he greater than i

If the stars were made to worship so will I
If the mountains bow in reverence so will I
If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I
For if everything exists to lift You high so will I

If the wind goes where You send it so will I
If the rocks cry out in silence so will I
If the sum of all our praises still falls shy
Then we’ll sing again a hundred billion times


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LAMP, au where everyone is born with wings distinctive to their personality but can only fly after meeting their soulmate (can be platonic if you want), fluff please!!!

**This got so ridiculously long, and I am so, so ridiculously pleased. This is 2,760 words. How did this happen? 

Warnings: Small amount of swearing, some angst but I couldn’t resist a fluffy ending, lots of tears shed

This is poly sanders, Romantically involved because I’m a sucker for romance**

It happened when Virgil was born. There was a problem with the birth and he had to have surgery done, resulting in the loss of his wings.

“What did they look like?” He used to ask his mother. She’d tell him how soft they were, how dark they were, the color of the night sky dipped in the ocean. How beautiful they could have become. After awhile, he asked less and less sad to hear about what could have been and what would never be, and by the time he was ten he had come to hate the mere mention of his non-existent wings.

All of the adults pitied him, all of the children teased him.

Virgil was teased for it, of course he was, all throughout school. All the other children had wings, all the other children would find their Soulmates.


It was bitter on his tongue.

Another tragedy all the winged beings encompassed themselves with.

Everyone had a Soulmate.

‘You probably don’t even have a Soulmate. That’s why they took your wings away.’

At first, he denied it. He wanted so desperately to fit in. He told them, he did have a Soulmate, and his Soulmate would be the most beautiful person ever. They’d tease him. They’d laugh at him. They’d tell him he was wrong.

He’d never have a Soulmate.

And he grew to hate them, too.

He grew to hate his non-existent Soulmate. The reason he was teased. The reason he was mocked. The reason he was alone.

Virgil would never have a Soulmate.


It was years after he had graduated high school that he met another with very similar thinking to his own.

They had run into each other on the street. An accident, really. Virgil hadn’t been looking where he was walking, hood pulled up and eyes cast down, and had collided with a man as he turned the corner.

Logan, he’d soon learn, hadn’t been watching his steps either; nose buried in some book more important than his steps.

Virgil was sarcastic and bitter, Logan was frozen, frowning at his wings.

“Do I know you?” He asked finally, as Virgil stepped past.


“You sure?”


“It’s just….” He shivered.

“I don’t care.”

Two years later, and they were happily living together as a couple.

Logan had similar thoughts to Virgil when it came to Soulmates.

“I don’t want my love to be determined by “pre-existing forces”. I should be allowed to decide for myself who I live the rest of my life with.”

Semi-similar to Virgil at least- Logan’s view point wasn’t stemmed from years of self-loathing and teasing.

“Good thing you got me then,” Virgil would say, smirking. After all, they loved each other, but Logan couldn’t fly.

He once said that his wings felt odd whenever Anxiety was around. Lighter almost, but said his heart felt that way too and then the conversation would usually lead into the “emotions” territory, which both men were terrible with.

But, they knew they loved each other, and that’s all they needed.


“I…. I met my Soulmate today.”

Virgil immediately dropped his phone to the couch, eyes wide for a split second before falling flat and empty.


“Yeah…. It was… odd. My wings,” He glanced behind him, flexing out the gray feathered appendages so they brushed the ceiling and then folded them back and frowned, “I felt…. they fluttered. All on their own. It was like air was-”

“Yeah, I get it,” Virgil cut him off. Logan snapped his mouth shut.

Virgil didn’t like talking about his own wings, yes, but he seemed to live through Logan. Always asking to feel the otherswings, to groom them. He’d ask for Logan to tell him how they felt in the wind, how it felt to sleep, how it felt to have them pet…. He may not remember having his own wings, but he did seem to miss them.

“I’ll take you flying one day,” Logan told him one night as they curled together in a hammock, his left wing draped over them. “I’ll carry you in the sky with me in the night. Just you and me.”

“If you’re flying you’ll have your Soulmate,” Virgil had pointed out bitterly, a word very accurate to anytime he discussed Soulmates.

“Sure. I’ll find them, but I don’t need a Soulmate. I have you, and you’re all I want.”

