he goes way back in the last one

I am all here for Blitz and Hearth kissing for the first time in a time of distress (much like Percabeth’s first kiss) but I think this might be my favorite scenario right now:

Magnus and Hearth have to go one way, Samirah and Blitz have to go another. Magnus is having a heart-to-heart with Sam and they say goodbye. Blitz and Hearth are being their usual selves and talking/arguing. Before Blitz leaves though, he takes a long, meaningful look at Hearth and kisses him.

 It lasts for a few seconds and Hearth kisses him back while Magnus watches them, a bit embarrassed by displays of affection but he’s not going to say anything in this situation. 

They break apart and Blitz leaves with Sam. Magnus goes over to Hearth, snaps him out of an apparent daze and signs, I didn’t know you two were together.

Hands shaking a little, Hearth signs back, Neither did I.

What I really love about the Riarkle gift exchange in ACM is that - the very last shot of shook!Farkle, the one that goes on for a whopping 4 seconds - is actually a shot from when Rowan was still in the middle of delivering Riley’s speech to him. If you look closely, you can see the back of her head/shoulders moving in a way that clearly indicates she was talking at the time.

This means that giving Farkle such a long-lasting reaction to Riley’s words was so important to MJ that he drew a shot from out of context instead of just using what the scene naturally produced. He went out of his way to do that.

Tell me again that Riarkle’s relationship development is not a priority on this show.

the only form of sh/eith i will ever accept is 14-year-old questioning keith meeting shiro and suddenly developing a short-lived panic crush on him (you know the way that high school kids sometimes crush on young teachers or their friends’ older siblings)

he’s too embarrassed about it to ever tell shiro bc it lasted about a week but then he accidentally mentions it to lance one day and lance throws his head back and goes HOOOOO

Omg Imagine Draco coming back to Hogwarts after the second wizarding war for his 7th year.

One time it is really late at night McGonagall just left her new [headmasters] office bc she’s worked overtime AGAIN.

She turns around the corner in the hallway on her way to her bedroom.

When she suddenly bumps into Draco.

He looks pretty messed up and he’s clinching his arm.

She goes “Mr. Malfoy what on earth are you still doing here at that hour?”

He’s just like “I’m sorry Professor.” and trying to get away as quickly as possible.

But as he wants to leave, McGonagall sees blood dripping from his arm.

“Mr. Malfoy what happened!!” She shreiks holding him back.

Draco just stares at her with bloodshed eyes.

Minerva pulls up his sleeve and sees his arm terribly cut.

It is the arm the Dark Mark is on.

“Merlins beard did you do this to yourself??” She cries.

“It’s nothing.” He tries to pull his arm away.

“Mr. Malfoy you must go see Madame Pomfrey you are horribly bleeding! She can heal those cuts in no time” says McGonagall with a very concearned look on her face.

“I DONT WANT IT TO HEAL!” he suddenly screams. Tears rolling down his pale cheeks.

He stares at the terribly mutilated tatoo on his arm.
He sobs.
His voice breaks.
He falls crying into McGonagall’s arms.

so I was thinking

you know how in hamilton, during the world was wide enough, Hamilton kinda goes out with a bang in that last speech-thing? that’s pretty much the last sort of rap part in the show. now, I know there’s only one more song after that, but it makes me think. this probably won’t make any sense and I’m probably just spouting out but, to me anyways, it seems like that kind of mood died among everyone when he died. that’s the way it is with philips death, too. hamilton has to get back into the “rebellious, revolutionary” mood that everyone knew him to be in. almost two songs passed before hamilton got back into it. maybe that’s the way it was with hamilton? sure, there were plenty of people who fought for them and made America what it was at the time, but it seemed that alex did the most for a lot of parts of the entire ordeal, right? it was his new york city. I just feel like all of that kinda died of in spirit for a time after he was shot? I don’t expect anyone to agree or even understand because I make no sense, just thought I’d put it out there.

Imagine being taken from behind by Pietro...

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Gif does not belong to me. All credit goes to the creator.

It has been a month since Pietro had returned from his mission. He told me he would be back weeks ago, but they still have yet to return. I made my way around our apartment, cleaning as much as I could. The last stop was cleaning up the closet. Currently it was covered in mismatched shoes and clothes that fell off the hangers throughout the week.

