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One Bad Decision

a small fic based off of this prompt submitted to the wonderful @taylor-tut! i had such an urge to write it when i saw it, so here it is. enjoy!

Lance was absolutely trashed.

When his buddy had said the fraternity on the edge of campus was having a little get together and a few beers, he had agreed to join them. What he hadn’t expected was for the frat house to be holding literally the biggest party since he started.

The music was shaking him to his core as the bass pounded and rattled the house, all fragile items having been removed from places where they could fall, as he stumbled through the crowd of people dancing and drinking.

Another shot was shoved towards him, and before he could process it the clear, burning liquid was flowing down his throat and warming his insides. “Hey, dude,” he calls over the music to his friend whom he had come with.

“I’m gon’ get goin’! Got work t'morrow at 10.” His voice came out slurred and barely recognizable to himself before he waved and stumbled out the front door, feet dragging down the stairs. His limbs felt heavy with alcohol.

In the back of his mind his conscience something told him to not drive, that it wasn’t safe, but the drunk devil overpowered that voice. Instead, he grabbed his keys from his pocket.

His vision was blurred and doubling from the sheer amount of alcohol in his bloodstream, hands shaking slightly as he struggles to slide the key into the lock of his shitty car.

After a few attempts the metal finally lined up and he slid it in, unlocking the car and hopping inside. He repeated the struggle once he sat inside the hunk of metal and tried to start it, finally managing to turn the car on after 10 minutes of failing miserably.

Smacking his lips, lids drooping a bit, he pulled out of the crowded driveway and down the busy street, doing his best to avoid the cars that lined the sides as he headed out onto the main road.

Humming gently he flicked on the radio, clicking onto his favorite station to listen to something as he headed back to his dorm. Bobbing his head a bit to the beat, he saw his phone brighten out of the corner of his eye.

Turning to the phone to read whatever message had popped up, he saw that a friend of his was telling him to make sure he got home safe. He merely nodded before turning back to the road– just as he ran the first red light.

Thankfully it was late and there was no one else at the intersection, he told himself quietly as he proceeded on to the next light. This time he slowed to a stop– or rather, slammed down on the brake, and watched other cars zip past.

As soon as his light turned green he sped off, feeling the wheel jerking a bit beneath his hands and causing the car to swerve as they moved along the road.

One second he was coming up to a third light, the next second there was a car in front of him.

Lance all but screamed as he yanked to a hard left and the car skidded across the pavement as he tried to avoid the other person in the intersection, the front of his car smashing into the rear side of theirs.

He saw debris flying as he was sent into the front window due to not wearing his seatbelt, feeling the glass crack beneath his weight before his body was thrown around the interior like a ragdoll while the car skidded again and began to flip rapidly.

He knew he must have been screaming as it happened, as glass dug into his skin and his head thudded against the roof over and over, but he couldn’t hear it. All he could register was the pain, the blood, and the second car incoming as his own finally landed upright.

The moments blurred together as a skid was heard from outside and this new victim slammed into the front of his already wrecked car. He felt his body fly forward while the wheels rolled back, watched himself crash through the broken front window and roll down the hood before landing onto the ground with a thud.

In the back of his mind he heard yells from the people that had gathered, distantly registered the sirens as they called the paramedics, and stared up at the stars in the sky that spun around him like the world was just moving without him.

His vision went red as blood seeped down his forehead, sticky in his hair, and into his eyes. Then everything went black.

Hunk groaned loudly as his movie night was interrupted by the phone, slowly removing himself from the couch where he sat with his housemates Shiro, Pidge, and Keith. He usually also shared it with Lance, but Lance had said something about going out and coming back late.

Quietly he grabbed the phone and paused the movie, much to the dismay of Pidge who had been very into it, and answered the phone. “Hello?… Yes, this is him.”

He felt eyes on him as he listened to the woman on the other end, feeling his stomach both drop and rise to his throat all at once before he slowly hung up and looked at them in horror. The words kept playing in his head, and he couldn’t help but echo them as he whispered out a response to their confused and worried expressions.

“It’s Lance. There’s been an accident.”

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Is he gon get an arm so he feels better

Tony will probably work with Bruce to make an arm for Bucky so he’s not starting from scratch when it comes to sparring (balance-wise) but overall it probably won’t be much more than that. It might bend, and the hand might be shaped to hold things, but wearing it for more than sparring or political events where he feels vulnerable anyway is pretty much all he does. When he’s just going about his day going over treaties or relaxing he takes it off. It chafes. Tony and Bruce put their heads together to try and solve the chafing issue and it gets much better but it’s still uncomfortable.

