he got swag like a boss

The Gazette : DOGMATIC LIVE@Fukuoka.

Since I was completely lost in this LIVE, I decided to share some of sweet/funny/sassy/amazing moments with you guys!

1) Ruki did his sexy dance a lot. Especially during Bizarre and Wasteland.

2) Kai opened Goddess’s Intro in Japanese Taiko style,so very awesome.

3) Reita seemed to enjoy himself so much. He played with audience a lot , and at one point..he bit on Uruha right arm .

4) Uruha spoiled the audience a lot. And he was so stunning this evening!

5) Aoi swag on stage was gold. He kept spinning and gliding everywhere just like a boss.

6) Ruki flashed his tattoos a lot in his kimono dress. The lettering on his left arm was so obvious.It was written “Overcome Anything”.

7) During 1st encore, Aoi walked to the stage with Corona Beer. And he empty two bottles in just 5 songs!!

8) Ruki somehow got a little hickey on his right chest.

9) For the 2nd encore, Ruki walked out with absolutely tired face and waved to the crowd . He was so cute.

10) Ruki made a lot of jokes (which, of course, I only understand a few of them). One of them was on the encore, when he said that if that (Ominous) was the last song, he would be eating dinner by now.
But then he thanked the fans for calling them back out.

That’s all I can remember for now! Hope this post cheers you up and don’t forget about the world tour. LONG LIVES THE GazettE!!!!!