubhouse and see Juice. I texted him, telling I had a cold and couldn’t see him that day, I would send someone with his lunch.

You don’t have to do it gorgeous, I’m fine. Do you need anything? Have you seen a doctor? Call me if you need anything.

I smiled at his text and sneezed again. My brother, who was looking for a file around the place, raised an eyebrow at me. I decided to make tea and walked to our kitchen, avoiding his worried glances. I took my time in the kitchen, drinking tea and trying to eat something, and when I got back to my desk, there were flowers over it.

“Someone just delivered them”, my brother talked to me for the first time in days, “You should take some medicine, you don’t look great”

I stood there, stunned, and watched him leave the office, probably to have lunch somewhere. I sighed and looked at the flowers, there was a card and it said:

Get well soon,



Juice’s POV

They had teased Juice enough for a day and were quiet, mouths full with food Chuck had made. His brothers thought amusing his concern about Y/N and the flowers he had sent, but he knew they liked her too and wanted the best for him. He was smiling to her text thanking him for the flowers when the prospect entered the clubhouse.

“Juice, someone is looking for you”, the boy said and shrugged when Juice asked who it was. Grunting, he walked outside and recognized the man waiting for him as Y/N’s brother.

“Juice?”, Y/B/N asked and Juice nodded, “I want to talk to you, about Y/N”

“What about her?”, Juice crossed his arms. He knew Y/B/N didn’t like him or his club and he didn’t want to hurt Y/N, but Juice wouldn’t let someone get between them.

“Do you care about her?”, Y/N’s brother asked.

“Yes”, Juice answered without even blink.

“I mean, really care about her”, Y/B/N raised an eyebrow, “Because, if you don’t, I suggest you back off right now, before she falls for you, before you can hurt her”

“I have no intention to hurt your sister”, Juice affirmed, “I know you don’t like me or my club, but believe me, I won’t hurt Y/N”

“I’m just trying to protect her”, Y/B/N said and Juice noticed he was just a concerned brother, “We came from an abusive home where Y/N never was beloved, where she wasn’t good enough. Her ex-boyfriend told her these same lies and made her believe she’s a problem. She will try to please you, be perfect for you… I can’t watch her go back to a bad place again when you break up because of her insecurities”

Juice clenched his jaw hard just with the thought of everything Y/N had been through. She was funny, smart, good for him, nice to his brothers, she definitely wasn’t a problem, “You have your reasons and right to be concerned about your sister, but… I won’t hurt her”

Y/B/N glared a Juice for a moment, both men studying each other. He seemed convinced somehow and nodded, “I hope not”. Y/N’s brother turned to leave and Juice noticed Gemma watching them at a safe distance, close enough to hear them.

“Wait”, she called Y/B/N and walked toward him. Juice didn’t stay to listen their conversation, whatever Gemma had to say, it wouldn’t be against him, he was sure.


I forced myself to eat at least crackers and cheese and drink tea, I wasn’t hungry. I would wait until my brother came back from lunch, and then go home to sleep, my headache was unbearable. Eventually, Y/B/N came back and he stared at me, still standing close to the door.

“Here”, he walked to my desk, put a bag in front of me, “Your friends sent this, soup and other things to help with your cold”

“What?”, I had perfectly understood what he had said and I knew who my friends were, I only have one group of friends. What I couldn’t get was what was happening.

“Gemma and Chucky”, my brother grunted, already going to his own room.

“Were they outside? Why didn’t you let them in?”, I followed Y/B/N. I had a bad feeling and I wouldn’t let him go that easily.

“No”, he growled, turning around to face me again, “I went to their clubhouse, talked to your boyfriend, Gemma stopped me and told Chucky to prepare the food for you”

“What did you do Y/B/N?”, it was getting hard to breathe, “What did you say to Juice?”

“I had to know if he really cares about you”, my brother sighed, “If he doesn’t, then it’s better to back off before you get hurt”

“Unbelievable”, I walked backwards, “This isn’t your business, Juice and I are fine”

“Y/N…”, my brother called me but I was already grabbing my purse and running out of the office. I was heaving and my mouth was dry. I was also tearing up, I needed Juice but I couldn’t go see him. I took a cab and asked the driver to drop me at the apartment. I fumbled with the keys and started to sob as soon as I laid in my bed.

Juice was probably thinking the worst of me, a girl who needed her brother to deal with her problems. I knew Gemma and Venus, strong women who didn’t take shit from anyone. Jax and Opie’s old ladies had kids, jobs and houses to worry about. All of them had their places on the club, knew how to deal with that life and be there for their men. I was just a little girl compared to them and Juice needed someone strong by his side. I didn’t know what he had seen in me, but it didn’t matter anymore, he would realize I was a waste of time. It had been great, but it was over, I wasn’t good enough for him.

Juice’s POV

Y/N wasn’t answering his calls or texts and Juice knew she was at work, but he was getting worried; she was sick and he didn’t know if her brother had talked to her or not. Gemma had told him to give both time. He laid down in bed, but couldn’t sleep, wondering how Y/N was, what she was doing, who she was with…


On the next morning, Juice told Gemma he would be late for work; she just sighed and dismissed him with a wave. He hopped onto his bike and drove to Y/N’s apartment; a doorman called her brother to let him enter the building. Y/B/N was waiting for him at the door, hands on his pockets.

“What are you doing here?”, he asked, but not defensive like the day before. Actually, he looked tired.

“Your sister isn’t answering my calls or texts”, Juice answered, peering inside the apartment.

“She isn’t opening her bedroom door either”, Y/B/N stepped aside to let Juice enter the place. He followed Y/N’s brother until her room and knocked on the door.

“Y/N”, Juice called and listened closely, waiting for steps or the door opening, “Y/N, it’s me babe, open the door”

“What are you doing here Juice?”, her voice seemed muffled and Juice pictured Y/N laying on the bed, eyes red from crying.