Bucky appreciates it though, and shows it by peppering little kisses across Tony’s face and neck. And Tony’s a little imp by this time, so he blinks up at Bucky with wide eyes and asks, “What about Bruce?” Bucky starts toward Bruce and Bruce points at him and hisses, “Don’t you do it.” “But Bruce–” “I’m not your mate, don’t you dare kiss me!” “But Bruce–” Bruce thumps Bucky on the head. Bucky sulks until Tony apologizes and presses a kiss to where Bruce hit him.

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Headcanon: RFA reacts to MC breaking down after an awful day?


  • College kid here had midterms, but when he got a call saying you were dealing with the stress badly, he ran straight out of the class and went to you
  • The teachers were thinking of chasing him down
  • He knew a lot about how demanding your work/school was, so he was well prepared for this
  • Tries to help you relax with tips from the internet
  • He supports you to the car, and helps you get to a bed
  • Sits by you, waiting for any request like a doggo


  • Mr. Fairytale prince was about to come on his white horse whisk you away from work for a date, but he got a call from your workplace or school idk
  • He rushed over to where you were, and burst into the room
  • As he saw you trembling on the floor in a fetal position, he felt his heart leap up to his throat
  • Zen went over to you, pulling your head onto his lap and gently stroking your hair
  • He brought you home, trying to quickly buy things to make you feel better on the way
  • When you two arrived at the house, he gently laid you in bed and massaged your tense muscles


  • You didn’t want to bother Jaehee because you knew she had a stressful job as well, but when you had a panic attack, she was instantly called
  • Jumin had to let her go after seeing the usually prepared Jaehee in such a hurry
  • She didn’t trust herself to pick you up, so she supported you to her car and drove you two back home
  • In the car, she gave you relaxation tips and tried to help your tense muscles relax through massages at every red light
  • The two of you cuddled under a blanket, enjoying some much needed rest from work and stress


  • Mr. Han didn’t really understand the concept of a panic attack, just that you were in pain
  • And that was enough to get him to run out of a meeting poor Jaehee had to deal with the situation
  • When he got to you, he tried to hug you close to him and protect you from what was hurting you
  • He ordered a doctor to come, and listened to every wish you had
  • The doctor said it was a breakdown, and Jumin’s brilliant solution was taking you out of work for a week with no warning
  • Luckily, he talked it out with your boss, and you didn’t get fired


  • wEll we all know this guy doesn’t move much
  • But when he heard heavy breathing that he didn’t cause and you quietly call out his name, this man ran
  • Picking your trembling body up bridal style, he laid you down on a nearby couch after dusting hbc off of it
  • He brought you some water and helped you take deep breaths
  • Kept telling you jokes to get your mind of things, he even pranked the RFA while you watched over his shoulder
  • He kind of ditched work for that day so…. He gon get tased

Quick stress reliever drawing based on this meme… because I could so see always hungry bby Obi-wan eating WAY more than he should… annnd then getting a lecture about it. 



I walked into the school to have all these bitch go “Heeyyyyyy Drizzzzyyyy.” I cannot be fucked to deal with their bull shit. I nod towards them and head to my locker.

“Ayoo Drizzy.” Tyga says dapping me up. He looks over my shoulder to wink at this girl. He always playing with hoes hearts. But its his life. Just as I close my locker Nicki walks by. Everyone knows I been chasing Nicki for the longest. She too stubborn and won’t let me take her out. Its been like this since sixth grade. Her teasing, me chasing.


“Nicki!! baby? whats wrong.” I asked her we were at my house just hanging out. She looked at me confused.

“With what?” she asked playing games again. I smirked, she began to chew on her lip. I looked at her, like really looked and her beauty blew me away. How haven’t I noticed? The guys at school sure have. But shes my best friend….

“Aubrey!” she yelled snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah babe?” she looked vexed. “You asked me what wrong and when I decide to tell you, you start ignoring me??” tears sprung from her eyes. I looked down

“I know I’m sorry.” She forced my face up.

“Its all good boo. I gotta get home though.” regret filled my heart

“Wait why don’t you finish telling me whats going on?” she glanced at me quickly then dropped her head.

“Do you even know the beginning?” she questioned. Shaking her head she added

“You’re just like them other boys who want me for my body instead of me.” A single tear ran down her cheek.

“Ayye Nicki you know that shit aint true?” I said as she ran down the stairs. She stopped turning around smiled. Not a happy smile. A bitter smile.

“See you around Aubrey.” Did we just break up before we even started dating?

*End flashback*

I ran up to her

“Hey Nicki..” I started. She looked up rolled her eyes and continued to walk.

“What do you want Drizzy.” It hurt me to hear her call me by my street name. She never did that. I tried to play it off.