“Look, just get on with it already.” Virgil’s words snapped Logan from his thoughts.

“Get on with what?” He asked in confusion, not an emotion he particularly liked, but one he found himself dealing with often when it came to his boyfriend. For someone who didn’t like feelings, Virgil had quite a few of them.

“You’re leaving, right? You’ve discovered your real Soulmate, you’ve realized being with me is foolish and you’re going to go be with them, right?” He wasn’t looking at Logan now, simply staring at his lap. His tone was emotionless.

“Hey,” Logan’s tone was sharp. He immediately walked over and sat beside the other. “Virgil,” He picked up the others hand and got no resistance. “Yes, I’ve found a Soulmate, but that means nothing. I’m interested, I suppose that’s the pull of the soulbond, but I would never, ever leave you. It’s you’ve I’ve fallen in love with Virgil, and it’s you who I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with, soulbond be damned.”

Virgil couldn’t stop himself, “Don’t say that.” He sniffled, “I know the power of a soulbond.” He didn’t, obviously, but he had been told, “I know it’s nearly impossible to resist. I don’t…. I don’t want you to hurt, because you’ve ignored them, I-….”

Logan reached out and lifted the others head, his own eyes meeting Virgil’s watery own.

“I just don’t want you to leave me-” His voice cracked at the end, and Logan was holding him then. Whispering soft sweet nothings and promises he would never break.

He would never leave Virgil. He could never leave Virgil.

If he could, he would give his own soul to him.


Through lots of talking, and after many months, Logan began happily dating his Soulmate, Patton. Whom, he’d come to find, was not his only Soulmate.

“Who knew you were so high-maintenance,” Virgil joked when he found out.

“It’s very upsetting,” Logan had frowned.

“How so? We not enough for you now?” It was a joke, but Logan always took Virgil’s self-depreciating humor seriously. Some small part of Virgil was thankful for that.

“You shouldn’t measure yourself out like that. Virgil, you’re greater than you know.” He kissed the others head, “And, I was referring to the fact that I still am unable to carry you through the skies.”

“Hm, well I’m still holding you to that, so get on that “finding your other Soulmate and/or Soulmates” thing.”

Logan smiled.

“Yes dear.”

After about three months of Patton and Logan being together, Virgil finally met the famed “Heart”.

Virgil never understood why Logan referred to him like that. Yes, Logan gushed (though, he wouldn’t admit to it) about the other and his emotional state of every second of every day, and how open he was about his feelings, but the nickname was still out of place.

Then, Virgil saw him.

His wings, large, red, and shimmering, were the shape of a heart when extended to full length. A large extension of the man himself.

It took merely three weeks for Virgil to fall head-over-heels for the other man, but he never said a word. This was Logan’s Soulmate- Virgil didn’t belong anywhere in that mix.

So, he kept his distance. He stayed out of the confusion that was Soulmates. Especially, Soulmates that weren’t his.

Puppy love, he called it. He was sure it’d pass.

It didn’t.

Everyday, it seemed his affections grew, until one day he confessed his feelings to Logan, apologizing over and over about butting in where he doesn’t belong, about getting in the way of his and Patton’s soulbond.

“Virgil,” Logan had said, “Virgil it’s okay. You can’t help who you love, anymore than I can. Love is okay, Virgil. You’re the one who taught me that. It’s okay.”

And a day later, Virgil had more than he could have hoped as he sat inbetween his partner of so many years, and his partner of seven minutes.

Patton had, or so he said, loved Virgil since the day they met.

Virgil said Patton was just being dramatic.

Patton only ruffled his wings in reply.


“Why don’t you understand, I have no control over this?” Logan ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

“You said you did! You said you’d never leave me! That you chose me!” Virgil yelled back, tears streaming down his face.

“I can’t choose who my Soulmates are, it’s not my fault!” Logan shot back, raising his voice in frustration more than anger.

He had met his Soulmate. Apparently, he had only two. He had all but flown (literally, he had to restrain himself) when he had run into a young man hurrying out of the local town hall, the two running hard into each other, but Logan having leaped back (okay, maybe he had kinda flown) so he didn’t fall.

Logan could finally fly.

He had flown home immediately to tell Virgil, who had been ecstatic to learn Logan had found his other Soulmate. Getting to know Patton and understand Soulbond’s better had really opened his mind and allowed him to see past what years of pain had done to him.