“You haven’t answered my calls, I need to know you’re okay”, he rested a hand on the door, ready to beg if he had to.

“I’m fine”, Y/N voice was shaky, breaking Juice’s heart.

“You’re not fine babe”, he sighed, “I know you’re not. Please, open the door, let’s talk”

Juice heard what seemed to be Y/N getting up and walking to the door, her voice was clear when she spoke again, “Is Y/B/N there?”

“Yes, I’m here”, her brother answered.

“You can go to work”, Y/N told him, “I’ll be fine”

“Y/N…”, Y/B/N said, but she cut him off.

“Go to work”, her sigh through the door told Juice she was tired and worse than he had imagined, “I want to talk to Juice alone”

“Okay”, her brother clenched his jaw hard and nodded, turning to Juice, “Call me when you’re done talking, if she needs anything, if anything happens…”

“I will”, Juice assured him and watched the man walk away. He waited until Y/B/N leave the apartment and knocked on the door again. It took a moment, but Y/N opened it. Her hair was up in a ponytail, she was wearing pink sweatpants and a shirt and her eyes were red from crying, “Oh babe”

Juice pulled Y/N to his embrace, holding her tight as she started to cry again. He gently stroked her hair until she calm down. Y/N pulled back, not looking in his eyes as she wiped the tears on her cheeks.

“What do you wanna talk about?”, she whispered, passing by him and walking to the kitchen.

“Y/N, please, look at me babe”, Juice begged, following Y/N around while she made coffee, “What happened?”, she didn’t answer, “Did you argue with your brother again?”, silence, “Is this because he went to see me?”, silence, “Listen babe, I’m not your ex-boyfriend, he was so wrong…”

“What do you know about my ex-boyfriend?”, Y/N snapped, creasing her brow.

“Your brother told me about him”, Juice took Y/N’s hands in his, “Your ex is an idiot who doesn’t know how to treat, worship the woman he has by his side. I know you have bad things on your past and they haunt you, I have them too babe”

“I’m not worth Juice, I’m a problem”, Y/N looked down at their hands together, “How would you want anything with me?”

“Stop it! You are worth and you’re not a problem Y/N”, Juice kissed her forehead, feeling Y/N tremble under his touch, “If you are, then I am too. I’ve never met my dad or have a family, I have OCD and I’m not good alone babe, the voices get too loud, I can’t breathe, I can’t think”

“Juice”, Y/N brought his hands to her lips, gently kissing them, “You need someone better than me”

“No, I don’t”, Juice protested, lifting Y/N and carrying her back to the bedroom, “I need you, just you”

Juice laid in bed with her, snuggling, holding Y/N tight on his arms. She turned around, nuzzling on his chest, “I don’t deserve you Juice. Why are you still here?”

He kissed the top of her head, smoothing down Y/N’s beautiful hair, “Why wouldn’t I be here babe? I’ve waited for you my whole life” 

To be continued…


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Welcome Home (A Sergio Ramos NSWF/NC17 fanfic)

Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction, nothing is true. I don’t mean to disrespect or offend anybody. I’m not making any money out of this. Please don’t sue me.

WARNING!! THIS IS PROBABLY THE SMUTTIEST NASTIEST DIRTIEST FIC I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. It started as a prompt for a dom!Sergio fic with a daddy kink. Since It’s already so naughty I just decided to go big and not go home.

NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. This fic is to be read in your own time, with a wall behind you. It’s really not for public reading.

If you still want to read… i hope you enjoy.

Welcome Home (A Sergio Ramos NSWF/NC17 fanfic)

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Imagine you’re Happy’s Old Lady, and you two see who can last the longest without sex. *SMUT*

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“Come her baby.” Happy growled and you smirked as you sat on his lap, his hands on your ass in a second, “I swear you two fuck like rabbits.” Tig grunted and you laughed, “We do not, I can go without sex.” You defended and Happy scuffed, “Yeah right Y/N, I can last so much longer than your ass.” He chuckled and you glared, “Wanna bet Old Man.” Happy held out his hand and you shook it as you climbed off of his lap.

“I put my money on Y/N.” Tig and Juice shouted and you smirked at your Old Man, “Oh there’s no way, my money’s on Hap.” Jax chuckled and you laughed, “Boys let’s not forget that your talking to the girl that was a 25 year old virgin before I met Hap, I so got this.” Happy cursed under his breath and Bobby looked at the man, “When did you loss it man?”

“Fuck…” Happy grunted, “Sixteen. Whatever I got this shit. You’re gonna be begging for my dick soon little girl.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes, “Yeah whatever you say big man.” You chuckled and walked away, swaying your hips more than usual.

“So what do I get if you crack.” You asked your Old Man the both of you eating lunch at a diner. It’s been a week since the bet and it wasn’t hard since Happy had a run so the both of you weren’t tempting each other. “What do you want?” He asked as he took some of your fries, letting the question roll around your brain, “I want …hmm… I want to fix the sun room.” You said and he raised an eyebrow, “Why?” You huffed and tossed a fry at him, “It’s what I want don’t ask questions.” Happy smiled and picked up the fry that you threw at him and ate it, “I want you to buy a whole bunch of lingerie and put on a little show.”

“You want me to do a fashion show.” You laughed and he tossed a fry at you making you laugh harder, “It’s what I want don’t ask questions.” He chuckled as you ate the fry, “Fine fine fine.” You smiled, “Well don’t think about that sun room to much cause you ain’t getting it girl.” Happy growled as he stood up with you, both of you having finished eating.

“Oh please, you’ll get sick of your hand and want something wetter soon.” You smiled and walked past Happy as he held the door open for you.

