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For the drabble post!!!! 37. "Wanna dance?" You're the best!!!!!! <3

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I’M SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO GET OUT! I’ve been working a lot and had some complications BUT I FINISHED AND I’M GETTING THEM OUT THANK YOUUU FOR THE REQUEST! (also ily omg) Okay, onward:

“No one asked her to the dance.” Killua’s arm was slung over his face, shielding his eyes from his best friend’s too bright ceiling lights.

“Eh?!” Gon raised his head, chest down on his bed next to Killua. “I thought it was girls choice!”

“That’s a Sadie Hawkins dance, Gon. This is Homecoming.” Killua sighed, having to move his arm from over his eyes as he realized it would difficult to roll them any other way. His head lolled to the side, deep blue eyes regarding the dark haired boy beside him.

It was a school night and Killua knew he should be getting home soon but he’d prefer not to. Sometimes, Gon was the only source of sanity he felt he had, besides Alluka of course.

“N-no one asked her? Are they crazy?!” Gon almost yelled, mouth hanging open and eyes blinking almost several dozen times in a single minute.

Gon was absolutely shocked, flabbergasted as to why no one would ask Alluka Zoldyck, the sweetest and smartest girl he’d ever met, to a dance. Alluka was incredible, and his best friend’s little sister, which meant she was his little sister, too.  

Killua, on the other hand, was furious. It made his blood boil that anyone had the audacity to ignore his shining star of a sister, Alluka had cried. He was willing to start putting his fists into people’s faces.  

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Intruder • Gelo

Late night update, so whoever is up enjoy ☺☺



“That’s what I was talking about, that bitch is so annoying and always to complaining to the boss when shit don’t go her way.” Queen ranted to her bestfriend Tasha over the phone.

“And she always kissing somebody ass, I can’t stand her!” Tasha popped her gum.

“Bitch what I tell you ‘bout poppin’ that damn gum in my ear. Shit 'bout to bust my goddamn ear drum.”

“Queen stop being to dramatic.” Tasha laughed.

“You not gon’ be saying that when you paying my doctor bill.”

“Tuh! Girl bye.”

“Don’t you got a dick appointment or something?” Queen got out of the bed and looked out her window to see it pouring rain.

“And bitch it’s raining what the fuck, I just washed my car.” Queen added.

“My dick appointment is 10 minutes late, that’s why I called yo ass because he taking too long. I’m getting lonely hoe.”

“He probably on his way from another appointment.” Queen joked.

“He better not, I’m gon’ beat his fucking ass, I don’t play that shit.”

“Tasha you know damn well you ain’t gon’ do shit, when he bang yo head from the washer to the dryer you gon’ be crying.” Queen laughed, and put the phone on speaker.

“Yeah you right, I’m one big ass cry baby.”

Queen tightened her silk black robe. “Talkin’ bout you gon beat his ass, girl!”

“Alright queen I’ll have to call you back tomorrow, my dick appointment here.” Tasha said.

“Enjoy girl, bye.”

“Bye.” Tasha ended the call.

“She know she can talk up a storm.” Queen shook her head and left out of her bedroom going into the kitchen.

She opened her refrigerator and squinted her eyes from the bright light.

“I really need to buy food, I can’t be living like this.” She rummaged through the refrigerator looking for something to eat.

Just then Queen heard something coming from the living room. Queen quietly closed the refrigerator and peeked around the corner to see someone coming through the window.

“Fuck! My phone is in the room.” She whispered.

She started to panic, she didn’t know what to do. “Lord I don’t wanna die like this, what do I do?”

She looked around the kitchen, and she pulled out two knives from the drawer and she hid in the kitchen closet leaving it open a little bit.

“What if he comes in here? I’m a dead ass bitch.” Queen whispered to herself.

She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She opened one eye and peeked out the crack of the door, she saw no one, but she heard footsteps coming closer to the kitchen.

She quickly closes the closet door and gripped onto the two knives. She backed away from the closet door and her back hit the shelf and noodle packs fell to the ground making loud noises.


Whoever it was opened the door, and Queen threw the two knives at him, well two spatulas since she mistaken then for knives.

Queen tried to run past the intruder, but he quickly grabbed her and slung her to the floor, and he pulled out his gun.