A week later, Logan was already dating Roman, and that’s when things got rocky.

Roman was all Logan talked about. Roman was all Logan thought about. Roman was all Logan cared about.

Then Pat.

Patton met Roman.

Lo and behold, Roman was his final Soulmate as well, and he had soared with love, high into the sky.

Roman had a third Soulmate, though, as Virgil had been told he still couldn’t fly.

And now, two months later, Virgil was done. He had been hoping, he had been hoping so hard things could work.

But his love wasn’t even close to enough when it came to soulbonds. They would always be more. They would always be better. And they would always be…. not him.

He knew he loved Logan and Patton. He knew they loved him, too. Though his mind liked to say it was lies, he had put all his faith and hope into their love and he would trust them with it.

It was hard though.

He wanted to believe the others loved him. He wanted to be enough for them. But, it was obvious now that he wasn’t. He’d never compare to their souls. He’d never compare to what they had.

Not him.

Not the wingless, soulless nobody.

Not Virgil.

Which lead to now. When Virgil had declared their relationship over. When he said he was leaving.

“You said you understood that I was with them! If you didn’t like that I was with them, why didn’t you say something?!” Logan fumed.


Virgil screamed, and the tears fell.

Everything was silent.

“Because, I could never, ever make you choose. Because, I know that you could never choose me over your soulbond.”

“What do you know about Soulmates?” The words left his mouth in rage, and died immediately in the battle.

It didn’t matter.

Their damage was done.

Virgil sobbed and covered his mouth with his hand.

“Virgil, I didn’t mean it-”

He was gone. Out the door like lightning, and tears falling like rain.

He wouldn’t know, but Logan immediately called Patton, and both took to the skies to look for him.

Hard to find one man in a city though, however hard they looked.

He managed to make his way towards the center of the city, twisting through streets until he was sure he had to be in another Country, walking for long, long hours he never wanted to end. He didn’t want to go back and face what had happened He didn’t want to face the reality he had been thrust into.

Why couldn’t he just have a soulbond like everyone else? Why couldn’t he have been normal?


He fell backwards as another person collided with him.

He kept his gaze on the ground as the other lept backwards into the air.

Another person to rub it in his face how alone he was.


Suddenly, hands were holding his face, and making him look upwards into the face of one of the handsomest men he knew. Though, to be fair he was, had been, dating the other two.

“You’re- why are you crying? Are you hurt?! Is my first act upon finding my true love only to hurt them?! Oh, how tragic! How dismal! How utterly horrific of me! I must-”

“Let go of me,” He pushed the other off and scrubbed at his eyes with his hands, “you didn’t do nothin’. I’m fine.”

“Well, that’s one relief,” The other sighed, but then he knelt down and was brushing the hair from Virgil’s face, “But, when I find out whoever it was that hurt my Soulmate, they won’t be so happy.”

Virgil chuckled bitterly, the salty tears finding the corners of his lips as if to remind him he needed to be sad.

“Don’t know if you’ve noticed buddy,” He motioned to his back, “But, I’m afraid you have the wrong guy.”

“Nonsense!” He jumped at how loud the other became, “It was your touch that brought me flight, thus it is your final soul that is bound to mine!”

Virgil scowled at the ground, “Look. I don’t have a soul, so it can’t be me. Just leave me alone!”

His pursuer stayed silent. He crouched down in front of Virgil and brushed the hair, once more, from his eyes.

“I don’t know what’s befallen you in life to make the sun so dark in your eyes, and I can’t take those filters away, but allow me to help, and I can brighten the sun tenfold until all you can see is its beauty.”

And it was all Virgil needed.

He had lived, all his life, every waking moment, believing he was soulless. That he couldn’t be anybodies. He couldn’t, wasn’t, like others. And suddenly, this man swoops in and tells him he has a soul. Further yet, that it has a mate.

And he’s sobbing again, and he’s being held and whispered, too. Told that everything would be okay.

He hears, vaguely, the other mention carrying him in flight to Virgil’s home, but he turns him down.

Logan, his first love, currently one of his only, had promised him his first flight. And now, he may never ever get it, but he wouldn’t destroy that promise. He held it dear, closer to his heart than his soul, and he couldn’t give it away.

