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Hey for your Voltron Percy Jackson AU, I was wondering what Lance thinks about Hades and Zeus visiting Keith and Shiro? I mean he's a child of the big three as well and he's got to be feeling left out.

[Voltron PJO AU] Ever since Shiro shared to the whole gang that his father, Zeus, visited him, Lance was happy. He truly was happy for his friend. It was one of the things they all wanted. However, Lance knew that he’d forever be jealous of Keith who had Hades visiting him monthly. He thought that with Shiro not meeting Zeus, he’d be okay, but now knowing that even Zeus appeared right in front of Shiro, Lance felt so left out. He knew a lot of other demigods hadn’t seen their godly parents but Lance was one of The Big Three Boys. Two out of three had seen their Dad.

Lance had never seen or met Poseidon. Not even when he was a kid, which was apparently a common thing to happen with the big three children. 

He’d been down the whole day, so he decided to swim by the lake to get rid of his depressing mood. He didn’t know how long he was under water but when he went to the surface, he saw Keith sitting down by the wooden dock.

Lance let out a squeal out of surprise. “DUDE! DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT!” He placed a hand over his racing heart.

The son of Hades was going to kill him.

“Lance, do you hate me?” Keith asked, ignoring what he just said.

Lance snorted. “Why do you care? But yes, I do. But not so much. I tolerate you, Mullet Head.” He paused and scrunched up his nose. “Okay, maybe I do like you a little but only because Shiro wouldn’t stop talking about wonderful his boyfriend is and I know that Shiro wouldn’t lie. Shiro is really sappy, isn’t he? I still don’t get why he—”

“It’s about my Dad, isn’t it?” Keith cut him off.

Surprised by the question, Lance just stared at his friend. He pulled himself up to sit beside Keith, wrapping his arms around his legs. “It’s not about your Daddy, Mullet.”

“Lance,” Keith made a face. “I’m not dumb.”

“That’ll be the first.” Lance sighed and told Keith everything. How he felt so left out and that perhaps Poseidon didn’t really care that much about him after all. Lance went on and on, while Keith just nodded along, both staring into the lake. They were quiet after a while, Lance thought perhaps Keith was thinking he’d had more to add, and when he didn’t, Keith spoke.

“We can’t choose our parentage,” Keith began. “The fact that you’re still alive and being able to discover new abilities says a lot. Whether you believe it or not, Poseidon loves and cares for you. If he didn’t, then you’d probably be dead right now.”

“Wow, thanks, Keith. You were doing great there with comforting me for a second, then suddenly you just had to turn all morbid.” Lance grimaced. 

“Sorry, it’s a child of the Underworld thing,” Keith frowned. “But I do believe. I mean when Zeus visited Shiro, the god of the gods had his reasons. Pretty sure your Dad has one, too. It took Shiro a lot of years to see his Dad again, so maybe just give yours some time. Maybe when he’s on his day off or something.” He added a shrug.

“You sound so sure,” Lance smirked. “You buddies with my Dad?”

“Yeah, Broseidon texted me a while ago actually,” Keith pretended to fish out his phone from his pocket. “We’re gonna go for some grub later. Wanna come with us?”

“You idiot,” Lance laughed.

Keith smiled and then suddenly Shiro was hovering over the lake in front of them. “Hey, guys!” He turned to Keith and added, “I was just looking for you.”

Shiro leaned in to give Keith a soft peck to which the son of Hades beamed at. “Whatever do you need me for?”

“Coran was asking for us, something about… a thing,” Shiro tilted his head. “Not quite sure what exactly it was.”

Keith nodded, getting up as he dusted his pants. “Okay,” he turned to Lance. “Wanna head back with us using Shiro Airlines?” 

Lance saw Shiro rolled his eyes fondly. He shook his head, “Nah, you disgusting married couple go ahead. I’m just gonna swim for a little more.”

Both boys nodded, then Shiro placed his arm around Keith’s waist ready for take off, when Keith grabbed his hand instead and interlaced them. “No, sweetie. We’re shadowtravelling.” 