You were in a pair of lacy black panties and black cropped tank top, your legs carrying you out to the living room were you knew your Old Man was. You walked out and let out a sigh, “What are you wearing girl?” You heard him growl then turned to him, “It’s so hot in here, I’m just trying to be cool.” You informed and Happy took a chug of his beer as his eyes traveled your body, “Nah, I know what you’re trying to do.” He growled and you gasped, “I’m not doing anything babe.” Happy stood up and you contained the excitement, his hands pulling you close as if you were glued to his body, “I ain’t breakin’ little girl. I’m getting my show.”

“And I’m getting my room.” You hissed as you backed away with a humph.

Happy knew that you had a long day at work and one of your favorite stress relievers was having sex, so to see if you would crack he took a shower. “Hap?” You called tiredly as you went to the master room, sitting on the bed with a sigh, “Hey girl.” He said as he walked out of the bathroom, towel hung low on his hips, his v looking delicious as water dripped down his chiseled body. “How was work, “Uh…good…it was good.” You swallowed the drool that threatened to fall out of your lips. “You sure you look tired.” He said walking over to you his large hands pressing into your shoulders, massaging you, a loud moan leaving you.

“It was pretty rough.” You admitted and you put your head on his stomach with a sigh as he massaged your shoulders, “We’ve been together for a long time.” Happy nodded his head, “Yeah, seven years.” You suddenly pushed him away as you stood up, “Seven years is a long time to figure out what gets me going.” You went over to the bathroom and heard your husband groan, “Dammit.” You shouted from behind the door, “Sorry Happy but it ain’t happening. I still love you though.” Happy took off the towel with a growl, “Whatever.” He grumbled.

“So we’re on two weeks now.” You sighed to Tig and he laughed, “I’m dying.” You groaned as you put your head on the bar, the older man petting your head, “Don’t worry Y/N I have the perfect way to break him.”

It was hitting the three and a half week mark and you really hoped your plan would work as you pulled up into the lot on your new Harley, that Happy didn’t know you had. You never told him you had it, wanting to wait until it was his birthday, so you could spice things up but you wanted him to crack. You parked in your usual spot and noticed the guys looking at you quizzically, Happy wondering who the fuck would have the nerve to park in his Ladies spot. Removing your helmet you shook your curls before putting it on the handlebars, your jean clad leg swinging over. Currently you looked hot you weren’t gonna lie, you had ripped light blue jeans, and a black plunge neck crop top, black high heeled riding boots, and a really tight leather jacket to top it off.

You walked over to your Old Man with a swing to your hips, his eyes wide as he looked at you, “Hey boys, hey baby.” You said nonchalant as you pressed a quick kiss to the side of Happy’s lips, since he had a toothpick on the left side. “You uh…when the hell did you learn how to ride?” He asked you and you shrugged your shoulders, “Some time after your last birthday, I was gonna wait to show you on your birthday but there’s something wrong with my car.

“Why didn’t you call me I would’ve brought the tow?” He asked and you shrugged your shoulders, “It’s Friday, no need to work ya.” You said and he nodded as he believed you, “You look good.” He said as he lit up a cigarette, “Really you don’t think it’s to much?” You asked biting your lip since you knew that he liked that. “Nah nah, you look really good baby.” Happy told you then blew out some smoke.

“Yo Hap, I’ll take your weak ass in the ring!” Tig yelled and Happy’s head snapped to the other man, “What’d you just say?” He growled and you sighed, “He’s just teasing Hap.” You said knowing that would heat the fire, and it did as he stood up, “I’ll wipe the ring with your old ass.” He snapped and Tig laughed, “I am far from old, bet I could take care of Y/N’s sweet body just right.” He grinned and Happy pushed the man making everyone laugh, “Watch it Tig I wouldn’t push him he hasn’t had sex in like weeks, he’s edgy.”

“All of you can go suck my dick, I’ll take you in the ring.” Happy growled then turned to you, “Come on, I want a beer.” You went into his side, his arm over your shoulder as you went over to the club.

You grinned as your man went over to you, his body shining with sweat from the fight he won against Tig, “Oh you did so good Hap.” You went to hand him his rings and kutte but let out a shocked gasp as he lift you up by your thighs, your legs going around his waist, “You win, you’ll get your damn room, but right now I wanna fuck my wife.” With a sly grin you whispered in his ear, “Good, I missed that big cock of yours.” You heard him growl and he was quickly carrying you into the club back to his dorm.

Happy kicked the door closed, and you put his kutte on the hook beside you, Happy taking his rings putting them on quickly since he knew how you liked the cool metal against your skin. “Strip.” He growled when he set you down, and you obeyed, quickly stripping and practically running to the bed were you laid on your back, “Put your kutte on.” You breathed and he smirked and removed his wife beater then put on his kutte. You spread your legs, your hand going down to your already wet pussy, “Damn girl you’re always ready.” He growled as he licked his lips, and removed his belt, pushing his jeans down enough.

“On your hands and knees girl, I ain’t bein’ gentle.” You moaned as you turned around, a loud scream leaving you when he entered you quickly, heat rushing through you. “FUCK!” You screamed in pleasure, the feeling of being full after so long made your body buzz. “Please Happy fuck me. Please please please.” You moaned and Happy didn’t waist anytime pounding into you quickly and roughly, the head board smacking loudly.

“Missed this pussy so fucking bad.” You heard Happy growl from behind you, his thrusts fast, “All wet and tight just for my cock.” You nodded your head, “It’s all yours Happy, fuck!” You moaned but it turned to a gasp as he threw you on your back, suddenly wanting to see your face. His lips went to yours in a clash of teeth but you loved it’s roughness, your legs wrapping around him pulling him close. “Shit. Oh fuck me.” You gasped when he entered you again hard, before pulling out and slamming back into you, “Oh my god! Right there!” You screamed as you let your head fall back on the bed.