“It’s already loaded, don’t try any crazy shit with me.” He put the gun to Queens head.

She didn’t even look up at hin she just kept her head down. “P-p-please I- just don’t kill me please, take anything, I-I won’t tell I promise.” Queen sobbed.

He chuckled and cut on the kitchen light. He then looked over to the two spatulas that were laying in the ground from when she threw it ain’t him.

“Good choice of weapons, that was really gonna kill me.” He said sarcastically.

“I think I did good by robbing this house first.” He squated down and ran his gun down from her head, down to her neck then he stopped at the opening of her robe.

“Let’s see what we got here.” He smiled and pulled the tie from her robe.

Queen pushed him making him drop the gun and she quickly grabbed it and stood up pointing the gun it at him.

He held his hands up.

“Look who has the gun now bitch!” Queen snatched the ski mask off of his head revealing his face.

He licked his lips and stared at her. “Put the gun down babygirl.”

Queen just looked at him. She noticed his messy curls all over his head, his plump light pink lips, and his hazel eyes. Queen thought he was such a fine intruder, but she knew she shouldn’t be thinking like that since she could’ve been killed.

“I know you won’t kill me, you’re probably just as soft as you look.” He smiled and got up from the ground.

“I. Will. Kill. You.”

He laughed and quickly pushed Queen into the refrigerator and he snatched the gun from her hands, and pinned her arms above her head.

Queen bit her lip and stared into his eyes.

“You gotta be quicker than that.” He opened her robe with his gun exposing her naked body.

“Damn I’m glad I found you.” He put his gun down on the counter.

“You’re not gonna kill me are you?”

“I don’t kill, I steal baby girl.” He took off her robe.

“And you know… you shouldn’t be enjoying this.” He whispered in her ear making chills run down her spine.

He picked her up, walking over to the table and sitting her on top of it.

“This is very unsanitary.” Queen said.

“I don’t live here so I don’t care.” He took off his black hoodie, and his white muscle shirt.

He stood inbetween her legs and he pinched her nipples before wrapping his lips around them.

Queen moaned as he sucked on her right nipple, tugging at it with his teeth and sucking on it, swirling his tongue around her nipples as he massaged Queen’s left boob. Then he went on to the right one.

“I think I’m a little hungry, lay back baby.” He grabbed a chair and sat in it.

Queen laid back on the table with her legs spread apart.

He teased his fingers up and down the folds of her pussy.

“Please.” She begged

He placed a kiss on her clit, then flicked his tongue on it.


Two of his slender fingers slipped inside of her while he continued to work on my clit.

Queen’s body then jerked forward as he hit her g-spot.

He removed his fingers and replaced them with his tongue.

“Shiiit.” Queen dragged out.

His tongue worked around her clit making figure eights

“Ah shit I’m- ” Queen moaned.

He got up from the chair and smiled at her.

“You sure do smile alot for a dangerous intruder.” Queen joked.

“Well this intruder just got his braces off, I have the right.” He unbuckled his belt.

“I don’t get a name?”

“LiAngelo, call me Gelo.” He stepped out of his pants leaving him in his boxers.

“I’m Queen.”

He pulled her closer to the edge of the table. “Nice to meet you.” He chuckled pulling down his boxers.

Queen’s eyes widened. “Um.. Gelo I…” Queen tried to get up, but she was pushed back down.


“That’s not going insi-

"Oh fuck!” She shouted, grabbing onto his arms as he slid into her.

“Goddamn girl.” Gelo grunted.

Queen moaned in pleasure as Gelo continued to thrust in and out of her.

He wrapped both hands around her neck, increasing his pace which made the table squeak.

“Gelo!” She digged her nails into his arms.

“You want me to go harder? Hmm?” He squeezed her neck.

“Y-yes.” She yelled in a hush tone.

He let go of her neck and grabbed her legs, pushing them back.

“Gelo, right there!” Queen screamed out as he pounded into her even harder.

“Fuck Queen.”

“Gelo..” Queen’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she gripped on Gelo’s arms moaning uncontrollably, as she came.

Gelo slowed down his pace and he pulled out cumming in the inside of her thigh.

“Shit.” Queen breathed out.