I was bent over on my knees, when I felt an all too familiar breeze blow past me.

“Dragoste I’m h–”, he began to call as his eyes landed on my form

Before I could get off my knees to greet him, his hands were on the small of my back.

“Don’t move”, he said firmly

I got back on my knees and my heart rate picked up. I knew what he wanted and I knew he wanted it just as much as I did. Desire pooled at my center at the thought of him taking me from behind.

“I’ve missed you dragoste”, he smiled as he slapped my rear

“I’ve missed you too”, I moaned softly at the contact

Our clothes soon disappeared and he was on his back lying with his face between my legs. His hands gripped my waist as he pulled my center closer to his face, His licked my lips and hummed in approval.

“You taste so good”, he hummed as his tongue delved inside

My back arched as a moan escaped my lips. He brought his mouth to my clit. As he started to suck, he pushed a finger in. The more I clenched around him, the more he knew I was closer to reaching my orgasm. Suddenly he pulled away and he positioning himself behind me.

“Hold on. I want you to come while I’m fucking you”, he whispered in my ear 

Pietro softly bit my shoulder, then slammed himself into me. He sighed in satisfaction and I moaned out loud. He wasn’t going to slow down until I reached mine first. After a few pumps, my climax pulled through me quicker than expected. He slowed down just a little just to say,

“I think you should have one more”

He kept a steady pace only this time he had a hard time keeping himself from moaning and cursing out loud. 

“You’re so tight”, he moaned

He slid his hands down my back, then he bit my shoulder, fighting back a moan. He brought his hands around and kneaded my breasts and rubbed my nipples. They hardened at his touch when he twisted harder.

“Shit, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on”, he groans

He moved a hand down and slowly rubbed his finger on my clit. My legs trembled at his touch. I nearly screamed when he used his speed to rub against my clit. I wouldn’t last any longer if he kept that up. But then again that’s what he was aiming for. 

I could feel myself clenching around him harder and harder and I screamed as another orgasm tore through me. With my eyelids screwed shut, all I could see were stars. Pietro felt the aftershocks and he came soon after, hot spurts of his orgasm pushing through him.

He pulled out of me so I could lie on my back, then laid his head on my chest and began to fall asleep.

“Welcome back babe”, I softly said while running my fingers through his hair 

Tea for Two Plus

So did you guys know that at the end of May, Mars came really, really close to Earth? Well. Who could say no to playing with that?! A little drabble for @cinensis, who is awesome.

As always, credit for the Eclipse!AU goes to him and @stickydoona. <3

Note: cut for length, not for content.

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“…and the guy gets stuck on Mars for, like, years,” Saitama explained.

Badd glowered at him. “What.”

“That’s what Mumen said. And he has to, like, grow potatoes and whatnot, and everybody on Earth thought he was dead.”

“No way, man. Ain’t gonna happen. Those guys’re lucky if one of those little robots doesn’t glitch up. No way some schmuck is going to last. Sorry.” Badd leaned back and yelled in the general direction of the Earth. “I’m not buying it! That’s dumb!”

“Shit, my ear.” Garou rubbed his temple, elbowing Badd in the side from where he sat next to him. “Is there anybody louder than you?”

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Calling My Name Part 2- A Killian Jones and Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Calling My Name Part 2
Request: …lead her to Neverland for some reason maybe to save Pan when everything goes wrong or because their connected to each other, but pan doesn’t quite know why he’s connected to her? Hopefully that made sense x
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader x Peter Pan

It was now 8 years after Y/N last visited Neverland, and she was now a beautiful 18 year old young woman.
She still was a pirate with her father, and had become a true beauty, with a bad ass side of course.
In her mind, she still thought of the place that she loved as a child, Neverland.
She had to go back, one way or another.
Killian had changed in the past years too, he and Peter Pan, leader of Neverland, had become enemies.
Killian had gone to Neverland, alone, and Peter had almost killed him.
The two never got along after that.