“You love my dick don’t you baby? Love when it’s fucking your tight pussy huh?” He growled against your neck before biting down making you hiss. “YES!” You screamed when he went harder hitting your g-spot head on, “I love it Happy! So much…fuck don’t stop!” You moaned, your head going to his neck, were you bit down hard making him groan. Your hands went to clutching at his kutte, as you kissed him, “I love you so much.” You breathed against his lips and he nodded, “I know baby.”

“Fuck.” He growled as he thrusted into you harder, his thrusts getting sloppier, their rhythm lost, “Cum for me girl. Come on Y/N let me see it.” He told you, his lips going to yours and his hand rubbing your clit making you moan. “Fuck baby cum. Yeah there you go girl.” He growled and you saw stars flashing through your eyes, his name leaving you in a loud scream as he rode out your orgasm. “Happy! Oh yes!” You moaned.

“Shit.” He growled as he came along with you, your walls wet and tight around you, making him groan as he spilled inside of you. “Damn I love you girl.” He breathed then removed the rest of his clothes, pulling you on his chest as he laid down.

“So why did you want to fix that old sun room?” He asked you and you smiled at him, “I think it would be a nice place for us to relax, when we grow old together.” A smile broke on Happy’s face, “Do I ever tell you how much I love you.”

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Jinki smut. He has husband duties

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You were forced to open your eyes as the blinding sun shined through your curtains and whilst you stretched your limbs, you were hit with the aftermath of the night before; making love with Jinki. The ache was the best ache you’d ever had and you couldn’t help grinning as you remembered each kiss, each stroke of his manhood, each time your foreheads rested on one another’s. The two of you were lying in bed together, watching TV in your pyjamas and Jinki’s arm wrapped around you when he mentioned casually that the two of you hadn’t made love since your romantic honeymoon in Thailand. In Thailand, you couldn’t seem to get off each other; you did it everywhere, the beach, the bed, the shower, the kitchen counter, on top of the washing machine, on the balcony but since you arrived home and Jinki started working again, you barely had time as a couple. When you turned to him, placing a hand on his thigh and asked him if that was what he wanted, his eyes lit up like a child’s in a toy store and pounced on you, making you giggle. You could have sworn you had sex in every position that existed and no wonder your whole body throbbed.

 It was midday and you knew Jinki was working hard at the studio with the boys but you couldn’t keep your mind away from him; he was like a magnet to you. The more you thought about him and the events of the night before, the more you began to crave him so badly. You needed his lips back on your neck. You were hungry for his masculine hands to run slowly up your thighs. You were dying to feel him slide back inside you and make you his woman once more. Jinki was so hard to resist and before you knew it, you were on your way to the studio. You knew you shouldn’t bother him but it was crucial that you had just a few moments with him; you were his wife after all.

Jinki’s eyes widened when he saw you enter the studio and the music for ‘Odd eye’ slowly died down in to silence. The boys immediately stopped dancing. “(Y/N)! What a nice surprise! I haven’t seen you since the wedding!” Jonghyun took you in to his arms warmly as he always did but Jinki just looked curious. “What brings you here today?” Key asked in a friendly tone, wrapping his arm around your shoulder, his mischievous grin making you titter as it always did. “I came to borrow my husband, if that’s okay?” First, you looked for the boy’s approval but then you gazed at Jinki who nodded and gestured for you to go in to the bathroom next door. Just being close to Jinki made your legs tremble in desire. As you walked, Jinki placed his hand on your lower back, showing off to the other members before he closed the bathroom door behind him and locked it. 

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you sick or something?” 

He placed his hand softly on your forehead with concern in his deep beautiful eyes. It was Jinki’s thing to worry about you and it was the cutest thing ever. 

“No I’m not sick. I just…”

 You were beginning to lose track of your sentence with Jinki standing so close to you. His forehead was all sweaty from the dancing and he was still panting from the exercise. His hot breath so close to you was incredibly arousing. 

“I just can’t help thinking about last night.”

 Jinki’s expression turned from concerned to panicked.

 “Oh my god, did I hurt you?! Are you okay?! Did you pull anything?! Shit I knew I shouldn’t have pulled your hair like that I…”

 You knew he wouldn’t quit worrying so you roughly grabbed the top of his shirt and crushed your lips against his. For a moment, he was as still as a statue in confusion but quickly realized you were trying to tell him how much you enjoyed it. Running your fingers through his damp hair, you couldn’t help but groan as your body’s pressed against each other, sharing body heat. Jinki held your hips, relaxing in to the kiss, getting lost in the steam that the two of you created. 

“Can you wait until I get home?” 

He whispered seductively, his plump lips caressing yours. Playfully, you shook your head, making Jinki grin. He bit his lip; he didn’t know how crazy it made you when he did that.

 “Well, I guess I’m on husband duty then.”

 He replied before lifting you up off your feet, making you squeal, and sitting you on top of the sink. 

“This is going to be hard and fast baby.” 

He barely gave you any time to prepare as he reached up from under your skirt and yanked your slightly wet panties down and off your legs. With hungry eyes, you watched him like a hawk as he unzipped his tight denim jeans. You licked your lips; your heartbeat quickening with the adrenaline. Knowing the boys were just next door and could hear through the thin wall was unexpectedly hot. Your husband finally revealed his semi hard cock; it was so big it made you feel light headed. 

“Stroke me jagi. Get me ready to fuck you.”

 Jinki’s voice was so deep and animalistic when he was turned on; his brown eyes almost flickered like a blazing fire. As you stroked his hardening cock, his fingers massaged your sensitive clit, causing your juices to dribble on the inside of your thighs.

 “You’re so wet for me Jagiya. Do I really turn you on that much?”

 Jinki plunged two fingers inside you, making you cry out in pleasure. 

“Yes! Oppa you turn me on so much!” 

With your whimpers and groans of pleasure, Jinki couldn’t hold on anymore; he was getting desperate for release too. 