“Okay, let me call for my others, and they can come help, okay?”

Virgil didn’t understand, but he nodded anyways.

A few short minutes later, he heard it.

A loud clap as shoes met pavement, and then he was being barreled into and pulled from his supposed Soulmate into new arms.

“Virgil, Virge, thank God, thank God,” Someone wept, “I was so worried, so scared, I didn’t- I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

It was Logan.

It was Logan that was holding him.

He clutched tightly to his shirt.

It was Logan who came for him.

Soulbond be damned.

It was Logan he loved.

It was Patton he loved.

His heart wrenched.

….This was it. What he didn’t understand before.

A solebond hurt.

A solebond hurt so much.

He may not love him now, but he knew. He knew he’d love him later.

He knew he’d love his soulmate- this man he had met only an hour earlier.

Had he known, he would have recognized this feeling many years ago, when he first met Logan.


“Thank you.”

He’d say, as he leaned into Logan’s chest, wind ruffling his hair as they flew across the stars.

Roman was twirling through clouds, attempting to be Peter Pan and discovering that clouds are, infact, made of water.

Patton was connecting stars with his flight pattern, creating large dogs, and fluffy cats in the sky.

“I always keep my promises.”

I’ve noticed that some of you friends have had a bad relationship with your father or mother, with many of you sending asks about it and I just wanna take the moment to say that I do read them and I am awfully sorry for the circumstances you have to deal with, I’ve never met my father and I definitely needed one in my life, so I’ve always challenged him to become a much greater father than he could ever be when I eventually raise a family of my own. The sin lies with the father who is supposed to be a role model, a person who is supposed to support you in your endeavors, so I empathize with you lots. It really means a lot to have you guys look up to me, even as a fatherly figure. I know I can’t be a replacement obviously, but I hope that I can, at least, make you feel better. I’m glad that my wife and I could act as lights that illuminate for those who find themselves in darkness. 

too gay and too tired for this


*Requested* Hey can you do a imagine where the reader is Klaus girlfriend but even Lucien likes her and he kidnaps her.

( Oh dear Lucien what did you get yourself into again? ;) Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Klaus x Reader, Lucien

Story Title: “Shanghaied..Again”

Warnings: Minor Season 3 spoilers

Word count: 1036

Your name: submit What is this?

Lucien: “Rise and shine!”

A familiar voice wakes you from your slumber, your sight blurry, your hands tied to a chair and your head pounding. You blink a few times before you raise your head, your eyes focusing on the dark haired man bending over in front of you; Lucien Castle. Fantastic.

You groan and roll your eyes at him which makes him smile.

Y/N: “Wipe that cocky grin off your face.”

Lucien: “Oh, but it works wonders with the ladies! I flash this magical smile and they are done for. Works each time. Wouldn’t you agree?”

He smiles as genuine as he possibly can, and you would have believed him, if you would not be aware of the vicious snake lingering beneath his disguise.

Y/N: “Jesus. Could you be more vain? All I want to do when I see that “magical” grin of yours is punch it into oblivion”

Lucien chuckles and squats down.

Lucien: “You are not scared at all, are you?”

Y/N: “Why should I? This is not the first time I got shanghaied you know. Besides, you don´t scare me. If you´d intended to kill me, I’d be dead by now. So the question is, why am I really here?”

His eyes travel over you for a second, stopping at your eyes.

Lucien:  “Huh. Now I see why Nik is so taken with you, Y/N. You’re smart, strong and extraordinarily beautiful. A rare combination.”

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John 14:12-14

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.

Mark 11:23

I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart.

Fic: We can talk it so good (how you wish it would be all the time) (Star Wars; Ben Solo, Leia, Luke, Snoke)

(also on AO3)

He tugs at the weapon on his uncle’s belt. It’s shiny and novel, yes; but he feels it calling to him, in a way he can’t really explain. He knows the basics of his heritage–anybody who can type “Skywalker” into a holonet search can–but it’s a completely different thing to see something his grandfather made, touched, used.

“Ben, don’t touch things that aren’t yours without permission,” Mother reprimands. It’s all she seems to do these days. She says it’s because she cares about him, loves him, but he thinks if she did, she would let him do more of the things he wanted.