“Hey dad can I talk to you?” Y/N asked her father, walking into his cabin.
“Aye, of course.” Killian responded.
“Can we go to Neverland?” she asked.
“What? No! Why would you want to go to that bloody place?!” Killian exclaimed.
“I know you and Peter don’t have the best past. But still, I’ve always been facinated by that place. I just want to go back, my mind won’t calm down until I go back. Every night, I have dreams about Neverland. I just want- I need to go there. It’s calling my name dad.” Y/N responded.
“For one day.” Killian demanded, “That’s all, no fussing about it.”
“Thank you!” Y/N exclaimed, hugging her father.

The weeks it took for Y/N, Killian, and the crew to get to Neverland felt like years for Y/N.
Her dreams were getting more instense, her desire to be back there growing stronger.
On Neverland, Peter was having similar symptoms to Y/N.
He was having instense dreams about the sea, about Y/N.
Yet, he didn’t know Y/N was only miles from him.

Finally, Y/N and Killian got back to Neverland.
“It’s just as amazing as I remember, and as in my dreams.” Y/N said.
“Alright love let’s just hurry up.” Killian responded.
Y/N ran into the woods, Killian following behind.
“What have I gotten myself into.” Killian sighed.

Y/N got to Pan’s base camp, and connected eyes with Peter.
“Y/N?” Peter asked.
“Peter Pan.” Y/N smiled.
“You’ve gotten so, so beautiful.” Peter responded.
“Stop the flirting Pan.” Killian said.
“Listen, Hook, I’m not going to hurt you. Not with Y/N here.” Peter responded, glancing back to Y/N.
“Why are you two so infatuated with each other?” Killian asked.
“Dad, that’s what I need to talk to you about. Those dreams I talked about weren’t just about Neverland, but Peter.” Y/N responded.
“You had dreams too? I had them about you.” Peter added.
“Are we- are we connected somehow?” Y/N asked.
“I guess so. We must be meant to be together, I feel like I’ve known that since I first saw you. That little tiny girl on her father’s shoulders, now a beautiful young woman. It’s always been you.” Peter smiled.
Killian’s feelings towards Peter became no longer full of hatred, but he too knew Y/N and Peter were to be together.
“Y/N, you can’t leave here. I’m not letting you, this place is your happiness.” Killian said.
“You’d really let me go like that? So fast and to your enemy?” Y/N asked.
“For my only daughter, I’d do anything.” Killian responded.
Y/N hugged her father, “Thank you.”
“Now go be with your love, Y/N.” Killian smiled.
Y/N walked back to Peter, and kissed him on the lips.
The moments sent chills to their spines, it was magical.
“Goodbye, my baby.” Killian said to Y/N.
“Bye dad, don’t forget to visit.” Y/N smiled.
“Thank you, sir.” Peter added.
Killian nodded, “I know what love feels like, and it can’t be taken away. Stay happy, I’ll see you both soon.”
They all hugged, and smiled, and Killian walked away.
“I knew this place was calling my name.” Y/N smiled.
Peter smiled back at her, “I’m happy you finally answered that call, my love.”


@im-the-nerdiest-of-them-a11 Hope you enjoy :)


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i know you dont really like aus where izuku gets AFO or some other quirk, but what do you think about aus where he remains quirkless? like he becomes a hero without one or even goes on to do other stuff instead and still manages to get dragged into the plot?

i don’t like those either

anything that changes the beginning of the story are AUs i dislike, because i really love the premise and i would never ever want to see it changed. 

i’m aware of the wasted potential for him to become a hero like Batman, who can do all these amazing things without powers. but i really enjoy how the series began and the set up of the relationship between Izuku and All Might and all the other characters, and i would never want to see that changed

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your tags on the "this is my boyfriend" gifset I'M CRYING OMG

During this whole week, he has been working his own way out. First to Jonas, then to his other friends and family. Especially his mother, that was probably the most difficult one. And when he goes out of KB, as much as he wanted to, it was too much. He had used his last strenghts to send that text. The world he could not face just yet, not by himself anyway. And Even’s hand on his shoulder, here he got reminded he was not alone, someone had his back. This is safe, he is safe, even out in the outside world. Wherever they were, Even would always make him safe. “My boyfriend”, he repeated, proud. Of the boy standing right next to him, and of the long way he had gone through thanks to him. His smile means the world. 

