he got so excited too like


Pairing: Newt/Y/n

Request: I love your pieces so far, keep up the great work!!   What would you think about writing a Newt piece where a (slytherin) reader who defended him at Hogwarts runs into him in New York?  Thank you love :))            


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After soon graduating from Hogwarts,, as a half blood proud slytherin, you decided to move across seas.

It was from London to New York.

It wasn’t the easiest change either, a lot of people got tangled in the accent as they called it. Others where confused by your clothing.

There were a lot more people too, wondering the streets in the day.

You had a contract with he American wizard society that you would study charms here for three years, then go back to London for a boring ministry of magic job.

You weren’t really out going, you just liked to have excitement in your life. And sitting in a boring office all day didn’t sound like something you’d want to do for the rest of your life.

So you now got to study things like turning teapots into flames that could sing.

It could get pretty complicated.

You were hustling down a busy New York street, your bag in hand, purple jacket over your shoulder.


You ran smack dab into person.

You dropped your bag on the ground, a couple quills spilling out.

“Oh gosh…I’m so sorry” Another British voice spoke.

The voice sounded familiar, and when you peered up you noticed why.

It was Newt Scamander.

You had both been in the same potions class almost all of your Hogwarts years. There was one year in particular; year 3. He kept getting picked on by other students, even some people in his own house. You had been he one to stand up for him. You later became very good friends in your years at Hogwarts.

But then he had gotten expelled, and you never had any contact again.

But here he was, crashing into your life again.


you stood up straight, nodding your head.

“I thought id never see you again..”

“Yeah,” You laughed slightly, scratching your neck.

“So you graduated Hogwarts then?” Newt asked, laughing awkwardly.

“Yeah. But barely, you left me”

Newt looked down, “I had to Y/N it was for Leta”

“Newt everyone knew she was using you. She always talked about it in the common room. And you ended up falling for her trap and no–”

Newt reached for your hand, and held it tightly in yours.

“yes, I might’ve made that mistake, but i don’t want to lose my best friend again.”


Another Karamatsu sprite that actually doesn’t involve him being painful and/or getting injured while attacking?! And makes him look legitimately cool?


There was a table at work tonight where a little kid was telling his family about how “they found the blue one first and it took them to space” and i had to lean over from the table i was wiping down to ask if he was talking about Voltron and he got so happy and excited that I not only knew what he was talking about, but also because i told him that its my favorite show. And his mom was like trying to use me as an example of why her six year old is too young to watch it and im like?? Ma'am, as an 18 year old, I’m probably too old to be as in love with this show as i am. Your son is fine.

Secret Agent MC - Part 1

Seven finding out MC’s the top 1 secret agent in the same Agency as him? Like how would he find out and how would he react.

Part 1 | Part 2

Ok so I really loved this request and when I got it I was super excited because that morning I had been thinking of the exact same thing. Sadly though it contains major spoilers for Seven’s route and Secret Ending #1. So if you don’t want to know things about either of those then please don’t read it. The whole thing is quite long so I’ve split it into two parts!

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anonymous asked:

Geez I'm going crazy, one one hand I think I'm totally insane for being so invested in Jikook but on the other hand the latest Kookmin World video has got me in a state of disbelief and excitement. The evidence is nearly undeniable that Jimin was in there, coupled with Jungkook's totally suspicious behaviour at the beginning of the Vlive and Jimin hiding for no apparent reason?? (he could have just been like 'oh hi guys I'm in Jungkook's room too!' but he hid like he was up to something) (1/2)

Anon: and Jungkook saying he wasn’t wearing clothes (wtf!!) and then hastily half-putting on a robe before letting V in (WTF!!!!!) omg I’m getting a heart attack all over again. The only big uncertainty about this whole thing I have is that maybe Jimin and Jungkook were just doing something innocent and totally platonic in that room before V entered… That involved Jungkook not wearing clothes… And Jimin’s guilty caught-criminal-type behaviour (hiding in the bathroom, really)… Maybe they (2/3)

were doing something somewhat embarrassing but not romantic/sexual, like Jimin helping Jungkook shave or taking Jungkook’s measurements or something… fitness/beauty/health-related…?? Because if there is no alternative, I’m seriously going to die…!!! Help!! I am really dangerously close to… believing… that they were up to something!! OTL (3/3)

I honestly am on the same boat as you. When I saw Kookmin World’s video, my jaw actually dropped I was so shocked. The evidence piled up and made so much sense. And even now, people are still finding more details within the video, and idk if we’re all delusional or if this actually happened. 