“You know what I want.” She stopped obviously annoyed

“Yes I know you want to apologize, you wanna make it up to me, you wanna fix things, you wanna talk, you want us to start over but what if I don’t want to huh? What about what I want?” Tears started streaming down her face. I looked over at Tyga and said

“Hey cover for us in class this shit gon get worked out.” He nodded walking away. I grabbed her wrist without her fighting me. I walked her to the black bentley. Opening the door for her, she sat down. I closed the door and ran around to the other side. I started it and sped down the highway. I looked over and she was tryna collect herself.

“Whats wrong?” She looked over smiling. The same bitter smile

“Aint that the same question that ruined our friendship for 5 years ago?” I nodded

“Yes but i’m ready to listen now.” I said sadly thinking back. I headed toward the highway since it is friday and I don’t have much to do. I mean it just a weekend away.

“Onika hand me your phone.” she looked at me curiously then passed it me. I looked down for a second going through her contacts. After a few seconds I found Cassie’s name. I hit dial she picked up after two rings. “Hey baby doll” She said cheerfully. I respond

“Hey Cas can you cover for Nicki. I’m taking her for the weekend.” It was silent for a while.

”Yeah, Drake?” I nodded as if she could see me.

“Yeah?” she sighed

“Don’t hurt her anymore okay?” When I looked over at her, her face said the fuck you talking bout?

“I won’t I promise.” Nicki began to panic, screaming at me over and over. “Drizzy where the fuck you taking me? I don’t wanna leave. TAKE ME BACK RIGHT NOW.” I looked at her and smirked. Time for me to play with her for a while.

“Not till you call me by my name baby girl.” She looked at me like I was insane.

“Not in a million years.” I laughed

“Then I can’t tell you shit.” She sat still and looked forward.

“I hope its somewhere fun at least.” I quickly glanced over at her and smiled.

“You’ll have a blast.” I said sarcastically. Which made her smile. Her dimpled smile. The happy one.


I had no idea what this niggas plan was. Frankly I ain’t care. Its been so long since we’ve hung out and talked for hours. To be honest I have missed him but he stopped listening to what I had to say a while ago. It breaks my heart to know that 5 years ago we were inseparable now we could care less about each other. Well at least he could care less about me. I still know that his birthday is coming up in days. I watched as he passed the sign for Las Vegas. Uh Oh. When we were younger Drizzy talked about how for his 18th birthday he was gonna take me to Vegas with him and then we could say

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” . It was a dream we both had. I guess he wasn’t playing. It was getting darker outside which made the lights shine brighter around us. He exited off the highway and headed towards the hotel named Bellagio.

“Drizzy you don’t have to actually do this. We were just kids and it was just fun and games. I wasn’t-” he cut me off.

“I said I would. I am a man of my word. I will always be there for you. I was always there for you.” he let out a deep sigh.

“At least before you cut me out.” he mumbled. I glared at him

“What was that?” he looked over.

“hmm what?” I looked at him like he was stupid as fuck and said “Nothing… asshole.” His eyes went back to the road

“Nika baby girl don’t be like that. We are literally two minutes away from our dream vacation.” I sat back in carseat and mumbled

“I know, I’m sorry Aubz.” he sighed.

“Its all good princess Maraj.” a nickname he made for me when we were little because i got EVERYTHING I wanted. Looking back I was spoiled but that still doesn’t change the fact that my foster parent raped, abused, and traded me for drugs. His name is Tyler Empire. Thats part of the reason I didn’t want to go on this trip.

“What you thinkin bout?” I looked over at him as he parked the car. Should I tell him? I mean no one knows about this part of my life. My home life.

“We’ll talk later Drake right now I’m hungry.” I smirked

“You’re appetite sure as hell aint changed” I frowned.

“Are you saying I’m fat?” He shook his head no. We walked into into the hotel with only one bag. Probably shit for him.

“Do you have a reservation?” Drake opened his wallet pulled out his ID, and bank card before he replied.

“Yes under Graham.” The guy at the front desk typed the information into his computer.

“Ahhh here, we have two penthouse rooms with all access. Is that correct?” Drake began to say something before I cut in.

“The reservation is right but I would like to change it to only one.” Drake looked at me like I was crazy.

“What?” I asked. The guy behind the desk responded

“Okay so one suit all access. correct?” Drake again about to say something before I cut in

“Yes it is.” I said as I took Drake’s cards handing them to him. Tonights the night to have fun.


hope you like it. Apparently I had this ff for a while. I like it &hope you do too I’m still so sorry I have been away for that long. I’m trying okay *sighs*~~~~~~ ~like reblog ask ~Rubi <3333


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