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BTS Reaction To When You Find Out They’re Demons And They Want You To Stay

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He would try to show you that he’s been controlling his demonic side for so long that it was already hurting him, but he would keep doing it just for you because the pain of not having you in his life would be greater than controlling his true nature.


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I think he would want to show off his abilities in order to make them seem appealing to you. I think he would use it in a seductive way, but also he would show you that he was becoming a good person because of you, so he would tell you that you’re his medicine.


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I think Yoongi wouldn’t hide it from you in the first place. He would tell you the truth and be chill about it, showing you that he would never do anything to hurt you. I think he would actually only release his demonic side in the studio so you wouldn’t have a lot of contact with the his real demon.


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I think he would tell you once and show his true self a 100% so you understood exactly what he’s talking about. After that he would ask you to be calm and he would tell you that he has full control over those things and wouldn’t do anything to scare you or to hurt you.


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I think he would be a show off, he would show you the perks of dating someone like him. Similar to Namjoon he would try to seduce you even more, and to be honest you wouldn’t be able to resist. Like the others he would make sure you felt safe with him of course, but boy he would be excited to show you all the things he could do in demon mode if ya know what i mean


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So Tae would be a little hesitant after telling you and seeing how surprised you were. So he would definitely want to show you his demonic side so you’d see his true self. I mean that boy can go from 0 to 100 real quick, and after seeing that side of him, instead of being afraid you’d be very turned on and would ask him to show you that side more often.


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Now, Jungkook would be a little disappointed that you were scared. I think he’d be acting a little cold because he wouldn’t understand why you’re so frightened, but later I think he’d try to apologize and tell you he wouldn’t hurt you and then he’d just hold you and tell you he never want to lose you.

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Kaiba....This is Yami. I would like to...apologize for my previous outburst earlier. I was under the influence of some alcohol, you see. Yugi and I attended a small dueling tournament, and it appeared someone thought it it would be funny to spike the punch. Namely Rex and Weevil. Yugi drank some and when he switched to me ... it had a greater effect than I realized. Again, my sincerest apologies, I was not thinking clearly when I sent you that message...

Hmph. At least you seem repentant. But now I know what you really think about me.  

i made him into something greater than he was.
i made that boy into a sunset, a mountain, a rainstorm. i equated his skin to silk and warmth and sunlight. i compared his smile to the only happiness i had, to those songs you hear that give you goosebumps. i made his love into water, into something i couldn’t live without, something lovely and endless and beautiful.
but he was a just a boy. and that was my mistake.
he was just a boy.
—  and now i make my own sunsets and goosebumps and water. @lovelyscribblings

1p Italy: …So…does it ever bother you that you…

2p Italy: That I do what?

1p Italy: That you…you know…

2p Italy *growing irritated*: Do WHAT, idiot?!

1p Italy: …That you put…human…blood in your food?

2p Italy: Why should it? I’m not human, Feli, and neither are you. If anything, I’m even less human than you are. See my eyes? I’m warped. You’re just a reflection of a fragment of the human species, and I, in turn, am a reflection of you. I’m a reflection of a reflection. Does a cobra care that he eats other snakes? No, therefore, why should I? I’m greater than the measly worms making up my kingdom- hell, I’m their god. If I want to feast on their blood, than I damn well can, and if they or you have any complaints about it, then you’re the next fucking ones to go in the cooking pot.

1p Italy: …

1p Italy: …

1p Italy: Or you can just admit that we’re in the middle of a tomato crisis goddamn

We were composed of the most beautiful symphonies. He would say I love you like it was an easier concept than to breathe. It all just flowed naturally. So for the longest time, I thought it was him that I needed but it was me. And I have experienced storms far greater than the ones he has blown my way. In the distance I can see a calm sea. I know maybe not now but really soon that I will be okay.
—  (102 / 365)

What John says about himself: “Well, I’m just an retired army doctor who writes stories about a genius detective and the cases he solves. Nothing more.”

What Sherlock thinks about John: “John is so much greater than I … He saves people’s lifes, he is a romantic, he knows how to flirt, he can talk with people, people like him, everyone likes him, he’s strong, he’s smart, he’s protective, he’s sometimes soft but he can also fight and be very dominant, he’s the best, his writing is wonderful, he knows so much things I don’t know, he’s wonderful, why is he so sexy, why is he so kind, i love him



You know that feeling? The sensation of breaking the surface of the water, when your ears are buzzing and your lungs are starting to burn, and then suddenly… there’s just nothing but air, pure crisp air and blinding clarity.

That’s what the first real breath after a panic attacks feels like. For me, that first breath was Dean. It was his warm smell filling my nostrils, his arms wrapped around me tightly, his soft encouragements mumbled into my ear; he was my breakthrough.

I have never known greater peace than when I was going through hell in his embrace.


The gift of a great name. Sometimes that’s all one needs.