Ereri AU where Eren is a cop and Levi is a worried husband

Eren works at a local police station and is married to Levi. 
One day Eren didn’t come home on his usual lunch hour so Levi goes to go look for him. After all, it’s unusual that Eren doesn’t tell him if something came up so he was already worried considering Eren’s job.

So Levi goes down to the small station and bursts in the front doors with all his fiery shortness and demands where his husband is because something just isn’t right. 

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Headcanon #1,409

So the Justice League goes on this space mission to stop a revolution between an almighty king with amazing powers and a tyrant that wants the power. So, the fights comes and goes and as the league is taking the tyrants away, he has one last plan up his sleeve and ends up killing Superman while he pushed Batman out of the way and the only way for Superman to survive is to receive someone else’s life force. Without thinking, Batman said he would and without a second to spare, the king takes Batman’s life and force and gives it to Superman. The League gets both of them to the nearest ER. Batman’s body is hooked up to machines so they can find a way to bring him back while Superman wakes up and gets the whole story of how he died and Batman saved him by giving up his life. So Superman goes back to the king and begs for Batman’s life and that he would do anything for him to bring him back. There is no other way than to get another life force before 48 hours. So the king and league sends out a public announcement. Someone to give up their life for their friend. An old man comes in and tells them the story of how Batman saved not only his life but his children, his wife, his grandchildren, his farm, and his village from the tyrant’s army’s. He says that his life was done and that he had a life still yet to fill. So the old man gives up his life force for Batman and Batman comes back to life. The old man gets a funeral worthy of only gods. Seeing how the two died trying to save one another, they decided to “fuck it” and go on that date that both of them knew they wanted to go on.

Remus going to the Dursley’s house to try and convinced Petunia that Harry would be better off being raised in the wizarding world but Petunia won’t even open the door because that’s the world that took her sister way like hell is she going to allow it to take her nephew.

Remus checking in on Harry and seeing how scrawny he’s grown goes to McGonagall to try and convince her to take Harry away from the Dursley’s but Dumbledore force her into an unbreakable vow and “Who’s going to raise the boy Remus, you?”

Remus checking in one last time only Harry sees him and starts to cry reaching for him as Petunia tries to stop his mashed peas from whizzing about the kitchen.

Remus wandering back to Privet Dr. years later only to find a young boy in baggy ill fitting clothes with unruly black hair and bright green eyes who doesn’t recognize him but still waves as though he might.

So apparently I’m actually doing this thing:

Taron’s kisses are always sharp and biting, enthusiastic in ways that drive Colin wild and he’d be remiss if he didn’t respond in kind.  He’s got a hand at the back of his neck and one held tight against his chest, sitting in the back of the car passing time in the best way possible.  It’s their last event together, last premier before Taron goes home to prepare for his next film and Colin continues with the Kingsman press for two more weeks.  

“We should just lock the doors, call up the driver and tell him to keep going until he runs out of gas.” Taron mumbles between their lips, refusing to pull away, fingers twitching at the back of Colin’s neck, obviously itching to run them through his hair.  But they have strict rules for the time periods before public appearances. Sex hair looks good, yes, but both of them emerging from the car with sex hair and glassy eyes would just be uncouth.


quick hits regarding chapter 23 spoilers

- yashiro being engulfed by the shower stream, fully clothed, is a nice metaphor (imho) of the emotional dam that’s broken inside of him and permeated his carefully maintained, outward appearance. I worded it a little ~dramatically~, but you get the point. 

- he’s vulnerable and honest and probably saying things that he hasn’t even allowed himself to think, much less put into words, until now. 

- and yashiro looks so, so young in the bathroom, especially when doumeki enters. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that yoneda sensei made sure to draw him with his hair un-gelled and long, the same way he used to wear it when he was a teenager. there are a few callbacks made so far to tadayoedo shizumazu (yashiro’s origin story) in the last 2 chapters, one of them being provided by yashiro himself when he awoke and thought he had traveled back in time to his old place. I’m pumped to see where it goes from here, and how much of this will be complete the bookending of his development when it comes to recognizing and pursuing love. 

- doumeki is such a good man. I just can’t say it enough; I don’t know how to say it enough, in a way that honestly conveys the depths of it. he’s a good man, he’s a kind, decent man, he is a deeply sincere man who wants to do the right thing at any cost to himself. the tears in his eyes were too much for me. oh man. I got so choked up. 