And with that they were gone, leaving Lance smiling to himself. He dived back to the lake and just floated, looking up to the sky. He knew Keith was right, his Dad probably had reasons and he didn’t want to force him to materialize in front of him if he couldn’t.

“Hey, Dad. I hope you’ll invite me soon to your Underwater Palace. That’ll be great, don’t you think?” Lance whispered to himself and then suddenly he felt waves pushing him. He looked to his side and saw that the waves were just directed at him. He smiled to himself. “I shall expect your text to Keith then.” He chuckled to himself as he dived towards the bottom of the lake.

When Yuuri started training in Russia, he got into a habit of making lunch for himself and Victor every day… Then he made lunch for Yurio whenever his Grandpa was too busy… Then Mila wanted some… Then Georgi got lunch so he didn’t feel left out… And now he makes it for Yakov too. Days Yuuri doesn’t turn up unexpectedly? The Russian skaters starve.

Mary isn’t dead.

So I re watched the scene is HLV where Mary shoots Sherlock to see if I could compare the two in any way, and boy did I find something interesting.. Whilst Sherlock is in his mind palace in his last few seconds, Molly speaks to him:

But isn’t what happened to Mary exactly like how it happens in the movies?  There was a big spurt of blood and she went flying.

 Molly also mentions to Sherlock that he has three seconds of consciousness left before he blacks out.

So if Mary got shot in the same spot as Sherlock (I think), then shouldn’t they both have around the same amount of consciousness left??? So why does Mary get one minute and thirty-four seconds of consciousness??

Simple. She’s faking. She’s not dead, she just wanted to burn the heart out of Sherlock.

In the behind the scenes video of TST it is shown how they make the gunshot wounds look real using ‘blood bags’. More specifically they said, “The special effects team made sure their hits would definitely draw blood.”

Now, how hard do you think it would be for a trained assassin to buy/make one of those?



cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

The Siege of Skyhold

I wish there had been a Suicide Mission equivalent in Inquisition.

After the loss of Samson/Calpurnia, Corypheus knows you’re coming for him. He’s lost his general, his vessel, and he’s out of time. He sends everything he’s got left against Skyhold, knowing it probably wont kill you but it’s definitely going to hurt. 

So, the remains of the Red Templars, Venatori and rift demons are bearing down on Skyhold. Did you close every rift in every area? Congrats, significantly less demons to fight. Did you complete the Emprise quests? Less Red Templars. Dorian’s table quests? The Hissing Wastes/Western Approach? Less Venatori. 

SO now we’ve got our force size, lets look at who survives. Yep, survives, because I hope you bothered to do your companion quests. Did you do  Bull, Cole and Sera’s? Because they just fired a trebuchet at the tavern. Did you bother picking all those herbs and searching for the logging points to get the keep upgrades? If you didn’t, expect heavy casualties. Oh, did you convince Dennet to come to Skyhold, btw? Cos if you didn’t I hope you like your default horse; Dennet was the only one who could keep all your new mounts safe  Hey remember those FRIGGING ANNOYING requisitions officers? Did you do -this requisition-,  -this requisition- and  -this requisition-? Ohhhh good, because if you hadn’t you would have lost your merchants, because your forces wernt strong enough to keep the demons off them. 

Everyone meets in the courtyard and you’ve got to take charge. Which of your friends are you sending to the front lines with your troops? Bull? Good choice! He’s used to leading, and has either the chargers or a load of Qunari already listening to him. Cole, you say… oookay probably a bad choice. Why not send Cole to the prison to protect the civilian staff? Or Vivienne, or Sera? Actually maybe it’d be better to send Viv up to the battlements to shield the troops. Oh, good thing you did Bull’s loyalty mission, a demon was about to rip him in half when the Chargers/Qunari swooped in. Man, that would have been bad if you hadn’t! 