“Hold on to me baby.”

 He instructed, grabbing your hips and pulling you closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders and buried your head in the crook of his sweet smelling neck. With one hard thrust, he entered you and you cried out with the sudden fullness. He grunted, the grip on your hips tightening and he began to pump in and out of you. 

“Jagi, how are you still so tight?!” 

 You gyrated your hips to meet with Jinki’s strokes inside you; the two of you began to sweat as your panting steamed up the room. The feel of his shaft stretching out your pussy and him hitting your G spot made you yell out curse words; you refused to be quiet, your fingernails digging in to Jinki’s arms as you reached closer to the finish line.

 “Oh my god, Oppa! You feel so good!”

 You squealed, throwing your head back as you squeezed your eyes closed. 

“Yes Jagiya, cum for Oppa.”

 Jinki began to move even faster and harder, droplets of sweat dampening his dark toffee hair. Like magic, he knew what you needed to send you to heaven. Jinki played with your clit, making it harden and send shivers all the way down your spine. 

“Just like that! Jinki!”

 Your hips began to buck and squirm, not being able to handle the intense orgasm that was about to erupt in your body and just before it was about to happen, Jinki bit the sensitive skin of your neck, just hard enough to send you over the edge. 

“Fuck! I’m cumming! Oppa I’m cumming!” 

Your juices began to spill all over Jinki’s manhood as he carried on pounding you mercilessly, needing his fix of you. 

“Yes Jagiya, keep talking like that. It’s so sexy.”

 He wrapped his arms around you, pressing you against his muscular body and gritted his teeth.

 “Fill me with your hot cum oppa! I need you so badly. I’m so horny for you.” 

You cried out all of your dirty thoughts to him, some of them you’ve always been too shy to say but you were caught in the ultimate moment of passion; you didn’t care anymore. Your husband growled, moving in your pussy one last time before shooting his seed deep inside you. The two of you were breathing fast and heavily, still holding on to one another, his penis still inside of you. 

“Do you have to work today?”

 You asked, resting your tired head on his shoulder, a tinge of sadness in your voice, knowing you had to go back home and wait another 6 hours until he was with you again. Jinki sighed deeply, affectionately running his fingers through your hair. 

“I’m sure the boys could let me have the day off.” 

He replied, lifting your spirits.


 You perked up, making Jinki smile. When he smiled, no one could ever stay upset. 

“Let’s get dressed. I’ll talk to them. I’m sure they’ll understand.” 

The boys agreed to let him go with huge smirks on their faces which turned your cheeks a the deepest shade of red they’d ever been.The two of you walked out the studio hand in hand and although both of your body’s were pulsing and fatigued, you were ready to spend some precious time as newly-weds. 

Request: Long night

Request: Juice is having an anxiety attack because his wife/old lady is out with her girlfriends and he gets insecure and doubts her fidelity. She comes home and makes his insecurities go away.

Originally posted by tarons

The black dress was embracing your curves perfectly and the heels made you feel great. You gave the final touch in your makeup and walked to the kitchen, looking for a piece of paper. You wrote the note, leaving it over the counter and grabbed your purse, walking through the door, locking it behind you. A car was waiting you outside and you smiled as you walked, thinking about the fun waiting for you that night.


“Baby! I’m home!”, Juice opened the front door and called out. He waited for your usual response, but he didn’t get any. Frowning, he walked to the kitchen. “Honey?”

He listened closely, but he didn’t heard your sweet voice answer. His heart started beating fast and bad thoughts crossed his mind. He was ready to pick up his phone when he noticed the paper over the counter. He read it, calming down as he saw your calligraphy.

      Dinner is ready, you just have to warm it and enjoy.

      I don’t know what time I’ll come back, but the girls will take me home.

      Love you!

Girls? What girls? How in the bloody hell you didn’t know what time you were coming home? Juice was breathing fast, his heart pounding inside his chest as he walked around the kitchen, typing on his phone. He was going crazy for not finding you home, his anxiety bubbling up, worse than ever.


He waited for your response, clenching his jaw and breathing deeply. He thought about grab a beer to calm down and opened the fridge. When he closed the door again he noticed the calendar you kept there. That day was circle and with red letters saying MIA’S BACHELOR PARTY. Mia was one of your friends and she would marry next weekend. Juice had completely forgot about that party and you had talked about it for weeks. His phone rang inside his pocket and he grabbed it, reading your response.

       Calm down. I’m at Mia’s party, remember? I told you Juan, weeks ago. Eat and don’t wait up. Love you!

“Yeah, you told me…”, he growled, bothered. “Weeks ago”

Juice didn’t like that at all. He knew you need to give your friends attention too, but he hated to be alone. Usually you would go to the movies, or a bar, or even make dinner at home and he tried to stay busy in those nights, working at TM until late or playing pool with the boys.

However, he had forgot about that party and now he was home, alone and thinking about you, what you were doing, who was around you… Juice closed his eyes and shook his head trying to put that thoughts away. He found dinner on the fridge and put it on the microwave, drinking his beer while waited.

He distracted himself a little while he ate in front of the TV, but when he put his plate on the sink, he saw the calendar, his mind going wild again. Juice did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, thinking about what you were doing…

The party must be in a bar and there would be other people around. You were so beautiful and surely was attracting all the eyes around you. Some of your girlfriends were still single and they really knew how to have fun. The guys on the bar would come to the table and they would smile, maybe one would hit one you…

“Fuck!”, Juice cursed, falling on the couch, holding his head between his hands. His body was shaking and his heart was beating fast. All those thoughts were making him crazy. He picked up his phone and texted you.

       I miss you baby. Are you coming home already? Love you!

He let the phone close to him on the couch and tried to watch TV, his leg was trembling, up and down, as he waited for your response. Minutes and minutes had passed and his phone hadn’t rang, the clock was also moving painfully slow.