- yashiro is a good man, too, and wants very much not to be a good man, and he just. can’t. do it. he can’t push back that point of no return. he can’t be genuinely cruel, instead of deceptively or seemingly dispassionately so. he loves doumeki and it seems to hit him straight in the gut. 

- that kiss, I mean JESUS, did anyone expect that? holy fuck. I didn’t. I was planning on the long march of further miscommunication, peppered with varying degrees of sexual contact, a dismissal, more misunderstandings. I didn’t even know if they ever WOULD kiss. but keyboard slam, bite my fist, scream into the void, they did. and it’s everything I ever wanted it to be. I am content with the kiss being the ending, because of course it is, why would it come in the middle of anything after SIX YEARS of waiting for it? the perfect end-note. 

(plus, I want a chapter dedicated entirely to sex, and this is one way to guarantee that.) 

new objective

Prompt: could you write a steve x reader where the reader goes into labor when steve is on a mission and he’s trying to get back to her before the baby is born?

“I’m going to be a dad.”

“Correction, you’re going to be a great dad.”

Word Count: 880

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

Bruce tapped his fingers on the desk, turning as one of the monitors flashed with a message from Natasha.

- not good. nooooot good. pull steve out asap.

She had opted out of the mission, still injured from the last one and Sam had stayed behind as well. Bruce looked up to see the captain sneak his way through the base, silently taking out the guards in his path. He frowned.

- Something wrong?

The response was immediate, too fast for him to even check on the team.

- (Y/N). en route to hospital.

He froze, mind racing over the possibilities. Sick, injured, attacked (that branched off into stabbed, shot, and/or bleeding out), kidnapped – oh. He checked the date.

- It’s too early.

- yeah well go tell the baby that

Bruce sighed, opening up the comm. “We have a situation.”

“Report,” Steve said, rounding a corner.

“Your wife, she’s, ah,” he swallowed, “she’s in labour.”

Tony cursed under his breath and Thor’s eyes went wide on one of the screens. Bruce received a new plan from Tony, accounting for the lack of a team member. “Okay, we got it from here, Cap. Go have a kid or something; I, however, request name privilege.”

“Too late for that,” Clint’s smirk was almost audible over the radio.

“We’re almost done here,” Steve protested, but purely for the curtesy of it as his voice lacked any real want to stay.


“Evac in three.”

Steve hung his shield on a rack as he entered the small jet, taking a seat as JARVIS lifted it off the ground.

“Good evening, Mr. Rogers.”

“JARVIS,” he greeted. The plane was small, designed for quick getaways with first-aid kits along the walls. “How long till we get home?”

“Approximately eight hours. From there, it’s another fifteen minutes to the hospital where Mrs. Rogers is being attended to.”

“Any news?”

“Ms. Romanoff and Mr. Wilson are with her now. No complications detected,” JARVIS reported. “We have yet to see if Bruce’s theory about the serum affecting the child is valid.”

“Thank you,” Steve said, chest tightening at the last sentence. Dr. Erskine had mentioned it in passing that the serum could be genetic once, but it’s never been relevant to him until now as he looked out the window. “Can you call Nat?”

“Establishing connection.”

“Steve?” She picked up instantly and he could hear the murmur of the hospital in the background. “Please tell me you’re on your way here.”

“ETA: 8 hours. Is something wrong?” His heartbeat quickened.

“No, not at all. It’s just that Sam and I don’t exactly know what to do in this situation,” she said under her breath, as if she didn’t want to admit it.

“Yeah, this wasn’t exactly in the Avengers Handbook,” Sam quipped into the receiver and Natasha faintly muttered something about personal space. “Tony just updated the team’s status – the base had connections to a factory inland, they’ll be hitting that before coming back.”

“I should be there,” Steve said, running a hand through his hair.

“No, you should be here,” Natasha said, taking the phone back from Sam. “You’ve been talking non-stop about your baby for nine months, you’re sure as hell not missing their birth for just another bad guy.

“Get some rest, these things can take a while and you’ve got time,” she said. “I don’t think (Y/N) will be happy to hear that you stayed up for eight hours worrying.”