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-He’s a nerd

-He calls himself a nerd

-He loves school, and isn’t afraid to tell everyone that he does

-He has a cat that he got when he was four or five, which he calls his “evil sidekick”

-He poked a hole in the barrier for a few seconds, just because he wanted more T.V shows

-He has an abusive mom, yet he still smiles

-Carlos is the techie of the group

-Carlos is easily scared

-Carlos is easily flustered

-Carlos is easily adorable

-His mother loves her car and fur coats more than she loves her own son

-He never had a proper, warm bed (let alone room) until he got to Auradon

-He got so excited when he got his first pillow

-Carlos is basically his mom’s slave

-Plus he got bullied at school too

-After befriending Dude, he carried him everywhere and loved him

-Something about Jay laughing with him made his heart warm







-Oh, and he loves his boyfriend Jay

Company - Part 7

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 1565

A/N: Another long part! Stuff happens in this one and I got excited lol I hope you all do too, let me know if you liked it! 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12


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So @oolongearlgrey‘s doing this cool thing where you can submit a garbage MS Paint drawing of a succubus and he’ll redraw it being all nice and shiny. I got out MS Paint and drew this sneering succubus with my touchpad and submitted it but I liked her design so much that I got excited and did my own redraw before he even got to mine heheh. I tried to keep her looking like she’d fit in Oolong’s world. 

WTNV/OHC Crossover Concept: Julian the Intern

what if Julian was an intern at Night Vale Community Radio?

like most Night Vale residents, he’s lived in Night Vale all his life, and grew up listening to Cecil’s radio show and wishing he could be on the radio too. so as soon as he got a chance to, he secures an internship at NVCR

Julian is super excited to meet and work with Cecil - I imagine Cecil is rather surprised and bemused by Julian’s enthusiasm on the first day, because he’s never met anyone who was quite that much of a fan of him before! Most of Cecil’s interns seem to be there mostly for the college credits, but Julian really wanted to work at the radio station.

Julian doesn’t mind Cecil (inevitably) sending him to report on all of the incredibly dangerous and bizarre happenings of the town - he’s happy to be able to help Cecil out and contribute to the show. While he’s out there reporting on things, he’s usually really nervous about getting something wrong or missing some vital information, but somehow he always manages to get his reporting done and then escape the usual by the skin of his teeth (much like Intern Kareem!). But what he really wants is to be able to speak on the air himself. 

Meanwhile, Cecil’s usual rather indifferent attitude to his interns is slowly being worn away by Julian’s enthusiasm and love for the job. He can tell right away that Julian is an intern who would actually love a career in broadcasting, and in fact, keeps being reminded of his own internship at the show all those years ago - how he was Leonards’ intern for years, and always really wanted to be on the show himself. Knowing Cecil, he probably tries to skate away from the comparisons between his younger intern self and Julian at first, but after a while he gives up on denying it. And, a little despite himself, he really likes Julian too - not only that, but he feels instinctively that Julian has what it takes to be a great radio host one day. 

Maybe Julian arrives at the station early sometimes, so that he can sit in Cecil’s chair and speak into the microphone, pretend he’s the radio host. (It always upsets him that he’s no good at coming up with great introduction lines like Cecil does, though.) 

And maybe Cecil catches him doing that once, and Julian expects him to be mad, but he actually doesn’t mind at all. Maybe Cecil starts really thinking about how much passion and talent for broadcasting Julian has, and during one broadcast, decides to invite Julian onto the air to tell the listeners about what he’s reported on first-hand. 