Juice decided to play some videogame to distract his mind. He was still thinking about the guys hitting on you, maybe some guys in suit and tie drinking after work, more attractive than a biker, offering a whole lot more to you…

“Die your piece of shit!”, he yelled to the bad guy on his videogame, killing the enemies around him with fury. That made time pass, but his mind still hadn’t stop playing tricks with him. Juice turned the TV off and decided to take a bath. It was late and you probably would come home soon.

He rested his hands on the bathroom wall and let the warm water fall on the back of his neck. He was trying to relax, but it wasn’t working. Juice left the bathroom and laid on bed, wearing only his boxers. It was eleven o’clock and you weren’t home yet. He thought about send another message, but you would just ignore it, like you did with the first one. You probably hadn’t heard your phone, the music must be loud where you were and you should be dancing with the girls… Or a guy.

He closed his eyes, arms crossed on his chest, trying to breathe slowly and sleep. He looked at the clock again and only a few minutes had passed. He closed his eyes again and was able to at least calm his breathing. He almost felt asleep, sitting on the bed when he heard a car outside.

Juice got up and walked to the front door, he opened it and saw you leaving a cab, your heels in your hands. You were wearing a black dress, the one that he loved because it embraced all your curves perfectly. You saw him at the door and smiled, walking faster.

“Are you still awake?”, you stood on your tiptoes and kissed him. He didn’t responded, keeping his lips closed. “Juan?”

Juice walked inside, being followed by you and stood on the hallway, arms crossed. You looked at him and sighed.

“Come to the bedroom Juan”, you took his hand and pulled him behind you. Juice watched your hips swinging in front of him and wrapped his arms around your waist. You let the heels and purse fall on the floor, putting your arms behind, around his neck. “Did you missed me, my boy?”

“Yes”, his face was bury on your neck and he was holding you tight. “I texted you”

“I saw it”, you whispered, caressing his scalp. “You were anxious, right?”

Juice nodded and you smiled, turning around in his arms to face him. You caressed his cheeks, making him lean to your touch. You kissed him, softly, but he growled and made the kiss deeper, his tongue exploring your mouth, claiming, possessing…

“Did the guys hit on you?”, he moved his mouth to your neck. “I’ll make you forget them. I’ll do anything baby, please…”

“Juan! Look at me baby”, you laughed, cupping his face. “There were no guys! We weren’t in a bar or a club, we were at Mia’s house”

He frowned and you smiled, pulling back to grab your shoes and purse on the floor. You kept walking and he followed you, like a lost puppy. You picked up your phone and put it in Juice’s hands.

“I took a lot of photos, you can see them”, you smiled. “I’m going to take a quick bath and then we are going to sleep… Oh, you might wanna skip the stripper’s photos”

Juice blinked a few times as you closed the bathroom door behind you and looked at the phone in his hands. He started to see the pictures and you had said the truth, you were at Mia’s house. There was a lot of booze and you were giving her sex toys, lingerie and… Shit! There was a stripper, a muscular guy dressed like a fireman. Juice saw a photo of you covering your eyes with your hands and smiled, skipping all the rest. He didn’t need that nightmare on his mind.

He put the phone back on your purse, gathering your things from the floor before lay in bed to wait for you. You smiled when you left the bathroom and hanged your dress on the closet. You let your towel fall and looked at him over your shoulder, winking. Juice smiled and watched you put your panties on and take his old reaper’s shirt from a drawer, sliding it over your body.

“Did you see the photos?”, you asked, kneeling on the bed.

“Yes”, Juice reached for your hand, bringing it close to his mouth to kiss your fingers. “I’m sorry baby. I started to think about you in a bar, man around and you are so beautiful, they would hit on you and…”

“I would say I’m taken”, you smiled, leaning to kiss him. “Or that my man is a big bad biker that will put a bullet on his ass if he doesn’t back the fuck off”

“I guess that would work”, he laughed, pulling you to lay on top of him.

“Oh Juan, you don’t have to worry baby”, you traced his lips with your fingertips. “I’m yours, only yours, forever”

“Promise?”, he asked, turning around on bed. You were laid side by side, looking at each other.

“I promise”, you smiled and pressed your body against his as you kissed him. Juice held you close, calmer now that he had you in his arms. He let you go just time enough for you to turn the lights off and then hugged you again, legs and arms tangled as you fall asleep together.


*** I’m really loving this story line. 💘 No telling how many parts there will be but its gonna be lengthy. Here’s part 3 ***

Previous parts can be found here: http://imagineredwood.tumblr.com/post/139469603400/i-think-im-going-to-do-a-lot-with-this-one

“Maybe you could put in applications around town? I’m sure there’s places that will take you Jax. A garage or something.” Jax sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I already work at a garage Tara.” “I know but another one. The club isn’t good for you. You could be doing so much better for yourself. Nothing good happens in this town.” “Then why did you come back?”

Tara stayed quiet and looked at Jax, her face blank. To be honest, Jax didn’t even know. She hated Charming and she hated the club. Jax didn’t want to say it but he was slowly beginning to think that she’d only come back because she knew he’d kill Kohn for her rather than because she loved him. She knew he wouldn’t stand for Kohn stalking her and making her feel unsafe. She was all gung ho to try their relationship again when they’d met for the first time since she’d come back then as soon as her problem was cold and dead, buried over in Chigger Woods, she comes out with the same old ‘maybe I don’t belong here’ shit she always did.

He’d left you 2 weeks ago and there wasn’t a day that passed where he didn’t think about you. Or you with Juice. The thought angered him even more every time he thought about it and by now he was seconds away from exploding. Every Time he saw you, you were right at Juices side or as of 3 days ago, in his lap. The thing that had pissed him off the most though was when he’d seen you drinking one of Juice’s smoothie cleanses. He’d heard Tig asking you about it and you’d said that Juice had gone over to your place and stayed there his whole day off, cooking and making the smoothies with you.

