he goes from being so rough with elena when they first meet

Part of the Family

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Pairing: Enzo St. John x Mikaelson! Reader

Part 1 of 4

Words: 2588

Summary: After leaving the Armory, Enzo is devastated to find that his family was a group of thieves and liars.  Determined to help your boyfriend through this, you come up with a wildly romantic solution.

Note: Besides being in season seven of Vampire Diaries, there isn’t much else of either show’s plot. I just wanted to write a little series that I thought would be both Enzo’s romantic side and the Mikaelson’s flare for the dramatic. So no deadly threats besides family drama. Let me know if you guys like it! Requests are open

Warnings: Lots of Fluff (and some mild language)

The quiet was both peaceful and maddening. You were used to the sound of jazz music in the morning and the strong smell of coffee, but this morning there was nothing. Just silence. You slowly rose from the bed and grabbed the nearest pieces of decent clothing you could find- which just happened to be your boyfriend’s favorite shirt, a pair of jeans and sandals. Your feet made almost no sound on the hardwood floor, but it was enough for Enzo to hear you coming.

“I didn’t mean to wake you love.” He said looking out the window of your apartment.

“How could you have? You haven’t made a sound at all.” You scoffed.

“Are you asking me to be louder at seven in the morning?” He turned towards you and you could see the raw emotion in his eyes. He saw you looking and quickly moved his gaze to the kitchen. “Ah, I’ve forgotten the coffee. No wonder you’re in a foul mood.” He had been acting this way ever since he had gotten back from the Armory. Something was wrong, you just couldn’t figure out what. You followed him into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his waist, placing a light kiss on his shoulder before resting your head there.

“Enzo…” You started, kissing the crook of his neck. “What’s going on? You’ve been acting strange lately.”

“Don’t know what you mean darling.” He poured coffee into your mug and handed it back to you. You pulled yourself up onto the counter and sipped the delicious warm liquid.

“You haven’t played your guitar in days, you won’t go out of the apartment, and every time I try to talk to you you seem completely distant.” Even now, he was looking off, not really hearing you. “Enzo!” His gaze snapped to you.

“I’m fine love. Really.” He kissed your cheek as he walked passed. Still not convinced, you followed him to the living room where the two of you sat in silence. You took a deep breath, wincing at your own words.

“It’s the Armory isn’t it? Your family.”

“I said that I’m fine!” He snapped. “Maybe I’m just sick of all your bloody questions.” You scoffed, narrowing your eyes at him and setting the mug on the table.

“You are so afraid of being alone Enzo.” You stood and grabbed your car keys. “Maybe you should stop pushing away the people who care about you.” He didn’t even move his gaze from the floor as you slammed the door of the apartment behind you.

Enzo rubbed his eyes. He knew that he shouldn’t have snapped at you. He was tired and hurt over the fact that his family wasn’t at all what he dreamed they would be. They were quite the opposite, actually. He feared that he was exactly like them; a lying, heartless beast who only cared about the ends instead of the means. Looking back at his life only made him see how similar he was to them. And it scared him more than he wished it would.

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Original imagine: Imagine being Klaus’s lover and Elijah’s best friend, but losing them for 500 years.

Author: Krystal

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count1789

The door opens with a large bang and a girl, with silky black hair swinging down to her hips and aqua blue eyes, struts in. Clothes soaked from the storm cracking outside she wipes the rain droplets off her pale face. ‘Mystic Grill’, as they call it, is relatively full for such a depressing day. Luna licks her lips, anticipating tonight’s feast. However the first thing she catches eye on is the bar and the wonderful stacks of Whiskey in the cabinets. Her long legs in tight black jeans stalk over to the bar, passing people who gape at her beauty. Ignoring the men drooling and the girls envy stares she walks up to the bar and sits down, she pulls off her leather jacket slowly, noticing the bartender grinning at her.
“Whiskey on the rocks please” she winks sexily. He nods and reaches to pour the drink.  Swivelling on the stool she begins to poke her nose into peoples conversations.
“Come on baby lets go home…”

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