“It’s fine, Leia.” Uncle Luke says. Ben likes his Uncle Luke. Not just because he’s a Jedi, but because he lets Ben do whatever he wants. “It’s good he’s taking an interest in his heritage.”

Mother gets that look on her face, the one where she doesn’t like what she hears but is trying to figure out if it’s worth kicking up a fuss. (She directs it at Dad a lot.)

“He knows where he comes from,” she says tightly.

“He knows where you come from.” Uncle Luke says mildly, like he’s daring her to disagree. That is true. Ben used to ask for stories at bedtime about the people who raised her, and she was happy, almost desperate, to tell them. Mother says very little about her biological parents, but her birth father most of all. Most of what he knows comes from Uncle Luke.

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the mods’ favourites

Hey y’all! We promised you something special to celebrate a follower milestone, so here it is! Under the cut is a compilation of the mods’ favourite Check Please fanfiction.

there are more than two sides to eric bittle by heyfightme

this series is one of my favourites!! heyfightme is my absolute favourite CP author and these works definitely do not disappoint!! it’s a series about bipolar bitty, and it’s really well written and it shows a different perspective on bitty that i absolutely love. definitely worth the read! - Mod Bitty

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Brett Talbot x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mature content, sexual content, nsfw, smut. 

Prequel to: Having a baby with Brett and freaking out when it shows werewolf traits, but can also be read separate.

A/N: @lazyneonmonster inspired me to write a smutty prequel to another fic, and I was like “Hell yeah, lets do it.” (as usual when smutty requests involves Brett.)
Also, this was supposed to be a sweet, fluff/smut fic, but on the other hand, nah. *scoffs*

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Hate me if you want but I wanna talk about it. Or at least get this out.

From 2014 to 2016, I was emotionally and sexually involved with a man who is in a relationship. For the first 6 months, I was completely unaware of it. But after I found out, I didn’t end it. It fucked with me emotionally of course but nevertheless, I stayed. He was everything I wanted…. Correction, he is everything I want. He challenges me mentally. He teaches me. He tells me when I’m wrong. He lifts me when I’m down. He knows about my depression and does not treat me differently. We have intellectual conversations​ on a level that I’ve never had with someone I’ve been connected to. He reminds me of my dad. I see myself in him. I see myself with him. I love his ambition. I love his drive. I love being in his presence. Simply sitting near him gives me the greatest calm I’ve ever experienced. I’ve opened up to him emotionally more than any other person I’ve been involved with. He’s sweet. He’s beautiful. He’s everything.

And he’s engaged to be married…. I didn’t find out until nearly 6 months after…. (This doesn’t excuse what I did at all. I’m just saying it because it breaks my heart.)

Wtf have I done to myself?

I ended things at the beginning of the year because his fiance gave birth to his child. I was not about to be the person who could potentially tear a father away from his son. We have enough of that in our community. I could no longer contribute to the heartbreak and unhappiness of another black woman… I also did it for me. There’s no future in this. If I'ma be in pain emotionally, I’d rather be in pain on my own. I still feel guilty though. I made a decision to stay with a man that was not mine. I made the decision to reduce myself to something that I am not. I made the decision to hurt another black woman. I’ve been hurt that way before… Why tf would I want that to happen to someone else…..

Now I’m doing a LOT of self evaluation. Clearly something has gone awry in me that allowed me to participate in such a situation and I HAVE to correct it. I have to heal myself so that I don’t allow myself to be taken advantage of. So that I don’t give myself lower than what I deserve. So that I don’t treat myself lower than what I am worth. This was all me. And I’m learning that it’s not him I have to forgive. I have to forgive me. I have to stand up and decide not to walk in the footsteps my mother left before me. I’m going to create a new path. I’m going to walk in a direction no woman in my family has ever walked. I will no longer operate beneath who I am….

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Whenever anakin smiles I get sad because he looks so sweet but also so broken and I just wish he could have had the happy ending he deserved He got redemption sure but endured so much pain along the way

Sorry for taking so long to answer you. I’ve a lot of feeling on this and I wanted to get my head straight first :P

The thing is, Anakin was not happy.