It was simple but the thought of Juice being with you alone all day made Jax see red. What if he started staying there? Did he spent the night? Did you let him sleep in your bed with you? On his side? The realization that it wasn’t his side anymore had Jax growling and standing abruptly, entirely forgetting that he was even talking to Tara before. “Jax?” “I gotta go.” “I’m sorry, I’ll drop it. I just want what’s best for you.” Jax nodded and walked to the door. “Yeah.”


“I’m hungry.” “Wanna go out for lunch?” You nodded and looked at up from the sink to Juice. “Where?” “I don’t know. Seafood? Pizza?” You both thought for a moment before you smiled. “Pizza.” You nodded and your stomach growled in accordance, Juice nodding towards the exit of the clubhouse. “Let’s go. Let me take my girl out.” He smirked and winked while you smiled and blushed. Juice waited for you to dry your hands and walked out of the kitchen with you following behind him.

You walked with him to the exit and tried to will the redness in your cheeks to go down. Somewhere along the way in these 2 weeks of staying around Juice for your vengeance against Jax, you’d found yourself developing feelings for him. You’d been friends for a while and you’d always liked being around him but the recent closeness that the two of you had was beginning to bring out feelings for Juice that you didn’t know you had. You’d always found him to be handsome. He was adorable and rugged, both in perfect balance and a great guy with a big heart.

You’d had a lot of fun hanging out with him and you actually found yourself feeling down whenever you had to separate. He came to your house often and when he didn’t feel like it after a long day, he’d call you to go over to him. In the beginning you’d just sit with him in the clubhouse or on his couch and watch random movies on Netflix, just laughing and eating but slowly the distance between the two of you had gotten smaller and smaller and the last couple times had ended with you dosing off with him on his couch, your head on his shoulder and his arm around you. You had yet to spend the night with each other though and you weren’t sure if that would be a good idea to do so.

Originally, that had been the plan. You’d hang out a little and then start staying with each other over night but it was supposed to just be to piss Jax off. Now you didn’t know. You hadn’t planned to get feelings for him but you did, and fast. The thought worried you and you pushed it to the back of your mind, heading out towards Juice’s bike. You climbed on behind him and secured your helmet, pulling out if the lot and making a left down the street towards the restaurant, just missing Jax as he pulled in from the right seconds later.

Walking up to the clubhouse, he saw Chibs and Tig siting outside by the table and joined them, needing advice. Before he was able to say anything though, Chibs could already tell something was off. “What’s wrong, my boy?” Jax sighed and shook his head, sitting down by his brothers, the two of them looking at him intently, though they both could already guess what the problem was.

“It’s just Y/n man. Girls getting under my skin.” “Because of the whole Juice thing?” Jax looked over with narrowed eyes. “Yes, because of the Juice thing.” Tig shrugged and looked over at Chibs, the Scotsman speaking up. “She’s just trying to find comfort Jackie. She’s hurt. You broke her heart and now she’s seeing that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.” He was trying to keep it polite while still getting his point across that Jax didn’t really have a reason to be angry. Not after what he’d put you through. Either way, he wanted Jax to realize his mistake on his own.

“What if she falls in love with him?” “What if she does? I don’t see your issue here Jax. You left her because you found someone better for you and now she’s with Juice because she found someone better for her.” Jax anger flared up and he stood swiftly. “He’s not better for her than me!” “And Tara’s not better for you than her and yet here we are.”

Jax looked at Chibs, hands folded in front of him and staring at Jax with a less than pleased expression. Jax looked down at the ground, a tugging feeling in his heart and after a moments hesitation, he asked his brothers the question he’d been trying to avoid since the moment he left you. “Do you think it was a mistake? Leaving her for Tara?” Both Tig and Chibs shared a looked, before looking back to Jax. “What do you think?”


Summary: It’s Gerard’s first time going into a heat, and Frank is the only one there to help. 

Warnings: Omegaverse, first time. 

Gerard felt strange today. It wasn’t that he was sick or anything, at least he didn’t think so, but he was just hot. Everything was too close together in this damn school corridor, and it was making it hard to breathe. Gerard continued his way down towards the school gates, wanting to get home and get a damn glass of cold water.

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Teasing the Beasts

Wh00t!! This goes out to my new friend, sehunslubedcock!! <3 You were warned and you asked for my love and I have come with it!!

Enjoy deary cuz I know I did while writing it! 

Pairing: LuhanxReaderxSehun

Rating:Smut and stuff yo

Word count: 2,078

GIF that inspires:

and a bit of this

Annnnnd this

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Request: Visitor

Request: Imagine Juice coming to his old lady’s office and having rough sex because he wants to make sure each and every guy in the office knows she is his and his only. 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by tarons

The office was a simple big room, several cubicles distributed in the space. Only three private and comfortable rooms were at the end of the big salon, one of them was yours, the IT specialist. Your coworkers were already leaving, walking around the place and you decided to do the same, your boyfriend would hate if you decided to work until late another day. Juice was jealous and insecure, you thought it was cute, but you tried not to give him reasons to freak out, his OCD reaching stratospheric levels when he was nervous.

You drove home, finding all the lights on and music playing. Juice made the house look like it was Christmas’ eve when he was alone. He didn’t hear you coming inside, jumping when you slid your cold hands under his shirt while he cooked.

“Hi”, you smiled kissing his neck. He dropped everything and turned around, wrapping his arms around you, his wide smile welcoming you.

“Hi gorgeous”, he said before claim your lips, his kiss deep and showing all his love for you. “I missed you”

“I missed you too”, you had said goodbye that morning, you walking to your car and him to his bike, but it looked like a whole month apart. You were living together for a while now and you knew Juice was just waiting for the perfect idea for a proposal. He would surely be all cute and romantic, you couldn’t wait.