I basically came up with this because I really wanted to see Julian and Cecil interacting, and because the radio theme tied them together so well :-) If anyone has more ideas for what could happen in this internship scenario I would love to see them! 

Rick x Morty
includes smut, angst, and general sadness
NC-17, R++, it’s pretty nasty in parts im sorry
4,744 words

rick and morty f*ck, rick is a j*rk then morty gets upset and other stuff happens, then it ends!
this is the first fan fic i’ve ever written lmao

yes m/orty is trans (r/ick is too; he’s a genius scientist so there’s no limits there!), that’s just how i envision them both as ppl. doesn’t have anything to do w the fic, aside from that they’re both in it lol. enjoy!!

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some newlywed rubiam sound p good don't u think

•"holy shit we’re married"
“holy shit you’re right"

•liam and ruby were always the ones to roll their eyes at the posts online like “so glad to spend the rest of my life with my best friend” like how corny can u get but what did they do as soon as they were engaged? post the same damn things smh

•"i want a divorce so i can marry you again"

•one night ruby wakes up to find liam staring at her and she’s like ??? and he whispers back “i woke up and remembered you’re my wife and got too excited and now i can’t sleep” what a NERD

•at their wedding he trips on something and goes down hard and immediately looks at ruby and goes “even after we’re married i’m still falling for you darlin ;)’” she threatens divorce

•ruby is such a covers hoarder it’s ridiculous so when they get married she’s like “now you’re stuck with me so i can steal the covers all i want” so liam starts playing the game of how many blankets can i add in the night before she gets too hot and stops stealing them. her record is 12.

•once you have pneumonia you’re more susceptible to getting it again so liam who catches pneumonia again on the 3rd day of their honeymoon and ruby who goes out of her mind with worry because she’ll be damned if she’s a widow at 23

•alternately ruby and liam enjoying their honeymoon so much they stay an extra few days because who’s gonna stop em?? you want me to come into work sorry i’m across the country can’t do it. they led a revolution let them have this.

•the do not disturb card stays on their door the whole time they’re on their honeymoon

•vida gets mad at them because “really??? you’re going on a tropical vacation just to have sex in your hotel room the whole time? what the hell you can have sex here. at least go have sex on the beach or something”

•chubs tells them “if you come home pregnant i’m going to make fun of you for being a stereotype the rest of your life” and ruby’s just like “that’s fair”

•eventually it’s ruby who makes them go back home because she misses their dog

•they’re OBNOXIOUS about the whole “this is my WIFE ruby because we’re married and i love her and she’s my WIFE” thing

•once he calls her Mrs Stewart he’s like…ugh no that makes me think of my mom so it has to be ruby stewart when they’re tryna be cute

•like don’t get me wrong he still loves mrs stewart it’s lit just not when they’re being romantic it’s hard to go down on someone right after thinking about your mom it’s kind of a mood killer

•"ooh babe you had a crush on me that’s so embarrassing"
“we’re married”

•okay so i headcanon that after the camps are liberated liam works for a company that finds homes for kids whose parents didn’t want them back/were killed/ can’t be found/ etc and when he brings up kids with ruby she’s like “you work with kids all day aren’t u tired of children wtf”

•one time liam has to go to some government meeting that was supposed to end at a certain time and he’s asked to stay later and his response is “no, our agreement was 6 o'clock, my wife has dinner ready and i hate it here. Goodbye.”