“And Anakin smiles. Not a smile like the Emperor’s. Or a crazed grin like Darth Maul’s. Not even a smirk that Anakin might have shown Ahsoka back in his Jedi days. But a real smile.The smile that only Padme ever saw. “ - Beware the Power of the Dark Side by Tom Angleberger

This is terribly sad. Anakin was not happy. He never truly was. For some degree of lasting happiness to be achieved, safety is necessary. And Anakin was a creature of fear. He never felt safe enough in any environment or in his own skin to be able to feel safe, accepted and happy. He joked and laughed around his Padawan, his Master, his troops, etc. but there was always a wall between them. There was a vast space separating what Anakin felt and what Anakin expressed. And in that space we can find Jedi rules, military protocols and Anakin’s traumas.

“What should he be afraid of? Except— Fear lives inside him anyway, chewing away the firewalls around his heart. Anakin sometimes thinks of the dread that eats at his heart as a dragon. […] But Anakin’s fear is another kind of dragon. A cold kind. A dead kind. Not nearly dead enough. […] The dragon whispers of what Anakin has lost. And what he will lose.” ROTS Novelization

I think we can all agree that this is not the thoughts of a happy (or healthy) man.  However, behind all this there’s an even bigger tragedy: almost no one noticed it. And those who did didn’t anything about it. There’s this really interesting video on Youtube about how Anakin was perceived by those close to him and how he never showed signs of happiness (I don’t have the link but as soon as I find it I’ll share it here). Some may say, yeah that’s the Jedi way. But it wasn’t. Anakin unhappiness wasn’t normal and there’s one Jedi who noticed.

“So she sassed him, or invented nicknames that were guaranteed to get under his skin. Sometimes she even deliberately flouted his wishes. Anything to break him free of sorrow or frustration or some bleak memory he refused to share.” Ahsoka Tano. “Clone Wars Gambit: Siege” by Karen Miller

“So … what was her brilliant, sometimes volatile Master feeling now? Eyes drifted half closed, Ahsoka breathed out a soft sigh and let her growing Jedi awareness touch lightly upon him.  Impatience. Concern. Relief. Loneliness. Weariness. And grief, not yet healed.” Ahsoka Tano. “Clone Wars Gambit: Siege” by Karen Miller

“[Ahsoka] chewed her lip while she waited. Tried to read the thoughts tumbling through his mind. But when he wanted to, Anakin could hide himself completely. For all the good his face did her right now he might as well be a protocol droid.” Ahsoka Tano. “Clone Wars Gambit: Siege” by Karen Miller

Anakin was good at hiding his deepest fears. And Ahsoka could do much else about because of her “traineing” and her status. However, I have hard time believing that the mighty senior Jedi didn’t noticed this either. I don’t buy it. they were pretty straightforward about Anakin’s “shortcomings” (fears) when he was 9. Why would they not see it now he was older? They stopped looking or they stopped caring? Was a “broken” chosen one better than no chosen one?

So here’s part one of this tragedy. Anakin was unhappy. People close to knew it. And yet only three being who put Anakin’s happiness above their own goals: Shmi Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, Ashoka Tano.

“If you do love Anakin, you must let him go. He can’t love you and be a Jedi. And he was born to be a Jedi. He has a destiny greater than you or I can imagine. If he is not free to pursue it, a great many people may pay a dreadful price. Is that what you want?”  [Padmé] blinked rapidly, banishing tears. “And do you love him so little you would have him condemned to a lifetime of loneliness, all in the name of some prophecy not a one of your precious Jedi Council can say for certain is true?” – Obi-wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala (Wild Space by Karen Miller)

“Feeling helpless, she chewed at her lip. She didn’t know what she could do to make anything better for him. She couldn’t heal his grief for the clones who’d fallen under his command, or the civilians he’d been unable to save. She couldn’t make him less tired, or order him home to Coruscant where his mood always lightened. She couldn’t promise the war would end soon, with the Republic victorious.”- Ahsoka Tano (Wild Space by Karen Miller).

Part two of this tragedy is that most of Anakin’s pain and unhappiness could’ve been avoided if the people in power had done the right thing.

Jon the player? Jon the deceiver?

There has been a lot of discussion about the ‘Undercover Lover theory’ on the Jonsa tag and I want to add to this discussion and give some of my thoughts on it. Many people have said that ‘Undercover lover theory’ would make Jon a very mean person and that this would not fit to a ‘hero’. I think to really judge what Jon is doing we must look at his agenda, his knowledge and his likely plans. Please note, that for the sake of the argument, I take the Undercover lover theory to be true.