“You kn-

"Gelo!” Queen shouted two legs on the end of the table broke causing Queen to slide off the table onto the floor.

Gelo looked at her with his mouth wide open.

“Nigga are you gonna steal me a new table?”

I need attention, I need a flannel that’s not bloody
I wish my mommy would try loving
I’m tired of everybody saying they don’t want nothing ‘Cause I wake up with my shoes missing
I’m tired of my dad saying he’s gon’ come home and I wake up alone in the kitchen
No breakfast for me, my sister is gone
And she took the car
Have to take the bus, I'ma have to take the bus
I don’t wanna take the bus, they hate me on the bus, they push me on the bus
That why I never wake up, that’s why I snooze when my fucking phone go off
That’s why I snooze

- Kevin Abstract, American Boyfriend

Chapter 44: Ties will Tell


August really pissed me off how could he not think this baby was his. I mean he wasn’t thinking all this shit every time he wanted some from me . I drove around the neighborhood before calling him.

“So you ready to stop fucking playing?” He hissed.

“Look I want my kids!”

“And I want my family back. We all can’t get what we want!” He chuckled.

“He’s gonna kill-” the beeped in my ear I pulled it away reading the screen ‘Daddy’ popped up. I clicked over not even caring about Trey being on the phone.

“What?” I mumbled not even wanting to deal with him.

“Look you might be mad but I’m going to get my kids back.”

“Im on my way.” I clicked speeding back to the house not even caring that I hung up on the both of them.

The ride to meet up with Trey was silent. I caught him glancing at me a few times but I didn’t want to look at him nor deal with him. All I wanted to do was be with back 2 out of 3 of my babies. We pulled up the studio Aug goes to and I immediately tensed up once his matching Black Porsche mirrored my white one.

“Hand me that gun under the seat.” Aug growled making me jump.

“Aug, no plea-” He cut my protest off cutting his eyes at me.

“AirRen! Don’t fucking-” I slapped him before shifting my tummy so I could at least reach down far enough to grab the heavy cold piece of metal. He pushed me into the window holding the gun ti my head. Trey flashed his lights signaling us to get out. ’Thank god’ I thought

“Look you mad but I don’t want you sayin shit to him.” I nodded my head letting myself out of the passenger door waddling to see my babies. His big familiar hands gripped my waist holding my tummy like a basketball.

“Get the fuck off!” I yelled pulling away focused on the back doors. I heard him whisper something before Aug yanked him off pushing him on the hood of the car with the gun pushed against his face.

“So she agreed to the test?” He smirked devilishly.

“Shut the fuck up!” Aug yelled pushing the gun into Trey’s mouth.

“What is he talking about?” I yelled pushing Aug off.

“I thought you told her?” Trey towered over me watching August.

“Tell me what!?” I hissed standing between both of them.

“Trey I swea tah god niggah you gon miss yah old life when I get done with you!” August barked holding the gun straight up passed me.

“If neither one of y’all tell me BOTH of y’all won’t ever see me or my kids AGAIN!” I yelled stomping my feet breaking the stiletto heel off my shoe. “Ooh fuck no! Someone start talking!” I barked holding out the gun I always carried in the car for just in case before taking off my shoes standing only 5 foot 6 against these 6 ft something good for nothing niggahs. They both held their hands up looking surprised.

“I want you to take a DNA test.” Trey mumbled.

“No! For what?! Trey it’s his baby … just like those two are.” I sighed frustrated.

“So if it is why he ain’t tell you about taking the test?” I looked at August who clenched his beautifully structured jawline.

“Niggah fuck you! Co know I know that’s my seed in ha! You delusional niggah!” He yelled moving towards Trey slowly. I wasn’t about to deal with this. I waddled to the Porsche pulling out my babies. They looked so scared and all I wanted to do was cry with them.

“Mommy!” They yelled jumping on me. I smiled kneeling down kissing them and Stroking their hair.

“I love you babies. .. you won’t ever see Papa again. He can’t hurt you anymore.” We moved into my SUV. I looked at both of the men that at one point I loved to death.

“Don’t y’all EVERY come near me or my family!” I yelled speeding off. I swear I heard gunshots before I got out the parking lot good but I couldn’t put my babies in danger like that.


