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a little question: are you guys happy about the new president?


let me explain

i remember in 2012 voting for the first time and we basically could vote for the left party aka françois hollande (who wanted to legalise same sex marriage) or the right party aka going for nicolas sarkozy again (aka work more to earn more, all about the money) ; the alt right, communist and democrate candidates had been eliminated so it was quite simple to pick

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My crackpot of a theory for the future of Nygmobblepot

Okay so here we go…

So the synopsis for episode 10 is “Nygma seeks revenge”. It doesn’t say against who so we can all calm down for now. So my theory is… What if Ed is seeking revenge against Isabella? What if she is working with the court of owls as a gift from Strange? (popular theory) They are the oldest power structure in Gotham after all.

So after Isabella impersonates Kristen, Ed goes to Ozzie all confused.

Unsure of what he is thinking, because that woman in cray cray. Ozzie, being the overprotective boyfriend he is, goes to speak with her. He can see she has a bag packed. He tells her to stay away. To refrain from contacting Ed any longer because he will keep ignoring her calls.

So she snaps. This is because she is weirdly obsessed with Ed, and she thinks she’s in love. We all know that Gotham loves parallels. Puppy Ed didn’t really know love; he only knew obsession. He was obsessed with Kristen Kringle. I feel like this will be reflected in Isabella. Like all of a sudden here is her doppelganger who ironically is obsessed with him and she wants him to feel the same.

Isabella reads all those articles about Ed and his incarceration. She reads about his obsession with Kringle and thinks this might be a good way to make him feel the same way about her. So little miss public library dresses as Miss K, glasses and all, which in turn causes Ed to freak out.

Ed runs back home to Oswald where he divulges all his worries to him resulting in the Nygmobblepot femur touch. So as said above Ozzie tells her to leave. But what if she snaps? Or, after being called away by the Court of Owls for not following job parameters they send her after back for one last chance but instead she goes after Ozzie.

Whilst she is gone Oswald think he has successfully run her out of town. He may also feel a little guilty seeing as his friend is worried. Ed is confused, although she freaked him the hell out he, stupidly, thinks she is the one.

So when Isabella returns what if she tries to kill Ozzie. Ed catches her attempt before she can complete the job. He rushes to Oswald’s side finally figuring out his feelings. Oswald is injured and Ed is angry. He wants revenge so he seeks Isabella out, and stays by Oswald’s side to fight the body of power that sent her.

Can I Talk About Mrs. Tran For a Moment?

So, I meant to write something about her after Captives, but I didn’t get around to it.

I wanted to say how happy I was to see Mama Tran a-okay in the end.

That, although her meeting with Kevin was bittersweet, I think it was great that the writers let Kevin and his mom reunite, even if it’s only for a small amount of time.

I hope that Kevin will be able to get to Heaven before he goes cray-cray on his mom, but I’m glad that they at least get some nice mother-son time, even if he’s dead.

Because they both deserve it. Kevin was a great kid and Mrs. Tran was one of the most BAMF characters on this side of awesometown. She’s survived since Season 7. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

Hopefully, she won’t get forced into anymore supernatural things. I hope she has a quiet life when all this angel stuff settles and Kevin goes to heaven. Maybe she’ll even get a sneak peak up there, say hi to her husband if she can.