•their texts are a compilation of funny dog videos and 3 word questions only they can decipher

•one time on ruby’s day off she hears liam leave in the morning, raises an eyebrow, looks at the clock on the wall and counts the seconds before the door opens again and he runs back in because he forgot to kiss her goodbye

trans lance things bc im in love with this headcanon

  • he figured it out in like middle school when he became uncomfortable with his body and such as puberty hit
  • he originally binded with two sports bras layered over each other
  • it helped for a bit until he kept growing
  • he eventually came out to his family when the dysphoria got too much for him to handle and he couldn’t take it anymore
  • his family was very excited and instantly switched pronouns and names and such
  • he felt so loved and cherished
  • his first binder was a gift from his abuela for his birthday
  • he wouldn’t wear a shirt for days afterwards just to show off his awesome binder
  • he never wanted to take it off which caused him to pass out a lot since he played soccer and was very active
  • he got bullied for being trans but hunk (i hc them as childhood friends) stood up for him 
  • T and top surgery cost a lot so he wasn’t really asking for it since his family was so big and he didn’t want them to spend a lot of money on him
  • but one of his sisters did some research and told their parents so they could surprise him with it !
  • they saved up and had enough money right as he was accepted at the garrison
  • they gave it to him as a gift for getting in
  • he didnt accept it at first but his mamá is so stubborn and wouldnt let him say no
  • so he got the surgery and is on T !
  • he hasnt had bottom surgery yet, but is planning to pay for that on his own when they get to earth 

In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.


Been wanting to do a ‘fancy’ portrait series, so I’m experimenting with this in between meshing…Still got a few tweaks to do but I was excited and had to share.

Ashitaro from deviantart was so spot on with the face in this ‘tatooed princess’, I borrowed it to start the series. He did such a good job! I couldn’t find a model quite like her, it’s just too perfect.

Anyways, thought this would look great on a sims wall with that big gold frame…

And yes, I know she’s not Disney but most others in the set will be. That’s why the hashtag is there. 


Belated Sunday Progress Update…and other things:

It got COLD in Texas this past week. I do not like to move much when it’s cold!! So, movement did not happen all seven days this past week. I’m not proud of that, but thankfully the weather is back to beautiful again!! So, I’ll aim for an extra active week this week! I went to work extra early today so I could get off early–went biking for an hour and forty-five minutes and then ran two exhausted miles in this crazy wind.

Got home and Conner asked what was for dinner. I started getting out ingredients and he got so excited. He and the husband love “the sauce.” I like it, too, except that it means if I’m ever busy and just make a jarred pasta sauce I get all kinds of sad faces about it. 🙄 Side note: is there any better smell than meat browning with onion, pepper, and garlic!? I think no!

Also pictured, one of my favorite snacks! I also brought a super healthy breakfast AND lunch to work today. I’m so going to make this week amazing to make up for last week! 😊

Tiny Imagines for Seventeen's Chinaline


•Like imagine him giving you his cute little smile every morning and the light is just right so he looks like an angel
•Or when you’re too busy doing stuff and he noticed you’re not eating so he legit a sits down right next to you and feeds you as you work


•But like imagine coming home to him sitting on your floor cutely while playing with a fluffy little puppy that was suppose to be your surprise but he got too excited and couldn’t help himself
•Imagine The8 trying to show off to you some cool tricks he learned but he accidentally fell and now you’re sitting on his lap and applying ice to a pouty Minghao
•So imagine The8 waking you up with kisses all over your face because you needed to wake up but you wouldn’t so he went to plan B. When you do finally wake up he gives you the most angelic smile ever and finally gives you a real kiss
•So imagine Minghao going to Joshua to get guitar lessons because he planned a surprise for you because he saw how hard you’re working and wanted to treat you to something special. Like he plays 21st century girls on the guitar for you and like it sounds perfect
•Imagine Minghao taking care of you when you’re sick and like he’s just running around like crazy getting you soup, milk and chocolate because you’re his special lil baby and he just wants to make you feel better
•Imagine being in the same class as Minghao and everyday he brings you a cup of bubble tea because he knows you work hard and probably hasn’t had anything to eat so he makes it his job to feed you and becomes best friends with you
•Imagine being on Law of the Jungle with The8 and wherever you go he’s always with you because you guys are secretly dating and he does all these little things for you like giving you an extra coconut or making sure you’re really warm at night and giving you the best spot to sleep


from the back, i thought that was Mark Tuan (Got7) that Jungkook approached and i got all excited for a second (my favs). xD  but still, this interaction is too cute and seeing Kookie with other idols (well Suwoong for now) makes me smile. ^_^ 

Christmas Prompt: Baubles

I’m about to crash out so this might be the last post for the night, which i’m really sorry for!