“Boo we gotta stop doing this… it ain’t right.” I whispered slowly pulling the skirt over the bare bottom half of my body. My conscious was definitely setting in on what I had been doing for the past couple of weeks.

“It ain’t like we fucking … you being stingy wit dat cat.” He chuckled eating the rest of the chocolate cake that he hadn’t smeared and ate off my already chocolate skin.

“Still babe … he’s your friend. Yall niggahs making music and shit together and what about that girlfriend of yours?” I smirked hearing him suck his teeth.

“Look he ain’t treating you right. He my niggah but-” His phone rang loudly against the nightstand.

“Wass good niggah?” “Yea we can … tonight?” “Niggah I told you I’m hanging with my baby tonight.” He said looking directly at me licking his lips. He exchanged a few more words with whoever it was and then hung up.

“You should be receiving a call in 3… 2…” On que my phone rang allowing his name and a picture of us to flash across the screen.

“Hey baby!” I forced through my clenched teeth.

“Look you need to say fuck work and come home to daddy!” He yelled. I tried to move off the bed but he pulled me into his lap.

“Baby I told you I’m working then I’m going out with the girls.” I lied.

“Man fuck it then.” He said hanging up the phone.

“He’s mad.” I confessed looking back at his beautiful freckled face and soft black curls.

“Go spend some time wit that niggah!” He kissed his teeth lifting me off of him. I kisses his soft pink lips before sliding my chanel pumps on.

“You give him my pussy and believe me imma tear that ass up.” He smirked licking his fingers.

I rolled my eyes smiling, “Bye Chris!”


I hadn’t even thought about what I had done until I got off the plane to the place where it all started. I vowed never to come back to Houston when I left 4 years ago. I needed a change of scenery but I don’t think this was the right choice. I was kinda scared to turn my phone on. I knew I would have a shit load of missed calls especially when I lied Ren and told her me and Mr. Neverson made up.

’37 missed calls.’ my phone indicated. All from him. I wasn’t gonna stay in H - town forever but I needed to clear my head for a little bit.

I picked up my phone scrolling to his name.

“So you came around?” He hissed through those perfect plumped lips.

“Not for you… strictly business.” I hissed carrying my purse to the terminal to pick up my duffle bag.

“Business can be pleasurable.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes as if he could see me.

“Look I’ll see you in a hour be there.”

“See you in an hour Princess Nyla.”

“Goodbye Leo.” I said dryly. I knew meeting up with him was a mistake but I didn’t know how long I was gonna stay in here so I needed money and somewhere to stay for the time being.


After she left this niggah really started talking ruthless.

“Guess she ain’t no ride or die bitch!” He smirked.

“Niggah call her out her name again and I’ll make sure you won’t ever walk again.” I spat pushing him against the hood of his car.

He chuckled, “Man we really bout to fight over some pussy?”

Something was seriously fucked up in his head. I could help myself so before he could speak another word my fist was connected with his face. He struggled under me until he got me down eventually hitting me in the mouth. I felt the blood leak out and a sharp pain.

“You fight like a pussy!” I smirked grabbing his shirt pushing him against the brick wall banging his head into it his body was slowly losing the force behind it so I let him up.

“Fuck yo soft love singing ass bitch!” He yelled leaning against his Porsche allowing the content of his stomach and blood to spill out of his mouth.

“Niggah you lucky …. you don’t know how bad I wanna end yo fucking life. ” I spat.

I heard him panting as he ran behind me attempting to choke me. I turned around pushing him into the car again pulling out the gun letting it touch his temple.

“You ah pussy! You really think she gon want you after yo ass in jail for committing a murder?” His laughed sent chills down my spine. This niggah was really delusional if he ever thought Ren would love him again. I wanted to kill his ass so this shit could be over with but images of CoCo, my kids, my nieces, my ma and most importantly Mel. All this shit I did was for him I wasn’t bout to risk it all for this sucka ass niggah.

“I ain’t gon kill you niggah but after I’m done you gon wanna kill yo self.” I smirked hitting him a few times with the metal handle of the gun. He hollered in pain. I laughed spitting out more blood. He laid on the hood of the car almost lifeless again. This time I wasn’t letting up. I moved towards his knee striking it with the handle. He feel to his knees crying and throwing blood up. “Stay away from my fucking family niggah.” I growled leaving him there in pain.