Your phone buzzed on your pocket interrupting you two, Juice raised an eyebrow as you picked it up and looked at the screen. It was a message from your coworkers, insisting for you go downtown for a beer with them.

“Who is it?”, Juice asked. You smiled and showed him the message. He frowned, still hugging you.

“I’m saying that…”, you said as you typed your answer. “I can’t, romantic night with my man”, Juice smiled at your words, but you could tell he wasn’t completely happy. “Juan?”

“Nothing”, he said and you raised an eyebrow. Juice shrugged and tried to kiss you again. You laughed when his mouth moved to your neck and earlobe.

“You don’t need to be jealous”, you said caressing his scalp. Juice stopped kissing you and looked at you again. “I’m yours baby, exclusive, completely and forever yours”

“I like that”, he grinned and you laughed, pecking his lips before pull back.

“I’m going to take a bath and then we can cuddle on the couch”, you winked. “Or have a videogame battle for me to kick your ass”

“Ha! We will see about that”, he laughed turning to the stove again.


The entire office was stressed, you had a big business to close and everybody was working like crazy. It had passed a few days after that romantic night with Juice and he was grumpy by your absences. He was jealous too, complaining about your coworkers calling, even tough it was to talk about work.

It was sunset, your boss was gone, but several people were there, typing frenetically as you were. The phone on your desk rang and it was the reception. You had a visitor. Juan Carlos.

“He can came up”, you said wondering why Juice was there. The one time he had appeared on your job was to pick you up for lockdown and that was terrifying. You opened the door just in time to see him leaving the elevator on the wall at your right. A few people looked at him and of course, he had to be wearing his kutte. He smiled and walked to you, “Juan”

You had time to only say his name before Juice pull you closer and kiss you. You pushed him, grimacing. “Not here!”, you protested and he just shrugged, walking inside your office like he owned the place. You closed the door, crossing your arms.

“Care to explain?”, you asked.

“I was missing you”, Juice said and pulled you to his chest, his mouth pressing yours, hard. You melted, opening your lips to allow his tongue to explore your mouth. His hand grabbed your ass cheeks, pressing you on his body, making you feel his boner under the cargo pants.

“Juan”, you tried to talk but he didn’t let you, lifting you easily. He pushed your things over the table, some of then falling on the floor. He settled you over there and pulled up your pencil skirt. “No! What are you doing?”

His face was inches from yours. “You are mine”, he growled and tugged your shirt, making the buttons fly as he ripped it open. Your protest got choked on your throat as he sucked your nipple over your bra. Your legs involuntarily spread for him, making Juice smirk.

You worked on his belt, frenetically pushing his pants down his legs, his cock proudly erect for you to take it in your hands, making him moan. Your skirt was around your waist, Juice put your pantie aside and leaned to lick you.

“You are so wet”, he mumbled. “Thinking about me?”

“All the time baby, all the time”, you whined, feeling his tongue swirl around your clit. He sucked it, his fingers opening you for him. Your moans were getting louder and you covered your mouth trying to muffle them. Juice quickly got up and pulled you closer, wrapping your legs around his hips.

“I wanna hear you”, he said, grabbing your hands and holding them behind your back.

“Everybody else will…”, he cut you off by entering you with one hard thrust. You couldn’t help yourself, “Fuck!”

Juice smiled, satisfied. He grabbed your thighs, thrusting harder and deeper. You let your head fall back, your breasts at full disposal for him to suck one, while the other was squeezed on his hand. The drawers started to hit as the table trembled by your bodies moving over it.

“Don’t break the god damn table”, you cursed making Juice laugh. He lifted you and sat on the couch, placed on the opposite wall. You pressed your hands on the wall behind it, trying to find some place to hold, while Juice lowered you on his cock, your hips slamming on his thighs.

“Why do you have a couch here?”, he asked as you tried to breathe, his hard cock letting you pussy so sensitive, but so good at the same time.

“Don’t be stupid”, you huffed. “It’s for visitors”

“Really?”, he laughed. “Well, I should visit you more often”

“Agreed”, you whined. “Oh God! Please Juan!”

He grazed his teeth over your nipple, easing the pain with his tongue. His hands helping you to move up and down his cook, slamming hard, merciless as you tried not to scream. You were so wet and so close, taking Juice with you to the edge.

“Fuck! So good baby…”, he muttered. “Cum, cum to me”

“Juan! Baby, you…”, you walls were pulsing, your vision were getting blurred. “I love you, oh I love you”

“I love you too, gorgeous”, he tilted his head back, smiling “All mine, only mine”

“Yes! Yours!”, you moaned and felt your body tremble. You rocked against him as Juice spilled his seed inside you. You rested your forehead on the crook of his neck, kissing his skin while his hands caressed your back. “Why?”

“These boys need to stop blowing up your phone”, he groaned. “Now they know you are my girl and only mine”

“You silly, stubborn man”, you laughed, cupping his face and kissing him.

“Yours. Your silly, stubborn man, baby”, he grinned. You playfully slapped him and got up, pushing your skirt down and closing your shirt the best your could. Juice got dressed too and walked to the door. He opened it and looked outside making your mouth fall open.

“Seriously?”, you asked. “Did you have to do that? You know there are people out there, they know you are here and what we were doing”

“I was just checking baby. Security first”, he grinned. “Can we go home?”

“Yeah! Obviously, after that show”, you blushed and grabbed your purse. Juice held your hand tight and you both stepped out the office. He was walking like he was a king, his head high and a smile on his lips. “Stop being so cocky. I will make you pay, just wait until we got home”

“’I’m counting on that, baby”, he winked as the elevator doors closed and you rolled your eyes at your childish and yet absolutely charming old man.