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One thing troubled me during the [Double Fantasy] all-night recording sessions: the way John would slip from time to time into an adjoining lounge. The first thing that came to mind was drugs, because I was so used to seeing musicians pass around bowls of cocaine with the casualness of M&Ms. John had had drug problems earlier in his life, and I feared he had relapsed–despite all his talk about feeling healthier than ever. Maybe the pressure of being back in the studio was greater than he was letting on. At one point, I happened into the lounge and saw John at the far end of the narrow room. He was reaching for something on a cabinet shelf, and my first instinct was to go back into the studio so I wouldn’t violate his privacy. But he spotted me and called me over, putting his finger up to his lips in a signal to be quiet. When I was next to him, he reached into the cabinet again and pulled out something wrapped in a towel.

“Want some?” he asked. “Just don’t tell Mother,” he said with a conspiratorial look. “She doesn’t want me doing this anymore.”

As he opened the towel, I had to laugh.

John Lennon’s private stash turned out to be a giant-size Hershey (chocolate) bar. He broke off a chunk for me and one for himself. Holding his piece in a toast, John smiled and said, “Good to see you again.”

—  Robert Hilburn, Corn Flakes With John Lennon And Other Tales From A Rock ‘n’ Roll Life, 2009

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i believe paul saw jesus, but that all jesus did was tell him "hey, stop murdering christians" and everything else was still the fault of paul's personality

Okay. So here’s the thing. I don’t really hate Paul as much as I make it out to be (though given the opportunity, I would fight him). I think he truly believed that his mission was the God-given right and I really think that some of his words were honestly inspired by something greater than him. I just absolutely hate when he is given more credibility than the women, the apostles, and even Jesus himself.

What happened in Shiganshina:

Remember back during the fall of Shiganshina, when Eren and Mikasa ran off to their house while Armin ran in the opposite direction? Did you think he was a coward? Many did, you’re not alone. As with a lot of his other actions and behaviors (especially from back then), we’ve been fooled to see Armin in the same unfortunate light as he does - this moment included. As the narrator of this story - as well as a very active self-devaluater - Armin has effectively warped his role into that of the useless person he thinks he is, as that is the way we are presented the “facts”. Many are at this point aware that he is much greater than he thinks, but I fear the idea that he started out weak still has deep roots in many. I’d like to propose a different take on that aforementioned moment as perhaps a small stab at uprooting those ideas, just as it appears to me this morning. Perhaps a random thought, but I feel like mentioning it:

See, while it’s natural to expect any kid faced with that kind of horror, to act the way he did; running away - I still think we’ve been blinded by his narrative to not see the real events how they unfolded: did we not learn from Eren (and Armin’s actions subsequently proving) that Armin never just runs away?

So let’s think. There are three points to the moment back in Shiganshina that we can use to swiftly analyze what took place: 1. Armin ran. 2. Armin, as a trait, doesn’t run away from his challenges. 3. Armin told Hannes to go get Eren&Co.

By Armin’s persuasive and persistent narration, we’re taught to focus on only the first point - him running away - while I think the truth lies in the two other points.

You probably see what I’m getting at, because it’s so painfully obvious: when Eren and Mikasa ran off in the direction of danger, Armin did not simply back out from any feeling of obligation to help; rather, he realized the danger his respectively impulsive and loyal friends were running into, and so Armin bit down his fear and ran off to get someone he knew had a better chance at helping them out of it. Ultimately, he did exactly the one thing that could - and did - save them - and it was not by chance; while some think it’s a given that Armin is weak, a much stronger and truer trait of his, is his ability to come up with solutions (especially on the spot, no less). This has been his game from the very beginning. Remember what Eren said in episode 10 - before Armin’s “confidence awakening”:

In other words - if any of you actually need convincing - this is something Eren recognized in Armin way before his “development”; Armin has always been good at keeping his mindgame up even through fear.

Armin did not stumble upon Hannes while fleeing; he hurried off to get a soldier to help his friends, and then had the smarts to realize he’s done all he can for them and now would do best to join up with his family lest they die looking for him - then all he could do was hope for the best regarding his two best friends.

And as you all know,

…thanks to Armin’s own orchestration, they turned up alive.