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Ugh, I’m so sick of the writers repeatedly trying to make it seem like Nick was a terrible, unromantic boyfriend. 

Jess’ “I’m mad that Nick just decides to be a great boyfriend. Where does all this effort come from? Reagan gets Mr. Cupid and I got some nudey card” comment in this episode bothered me a lot. Was Nick a perfect boyfriend? Definitely not. But the writers seem to have forgotten everything that’s happened in season 2 and 3. Honestly, Birthday alone is enough proof of Nick being a good boyfriend. 

Nick supposedly wasn’t the kind to be romantic, he wasn’t the type who planned things. We knew this from the start. But the thing about Nick and Jess’ relationship is that she changed him. He had never felt that way about anyone before. He would have literally done anything for her, remember?

They’re making it seem like Nick never put in any effort which was obviously not the case at all. Everything Nick’s given to Jess or has done for her has had some importance to it. Hell, for him, opening a bank account was a lot but he was going to do it for her. He tried to stop her from doing something stupid and she wouldn’t listen so instead, he chose to do it with her so she wouldn’t have to do it alone. He literally gave Jess something that his dad, who died, gave him? 

It’s just really frustrating for me that they are making Nick and Jess’ relationship seem smaller than it was. It’s like they’ve progressively been trying to justify their breakup in Mars Landing since season 4 and it still doesn’t make any sense. I know that they had to break up eventually and they did have issues that they needed to solve but c’mon. When things are going great, Jess runs away? Or Nick and Jess have nothing in common? None of those sound right to me. We can only hope that the reunion plays out nicely and in a way that makes sense. Otherwise, their entire journey will have been for nothing. 

wow, i can get sexual too

Title: Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (drabble)
Pairing: Sebastian/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Phone sex, obv
A/N: So whoever sent in that ask yesterday about calling Seb while he’s on set…got me thinking so I typed up this drabble really quickly while I was in writer’s block with that threesome. I hope you enjoy, and that this holds you over until I get something longer.

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I finally watched 5x09

- Prometheus is a crazy son a bitch first of all, who needs to die, simple. I know there are so many theories to who it is and I’m kind of lost. I think the last one I read was it maybe being this Claybournes son. 

- Evelyn… well we all knew that was coming. I feel bad for Oliver because I think he was starting to bond with her and then bam she turns on him. 

- Paul and Curtis… someone hand me the tissues because I was a mess by he end when Paul left. Damn you Arrow writers stop messing with things. 

- Renee still trying to get with Thea cracks me up cause she’s just like not my type not interested… yet he keeps trying. 

- Rory is an adorable cupcake and I love him. Can we keep him forever. 

That Olicity flashback scene omg I literally died of happiness. They were so damn flirty I had to control myself. Seriously when he got down on one knee I think I stopped breathing for a moment. After seeing that how can anyone say they are not endgame…. I mean come on, they wouldn’t have that scene in there if it didn’t mean anything. RED PEN ALERT WOOHOOO!!!!

Ok so I actually cried when Oliver had to tell Felicity he killed Billy. And yes I just used his name because well I don’t want to speak bad of him anymore I mean the guy is dead and honestly probably didn’t deserve to die that way. I actually started to not hate him as much toward the end. Lets be real he was no real threat to Olicity. I mean for crying out loud Felicity still had trouble calling him her BF and said she wanted people to love him as much as she LIKES him. Yeah that relationship was doomed. And Oliver you could tell was so terrified she would hate him and I wanted to hug him. And the fact that she didn’t blame him and saw that it was Prometheus’s fault was good. I think it will be a bit rough going forward but they’ll make it through, stronger I think. 

Reporter Bitch can fuck off back to I don’t even care where. I feel so much anger toward her like argh. When she took his arm at the christmas party like she belonged there I screamed like no get away from him. I don’t trust her at ALL. She’s up to something and I can feel it. Confession I didn’t watch the kiss because well I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and I can’t deal with that shit unless I want to activate my gag reflex. Also if he cared about Reporter at all he wouldn’t have gone to her place.. you know because of Prometheus. This shows he doesn’t really care. I think he was just upset and bit broken and I don’t even know. All I can say is he only has one women he loves and she is a blonde with glasses who is the cutest cupcake ever and her initials are F.S. and she’s crazy good with computers and yep. 