Wait.. you did NO loyalty missions, NO upgrades, NO requisitions, NO rifts????
Ok, enjoy the last fight against Cory with just Cass, Varric and Solas, because those are the only people left. Viv survived, because of COURSE she did, but since she wasn’t loyal she left, she doesn’t believe in you after that sorry performance. Everyone else is dead. And each had a death cut scene you had to watch.

THAT is what I expected when they gave me an upgrade-able castle and many companion quests.

THAT is what I wanted from “Lead Them or Fall”.

red vegeta vs saltsuke 

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things i need to see: alec and magnus in the loft, just enjoying each others company like they usually do with nights like these. there's a soft breeze from the balcony and they are lost in each other. no thought lost to the war in their daily lives; all there is is the slowly forming smirk on alec's face, the playful glint in magnus' eyes and their twitching hands, itching to reach out and pull the other into kisses filled with soft laughter and banter, which slowly turns into heated whispers.

just imagine this really, late after work and they’re both tired but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smiling when magnus is finally finished prepping potions to stew overnight. he curls fingertips into the hair at the back of alec’s neck as alec strips off the last of his gear. he left most of it on when he got out of patrol, instead slumping down on the couch to read while magnus finished picking out ingredients. they talked about their days as he did, but mostly alec had let him focus and magnus definitely hadn’t almost let something boil over because he was watching alec curled into the sofa with a book in his hands and his gear still on.

the kisses would be slow, long, alec’s lips parting and their tongues pressing, making magnus sigh into his mouth. it would be this soft open thing, but just a hint of something else behind it. but alec would pull away slowly, kissing his way down magnus’s neck, suggesting food against his skin. it would be quiet laughter as they debated what to go with tonight. alec kept insisting he didn’t care so magnus listed off as many kinds of foods he could think of, between wet kisses and dragging his fingers back through alec’s hair.

it was dinner and two glasses of wine, settled on the same couch, shoulders pressed flush. it was no talk about work but talk about everything else. talk about their friends, talk about a bookshop alec wanted to visit that was in another country, talk about nothing much at all but everything at the same time. it was sharing food and smiles and going from leaning against each other to alec pressing against magnus’s side, his fingers curled into his inner thigh as he finished off his wine.

and yes this slow thing, this slow building, going from totally focused to unfocused, staring at each other, smiles getting bigger and slower, that knowing hum in the air. it was touching that was always touching becoming just a little bit more sensitive. it was alec staring at magnus’s mouth and murmuring something like “i could really use a shower.” and magnus raising a brow at him. “is that so?”

slow kisses caught in the doorway, deeper kisses that time, alec’s fingertips skimming the top of magnus’s waistband. clothes slowly discarded and left forgotten on the floor to be put away later. finally, finally the hot steam of the shower and their bodies pressed together, magnus’s fingers sinking into alec’s stomach, his mouth lost in alec’s neck, and his name falling from alec’s lips.

you had once again interrupted dan’s video. you had been doing it all day, knowing how much he hated it. after awhile phil joined you. you both made random comments throughout his videos which, in either a way to make people laugh or because he was to lazy too cut them out, he left in. 
that video got a lot of comments asking ‘who is that girl in the back with phil?!’. in his next video he let it out that you were his girlfriend.

For months, Sam begged to be taken to a dress shop. “Just to look around.” he told his brother, day after day, hoping to reason with him. 

His words didn’t seem to work even after offering Dean the small allowance that John had given him in the past from doing things like, the dishes and researching the next case for him. On the ride home from school, Sam asked once more and after watching Dean grow angry and flustered from the question, the boy stopped asking. It wasn’t easy to ignore the way he squirmed around against the seat, white knuckling the steering wheel and breathing heavily.

“Dean? I didn’t mean to make you- so… mad.” The teen uncomfortably pressed himself as far into the door as possible, would rather be anywhere than the passenger seat, in that moment. The rest of the ride home was silent, and when Sam got out of the car, he was left in the dust, watching as the impala peeled out onto the gravel road. 

The next few hours were the longest of his life. Without Dean there, he was beyond bored and so exhausted from worrying that he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. Moments after falling asleep, the motel door was being slammed open and shut quickly, making the boy jump awake and sit up near the edge.