The studio wasn’t far away from my condo so I decided to walk back. I put in my shades and zipped up the black hoodie to cover the bloody shirt. I didn’t need anyone seeing me like this.

“Fuck!” I groaned as I made my way up the hill to the gate of my complex. That niggah didn’t hit me alot but the few hits he did manage to get in hurt like shit. I punched in the code sluggishly pulling my weak legs up my stairs. I didn’t see her car in the driveway so I knew she took the kids back to her packed house. I moves slowly up the stairs into my bed. Room to find the twins sleeping on each side of a very pregnant CoCo. She looked at me like she had seen a ghost but I wasn’t about to fight with her. I pulled off the jacket and glasses revealing my wounds.

“August what happened?” She asked following behind me.

“Nothing!” I snapped pulling out a clean t shirt.

“August Anthony Alsina Jr! Sit your ass down! I’m not about to fucking deal with an attitude you shouldn’t even have!” She yelled pressing on the bottom part of her stomach. I really wasn’t in the mood to argue with her so I sat down. She walked into the bathroom and seconds later o heard water running in the tub. She came back with the first aid kit she insisted on getting for the kids.

“Hold still.” She chuckled wiping alcohol around my busted lip and bruised eye.

“Dat shit hurt!” I groaned laughing a little. CoCo pissed me off at times but she never left a niggah hanging. Even if she was mad she always took care of me.

“Im sorry…” I said cupping the bath water letting it fall on her stomach as she laid against my chest in the tub.

“I know.” She laughed. I kissed her neck massaging rubbing slightly in our baby.

“Im gonna take the test Aug.” She whispered lowly.

“Baby I don’t want you to. I know the baby is ours. I only agreed to that shit so we could get the twins back.”

“I know boo but I want Trey to leave us aone. What happens if he tries this shit again? I don’t need you throwing your career away over a foolish delusional good for nothing niggah.” She replied looking uncomfortable. I noticed she kept her hand on the bottom half of her stomach. She been doing for a couple of days but I never paid attention til now.

“Is the baby okay?” I asked making her turn her body in the water.

“Yeah I use to get these pains with the twins when I couldn’t tell you about them. My doctor said it was from stress… I’ll be fine.”

“Look if taking this test is gon make you happy and less stressed I’m down.” I said pulling her back on my chest.“

"I love you baby.” She said turning around to kiss my lips.

“I love you too ma.”

Trey B.

“That shit hurt!” I barked as she cleaned to blood off my face and knuckles.

“Well you was man enough to fight … A little alcohol shouldn’t be a problem! Why were you fighting in the first place?”

“Fah my girl … ha ex niggah don’t understand he not wanted!” I groaned taking the pain killers she had left over from her job.

“Well me being your big sister I say leave her AND him alone. I mean baby brother is a fucked up face and possibly fractured knee worth it?”

“Look she pregnant with my kid and all I wanna do is have my family in peace. I told her let’s do a DNA test but she act like she can’t.”

“So you fighting over a pregnant girl who’s with someone else… where do you find these hoes?!” She chuckled. I hated hearing her being called out her name.

“You don’t know-” Before I could get the words out my phone rung indicating I had a text message

_*Love ♡: Wanna take the DNA test* *Me: So you having doubts?* *Love♡: No… After its settled I NEVER wanna see you again … Friday at 1* _ I didn’t bother replying to her. This niggah really had my baby brain washed.

“Trey what’s up?” She asked looking down at me as I looked up from my phone.

“Nothing … aye Lola you still work at that doctor’s office?”

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(1/2) I was washing my car this morning and I had a thought. Modern/College AU where Obi-Wan and co. do a car wash to raise money for a charity or something and QuiGon walks past with someone (probably Mace) and is watching Obi-Wan like 'holy shit', and then he turns to Mace like "I'm gonna get my car washed and flirt because omg" and

(2/2) Mace just stares at him like “I see a tiny flaw in your plan” and Qui-Gon’s staring at him like “??? Problem” and Mace goes “You don’t have a car” and Qui-Gon stops and says “… right… step 1: acquire car”

Nonnie I’m fucking crying omfg. Qui-Gon you absolute fucking plank omg.