And what about a certain someone just popping back into the lair being like “Hey Ollie”. really that’s where you leave it. What the fuck is going on right now. I’m so confused. Can she either be dead or not and just stay one way like all this dying and coming back is messing with my head. 

I think some of you tagged me in things yesterday. Sorry it took me longer to watch I was crazy busy with work. 

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I’m convinced that Dracula wanted to write a biographical story about himself so he got help from Bram Stoker but it basically became plotting for a fanfic.

“Oooh, I grab some swanky new clothes from the tailor and then I go out to mingle with the people on the street!”

“It’s the daytime in this scene, Dracula.”

“It’s MY story. The high level vampire lord can do anything.”


“Yeah, looks like you can’t physically type a fictional fucking story, you low level writer. I should have gotten Mary Shelley to help me with this while she was still alive.”

How I Organise My Projects/Essays

I have 4 projects going on right now and two of them are due next week. I know I am only a high school student but I hope this would help other people who are struggling with organising contents! This method is what I always use and I have never got anything other than the perfect score on organisation or contents part on my projects I have ever had.

1. Write down or type what the teacher is looking for.

You can look at the rubric if you have one and write down what it says. For example, my Bible teacher gave me a little “essay” for this weekend. On the paper he gave me it says “Write 3 paragraph essay that answers the following: 1) Summarize the writing and what it says about the resurrection  2) Describe who their assigned writer is  3) Reflect on how this can impact what someone might think about the resurrection.” For the first step I’d type all these three contents with different font, size or colour. You can highlight them too if you want.

2. Gather information for each category you just wrote.

Now it’s time to gather information you need for your project. If it’s research-required you should gather information from appropriate and proper resources (”Wikipedia is not your friend” -my world history teacher). But don’t try to make it perfect sentence and paragraph yet! Just copy and paste from the source(s) and list them with bullet points or numbers under each category. If it’s something from the paper you are given by teachers be ready to catch the sentences and phrases that can answer the categories.

3. Based on the information from the research, write down a paragraph (or paragraphs) under each category.

After you finish the step 2, you might have all the information you need to starts writing. So, starts writing! Now you can turn the phrase into a sentence and show your writing skills.

4. Remember to write in your own words instead of ctrl-c and ctrl-v all the sentences and paragraphs from your resources.

I am sure teachers don’t like it if your essay is full of ctrl-c and ctrl-v from your sources. Yes, there should be some sentences and ideas from your sources but that doesn’t mean that you should cover your whole paragraph with the sentences from your source. Your opinion and idea are important too!

5. Cross out or delete the categories from the step 1.

Now you have your project almost ready. So, delete those categories because you don’t turn in the paper with the guidelines on it.

6. Read through your not-so-perfect essay or project and modify/add/polish your writing.

Reread, reread, and reread your essay (it does’t have to be three times just because I put ‘reread’ three times). See if there is any grammar mistake, awkward sentence, or right transition. Polish your writing so that your teacher won’t find your writing awkward or lack of something.

8. Print out that project you have worked so hard. Yay!

I got a problem

So… I love Mon el… I do… but I’m a supercorp shipper 100000000% at heart thanks to all the amazing supercorp fanfic writers and shippers here. I got a teeny… Tiny… little problem….. SUPERGIRL WRITERS PUSHING KARAMEL FORWARD. Don’t get me wrong… I do love Mon el. I still think he’s an adorable puppy that should’ve had a more sibling type of relationship with Kara because she doesn’t really have that with Kal El since he’s not there as much, and it just fuckin seems better that way. Tonight’s episode really got me with all the goddamn supercorp scenes and shit!! Like, holy fuckin shit I loved all their scenes together!!! I say we all start anarchy on the supergirl writers until we gets our damn SUPERCORP!!! And have Kara and Mon El as sibling type of friends!!! Lololol. Who’s with me?? XD

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“Okay, he’s name is Max and he’s a porter here, and there’s a small age gap but we’re very happy.”

“I know that I want to be with you and you want to be with me and I think we could be happy here… Together.”

It’s weird to think at the beginning of the year Zax was slowly becoming non-existent and now they’re moving in together… The writers just got it so right! Plus Dylan and Dervla is a whole different type of pairing in itself and Connie’s hair flip after taking her helmet off was just… SASSY!