he got all misty eyed

Prompt Fic 2: Neal Knows

@onellabella requested Regina and Henry planning a birthday party for Emma and this is what happened.

For this.

Neal has known about Emma and Regina being girlfriends for a long time now. He thinks he’s known before anyone because when, two years ago, he said that he saw Regina and Emma kissing on the front porch and asked if they were getting married soon, Dad choked on his beer and Mom got all misty eyed and smiley.

He’s happy his big sister is happy basically and he likes Regina more than almost anyone and even though it’s been at least two years (and he’s still not convinced that they haven’t been together longer than Mom and Dad even) and still there hasn’t been a wedding, he thinks he’s okay with it. Even though he really wants to be a page boy and there’s a window on this. Henry’s too old. He told him last time he was back from college.  

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