A plastic bag was dropped in his lap and wide eyes followed Dean as he walked toward the opposite bed. 

“You’re welcome, Princess.” Dean sighed softly, back turned toward his baby brother, eyes closed.

Sam took the bag to the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub, pulling out the contents. It was soft, was the first thing to cross his mind. The second thing was ‘Holy shit, Dean bought me a dress.’ It was a cotton baby doll t-shirt dress. Black, and simple, no ruffles or silk or anything, and Sam loved it that way.

Putting it on was easy, his tall lanky body fit perfectly into the soft fabric. No curves to be hugged made for a straight silhouette but he didn’t mind. Though when he realized that his briefs stuck out at the bottom, he ended up taking them off, letting them fall to the floor and leaving them there. Too excited to get out of there and to show Dean.

Upon exiting the bathroom, he found himself standing at the edge of the bed, eyeing his brother. “Dean?” He asked quietly, and instead of asking anything more, the boy reached down and held to Dean’s hand, lifting it to slowly caress at the soft cotton. 

Green eyes rolled open and scanned over Sam’s small body, before creasing as he smirked. 

“Lay down, Sam.”


Logan Trevelyan aka Dadquisitor Dadvelyan with the rockin’ dadbun-he’s got a 6-yr-old daughter, Lily, back in Ostwick.

The First Time

Title: The First Time

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and Reader has been a couple for almost four months, and she hasn’t told him she’s a virgin.

Word count: 1 265

Warnings: Smut, Virgin

You were sitting in bed in the room that Dean and you shared. You have been together for almost four months and you haven’t taken the second step in your relationship yet. Mostly because when he tries to do more than kiss you, you move away, but he doesn’t say anything, he just leaves it alone.

You got out of bed and left the room to go look for Dean. You found him in the couch in the living room watching some movie.  

“What are you watching?” you asked and took a seat next to him.

“I have no idea.” He said and moved his head towards you. He took your hand in his and pulled you onto his lap. He moved you around so you were straddling his hips. He placed his hands on the sides of your face and pulled your face towards his. Your lips met in a slow kiss and his hands slid down to grab your hips. He began moving you back and forth on his member and after a while you could feel him harden, and it scared you.

“Dean.” you said but he didn’t react. “Dean, stop.” you said and he let go of your hips and looked into your eyes.

“Okay, tell me what’s wrong. Every time we touch like this you want to stop.”

“It’s nothing.” you said and looked anywhere except for his eyes.

“That’s bullshit, tell me and look at me.” you turned your face and looked at him.

“I’m a virgin.” you whispered but you could see on his face that he heard, he looked a little shocked.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I was scared to.”

“You don’t need to be scared of telling me anything.” He put one hand on your check and rubbed his thumb back and forth.

“I want to be with you, Dean. I’m just nervous.” you breathed out and pressed your check against his hand.

“You have nothing to be nervous about. I’ll be gentle with you.” The hand he had on your check slid down your arm and when it came to your hand he intertwined your fingers. He pressed his lips against yours as he got up from the couch. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you to your bedroom. He closed the door with his foot and laid you down on the bed.

You watched him as he unbuttoned his flannel shirt and threw it to the floor. After the shirt he unbuckled the belt and opened the button. He slid the jeans down his legs and got out of them. As he put his hands at the hem of his boxers your eyes got wide. He pulled them down and he was already hard.

“Come here, I’ll help you undress.” He said. You got up from the bed and went to stand in front of him. “If you don’t want to do something just tell me, okay.”

“Okay.” you said and a breath left your mouth as he pulled the shirt over your head. He opened your jeans and pulled them down and after that he placed his hands on the back of your bra. He unhooked it and I let it fall to the floor. You were very nervous now, you had never showed him this much of your body before.

“You look beautiful.” He said with a smile as he pushed your panties down. When all your clothes were on the floor he backed you up until the back of your knees hit the bed and you fell down on your back. He crawled on top of you and looked you in the eyes.  

