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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

Jihoon doesn’t care if Taeil is sick or if it might be contagious (x)

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So you know how waayy back when DRv3 was first shown we all kinda started to ship who is now known as Kiibo and Momota together but now as a thousand more things have released we have started to stray away from that ship and started pairing Kiibo with Ouma (in game interactions) and Momota with Saihara (Official art and merch put them together)? I thought because of this, we should have all four of them be a group. Double dates. Hanging out. The SQUAD. All friends. Happy. What are your thoughts?


Guys, I just had an idea.

Mettaton owning a motorbike.

He’s all dressed up in the designer leathers, still wearing heels, of course. Not exactly practical but he makes it look easy.

He does the thing where he takes off his helmet and shakes his hair back into place. You know; the thing. And his hair is still perfect somehow.

It’s more efficient to get from place to place, being as busy as he is. He always turns up to where he needs to be on time and makes sure he looks badass doing so.

His motorbike is a gorgeous pink/purple colour and he prides himself on keeping it polished and looking good.

What would the MysMe cast do when they wake up in the middle of the night to find their SO missing from the bed?

Disclaimer : I’m not done with all of the routes on MysMe yet, but I’ve been looking at spoilers on tumblr etc and I hope they’re all in character lol 

Zen :

- generally sleeps very deeply once he actually goes to sleep

- would read scripts till crack of dawn if SO isn’t there to entice him to bed lololol

- he’s a morning person 

- so he goes from asleep to awake super fast 

- would climb out of bed once he realizes you’re not there

- looks in the toilet first but there’s no one there

- you’re in the living room watching one of his DVDs lol 

- “Sweetie, come back to bed ???” 

- “ You can’t sleep so you’re watching one of my DVDs? I’m right here tho Come here I’ll sing you a song “ 

“ Or I can tire you out real quick heh” 

- “Come on i’ll give you a private performance to put you to sleep altho it might have the opposite effect cause im so handsome haha

- real talk tho “do you want a hot cup of tea? water? or we could just cuddle and watch the DVD together :)” 

-has drawn closer as he’s talking and sat beside you, squeezing your thigh to reassure himself and burying his face in your neck to smell you 

- both of you prob end up cuddling and sleeping on the couch and wake up with cricks in your neck lol 


- this kid sleeps like the dead

- needs like five minutes to realize something is wrong

- sits up and just sorts of squints at everything wondering what is wrong 

- gets up once he realizes you’re missing 

- finds you playing LOLOL because you can’t sleep haha 

- “you can’t sleep?? why?? not tired? oh ok”

- “but i wanna cuddle and it’s nicer to sleep together”

- “eh you don’t have to apologise! it’s my fault for being needy

- “You’re raiding a dungeon without me??!!! Uwaaaaah that’s mean !! Wait for me I’ll login right now this very minute nooooooo don’t go in yet!!”

- end up playing LOLOL till the crack of dawn together haha


- immediately realizes you’re not there

- continues lying there waiting for you to come back from the bathroom or maybe drinking water in the kitchen lol 

- when you don’t appear she gets up and looks around the house but??? you’re ?? gone???

- double checks all the rooms before pulling out phone and calling

- you’re at the convenience store because of reasons (couldn’t sleep and wanted coffee or something)

- “I’ll make a cup for you, please come back now, it might be dangerous so late at night” 

- “ Of course it’s not any trouble, I can start on work early too since I’m already awake”

- goes downstairs wrapped in a coat and slippers to wait for you to walk back her hair v messy and glasses on her face

- you guys head upstairs hand in hand smiling quietly god domestic bliss is amazing y’all

- makes you warm milk tea/hot chocolate and starts to check her e-mails from work

- you fall asleep to the sound of her typing and her hand in your hair 


- gets out of bed slowly so he won’t make noise that would wake Elizabeth 3rd

- sees you in the kitchen sipping water

- sits on the couch and asks for water also 

- “ three cubes of ice in room temperature water will suffice” 

- “okay trust fund kid whatever you want” 

- the both of you just sip water for awhile in silence

- stops you from eating when you think you’re hungry

- “ you will get fat if you eat in the middle of the night.”

- “ are you saying i’m fat???”

- “ ….it has been scientifically proven that digesting will keep you awake, and you should still be in bed.” wow jumin deflection level 9000 

- drags you if you refuse to go to bed

- “you can stay awake but I want to sleep and you should be in the bed with me.” 

