he got the girl!

January 20, 1992 - Ice Cube Has a Good Day

(Note: While it could be argued that Ice Cube lyrics are neither nerdy nor fictional, I think the process by which this date was discovered is nerdy as hell. Check the Source link for more info.)

When rapper Ice Cube woke up on January 20, 1992, he thought the day seemed kind of odd. There was no smog, he got a call from a girl, and played basketball all morning. From there, he headed to his friend $hort Dog’s house, where he watched Yo! MTV Raps and came out ahead in some gambling. Nobody he knew got killed, his favorite basketball team won, and he had sex with a girl he’d been chasing since high school. He finished the day off by getting drunk, but didn’t throw up, and had a nice burger.

(Ice Cube - It Was a Good Day, 1993)

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I wonder what Hunters reaction would be if he found out that Lola had sex with his brother?

Probably kinda grossed out that he has the hots for the same girl his brother got pregnant lmao. But considering how incestuous everyone is about dating on this show, maybe he wouldn’t care.

“Oh my gosh, he had to be heartbroken.” I murmured.

“He was, and rightfully so. But even then, he tried to show me his dedication. Like a fool I continued to push him away, and eventually I pulled the plug. I heard he just got married a couple months. Lucky girl.” Lillian frowned.

“Hey, any guy would be lucky to have you! Just gotta wait for the right one to come along. Your soulmate’s out there, I know it.


“There are people, like one of the stars of Supernatural, Jared, he was like walking in a mall one day and somebody was like, “Hey you! You look good. You wanna be a model or actor?” and that’s it. He just came to LA, I think he got his first audition, turned out to be Gilmore Girls and he worked on that for years and he’s never not worked.” x


The capital is very excited with the news that you will be dancing at the festival. Please show us great dancing. I’ll look forward to it.
- SooYeon.”

so I watched the ep where Jess tells Rory he loves her last night

and what stunned me more than anything was the incredible… insight we get into Jess’ character that episode. lbr, more so than the entire season where he lived in Stars Hollow.

first of all: Jess returns to Stars Hollow for his car. He clearly isn’t with his father anymore and is sensible enough to know that, if he has a car, he has a roof over his head. It gives him some stability. It shows just how fiercely independent Jess is (a recurring theme this episode).

(tldr; Jess Mariano is a complex character who seeks emotional and physical independence due to the turmoil in his childhood caused by shitty parents, and everyone treats him like an asshole for it, and they shouldn’t because that boy is my cinnamon roll and I will fight anyone who says otherwise)

[[rest under the cut bc I went into full on rant mode and I’m not even sorry]]

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