“Will it hurt?” you asked nervously.

“Not if I can do something about it.” He smiled and let his right hand grab your left breast. He kneaded it a bit before he pressed his lips against the nipple. Oh, that feeling was new. His tongue started swirling around the nipple and you wrapped your arms around his neck for support. After a while his mouth left your breast as he slowly slid down your body leaving kisses everywhere. He stopped above your private place and looked you in the eyes. “If you don’t want to do something, tell me.” you nodded and he put a kiss on your outer lips. Your body jumped at the feeling, so he put one hand on your stomach to keep you still. He began licking up and down your folds and moans began leaving your mouth.

“Deeeaaan.” you moaned as you tried to squeeze your thighs together, but you couldn’t because he was stronger than you. Suddenly he started sucking on your clit and you started squirming because of the pleasure.    

He continued sucking on your clit and an orgasm washed through you as you moaned out Dean’s name. After the orgasm he came back up your body and hovered over you.

“How was that?” he asked and you opened your eyes to look at him.

“Amazing.” You breathed heavily.

He stretched his arm out to open the drawer of the bedside table. He took out a condom and you looked at him with big eyes.

“We don’t have to do this.” He said as he met your eyes. You swallowed the lump in your throat and said “I want to.”

He opened the condom package and rolled it on, then he pushed your legs apart and placed himself between them.

“Are you sure?” all you could do at the moment was nod, because you were so nervous.

You took a deep breath as he pushed the tip inside; he went very slow, inch by inch. It didn’t hurt, but it did feel uncomfortable. When he was all in he met your eyes again.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, it feels a bit uncomfortable though.” You said with low voice.

“It will go away.” He kissed your lips and started rocking his hips slowly back and forth. After a while that weird feeling disappeared and it began feeling good. His lips left your mouth and moved to your neck to suck a hickey.

“Dean.” You moaned as you wrapped your legs around his hips and met his thrusts each time.  

“Oh god, you feel so good.” He moaned and kept sucking at your neck. “God I love you.”  

“I love you too, Dean.”

He began going a little faster and that amazing feeling you felt before were on its way back.

“Don’t stop.” You moaned.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He growled. He kept going and you were so damn close now. You squeezed your thighs around his hips and he got that you were on your way to cum. As you let go and the orgasm washed through you for the second time he let go too and came with you. He released his seed into the condom with a high groan and almost collapsed on top of you after.

When you both came down from your highs you were both panting.

“That was…” he began but you cut him off by saying “Amazing.”

“I’m not arguing with you there.” He smiled and pecked your lips before he slid out of you and lay down next to you.    

He took your hand and brought you closer. You laid your head on his chest with a smile on your face. You began circling your fingers over his abs and then you looked up at him.

“I love you, Dean Winchester.”

“God, I love you too Y/N Y/L/N.” after he said that your lips meet in a sweet kiss.

(This story is written by me, and no one else is allowed to use it for any purpose.)

You sat on the bed as Gerald got ready to head out with some friendds, he’s hardly left your side in the last week and being the clingy little shit you are, you weren’t ready for him to leave just yet.

“Are you sure you want to go out?” you ask fiddling with your fingers.

“Yes, babygirl.” he replied, letting out a small laugh. He’s so cute.

“Okay let me rephrase that. I don’t want you to out.” You gave him a pouty face in the hopes he’d see how cute are and stay home. He shook his head and laughed while putting on his shirt.

“You’re so cute, but Im still going out. I’ll be home in a few hours anyways.” He slipped his shoes on and searched for his keys.

“But baby, honey, my darling..” You went on as you sat up on your knees and put your arms around his neck while he stood at the end of the bed. He just smiled.

“I’m leaving now, Y/n.” He kissed your nose and walked out the bedroom door. You sat back and sighed.

“Could’ve at least kissed me properly.” you mumbled. “Asshole.”

“I heard that!” you heard him yell from the living room. You threw your head back and giggled.