- goes to sleep once you’re in a position he likes and you’re running your fingers through his hair exasperatedly 


- suffers from insomnia

- patience very short after just waking up

- “why aren’t you in bed with me

- finds you entertaining yourself looking at his cross-dressing photo collection

- calms down when he realizes you can’t sleep

- decides since the both of you can’t get back to sleep then “let’s watch a movie”

- he’ll put in an animation because it’s cute (probably Wall-E or like Big Hero 6) and you guys just cuddle on the couch

- “ i feel like drinking Dr Pepper, what about you? what do you mean there’s no Dr Pepper omg did I finish everything already???

- you guys shift around until he realizes he likes having you as a blanket even on the couch

- you wear his hoodie so you don’t get cold

- ends up falling asleep with you on top of him fingers laced with yours poor bby he needs rest 


- immediately realizes you’re not there 

- wakes up panicking f**k u Rika u gave my bby anxiety/abandonment issues 

- when he finds you he will touch your face and arms and check your pulse to make you’re there you’re alright oh thank goodness you’re still here 

- “you scared me” he’ll mumble but like really softly so you’ll be like “what” and he’ll be like “nothing, let’s go back to sleep dear” 

- follows you around when you decide to make tea for the both of you since he seems a bit agitated and you can’t sleep

- sits you on his lap once the tea is done because constant physical contact with you reassures him

- drinks tea with one hand and rubs fingers against the naked skin right above your heart, feeling the pulse and beat with his ears and through touch

- says he’ll wash the cups and he does (he likes taking care of people, esp you <3) even tho he makes a lot of noise since he can’t see for shit

- climbs back into bed and presses his ears to your chest to listen to your heartbeat

- you both fall back asleep after awhile with him hugging you tighter than usual because he was so scared you were just a dream and he had lost you 

Unknown / Saeran

- lays in bed for awhile trying to get back to sleep because he doesn’t care he actually does lol, since he’s been sleeping better since you joined him in bed :3

- gets angry when he realizes he wants to find you and drag you back

- moody/stormy expression when he finds you 

- rips away whatever you’re holding (cup of water? it gone. book? it gone too. a dildo? he glares and it gone the fastest lulz. food? it gone into his mouth as he chews aggressively how dare food entice u away from him)

- “why aren’t you in the bed? what do you mean why am i angry? im not angry im not the one pulling a disappearing act in the middle of the night!”

- looks very dissatisfied because he has no idea what he’s feeling and he doesn’t like that tight feeling in his chest when he doesn’t know where you’ve gone 

- “you’re supposed to stay where i can see you.” he growls and pushes you back onto the bed (he’ll drag / carry you if you protest lol)

- flops down on top of you gently and tells you to shut up and go back to sleep 

- “i need to pee” 

“just hold it in” lets you go to the toilet and spends the few moments he’s alone just thinking about how he doesn’t want to lose you and when did he become so weak? but like in a good way 

- thinking about feelings make him tired and he just plants his face in the crook of your neck and curls up around you koala style and goes right back to sleep lol 

Killing Stalking AU

Yoonbum is an unsucessful horror author with huge creative block. He has published one book. His sleep schedule is off so he finds himself going for coffee at unusual hours of the morning. He favours convenience over quality so he goes to the fast food place across the street. He solves crossword puzzles while drinking his coffee.

Sangwoo is a law student, but works nightshifts at a run down 24 hour fast food restaurant on the edge of town. Buisness is slow so he slacks off, he usually brings a book with him to read. 

What if Yoonbum realized that the man behind the register was reading a copy of his book? A book that sold less than 100 copies?

Ahh I thought this was a cute theme.

What kind of girls they fall for...

Soooo, here we go! I wanted to make one for each of them, since they’re pretty different personality wise, at least to me. So, please, tell me what you think! 

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- Okay, so I feel like even tho Fred is really friendly and exited around people, he kind of has a thing for the more chill girls, you know?

