he goes back in to bump noses with her


Mc remembers a scene of when they first visited the city together. I gotta say their interaction very much reminds me of Tom & jerry XD.

Cain: Let me see one of them become a prince. *smiles smugly & goes down stairs*

Saya: How are u so confident *follows up & her nose bumps into his back as he stop suddenly*

Saya: …ah! Why stop so suddenly… like that.. *finds a cat sitting on the stairs*

Saya: Hey Cain, what do u like?

Cain: Hmm? Where did that come from?

Saya: Just curious.

Cain: *Thinks thoroughly* …. my bike … and small animals.

Saya: *giggles*

Cain: …Huh… bitch! what are u laughing at? You chibi!

Saya: I’m not! *stands 3 steps higher* now I’m taller.

Cain: *laughs pulls her wrist so she’s 2 steps back & is of same height as him*

Saya: What are .. ahh! *her face bumps into his chest*

Cain: You’re still a chibi *smirks & resumes going down stairs*

Saya: ..eh… sore loser.

Cain: I’m not saying that I like u because you’re small.

Saya: I know!
And before u kill me @f-dee for including “bitch” as a translation XD, I actually took it from another officially translated game! the guy said ‘temee’ and they just wrote it as ‘u bastard’ lol, so if anyone has knowledge of Japanese trans please do tell me if it translates into something else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