“You’ll call if it goes south?” Steve loosened the latches on his uniform, eyes already closed as he took a seat.

Natasha’s answer went unheard and JARVIS calmly ended the call, dimming the lights in the jet.

Steve woke up eight hours later and practically sprinted out of the jet to get to his motorcycle. The engine revved as he made his way to the hospital, the receptionist taking one look at him before directing him to your room.

Natasha raised an eyebrow at him when she saw him, crossing her arms. “Couldn’t even change out of uniform?”

He looked down, just realizing that he was still wearing the flag and shrugged. “Waste of time. Sam?”

“We’re alternating shifts. Come on, I’m not allowed in but you are,” she stepped out of the way of the door and he stopped in front of it, hand hovering over the doorknob. “Steve?”

“I’m going to be a dad,” he stated, face blank.

“Correction, you’re going to be a great dad,” she smiled, “now go, shoo, I need to tell the team you’ve arrived.”

Steve took a deep breath, and went inside.


“Is it a girl or boy?”

“Boy,” Natasha said, leading the way to the room nearly a day later.

“Is he cute?”

“The cutest.”

“How’s (Y/N)?”

Natasha knocked quietly before opening the door, beaming at you. The others crammed behind her to see the small bundle in your arms, cooing despite themselves. Steve smiled softly from his place beside you, pressing a kiss to your baby’s forehead. They all crowded around your bed and your child reveled in the attention, babbling to himself.

“What’s the little fella’s name?” Clint asked, finger ghosting over his cheek.

“James,” Steve said and Sam smiled. Tony pursed his lips.

“Well, at least it’s a better name than Clint.”

The trial by combat scene- he interceded for Nyssa because it’s Oliver. Oliver is always going to do what is right, it’s just the kind of man that he is, it’s he kind of man that Felicity has shaped him to be- the kind of man she fell in love with.

He gets Malcolm, the demons head, is on his knees before Oliver Queen. Not even the Green Arrow. Oliver was in civilian clothes, he wasn’t wearing his alter ego. He was himself. He was dressed as himself. He was just a man trying to protect the last shred of his family.

Anyways, Oliver doesn’t want to kill Malcolm. For a multitude of reasons. The man has had to do more killing than a person should in one lifetime. Yet still, pieces of darkness follow him wherever he goes and he retreats back to his old ways. He retreats back to the darkness, to the stone cold killer, to the man he was when he was fresh footed off the island.

And in a moment, he realizes what he’s doing, what he has to do, and the ultimatum before him.

“You have to find another way.”
“I believe in you.”

He’s always drawn back to her, to the moments she’s shown him that there is a different outcome, that there is another way. And while I believe Felicity probably thought he was going to kill Malcolm, he still sought after her approval.

Had Felicity not looked at him like she had, he wouldn’t have done anything. He would have been paralyzed between the man of the past and the man he wants and is trying to be.

So whatever is coming, they are going to get through it. The only reason there is an Oliver Queen today (the one we see on our screen) is because there’s a Felicity Smoak that believes in him. That chose the darkness and in spite of it, loves him anyway and makes him want to be a better man. And Oliver has made some bad choices, yes, but he’s not going to forget how much he relies on her- how much she’s an integral part of him. He’s going to have to fight for her again and it’s going to be beautiful to watch. That scene was everything. I’m EMO.

ok but like imagine Mabel noticing how Stan feels like nothing compared to Ford especially with dipper just fawning over him like crazy and every time he gushes about this great thing Ford invented or this problem he solved she can see the disappointment on stan’s face so one day she just goes way out of her way to talk about all the great things stans done over dinner like remember that time you punched a pterodactyl in the face and saved waddles or how bout that time took us fishing or gave me the last slice of pie geez is this guy a saint or what  *elbow nudges ford* but then ford just brushes it off and goes back to talking about cool-sciencey-adventuring stuff with dipper Stan almost looks let down (he was hoping the pterodactyl would spark fords interest but of course he’s been there done that wrote like three chapters about it) so mabel suddenly asks him to tell that story about that time he broke out of a russian prison and fought like what 3 wolves? and her heart just feels so warm seeing him light up telling his favourite story he’s told like a million times