- Like, not necessarily quiet or shy, but just not as exited around people as he is

- He can sometimes be a bit mean, without even realizing it, so having someone that’s a little calmer around him kinda makes him think more before he speaks

- Even tho he’s really into flirting, he also get’s jealous pretty fast, so he never goes for the girls that flirt with everyone

- He loves it when a girl is clever, because underneath he’s really curious and loves to learn, so if she can hit him up with a fun fact or two every now and then he’s thrilled 

- He’s really freaking honest, like, always, and if he ever finds out a girl is lying he get’s really pissed

- He loves it when girls are athletic,  and if she knows her quidditch, he’s sold

- Even tho he’s really, really in love, he needs his space, and if she can’t respect that, it won’t work 


- Even tho George is a little more on the calmer side himself, he loves girls with attitude and fire

- Like Ron, he finds it appealing to bicker every now and then, as long as they never let it go to far 

- He doesn’t really care if she plays quidditch herself, but he loves it when girls show interest in what he’s doing

- I feel like he’s the kind of guy that loves to do stuff on dates, all the time, like walks, or cloud watching, or trying to ride a bike, or even better a tandem bike

- He’s really affectionate when he falls in love, so he needs someone who doesn’t get tired of spending time with him 

- George loves it when a girl can laugh at herself 

- He also loves someone who can laugh at him, and not take everything so serious 

- He really respect a girl that can take care of herself, and doesn’t need him for everything (I mean, look at the women these guys grew up around, Molly does everything herself if she has to, and Ginny, don’t even get me startet on Ginny…)

Okay, so now I just want to keep making these, buuut requests first! (Thank you sooo much to those who have submitted, really). Hopefully the next imagine will be up sometime tomorrow (Norwegian time, sorry)! Anyway, thanks for reading! 

Continuing this prompt.

After spending the evening watching Stiles flirt with one of the overweight guys Lydia picks out for him, Derek realizes he needs to do something.

Derek hasn’t ever gained weight that wasn’t muscle before. But he doesn’t think it will be hard. It’s not like he’s never heard a werewolf complain about needing to lose weight. They don’t have that much of an edge over normal human metabolism.

Beacon Hills has been quiet since they finally shut down the last remnants of the Nemeton’s powers. Derek still goes to weekly pack trainings and the next full moon run, but he figures he can afford to skip some of his usual workouts and cut back his runs to once a day instead of twice.

He doesn’t have much in the fridge, so he just drinks extra protein shakes and eats larger cuts of grilled meat than usual. He’s heard a lot of people gain weight from fast food, so he goes through drive-thrus a few times a week, and makes sure to get the largest sized meals, even if they smell–and taste–entirely unnatural.

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Edward in 1959 in his first truly fast car. He’s coming to realize that he can’t drive it to school and he’s tired of stupid humans with their stupid fascination with money and good looks and all he wants to do is drive his fast car everywhere he goes and is that really so much to ask??!?

His car could be an Aston Martin, since they had a convertible model out that year. I kind of like the idea of him always buying the same make:

Car Guy 1: I always buy Fords– they’re the best American cars.

Car Guy 2: Man, you’re crazy to buy domestic– Toyota is the way to go. How about you, Edward?

Edward: Oh, I always buy Aston Ma– *coughs violently* Volvo. I like Volvos. 

Aston Martin was founded in 1913 and Volvo has been producing cars since 1927, so if he and Carlisle were willing to shell out whatever extra cost was involved in importing them, he theoretically could have stuck to those brands for a very long time.

The very best thing? The first Volvo model was “affectionately known as ‘Jakob’.” Hahahahahahaha oh how I hope he owned that car! “Stupid dog, spoiling my affectionate memories of my first beloved Volvo!” *snort*


Because who could resist this little baozi?

“Well, Frances was nice.”

“Yeah, he was.”

“You know, I had no idea time goes so fast! It’s like our years are days! Beau used to be a daddy, now he’s a dad.”

“Maybe that’s a sign we should start thinking about being parents, soon. We’re not getting any younger.”

“Okay, but can you please promise me we’ll have time to have a life before then!”

“You read my mind, hon.”

so I enjoyed the introductory Otogi eps (especially the FACES) but

1. Otogi’s heel-face turn happens REAL FAST… he goes from “I hate your GUTS so I’m going to humiliate your friend and take away your reason for living (i.e. games) because you OBVIOUSLY cheated because Pegasus is way too cool, and also he didn’t email me back, which means he probably died of shame or something and it’s all your fault for winning at card games” to “Yuugi… can I… be your friend? *anime eye sparkle*” in record time

2. if he had waited just one more day… even a few more hours… Pegasus would have emailed him back, and all of this could have been avoided

what I’m saying here is, Otogi is one impulsive dude

do you know what i just realized i would love to have a scene where of some reason philip ends up with lukas’ bike and because lukas is in danger or philip thinks that he is or something philip takes the bike and he can like barely control it but he still goes really fast so he’ll get to lukas as quickly as possible and oh my god