Could you do some Christmas decorating fluff with Jay? Like he and his so are decorating for Christmas (maybe his SO suggested it and he pretended to be neutral about it but starts to get really excited about it) and they are listening to Christmas music and being silly and starting yearly traditions together and I just need him to be happy. (Sorry if this a bit much I got a little excited)

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This was fucking stupid.

He was only pretending to be considering the different tree choices, because it was important for you.

A tree he was going to carry up 7 stories with you and throw out in 30 days anyway.

Did presents really need to go under it? You were adults for fucks sakes, the only debatable child was Roy and he wasn’t even in the household for this christmas.

The baubles were a different story entirely, he honestly didn’t care for the traditions but frankly it was either join in or join in and he was out of options, and it made your smile.

He found himself bored out of his mind, business had dried up over the holiday period and you were finishing your last shift of the year. Instead  Looking at the packet of unopened decorations he started to take them out of their box and have a go, at worst you’d love the fact that he did something christmassy.

First a green, then a blue, then a red and soon he began to start making a pattern, but there was still something missing. He pressed play on the ipod dock, expecting it to be an audiobook but his face emulated the surprise he heard your christmas playlist start.

It was too late now, his mind was back on the bauble pattern and soon began the untangling of the christmas lights. At first he almost celebrated when he flicked on the switch, but glared as he realised half of the bulbs needed fixing.

After a quick fix and play around, he got them working and put them aside, to put them on last.

He decorated, rearranged and even let out a smile as he finished. He stood infront of it, with Jingle Bell Rock playing in the background as he stared at his masterpiece.

He wanted to snapchat it, but you would see his excitement and you were to never know that he did this for his own enjoyment.
“I am fucking amazing at this.” He chuckled to himself and jumped as you made a sound of agreement from behind him

“When did you get home?” He asked suprised but trying to keep as cavalier as possible
“Long enough to see you having fun.” You grinned and wrapped your arms around him.
“You saw nothing.” He smiled “I’d just deny it.”
“I know, which is why i recorded it.” You kissed him on the cheek “You know your ass looks amazing as you put things on the tree?”
“So thats why you were so desperate for my help?” he chuckled and you gave him a tiny shrug with a smile in response, ending the conversation.

We Got Married?: Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Shinwon, Kino

How would Pentagon react to their idol crush’s members saying that they should go to we got married in a show?

[YeoOne, YanAn, Yuto, and Shinwon for the ‘We Got Married’ related prompt the other anon sent in? Please and thank you!! 😆😆💓]
[please do it for Yuto, Kino, Yeo one and Shinwon❤️]

Yeo One - He’d want to stay cool about it and hide his excitement. “Ah, you think so?” The fact that his idol crush’s group members were saying something like that would make him wonder if they had said something about liking him too.

Yan An - He would be in shock; can they say things like that on air? He’d be initially worried about scandals, but would reason it out in his head that nobody knew that he liked you. That aside, he would probably just smile politely to cover up his positive feelings at the thought of it

Yuto - There’s no way he wouldn’t be smiling at the suggestion. Of course, he wouldn’t say anything that could be misconstrued as scandalous, but he would express that it would be fun. He’d likely continue talking about it with the members (of his group) after the scedule~

Shinwon - Leave it to Shinwon to be the awkward one. He would begin speaking clearly, but would quickly start stumbling on his words trying to form a comprehensive response. The MCs and the girl group members would probably start laughing, making him more flustered.

Kino - He’d be wearing his default resting smile, probably thinking about other things, and upon hearing them say your name followed by ‘We Got Married’ would snap out of his trance and look lost. The thought of it would stick with him for a while too, well after the interview show had ended.